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Short Take: Stand Firm

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 11, 2021 7:00 am

Short Take: Stand Firm

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 11, 2021 7:00 am

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on A New Year—Prepare to Stand Firm.

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Here is another sort to the Christian worldview with David when a strong sense burning inside of me that this is going to be an all-out assault on everything traditional America everything Christian America this coming year. Now I know that most churches are going to be able to provide the kind of spiritual nourishment that is going to be necessary for what lies ahead this year.

Truth is very hard to find. As we been discovering the last year with regard to the virus and the social unrest, the allegations of systemic racism in this country and then the election was a fraudulent and and everything is taken by what happened with the capital truth is very hard to find in the political news of our day because people write look at the same thing and have completely different perspectives on it, but we do know again that real truth. Spiritual truth is found in God's word so we need to be reading and studying God's word every single day. When you be reminded on the daily basis what the truth of God's word is looking to him as the source of truth and encouragement.

We also need to be listening to sermons but not just sermons of anyone we need to be listening to sermons of the most sound biblically sound pastors and I know I've mentioned John MacArthur a lot in this program and I will start with him. Now there are other ones besides him, but I would start with him because he's someone over his entire preaching ministry of 51 years. That's proven that she's willing to stand strong and preach the full counsel of God number three. We need to be discipling our families is not good enough just to take it in ourselves. We need to be discipling those in our own spheres of influence.

We also need to be skilled about sharing the gospel. Her messages recently about know how to share the gospel in your own personal testimony. Paul did this over and over again when he'd talk about his own story. He would share the gospel proclaim the gospel in that story got impacts of the people that's that's what's gonna change our society is one more people repent and believe in the gospel very difficult to change peoples to politically people are wedded to the that the false political narratives or perspective that they've had for their entire life or their families had, but when the gospel comes in someone's life. Then all of a sudden they begin to develop a biblical worldview on the issues of our day and ultimately is not really about saving America as much as we like to see this country do well and be honoring God.

We really want that. We pray for that. But ultimately the most important thing to save is not so much America what we want we want to save people's souls are to be used by God to save people's souls. Nothing we need to be doing need be praying constantly pray without ceasing.

The Bible says pray their leaders would rule according to God's word, they would punish evil and praise good. That's what they're supposed to do. Pray that though the wicked, those that are wicked and their plans would be thwarted that they will be judged if they go against that and that people would be so convicted if they're trying to push ungodly policies on this country. We also need to give thanks for all of what we still have in this country still have lots of freedoms in this country and so we need to use those and be thankful for them to continue to be ambassadors for Christ, and finally, we need to trust God because he will be able to get us through anything that were going to face this country, there may be some dark days ahead. We don't know what is before us.

We don't know when the return of Christ is going to be. We don't know all of this. We just know that each day God gives us the grace the supernatural ability to do his will, and so we need to trust him believe him rely on him set her eyes on him, each and every day as we see the situations develop around us because he will give us the grace to get through anything the faith that is a mean you always have easy sailing and can be a bed of roses doesn't mean that means that even if it's hard God gives us a supernatural ability to get through it so stand firm. This is been a short take on the Christian worldview with David.

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