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Who Is America’s Top (Human) Destroyer? Hint: George Soros

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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October 9, 2020 8:00 pm

Who Is America’s Top (Human) Destroyer? Hint: George Soros

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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October 9, 2020 8:00 pm

GUEST: FRANK WRIGHT, President, D. James Kennedy Ministries

The drive to “fundamentally transform America” takes lots of money and organization.

Whether funding those who…

deconstruct the discovery, founding, and existence of America as white supremacist and systemically unjust,

push unbiblical marriage and morality and abortion,

consolidate government control over health care, education, and the environment,

squelch freedom of religion, speech, and the right to bear arms,

pressure corporations, non-profits and Christians organizations,

foment the burning and looting on the streets,

…one man—billionaire George Soros—arguably exerts more power and influence in his mission to fundamentally transform America than anyone else...


Who is America's top human destroyer hints George Soros that the tub will discuss today right here in the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in the person in the work of Jesus Christ on David Wheaton. The host our website is the Christian you're the drive to fundamentally transform America takes lots of money and lots of organization whether funding those who deconstruct the discovery, the founding in the existence of America's white supremacist and systemically unjust are those who push for un-biblical marriage and morality, and abortion, or try to gain government control over healthcare and education and the environment or squelch freedom of religion and speech and the right to bear arms and defend yourself are those who pressure corporations and nonprofits in Christian organizations are those who fall meant the burning and looting that we've seen on our streets. Take lots of money and lots of organization there's one man billionaire George Soros who exerts more power and influence in his mission to fundamentally transform America than almost anyone else, or maybe perhaps more than anyone else in this week and on the Christian worldview were going to profile the life worldview and the deeds of George Soros, Frank Wright is a present of D. James Kennedy ministries. It's an organization as just produce several materials exposing George Soros. He joins us to discuss what we need to know about him, including tragically, the evangelical organizations. He funds and influences. Let's get to the first segment with Frank Wright tell us about your background, how you became a follower of Christ, and even had a very interesting career trajectory tell us about that as well. Will David, I wandered into the Coleridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale about 40 years ago when was a seeker. I would say at that time and Dr. Kennedy that Sunday and else. There was a class for new members beginning and if you wanted to come and find out what Presbyterians believe without obligating yourself to join. You should come in the class and so I did and he shared the gospel in the class in a rather unique way.

I thought and he made it clear that the no good works were insufficient. It was only through personal faith in Jesus Christ. And then he said something really astonishing. I was astonished at the time anyway. He said now some of you have believed in God believe in God and believed in God all your life even believe Jesus is the son of God, and you believe he died for the sins of the world. Some of you are going to miss heaven by 18 inches.

The distance between your head and your heart. Some of you have only an intellectual faith and not personal faith in Christ and I went home from the class and I realize that was me and I invited Christ in my life and 40 years later I'm still still following him best I can as best. The Holy Spirit enables me. Dr. Kennedy 1995 sent me to Washington DC to open the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian statesmanship still operates there today focused on personal relationships and developing relationships through which we communicate the gospel but also in training and equipping high-level staff people in biblical worldview because we felt so many people, even good Christian people who go to Congress these days really don't have a well-rounded biblical worldview in your program certainly speaks to that that deficit from the Center for Christian statesmanship.

I went to become the president of the National religious broadcasters, the largest Christian media Association in the world and was therefore about almost 11 years and left there to go to Salem communications now called Salem media group located in Southern California seems minimal. Six years ago now. I came back here in South Florida where I am now where I started. All those years ago and I am leading a D. James Kennedy ministries excited about the response we received so far.

To this expos on George Soros, billionaire, radical yet. Will we want to get into than thank you for telling us about your background and how you became a follower of Christ. You really come full circle and how Dr. Kennedy influenced you, and we led you to salvation. When you were younger. Now you're back working for his ministry long after he's gone home to be with the Lord really an amazing story of God's providence and sovereignty. Let's talk about this this expos on George Soros in the film. There's in a 60 minute DVD will get into today. The one the lines out of that is, there is one man funding the demise of America by those on the right. The political right in this country. George Soros is pretrade is that the bogeyman in America plotting and funding groups that undermine Christian and constitutional America. You'll hear his name Barnabas George Soros funding this and that and the other always goes back to him. Is that giving this one man too much credit in power do you think Frank it is in some respects, ignoring the fact that he is the archetype or is one of our guests on the program, said the colossus of the progressive left, but he leads and guides and directs a coalition of extraordinary coalition, for example, George Soros's open Society foundation never see them make a grant to a left-wing organization that the Ford foundation doesn't match, and many other foundations of similar political persuasion good down the line so Soros is the biggest fish in the pond for sure.

The open Society foundation has $20 billion in its act and its corpus and gives away over $1 billion a year to left-wing causes and David. We have nothing like that on the Christian side of the equation or even the conservative side of the equation. We have nobody like Soros standing for freedom in standing for the gospel and religious religious liberty is willing to invest that kind of money he put something like $80 million in the campaign cycle. This is me $800 million into one campaign cycle which was more than the Democratic National Committee and the Republican national committee combined.

The left likes to say, we make him a bogeyman.

But remember, a bogeyman is someone who's not really there. Soros is there in spades. And what we've done is research his network and traced all the tentacles that go out from him to left-wing organizations of many many stripes and we done our best also to document the dark money that goes out from him goes into not nonprofit organizations but for-profit enterprises which don't have the same reporting requirements and so Soros is not the only one out there doing these things with.

He's the leader he so wanted right after Donald trumps inauguration in January January 2016 called a group of people together.

This is all public information at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington DC and they plotted throw that the trump administration every minute unfolded. Then really began with that meeting on George Soros was the one who called the meeting so he's every bit the fearful and powerful and influential progressive figure that that others claiming to be and that he claims for himself.

Quite frankly, Frank right with us today on the Christian will be the president of Dr. D. James Kennedy ministries they have produced an excellent resource bundle with the DVD.

A booklet in the chart in God were to tell you how you can get that today let's get into what shaped George Soros and in the film there is a very disturbing story about what his use was like in what he was doing, followed by an interview with his perspective on it. Here's that soundbite.

George Soros is an enigma of sorts, born in 1930 he was a teenager when the Nazis took over his native Hungary Jewish family, but his father was able to arrange for him in my Christian family, Christian, rather, to escape the Nazis. He did this Nazis at the time is teenager Soros was once asked about the experience you watched lots. People get shipped off. I was flipping my understanding is that you went out this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted guys went out.

In fact, and helped in the confiscation of property projects beside me. That's that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many many years was a difficult not not maybe as a child, who dumped you don't see the connection. But was it created no no problem, no feeling of guilt that sounds like a psychopath to me. Frank someone who would be a part of the wickedness of the Nazi region team in taking away property from the Jewish people, and then having them sent off to the labor camps in the not having you any remorse or regret. Afterwards, explain your perspective on this particular sordid part of his life. The activity you just described of him working with his protector to turn Jews over to the Nazis so that they could confiscate their property, turning them over supply with saying put them on trains headed for extermination camps ST Crossett. It said to him, this is the kind of thing that would lead people on the psychiatrist's couch for years and years which you don't have any problem with that D is not at all little let's talk about his Jewishness because George Soros is very clever and very quick to try to turn any criticism that comes his way into anti-Semitism.

George Soros is a Jew by DNA only. He does not believe in God he he renounced his Jewishness as you hinted about prior to World War II.

He was born in 1930 in Hungary and when the Holocaust began to emerge. His father placed him with a Gentile believer.

I'm sure there was a money exchange involved in that and he adopted George Soros as his godson, no godson doesn't mean much legal in America but in Europe it did, and he introduced George Soros to everyone as my son.

My godson and so people thought he was a Gentile and Soros is one of the most vehement opponents of Israel on the planet infected Horwitz made a comment that he George Soros would like to destroy the two freest nations in terms of personal freedom for his nations on earth, United States and Israel.

And so, but he hides behind his Jewishness when it's convenient for him, but every time he's been asking doesn't believe in in God with the G, in fact he believes he is a God with a small GE has messianic pretensions that in themselves. Or maybe the scariest thing to listen to in the expos and makes sense that he didn't have any remorse about being complicit in taking the Jews property away and then having them sent off to the extermination camps when we find out whether he believes in God or not. Here's another soundbite from the film on George Soros, are you religious believe in God.

Soros told us he believes God was created by man, not the other way around, which may be why he thinks he can smooth out the world's imperfections. Soros told independent newspaper in Great Britain. It is a sort of dizziness when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out to say the man has a huge ego doesn't even begin to explain his messianic zeal to turn the world into something he likes. This socialist utopia governed by a globally lead with him at the head of it all. Well you've heard a lot about George Soros. Already we have much more coming. After offering this resource bundle on George Soros today.

It's a DVD. It's a book it's a chart it's a guide for donation to the Christian Realty go to our website. Christian to order or just call us at our office, one AAA 646-2233. The Bible says that children should be raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is nothing more important than sitting, walking, talking and teaching your son or daughter love and fear God, the church is swimming in children's resources, but it's ultra-important to select ones that accurately present God's word gospel and I start Christian we are intentional about offering resources to build a sound and strong faith in children, you will find several miles for children and raccoon experience and good news for little hearts series. We also have video and audio resources like piano and sugar creaking, browse the mom the Christian and then use them daily with the child of God is put in your life. That's not Christian worldview.the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to your own schedule. 1 Simple Way to hear past You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond our website, you can search for the Christian worldview in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher you need help navigating online podcast from just give us a call toll-free, one AAA 646-2233 will follow the links on the home page of Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God. Thank you for listening. Thanks for joining us on the Christian worldview radio program today. I'm David Wheaton the post were talking about George Soros going America's top human destroyer for his undermining influence in his funding of so much that goes against especially the Christian principles and founding of this country.

Our guest today is Frank right he's the president D. James Kennedy ministry to just produce an excellent resource bundle a 60 minute DVD a 60 page book in a chart in the guide on all the life and deeds of George Sir really will get you informed about what is undermining this country were offering it for donation. The Christian worldview today. Let's get back to the second segment of the interview with Frank right I would you describe his his worldview. Talk about this messianic complex that he has what does George Soros think and believe, well, it's really weird to hear someone like that talk in messianic terms when they claim to have no belief in a God, but I think he means what he means by that is he's such a powerful person that he himself is a kind of God and that he has set a number of things about that uses a term that you see literature somewhat. The term is this the work of history.

He said the arc of history is bent by powerful people in powerful events and I am bending the arc of history in a good direction. So he sees himself as standing astride the entire world affairs and he's bending the arc of history is way and he says in the 60 minutes interview that he did in our book.

It's in the special pieces. There was a time when I kind of had a problem with my messianic tendencies and he said, but I no longer have a problem with them because I'm living them out.

He sees himself as living out the role of Messiah. Think about the implications of that.

Remember, if you're a biblical Christian or even observant Jew you know that the Scriptures, the Old Testament says God sets up kings and brings them down the part of the kings in the hand of the Lord like a stream of water.

The Lord turns it. Whichever way he will. That's how he sees himself he can set up kings and bring them down and he's done that in other countries. George Soros has been implicated in elections when there been disputes about Alexis. Just as is were expecting to have in a few weeks here. He has fostered a revolution and and caused as a result of that for for nations to be the political system turned upside down.

So he thinks he can set up kings and bring them that he sees himself as God, he would never think out of the G is because the wrath of the world come down on his head. He's not a madman but he's not thinking right when it comes to this idea of being a Messiah who has come to to deliver the world and set it on the right path.

Politically, our guest today in the Christian really is Frank right, the president of D. James Kennedy ministry.

She's just produce an excellent bundle of resources on George Soros exposing who he is. The undermining influence that he's having on the country in the world is a 60 minute DVD.

There is a 60 page book is also a charting guide working to be telling you how to get those today through the Christian Realty was ordered, many copies from Ministry of D. James Kennedy to get this into your hands, Frank. Here's another soundbite from the film on George Soros will follow up with a question for you going tends to guard his words and speak in vague generalities.

Truth sometimes pierces through his 2006 book, the age of fallibility. Soros wrote the main obstacle to a stable and just world order United States. Soros's understanding of what is effectively we need to control by a handful of technocrats. People who know what everything and it doesn't matter which country he touches his hundreds of millions of dollars and it's the same outcome. How do we race character of this nation. The follow-up to that soundbite is what is this world that George Soros wants what is he working towards in the world is that communism is socialism. What is it George Soros is a socialist, but as any honest socialist will tell you socialism is merely a political road to communism, socialism speaks of the government control of the means of production.

Communism speaks of government ownership of all the means of production and he is he is a communist in his philosophy he calls himself a progressive. I remember Charles Krauthammer before he died saying that he'd studied for progressive political philosophy, and he said the only thing that I could see as a guiding principle really foundational principle in progressive philosophy is that progressives should be in charge, but even the name progressive says something to us, progressing from what to what progressing from a free enterprise system to a socialist system, ultimately to a communistic system. George Soros is a communist and he is bent on world domination, as all communist entities were and still are. They believe in the ultimate triumph of communism over all other forms of government, no Soros would be in these latter days he be what we call a Marxist socialist and in the sense that they acknowledge that socialism has failed everywhere it's been tried. I mean, in the 20th century socialist governments. In some cases communist governments killed over 100 million of their own people and yet they have fallen every single time. So Soros is bent on bringing these things to before and letting in order for socialism and communism for that utopia that he sees to rise the failures that have gone before have to be fixed and those failures have been the impediments to success of been the family and the church. And so for Marxist socialist in our day. Those in the cultural crosshairs, our families, and churches principally theistic churches and so that's what Soros wants to fix so that he can then successfully bend the arc of history and make the world a place dominated by communism. Frank right with us again on the Christian worldview of D. James Kennedy ministries. Let's get into some of the funding because the chart and guide explanatory guide that is included in this bundle go through all that shows a graphic of the different organizations and entities that that he has funding going to that that do his work, so to speak. He he runs the open Society foundation.

Here's another soundbite from the film on George Soros. How influential is George Soros because of his giving in American politics.

I spent decades of my life studying the left. Especially all the nonprofit apparatus. In the last and he does describe as a colossus almost never will you find significant left but doesn't receive money from both the Ford foundation and George Soros.

What exactly is the open Society foundation and what are some of the main organizations that catch your eye from all the ones they and there's lots and lots of them that the listeners can see for themselves what are the main organizations that he's giving to you. That's the question David that very few people ask what is this what what is it mean to have an open Society foundation that's critical to George Soros's philosophy and his plans of action by open society, he means no borders, no restrictions on immigration. Anybody that makes its way into our nation should be able to vote immediately upon arrival, remember if their goal is socialism leading to communism. They have to first undermine the existing government and they don't want to wait around and try to do it by elected means.

His goal with the open society is to let anybody in.

In fact, his goal is to let Islamic immigration come in. Anybody that has the undermining of the American ideal of the so-called American experiment as there and and aim and so his money goes to groups to facilitate immigration groups that try to overturn election laws like voter registration laws. Probably the most common sense voter requirement ever conceived is the voter ID. Many people realize this and many blue states get a drivers license without having to produce any citizenship documents because it's necessary for work, and so on so forth.

But on election day predilection that you can go to the voter registration office with your drivers license as your ID and get a voter registration card.

No one ever asks you the citizenship question. This is the work of George Soros and his fellow travelers. The efforts to get the absentee ballots and mail-in ballots under election law. Up until this time all those ballots have to be properly filled out properly signed and received no later than election day.

What are Soros and his is people trying to do. They're trying to extend the deadline will seek coven crisis. Does she know that's placed the burden on us making voting harder so we should extend the deadline for six days after the election is over well to federal appeals court have already overturned that that's the kind of thing that George Soros is trying to do to take away the idea of the nationstate to diminish your attachment to your national roots, whatever they might be your connection to the United States of America because he wants it to go away.

While this this man really has a lot of evil intent.

And no surprise, for someone who just blatantly claimed to not believe in God so he's his own God were talking about George Soros.

Today, America's top human destroyer if you want to know what's behind the funding in the undermining of American values. This man is at the center point were offering a resource for you to be informed about him a 60 minute DVD called billionaire radical a book on George Soros exposing a chart and a guide for a donation. The Christian worldview just got her a website the Christian or give us a call at 1888 646-2233. There is an abundance of Christian resources available at the reality is that many of them even some of the most popular nightly sound and strong faith is only one perfect book. The key aim of the Christian worldview is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store will have a wide range of resources from all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browse our store and Christian and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small church can also order by calling toll-free, one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA eight 646-2233 or visit the Christian

Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your world. The first is the Christian worldview, weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains the upcoming ring along with need to read articles, teacher resources, special events, and audio of the previous program. The second is the Christian worldview, annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox. In November it contains a year-end letter from host, David. We had a listing of our store, including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email an annual print by visiting the Christian worldview.calling one AAA 646-2233. Your email and mailing address will never be shipped and you can unsubscribe at any time, called one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.Christian Realty radio program David Wheaton, George Soros topic person or profiling today is just a man. He's given, I stand before God. The judgment seat of God.

Christ just like everyone else and if he doesn't repent and believe in the gospel, which I'm not even sure she is way beyond the point of turning back from his evil deeds he is going to be judge for his sin so he he is not to be feared but the one inspiring him believe is Satan and he is doing everything he can through George Soros that the money that he has made the billions of dollars money goes a long way money is power in this fallen world, and I he's funding everything that stands in antithesis to what is good and godly.

Frank Wright is our guest today in the program from D. James Kennedy ministries were talking about their new resource binder which we are caring.

It's a DVD, a book in a chart to guide all about George Soros and the organization see funds including evangelical organizations. Let's get back to more of the interview with Frank Wright by far the most troubling aspect of the entire DVD George Soros billionaire radical George Soros in the scheme to remake America in the booklet in the chart and the guide is a three item resource year, but by far the most troubling thing to me was seeing how George Soros funds evangelical organizations and they receive his funding and I saw some on the chart world vision the ER LC the ethics and religious liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention. Here's a soundbite from the film on that worth the money trail and it tracks back to billions of dollars coming from George Soros into culture and unfortunately even into some of the church, many evangelical organizations are accepting money from those organizations that are aligned with Soros and the Linsky model in an effort to tear down their Christian assumptions and build up something Soros is therefore he thinks religion is a break on progress. He thinks as Marxists do revolving toward a greater open society if we just get rid of the old thing, like church, like family, like community organizations that we can progress to where the state can order things in a more efficient way and move us toward this this godless Frank tell us about how George Soros is funding those organizations and what other ones and why would so-called Christian organizations accept funding from this man. In many cases early on those organizations that you're referring to, particularly sojourners with Jim Wallace denied receiving anything multiple times denied taking any money from Soros and then there was this amazing WikiLeaks revelation of documentation that proved it and then they had to own up to it so I guess it's not. It's not part of the left wing evangelical concept of a biblical worldview. Lying is is permitted. I guess because it like the Communists say any lie that advances comic is the truth. That's how socialist and left-leaning people tend to think anyway.

It's very disturbing. We have a researcher who did a great deal of work for us to turn my attention to a video and undercover video was produced of people in left-wing organizations when talking about how to get support for different some of their difficult ideas. They would say oh we can we can get an evangelical speak from that we can rent an evangelical. Now how does that sound. It sounds a little bit to me like Judas before the Sanhedrin for 30 pieces of silver. They rented a disciple and turned into their use. So Soros has turned major of religious organizations who are left-leaning, at least in their own philosophy. Now some of them will probably say hello. The money that we took for George Soros was designated for nonpolitical things for humanitarian aid. Whatever. Hey, you know, David. The old saw about he who pays the piper calls the tune. That's what Soros and his fellow travelers do with these contributions to left-wing organizations. They buying influence their buying the opportunity to call upon them to rent them when they need a statement in support of this idea or that idea by the way, I'll just say we are planning in the spring of next year round two on the Soros connections and were going to look at the evangelical church the traceable money that comes through foundations and the so-called dark money that's coming to the church. This is the saddest moment in church history here in America we have already have had for years now. The ranks of what I call the silent shepherds unwilling to apply the scriptures of the great moral, ethical and cultural questions of our day and now they're not only silent there letting their left-leaning proclivities kick in and are in cahoots, so to speak, with the likes of George Soros.

These are difficult times for the body of Christ. When our shepherds are in some cases wolves in sheep's clothing. Again, by far the most troubling part of this.

I'm actually looking at the chart in explanatory guide right now and seeing the list of organizations that open society and George Soros gives two from the evangelical realm and David if I may, there's one more piece of this to you find interesting and makes perfect sense given the worldview of the George Soros is and that is some of these evangelical organizations that purport to support left-wing causes and actions and and ideas don't even exist there, fake there made up by Soros Soros and his minions.

They create these organizations.

There's nobody behind them.

But when something happens. They issue a press release and evangelicals for what's happening now or whatever the name might be issued a press release in support of something that's been done then you know in the violence in the streets or or whatever so they literally taking fake news to a whole other level fake organizations purporting to be evangelical.

Don't even exist on paper, yet their issuing statements of support for these different ideas and and candidates.

In some cases and then of course you got the George Soros propensity to make large contributions to the election campaigns of prosecutors around the nation.

We saw that in the case of the couple who were trying to guard their own property. The people charged by the prosecutor work the riders who broke down the gates to this private housing on plated they charge the family and the prosecutor in that town was fully funded by George Soros in her election campaign.

She is a hard left progressive you could have picked out.

If you done a little enough research where the violence would erupt and what cities just by looking at the prosecutor's and seeing whether there was a Soros connection. They had the riots broke out in those cities because they can get those prosecutors to look the other way or not charge them or charging release or no bail or small bail. All of the things that have been played out here in America over the summer months, and so all of this is part of the activity.

George Soros again Frank right with us today on the Christian will be the present.

D. James Kennedy ministries whose produce this this three item expos of George Soros and his influence at the DVD. It's a book it's a chart and a guide and you can get it today through the Christian worldview ministry.

Here's another soundbite that aired in a very awkward conversation on Fox News or a place for you wouldn't think they be to a fearful or reticent about talking about George Soros where the host Harris Faulkner's interviewing Newt Gingrich and he talks about what you are just mentioning Frank about these Soros funded district attorneys who don't prosecute those who are committing violent and criminal acts on the street and Newt Gingrich brings up George Soros and the host Harris Faulkner.

I think a cohost or another guest say why do we need to bring Soros up. We don't need to bring him up here is that soundbite Speaker Gingrich.

I have a final thought for us.

The number one problem in almost all the cities is George Soros selected left-wing anti-police pro-criminal district attorney's who refused to beat key people locked up. Just yesterday report summary back on three murders in New York City. You cannot solve this problem in both cars and by talk very proudly about what they call progressive the progressive are anti-police pro-criminal and overwhelmingly elected were George source of money in there, a major cause of the violence were seeing as they keep putting violent criminals back on the street to this last he paid for the fact that millions of dollars need to be a part of conversation.

Okay, so it's verbal okay to move on historic day at the White House. Frank why would have Fox News hosts say that in there be this long pregnant pause about George Soros may want to be is not relevant to a conversation about what you doing the country. I did not and I did not put that dead air into that answer on Fox News. That was how long there was a pause in awkward silence there. Someone was talking in the year of these hosts not to bring up George Soros and Frank Wright will describe that after this final break of the day here in the Christian Realty were talking about George Soros, the great undermining of America. Today we have a resource bundle available for you a 60 minute DVD called billionaire radical a 60 page book, George Soros exposed in a chart in a guide, you can get it for a donation to the Christian real view radio program. Just go to our website the Christian real call us one 888 646-2233. I can write to us in this last segment coming up next the Christian world view radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to your own schedule. 1 Simple Way to cure past

You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond our website, you can search for the Christian worldview in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher you need help navigating online podcast realm. Just give us a call toll-free, one AAA 646-2233. Follow the links on the home page of Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God. Thank you for listening. There's an abundance of Christian resources available at the reality is that many of them even some of the most popular nightly sound and strong faith is only one perfect book.

The key aim of the Christian worldview is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store will have a wide range of resources from all adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browser store and Christian and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small group or church can also order by calling toll-free one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian final segment of the day here in the Christian real view radio program as we talk about America's top mint destroyer George Soros, Frank Wright, the president D. James Kennedy ministries has been our guest today and now let's get to the final segment with him and afterward will tell you how you can get this resource bundle. Frankie heard that soundbite from Fox News where the host tried to keep Newt Gingrich and talking about George Soros. Why would she and Fox News do that.

The reason there was that pregnant pause at the end is because a producer was talking in the ear of Harris Faulkner and Melissa Francis. The two hosts, both of whom are generally conservative. Melissa, I would say strongly conservative.

They were getting directions from on high. As you might say they were getting directions from their producers of the program to shut off the discussion about George Soros. So it isn't just to journalists to reporters or interviewers shut down. It was shut down by higher levels it Fox News in the quick then your question has even more important, why, why would Fox who I would say they lean right they are not a conservative network by any stretch any longer. They have elements that are strongly conservative, taken as a whole, their network liens right and that so why would they bow to that kind of pressure because Soros has long arms. He can reach advertisers Tucker Carlson says something that's controversial, you know, the left goes after his advertisers and try to get them to disinvest in his program. In that respect.

And so somebody it Fox News said we don't want a phone call George Soros on Lewis let's just shut this down so the person listening today is heard all this and says yeah I know about George Soros. I want to find out more. Want to get the bundle, but what we do about someone like this.

And what do you see for the future of America. If this party Democrat party and their leaders are given or voted into political power. David let me give you as quickly as I can. Along view here that explains why the hour in which we stand is so important. July 4, 1826 50th anniversary of the signing of the declaration was the day that John Adams and Tonja Thomas Jefferson both died the same day the same day. However, in new Harmony, Indiana, Robert: stood up outside his commune communist commune in new Harmony and and and announced his Decker until independence, and in it he said there is in the world today a Trinity of monstrous evils they are private property, religion, and marriage. You can trace the roots of Robert Owen right up until the 1960s when people radicals in the 60s talked about the long march through the institutions through education through all of these things all of the things that we see unfolding around us today are not random chaos. They are the unfolding of the plan launched in America nearly 200 years ago and George Soros is the puppetmaster.

He is the money investing in a platform of distribution and all of these organizations are advocating these socialist ideals and and quite frankly socialist revolution are at the behest of Soros at the least, and likely controlled by him to some extent. So what is that mean for us today.

The heartbeat of the American experiment is that we get we get to elect our own rulers. Never in the history of the world was that true on any widescale we get to elect our own rulers and if we reelect a president who is willing to continue to point constitutionalist judges to the courts. President Trump has successfully appointed and gotten confirmed 300 federal judges soon to be streaks free Supreme Court justices 100 of the 300 are Courts of Appeals. The much more influential level.

Whichever president makes the judicial appointments going forward will shape the future of America and returning it to the separation of powers, turning us to a nation under laws. This is and I am not being trying to be hyper hyperbolic about this.

This is the most important election since 1864, right near the end of the Civil War Lincoln's second election is what insured the completion of the Civil War. If if someone else is one they would've sued for peace and there would be a southern United States. The northern United States.

There never would have been America that went to the rescue of the world into world wars. There would never been America that was the light of freedom and peace and hope to the world and the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we are standing in a similar place right now. This election may well determine our ability to be that lighthouse of hope and freedom and truth, and election day is coming. We need to do two things we need to take ourselves to the polls and take someone else with us. This is our hour to stand for freedom stand for truth in the polling place that was Frank Wright. Everyone the president D. James Kennedy ministries talking about America's top human destroyer George Soros have I get that bundle that they are offering its 60 minute DVD called billionaire radical and that's a 60 page book, George Soros exposed, and then there's a chart and there's a guy recalling it. Three. I'm destroyed, for its 16 page chart in guide and that you can get it for a donation to the Christian worldview. We actually ordered a lot of copies you really think it's it's really going to inform you.

You want to know is going on the streets what's going on.

The Democrat party.

You need to look at.

George Soros sees the great undermine her. The great attempted destroyer of all that's Christian and traditional. In America we decided not to undercut D.

James Kennedy ministries and what they're offering for from their ministry there doing for donation as well were doing it for the same amount of $50 or more to the Christian worldview. You can get in contact with us. The usual ways, which is through our website the Christian to order you can call center office 1888 646-2233 is 1888 646-2233 or you can write to us at Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 those contact information be repeating the minute immediately following the program and again this is the George Soros resource bundle for donation of $50 or more about this help support the ministry of the Christian will you know you get something that's going to greatly inform you. This is a pretty big resource bundle but also can support the ministry of the Christian worldview. So thank you for for doing that now, just in in closing today. We set sources, America's top human destroyer.

We put the word human in there for a purpose because America Satan is the top destroyer in the world.

John 10 verse nine where Jesus says I am the door.

If anyone enters through me. He will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. And in verse 10 he says the thief that Satan comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.

You know, Satan is a destroyer Soros is an ambassador for Satan but the good news is that Jesus Christ will return to rain and overthrow all their wicked schemes and those who know Christ will be saved.

Remember that today as we talk about a man who is evil and undermining America until next time think biblically and live accordingly.

We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free at one AAA 646-2233.

Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supporting my listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.2 SF Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically and live according

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