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How Social Justice Is Corrupting the Faith and Moving Christians Left

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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September 11, 2020 8:00 pm

How Social Justice Is Corrupting the Faith and Moving Christians Left

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 11, 2020 8:00 pm

A Brookings Institution column this year concluded this way: “Though President Trump is a candidate whose personal behavior has often been at odds with the values espoused by many evangelicals, any potential path he has to remain in the White House after January 20, 2021 must pass between the pews of white evangelical churches. In turn, Democratic Party leaders have opportunities to interrupt that passage by paying attention to evangelicals, especially unaffiliated evangelicals persuadable to add their votes to the 2020 Democratic coalition.”

In short, Evangelical Christians are the key voting demographic in a national election, which explains why there is so much effort expended to make them vote a certain way...

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How you is corrupting the faith and moving Christians while the problems of the day right here on the Christian world radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christian and also procure the good news we can be reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ. I'm David with the host website is the Christian A recent Brookings Institution column concluded this way, though Pres. Trump is a candidate whose personal behavior has often been at odds with the values espoused by many evangelicals. Any potential path. He has to remain in the White House after January 20, 2021 must pass between the pews of white evangelical churches, in turn, Democratic Party leaders have opportunities to interrupt that passage by paying attention to evangelicals, especially unaffiliated evangelicals persuadable to add their votes to the 2020 Democratic coalition unquote.

In short, evangelical Christians are the key voting demographic in a national election which explains why there is so much effort being expended to make them vote a certain way as been a holiday columnist for the American Spectator in our guest today on the Christian will be will explain the crack in the door of persuading evangelicals to depart the Republican base and vote for Democrats centers around the issue of social justice. After all, when words like love and equity injustice are championed. Should Christians be for candidates who quote flight for these issues. Let's get to the first segment with our guest today, Ben Hall when I want talk about your your column that you wrote recently in the American Spectator that the title of the column was mere Christianity how social justice is corrupting the faith in you start out that column by writing this Marie to paragraphs as a lead-in to our conversation today you say even during a season of numerous tectonic shifts in American life, one that deserves special note is the massive leftward political tilt that has occurred among many Christians, people who just a few months ago were feeling your social media accounts with photos of their children, cooking recipes and inspirational Bible verses now voiced some of the most radical left wing talking points about gender quote privilege" whiteness pastors promote the work of a brown X candy and Rob and Angelo, the author of white fragility as if they were sacrosanct. The post-long progressive screeds to their blogs and social media accounts and insinuate that those who disagree are guilty of white supremacy.

Christianity today publishes articles that bemoan the fact that Christianity is not us is not central to the activist movements going on in the streets and is instead quote more like an awkward extra appendage to progressivism than its beating heart. Unquote last couple sentences. Groups of white Christians are filmed bowing down before their black church members to ask for forgiveness for the sin of quote systemic racism as if some switch had been flipped a huge portion of the professing Christians are suddenly parroting the most extreme views of what was until only yesterday. The fringe left again. That's from your recent column in the American Spectator that we have so the first question is Liska specific about who these people are that are persuading Christians to move left. Are these evangelical Christians persuading evangelicals to move off of a progressive Christians that you're referring to, and maybe you could give some names of pastors or Christian organizations are Christian influencers that are there pushing what you described in those first two paragraphs of your column. I don't think it is evangelical Christians at large, think this is mostly coming from progressive Christians.

I think progressive Christians can have a dual identity one as progressive someone is Christians. I think that those overlap frequently but they are fundamentally different. I think sometimes they compete with each other. I think that sort of what's happening right now is that for a lot of that identifies progressives and Christians that progressive identity disorder overpowering the Christian identity and its trained in the more political the spiritual as far as influencers winning the comes to mind is someone like John tablets on his blog called things that need to be said. He is a very progressive Christian and he is kind of made a career on lecturing nonprogressive Christians for doing Christianity wrong his opinion. He has one blog entry: the kind of Christian, I refuse to be this kind of came across to me by by means of a friend on Facebook which share this and I knew that she was involved in the church and I was a little shocked when I read it because one of the things that stood out box Christian. He refuses to be is says, I refuse to be Christian, who demands that others believe what I believe for live as I live or profess when I profess and it just to me seems completely at odds with the idea that Christianity is the truth. The way in the light.

I think it significant about this is that it's it's more grassroots bent over the given credit for what striking to me now is that it just seems to have really rapidly gone mainstream.

Other prominent Christian publications like Christianity did. Today, publishing one progressive case after another. That's that takes up this cause racial justice without really examining what's with that term means to the people that have been using it for much longer than the church as I agree with what you're saying here and I think it goes back to what is the definition of actually being a Christian. Of course, as anyone can profess to be a Christian we see that in in Scripture would cry said in the sermon amount. Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord. Many call him Lord, but if your belief is in anything else but Christ as being as you mentioned, the only way the only truth in the only life in the no one comes to the father but by him and you understand the gospel. You're not believing the same gospel I would. I would conclude that your Christian in name only in profession only and not truly born again. I also think that this is also coming from not just the progressive quote unquote Christians.

You also see this a little more subtly coming from some evangelical organizations as well. We played a soundbite a couple weeks ago from someone involved in nine marks ministries as the one led by Mark, ever the pastor well-known pastor from Washington DC a man named Jonathan Lehman who is the editor for that.

These are well-known professing evangelicals Tim Keller another one who is the cofounder of the Gospel coalition of many gospel coalition writers Russell Moore of the ethics and religious liberty commission with the Southern Baptist convention. People like Ed Stetzer even there their sympathies here and more subtle persuasions that there is merit to these organizations like black lives matter new seat. Of course in Christian colleges as well. Again Ben Hall with us today here on the Christian rule of your column is for the American spectator and he's coming to us from Korea today, where he teaches English and writes on politics and culture then let's go to another part of your column where you say those Christians who do so rarely if ever understand how specious this movements this this social justice move with the S and the J you getting that later how specious his movements. Arguments are how they manipulate language by loading familiar words with entire orthodoxies.

For example, you say, isn't it interesting that words as well as silence, are now routinely described as violence but looting and setting fire to buildings is not, nor are they aware of how radical the agenda is black lives matter that slogan is an indisputably true statement and there are legitimate causes for concern when it comes to policing. But why, for instance, does the official black lives matter website have so many references to transgender is him where their exhortation is to quote dismantle system gender privilege.""

Disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family unquote. While this talk of fostering a quote queer affirming network" in freeing themselves from the quote tight grip of heteronormative thinking. Why is there video footage of BLM cofounder Patricia coolers calling herself a trained Marxist. So my question then is why are to say society in general and in Christians. Evangelical Christians in particular because I agree with you see this on people's Facebook page has people who are professing evangelicals promoting black lives matter, why are people in general and Christians in particular, so susceptible to not just the confusion of language boggle further that the did the deceit of language being used in undiscerning about like a sane organization like black lives matter beliefs when they're just writing the website that is a huge question and try to answer as best I can.

I think there's a lot of reasons there's a lot of stuff that goes into this one thing, it's the name on the box so social justice has for lack of a better term, a brilliant marketing strategy in that they just essentially label themselves as quote the good things so if you're not with that program assist your suit. It's assumed that your you must be in favor of the bad things he must be a bad person and I think when the average person hears someone say that there against racism that has a pretty straightforward meaning to that person and pretty much everybody agrees and is against racism so they say yes. I'm for that. I'm against racism but they're less likely to interrogate what that person's definition of racism really is, or what they believe they are entitled to to do to correct for racism is a really important questions because until we come to it agreed-upon definition, any submissions are highly contested right now until we come onto an agreed-upon definition. We're not agreeing to the same things we can both say where against racism.

What we mean by that is something very different from one another so there's there's that's there's just it's the fact that most people are not accustomed to examining language in this way, another aspects, especially for young people is that they're just there primed to these ideas by college. The Academy is a huge part of this higher education is where I became aware of this stuff so I studied English literature for my Masters and in in that field and in the humanities.

In general this stuff is everywhere and you get familiar with analyzing or deconstructing texts to find hidden meanings, which frequently means finding some kind of prejudice inside the text, and very often this this begins by looking for sexism right racism and standards for finding it are so low that oftentimes it's more like it's your reading it into the text like it's not there but you find a way to interpret it into that situation and some of these.

These are very flimsy, but it really mirrors what you now see happening in social media and place like twitter with online cancel culture where people are just going through the words of other people or events, and with a fine tooth comb's almost trying to insert some type of bigotry or prejudice into its and they're just doing what they've been trained to do. That's that's very common especially for anyone who went through college and the humanities. Another reason is that these topics they go into the philosophical deepened really really quickly. Okay Ben Hall will go into that philosophical defendants explain more. Why social justice is such an effective tool to make evangelicals move to the left is a columnist for the American spectator will talk about more about that when we return from the Christian review. Just a reminder were only one week away from the Christian review golf of Venice September 21. If you haven't signed up for that I need to do so as quickly as possible. He can also take part all listeners to take part in the silent auction on a website. The Bible says that children should be raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is nothing more important than sitting, walking, talking and teaching your son or daughter to love and fear God, the church is swimming in children's resources, but it's also important to select ones that accurately represent God's word, the gospel and I store Christian worldview.or we are intentional about offering resources to build a sound and strong faith in children, you will find several models for children Adam raccoon look serious and good news for little hearts series. We also have video and audio resources like video and Sugar Creek gang browse the mall.

The Christian and then use them daily with the child of God is put in your life. That's the Christian worldview.the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to schedule. 1 Simple Way to hear past You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond her website. You can search for the Christian worldview in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher if you need help navigating online podcast realm. Just give us a call toll-free, one AAA 646-2233 will follow the links on the homepage of the Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God. Thank you for listening. Think biblically and live accordingly as we strive to do with the cover topic after topic, we get here on the Christian worldview radio program on David, we host your website is the Christian we have a lot going on right now in the ministry to encourage you to go there.

Don't have time to get into it right now but we will later in the program but were talking today with Ben Hall, a columnist for the American Spectator, but how social justice is corrupting the faith, the moving Christians left and he's in the middle of an answer. I why Christians in particular are so susceptible to the deceit of language in this issue of social justice is get back to the second segment of the interview. Another reason is that these topics they go into philosophical deepened really really quickly and most people just are not equipped for that type of thinking they don't do it often, so it's unusual to them like, I'll take the concept of equality. Equality is actually a very tricky concept. What's the sense in which one person is really equal to another were all very different. In reality, and that shakes by a lot of things Seattle because these differences in one of the big causes. If you believe that people are individuals that have agency is going to be the choices that we make. We choose different things and it ends with us being different people than we might have been otherwise. You and I make different choices that leads to us having different abilities and interests and so on doesn't really make sense to say that society should ensure that we get equal outcomes like this is the difference between the idea of equality of opportunity and equality of outcome, which is usually referred to as equity now there's a lot of pushes for equity splits. It's really it's really up in the air as to whether not true. Equity is something desired.

We want everybody to have same outcomes regardless of what they do, who they are as people. A lot of these ideas fail for pretty obvious reasons. When you apply them to the individual, which is part of why I think social justice is focused on collectives defined by race, gender, sexual orientation, so I'm blessed your average person is not thinking these things there adopting the message and I can at least make the last thing which is conformity and they're going to latch on twitter beliefs or political movements for political mood is ascendant at any given time, especially if there is is there is now perceived cost to not going with the flow. Right now the cost is. Hi. People routinely losing their jobs becoming unemployable disagreement this stuff as humans were social animals and we are we are measuring the costs and benefits to whether not to adopt these views and I think that a lot of people to see the cost of rejecting it or criticizing it and then also they see the name on the box that these are the quote unquote good things, so it makes it very easy for them to go along with this, even if real examination will show that these are bad ideas ideas that lead to pretty bad consequences then hall with us today on the Christian worldview radio program talking about his recent column in the American Spectator, which we have linked our website.

How social justice is corrupting the faith. And then I added to the end of that in moving Christians to the left and let's get on to another paragraph from your column you said not to be confused with the lower cased general term social justice, which is the the liberal pursuit of a more fair society. The political movement that is taken the name social justice with capital letters is a complex amalgamation of neo-Marxist and postmodernist theories about power language and knowledge that became popular in academia in the 1960s and you mention these two to scholars as plaque rose and Lindsay explain these theories originally so extreme and unstable as to prove self-defeating went through major alterations in the 90s and 2010s, eventually evolving into forms that with the use of identity politics were politically actionable. These origins are too complex to cover here, but self is it to say that social justice can capitalize is marked by cultural moral relativism and neo-Marxist lands that must interpret all things as interactions between oppressors and oppressed extreme cynicism and as Douglas Murray points out in the madness of crowds book and increasingly visible inclination toward the politics of revenge. There was a lot in that paragraph, select just you to simplify how this social justice worldview with the S. J. How did this develop from the 60s were asserted untenable into what is turned into today. So if you start off of the original postmodern intellectuals in the 1960s with a head set out to do was to examine really high-level questions like in what sense does language alter our perception of the world and how we can know things, and base made a practice of deconstructing what they called metanarratives metanarrative is kind of a story which makes sense of the universe or make sense of the world and the way they would deconstruct these metanarratives was by kind of attributing bad motives to them showing ways in which one metanarrative or another actually was used politically to fortify power for one group or another. But the problem with this was that the way that they would go about this. The way that theory worked was so radically skeptical that you could actually use postmodernism to kind of unmake. Postmodernism. Postmodernism was so destructive that it could even stand up to its own critique.

Since then it's just been slowly growing in power in the Academy where it's been able to garner respect for itself because it's a very rarely gets challenged and by now it's even built-in ways to dismiss any challenges that it experiences so for example, one of the examples that Lindsay and plug process using there book is an essay by Allison Bailey published 2017 installed tracking privilege preserving epistemic pushback in feminist and critical race velocity classes and basically the point of this essay is to delegitimize any critique of social justice in terms of feminism and critical race theory by saying that the only reason he could possibly have for objecting to anything that these theorists say is that you are trying to preserve your prejudice and your privilege which is just assumed.

So by now theory ends and social justice have created a loop where they are unfalsifiable they just assume the thing that they're supposed to be improving and because they do that it's it's really impossible to challenge them because any challenge can just be dismissed on the grounds that you are a morally bad person if you were morally good. He wouldn't be challenging what you are just describing. I think people are listening.

They said yeah. I feel that you, you can object to this because they can't be wrong. If you're white you're just automatically unimpressed or your racist whether you think so or not. And if you don't admitted that this shows that you're all the more what you think you want then hall with us today on the Christian worldview radio program, a columnist for the American Spectator you saying your column Brett Weinstein. He's an evolutionary biologist and former professor at Evergreen State College. He was propelled the national attention in 2017 with a Evergreen campus was taken over by a mob of students who would been radicalized by the dogmas of social justice. These students targeted Weinstein individually for objecting to and refusing to comply with the newly altered what was called a day of absence, in which white students and faculty were told not to come to the campus. Some people listening to Matt. Remember this. It was in the news for speaking out against an obviously racist event this this Prof. Weinstein was himself labeled a racist targeted by a mob of activist students and eventually forced to resign the footage emerging from that episode is disturbing and serves well to illustrate how social justice in practice differs from how it presents itself. Whiteness is referred to as quote the most violent system ever to brief the great irony again is that they're accusing everyone of being racist except themselves.

But they're just overtly racist. How is that actual racism overlooked by not only the people accusing over others of being racist but hardly get away with it in broader society is usually defining it out of existence.

I probably most people may be familiar with this new formulation of racism does actually recently adopted by Merriam-Webster, where it states racial prejudice plus power so the assumption is that if you're a racial minority kind of taken for granted that you cannot have social or political power. Therefore, you cannot be racist and it kind of like throws the doors wide open when you hear some people still referring to saying that like a lot minority cannot be racist, but they can still demonstrate racial prejudice. Now if you're a normal person you you hear racial prejudice and you think, yes, racism. That's what that means but there's been this big push to redefine this word in such a way that it doesn't apply to things like telling a group of students that their skin color makes them unwelcome on the campus at their white you would think being racially prejudiced would still be a bad thing, for obvious reasons.

Again and again, what you see is that when these ideas hit the mainstream or the public. The attitude is kind of if it's not racism. According to the new definition and it's fine. It's not that there's no real consideration about whether or not being racially prejudiced. Is that a distinctive loan out the window and if you you point this out.

They already have ideological mechanisms in place to dismiss that out of hand like what you were saying before about if you object is taken as a sign of being racist. That is straight out Robin D'Angelo's white fragility. Like she says explicitly that there is never a question of whether or not some act. What's racist. It's assumed to be racist and the only question that you get to ask is how was it racist.

According to her it's a white person does anything in a situation in which they are confronted by some accusation of racism if they do anything other than agree with the accusation and ask how they can improve that is taken is an example of white fragility.

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But we better get back on track with our guest today, Ben Hall were talking about how social justice is corrupting the faith and moving Christians left us get to the next segment with Ben Hall. We talked about that the basis of this worldview, this critical race theory, social justice worldview and what it does and so forth.

And maybe listeners are thinking will. How does this relate to where we are right now. Will III would posit that this is the animating worldview of the left today of the Democrat party of those running for president and vice president what's taking place on the streets.

The violence on the streets. The protests the demonstrations eluding the burning. This is all driven by the worldview that you've been describing so far but I want to transition now into how that worldview is is affecting her, as you said corrupting evangelicals in the way they think, can you see in the Facebook posts of people you thought recent helical supporting black lives matter in all the different things and making the it is the absolute assumption that there absolutely is systemic racism in this country and and so forth and so on and used in your column band. There is a sense in which it is true that modern progressive movements have some roots in Christianity, there have been times when the moral foundations of Christianity have been used as a force for the improvement of the political sphere, most notably the civil rights movement of the 1960s, but what is occurring today is not Christianity, acting on politics, but the reverse it is the political.

Usurping Christianity is politics and in influencing corrupting the faith, though they are different in nature and desired different destinations. There is a place for social justice and Christianity cross paths and intersection created by language and by words such as love, equality and justice. Christians fail to understand that out of the mouths of social justice progresses. These words are merely homophones that look that word up to Ben.

That word means it's a word having the same sound but a different meaning. It's like the word new KNEW mean something different very different than the word new any W at the homophone that these words love equality and justice are homophones there. There words that we think we understand but that side has completely different meanings to them. Then, like a biblical, evangelical Christian, you gonna say they conceal crucial definitional distinctions grounded in questions as philosophically bedrock is whether or not human beings have free will or even objective truth exists so explain this now.

I think I would say it's an intentional deception to use words that evangelicals are familiar with and are fond of and how they are used to persuade evangelicals over to the political left side.

It works on on everybody because everybody wants to believe they're a good person and it works especially well on Christians because our identity is focused on trying to trying to embody the values of Christ and love and justice, especially our pretty important to that Christians aren't ready to to interrogate these words when they hear than they just assume that they're in agreement for since there was an example pretty recently of a BLM leader in in the UK who had a tweet taken down the substance of the tweet was something to the extent of the white man will not be equal. He will be our slave and sheet hashtag that with no justice, no peace in dispersants mind, it is possible to say that I'm going to enslave another person and that is justice. And I think most people if they were to look at it this way, they were to see this evidence, there was a okay we we clearly mean different things like, it was wrong of us to assume that this word meant the same thing to both of us, but it's very understandable that people make that assumption because at the point of language.

The point of language is that we can use a sound and reasonably assured that both of us are thinking the same thing. Because of that sound. It's no longer true, and they'd be pushed to do that has been very deliberate comes from a place called poststructuralism. It's is a field of study that is very interested in the way that language can be used to shape our and so it's been studied. It's been kind of dissected and now academics are able to use what they've learned to load words with more more and more ideology that people aren't aware of and Ben Hall with us today on the Christian worldview you say in your column.

As a result of this confusion, the confusion of language and meaning.

A great many Christians have probably unawares switched paths. Another was gone from more conservative unless a politically to moving to the political left undoubtedly part of the shift has occurred because social justice is less difficult than faith, its arguments, though deeply flawed are superficially attractive because they are easy to grasp appeal to readily available sentiments of compassion and empathy and confer cheap and easy virtue upon those who voice them so what I'm understanding you to say here that social justice at its root is really a false gospel of works righteousness. II can be virtuous by being for this definition of social justice is that correct Ben.

I think that that's a good way of understanding it, especially when it's in the context of Christians, converting over to this is that it appeals to those sentiments. Yes, do you think that this is going to bring us into the American election coming up. And what we've seen in America the last 5 to 6 months while the saving going back further than that, with the attempted impeachment when he was impeached. Technically I in the house attempted removal of office of the Pres. and then right after that. On the heels of came the coronavirus and then on the end and the heels of that came the death of George Flores right here in the Twin Cities and all that has spawned across the country and around the world. Now we face this election ahead of us with two very extremely different worldviews. One very nationalistic by Pres. Trump and one very leftist globalist stick with this worldview of social justice you've been describing today. How much do you think this this corrupting of the faith that's taken place very quickly. As you described in your article. How much do you think that's going to affect how professing evangelicals vote in this particular election. If there's anything I've learned since 2016. It is to never try to make a prediction with any amount of confidence but it's it seems to me that it can't help but have a large effect. There are there many people I know that in 2016. They either they did vote conservative or they would have voted conservative, who are now openly saying that they're going to vote for Biden interesting things that the reverse is also happening on the left there many people on the left who are now leaving the left. I was one of those in 2016, 2017, when I cannot realize how how toxic this new ascendant ideology was so there's there's traffic in both directions. Now I really just I can't begin to to try to calculate how that how this is can work out. Sure yeah I don't think anyone knows how this elections gonna turn out what the, the aftereffect of the election might be depending on who whoever seems to be the winner. On election night. If we even have a winner on election night again Ben Hall with right today here on the Christian worldview column is for the American spectator just a couple more questions for you want to read one more paragraph from your column you say social justice is a radically different religion interesting. He caught a religion with its own epistemology, and metaphysics that are incompatible with and indeed hostile to Christianity which it ultimately views as a colonizing Christianity now is a colonizing Western force in another source of oppression. That's how the left views Christianity, not as a inherent good that helps people and understands help people understand to be right with God and come to saving faith and be forgiven, and all the beautiful attributes of Christianity, with a seat as a colonizing Western force genocide of the indigenous people inherently racist oppressive slaveholding that kind of thing is as an oppressor is a political ideology.

You say social justice is totalitarian, it cannot tolerate the presence of dissent or opposition and is never slow to play the sensor when and wherever it achieves power eliminating whatever it finds quote problematic. The ceaseless proliferation of outrage and grievances easily observable and online cancel. Culture is not a bug but a feature of this movement in time the church to may be dismantled in the name of social justice. We can already observe the beginning stages. That's a very very bold statement you're making there that the church might be dismantled or attacked or canceled if they don't go along with this social justice critical theory worldview. So what you think then that Christians in the church, Bible believing churches should be doing to combat this, and is it likely considering how much social justice has been imbibed nowadays that there is really any stopping this okay I guess Ben Hall from the American spectator will answer that question writer for this final break of the day here in the Christian worldview program for stay tuned. I'm David Wheaton, the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to your own schedule. 1 Simple Way to hear past programs You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond her website. You can search for the Christian worldview in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher if you need help navigating online podcast from just give us a call toll-free, one AAA 646-2233 will follow the links on the homepage of the Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God. Thank you for listening. There's an abundance of Christian resources available, but the reality is that many of them even some of the most popular nightly sound and strong faith is only one perfect book. The key aim of the Christian worldview is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store will have a wide range of resources from all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browse our store and Christian and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small group or church. You can also order by calling toll-free, one AAA 646-2233.

That's one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian final segment of the day here in the Christian worldview radio program. If you missed any of the interview today can always go to our web Christian and I hear the podcast sign up for the free pocket very widely available outside the live broadcast time, which is every Saturday morning at 8 AM central time now before we get to our yesterday Ben Hall's last answer about what should the church be doing to combat this, I just want to give you a short soundbite example of what he's talking about today. How how Christians even Christian leaders have been influenced by this critical race theory, the issue of social justice, systemic racism and how they are used as and I won't use the communist term useful idiots. I think that's a very disparaging term.

But what's that useful advocates maybe maybe knowingly but maybe just unwittingly so that I can ascribe a motive to a better skin to give you a soundbite of what it sounds like when when a Christian imbibed your drinks this in the starts talking about it gets influenced by this worldview. This is a sound but I played a few months ago on the program.

Probably now is by the president of the Southern Baptist convention.

The largest Protestant denomination in the country by he's a pastor named JD Greer pastors a very popular church and in the southeast. So here's what he said after the death of George Floyd leading into the part of the summer.

All the unrest happened, Southern Baptist. We need tenant to say it clearly as a gospel issue black lives matter of course, black lives matter are our black brothers and sisters made in the image of God.

Black lives matter because Jesus died for them. Black lives are a beautiful part of God's creation and the makeup and essential and beautiful part of his body.

We will be poor as a people without them and and other minorities in our midst. Let me echo my met my friend Jimmy Scroggins not pass redundant in Florida and saying that black lives matter is an important thing to say right now because we are seeing in our country, the evidence of specific injustices that many of our black brothers and sisters and friends been tells about for years and not respond by saying all will all lives matter of course all lives matter, but this way so you're in a group with a group at a restaurant and the waiter brings the food to the everybody except the one got your table. Your friend Bob and so you say the later excuse me, Bob deserves food somebody your table correct you to say not all of us deserve food while that's true, but you're missing the point. Bob is sitting there by himself without food and so we're saying we understand that that that that that that many of our black brothers and sisters have received for many years that the process of the new processes of justice, of not work for them as they have some others in our country. By the way, like Jimmy, I like Dr. Scott and says let's spare each other.

The quotation stats right now if you talk to some black friend, you'll know that they can tell you about their experiences and how some of them can be quite different from from others in our country okay JD Greer good enough you listen to that you thought I agree with everything you said that you missed the complete point of what our guest is talking about today it it's saying it's you need to say it need to say black lives matter because the implication is whether they they must not matter in our society. You should mention statistics because that will be factual and the statistics don't really matter, and there's a perception all these from what he said and there is is a perfect example of how this worldview of social justice in the left is infecting the minds of evangelicals and then opening the door just from the downstream of this for evangelicals as they want to, you know that this the Democrat party really more owns that particular issue and so therefore we need to move over that side will share more time to read a longer screed of a student at sub Southwestern Baptist seminary who writes specifically about this and try to do it next week but let's get back to the last segment last short amount of the interview with Ben Hall.

So what you think then that Christians in the church, Bible believing churches should be doing to combat this, and is it likely considering how much social justice has been imbibed nowadays that there is really any stopping this there's always a way of stopping it. In fact, that's Christians who maintain faith to lick the real substance of Christianity can always form their own churches. They can always withdraw from churches that they believe have lost their way and create their own even if this is just small groups. I think I think this may end up being way of the future late to the extent that they don't want to do that and I want to maintain the communities that they have. I think that there are two very important things that Christians can be doing at this point and the first is educating themselves on these topics is extremely Arctic but difficult to argue against the snared, you don't have a greater awareness of their aims and origins because they do overlap with things that we acknowledge our goods and things that we not bad like it.

We do recognize that there is there is racism and their problems with like policing and it should not be the case that anybody is more likely to die at the hands police because of the color of their skin, and to the extent that happens, we want to fix that in order to be able to distinguish between the real problems in the real solutions people have to educate themselves and get a grasp on what this ideology is and where it goes wrong because the real problem with social justice is that it has no way of critiquing itself so it cannot ever understand when it goes too far and that's what is going end up being the problem.

The second thing is that I think people in general, Christians in general need to re-examine what faith means it is very easy to become complacent about faith and beliefs because the events that are centered on are so distant from us and so different from the world of plague consumer capitalism that we live in when you think about things. The things you have to believe to call yourself a Christian. There are profound and radical things that you believe that there is a loving God who created everything and who sent his only son, whom he loved more than anything in the world to die for your sins so that you could join in heaven.

Those are exceptional beliefs and it should be much harder to reconcile those with the world we live in. So is very easy for the church to become a cultural institution where people go to feel sense of community and holdings and not really involve themselves in spiritual aspect is as much as they should and to the extent that the church becomes simply cultural it's not going to be able to stand against or even differentiate itself from the culture of the world. I think what I heard you just say what I would believe, is that know you you actually go back to the fundamentals of the faith. What the gospel is sound doctrine that the spiritual bedrock of the faith.

That's what changes people. And when their change and transform through the renewing of the mind to the word.

Then there worldview and then there their actions flow out of that and then change happens in their own life and in their own circle of influence. Then we we appreciate again your column and that we thank you for taking the time all the way halfway across the world in Korea to join us this weekend on the Christian worldview.

All of God's best in grace to you later. Again, I hope you gained from listening to this interview today because it is very tricky.

The words being used social justice and love and equity and unity and racial reconciliation and quote black lives matter, they mean something very different to those advocating for those words than what a biblical Christian would understand those words to me, would you live in a changing and challenging America but there is great news Jesus Christ and his word. They are the same yesterday today and forever. God's weird word is clear.

The gospel never changes. We can be reconciled with God through Christ. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle.

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Until next time think biblically and live according

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