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Short Take 3: Resurgence Turned Divergence, Part 3

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 26, 2020 7:00 pm

Short Take 3: Resurgence Turned Divergence, Part 3

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 26, 2020 7:00 pm

How would you rate these three issues—women teaching men, Critical Race Theory, same sex attraction—as to which is being most prominently pushed in the SBC? Length: 2:53

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How would you rate these three issues we've discussed from gender roles women teaching men to race in critical race theory, and in this issue of Christians who have quote same-sex attraction. How would you rate how strong the pushes for each of them, at which one is the most prominently being pushed within the SBC of those three, I think it's the women's issue in the racial issue in the SBC think it's the sexual issue increasing our interest in the.

The racial issue the SBC. Of course, as I mentioned before me that the history of the SBC is tainted. There's no doubt there has been significant racial sin in our history and nobody should pretend that's otherwise it's certainly true in the writings of their we look at it and own it as the SBC is done. Multiplications expressing repentance over the sins of racial prejudice and sinful partiality that it been a part of our heritage, but the women's issue is also very significant and we see this by more and more women be emboldened to talk about preaching in their churches on the Lord's day this past Mother's Day 2019.

Beth Moore was a very successful author, Southern Baptist, and she's I think one of the leg of the top offer of that likely represents your sales or books.

She put out social media how she planned to preach in her church on Mother's Day, and other women so we got to do that to. They were joking about it, and when some of us questioned and said you notice this is not right.

This is contrary to where we should be encouraging women to use their gifts and how should we think about this.

The pushback was amazing and and sad and tragic and indicative of how far down this road we are gone. So I think the women's issue is going to be probably the flashpoint that is going to have to be addressed and acknowledged in the SBC. The racial issues of manners, racial prejudice, no doubt still exist needs to be dealt with. That's that's always tragic wherever it's found. It has been found there was a church removed last year two years ago from the SBC because of racism, rightly so, what I know the situation church in Georgia was remove the SBC that is received disfellowshipped them because of their sinful racial partiality. That's right. But this women's issue. Suddenly it seemed like our leaders going mute.

It's like well, but she's Beth Moore or get out. She sells a lot of books on yet a new church plant and the wife of the church planters, a better preacher than the husband.

So I think were gonna have to deal with that. I know for myself Other passenger on the SBC. That is a bridge too far for us, and that issues can have to be resolved

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