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Super Bowl, Sports, and the Worldview that Drives It

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 31, 2020 7:00 pm

Super Bowl, Sports, and the Worldview that Drives It

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 31, 2020 7:00 pm

Over 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl football game on Sunday.  Americans will wager an estimated $6.8 billion on the game.  The cost of a 30-second commercial is over $5 million.  The average price for a ticket is $6390.  Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes could receive the NFL’s first $200 million contract.

Sports generates big numbers all around.  This says something about our society, that sports garners this much attention and money and where athletes are granted VIP status.

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we’ll discuss the worldview behind some current events around the Super Bowl and sports, including...


Verbal report and the worldview that drive that of the top of the day right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christian and to share the good news the gospel that all people can be reconciled to God in faith in Jesus Christ.

I'm David with the host your website is the Christian worldview.or will thank you for joining us as what is known now as Super Bowl weekend here in over 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl football game on Sunday. Americans will wager an estimated $6.8 billion on the game.

The cost of 1/32 ad or commercial is over $5 million for 1/32 the act, the average price for a ticket to the game is sick almost $6400 and Kansas City quarterback Patrick Ma Holmes was playing in the game could receive the NFL's first $200 million contract after the season. So would be easy to conclude that sports Gartner generates big numbers all around. This says something about our society that sports garners this much attention in this much money and were athletes are granted VIP status. The celebrities of our of our society this week and on the Christian review burner discuss the worldview behind some current events around the Super Bowl and sports including these four stories, Green Bay Packers, future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussing why he doesn't believe in the God of the Bible is a very interesting conversation he had with his girlfriend former racecar driver Danica Patrick that's coming up in this first segment also to talk with the tragic death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash recently. What we cannot take away from that. Were also going to talk about Super Bowl who rejected a pro-life ad, but will be doing a drag queen add why would they reject the pro-life ad in favor of a drag queen and Morgan have audio both of those also down in Australia. The Australian open is taking place right now.

This is finals weekend as well. As the asteroid open into tennis greats Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe did an encore protest, holding up a sign, demanding that will of the stadium arenas that the Australian open be renamed over what they call homophobic unquote comments by TAC past tennis champion Margaret court will get into that as well today so lots of issues regarding sports with the worldview behind them look at them today here on the Christian, really, because whether it's sports or politics or business or culture is life in general. Worldview is always the driving force behind what is taking place was the first to this this interview with Aaron Rodgers who is a Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. One of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Very popular top two or three quarterbacks always consider the NFL and he's he's dating his girlfriend is Danica Patrick is a mention she was a former I think it was an IndyCar driver with use of a professional racecar driver raced against the men. By the way, and that she did quite well in her career. Now she has a podcast where she interviewed her boyfriend Aaron Rogers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the on this podcast and Aaron Rodgers talked about his background with regard to faith and religion and so forth some very interesting things to discuss. From this particular podcast. But here's the audio going to go through it just stop at a very various points along the way to comment here is Danica Patrick interviewing quarterback Aaron Rodgers & most people that I knew curtains is presently to go.

You wake up goes on to go back and watch the second in the file onto now isn't that sort of a sad state of affairs in the just in encouragement and exhortation to parents out there to try to raise your children not to view church like that just you have to go alone. It's boring you just going to get back to watch the second NFL game of the day it's it's not that church should change and try to be more exciting and have people parachuting out of the upper decks and so forth, making entertainment during guess what they try to do, but when the gospel in the Bible is preached strongly and relevantly even show even children will get excited and can understand that. Move on a struggling young life. That's where I met my Hocker you know minutes and that was living your life group there for a while.

He was the first Christian I'm not really slick is to ask where is living there and he loves words she got coaches sports.

He's awesome to this a really red guy to be around, like the way that he talks about Jesus in way that he talks about what it means to have a relation with Christ like.

That's pretty cool. So I enjoyed my time with you in life. We did some amazing outreach stuff and we went to Mexico during two spring breaks and build houses that was meaningful and I was okay so here Aaron Rodgers is talking about his first introduction to parachurch ministry, which is young life.

Young life is a Christian organization very, but I would consider it very lightly Christian like Aaron Rodgers just mentioned it was just about having a lot of fun didn't mention anything about being taught the Bible or or or the gospel. It was about fun and travel in good works going to Mexico and building houses and so forth. Nothing about the gospel. It's interesting at this influence in Aaron Rodgers life when he was a teenager. By the way, very, very formative impressionable time as a teenager he met a man named Matt Hawkins know who Matt Hauck is but apparently he was involved with young life and he thought Aaron Rodgers thought he was pretty cool because he swears and love sports and culture, sports, but he liked the way he talked about Jesus.

So already a formation of his what it means to be a Christian is being is being imprinted on him from this consideration that church is boring young life was fun and a guy who swears but likes the way he talks about Jesus. So now were set up for Aaron Rodgers to go off to college gets into more organized you know athletes in action. Whatever might be campus organizations and didn't find any connection points with with those things and start questioning things and have friends who have the beliefs and enjoyed learning this, part of my life have some good friendships along the way that to help me to figure out what exactly I want to believe. Okay, so here's another formation.

Now the friends get into it. There is no young life in college. He said he didn't find any connection points in any on-campus organizations like athletes in action, which is a division of campus Crusade or crew. He started questioning things like so many do when they go off to college like they should do, really, that you should be questioning where I came from, why am I here where I go after I die those of the important things. The question life but there is no one speaking biblical truth into his life and all of a sudden the introduction of friends friends as he said, who had other beliefs. He a good friendships he he said you could help them try to figure out what I wanted to believe in. We don't want to believe in things that we want to believe and we want to believe in things that are the truth is that we want is what the truth is, want to believe in that. And so here's the influence of his peers where all the product ever influences in this formative time in his life. You can see what direction he's being pulled Satan is always at work trying to hinder and destroy someone from coming to saving faith. And this is what's Taking Pl. in Aaron Rodgers life was going next to the rest of the interview ultimately was the rules and regulations and binary systems don't really resonate with me. You enjoyed learning about other religions in the Dalai Lama.

It's been a fun path to to a different type of spirituality which which means more and more meaningful. So here's the tragic choice ultimately is the was influenced by his friends and that in the background and found out about other religions, he said.

Ultimately, rules and regulations and binary systems don't resonate with me. It's a shame that he views Christianity has rules and regulations because that's not what it is.

God does have his standards, his will for how he wants us to approach him and live our lives and who he is, absolutely, but keeping those rules and regulations does not make us right with him at all at all. The Bible says is not by works of righteousness that we have done that saves us by his mercy and grace. It's a relationship not a religion, so to speak in a binary system going in that the second uses that term over and over again, but meeting the Dalai Lama. He said was was was exciting. I can't know the word he put with that is that it was a it was a path to a different kind of spirituality and of course, in those kinds of spiritualities.

There is no accountability, Dalai Lama and other most other religious systems don't put any sort of accountability, especially moral accountability, there are no rules and regulations. You just get to live the way you want to live and then you don't live in the not enough you can make up your own rules and regulations was continue to set separate the table spirituality and religion. Mike you are religious and spiritual. I think both can work for people running some people just need structure and they need tradition and stuff and that that works for them and I don't have a problem with the doesn't it doesn't resonate with me. Yeah okay so here here's the very common worldview of our age that I'm not religious prime spiritual and whatever works for you. It's a completely man centered, pragmatic, whatever works for your happiness courses.

This is the exact inverse the exact wrong way of looking at it, we should be thinking about what works for us it what is what is God's will. Who is God and what is his will. What is my purpose here to serve him, he's looking at it exactly backward. But this is very very common and very typical of someone who doesn't understand who God is, who is never believed in the gospel doesn't understand his his place and purpose in light of who God is and what God's plan is for Aaron Rodgers his life.

God designed Aaron Rodgers to be in relationship with him. Okay God revealed himself to Aaron Rodgers through creation through his conscience through even some I'm sure some of the church background even though he didn't like it.

There were some things some touch points in their that God was revealing himself to Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers had a choice to make whether he was going to take that revelation and seek it further and find out who this God was is and how it can be right with them or not. Unfortunately, at least up till now in his life.

He's chosen to go away from God was going next to the next part of the soundbite.

How far back can go and identify like yeah it was weird when I was for Ike or whatever is there an example.

Can you identify when the skeptic in the questionnaire and you with you in the present disclosure is unintuitive because no notion of the church and Sundays and to young life among us and then went on Monday welcomed everyone else like Ray, you are be there at 729 and like be ready for some fun and it was fun. We had a great church on Sundays. Of the more you make her dress is one thing that person. This person's cumulative strangely official open. I think you know again it's very black-and-white, binary, and binary sense, but I don't think it's very welcoming within community crunch can be a can be something that people have to have them make themselves feel better because a set of binaries in them.

It's saved and unsaved, it's heaven and hell. It's enlightened and even its holy and righteous sinner. Okay you discuss and respond to all the assertions he just made all the truth claims he made about Christianity in that particular sound by coming back will talk more about the Super Bowl forth in the worldview that drives it, you're listening to the Christian worldview. I'm David. We critical race theory and intersect Malley of simply and mythical tools to be used as tools not as a worldview is not not transcended worldview above the authority of Richard and we stand by the spring of this resolution is the Southern Baptist convention diverging from biblical orthodoxy over issues of women teaching men homosexuality and critical race theory is this a bellwether of what's coming to your church by what standard is hundred and 10 minute DVD documentary about the battle taking place in the city can receive the DVD for a donation of any amount that Christian worldview to order that Christian worldview.or or call 1 to 8 646-2233 or lightbox 401 Excelsior, MN 55331. Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your worldview. The first is the Christian worldview, weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains a preview of the upcoming radio program along with need to read articles teacher resources special events and audio the previous program. The second is the Christian worldview annual print letter which is delivered to your mailbox. In November it contains a year-end letter from host, David. We had a listing of our storylines including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual print letter by visiting the Christian worldview.or calling one AAA 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be shipped and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Call one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.the Christian worldview radio program.

I'm David Weidner topic today is Super Bowl forth in the worldview that drives it. Talk about them stories going on in the sports world and analyzing the worldview behind him. Just a quick reminder that you may want to get after a three part series exist in the Southern Baptist convention, you may want to get that will encourage you to get that DVD by what standard is going to be released this month in February.

You can preorder it for donation of any amount by going to our website the Christian more about the Southern Baptist convention actually coming up today on the program but let's get back to that soundbite. If you just join us for applying an interview that quarterback from the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in FL recently did with his girlfriend Danica Patrick who is a former race professional racecar driver and they're talking about religion in his formation of his quote spiritual belief.

Let's listen to the last minute of the interview and then see whether what he saying lines up with what the truth of who God actually is within community crunch can be can be something that people have to have them make themselves feel better because a set of my married spouse and them.

It's saved and unsaved, it's heaven and hell.

It's enlightened and even its holy and righteous sinner and that makes them makes a lot of people feel better about themselves as though you know I have you know I got Jesus on saying I'm going to heaven and there's only hundred 44,000 was gone.

Even though there's 7 billion people on the planet.

And you know how you believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell, but what type of loving, sensitive Omni present omnipotent being wants to condemn most of his beautiful creation to the fiery hell at the end of all this so many false assertions so much blasphemy about who God is, but so little time to discuss it. I mean there's just so many things. He said it. Religion is a crutch to make feel better was his spirituality a crutch to make him feel better as a person. All these things can be just inverted right right back on them and us versus them obviously have the say versus unsaved mentality. He is a completely negative view of who Christians are and it is us like him like people like us who are enlightened versus them.

Those Christians who think they're holier than thou but the but the last part is I think is is the interesting part where he talks about how can you believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the world to hell you think there's 144,000 only going to heaven. Of course, that's a miss complete misinterpret interpretation of Revelation has to do with Jewish people who are saved in the end times is not believers hope for all eternity. A lot more than 144,000. So anyway, he says, how can you believe in a God who wants to condemn most people to help. And this is this is one of the hard truths of Scripture. But the Bible is clear.

God does not want to condemn people to hell is this clearly in first Timothy chapter 2 God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

There is one God and there is one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus hears that binary system that he rebels against that he hates that there is one way to God and is through Jesus Christ. But the good news is there is there actually is one way God didn't have to make anyway, he would've been completely just to give us what we all deserve and sentencing us all to hell for rebelling against him.

But God is gracious. He is good he is compassionate, he is patient that he's offered away and the way he offered actually was through sending his own son to pay the penalty intake. The death penalty for the sin of the death on that we deserve the pay and take our sin on him, and in turn give a give us his righteousness. For those who repent and believe the gospel. That's a good God who is willing to save and send his own son to pay for sins that he didn't commit at the good God and God desires all men to be saved now.

People often asked this question about this passage.

How can God desire desire something and then actually not have it fall through. It is he is the two week to be able to to have people save me desires all men to be safe. So why does New Salem will there's an interesting footnote in this study Bible, the MacArthur study Bible. On this particular passage and explains that there's a difference between what God desires and what he decrees something he desires. He does desire all men to be saved.

But that's not is decreed will wear if he decrees something it will come to pass. The note says the Greek word for desires is not that which normally expresses God's will of decree's eternal purpose, but God's will, of desire, there is this a distinction between God's desire and his eternal saving purpose which must transcend his desires. In other words, his decrees happen is desires are over his desires are underneath subordinate to what he decrees. God does not want us to sin. He hates sin, with all his being. He hates it. Sin's consequences eternal wickedness in hell he hates that God does not want people to remain wicked forever in each in eternal remorse and hatred of him. And hell, yet God for his own glory, and to manifest that glory even in wrath chose to endure from courting Scripture vessels prepared for destruction for the supreme fulfillment of his will in his eternal purpose God shows only the elect out of the world. John 17 six Christ Prairie says that in past over the rest, leaving them to the consequences of their sin, unbelief and rejection of Christ ultimately God's choices are determined by his sovereign, eternal purpose, not his desires so that the whole goal.

Tension of weight now you you mean that God chooses people to go to hell no he didn't choose people to go to hell.

Everyone is going to hell and God because of his goodness has decided that some he will pull off that in enlightened them to understand and believe in the gospel of the newness they will was the responsibility of man will Paul anticipates that Romans nine those who were you a man to question God's will is beyond MBS it's above and beyond our thoughts and our ways to understand how that tension can be resolved and in God's selection election. His for loving of those he would save that were deserving and destined to go to hell while he chose some and not others. At the same time man's call over and over again in Scripture to repent and believe in the gospel John 316. All who believe everyone receives him. There's this tension there and I'm not to be able to resolve that because nothing can reason. No human being can resolve this this tension between God's election and man's responsibility repent and believe. But there be no one in hell that says the God you created me purposely. Just let me hell I never had a chance know there's human respect. We have meaningful human responsibility in all of this and that's what I recommend Aaron Rodgers or anyone listening today who thinks like him, that God is this judge mental I he just want to send people to hell. No that's wrong that's not what Scripture teaches. Romans 24 says do you think lightly of the riches of his kindness and his tolerance and God's patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance. After we sinned.

Once against God. It would be likely as rebelling as the King of the universe he be completely just to kill us.

At that moment and send us the hell big goes on in verse five it because of your stubbornness and unrepentant heart you are storing up for yourselves wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, who will render each person according to his deeds to those who by perseverance in doing good seek for glory and honor numerate and immortality, eternal life.

Those are those who come to saving faith in the good works of their life or give evidence of that belief, but to those who are selfishly ambitious and do not obey the truth, but obey righteousness, wrath and indignation. It is binary where Rogers is right about that what Jesus said in John 333. Whether was Jesus, the apostle John. He who believes in the son has life. Hugh does not believe in the sun does not have life with the wrath of God abides on him.

It is binary, admittedly so. But God is gracious to give us one way that we can be forgiven and made right and live in eternity with him was gone to the next topic today from the sports world is from the Super Bowl and speaking staying in the football realm after Aaron Rodgers that the Corning Reformation chart Charlotte website it says what we what we see happening the NFL and the Super Bowl this year is unprecedented in all professional sports history to his knowledge, he writes this year.

Lining up the commercial breaks between the years most watched television sports game will be drag queens and LGBT Q propaganda now the ad that was rejected that ad was was favor is for like a hummus company.

You can't remove the name of it was for a hummus product they're using to drag queens to promote their their product a hummus and so but on the other hand, and add bifaces of choice woman in Balearic Gillette had probably had produced an ad wanted to buy an ad on the Super Bowl. They didn't. They rejected her at play both ads here imply first of all, the E pro-life at 30 seconds then you tell me how offensive this is can you look me in the eye, tell me management can you tell me that I didn't deserve my 110 share eventually tried to live spell Lee Lee very touching, strong, powerful, and the people whose parents. I believe it either tried to have abortions in the didn't work or the parents chose not to have abortions. Acute member which one it was, but missing where the more the product of choice that by parents chose to have us powerful at it is that really that controversial. Many, many people in this country you maybe even up to half or more in this country. What would totally agree and be in be impacted by that at not offensive in any way unless you you hate the pro-life cause. But this sad the transgender.

This is the 15 second version of it actually played after the break coming up against the break was welcome getting all the buzz leading into the Super Bowl will come back and talk more about the Super Bowl or in the worldview that drives that you listing the Christian worldview.

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You can give or calling us toll-free 1888 646-2233. When you give like to thank you by sending you a current resource. Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one 888 646-2233 or go to the Christian Thank you for your support. Think biblically and live accordingly that we try to do every week with every topic we address here on the Christian worldview radio program. Thank you for all your support as we start off your 2020 we had the really were touched impacted by someone in your notes and letters and donations and so forth. So thank you so much for being an instrument of God's grace in the continuation of this radio program really appreciate that they were talking about the Super Bowl sports in the worldview that drives in it before the break we were discussing at the Super Bowl or Fox turn down an ad by a organization called faces of choice and the founder of that organization. Your name is lyric Gillette accused Fox which is broadcasting the game of string her along with this from a quote after she began negotiating in July to era powerful black-and-white ad featuring adults and children of different genders, and ethnicities with one thing in common.

They survived abortions there.

There is the answer that they ask of these records, abortion, survivors you heard in that ad before the break. Now there adults and so forth. In an era where she says were trying to give survivors a voice whether that is through the meat to movement, or any number of issues.

For some reason we deserve. We deem survivors of abortion worthy of being ignored into oblivion.

Very good point by by Ms. Gillette actually wrote talk about the, the victims and survivors of sexual harassment than they should be. They should be mission be brought to light, but how about the victims of who had botched abortions were actually thankfully live through them. She says that to me is both ironic, but also just appalling so you heard the pro-life out of those various people from different walks of life, talking about how that they they survived court" choice. What here's the, the, the, added that the Super Bowl this year for the hummus company. They only release 15 seconds of it but this one was accepted. Now you have to just picture in your mind, convince the court see the video of this on radio, but there's two men sitting side-by-side dressed up very dramatically as the women and one of them is trying to put a football helmet over his over his huge here that he has on his head. Of course are acting like women dressing like women, the sin of the sin of homosexuality.

Transgender is in right in front of us being promoted actually being affirmed. After celebrated in some way tomorrow on the Super Bowl ready cracker, chick peas I was born to red. I hope this doesn't give me omit air radio make people laugh at three get a do lower lowers their sensitivity to what is perverse, men dressing as women so forth. And that's was promoted today in our culture. It's no accident why this is becoming affirmed and yet the binary system as Aaron Rodgers calls it of abortion is is pushed off the side Vic good morning, they wanted to buy another warning alibi that so much. There is a rejection by Fox the same company owns Fox News Channel. You know what the conservative bastion right and on television same network owned by the same people rejected this particular ad member Fox News Channel is not the other Christian church okay and I'm thankful for what they bring out a different a conservative perspective in their news channel, but the this is not this is not pervasive all throughout their whole network of stations now. Meanwhile, speaking of abortions abortion. Roe versus Wade. The court case that legalized it was decided.

Back on January 22 anniversary of it was just a couple weeks ago 1973. And of course there is the March for life as there always is in Washington DC the March for life mission is to end abortion, not just to the lower. At the end it, which is a good good thing this is the American Holocaust. In that minute by uniting, educating and mobilizing pro-life people in the public square square advocates for overturning Roe versus Wade. Now interestingly enough for all the people out there who are pro-life completely against abortion but can't stand Donald Trump Donald Trump was just the first president ever, ever to attend and speak at the March for life George Bush one and two never spoke out. Even Ronald Reagan never spoke on, and here's what our president had to say. When he spoke at the March for life. All of us here today understand an eternal crew. Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God.

Together, we must protect, cherish and defend the dignity of the sanctity of every human life. When we see the image of a baby in the world we glimpse the majesty of God's creation. You know for his shortcomings as personal file abilities. If that's a word it's pretty strong to say every child is made in the image of God is the present United States saying that that means something as powerful advocacy for him to do this.

The first president ever. Every Pres. should be there because it's it's it's quite self-evident that a child in the womb is a child, and abortion is ending intentionally ending that life. It is legalized murder of the unborn. It is the American Holocaust 60 million babies have been aborted in our country, God will have to judge us for this great sin talk about the Holocaust and the concentration camps, and in Germany and was horrific blocked on history. This is an even bigger blot than that 60 million babies have been murdered in the womb, and now all the way up to the time of birth. Now after birth. People advocate for that as well. Now the ER LCD evangelical's are the ethics and religious Liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention. This is that the are the the parachurch organization that serve a political advocacy group for the Southern Baptist convention led by Russell Moore one of their research fellows Thomas Kidd for the ER, LCD, ethics and religious Liberty commission tweeted he also is a professor at Baylor and he's to speaker and author for the Gospel coalition after Thomas Kidd is, he tweeted out upon seeing Pres. Trump speak at the March for life. You said this. Hopefully it will be good for Trump.

Personally, it isn't good for the pro-life movement to be associated with him unquote.

Just think about that for second. According to Thomas Kidd of the RLC in the Gospel coalition. It's better for babies to keep on getting slaughtered and having a president actually identify and speak for their lives. It is, is that is that the conclusion would take from that particular comment hopefully be good for Trump personally like he's doing a political reasons to shore up the pro-life well maybe maybe he is. I'm sure this is a politician he probably is but what he said is advocating for a living human beings made in the image of God. It isn't good for the pro-life movement to be associated with him apparently is better that babies keep on getting slaughtered than to be associated with downs. Trump that is the kind of evangelical mentality that is becoming ever more popular today as leaders like Russell Moorman to read about what he had to say, the head of the RLC had to say about what it means to be pro-life.

Notice how pro-life is not is not good enough to be pro-life to be pro-life is the many other things that you have to be if you're going to be pro-life. Notice of this is what where this will take you if you start appropriating some of these other policy positions. He wants you to kiss Russell Moore says to care about human life doesn't mean that were necessarily going to agree on what healthcare system model ought to look like, but it does mean that we agree that sick people matter does mean that were necessarily going to agree on what sorts of affirmative action programs we ought to have in our colleges and universities, but it has to mean that we understand and know that black lives matter black people matter. It doesn't assign mean that we agree and how many immigrants ought to come into the country every year, but it has to mean that the lives of immigrants and strangers and sojourners matter to God and not to matter to us so we can't be the people who say that these people are parasites, we have to say these are people created in the image of God that that's a very, very loaded paragraph that he just made their other words, if you care about pro-life then you need do you need to agree with the healthcare system that sick people matter. I think every Christian cares about a health system that does that, but the health system that he's implying here's is one that where the government directs a life and death decisions and they they do. The redistribution of who gets healthcare and who does and he goes into affirmative action program that that's just an assumption there there there. This should be affirmative action based on people's skin color that that's not even a question in his mind that you should you should divide people according to their their skin color and into a dozen. He talks about immigration how many immigrants these are all, of course, Christians are for illegal immigration of those who come in the country who want to be Americans and contribute to our society, but of course Christian should be against the global is a good idea of no boundaries and no borders. We have this one world one world nation so to speak where the world will end up eventually. According to the Bible, it will end up there. But until that point. As God created nations, not global, not doesn't want man together. That's what we've learned in the at the Tower of Babel and so what what it was.

Tricky, duplicitous statement on abortion that Russell Moore makes from the E RLC and Jeff Maples, columnist for that website mentioned earlier, Reformation Charlotte writes out Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore laid out a brand-new definition of a being pro-life to include not only opposing abortion, but supporting such things as affirmative action for black color students softening border laws and government operated healthcare systems being pro-life he says is nothing at all to do a social justice is about ending the slaughter of innocent children in the womb. That's exactly right. That's about.

That's all it ever been about and having the president of the most powerful nation in the world attend the event, despite the fact that he's not truly a Christian.

Jeff Mabel doesn't believe is a true born-again Christian, which I tend to agree with.

But of course we don't know doldrums are but look, I'm very thankful for the policy positions he takes even non-Christians can be advocates for the pro-life cause. Just proves you're right that he is a better grasp on general revelation than the vast majority of those with Inc. themselves as leaders of the church of Jesus Christ. So true. Coming back room finished the show talking about Kobe Bryant and his tragic death, much more coming up the tune here in the Christian worldview and David.

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As I mentioned earlier, down in Australia with the outgoing open with two tennis greats, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova doing encore protests holding up signs to demand the. The deep platforming that the renaming of a stadium court down there. It was named after the really the greatest tennis champion of all time that you probably haven't heard about because it was in a past era and she's not very well known glissade America, but she is in other parts the world a Margaret court she won the most major singles of all time and she believes in a biblical definition of marriage, and that has put her in the crosshairs, and of course those who advocate for homosexuality and transgender is Mike Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe and create quite a brouhaha down the stripe a little time to get another whole story. There's more to it than just a couple sentences but will close today and talking about another sports story that captured the attention of the entire world.

That was the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter and seven other people about a week ago in Los Angeles now if you don't know Kobe Bryant is. He's one of the most accomplished Basque NBA basketball players of all time. He won five NBA titles and two Olympic gold.

She was considered and maybe a top 45 players in history is only a 40 years old and in Los Angeles last weekend. He was riding in a helicopter at so he traveled around me. This man is fantastically wealthy made hundreds of millions of dollars, probably in his career. He also won an Oscar. By the way for a short film animated film that he helped produce on basketball. And ironically, just as an aside, here Glenn Keene, the, the, the animator of a lot of the Disney the famous Disney and make animator who also did the Adam raccoon books.

If we offer is a believer. The series that we offer, which is an excellent series that you should get for your kids was the animator for Kobe Bryant's film that won an Oscar. Just as an aside there anyway. Kobe Bryant often traveled around Los Angeles Riverbend. There, you know what the traffic is like you live those south of Los Angeles. He had a JAMA basketball Academy or something up and more. The Western Northwest part of Los Angeles and to get there from where he lived to probably take an hour and 1/2 by driving so with his money. He was able to afford being able to helicopter around Los Angeles with her was to thereto. The Los Angeles Lakers games that he played for for many many years and so last weekend there were not helicopter. He and his daughter and then seven other people, parents, and their own children who agree playing in this particular basketball practice or game only got caught in a a a fog bank near their destination and crashed into the side of the mountain.

This is an incredibly tragic story that made world headlines all over the place and someone as significant as Kobe Bryant in the middle of his life, young man 40 years old dies, along with eight of the people, including his daughter and so there are many many things to take away from the story does want to point out three here to close the program first. While this is a horrible tragedy. Kids. Children lost their fathers and their and their mothers. Kobe had three other kids there was a mother, the coach of the team was on the flight. None of her kids. Her husband want her husband was quoted saying the hardest thing for me and how is this how I do this I would go forward without my children's mother, you can just imagine you know what what that would be like mothers lost their children in this thing. Nine people unexpectedly died.

The families of those who are dealing with this complete grief and shock in their life need to be prayed for the needy mean to be prayed for, that they would would come to understand who God is and that death happens to all of us and that there is an urgency. There is a call there's a command to be to get right with God before that happens. There's no there's no answer to why this happened. We don't know why God allowed this to happen, member God either causes or allows everyone to happen he's in control this universe. He could've stopped that plane that helicopter from crashing crashing for some reason you chose not to. We don't know why and when I meant to give the reason that Jesus answers why in a second here but we just don't know that an answer why we may never know that answer why number two thing to take away is we don't know you don't know when you are going to die, but you will you will die and I will die at some point that that is it is appointed unto man once to die. The Bible says in the Bible says that you will either go to heaven or hell, there's the binary system that Aaron Rodgers was talking about. You go there. One of those two places based on how you answer one question. Did you receive or did you reject the person and work of Jesus Christ on your behalf other words, you pay. Put your faith in what Jesus did for you on the cross that he pay the penalty. You deserve to pay for your sin, you trusting only in holy and that nothing of your own to be right with God in his work, not your own works or have you rejected that and said no. I have another bad of a spiritual path is Aaron Rodgers was saying that opening interview of the day that's that's the fact were all going to die, organist, and before God in judgment. The Bible says organ to be sentenced to heaven or hell. We live in a pay the penalty for our own sins, for us or what have faith that Jesus paid them for us in our behalf. That's really the bottom line here so that that Kobe Bryant died age 40 were all gonna die roll role in the process of dying. Right now we just don't know when the last thing is this death is the great equalizer. You know the rich and the famous like Kobe Bryant and the unknown of those other people who were on the helicopter they take nothing to the grave. Bryant's multimillions of dollars in fame could do nothing and nothing to keep him from dying at the time that he didn't expect another word you can amass all this fame and fortune life but you just die like everyone else, and what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but loose his soul. What will a man give in exchange for his soul.

Jesus asked that question and the answer there's nothing there's nothing you can do or gain or doesn't profit you anything to gain the whole world. If you lose your soul outing. I don't know what Kobe Bryant what his beliefs were never met the man on the know what his heart was a day before the crash.

Whether he had come to saving faith.

The last day of his lot.

I do not know but the.

The call is for the rest of this who are still living were still breathing who still have this opportunity to get right with God to do it now to the why question when there were some tragedies in Israel, just like this was a tragedy, Jesus was asked basically the question why did God allow this Jesus said to them, do you suppose that these Galileans who all died were greater seat sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered this fate, fate I tell you no, but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.

His answer is all gonna die. We don't know when the call is to repent and believe in the gospel never done that. Do it today go to how to be right with God on our website the Christian world if you like to find out more about that's one of the most popular place pages on the website because it answers the most important question about how we can be made right with a holy God until next weekend. Everyone think biblically and live according we hope today's broadcast turned your heart towards God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world, call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world got away will call us toll-free at one Tripoli 8646 2233.2 is set Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world you until next time think biblically live according

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