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Three Fundamentals Driving the Division

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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September 25, 2020 8:00 pm

Three Fundamentals Driving the Division

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 25, 2020 8:00 pm

While all that is taking place right now seems complex—unrelenting unrest and violence over “social injustice”, government mandates and shutdowns due to the Chinese-originated coronavirus, a national election, filling the Supreme Court vacancy, etc.—the humanistic worldview demanding societal “transformation” is clear and based on the rejection of three fundamental truths that God established at the beginning of time.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we will examine how a refusal to acknowledge God, a redefining of God’s institutions, and a rejection of man’s nature explains what is taking place in our nation...

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Three fundamentals driving the division.

That's a topic we discussed today. Right here on the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview.

Christians share the good news the gospel that all people will repent and believe can be reconciled to God through faith in who Jesus Christ is and what he did for us on the cross David with the host our website is the Christian well, thank you for joining us today in the program just want to say before getting to the intro or the topic today that our golf event went very well this past Monday were really thankful for all who came out and participated in that we had a beautiful day and lots of great memories and great fellowship on the course and didn't get a chance to do a dinner event and so were going to do sort of a support day today on the program and I'll tell you more about that as we we get into the topic. But let's get into the topic which is three fundamentals driving the division in our country know all that is taking place right now seems complex. Lots of different dynamics going on. You have unrelenting unrest and violence over social injustice as as its alleged government mandates and shutdowns due to the B virus that originated in China called COBIT. 19 you have a national contentious national election going on now we have a vacancy on the US Supreme Court. With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets likely going to be filled and you have a humanist humanistic worldview, demanding societal quote transformation. Not all seems complex, but actually it's really quite clear and simple was taking place. What's driving this division and it's based on the rejection of three fundamental truths that God established not just yesterday but literally right at the beginning of time. In the opening chapters of Genesis. So this weekend on the Christian world you're going to examine how a refusal to number one acknowledge God number two are read redefining of God's institutions which he established right there at the beginning and number three. How are rejection of man's nature, explains what is taking place in our nation right now.

The follow-up and asked the question why then, if it's so clear about what is taking place right now. Why then are some professing Christian influencers whether pastors or authors or so forth, persuading Christians to not avoid those that are shaking their closed fist at God's.

We hope you can stay with us today for this important and hopefully clarifying examination of the spiritual battle that is currently taking place in our country and in the church. The first one I mentioned of the three fundamentals rejection of the three fundamental truths that that God established in the very beginning is number one just the most basic one in the most. Actually the most serious and significant one. It's a refusal to acknowledge God in Genesis 1, the very first sentence of the Bible first essay read the first three verses are incredibly critical and have the ramifications are or suitable broad and so great that would be impossible to overstate them sums, read those three verses in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth right there. All of a sudden it doesn't create a unapologetic aura try to explain that God exists just presupposes that of course God exists right there. We know that there is a God who exists in the beginning God created the heavens there. That's the explanation for why were here first to the earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters and then three verse three is super key as well. Then God said, let there be light and there was light. So just from these first three verses a fundamental truth that God exists in the beginning God not only that verse three then God said, we don't have a God who exists but a God who speaks a God who is alive and active in this world and this changes everything, because once we know this, that God exists and God speaks the obviously the obvious ramifications are well how do we obey this God who is as God. How do we obey him. What is you expect from us. How are we accountable to this God is imagine this is the most serious and significant point that is driving the division in our country. Much of this country may be up to half of the voting electorate, or maybe even more lives and thinks thinks and lives as if God doesn't exist and were not accountable to him, and he hasn't spoken. That's a huge, huge problem that much of what's driving the division's country because much of the country still does believe that as well that God does exist and he has spoken. So when God is removed from the equation. Everything is negatively impacted. Nothing is going to be shaped by a biblical perspective Partially Bart borrowed and that's actually what the case is today known that the left in this country those of the humanistic worldview will talk within oblivion objective truth, but they'll stop at stop lights in all day they they they read they day they realize that if you jump off a building gravities and take you down to the ground you're gonna die so they all live by objective truth so they borrow things in the Christian worldview except they don't acknowledge that God even exist.

So they have a really a schizophrenic worldview is with what they have no one really lives by a humanistic worldview in incomplete rejection of God. That is what admitted so everything is going to be man based rethink reasoning and someone is going to rule by the way of God is not on the throne and in their minds.

Someone else has to be so the rulers of our society are the most educated the most erudite, the elites, because they are the smart people and that they know what's best that the politicians the writers the thinkers the professors the scientists listen to the scientists were always told ascetic Joe Biden said that not listen to the signs as is as if there there God that can't be wrong right there, the arbiters of what's right and wrong, and so then when you refuse to acknowledge God this first point government will be viewed as the answer for all of our problems and so much of America today, refuses to acknowledge that God exists, then, and that he has spoken.

It suppresses his clear truth he's revealed in the world and then they go from that once you refuse to acknowledge God in Romans one, the second, it just turns into being given over and you giving hearty approval to sin will only hold John MacArthur give a message this week on I think it was titled nation under God, I can't member exact title of it. I was able someone told me about it and I listen to some of the excerpt just like that really dovetailed really well with the topic were discussing today about the fundamental driving this division Sardis complex couple soundbites from that messes throughout the program. Sprinkle them in today and the first one is that nations aren't are obligated to worship God. This is a non-optional principle that God created the nations he created each one of us. We are obligated. We are commanded. This is not a suggestion, the question is, is this a nation under God. We know that's what the founding fathers intended.

And not just any God but the God of Scripture nations are obligated to worship the true God. Did you hear what I just said there obligated to worship the true God, and there are dire circumstances that will come upon them if they fail to do that though this is in a matter of separation of church and state and don't push your religion on me, no, no, no, no, nations are obligated to worship the true God. That is a mean we need to force people to to worship God. You put a gun but I had absolutely not. God gives us a measure of free will, of course, is a test of faith. Whether were going to worship him or not, but the nation itself. The leadership of the nation needs to acknowledge and worship God in his his word and his commands need to be the, the, the main threads that run through the laws and policies of a society because this is why were created.

John MacArthur goes on to say that were created to worship God. That's the point. Whatever you do in life.

Your created tube to worship God.

You are a worshiper you're looking to worship God or you worship a false god or something else, money, position power, whatever. One of the things are particularly interested.

Ryle was the relationship between the church in this state.

He recognize the foundational truth that all people and all nations are called to worship the true God.

That is not an option that is a divine command. I don't think people understand that. Let me begin by establishing some foundational truth number one man was created by God in the image of God for the glory of God.

That's exactly right. And when you don't worship God you worship false gods and those false gods are actually really even gotten only one God, right, there's only one true God. All the other gods of Islam or or Hinduism or Buddhism or Eastern religion gods.

These are all false God. These are all all all always user all false made demonic source to God they're not true. Gods God said there is no God besides me there is no God besides me. That is, there are no other gods. Scripture says back in Deuteronomy 32 at your feet in first Corinthians 10 that all the gods of the nations are demons, they are satanic counterfeits, demonic delusions, there's only one God. All the rest are some form of demon worship. That's exactly the case and very thankful for someone like Pastor Pastor MacArthur to make these very very clear statements don't need to nibble around the edges here and be a little nervous about offending those who worship false gods. Actually, you love them by telling them they're worshiping false gods and so this is the first fundamental driving the division in this country is that we have, but I do know the percentage of a certain percentage of society you has more of a traditional reverent view even it was either not even born again Christians not have entered into a spiritual relationship with God through faith in Christ, but they may have date they did at least acknowledge that God exists. They know there are there are principles that they been influence from from the word of God and they think that the nation should be established on those principles. That's what the founders did than the other side the nation so divided now because you have more and more and more people in this country who refused to acknowledge God and so therefore that's in their worldview and so you always live out what your worldview is and so that's why they are so diametric dad might metrically opposed and and antithetical and have so much animosity towards those who do acknowledge God this fundamental again, cannot be overstated.

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Went when that happens now is looking at the party platforms. We talked about this recently on the program I was interested to find out or look into the Democrat National committee platform versus the Republican national committee platform and just basically how much to even mention God in their platform on the Democrat National committee platform in a 91 page document 91 pages of all that they're trying to do as the Democrat party. There is only one reference to God in the entire 91 pages says Democrats remain committed to ending poverty and enabling all Americans to live up to their God-given potential.

That's the only mention of God in their entire platform that effective actually taken under God out of the Pledge of Allegiance. A couple different times. I'm not sure what the status of that is now but a couple different times they've left that out now. They may have ended up back in because of the pushback they received.

But there they're not for prayer in school there. Not for the 10 Commandments in school at all and so when you go down that road of refusing to acknowledge God this first point. Poverty is not going to be remedied by encouragement to work or personal responsibility are making good choices or or individual charity with the proclamation of the gospel, but redistribution of wealth by taxing income producers in giving welfare benefits to those with no spiritual counsel. It added to it. That's is horrible for the person receiving morality is going to be up to the individual. That's why the Democrat party is all about pushing the LGBT Q agenda will getting to that in a second school and education will be completely void of anything spiritual you go to a public school and there's absolutely nothing spiritual there with regard to God at all.

It's like you can live your life completely devoid of the most important aspect of life which is God. So your your your educated complete without any framework of all of who God is and why were here. So what how do you think that's going to turn out religious liberty won't be important at all because after all they think God is immune existed think you're just kinda some crazy person who's superstitious or something believes in myths and legends so they don't.

Religious liberty going to church.

That's why churches are being shut down and not deemed essential because an economy that's that just kind of a something you do on a Sunday that just makes you feel better. That's not essential for your your life at all the environment. This is why Democrats are a radical environmentalist that they is like aromas when they worship and serve the creature. The creation over and above the creator so there's there's no God, so we worship mother Earth and this always ends in what were seeing in the streets right now leads to chaos in a leads eventually to when the chaos gets worse and worse will people have to have law and order, to some extent, to live their lives otherwise the trends in anarchy so you get stronger and stronger leader than you to have totalitarianism there's there's no constraint in the home. They reject the biblical family. They they won't believe the 10 Commandments.

So when you don't do that you have to make up 10,000 laws and this is because the natural heart does not want to worship God that that's what we want to resist in our in our unsafe state. Here's what John MacArthur says about that. JC Ryle said this in any worship is more pleasing to the natural heart then worshiping God in the way our Lord Jesus describes it as worshiping in spirit and truth. The natural heart goes in the opposite direction of God. That is why the Scripture constantly commands everyone back from that deviation to worship the true God. Okay so I looked up the Republican national committee platform again long document of all they believe and support and oppose, and so forth.

Again, never going to say the Republican Party is the Christian party but missed. From there platform showing that there is an acknowledgment of God all over it. We are the party of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The declaration sets forth the fundamental precepts of American government that God bestows certain inalienable rights, and every individual, thus producing key human equality that government exist first and foremost to protect those inalienable rights given by God, entered into and injected that that man-made law must be consistent with God-given natural rights, and that if God-given natural inalienable rights come in conflict with government, court or human granted rights, God-given natural inalienable rights, all always prevail that there is a moral law. Recognized as laws of nature and of nature's God and then American government is to operate with the consent of the governed skipping down. It is the solemn compact built upon principles of the declaration that enshrines our God-given individual rights and ensures that all Americans stand equal before the law and is goes on and on and on. See there's an acknowledgment there again. Not everyone the Republican Party is a born-again Christian. But there's an acknowledgment at least that our rights come from God.

We are to we are to be these things are given by God and God bestows certain inalienable rights. These come from God, not from man very very very very different than the Democratic National Committee platform and so to summarize one major party in this country.

The Democrats are trying to think and live as if God doesn't exist and hasn't spoken in those who follow that party, who vote for that party are advancing that particular agenda and it always ends in disaster. People who people who in and sometimes as as as Christians we look at others who who have that worldview think and live as if God exists, and we think there longer.

Just a little different and whatever little different.

They have no two eyes in the nose or mouth and ears and so for the arms and legs and the same organs inside their body, but just realize that what is going on in their brain and their soul.

They might as well be from a completely different world, that they they look at the same issue as you and have a completely ungodly view of it so they look at the pre-born baby and and a mother's womb is just a group of cells, and thereafter completely convinced of that. Somehow they they they suppress the truth and they completely missed that you know late term abortion will that's not a baby is just day of fetus are just some cells so that they they may look like you and they may speak your same language, but their thinking completely in the opposite and aesthetically opposed to God view than then the Christian was so they just they don't have got over them are not accountable to God.

They've taken out there while they are accountable to God, but they try to act as if you're not accountable to God and they operate by their own rules is why Scripture says they do what is right in their own eyes they they they will believe or they will tell a lie to achieve the ends that they believe are quote good will define morality their own way of the door rail against authority still intimidate people. Bill will be violent dilute fill the cold, looting, reparations that they're not constrained by God's laws because they don't believe God exists and has spoken so that they have no God ordained rules constraining them and, frankly, is not a very fair fight because Christians and those who believe in God are restrained by what God says and they are not. This is why it's difficult to oppose. This is why we need spiritual supernatural help to do so.

Listing the Christian world you're talking about what is driving the division as a rejection of three fundamentals we get to number two and three, right after this there is an abundance of Christian resources available at the reality is that many of them even some of the most popular nightly to a sound and strong faith.

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If we have more listeners just committing to be a monthly partner from 1015 $20. You make a very big difference for us and so we appreciate your support. Again the listener supported your your donations go towards really keeping the program on the air. We pay for airtime all over the country and the more than 250 stations as well as the Internet places were you here in one place and elsewhere so you can support us by going to the Christian or by calling us at one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA at 646-2233. Remember when you do this, make sure you specify how you primarily listen to the Christian really that's important for us in making decisions where we put the program will re-keep the program and how were doing on any particular station or network or online source for broadcast GET back to the second fundamental that is driving the division in this country and the first one was a refusal to acknowledge God and the second is a Rita redefining of God's institutions so in essence, this is almost a subset of number one, but I think it it it it demands its own category because this is so prominent in our society today a redefining of God's institutions. Specifically, marriage and family and child rearing, and so God says in the one, and in first. The first part of the program talk about Genesis chapter 1 that the very first first in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the verse three and then God said, this is a God who speaks he lives. He speaks and so therefore we are obligated to know what he says and and what he wants us for as were accountable to him now in the next chapter. Gotta start establishing institutions and institutions. He establishes marriage and family says in Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 middle than the Lord God said it is not good for the man to be alone I will make him a helper suitable for him.

Even that is so offensive to today's humanistic years ahead helper to a man, you mean a woman that got like this sounds like a patriarchy or some like that, let God be true that every man be found a liar. Then the Lord God said is not good for the man to be alone I will make him a helper suitable for him. Verse 22 the Lord God fashioned him into a woman into a woman the rib which he had taken from the man and brought her to the man. The man said, this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. He should be called woman, because she was taken out of man. Verse 24.

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and she beat and shall be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. So here's the introduction of the institution second chapter of the Bible of one man one woman marriage for life, and subsequently, it has implications for morality. Another which a man is not supposed to be with any other woman sexually, except for his own wife, and then the implication as well is there to raise children in from you know Ephesians 6 in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

This is a key institution now again this is a refusal that that there was a rejection of this the read redefining of God's into institutions.

This is a result of review futile to acknowledge God the first point, but again I think it's worth a separate category because there were the redefining of God's institution perverts the one societal institution corrupts it.

Marriage and family that is absolutely required for a society to flourish when you redefine marriage and redefine family and change the principles of child rearing. You've complete and that will not start to happen on a broad scale as is happened in America where you anything as a family in the week, and two men to women in whatever you want to do and and there is no there's no biblical principles of child rearing to discipline your children to raise them in the instruction of the Lord when that when that's not that's not prioritized it it the society is going to just languish. You gotta establish principles for marriage and family that are required. They're not optional. In other words, it is not like a suggestion. If you don't do these. There are extremely negative consequences and and a biblical family is the most important unit in a society for a stable a safe in a flourishing society when the family when marriage gets redefined in child rearing is is not done biblically, you have instability you have a a violent society. You don't have a flourishing society of a dying society, you have a self-destructive in a dangerous society, and that's overseeing on the, the streets of our country.

This this time right right now and not only that I can mention there's a there's a subset of of one man one woman marriage has implications for morality again. I looked at the Democrat National committee, platform, and this is why there is a promotion of homosexuality and transgender is him in sexual perversion all over it. The 32 references to LGBT Q plus that none to homosexuality.

Don't use that word because you can use a code word acronym never seems as bad as a description of what actually it is homosexuality says in their committee platform us as we know that we still have work to do to ensure LGBT Q plus homosexual people are treated equally under the law and in our society.

We will fight to enact the equality act. We cover that you early this summer. They want to have homosexuality and transgender is him as protected classes as as gender, and other things that are already in the Civil Rights Act of a bully was 1965. They want to outlaw discrimination outlaw against me you put people in jail against LGBT Q people in housing, public accommodations access to credit education, jury service, and federal programs. We will work to ensure LGBT Q plus people are not discriminated against when seeking to adopt or foster children there again. A perversion of the family there saying that anything we define can be a family is just as good if we adopt the child into a family with with two men or two women or two men and one woman are levered again a complete repudiation of the God ordained institution of marriage. One man one woman and raising children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

I will read the rest of the paragraph. But as conservatives are adamant about biblical marriage and family, especially Christians. The left there obsessed about promoting homosexuality and transgender is because biblical morality is from God into them. It's all oppressive and is not inclusive as they would say of all the sexual perversion that they want to see across the country, homosexual marriage, by the way is not just who you marry who you love yo we often hear that everyone should be able to marry who they love you see again codewords, deceitful phrases to make people say yeah you know what you should be able to marry who you love that that's true marriage is about love and you should be able to marry who you love what what they'd that's saying is the ramifications of where that leads. Children are harmed by not having a biblical coupling one man one woman. It's taught in the schools as being normative and so they get involved in it and those who resist and push back against it. What happens to them. There punished so as not just about you know it's not can affect your marriage that's a lie and so the other part of this whole thing is is child rearing. Not only is it marriage. This redefining of God's institution of marriage. But it's also a redefining of child rearing.

Ephesians 6 forces fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. So this means that parents father specifically are to correct negative behavior discipline in and and and teach positive behavior biblical instruction and because much of the country now doesn't acknowledge God. They don't see things like what the Bible says about discipline children even corporal punishment of children, spanking children. They see that is what were they caught child abuse. But the Bible says we are to discipline our children that does not not abuse them not hit them, but spank them when they deserve to be spanked.

There's other forms of discipline as well. Lesser forms of discipline, but it's up to and including that and that's what our humanistic society resist and when you reef when you refuse or redefine what it means to discipline your child you're going to have children who grow up to be rebels.

That's that's just the way it is again God's principles his points and his word are non-optional. When we don't wither there not suggestions their commands to be followed and we don't follow them. There are negative consequences will get briefly into that. The third point here before this break in the third point is that's the fun third fundamental that's driving the division in the country.

Number one is refusal told knowledge God a redefining of God's institution of marriage and child-rearing in the in this third one is as it is a big one to a major one is the rejection of the fallen nature of man. Another words, much of this country does not accept the fact that man is inherently sinful. They see man is inherently good and with the right environment with the right kind of federal federal funds. Man will behave better.

This is exactly why they think they can defund the police and everything is going to be okay. But again, back to Genesis is a rejection of what was clearly defined in Genesis brilliantly gone from Genesis 1 on God exists and he speaks to Genesis 2 were God establishes the institution of marriage.

Now to Genesis 3 or BC. The fall of man.

Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made in the serpent, Satan said to the woman, indeed, has God said, you shall not eat from any tree of the garden guineas try to twist the truth of God. The woman said the serpent from the fruit of the trees. The garden we may eat but the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God is that you shall not eat it, or you will you or you will die and then the first big lie comes, you surely will not die. Satan says the woman will not eat it, bringing the entire human race into sin not doing mankind is inherently sinful, but good going to change everything and we'll talk about that next person will the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time.

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It still holds to his general belief acknowledgment of God and knows that his principles are the way a country should be operated. Then there's a huge loss of off the growing swath and this is why the division stronger now because there's more of, quote them, pushing back against the Christian founding's in worldview. This country was based on its of the three fundamentals are there's a refusal to acknowledge God that's that's number one number two. That's the most important one. When you do that than everything falls apart. Number two. There's a redefining of God's institution, specifically one man one woman marriage and child-rearing, which is the fundamental unit for a stable and safe and flourishing society and number three. The third fundamental is a rejection of man's fallen nature before the break we are reading about how sin entered the world in Genesis 3. In Satan's lie led Adam and Eve to sin and leading to the fall of the human race and says in Romans chapter 5.

Therefore, just as through one man, Adam sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned. If you can't miss the point. There were all sinners. By my nature were born sinners because of Adam. I represented the first man were also sinners by choice and the fact that were sinners. It is, is it has major ramifications for how we need to order society to put a hedge against sinful natures so the God rejecting don't see man is inherently sinful, as the Bible says, but that man isn't as man is is inherently good and the only are actually real sinners.

If there are sinners.

According to them are the oppressors that create the problems have created the problems in the world like males and whites and Christians and heterosexuals imposing their oppressive injustice on the rest of the people in the world sinful the sinful nature of man, though, is exactly why the founders understood the sinful nature of man and this is why they prescribed a limited government, a separation of powers in government that you have. States rights instead of big federal government right you have the electoral College. The more representation from spread out you have a representative republic. You have a constitution with rule of law. You have three branches of government. We would have a king ruling over us all to try to separate have checks and balances in that war. They're trying to do. They're trying to push back against the consolidation of power by a few people was sin natures that could oppress people. That's exactly why we have the government we do according to the founders but that's all being you. We need to burn it down today right that's overhearing the founders designed all this to restrain the sinful natures so the God projectors out there believing in man is good. This is why they want to call to death on the police didn't that they they think that you can leave people alone.

And they're going to do the right thing with your community counselors or something. If you treat people differently. If you give them enough money and put them in a different kind of environment. Given enough education. There will be so much violence. This is why the left doesn't want jails.

They wanted what people out of jail they don't want borders don't think we need those kind of laws man's good create the right environment for them to educate them the right way they're gonna behave well. Your poverty isn't. The result is this is and always the case, but poverty is a result of bad choices or or bad family situations that perpetuated you having children out of wedlock.

And all this and that but it's a result of all oppressors is not their fault because they're good. It's result of those sinful oppressors and a lack of government help. So these are the things that are driving the division in America and I want to play just one or two more soundbites full from John MacArthur what he says when this when this complete rejection of who God is, that the institutions of marriage and family, and of man having a sinful nature where it leads.

There's only one God demands that everyone worship him individuals for individual salvation nations recognizing him for national temporal blessing where my going with this simple when any government separates from God and his law in Scripture and from his people in his church. It invites judgment on a personal scale and the national scale is unavoidable because God is immutable.

Doesn't change when government thinks it's only responsibility is for physical material, social, temporal needs and ignores the spiritual reality of the true God and people's spiritual needs. When a nation becomes indifferent to the true God and his word and his law, it makes a grave mistake which if not reversed will leave that nation to its own destruction.

The notion of a secular state is alive government is ordained by God.

And here's the good news. Despite all the bad news of what much of American society has become the good news is this God who created all of us, whether you acknowledge him or not he created you and you will be under his judgment that someday you will stand before him. Someday you will be accountable for your life or the whether you want to realize it or not we all are gonna be.

We all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ. The good news is this God is not only a God of judgment. But he's a God of forgiveness and mercy. We we see in the example in Scripture.

When Jonah went to preach the Ninevites. It was a wicked place they had done all the things that we the fundamentals of driving the division we talked about today, but amazingly the king of Nineveh repented and the people of Nineveh repented and they were saved from God's judgment for that time until subsequent generations went back to rejecting God in his word, so there is great hope there's great hope for individuals listening today. If you personally have lived in a way that doesn't acknowledge God in and obeyed him. You can repent and believe in the gospel as Jesus said when you do that God forgives you and gives you eternal life, and as a nation when our leaders and our people worship God instead of suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. God is going to relent.

If we repent, so we shouldn't be saying God bless America. On what basis would God bless America. At this point in history should be saying instead America worship God. That's the starting point for things turning around in this country, not God bless America.

America worship God. Thank you for listing the Christian worldview today. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian worldview dawdle will call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 a set Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically live according

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