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Religious Rights vs. LGBT Demands—Who Will Win?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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March 22, 2019 8:00 pm

Religious Rights vs. LGBT Demands—Who Will Win?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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March 22, 2019 8:00 pm

In a similar way that the men of Sodom surrounded Lot’s house in order to impose their homosexuality on Lot’s visitors, the homosexual and transgender movement in America is seeking to impose their “degrading passions” (Romans 1:26 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] ) throughout society through a new bill in Congress called the “Equality Act” (H.R. 5).

Liberty Counsel, a non-profit legal organization which defends cases relating to religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the family, says the bill “broadly imposes the LGBT agenda and does not exempt churches or religious employers, organizations or colleges. It specifically forbids raising religious free exercise as a claim or defense to the LGBT agenda"...


Religious rights versus homosexual transgender demands who will win. That is a top will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to start with the biblical worldview of Christian and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David Wheaton, the host, and a website is the Christian were you.or will thank you for joining us today in the Christian worldview you in a similar way that the man of Sodom, surrounded lot power in order to impose their homosexuality unlocks visitors the homosexual transgender movement in America seeking to impose their as Romans 126 calls them degrading passions throughout society through new bill in Congress call the equality act as HR five Liberty Council nonprofit legal organization which defends cases relating to religious freedom, the sanctity of life and the family says the bill quote broadly imposes the LGBT agenda and does not exempt churches or religious employers organizations or colleges. It specifically forbids raising religious free exercise as a claim or defense to the LGBT agenda unquote. That's not enough to be tolerant of those who commit indecent acts as Romans 127 says the homosexual transgender movement seeks to enforce normalization of their sin. Punishing those who dissent in creating legal equivalency to unchangeable traits such as ethnicity, for example, to refuse to bake a cake or photograph homosexual wedding will be like illegally doing the same for a wedding between a black man in black woman so will this new bill becomes law and what with the ramifications be if so for Christians, churches and schools and nonprofit organizations. How should Christians navigate the legal restraints related to this movement amassed neighborhoods and an attorney founder and chairman for liberty Council joins us today to discuss these questions and more of us get that first segment of the interview, Matt.

Thank you for coming on the program tells about your background, how you became a follower of Christ and what liberty Council does not become a follower of Christ.

After high school I was religious, but not a Christian, and it was the year after high school I attended an evangelistic series, and during one of the evening event. The invitation was given and I went up and gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I eventually became a pastor and when I was a pastor in 1983 I was invited to watch a movie and it was called assignment like it was a new video at that time it was real to real and in fact it was about abortion, something I didn't have any knowledge about it was very knowledgeable about the Scriptures. I knew Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and I knew archaeology and literature in the Bible, but I didn't know one of the most important cultural issues of our time that was going on my backyard abortion and when I watch that video.

Ultimately what happened was it shocked me and that was the turning point of me moving from the pastoral ministry into law, and from there on I went to law school at some time after that and began private practice after law school and then also founded liberty Council and that we found liberty Council in 1989 in liberty Council is a nationwide religious civil liberties organization that defendant advances religious liberty effective human life and marriage and the family also have a number of other affiliated ministries with liberty Council, such as liberty relief international humanitarian relief ministry for persecuted Christians liberty prayer network our prayer ministry international prayer ministry. We also have a Christian the defense of Israel are Israel.

Israel and education advocacy organization liberty Council action or public policy arm in the nation's capital faith in liberty. Our missionary team and ministry to the nations capital and others as well. So liberty Council maintains and continues to maintain its core mission of being a public interest organization, but we have many Christian ministry outreaches as part of the liberty Council family of ministry. Sounds like you're very busy man with all that listeners can find out more about liberty Council and all they do at is LC.Oregon Matt Stever, the founder and chairman of liberty councils with us today on the Christian world you talking about is America losing our first freedoms very important topic to discuss. Now matter going to read the first couple paragraphs from a column on liberty Council's website about this new bill that's being proposed in the US House of Representatives to say this U.S. House introduced a bill that threatens the free exercise of religion and free speech. HR five. The name of the bill, known as the equality act broadly imposes the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender agenda and does not exempt churches or religious employers organizations or colleges.

It specifically forbids raising religious free exercise as a claim or defense to the LGBT agenda. This bill amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by striking the word sex and inserting, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes throughout the federal code. This amendment applies to employment, housing, rental, public accommodation and more one more paragraph therefore church leadership and nonprofit faith-based organizations and schools will be forced to hire gender confused individuals and allow men access to female, or vice versa.

Restrooms, showers, locker rooms dressing room shelters dormitories in sports.

This legislation would also create many more victims like women in shelters who have been sexually assaulted by a man posing as a transgender to gain access to the facility. Churches that provide weddings or baby showers will be forced provide the same facilities to LGBT events." Name, sex, weddings, church tax exemption in college accreditation, including federal student loans will be affected in this articles goes on and on here is really chilling regarding the first freedom in our country.

The freedom of religion. The first amendment we have this article linked in our website the Christian world of tell us more about what HR five is and where it's coming from Matt been a new bill that was just introduced into the house. It has more than enough votes to pass the house even the number of sponsors that are currently on HR five are far more than are necessary to pass it in the house so the real battle is going to be around U.S. Senate. Here's the best way to conceptualize this and here's what it does it puts into the federal employment and public accommodations law, sexual orientation and gender identity in the same protected category is rice. The best way to conceptualize the far-reaching impact of HR five is best expressed in this sentence. Here is what you cannot do legally respecting race. You will not be able to do legally respecting LGBT I'll say that again because that's important.

It is a theme that covers through this entire bill. What you cannot do legally respecting race. You will not be able to do legally respecting LGBT sold. An example of that churches having segregated, racially segregated bathrooms. Churches are not exempt from the application of this law. Previous versions exempt the church as this one does not.

So, for example, conceptualize a church that has racially segregated bathrooms, a bathroom for whites, a bathroom for Blacks that would be a violation of this law from a place of public accommodation.

Since churches are places of public accommodations under the federal law and other things with regards to segregation of races. If you can't do that legally you can't do that in the area of LGBT so you could not have a bathroom male and female, and then a male who says identify as a female wants to go to the female restroom and you say no you can't use that restroom you have to use this other restroom, the one that is consistent with your birth sex. You can't even say there's 1/3 option. It's the family. Single use restroom. That's the one you can use that's no more of an option than to say out with regards to races. Here's ones for whites and here's a restroom for African-Americans and here's one for Hispanics.

Or here's another one for Asians. You couldn't do that that would be a violation of the civil rights law. Take for example Bob Jones University. Why do we say that you would lose your tax exempt status. Bob Jones University is a Christian university in many years ago. It had a policy on racial dating and interracial dating in a prohibited interracial dating based upon it. Then believe now it's changed its belief, then, believe that you should not have interracial marriages or dating. The IRS came after Bob Jones because of that policy. There was no particular law that said you couldn't have such a policy. But there was the federal employment and public accommodations law that says you can't discriminate on the basis of race. They said this is racial discrimination. Therefore, we are revoking your tax exempt status unless you change they said we can't change is part of our doctrine. They ended up having a lawsuit that went all the way to the US Supreme Court and Bob Jones lost that case and lost its tax-exempt status. Now Bob Jones adversely has since abandoned that particular doctrine, but unless it's recently applied for tax exemption, although it could. It has been an entity that's not tax exempt for many years because of that.

So now you take a university or church that has tax-exempt status. We know that you will lose your tax-exempt status.

If you have a racially discriminatory policy. We know that for fact is not hypothetical. So if you have a policy that includes LGBT at the same protected level is rice and you say were going to have segregated bathrooms, or a man has to use the men's bathroom, despite the fact that the man says well I identify as one that will be a violation of HR five.

Here's another situation a church or school have overnight events say the church has its youth program and are going on an overnight stay somewhere for whatever reason, mission strips, sporting events, other kinds of their taking them to a Christian concert somewhere. Doesn't matter what they have to stay overnight that school or that church wants to have one section for boys. One section for girls makes sense. You want the boys and girls on the same hallway or side-by-side one room and there's another room you don't want, like coed dorms if you will, and one boy says but I don't want to stay with the boys I get if I is a girl. My name is Molly. Although my birth name is Mark and I want to go by Molly and I want to be recognized and treated as a girl and you say no boys are on the side girls on the side.

If you were to do that.

That's the same as saying whites are on this floor lecture on this floor. Whites run the swing. Blacks African-Americans are on this part of the section it would be discriminatory because your segregating. You would not be able to say well boys on this floor, girls on this floor.

People who want to identify the different gender you're going to be on this floor.

Note that's discriminatory so you would have to allow the boy to bunk with the girls to shower with the girls to dress with the girls and so forth. And if you didn't, you would have a violation of HR five which ultimately would result in lawsuits, penalties and eventual loss of your tax-exempt status. Moreover, colleges, religious colleges, not only would lose their tax status, but they would lose their accreditation and if they lost their accreditation in the same way that they would lose their accreditation today if they have a racially discriminatory policy they lose the ability to receive student loans so 99% of the religiously affiliated schools across would have to either comply or 99% of those with close is only a couple hands if you will schools in the entire country do not most of them that their life that how they pay the bill and that's how students attend college and pay for the disease have no chance of being all that's Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, we ought to never become indifferent to the slaughter of the innocents taking place in our country.

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Let's get back to the second segment interview with Matt's neighbor. It seems to me Matt that this bill will go to the Senate even if it passes there very likely that I would think Pres. Trump would veto this bill. But even if that's the case, this seems like if there's ever a present from the Democrat party coming up in office a present from for the lose essay this next election that this bill will go right through both houses of Congress and then be signed by the president. Is that a correct absolutely inheritor for firewall United States Senate, but where the firewall is is at the filibuster level. The United States Senate. Unlike the house house has many more than it needs to pass. It'll pass the house United States Senate. If it were just a vote of the 100 and all you need is 51 of the 100 likely would pass the United States Senate because all the Democrats would come together in a couple of Republicans would join them. So here's the firewall. The 60 vote filibuster. The Senate has a rule that you need to get 60 votes in order to actually vote on the underlying bill.

I think that's what we can block it. I think it's going to be a fight. It's not a done deal are sure thing, but that's where we can block it. That's the first firewall and even within that area. I think what we can do is we might be able to bring some Republicans that might otherwise vote for it or some Democrats, it certainly will vote for to ultimately not vote for the 60 vote filibuster. Why because they're going to have to go back and explain to their constituencies. Why, they just decimated the churches that are in their district and the religiously affiliated schools that are part of those churches and denominations, and some of their constituents because it will. I can tell you decimate the tax exempt status of churches and of nonprofit organization colleges and their accreditation. But it's not just tax exemption.

A pastor may say well you know what the taxes and status maybe is not as important as it needs to be a and so we can we can live with that losing a text that is fine but here's what I also do public accommodations. Like I said a church cannot have racially segregated restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms overnight stays. It's more than taxes and status.

This will force the LGBT agenda into your church into your schools. It will require you to, for example, churches can discriminate on the basis of religion so Baptist and hire Baptist and Catholics can hire Catholics, etc. but you can't discriminate on the basis of race you They were knocking a higher any people of color or only going to hire people of color are not white, not Caucasians. That's racial discrimination.

So if you have race now in that category. And you know what the result would be, and you elevate this to the same level of race you know what the result will be. Can I have a second grade teacher that teacher now comes to school and says I'm going through hormone treatment. I want to change my name.

I want to eventually go through surgery and I want to teach the same kids in the Christian school. The second graders, whatever it may be, and you say no that's against are sincerely held religious belief. Sorry you're going to lose that if you have weddings just like you can't say were only going to host weddings for members of our church that are white and if you're African-American people of color that were knocking to do it. Racial discrimination in the public accommodations and the same thing is going to be true here for same-sex weddings as well. So it's far more than the issue of status.

Plus it applies to all the different employers. It even applies in the expanded version of this weather expanded to individuals and it applies to not just locations.

It says it applies beyond physical location that applies to Internet retailers Internet sales. It applies to any gathering. It's unbelievably broad and clearly it'll apply in the public schools, and you're going to see this as an engine driving a very radical LGBT curriculum and indoctrination in the public schools mass daily with this today and the system really is the founder of Liberty Council talking about is America losing our first freedoms, their website is Matt, how did we get to such appliance in this country. I think there's almost an irony to the fact that this issue of homosexuality and transgender is him are the issues upon which Christians are being marginalized even even losing their their businesses find imprisonment if they don't comply with laws.

I heard someone say many years ago it was act ethically correct because coming true today. Gay is the new black and so as soon as you have associated homosexuality and transgender is him as just being a born with innate quality like your ethnicity will then you can include it as they're doing now in this nondiscrimination policies of the federal government. But that's not the case. People readily say that you can change your gender. Of course, from male to female female to male, but somehow you can't change your homosexuality talk about the irony of this whole situation with these two issues of homosexuality and transgender is him having such a significant impact in our society and specifically with regards to marginalizing Christians while they start off with wanting to ride the history and the train of the civil rights movement because of all the gains that have been made there on the basis of immutable, by the way, skin color, and rice. You can't change your race you are who you are and so they want to say, well, they are also in the same category immutable unchangeable.

Yet when you read the literature when you also read what they say and you read what they advocate. They also say that gender is fluid and you can change it from one to the other end so it can flow go here just like a winding river back-and-forth so they wanted to be immutable, so they can get the protection but at the end of the day they wont be able to have a free-flowing winding river so that they can change it from one spectrum to the other.

The only spectrum you can't change it to. They don't want to allow it to be changed to or stabilized within is male-female binary objective biology as a man and a woman they don't want it to be heterosexual.

So in the area of counseling. They don't want counsel, they want counseling to only be a one way like a one-way sign. It's a one-way street and that one-way street is against and away from heterosexuality. It's against from how you were born inmate as male and female, and if you were to go back that way. No you can't do that you can do anything as long as it's a one-way sign. I away from your birth sex your birth as a male or female, your heterosexuality as your natural birth situation. So that's where we are and unfortunately the church has been silent too much on this issue. There is a very vicious, violent, and frankly a threatening opposition out there that threatens even the well-being and safety of anybody who disagrees and they will label you as a hater. We don't hate anybody. It would be contrary to the very Christian values that have transformed us that God loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and that is what motivates us that God is love, there is no one that we hate. That doesn't mean that we agree with everyone or everyone's practice or lifestyle and mere disagreement. They then translate Orwellian like into hater or I hate group and then they type try to take that to the next level to demonize you to stigmatize you and to eliminate and cut off any source of income and support or livelihood for you if you do not agree with. And it's no longer something in which their content with for you to simply to remain silent. They want you to be a cheerleader and a supporter of the LGBT agenda because so that is kind of what's happening.

I think it's ultimately a spiritual battle, no question, that is coming up because it's a direct attack on God himself, how he created us in his image as male and female, and then how this bill came about is people not voting people not voting, and mass people getting confused by what they read or hear in the media and people either staying home and that's how we got this radical very radical US House of Representatives and you know if you want to see more of that just shoved down your throat. Then there's a way to change that and you don't have to vote in the next cycle and I tell you what, it'll be open season on people of faith and moral religious values and if you want to change it.

You need to get involved now and you need to stand up and speak mass savers. Our guest today on Christian worldview talking about an important topic that's going to affect any Christian, any and every Christian who holds biblical convictions about biblical morality. We have much more coming up with mass Dave Raff this next break in the Christian world view. I'm David Wheaton environmental scaremongering is the favored tactic of the left to gain massive government control.

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This is nothing new been going on for probably almost 15 to 20 years now, but the momentum is certainly on the side of the LGBT movement was with the passage of same-sex marriage was at three, four years ago, Supreme Court, and now this bill were talking about today.

HR five, the so-called equality act, which replaces which adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the federal code of nondiscrimination. So what mass Dave is basically saying they were the ramifications of this is that there is no way legally. You could say you've a starless day and you say what we don't allow white people to come into our store. You could you you be under you to be a federal crime. Now with this new law.

If you were a a wedding business or something and you were a photographer. That said, you'd say, well, I'm a Christian and I don't believe that same-sex marriages are actually marriages.

I do want to participate use my artistic skills to participate in what I believe to be sinful. Well if you did that you could use a the choice not to do that but you beat you be punished for it to be prosecuted for an we've Artie seen that in cases around the country on states levels but this is going to enshrine into the federal code if it passes. So let's get back to the interview with Matt Stever, the founder and chairman of Liberty Council. Their website is an excellent organization, you should get connected with it's a defending religious civil rights in this country.

This is what Hillsdale College said in your online course about first freedoms they said the first freedoms in America, freedom of religion, speech, press, petition the government and assembly was five provide the people with everything they need to maintain control of the government without them, there are no checks in place to prevent incumbents those in power from legislating themselves into permanent positions of power talk more about these first freedoms. Matt, are they rights from God because I would define a right to something that you are legally entitled to more than mere intentions of God or the privileges given by good governments. Well if you go to the declaration of independence.

The declaration of the benefits for a long understanding of higher law versus earthly law and it says we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It goes on to say that government are instituted among men, to protect these rights. In other words it's saying the same thing that Blackstone said Sir William Blackstone and every attorney every person who was a jurors. They all read William Blackstone's commentaries on the Constitution and he got that from Christian writers and thinkers.

Many many years before him, and that is that there is a higher law that comes from God. There is a universal principle that is part of the created order. Just like the laws of gravity, don't we name them and we abide by them, we discover them, but we didn't create them. They're not bound by geography time or space.

They are part of the natural created order. There are certain other laws that are also part of this natural created order. What we call natural law. The laws of nature, which is the natural law that the referring to in the declaration and of nature's God, which is the revealed law.

The law that we see the revelation that we know of in the Bible there is the revealed law and there's the natural law what's part of the natural law while one of the things is part of a natural law that we now also see confirmed with in our earthly law is the right to life the inalienable right to life. That's what the founder said we are endowed by our Creator with certain inevitable rights, among which are life the right to life universally.

People of all cultures and places of position have always supported the sanctity of the human life, the protection of human life we have that innate desire and willingness to protect our own lives and to protect other people's lives laws on earth should reflect that.

Unfortunately, our laws since 1973 have violated God's law. God's natural law is inalienable right and you know Sir William Blackstone said. What also document of the King Junior said when he wrote the letter from Birmingham Jail. He was asked how is it that you obey some laws and other laws.

You don't goes well, that's because are some laws that are just some that are unjust. He said there some laws that are part of God's law, you got obey those there's other laws that are contrary to God's law. Those you have a disability, you have a duty to not obey, but you have to be willing to pay the consequences from the civil and that's why he was there, spending time in jail. He disobeyed an earthly law that he strongly believed was in conflict with God heavenly law a higher law, and he was there paying the penalty for his disobedience. Why do you think the last, and I mean the political left, the theological religious left is so intense on eliminating opposition or eliminating speech and behavior that they disagree with what originally the left. What people would call liberals as well. They were more in favor of freedom of speech. They didn't agree with you but they wanted to be able to protect freedom of speech but now the left is become radicalized and unprincipled and the constituencies of those that are in Congress right now, particularly in the democratically controlled House have become very radicalized on principle so that the end goal is the objective and not the principal there's no more principle is just the end goal.

That's how the Democrats for example, in the current debate over immigration and border security. How they were all favorable including Obama and Biden and Chuck Schumer all in favor of border security. Now, nothing's changed except things have gotten worse except Pres. Trump is in favor border security. So now there opposed to border security because they don't want to give Pres. Trump any benefit so why you see what's happening is a loss of principal. A loss of the foundation and the end goal, the objective, their view takes precedence over principal. So now there are no longer interested in free speech.

In fact, they now have turned it to say it's their duty to stop other people speech because they've not been to quote harmful and that it's a moral imperative for them.

They now have turned it to be.

A person speech with which they disagree. Matt Stever with us today in the Christian worldview, the founder and chairman of Liberty Council you need to get connected with this organization. Center for their weekly emails and also consider supporting them as well.

Running into what they do.

Some examples of that is their website.

Or you can click over from our website to them. The Christian so Matt, how do you recommend Christians navigate this changing climate today with regards to freedom of speech and religion. How do they protect themselves and their businesses and places of work from this agenda which is sweeping across the land. Well, right now there's ways to do that.

Personal prey certainly get in contact with Liberty we can walk you through that process and if you know of any situations we can help you. All of our services and work our ministry is provided at no cost. Thirdly, in the meantime pending this bill you can develop policies because there is no federal law that elevates LGBT sexual orientation and gender identity to the same category as race and so there are certain ways to develop policies to best protect you.

It's not foolproof but it's a way to best protect you weather at your church or business. But if this bill passes, HR five, the so-called equality act.

It's a whole different ballgame nationwide.

It is a social cataclysmic restructuring of our culture and it will affect everything and that's why it's so important to get involved so stay in contact with Liberty Council we have emails that you can sign up for. That's one white, and probably the best, easiest way to learn and then our emails. We have a number of them. You can sign up for them and also our free newsletter there those will not only give you information on what is the issue like this, but also how you can be involved, how your voice can ultimately make a difference on these issues and so currently we are asking people to sign the petition to go to their senators to go to the U.S. Senate on the issue of HR five and you can go to our Liberty Council website you can hit the subscribe button at the very top. There you can sign up for various email but also if you go to You'll also see on that very top at icon HR five is a dangerous attack. Click on that.

That's where you need to go and click on that icon. You can also we have a very short URL for as well. five five and that's where we have a lot of information on this issue to educate you and we also have petitions that you can sign to make your voice heard. Some examples of some of the cases that liberty Council has defended the same were talking about freedom of speech today from religion. These two issues somewhat recently to give Aydin idea listeners about what the kinds of things that are going on in our country and what you you all are trying to do to help those have freedom of speech, religion, okay Matt stable answer that question after this final break of the day in the Christian rule of you and as they listen to him talk today am just very thankful there are organizations like this out there defending the Christian religious freedom in this country, it would be a one-way street. If people like Matt Stever and his organization worn out there coming back after this one more segment including will talk about what is going on with a speech on the Internet with shadow banning much more. There is an abundance of resources available in Christian bookstores and online that reality is that many of them even some of the most popular do not lead to a sound and strong faith aim of the Christian world is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store. We have a wide range of resources for all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browse our and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small group church. You can also order by calling our office told me once that relates 646-2233, one AAA 46 2233 or visit the Christian worldview.more disease have no chance of being all that's Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, we ought to never become indifferent to the slaughter of the innocents taking place in our country.

This is why we are offering a DVD series entitled life is best that will equip you to stand for life and against this injustice in his two DVDs that are 13 episodes that address all the facets of abortion from the worldview battle to what you can do for a limited time you can order the life is best DVD series for a donation of any amount to the Christian world view normal retail is $49 plus shipping. Go to the Christian or call one AAA 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. We are talking about religious freedom today here on the Christian Realty radio program.

The first freedom of this country as enshrined in the first amendment of the Constitution which is made this on three different any other country in the world and makes us what we are today and how that is that with this new law going through Congress and likely pass of the house. Pride perhaps not the Senate, and then I think you will be vetoed by Pres. Trump, but that is mean. A new president will mean a passage of this law. Certainly for the Democrat president was get back to the final segment of the interview with Matt Stever. They will have some follow-up comments after that give us some examples of some of the cases that liberty Council has defended the same were talking about freedom of speech today from religion. These two issues somewhat recently to give Aydin idea listeners about what the kinds of things that are going on in our country and what you you all are trying to do to help those have freedom of speech, religion.

While we represent a lot of different individuals and people we represent Sandra Merritt, who was one of the two undercover investigative journalist that revealed that Planned Parenthood was harvesting baby body parts and providing them for sale at enormous profits to these organizations which were in turn profiting even more and we represent her and we have been representing her for a couple of years.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against her and so has the California Atty. Gen. So it's very intense litigation. We represent Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk that refused to issue a same-sex marriage license that we represent her still do, how we represent can't Constitution up in Boston that has situation there were there being discriminated because of the Christian viewpoint and we actually were just in depositions yesterday on that very case we represent Child evangelism Fellowship with the good news club that are in the public elementary schools all over the country to get these powerful programs in the public elementary schools immediately after school for these young children K through five very powerful ministry called good news club sponsored by Child evangelism Fellowship represent a wide variety of issues.

We just filed a petition today with the US Supreme Court on behalf of counselors and clients clients you want to have counsel for their unwanted same-sex attractions and their prohibited from having that in California that we just filed a request with the US Supreme Court to review that case a just today. In fact, within the last hour so those are just the touch of very short overview of hundreds of cases that we have across the country was very thankful I speak. I know I speak on behalf of a lot of listeners were very thankless to hear you talking about this that you are there to do what you're doing to defend people with the law against this. Is this creeping eyesight and creeping it is an onslaught of religious discrimination now against people sincerely held religious beliefs just a couple more questions for you Matt again Matt Stever with us today on the Christian real view talking about is America losing our first freedoms. Another space that there is this marginalization, this banning of non-politically correct non-politically approved speech is on the Internet is called shadow banning where conservative or Christian websites or people get banned talk about how that is taking place and what the story is there yeah shadow banning the company may not even know was happening, but for example you post something on the on Twitter or on Facebook or some other social media site and it looks like you've been able to post up and opens a bit able to read it because Facebook sensors that without your knowledge. Also, in fact, I saw something the other day my wife brought up my attention Jews for Jesus did a paid sponsorship of an advertisement for its own ministry, and they did it on Facebook Facebook out took their money and they then sent that out. But then when you received it as a recipient Jews for Jesus didn't know this until we pointed out to them. It actually says it gives a warning about that at so your amazing just like if you're going to like go rent a billboard and you pay the company that owns the billboard to run your advertisement and other to the advertising you want to run on and then they put it up and on their own. They say warning. This is dangerous and nearly driving by the interstate and you see the billboard is simple we didn't put that on there and we paid for that. That's the kind of thing that the social media giants are doing. Frankly, I think it's long past time that we allow these to be freewheeling. They have become irresponsible. These are the super mission information highways that dwarf anything that was in the past, just like we wouldn't think about a telephone company say were going to cut off of this person because we don't like them all utilities company were to shut off the electricity despite the fact that the pain Fort is abnormal paying customer because we don't like their view on marriage no one would allow that.

And yet the super information highways are saying working to shut you down.

Working to ban you when I can allow you to transact a credit card transaction. Here, even though it your own choice or were going to hide your information from everyone else so that they can't see it, it's all fake. I think people are getting so fed up with the system that it's time to act and stop that censorship's coming on the program today. We could talk about a lot more thank you Matt for all you and your team are doing it liberty Council. He was all God's best in grace to you. Thank you. Good to be with you okay there was Matt stable everyone from liberty Council. The website is

If you want to connect with their organization are just three points in response to this number one is we need to be informed this lie that gay is the new black will that that's the way it is being presented.

But that is a lie because being gay is chosen interchangeable whereas black or whatever your ethnicity is unchangeable, so they've they've swept that one under the door and to unsuspecting non-discerning people who have swallowed that hole in our society. This is insidious, this new potential law here coming through because people in Christians and churches and nonprofit organizations like the Christian real view or Christian colleges or anywhere you can be forced or punished for violating your sincerely held biblical beliefs and this is gonna push Christians to the margins. This can be a litmus test as we heard Cory Booker, the senator question someone for some post as a mother goes them a judicial post recently.

Basically saying what's your view on homosexuality.

Is it a sin is is gay marriage wrong that you can't do that, but they still do it and that will be able to be allowed because you can't be a discriminator in NB in business so to speak.

Customer want be informed if you if you're confused about this issue. Just remember being gay is the new black. According to the worldview of the secular left, and even the religious left in this country. Number two is be prepared. Even though this is unlikely to pass. Now is inevitable to pass. Eventually this bill may pass the house the Senate but present from a likely veto about some future point down the road this'll come around again. Just consider the demographics and finally number three.

Be bold being the same way Jesus and the apostles were open your mouth, truthfulness and graciousness not so much condemning homosexuality as that's not the most important issue is the salvation of souls is posted, preach the gospel boldly, as I ought to speak it. That's what we need to do in this issue and be informed, be prepared and be bold. Thanks for joining us today in the Christian world view everyone until next weekend. Think biblically and live accordingly.

We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian worldview dawdle will call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 Ascent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian world view. Until next time think biblically live according

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