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Why “Life Is Best” and Abortion Is the Most Revered Sacrament of the Left?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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February 1, 2019 7:00 pm

Why “Life Is Best” and Abortion Is the Most Revered Sacrament of the Left?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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February 1, 2019 7:00 pm

Abortion is the intentional killing of a pre-born human being. Infanticide is the intentional killing of a human being after birth. Because God has written His law on the human heart, everyone knows, unless they ignore their conscience, that the intentional killing of another human being—except in cases of personal, civil, or national defense—is morally wrong and unjust.

With that in mind, it is difficult to understand how proponents of killing pre-born or post-born babies can be so zealous and self-righteous in their advocacy of murder, even if “legal”...

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Why is that an abortion is the most of the land that is the topic we discussed today, right here in the Christian worldview radio program. The mission is to sharpen the biblical world and to share the good news that all people reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ program and a website is the Christian will think you for joining for joining us today for another edition of the Christian worldview radio program. Our topic again is why life is best at the DVD series were going to be offering today.

The title of it and why abortion is the most revered sacrament of the left now abortion is the intentional killing of a unborn or pre-born human being. Infanticide is the intentional killing of a human being after birth, not because God has written his law.

The Bible says on the human heart. Everyone knows unless they ignore and sear their conscience, but the intentional killing of another human being except in cases of personal or civil, or national defense is morally wrong and unjust, so that in mind, it is difficult to understand how proponents of killing pre-born or post-born babies can be so zealous and so self-righteous in their advocacy of murder, even if it's considered quote legal take Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York.

He signed the euphemistically title which are always euphemistically titled quote reproductive health act on Tuesday, January 22, which was the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. Roe V Wade this law. New York removes restrictions on abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Even up till birth if quote there is an absence of fetal viability or at any time when necessary to protect a patient's life or health. Unquote so you can see how that could be a very wide spectrum for having abortion a very late term abortion Andrew, the governor called the law. Quote a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values." Ordering the top of the one of one World Trade Center to be lit up pink in celebration of the political left perpetually desires bigger government, higher taxation calls for 70 to 90% taxation this week open borders, homosexual and transgender rights of normalization amongst other favorite issues, but it is abortion that is the one that is most important to the left.

It is, you could say their most revered sacrament in nesters religious languages do they follow after the sacrament, religiously of abortion.

So this week, another Christian worldview were gonna seek to better understand why that is why abortion is the most revered sacrament of the left and how we as believers, Christians, followers of Christ can better advocate for the life of the young and the innocence and the defenseless. Not to mention that we are going to be offering a excellent 13 episode DVD series on this topic of life. In abortion this week on the Christian worldview. And I want to just play of the intro. The first couple minutes of the DVD series life is best for us starts out with an audio clip from Margaret Sanger.

She is the founder and of Planned Parenthood planned hair repair Planned Parenthood sees me, considers her to be there founder and their hero here is that some might have been all we are about to hear the sounds of metal BB striking the side of the tin can.

For every BB that strikes it represents 10,000 lives lost in the wars of America's past the American Revolution civil war 11. God help us. Indeed, God help us, that represented those babies hitting that tin can represented 60 million babies killed since Roe V Wade became law in 1973 and when I hear that audio I think if God doesn't judge this country and all the other countries of the world for the slaughter of the innocents.

The that the Holocaust don't use that term lightly because I know the hope the real Holocaust of the Jews and others in Germany was horrific. But this that almost that almost pales in comparison to the slaughter of the innocents that's been taking place in this country and around the world of God doesn't judge us for that he is a lot of apologizing to do to the nations. He judged in Scripture. The cities like Sodom and Gomorrah in other places as wicked was taking place behind closed doors in our own country so want to read couple news articles just to catch up on some of the things that been going on recently because it seems that there's been a lot of events going on with regard to abortion the last several weeks been in the news on that only because it's that time of year where it's the anniversary of Roe V Wade, but that of the March for life just took place in the national day of sanctity of life day was just the last couple weeks. All this is been taking place right now but a couple different news stories here with the first from the Washington times. With regard to what I mentioned in the opening today about Andrew Comeau. The governor of New York.

It said the one World Trade Center courses was there. The rebuild of what was toppled by Islamic radical terrorists in 911 2001 of the rebuild of that one World Trade Center was lit pink at the direction of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday night January 22. By the way that's national think the sanctity of life day in celebration of the state legislature passing the reproductive health act, which expands borders abortion rights in the state quote from the governor, the reproductive health act as a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values in the face of the federal government intent on rolling back Roe V Wade in women's progress, reproductive rights, just listen all the euphemisms going on in here not stating what actually they are doing. I promise that we would enact this critical legislation within the first 30 days of this new session and we got it done. He said I'm directing that New York's landmarks be lit in pink. To celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow. Unquote it is think about that for a second, your lighting up one world transit center and other places in New York to celebrate the fact that more unborn babies are going to be killed both in the womb and up. Really, up until the time of birth, even after is really get into it in a little bit potential for that mean it did. Maybe if you let a penny should be read with the blood of the innocents flowing down on the landmarks of New York and the one World Trade Center's World Trade Center's 408 foot spire along with the governor Cuomo bridge the Kosciusko bridge and ale Alfred E.

Smith building in Albany were lit pink in celebration of the law, the reproductive health act decriminalized is abortion a list of the specifics here in drops most of the states previous restrictions on abortions after 24 weeks and also allows midwives and nurse practitioners to perform abortions, so don't be a doctor to a poor performer in abortion anymore in New York. CNN article today we are taking a giant step forward in a hard-fought battle to ensure a woman's right to make her own decisions about her own personal health care, personal health, including the ability to access and abortion.

With the signing of this bill we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body unquote. Remember that there were good and that controlling your own body. That is argument used over and over against my body, or so, don't consider that the the child is has rights in the of itself as a separate human being said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. After signing the bill on Tuesday night, not only with the law preserve access to abortions.

It also removes abortion from the criminal code and protects doctors and medical professionals to perform them from criminal prosecution. The law also hears something new. The law also addresses late-term abortions. You can protect the life of the mother after 24 weeks and health quote. It's about the health and safety of the mother. It's always been the point where the conservatives wave the flag they want to roll back Roe V Wade, this is not gray here. It's black-and-white sick. Cuomo, the bill was first introduced in 2006 so many years ago but was blocked for consideration by the Republican-controlled state Senate. Now this is important to know when you consider who to vote for. If you're a believer in your pro-life with Democrats now in the majority. The bill passed the legislature Tuesday night and was signed into law. So just think about that for all the the visa woke evangelicals out there who are telling us that social justice and we have to really make sure there's racial reconciliation. We have to protect the immigrants coming across the border and welcome them in and we need to do more to address poverty and so forth.

You never see abortion as a as a no really top highest priority on their list. There saying you know you can vote that Christians can there's issues on the Democrat side that Christians can can vote for and support as well misremember this. This is the sacred sacrament of the left of the Democrat party. This is it.

So when you vote Democrat, and I'm not telling you to vote for not telling what Republican or Democrat how to tell you when someone vote the Democrat you're voting for someone who's going to enact this kind of legislation one more story before the breaker from Vermont and this is maybe the most chilling of all in this law hasn't been passed a bullet. Look what they're proposing to do in Vermont Vermont is quietly seeking to pass a law. This is from the daily caller that gives women the right to have elected elective abortions up until birth, and strips away all rights of unborn babies. Vermont is considering law H0057, which would give women the right to abort a baby at any time and for any reason up until birth quote every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term give birth to a child or to have an abortion. The bill reads that an abortion baby has also has no rights according to the bill which reads quote a fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law, unquote. Planned Parenthood was investigated in 2017 for the alleged illegal sale of body of baby body parts, a practice which will become legal under the Vermont proposal. If the law passes late-term abortion doctors can be expected to set up clinics in the state to which women would travel to see collective abortions until birth.

What has our country come to that. There are many many people in this country that are advocating for this what has gone wrong. Why is the the abortion the most sacred sacred sacrament left and why is life is best will talk about that next on the Christian real there's an abundance of resources available in Christian bookstores and online sad reality is that many of them even some of the most popular do not lead to a sound and strong faith.

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The Christian review: life is best. It's a 13 episode series each episodes about 30 minutes long, and they have lots of different experts and guests and get some of the soundbites during the program today, but they focus on episodes focus on what is quote it is of baby is a human episode to what the Bible says about abortion.

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You can order the usual ways in our website the Christian world you can call us toll-free in our office at one AAA eight 646-2233, one AAA 646-2233 is leave a message if it goes to voicemail some as a lot of calls come in will get back to you, or you can write to us a Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 to order the 13 episode DVD series. Life is best ever been given to some of the soundbites coming up.

You're in the program today before the break, I was reading those articles from the news about these these new laws, whether it's in New York there's one in Virginia which were going to get into, and the potential one in Vermont and let's get to some of the soundbites now of Andrew Comeau, the governor of New York. After you've heard about what's in this law that a woman can get an abortion up until the time of birth.

If the quote health and life of the mother is at stake here to enter. Comeau said about the law. Life as they know it is not going to be changed.

Of course, the life of the baby will be ended. There's nothing radical here. He said nothing to see here just kind of move along. Nothing wrong with this. This is, I think it's sometimes hard for Americans to understand the kind of wickedness that this is abortion what goes on behind closed doors in this country we hear Americans with our young people who are fellow citizens who talk like us talking about it. You know they don't have German accents from like back in the time of the Nazis writer Russian accents or gulags or over, and that the Far East or when Neo pulled Potter someone model is in power, and we, we hear the accent who scary what this this person Andrew Comeau has that same kind of worldview I really really fear for him as he stands before God someday if he doesn't repent and believe in the gospel.

So not only was it from Andrew Cuomo New York was is taking place, but also in Virginia probably heard the news story in Virginia how a similar type bill was going through Virginia. The house in Virginia and here's a soundbite of a Republican delegate in the Virginia House of delegates named Todd Gilbert he's questioning a woman named Kathy Tran who is a Democrat and she was the one who put forward this bill, which I believe is failed now. She introduced HB 2491. Earlier this year and this is the audio from a committee hearing were Todd Gilbert, the Republican's questioning Kathy Tran about her abortion bill. So how late in the third trimester. Would you be able to do that it's very important to our physicians at eye witnesses were not able to attend today to speak specific on talk about your bill how late in the third trimester to the physician performing abortion if he would impair the mental health of the woman some mental health so through the third trimester. Third trimester goes all the way up to 40 weeks to the end of the third trimester.

So where it's obvious the woman is about to give birth. She has physical signs of that she is about to give birth. Would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified she's dilating Mr. Chapman that would be a you know a decision that that Dr. the physician and the women understand that your bill allows that my bill would allow. So there you if it's woman's about to give birth dilating, but to give birth and there is a question on the whether her life, her health quote unquote with broad latitude there is is in question she has. She has the opportunity to kill that child that that's a baby system.

It's unbelievable the worldview best behind that it is important to expose them to understand that because we can go on with our lives here in our lives where we live and live in the city are the sub suburbs where we go out of their day and go to work and so forth. Just realized behind closed doors is not concentration. Since fences, we can see through, but there are brick buildings around where unspeakable atrocities are occurring against human beings and so the Virginia governor actually got in on this whole situation. People heard that audio and reduce outraged that this is being proposed in the Virginia governor when on a radio program and his name is Ralph Northam and he commented on this particular bill. So he's also a Democrat. Here's what he had to say about this bill. So in this particular example, if a mother is in labor. I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be Comfortable. The info would be resuscitated if if that's what the mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother so a discussion would ensue. Another words a discussion if they decide to let the baby dire to put the baby to death. That's the way it would be in by the way, the vision Virginia governor's a doctor okay. He fully understands what's taking place or he's not an uneducated person about this. He's a doctor and subsequent to this, by the way in the last day or so because it was a big brouhaha over what he said here you letting a baby be born, and then choose choosing to kill as infanticide. He was someone found that back in his medical school days that he had had a picture taken of himself and another friend in medical school, one having blackface and the other wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit. They were joking but is easy to call for his resignation. Now is not because of his comments on infanticide, but it's a call because he took a picture like that back in his medical school days that that should say a lot about where our society is today a Halloween type picture taken back then very very bad at inappropriate picture to take agreed, but this dance on infanticide. They were the left wasn't calling for his resignation.

That's where worldview is today's a Ben sass, the senator from from Nebraska really called this out. I guess I don't have as I've cut it, but I have a soundbite from so I can play that, but he he basically called it what it what it was. Infanticide and that that is really the new frontier is not just you. Let's keep abortion safe, legal and rare as they used to talk about it now, let's let's expand the rights abortion all the way up and to birth anatomy even after birth Tucker Carlson. The host on Fox had a segment of his program about this this this past week and he was pointing out some the things are pointing out today how this is such a radical death cult he didn't use that word but basically just the advances that the progressive value that that that wants to expand abortion right so they can in the life of a child at any point up until the time of birth, and even after he had a woman name Monica Klein the program and she talked about the fact that this is that is is about women's right to control her body and I just want you to understand the worldview and how it is defended by those who are poor abortion, but I wonder what you think of what Dr. Northern the governor of Virginia just said that when a child. He described the child's infant is born. There's a point where the mother and the physician can decide whether to kill the infant or not you think of that right now. Reproductive health care is under attack by the Republican Party. 72% of Americans support the right to choose.

And yet we have chimed. Then we have sexual predator Not trying to repeal Roe V Wade baby you intending to control women's by father's me that you are attempting to control women's bodies. There's only one abortion clinic is repealed when you cannot get right to choose you as a mansion, not a single. How about and I am your party is attempting to take your focus on is controlling women's body that will not like this.

Okay you get the sense of where the conversation was going use the manner trying to control his body about my right to control my own body to get into that as life is best DVD series gets into it as well. Demand men of any say is about control the body. Why is abortion the most revered Sacrament of the left that's coming up after this break right here in the Christian worldview radio program you shop itself can support the Christian world through Amazon smile program, which donates half a percent of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. All you have to do is go to and designate overcoming foundation as your charity of choice. Overcoming foundation is the official name of the nonprofit organization directs the Christian worldview is you don't pay more for your purchases. Rather, Amazon directly half a percent of your eligible purchases to the Christian world.

What a great opportunity to benefit this ministry. Again, and designate overcoming foundation is your charity of choice. Thank you for your support. Social justice is a gospel issue. This is become the mantra of many evangelicals rectifying perceived inequities of race, gender, sexuality, poverty, immigration, amongst others, is considered a top priority. What exactly is social justice is working for social justice of biblical mandate and application of the gospel. Kelp Eisner has written an insightful booklet entitled social justice good intentions undermined justice in gospel. Also included in this revised 44 page booklet is a copy of the just-released statement on social justice in the gospel.

You can order the social justice booklet for donation of any amount to the Christian world. Christian worldview.4:1 AAA 622 33 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 why life is best and why abortion is the most revered Sacrament of the last topic were discussing today here on the Christian real program. I'm David with the holes in our website is the Christian world where you can order this DVD series life is best is a 13 episode series all about. Third 30 minutes long and all these different aspects of abortion, and I really highly recommended retails for $49 plus shipping and we are offering you for limited time for a donation of any amount right $40 retail donation of any amount to the Christian real if you can get in contact with us the usual way through website or by phone one AAA 646-2233 is one AAA eight 646-2233 or by writing to also give that information out to let's get to the question why is abortion the most revered sacrament of the left.

There's a lot of reasons for this, but I think this particular issue encompasses all the favored values of of one with the humanistic God rejecting worldview number one. The first reason is the most revered sacrament because it has to do with personal autonomy is I will not bow to God is the ultimate rebelling against God. You may exist, but I will not bow to you and do what you want me to do. God may create in God may say, but I do what I want.

That's what you keep on hearing over as my body get stay away from my body II my my my, that's a big reason this is the most revered sacrament of the left number two it's about usurping God's rule or his reign over as God is not God I am God. I have the power of life and death right God has the one is determines the day of our conception. The day of her death, I will take that power for myself so I power over life and over death. We talked about universal healthcare, government paid single-payer healthcare system is is a sacrament of the left as well, but because they can control people from birth to death right while this abortion is even better than that. You can ask you control when someone dies, abortion is the killing, intentional killing of a human being that's even more powerful than healthcare, so it's it's a step above that's what even a higher priority for the left. So personal autonomy years usurping God's reign is rule. The third reason is the most of revered sacrament of the left is that it's there's a moral reason there's a moral reason here is that I will live sexually. The way I want to live without any repercussions. That's that's a key factor. Now I know understand that some women are raped. Some abortions are and are not done in our dart gun buyback married couples and so forth. Yet I understand that but there's a big element here in abortions to those who get pregnant and don't want to be pregnant anymore. They want to live sexually. They way they want to live without any repercussions of having to have a baby. The fourth reason I think there's a couple A couple of the reasons in the fourth reasons you the left loves environmentalism they love. Moral relativism and all these things contribute to why abortion is the most revered sacrifice sacrament.

No environmental over the world is always being overpopulated. Yes, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was saying that sound but the being the program.

The world is overpopulated. Use lots of undesirable people coming world. Those who have disabilities down syndrome and so forth. There there. Have a good quality of life and for environmental reasons.

Go save the planet so abortion is a good thing or the moral relativistic Arctic argument that people love to have because it tries to it in attempts to get them out from the under the accountability of golf is no absolute truth in the world. What might be wrong for you is not wrong for everyone else.

So these are the these are the reasons there's lots of reasons do you think why do are they so zealous about abortion. Why well is because it encapsulates basically a rejection of God and who he is in his authority to reign over us so this isn't going to be a VM. By the way and in infanticide now are seeing people pushing for that in this country. I met you somewhat surprised that euthanasia the killing of older people letting older people die or actively killing them. I hasn't become much more aggressive in this country, but it will we see it in Europe with you in some states already in America. That is the next frontier as this one gets pushed through and pushed on America. So let's get to some of the audio clips from this DVD series life is best which really as as the, the there with the material for the this theory says it's going to thoroughly equip you and inspire you to join the fight for lives and souls and they have three goals for this. The producers of this have three goals for the series that people be saved as they hear that that God is willing to heal and forgive. Women and men who had abortions that the gospel is the answer to this again. We know the people listening today who had abortions in the news is yes it was wrong yes is see was sin.

Yes, it was murder.

The intentional killing of a human being, but just remember that God is a God of forgiveness and compassion. The apostle Paul was a murderer and God met him on the road to Damascus and he repented and believed in who Jesus was and what and that he was his Lord and his Savior. He was saved and God forgave him. That's one message of this DVD series another message that was that we value life and don't ever want to see another Planned Parenthood is that the material here says filled with gusto. Planned Parenthood dumpster filled with God's image bearers. That's us human beings. The third thing assesses Christians be prepared to engage and demolish every pro-choice argument because this this issue is a battle of semantics. It really is even saying you pro-choice or your your anti-choice or it's about control of one's body or it's about a woman's right to healthcare. These are all euphemisms that are used 2 to 4 word the VA their advocacy for abortion to look at some of the soundbites from this DVD series with your offering today. Life is best. This one has to do with the. The first episode, the fundamental question of what is it is and what is that in a woman's womb hello my name is Scott close and Dorf. Welcome to life is best. Answering one question what is it catering is not something is semantics.

There's a potential human being.

It's kind of is not really viable. Or it's not really conscious of itself and and not the tissue in its all these rationalizations. How can you make that rationalization we we know it's a baby it's a human being is born will have a day before that having a week before that. What windows actually become human being will the only logical answer to that question is becomes a human being at the moment of conception was that the heartbeat starts going at 818 weeks is iterating days.

I think it is after conception.

At 18 days and then all the development, the developing human being is what it is in the womb is here all the rationalizations this and you know Ray comfort from the program.

This is awful.

Also from the life is best DVD series. He also interviewed people on the street you can hear there how they rationalize what is it in a woman's womb. Tell me a reason for killing a baby and I will know if it's rape or something like that, which is a note to Susan what that's meant to know for was a tough why would you kill a baby for the crime of the father which is was all right to mentoring a child taking another life because the crime of the father, who knows when life begins, think on those life begins following a 6 km shalom Hill Associates is declared uses nonhumans and that's what you doing is saying maybe until three months. That's what I think is very subjective. Not sure taking a terrible risk with somebody else's life. Imagine someone saying that about you just on three months old, I decided to kill you because of selfish reasons. If she can if she can take care of it.

She criteria I can't take care of the skin, killing yes value human life to God. There are people like that. Deciding on whether you live or you die, but that is the worldview of those who are pro-abortion is something that is done behind closed doors keep it out of the view of the population don't let people see the horrors taking place. The slaughter of the innocence of the member, Kermit Gosnell, by the way, these laws being passed right now.

See Kermit Goss now was doing these kinds of things you should be in jail. If these laws that have been proposed come into our are approved. And I'm I'm questioning whether the law New York even right now that's on the books for the Kermit Goss now would be would be condemned under that law be sent to jail as he has. There was a horror show he was doing and in Pittsburgh or or and fill in and out Pennsylvania and the media didn't pay attention. They don't want to pay attention. They don't they don't cover the March for life very much that takes place every year in Washington DC.

They don't want it a lot these issues they control what we know what we hear about abortion again.

The DVD series is life is best its two DVDs with 13 episodes, but 25 to 30 minute episodes in each one covering a different topic episode one. What is its episode to what the Bible says about it, exposing the darkness, the bodily autonomy argument will get into that men and abortion human value emotions regarding abortion. Maternal objections baby objections. These are all different episodes postmodernism and abortion talking the talk, speaking the truth in love, are regarding abortion and the gospel and abortion and what we can do.

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That's 1888 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.more day here in the Christian Realty radio program. Thanks for joining us as we talk about why life is best and why abortion is the most revered sacraments of the left of this passage from Psalm 139 is a well-known passage to make it very clear what is taking place in the mother's womb, and when human life begins says for you. God formed my inward parts, you wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works in my soul knows it very well. We do know it. Everyone should know it very well that life begins at that miracle of when God conceives a child inside of a woman and shame.

Shame on us to think that we can kill what God has created. It is not about one's body is not about right to healthcare is the intentional killing of a human being. No one should have the right to do that the intentional killing hearing murder. No one has the right to do that. Couple of interesting myths about abortion from an article by Pastor Kevin DeYoung. He wrote a column on this. We don't have a LinkedIn web subcommittee will try to get it up there. He said in his book, abuse of discretion. The inside story of Roe V Wade Clark Forsyth highlights a number of myths that led to the ruling in a row myth that unfortunately continued to be believed today and not going all just get to go back to some the soundbites in the DVD series life is best. Myth number one abortion was a common and widely accepted practice throughout history. The truth is this inaccurate claim was repeated throughout the 1960s before review they way was past the fact is that abortion was rare well into the 19th century almost all abortion methods before then were ineffective or potentially dangerous to the mother true unwanted children were still terminated. But this, this was done by killing the newly born children infanticide if abortion is to be considered a common practice throughout history.

The method was infanticide or abandonment.

That's from the book one more myth. All this point out. Myth number three women were dying by the thousands because of back alley abortions before Roe V Wade this is something you were told all if you outlaw abortion people are to meet women be dying in coat hangers and all this kind of stuff killing themselves make it unsafe for women the myth that the women that the myth women are dying by the thousands because a back alley abortions. The truth is the number of maternal deaths from all causes was set in 780 total and whole country. In 1972, down from 7267 in 1942 was only 708 units to many, but still considered a buzz as a ratio of the population of the 780 maternal deaths, 140 were considered as abortion deaths by the national Center of health statistics and including this number were those deaths caused by spontaneous miscarriage hundred and two so I'm doing my math right hundred and 40 were considered as abortion deaths in 102 of those were listed as caused by spontaneous miscarriage. So if I'm if I'm interpreting this correctly, it means 30 people in the entire country just died.

Women died of a self induced abortion far from the there is a claim from people today that the women be dying all over the country. If you outlawed abortion I think is love people would be happy if yell a lot abortion, not just from the life is to be from the adoption issue that could be taking place. Many couples want to have children and can't they love to be able to adopt children from mothers who maybe want to give up their child. Okay, let's get back to some of the more clips from this from this DVD series of courses is a 13 episode series, we can't play tons of them is not time to do it or try to get some of the important ones in today to give you a flavor of what this series is about. Let's get onto why do humans have value. This is a key question is is is a writer to show our babies never really valuable.

They don't they don't have your conscious thought. When they're in the womb of the don't know that there even existing when they're in the womb, so they really have value for Christian worldview is clear you have value simply because in whose image you bear, but there's a competing worldview out there that says your value is not based on whose image you bear. It's based solely on your utility that worldview is called utilitarianism, and that worldview says you only have value if you benefit others. If you bring something to the table. They need or want. I have good news for you.

There is a way to convince others that that worldview is wall that's got closing door from the life is best DVD series and they go into these apologetic reasons why that worldview is wrong so's can equip you to be able to defend these type of semantical euphemistic argument that you constantly get from those who advocate for abortion. Here's another soundbite on it is the unborn, actually a human being or when does it become a human being. What is the unborn. The size of embryology. The unborn is a distinct living in whole human being and what that means is from the very moment he began to exist from the end of that fertilization process your Nevada tissue. Another human being. You were yourself distinct living whole member of the human family. Sure you grow sure you have the capability sinking today so yeah because that's I zygote science that's not a religious thought of personal preference. You that is empirically verifiable fact we go to the science of embryology. Each of us began as a distinct ring that is that people care people who advocate for abortion date. They may even concede that that what's in the womb is a human being, but they still think their God and they have the right, and that life that that's where it's come to today that I think the human being, life used to be more effective that what a human being in a room. I don't think they care it's it's it's the abortion is the sacrament that needs to be upheld above all else, even if it is a human being, but some still turn into a it's a fetus existing omelette list of set is a group of cells or tissue and so forth. They try to dehumanize it to justify the killing of the unborn. One more sign that we had more you want to get to be around much time left. I want to conclude with one soundbite by John MacArthur from the series. Life is best that talks about the fact they've had an abortion. There is forgiveness, yet you are he brought me forth from the womb. You made me trust when upon my mother's breasts upon you. I was cast from birth. You have been my God from my mother's womb seems a little takes in the glory of God in grace redeems those who been slaughtered holds the killers responsible for the crime final words, there is forgiveness for that sin. Like anything so severe it's murder. Jesus said this consumer if you hate somebody that is just so you don't feel self-righteous. Okay were to have to cut henceforth I want to get to that were running out of time. You can order this series. Life is best for the usual ways of retails for $49. A donation of any amount to the Christian real view does go to our website. Order the Christian world call center office 1888 646-2233. That's 1888 646-2233. Listen to her address and the minute immediately following the program life is best. Everyone we need as Christians to support in every way possible talking next weekend. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word, and so to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website., call us toll-free at one 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the Comer foundation is supporting my listeners and sponsors request one of our current sources with the nation of any amount go to the Christian world, God will call us toll-free at 1888646 2233.2 was sent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 5533 let's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 through listening to the Christian worldview.

Until next time, live accordingly

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