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Short Take 2: Resurgence Turned Divergence, Part 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 18, 2020 7:00 pm

Short Take 2: Resurgence Turned Divergence, Part 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 18, 2020 7:00 pm

Can Critical Race Theory be used as an “analytical tool”? Length: 3:10

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When you put forward what you hope to be a friendly amendment to it. It was deemed unfriendly. We see this in the film by Curtis was the professor of southern and he responded that critical race theory for the purpose of this amendment was nothing more than a quote analytical tool.

How will this resolution now play out what what what effect is this going to have. Now that the Southern Baptist convention has recognized and voted in favor of this resolution solution in why is it insidious first of all, resolutions of no binding authority on any Southern Baptist agency, institution or church. So every summer Baptist.

Individually every church corporately is free to completely reject and ignore this resolution. All it does is it expresses what messengers at any given time. Whenever resolutions passed a firm so that's it's it's it's there's no authority in resolution doesn't mean it's unimportant, but there's no binding authority to it insidious because it insinuates now into our conversation into people listening or watching the idea though Southern Baptist, have affirmed critical race theory and intersection out which on one level is very true about the resolution number nine itself has The oxen nuances in it which are good saying that the Scripture supreme it's authoritative and everything else must be brought under its authority and rejected violates Scripture at any point. All that's right, good and true. However, the tool that you choose to accomplish work matters. If you choose the wrong tool to accomplish something that you're going to have superior, difficult, and that may be the devastating risk results, for example.

Self was horrible. We are infected with what we called no CMC civil things invite like mosquitoes but you can't get Acxiom and Mandela's digital items here to long. Place a long time well with no seams and date. I take it personally.

I get upset I will smash towards get rid of my most magic will suppose I said okay and he grabbed his hammer to smash no seams. While I could probably kill if you but in the process. I'm going to wreak havoc on structures that I hit with a hammer and all my old bones on the bones of other people that I'm trying to protect them. No seams. The tool that you use matters and critical race theory is a faulty tool. It cannot deal biblically with the issue of racism or ethnic superiority ideas or bigotry. It cannot do it. Only the gospel can deal with those things, and critical race theory to be brought in, and to be elevated even at a level of analytical tool that is unhelpful it insidious because it's subtle.

It will take some people down bad pads to say oh okay will critical we heard Grace theory can be a good analytical tool.

So let me use it to start assessing relationships between races how we ought to advocate for justice in race relations

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