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Short Take #2: How Did We Go From Post-Modernism to Anti-Truthism?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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May 31, 2021 11:16 pm

Short Take #2: How Did We Go From Post-Modernism to Anti-Truthism?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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May 31, 2021 11:16 pm

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on How to Think and Live in an Anti-Truth Culture

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Here is another sort take with David with our society has gone from a postmodern worldview where truth is in. We don't have the ability to know truth. It's it's relative to the individual.

We just can't know it is subjectively gone from that worldview to I think. More recently, within the last maybe year or two to what were calling now an anti-truth. The world you know is directly against truth which is all out lies so how or what do you think change our society from going from postmodernism to anti-truth.

This began decades ago. David with the Frankfurt school which was a group of Marxists who came over fleeing the Nazis and they put into place Marxist critical theories. Karl Marx was the father of communism, and he was a big fan of of criticizing everything that existed and then tearing it all down and reforming society to reflect a communist viewpoint of shared ownership. Ownership abolishing private property, abolishing the nuclear family abolishing marriage people not realize how radical Marx was and how radical his followers today are the critical theory was applied to religion are the higher criticism. It was called. These people took an ax to the Bible and two doctrines of that were common in America right through the 20th century and then on into every subject under the sun. Herbert Mark Koza who was a Marxist brought this to the campus. He was well read on campus. I had to read him when I was in college and grad school and he criticized capitalism. They criticize religion. He said that people need to focus on themselves and he was a big proponent of the sexual revolution as were Marx and Engels is a real story there David about the angles of being a kind of a cat himself and Marx also being awful to their families angles openly proclaim free love and a lot of the early socialist philosophers went along with this because they thought okay this makes sense if we can try people away from things like marriage and family, we can split society and to where there are no intervening institutions to protect the individual from the state. This only of the individual helpless before state power and then we can usher in socialism and finally communism. Today we say this at work in black lives matter, which was founded by two lesbian Marxists and one other Marxist woman and the and chief of movement, they are at war with truth their war with the family.

There were with capitalism in America, and a lot of people because of the George Floyd deaths a year ago bought into the black lives matter movement, not realizing its Marxist origins and how dangerous it really is. But here's here's one more element. David now is the the May generation in the 1960s. Everything was challenged the left was fortified by the writings of Herbert Margulis and Teodoro Adorno and others who said you really have to concentrate on yourselves. So when you turn inward you eventually come to the point where you think your truth is the only truth that matters. And you still hear that phrase today. I have my truth you have your truth. It's nonsense. It's entirely subjective. It's an evidence of a religion of relativism that replaces Christianity which says you can discover truth by living your life to Jesus Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in discovering truth that all went out the window 60s and now everything the that today.

This is been a short take the Christian will be with David.

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