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How Loss of Liberties Leads to Rise of Anti-Christ

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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February 5, 2021 7:00 pm

How Loss of Liberties Leads to Rise of Anti-Christ

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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February 5, 2021 7:00 pm

The Bible explicitly states in its final book, Revelation, that the world will be ruled someday by an authoritarian leader called the “beast” (or Anti-Christ).

Here is the all-encompassing degree of authority the Anti-Christ will have:

“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:16-17).

To hold this kind of authority over the people of the world means that individual liberties—such as the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, to petition government, and to bear arms—will have been eliminated or greatly restricted...

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Loss of liberties leads to the rise of antichrist. That is a topic discussed today. Right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news of Jesus Christ. I'm David with the host enter website is the Christian The Bible explicitly states in its final book. The book of Revelation that the world will be ruled someday by an authoritarian leader called the beast or the Antichrist here is the all-encompassing degree of authority that antichrist will have as written in Revelation chapter 13 and he the Antichrist causes all the small and the great and the rich and the poor and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name begins Revelation 13 verses 16 and 17 now to hold that kind of authority over every person in the world means that individual liberties such as the freedom of religion or freedom of speech or the press or to assemble to petition government, and to bear arms will have been eliminated by that point, or greatly restricted so how does the world go from here where it is now to their me. After all, the United States has a constitution which enshrines the individual liberties I just mentioned.

So today the program were going to examine how individual liberties are being trampled on the way to authoritarian rule of the founders of this country knew from experience their experience in Europe and in England with the monarchs, the kings, and also the religious authorities over and then that part of the world with the Roman Catholic Church.

The popes that individual liberties and the separation of powers and a representative republic were people have a say in who leads them in the Constitution, all those things. Act as a defense against authoritarian rule.

The First Amendment to the Constitution says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. So there is the freedom of free exercise of religion.

The freedom of speech, freedom of the press right to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government that just in the first amendment to the Constitution again. They all knew from experience what it was like without those things under the authoritarian powers that the Kings and the leaders of of England or the Roman Catholic Church papacy. When people are free to exercise religion and they had, by the way the Christian religion in mind they are usually self-sufficient and not relying on government because they get married and stay married. They work hard and provide for their families, their law-abiding.

They raise their kids in the discipline and admonition of the Lord and someone that takes place that makes someone who doesn't have to be dependent on big government. When people have the freedom of speech wrong or bad ideas are just assumed to be quote the truth. People can push back and in point out how wrong and bad ideas.

They are when the press is not partisan other words, in the pocket of one political party people are informed of all the news rather than just select propagandized news when people can freely assemble, they can exchange ideas that may be counter to what the, the state is promoting when people can petition government. They have influence on their leaders and the policies that they live under any move out of the Second Amendment, a well-regulated militia says, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The next step beyond the First Amendment is restricting the right to bear arms people without the ability to defend themselves and their family from authoritarians are easily accrued controlled by authoritarians because the authoritarians have the guns and the individual people don't have them. So again the founders knew these things from experience. They knew the sinful nature of of man. They knew that once sinners get empower and there is no checks on their power.

That's very, very bad news and dangerous for individual citizens know me to say is a caveat here before we get further into this issue of individual liberties.

God's purpose is March on whatever the state of individual liberties are in a given country. Jesus never preach on the importance of free speech, or even the freedom of religion, but individual liberties are most certainly a hedge against the sinful proclivities of those in power there like a a special grace to be used that can be used and should be used for God's glory. Another words we have the freedom of religion so we should use it to worship God freely to speak about the. The gospel freely to assemble peaceably to worship to defend ourselves in the family from criminals. Tierney individual liberties are like a gift from God. But they're not necessarily his guarantee. Otherwise everyone would have these individual liberties everywhere across the world. They could be taken away.

But in fact it's actually really quite rare that countries have an people enjoy the individual liberties that we have here in America and so we are at a crossroads in America today with the Biden administration now empower it's become abundantly clear that the individual liberties of Americans, including Christians, are under attack or under assault like never before. So for instance if you want to do want to exercise your freedom of religion at church will that's been canceled in many places now is be more opened up because of covert, 19, that the church is deemed nonessential.

Of course, what Walmart is very very essential say something online is not approved by Facebook or twitter won't guess what you're going to lose your account to be shut down and now were hearing a lot about the need to eliminate quote unquote disinformation. Have you noticed that will just think what they're gonna think about you as a Christian that believes that God created the heavens and the earth. That's disinformation that Jesus is the only way Alexis disinformation.

How can he be the only way for marriage and morality, and gender are defined by God will that's disinformation.

Why is this taking place. The answer is simple because sinful man is always trying to get back to Babel. The Tower of Babel where man is God, we shall make a name for ourselves and we can live without being under the accountability and authority of God. They can enforce their humanistic control on and at everyone and that's where things end up before Christ's return. As we saw earlier we mentioned earlier in Revelation.

Another words, the unregenerate, the true suppressors in the God ejectors are always on a pilgrimage back to Babel, and they have to shut down people's individual liberties to get there.

Listen to what Joe Biden said at the recent national prayer breakfast this week.

Just look who he points out as the enemies of democracy. What we know this time was different. Over 400,000 of our fellow Americans lost their lives to a deadly virus millions are out of work. She long lines for food at food banks and stretch for miles. We call for racial justice some 400 years in the making, and we know the dream, and more importantly the reality of justice for all and not be deferred any longer receive the accidental threat of climate crisis opposes to our planet and everywhere return with more severe floods, stronger hurricanes, more intense wildfires. We just have to open our eyes just witnessed images that we've never imagined images that now will never forget vileness only US capital armed assault on our democracy and our capital a violent attack that threatens lives and took lives we know now we must confront and defeat political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism for so many in our nation. This is a dark dark time. So were to return faith look at the four things he mentioned and how all four of those things the coronavirus, the racial injustice as he defines it climate change and domestic terrorist. What happened at the capital. Those are the issues by which they are going to restrict or try to eliminate the individual liberties were American because what once there is no opposition than they can impose their their humanist godless agenda on this country and by extension on the world and get back to Babel that with that as a background were going to play an interview with Twyla brace today.

The president of citizens Council for health freedom. There are an organization focused on individual liberties and Twyla and I had seen an online video with a woman named Catherine Austin Fitts, who talked about a coming change to the monetary system of the world and to get there.

The covert crisis the racial unrest were the means being used, to restrict individual liberties to get to their globalized God list dystopian world. Twyla, it's great to have you back on the program you been on many times over the years and today I want to play some soundbite start off playing some soundbites by a presentation or an interview that was shown online called planet locked out and the person being interviewed was Catherine Austin Fitts on the screen or read just to paragraph bio of her. I just so listeners have some context as to who she is.

Since Catherine Austin Fitts offers the Soleri report on tight about that in a second. A unique perspective on how to navigate the opportunities and risks in the global financial system and political economy. Catherine is the president of Solari, publisher of the Solari report and managing member of Soleri investment advisory services.

She served as managing Dir. member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dylan Reed and company and as assistant secretary of housing and Federal housing Commissioner with United States Department of Housing and Urban Development development in the first Bush administration.

She went to University of Pennsylvania the Wharton school of business a believe it was her.

She got her MBA. She is quite a resume so she didn't interview and we have a link that her website right now and for listeners to watch the entire think I want to play the opening soundbite. Twyla aware Catherine Austin Fitts talks about this new financial system that's trying to be implemented as a result of covert, 19 other things going on the world.

Listen to this will have you comment my name is Catherine Austin Fitts on the publisher of the Soleri report and managing director of Soleri investment advisory services what you think is happening as a result of all this I just published huge takeover save our currencies and what I describe is the fact that for many decades. The dollar has been the reserve currency and the system is what I would describe this long in the tooth and the central bankers are trying to bring in the new system, but it's not ready to go yet and what were what were in a period of great change and uncertainty where the central bankers try to keep the dollar system going and accelerates other trying to lengthen the dollar system and they're trying to accelerate bringing in the new system and they have to bring in the new system without anybody quite realizing exactly what it is so I describe the new system is the end of currencies, so it's for not bringing in the new currency were essentially bringing in any transaction system that will be all digital and essentially in currencies as we know.

So what they're trying to do is involves essentially all the money on the planet so big it's complicated. It's messy and the challenge they have is how do you market system. If people understood it. Nobody would want. Of course you do that is with the healthcare crisis in very interesting soundbite so 99% of the soundbite. Twyla was about the changing economic system of the future going away from money, a new economic system are not of the economist and understanding of geopolitical world finance and world the international banking and so forth, but not & the soundbite was about this transition taking place, but this is where you come in the last 1%. There how to get this implemented. The people don't know what's coming. They don't want it through a healthcare crisis. Of course you're the president found cofounder of citizens Council for health freedom. This is an organization dedicated to protecting healthcare choices, individualized patient care and medical and genetic privacy rights. So this is your area of expertise in this whole situation of covert going on right now and so this is what Catherine Austin Fitts is talking about how this health crisis, so to speak is being used, to implement a whole new financial dynamic in the world and it's really Revelation like is what you talking about, what are your thoughts on that opening soundbite just for she gives an overview of what's taking place as result of using this covert, 19 crisis to get there, but the covert, 19 crisis has done is it has caused fear global wide, and there are also some things that people would not do regularly if they were not afraid, but they are now very afraid, and they have been kept very afraid. By all sorts of statements by different politicians and government bureaucrats and policy want their afraid and so they're willing to sort of bow and do things that they didn't used to do and I think when you look at what she's saying and if you want to look at it in a.m., a really direct way and see some of the examples look at the fact that some of the restaurants are no longer taking cash because they don't want to kick then only touch your cash mate to her.

Moving to more institutions refusing to take action. So here she is talking about currency the end of currency and I see that as well and of course currency. Real currency is anonymous and it is powerful in your hand and nobody can do anything, except with your currency into that's that's the power of the pocketbook. So here without a healthcare crisis. Probably not as big of a crisis is people really think people are willing to give us something before the Christian worldview returns in just a moment the new year has brought new features to the Christian worldview radio program first good news for those who don't have an affiliate station in their area and those who subscribe to her free podcast, the latest program will now be VR podcast feed at 8 AM central time on Saturdays. Short takes will also be released on Mondays.

Following the weekend during the program. These bite-size highlights are great for those who don't have time to listen to the full 54 minute broadcast short takes can be heard at our website podcast feed or social media pages on Facebook and YouTube for more updates, program previews and resources.

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That's one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian welcome back to the Christian worldview sure to visit our website Christian we can subscribe to a free weekly email an annual print newsletter resources for adults and children and support the ministry. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton Twyla brace with us today on the Christian worldview radio program, talking about how the virus is being used to undo the current economic financial monetary system in the world and what that's going to lead to. Let's go to the second soundbite now and this is where it gets more into why a health crisis is needed. Again, this is Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed about the covert crisis is because generally if a few people want to control the many. The question is how can you now how can you hurt all the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing this is so the perfect thing is invisible enemies so we had the war on terror with invisible terrorists and now the virus is perfect because it's invisible. You can prove that it doesn't exist because it's visible invisible. So invisible enemies are always the preferred one, particularly if they scare people if you can use fear introduce significant fear that people need government to protect them from the invisible enemy in the second tactic which is very effective is to fight and conquer. And so in the meantime, if you can use the media. The media plays a very important role. If you can turn men and women against each other in black and white against each other. One of the reasons you import a lot of immigrants and into Europe is turn the general population against the birds and then you need government to be in the middle and so these are all whether it's divided tactic or invisible enemies. These are always the Institute fear and get people to go along with things that course invisible virus allows you to do an enormous control mechanisms you can stop people from gathering. You can stop people from organizing. You can stop people from getting together and talking about what's going on, etc. etc. and if you digitize it with contract tracing.

Then you can control who's talking.

If you can get to do all that work in education online you can literally listen to everything I say so you can you can Institute extraordinary amounts of surveillance, all in the theater that would protect you from the invisible virus is very clever you know and as you can see it's working in with many people not everybody but many people so I don't want to underestimate the ability of the leadership to introduce pathogens that will kill people. I don't want to suggest that people are getting sick but essentially what you're trying to do is you're trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it's ultimately to go because you're talking about a transaction system that is no longer currency is a control system so it's like a credit at the company store. If every central bank comes out with a digital central bank currency.

They have the ability to turn your money on and off. So if you don't behave, that's it. And of course as we know they want and combine this with trans-humanism which means literally no, I take injections that can Institute and the equivalent of an operating system in my body and so I'm hooked up to the financial system literally physically okay again that's Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed here about the covert crisis being used not just gain some control, but the gain monetary control, and then she mentioned the end; trans-humanism will talk about that in a little bit in the program.

What exactly that is. But were almost a year into this virus. Now when the road became prominent in an American thinker was in late February March 2020. How do you see what she said there Twyla. As far as the effort to just use this virus and she by what she didn't say that the virus didn't exist is just that it's invisible.

He can only see it's you don't know much about it.

She didn't say people aren't getting sick for us as a people do get sick from it. But how is a completely being overblown in these lockdowns and everything else being used by the virus to implement government control. I think truth is been very hard to find in the culvert 19 debate and things that officials, health, public health officials, government officials would say our politicians would say back when they say oh no they were wrong and now they say exactly the opposite. And so when you think about the control that perhaps not only people in this country, but it people.

Another country would like to have over people and using their monetary system, putting the United States in such a vulnerable position where everything is locked down. Industries are being lost their 94 restaurants in the Twin Cities that have closed permanently is just one example right and then people are losing their incomes or their jobs. Everything is being lost in them. We have we have Congress deciding to send millions and millions and millions of dollars overseas other countries when you look at all of this and you think about how cold it impacted this bill they did that was a covert bill or so.

A lot of people believe and it was a really small covert bill built a $600 per person, depending on what you made right with millions and millions and millions being going to other countries.

Right really depleting the resources of this country. So when you're talking about. If a new financial system being created and having us become lesser and more in debt. I think everybody should be concerned but it is culvert 19 that has put everybody are that the fear right on culvert 19 that has put everybody in this place where they're willing to let all of this happen to them that they would never have allowed the floor. Your registered nurse you practice Dell at one point before you became the president of citizens, counsel for health freedom.

So this is where you operate now in the healthcare world. You talked about hard to find truth so we'll talk about covert for a second. How serious do you think this virus is. I have all sorts people I know who have gotten it. Everyone from people upset about how you know I had it to some people's is a mild cold stumpy was at a really bad flu never heard a few people that I don't know personally but have had some parents die of it, you hear these incredibly high death counts in a well over 300,000 people in this country. The CDC says have died of it within your people save only 6% of those of actually died of culvert itself. And so, is there an inflation of that so how threatening is the virus and maybe speak specifically to how deadly a has actually been.

I think the virus can be very, very deadly for people who are susceptible to it and what they have mostly found is that the people who are susceptible are there elderly. They have multiple chronic conditions of significance, like diabetes or heart disease, or kidney disease. So in a significant conditions and then obesity is very much something that you can lead you to having worse culvert disease. The majority of the people who get it are going to be fine something upwards of 99.9 eraser elderly then is like 95 point something, but neither then you have to just consider the fact of where a lot of these elderly are means that there in these buildings there all in there together right and there is a recent study that talked about the susceptibility of someone to someone who has culvert and is very interesting. I was just talking on our video way I'm doing covert update videos and a number 32 actually give the statistics and now I don't have them write for me but I'm going to give your listeners just kind of a general idea and that is that if you have someone who doesn't have any symptoms but there diagnosed with cultivated the percentage chance that they're going to give it to a close contact is something like 3.5% if they have symptoms and they have coded it goes up to like 12.7% if they're in the household with someone the likelihood that household member will get it is only 20.1% of the point when you mean 79% that you're not going to get it in the same household. You write but in the long-term care facilities.

These are people who are older they have multiple comorbidities. Lots of them probably obese and they have all the criteria for getting this plus they're all stuffed together. Do you believe the 330,000 deaths number from coven. I do not. And the reason that I don't believe it is that I know so I'll just give you one thing that the the Illinois Department of Health, head of the Illinois Department of Health said in a conference with reporters that has been recorded some young man died and the reporter said I did he dive culvert and she said let me explain what a covert death is and she said if you are terminally ill and you're expected to die in two weeks and we find out that you have coven. That's a covert death, and so one of the things that we have found out is that the federal government is paying hospital off their pain. Hospitals from January through April. I think it was $50,000 per covert patient over 100 patients is it like that and then in that same period of time. 77. Basically $77,000 per covert patient over 161 so they had these two funding streams efficiently want to paying hospitals is just to give them funding to treat culvert.

What was the point of that and that is a really good question. I think it might've been a combination of we know you're not getting a lot of your regular patient so it's becoming very difficult for you to survive and so were going to do this for you.

It's hard to say you know what goes into a legislation and whose deciding what goes in and is near that was hospitals. I'm sure asking for money for every culmination interesting trial a brace with us today in the Christian worldview. She is the president and cofounder of citizens, counsel for health freedom. Their website is CCH at CCH on your website. If you go there you will see your healthcare minute, which is 1/62 daily radio feature that you do and I know you've done some of them on masks, then this is this a huge topic in this country. Do you know it's come down to that issue of meal mass help mass don't help, they don't do anything you're there. Everything give us a summary of what your thoughts and your research on masks how much they help to stop the spreader or catching culvert 19 so it's very interesting that back in February or March 2013 from the federal government basically said that you know they don't hardly stop anything so don't you know don't bother. And now he saying he said that because he wanted healthcare workers to get them first. And I'm thinking really. So you are willing to let everybody else die if you really believe this is going to say people you are willing to let everybody else die so that healthcare could workers really. I don't think so.

If you and if you look at mass just medical mass.

You just look at the side of what the box says and it says specifically, this does not protect you against viruses, and then, in addition to that there's a 2015 study, which is a randomized controlled trial which is you are like the gold standard of clinical trials, and we did a special illustration on this that some people are showing around to their friends post in different places because what it showed was that cloth the mask have a penetration rate of viruses at 97% cloth mask face skaters are the same as cloth masking a medical mask was 44% of the virus could go through, 44% of the time and then and and 95 was like 0.01, but of course people can't wear and 95 because if they wear it the way it's supposed to be worn basically know very little air goes through and many people who where and 95 have to be in an oxygen enriched environment because of how it deprives them of oxygen under that mask so you know and 95 have to be face fitted to work. You can't wear a beard has to be face fitted and you and so that's not how most people could even wear one to summarize mass do a little bit a good, possibly, but certainly not as much as were being told that there are fewer masses. We need a national mask mandate and shut things down and there's a very limited benefit researchers and epidemiologists have said they don't work as source control, which means that you protect others by wearing a mask and they don't work as PPE or personal protective agreement. They don't work to protect you, either.

And like the World Health Organization is very concerned that when I think that will happen is that people will have a false sense of security. Not only will they not be able to breathe as well. Still have a false sense of security and worst of all, self contamination, they will be touching that mass in bringing more thing. To their face and virus in the face than if they didn't have it on 12 the brace again with us today in the Christian worldview. The president and cofounder of citizens, counsel for health freedom CCH is their website. Speaking of Catherine Austin Fitts want to put another soundbite from this interview she did on planet takedown and I here's what she said about how covert is being instituted merely as a means of gaining greater government control what coven 19 is is a the institution of controls necessary to convert the planet from democratic process to technocracy's were watching is a change in control engineering of new control systems.

Some think this is a coup d'tat much more like a coup d'tat that hires so for 20 some years in the United States.

We've had a financial coup d'tat, and we knew it at the end of 1995 a decision was made to move much of the assets in money out of the country that was part of of circling the global economy, globalization, and they knew that once they finish moving all those assets that they would have to consolidate and change the fundamental system. So after the financial coup you used all the money in the pension funds you store all the money in the government and now rather than turn and tell people that we still your money. You need an excuse that will allow you to consolidate and change the fundamental system and so you have a magic virus and magic viruses. So we have to fundamentally change the system yet thanks the magic viruses and the new Social Security thanks to the magic virus are still many in the treasury. You have your perfect magic excuse magic virus can you.

It's amazing is because every implication of the financial coup has been magically sought by the magic right if your financial person and you look at the world to the mathematics of time and money. It's quite amazing that anybody believes that but they do here.

This mentality of people who don't have discernment as to what's going on. Again, were not saying the virus doesn't exist doesn't make certain people sick doesn't kill certain people but think the point were trying to make is being used for huge nefarious purposes to change the economic system of America. We look at these the stimulus packages that are being drawn up in spending trillions of dollars will where where is that money coming from so maybe trial you could talk about how the, the institution of control what why healthcare weather with his virus, or even government controlled healthcare. The Obama care that you are so integral in pushing back against when that was being pushed on us. Why is is it so effective to use and health issue to gain control. Everybody wants to live and so when you threaten their life, particularly with something invisible that they can't even see and they don't know where it is, then they are afraid and so once they become afraid they become more malleable and the way that this control the way that I see this control is through the, the push now for vaccination, certification, and if you look at Ticketmaster, for instance, Ticketmaster has had said that if you want to attend their events. You will have to prove your culvert 19 status your testing status or you'll have to prove your vaccination and and they are drawing up plans with. I think it's Google and Apple. Maybe as well as like CVS pharmacies and clear health passport and the ideas you're going to have to come in with this information on your phone you're going to have to show your phone to prove that you can publicly engage in one of their events. But see, this is this is just the beginning.

If we allow the vaccination certification to become a mandate by businesses in a land of freedom. It's not going to be the last thing that's going to be on there and that kind of card is already already the drivers license or they're trying to digitize the drivers license and maybe to give your listeners even a better idea of how this could work. Back in 1997, Minnesota's governor proposed what was called the min card number. Most he will even know about this, but this is one card issued by the state government to every person. The card would be your drivers license.

It would be your medical records it would be your access to the phone.

It would be access to the bank. It would be access to your workplace. There was almost nothing that you do in life that would not be under the control of this car.

This was an early, early, early thing that I saw and went on no no no no. But see, that's exactly where culvert 19. That's where the push is going that will now have to Require digital axis before we can do anything with the digital provincials that we have to prove and culvert is being awaited that this is being pushed the Christian worldview returns in just a moment. David week host of the Christian worldview for over 15 years. Our mission has been to sharpen the biblical worldview Christians to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ pursue that mission on their radio programs in person.

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Now back to today's program with host David week lightning round of questions here because you mentioned the vaccine. Three questions and one here.

Is it a miracle that this violet is this vaccine is made so fast operation works be were told. There's just no unheard of in human history to submit came out this fast is number two was it developed using tissue of aborted babies. That's been something that you we read about the number three is this a different kind of vaccine were different elements and ingredients than your typical vaccines of the past. Of this, you dead portions of a virus to inject and use your body builds an antibody to it. How would you answer those three questions okay so the first one is it's was not a miracle. It was a decision so I did not follow the typical research processes and it has not even been approved by the FDA. The FDA, the only thing the FDA has done is given that emergency use authorization that is not an approval and then the second line regarding aborted tissue aborted babies in the tissue. I haven't looked into that a lot, but what I understand is, it might be that in some of the original processes aborted tissue is used, but not in the actual vaccine. That's the latest thing that I have heard from a variety of sources. I think there's a lot of questions about that because you know who knows the real answer to that right right and then that third one had to do with it is a different kind of all right did with dealing with the inject putting things into the vaccine that can track you or it changes your structural me exactly mother body or can make you feel less Bill you have children. These kinds of things here so there is so much conversation about this and there so many doctors on both sides of this issue.

So some doctors are like, Apsley not when I can take that some doctors are. It's perfectly safe.

Some doctors say well it's going to impact your DNA.

Other doctors Apsley, not theirs that it doesn't go into the nucleus of the cell and South. It can't possibly change anything in your DNA. What we do know is that the lease when I saw I didn't look at myself.

I just saw a clip on twitter about it and that the red cross has said something about if you know which vaccine that you had. You still have to wait two weeks before you can give blood. And if you don't, you have to wait for weeks. There is some some cautions out there about for pregnant women and it is an RNA is called messenger RNA so little M RNA and if that's never, never, we never had such a vaccine before and so and it was never tried and the elderly in long-term care facilities, so they don't even know they don't have any safety information on trying it and people in long-term care facilities.

So there's so much that we don't know and and the other thing is there was an one report that 60% of healthcare workers were refusing to take it. I heard another report that it was 50-50 and one hospital so even healthcare workers who are in the midst of covert patients are concerned about the virus and winds yelled. Obviously, 50% think it's just fine.

The other thing that really surprises people and even on Dr. Fauci said this is the vaccine is not meant to prevent you from getting COBIT so here that it is not meant to keep you from getting covered.

It will not keep you from getting cozy what's up for it is meant to reduce the symptoms when you get code later and seems to me that as you are talking about in the lead up to this question. The fact that it's can be used if you haven't got the vaccine now government can control what you're able to do and not do travel go here do this, go to sporting events or other things like that so again more government control, but it might not be government, it might be the businesses who are so afraid of being find themes present sued all that sort of thing so it's sort of like businesses have become agents of the state that this is a terrible place for them to be. It's also a terrible thing for them to do and I think this is one of the things for all of your listeners all across the state. They have to talk to their legislators call them up email them. Whatever it is, as many people as possible to say prohibit vaccination certification prohibited prohibited being used is prohibited.

Prohibited completely because it is discriminatory in us against the values of a free society. Twyla brace with us today in the Christian worldview. The president and cofounder of citizens Council for health freedom just have one more soundbite. I want play from this Catherine Austin Fitts interview and it has to do with this issue of trans-humanism how the technocracy were she calls the technocracy. These are the big Tech Internet. Those who want to transform society into this global dynamic. They're trying to create transhumance. Here's Catherine Austin Fitts talking about that precedent. They're pushing towards is what is called trans-humanism. So essentially what you do is you use injections to inject materials into the body that create the equivalent of an operating system so everybody knows the idea of Microsoft causing you to download an operating system in your computer that gives Microsoft in a variety of other players, a backdoor into your computer and and every month or two or three got updated because there viruses right it's back to the magic virus that can solve all problems and so so this is a similar system for your body. You inject materials into your body that essentially create the equivalent of an operating system and receiver and you can literally hook everybody up to the cloud and that includes hooking them up in a way that their transaction system. You know the Bible calls it the mark of the beast is one way people know the stuff that you're basically talking about being able to digitally identify and track people in connection with their financial transactions with the world of zero privacy but more importantly what's important understand is your if you if you then institute one or more central bank does. You're now talking about a system where every central bank, the world can shut you off individually from transacting if they don't like the way you're behaving so many people are familiar with the social credit system in China is very similar. You're here.

Basically if you if you install the smart grid in their car, their community, and now in there literally in their body you got 20 4/7 surveillance if people don't do what you say and behave the way you want.

You know that Ken and Ann will shut off your money so and and that will also have special they say you can travel more than 5 miles.

That's it. In his urine here in a complete digital control system and is controlled by the central bank's money for digitizing everything, but includes the human body as well in the human mind. So basically you're talking about hooking up into the board if you will. And so, trans-humanism, technocracy go hand-in-hand. Now I would describe this is the slavery system so were talking about shifting out of freedom we have freedom to roam freedom to say what we want into a complete control system 24 seven including mine control now. The challenge before us is if the initiative the committee that runs the world.

My nickname being global with Mr. global wants to go to the slavery system and we want to remain human civilization that we have a fundamental disagreement and that is the disagreement before us. This sounds again like something out of Revelation you getting injected with some sort of vaccine or something that actually allows you to do banking communicate have the right records and so forth can be monitored at all times, trans-humanism is what they're saying are we close to this is the virus leading to this the virus in the vaccine leading to this what your thoughts and what she just said I would say that the entire world particular than the they protect people that all that tech business is all the data businesses.

All those who don't want you to have privacy and feel like I mean I think it's two things working together. It's perhaps the government who went more control, but it's also the businesses who want more data, which to them is more money and if they work together with the government and public-private partnerships, which I've never liked for years and years and years then this is like them powerful business and the power and the police powers of government, you know, merge together and so and so when you think about this technocracy and you think about where things going. Think about the things that are already in a medical way in your body and the hacking the hacking of some of the things like unit for your heart or for you know diabetes or whatever those systems are now occasionally been hacked thereof vulnerable to hacking because they are online they are connected to the cloud already and now there's something by profuse who has some kind of a gel piece which can be under your skin. It's not actually innocent, like metal grid or anything like that but it it's a biosensor so your heart rate year when you're sleeping all the stuff you know it can transmit into the cloud into your computer into your phone into your medical record right and so all of these lead to way more tracking way more intrusion.

They all have this convenience factor and we are going to lose our freedom because we like the convenience we like the speed but we need to be thinking we need to be thinking. To the degree to which we want to let outsiders in, and then to have control. As a result of being in Twyla. We appreciate your coming on the Christian worldview today.

We appreciate what you're doing.

A citizens Council for health freedom will really encourage listeners to go to your website. Sign up for your your email. Listen to your health freedom minute and really get connected with your organization.

Again, the website is CCH will help you gain from that interview with Twyla brace and also hearing the soundbites from Catherine Austin Fitts in that video called planet lockdown we have that video linked in our website as well. But to summarize, there is a a move towards authoritarianism now in this country which is going to try to reduce individual liberties whether the Biden administration knows it or ever admitted they are definitely paving the way for the end times and the rule of antichrist. Or you could maybe better said that God is using the wicked to bring about his purposes that are leading toward the end times with his global leader called the Antichrist, and barring a large spiritual revival in this country the United States seems headed for authoritarian rule and this is incredibly sad and tragic for America and by extension the rest of the world because once an individual liberties in America are compromised. There's really no other country that has the power to export these values of individual liberty.that being said, we as Christians do not need to be afraid, but we do need to be informed and we need to stand firm and be bold because individual liberties again are not guaranteed by anyone. They are a a grace a gift from God that we been able to enjoy in this country and God's purposes. As I mentioned earlier March on no matter what our individual liberties are, and while it may seem like those who are authoritarian and tendency are winning. Just remember Christian who wins in the end.

Revelation 19 says, and I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies, assembled to make war against him against Christ who sat on the horse and against his army and the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who receive the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone, graphic scene, but a victorious one as the King of Kings and Lord of lords returns to destroy the enemies of him and of God and also those who are taken away all the individual liberties in the world. So even though we do live in a changing and challenging America, there is one we can trust in Jesus Christ and his word. They are the same yesterday today and forever.

Thanks listing the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically live accordingly and stand firm. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians claim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope today's broadcast encouraged for that figure. Replay today's program or to sign up for free weekly email to find out what must I do to be saved. Your website or call us toll-free at 188-864-6233 Christian worldview as a listener supported ministry and furnished by the overcoming foundation, a nonprofit organization can find out more resources make a donation become a monthly partner and contact us by visiting the Christian bowling toll-free 188-864-6233 writing to Box 1, Excelsior, MN 55331 box 41 seltzer, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly

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