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Is the “American Gospel” the true Gospel?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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February 7, 2020 7:00 pm

Is the “American Gospel” the true Gospel?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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February 7, 2020 7:00 pm

Christians shouldn’t be surprised that professing Christendom in America is full of fakes, frauds, and charlatans huckstering false teaching and non-saving gospels.  In fact, the apostle Peter guaranteed it in his second letter:

“But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies” (2 Peter 2:1).

Lack of surprise at this should not mean lack of discernment and unwillingness to point it out.  After all, misrepresenting God and His Word are grievous sins and people are terribly impacted when they are drawn in by false teachers.

This week on The Christian Worldview, we are going to discuss some of the false gospels being propagated in America—moralistic preaching, the works gospel, the “attractional” church, the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel, and more—in light of the film, American Gospel—Christ Alone...

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Is the American gospel, the true gospel that the topic will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news the gospel that all people can be reconciled to God in faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David Wheaton, the host in our website the Christian thanks for joining us today for another edition of the Christian worldview. As we discussed is the American gospel, the true gospel now Christians shouldn't be surprised that professing Christian domain.

America is full of fakes and frogs in charlatans hocks during false teaching and non-saving Gospels. In fact, the apostle Peter guaranteed this in a second letter where he says, but false prophets also are row arose among the people.

Just as there will also be false teachers among you who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, second Peter 21 buckets of lack of surprise at this should not mean lack of discernment and unwillingness to pointed out. After all, misrepresenting God and his word are grievous sins and people are terribly impacted when they are drawn in by false teachers. So this week on the Christian worldview.

We are going to discuss some of the false Gospels being propagated in America such as moralistic preaching or the works gospel or the court attraction all church or the health, wealth and prosperity gospel in light of the film American gospel. Christ alone. Our guest is Brandon Kimber he's the creator of this film and a second film on progressive Christianity, titled American gospel. Christ crucified, so this first target. Discuss today is American gospel. Christ alone, upcoming program is good to be American gospel. Christ crucified, and so let's get to the first segment of the interview with Brandon Kimber, Brandon, it's great to have you on the Christian worldview. I often asked first time guest just tell us about your background, how you became a follower of Christ and what you do now.

Thanks for having me David. I live in Cleveland Ohio. I am married with four children. I grew up in a Christian home, my parents both got seated before I was born and growing up. I constantly heard their testimony of how before Christ. They were living the party lifestyle.

Basically, drugs, alcohol, my mother went down that path. After her mother died at a young age, and my father experimenting in Eastern religions and they both found Christ and so I would hear this growing up, I thought I was a pretty good kid. I didn't do drugs and all that stuff that they talk about. I didn't realize the sins of the heart, the self-righteousness, the pride, the lust that stuff that you don't see with your eyes were just deserving of hell as the sins that my parents talked about. It wasn't until I came across some Internet sermons that my view of the gospel completely changed the church that I grew up in was a church that had a lot of influences from the word of faith or prosperity gospel movement. A lot of the teachers in that movement were influencing my parents.

I saw their books around the house.

Benny hand was a name I was familiar with this church that I want to I would say was very unbalanced and it was focused on grace only, and we will work really ever hearing about the justice of God and the holiness of God. This is a charismatic church so it was very focused on spiritual experiences and people doing crazy things like you see at Bethel church. For example, being slain in the spirit and convulsing on the floor and it was kind of like trying to chase a spiritual high. My parents took me out of that church around age 15 and we spent the next decade in a Nazarene church in college I come across these sermons. One of them from Paul washer. There are certain elements you know about the nature of God.

That really clicked for me and I began to become dissatisfied with the preaching.

I was hearing in my current church I realized that it was moralistic preaching and will talk about that little bit later. So as far as my current job in filmmaking, video and film were something that was a hottie since about eighth grade right out of college, got a job at the company I am currently at my boss gave me permission basically to do a passion project and that's kind of how American gospel began, and I really felt that that there is a need for a tool to help them see and understand the true gospel and see it compared to the counterfeit Brandon Kimber with us today in the Christian really the creator of two films calls American gospel is a part.

One is a part two were talking about part one today subtitle is Christ alone a Brandon let's get right into the film because a lot of things to address in this first film and apply the trailer to the film which touches on a number of these things in the were going to pull some of the things out throughout her interview today secures the trailer for American gospel.

Christ alone is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted told you you can accomplish your dreams no way I ever really hurting. God wants you helping work for my uncle Benny hidden famous faith healer. As far as I knew died and rose again so that I can do what was going on my time that this was real charlatans and snake or salesman have been doing trick for decades. People think basically that religion is there to boost your ego make you happy, successful, make life go well and Scripture says that staying thinking God like us what you do is create a God he wants to give all the desires of your so I abandoned my version of the American dream and I said I would do what I can gospel nations. As the trailer from American gospel Christ alone. The first film in this series, and Brandon Kimber is our guest today, the creator of American gospel in Brandon. You covered a lot in that trailer. It's really powerful to watch and I you touch a number of different things from moralistic preaching on these false gospels that have become popular in American been exported abroad moralistic preaching the works gospel, the word of faith movement. The attraction all church all these erroneous things that the American churches become involved in.

Let's get straight to what you mentioned in this previous answer, but moralistic preaching hears Matt Chandler, pastor from the believe the Dallas-Fort Worth area talking about this idea of moralistic preaching. In fact, I think the thing most common among unbelievers when they think about Christianity is a thing about Christian morals. What we believe about sacs what we believe about money. What we believe about them. The most common misperception about what Christianity is. Is it some sort of moral betterment program and all religions are being a good person. There's few things as damning and devastating to the human spirit than in that message we want to first of all say there's nothing wrong with preaching morality, we certainly don't want to preach the opposite and morality but moralistic preaching or sometimes identified as moralism is preaching the commands of Scripture or the morals of Scripture and nothing else. Just pretty much saying the people you be a good person and God love you for that. And while we do not intended that is not just a sub Christian message. It's actually in anti-Christian message okay with Matt Chandler at the beginning and then another. I can't remember his name, who was interviewed there at the end but talking about this issue of preaching moralism. It's a personal betterment program. Brandon explained that a bit more and how that has become very pervasive in the evangelical church today. Moralistic preaching is really preaching all the commands of Scripture. So you're going to hear about how you need to love more, serve more what you should do what you shouldn't do that would be under the category of law, there is this very important distinction that's helped me a lot. The distinction between law and gospel. So law would be due. What you should do the commands of God and the gospel is done. That's the good news of what God has done for you or his promises of what he will be doing. I experienced a lot of sermons where I wasn't hearing about Christ and his work who Christ is, it was really just those commands, and so there's this problem where if if that's all a person is hearing your left with these two twin damning possibilities if you hear these commands and you think that you haven't lived up to those commands you can fall into despair.

But if you think that you have. It's gonna make you prideful. So on one hand, you're either self-righteous or you're on the other hand, are incomplete, despair. The gospel is coming in between those and saying you haven't been good actually.

The standard for good is to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect in just hearing that alone leaves you in despair but the good news is going to say that look Jesus obey the law in your place, lived a sinless life and he died a substitutionary death in your place, took the penalty that you deserve for your sin and pay that himself. What you should be hearing and the sermon is a balance of law and gospel. So you want to hear about what Christ is done and in response to that, therefore, you obey here the commands. Now you're obeying out of a loving gratitude for what Christ is done for you and that you're not just given be good message or of be like insert Bible character message in that moralistic preaching. It's very closely associated with the biggest false gospel of all, which is the works righteousness gospel that by doing good you can earn favor with God and in merit salvation, eternal life, and and so forth. And you bring that out in the film American gospel.

The first part Christ alone may play a one minute sound bite on this issue of the works gospel.

Another false gospel as part of this American gospel okay will get back to that soundbite.

After this first break of the day here in the Christian worldview.

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Your email and mailing address will never be shipped and you can unsubscribe at any time. Call one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.were back on the Christian worldview radio program on David with the host website is the Christian our topic today is is the American gospel. See the true gospel gospel being preached in churches and throughout America that the true gospel are they false gospels and our guest is Brandon Kimber, the creator of two films airing gospel. Christ alone and American gospel. Christ crucified, with make a simple American gospel one American gospel to today were discussing the first film and we going to continue with the interview with Brandon Kimber and tell you how you can get both of these films as well in that moralistic preaching. It's very closely associated with the biggest false gospel of all, which is the works righteousness gospel that by doing good you can earn favor with God and in merit salvation, eternal life, and and so forth. And you bring that out in the film American gospel. The first part Christ alone may play a one minute soundbite on this issue of the works gospel.

Another false gospel is part of this American gospel Roman Catholic view of salvation and really any workspace system of salvation takes works and puts it at the root and says that works. Plus your faith in Jesus is what produces salvation for the Bible teaches that it's not the root section of the fruit that your faith alone in Jesus. That is what saves in the not a life that is been saved is sanctified, regenerated heart produces fruit. The fruit of good works so you know a person's been saved because of their fruit with the fruit is not the reason there saved there saved by God by grace through faith in Christ is the Christian is the only person true Christian who can say that they're going to heaven without being self-righteous. Why, in other religions how to get to heaven you get to heaven by being good by earning it in Christianity not reconciled to God through your own virtue, merit to reconciled to God to the virtue and merit of the sun that was Paul washer there. The last part of that soundbite in what was said and that soundbite is so critical to understand.

It is the distinction that makes all the difference between being right with God having Christ righteousness versus basing your salvation your own righteousness which is which is nothing is not enough doesn't erase what the sin you've done in the past God doesn't grade on a curve. So Brandon, as you heard that soundbite from your film. Why do you think we I say all of us have such a propensity for this false gospel of all gospels that are our works are good deeds are communion are baptism are charitable acts are being kind to one another. Why is it such a great tendency to be attracted to this particular false gospel.

The works gospel. That's kind of the default position of the human heart. We want the glory for what we can do and to be told that our best works are filthy rags that God is both offensive and unattractive, but it's true. It doesn't help that were in a culture where were told if you work hard you will be rewarded. That's kind of the American dream that feeds into what our hearts Artie. Love is ourselves the gospel of Christ alone. That's where God gets all the glory. She's done it all and none of our merits.

None of our good works of contributed to that Brandon Kimber with us today here in the Christian worldview, the creator of American gospel. Both films are set first film is the subtitles Christ alone. The second one she just releases call Christ crucified Brandon to play another soundbite from the film is gone from moralistic preaching to the works gospel.

Now let's go over to the what you mentioned earlier that had impacted your family so much growing up which was the Word of Faith movement and this particular soundbite has one of the most popular word of faith.

Preachers Kenneth Copeland also Benny Hinn and then finishes with Justin peters, who you also mentioned has been who is has cerebral palsy and I was was falsely promised to be healed and he is younger and has spent much of his adult life and ministry speaking out against that the false gospel of the Word of Faith movement was here that soundbite, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and others from your film American gospel is God's will to heal. If so, is it his will to heal me. The answer is yes and yes.

When I'm praying for somebody first thing that happens have to be absolutely convinced that it's God's will to heal people.

Every time the word of Faith movement is the term that's given to a movement is more commonly known as the health and wealth gospel prosperity gospel name and claimant gospel distinction is always God's will for a Christian to be wealthy. It's always God's will for Christian be physically healed the sick. Believe me when I I never get or if we do get sick we can be healed as long as we have enough faith, we can attract positive things to ourselves through positive thinking Norman Vincent feel the great Vincent was my past our positive thinking and the Word of Faith movement is led by people searches Benny Hinn's most famous facing her, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Joel posting, Joseph Prince TD Jakes mama. These are just some of the more prominent leaders of the movement, but what is happening is that the United States of America has created this false theology is now exported to the rest of the world. Now the face of Christianity the world today is word of faith that was Justin peters from your film American gospel in Brandon. You've obviously your family have had much experience with this Word of Faith movement aside from the fact that people just want to be healthy and wealthy and prosperous me who doesn't write certain natural human desire. Why do you think it's so prevalent is just exploded around the world as Benny Hinn says in that trailer. Nobody wants to die. Nobody wants to be sick and nobody wants to be poor should know those are natural human desires and so if you take those desires and hold them out as the attraction to come to Christ. That of course it's can be popular. They're not necessarily sinful, but they can be idols, so the word of Faith movement are using God as a means to another end. It's kinda like marrying someone for their money. That message of God has a wonderful plan for your life of health, wealth and happiness in all your dreams will come true is it is contradicting the gospel message of deny yourself, take up your cross and those promises of suffering and persecution that come when you put your faith in Christ Brandon Kimber with us today on the Christian worldview talking about his film the American gospel part one of his film subtitles.

Christ alone something you cover in the film called the attraction will church and this is very important. I think I understand because this idea of how can Christians and how can churches be quote attraction all is something that is really really pervasive within the evangelical church today so plate is one minute soundbite from your film the American gospel to follow up with a question for you about the attraction of church the prosperity gospel is really the worst manifestation of what some might call the seeker sensitive movement or the instructional church movement and be careful about this because the church should be attracted but we have to ask, why is it attractive and to whom is an attractive trip should be attractive because God's people have a hunger first desire being taught and preached and that is a profoundly attractive experience in a profoundly attractive thing for someone who is converted, God is change their heart and the desires, but the attraction will church the negative sense are those churches that seek to make worship and make participation in the church attractive to the unconverted non-so therefore the sermon becomes less about opening up God's word and letting a brief more about entertaining that on this from your film American gospel which listeners will be able to see the video in the background playing during that particular soundbite of all these different things that churches evangelical churches do today. You know the pastor coming in a zip line or in all these crazy props and stunts that they do to you basically entertain people in the music is all part of that to make it seem like a rock concert and dark and the lights and just try to make their church service really seem hip and cool so people from the outside will be attracted to go to church so Brandon talk about how this false way of thinking that if we create a product and entertaining product for the outside world or to like us more than I want to be a part of us are gonna want to come to our church talk about how pervasive this is becoming the evangelical church.

It might be a church that isn't explicitly talking about promises of health and wealth, but this could come in the form of hiding or watering down the hard truths of Scripture or the offensive parts of the gospel. Okay were going to finish with the rest of that answer with Brandon Kimber after this next break of the day here on the Christian worldview again were talking about the American gospel films. The part one of the film. Today really really good film I've seen the first partner to be seen. The second part this coming week are gonna have Brandon out again next week for the follow-up on this. Now if you don't have either of these films really encourage you to to get one or both. You can purchase one just individually on our website the Christian or you can take advantage of our offering our offering both films one into for donation of $30 or more to the Christian will view each still retails for 1799, so we can get both for donation of $30 or more of the American gospel bundle.

You can order you can also call our office at one AAA eight 646-2233. Of course you can write to us as well about 401 Excelsior, Minnesota 5511 the American gospel part one today. Next week as part two state teams. We have much more coming up including a little bit of commentary have this week in politics, the state of the union and the impeachment verdict.

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Good way to listen, especially for for younger people to okay today were talking about is the American gospel at the name the film were discussing that the true gospel taking place in churches around the country today or are our guest is Brandon Kimber.

He is the creator and producer of both of these films are talking about part one this week in the second film will talk about next week. A second films about progressive Christianity. So let's get back to the interview with Brandon where he was talking about the seeker sensitive model of the church are or what's called the attraction all church so Brandon talk about how this false way of thinking that if we create a product and entertaining product for the outside world are gonna like us more than I want to be a part of us are gonna want to come to our church talk about how pervasive this is becoming the evangelical church. It might be a church that isn't explicitly talking about promises of health and wealth, but this could come in the form of hiding or watering down the hard truths of Scripture or the offensive parts of the gospel.

I've been in a church where I saw behind the scenes, the decisions that were made were geared toward attracting the nonbeliever the unbeliever instead of force-feeding the believer so this attraction will model again is geared toward the unbeliever where those decisions will be made with the goal of making that person want to come back to church so you don't want to offend them in their Christmas or Easter service by preaching the gospel. You want them to come back next week. The problem is the next week. You are now filling your church with false converts and the true Christians in their are starving because are not being taught the word of God.

There's all these distractions that are covering up the gospel or the gospel being watered down and so the church is supposed to be geared for the believer were were there to worship God and to hear the word preached the gospel preached are not here to be entertained.

That's a time where we are acquits to then go out into the world in our workplace, or wherever to share the gospel.

So if if that time is further unbeliever and no one's being said, then how are these people can ever share the gospel if they don't know what the gospel is and they never hear this pretty much explains why the church in America at least, evangelical church in in large part, not every church.

Of course, but just in large part has become so confusing and impotent in preaching the gospel preaching the hard truth of Scripture preaching the whole counsel of Scripture. That is what has impact and changes people's lives so that they can be truly ambassadors for Christ. Here in America. So the it goes a long way towards explaining why we are where we are program recovering that the second film American gospel. Christ crucified coming out.

This is about that film. I haven't seen him to be seeing it this week give us a preview of what that film is about Christ crucified focuses on progressive Christianity and the atonement and what typically happens is kids that grew up in these churches in these youth groups were there not taught Scripture.

And when they go off to college. They are confronted by an atheist, you might be in acts evangelical who happens to know more about the Bible than they do and they start pointing out what they view our problem areas of Scripture or the God of the Bible and his attributes. And this kid who grew up in this church is shocked they don't have the answers or a way to defend that. So no go one of two paths either towards progressive Christianity or atheism in the progressive Christian really is one who denies a lot of the essentials of the gospel and holds on to some vague moralism again where it's all about creating a better world are just Jesus is a moral example for you to follow, rather than a Savior who died and paid the penalty of sin to satisfy the justice and wrath of God. You're not can hear the word wrath in a church like that seen in our sin. In the film. I follow a few different people and their faith journeys and what's different about this second film is I actually did get to interview a few different people that are in the progressive camp that I don't agree with.

But I am contrasting their journey with people who are more sound so you have someone going from progressive Christianity to atheism and someone going from atheism to historic Christianity and seeing how those paths go completely different directions and when they are confronted with hard parts of the gospel, like the attributes of God's holiness is justice. The cross of the doctrine of penal substitution. Hell, the progressives when they are confronted with those they are doing some either theological gymnastics to try to avoid believing these things and one example could be to have a completely different view of the Bible. They don't believe the Bible is the word of God. But it's man's view of God that has evolved over time. So, Bill. Look at the Old Testament God and think, well, this is how they view God, then we have a much more evolved enlightened view of God.

Now and so what happens is there's this view that the God of the Old Testament is somehow different than the God of the New Testament and what I try to explain in the film is no. He hasn't changed. He's displaying both his wrath and grace in both the new and the Old Testament, and that's primarily what you're seeing in the cross, you have a God who is both gracious, loving and willing to forgive sin, but at the same time is also wholly righteous and will by no means leave the guilty unpunished will were looking forward to that conversation because that truly is a major explanation for much of professing Christianity today was special within the mainline denominations. Even one of our political candidates. The Democrat side you hear them all the time speaking about God and good works in their version. And like you said, their understanding of Scripture is that it's not inspired and inerrant, infallible and immutable. You end up in a very different place or looking forward to that conversation. Brandon, we thank you for coming on the Christian world view again today and we wish all of God's best to you and thanks again for creating these excellent films. Thank you for having me do. Okay, that was Brandon Kimber everyone, the creator of the American gospel films part one and part two again. You can purchase either one on our website for 1799 or you can take advantage of our limited time offer organ offer both for a donation of any amount to the Christian real view for Sarnoff of any amount of $30 or more to the Christian really is called the American gospel bundle or you can also if you rather not on the DVD you can just rent it. You can stream and think they give you 40 hours or something to watch it you can you can find out that link on our website as well at the Christian real viewed.orc okay so next week will do part two American the second film. By the way these films are substantial there 100. The first was 139 minutes. The second one is 180 minutes S3 our self.

You get a lot of contents when you start watching these particular American gospel films. The question you have to ask is why be concerned about false teachers, people might say this focus on what you're doing. Don't worry about people who are teaching the wrong thing. Just focus on you on the answer to that is because God's word is very clear that we are to be concerned we are to be warned about false false teachers. Jesus said in Matthew 24 he said this. If anyone says do you look, here is the Christ are various do not believe it. For false Christ's and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

The chosen ones, the ones that will come to saving faith in Christ. See, I have told you before hand.

Jesus write this himself. And so the answer to the question is, why be concerned about false teachers will besides the fact that the Bible very concerned and tells us to be well more than that because perversion of the gospel message. The most important message in the world how we a sinful man can be made right with a holy God is the most important question in the world, you pervert the answer to that question, you pervert the gospel anyway and you make it a non-saving gospel that prevents people from being saved.

And then if you not only go beyond the gospel to other doctrines in Scripture. If you pervert other doctrines of Scripture, Scripture leads people down the wrong road that hurts them in harms people spiritually. It harms them emotionally is sometimes harms them physically and for sure financially mean religion is the most powerful thing in the world because we are made with this is God -shaped vacuum inside of us that wants to worship something reading and worship the true God organ worship something else of false religion, ourselves or money or whatever and so this huge desire in every human being. If you be tweaked the wrong way. What can be very profitable for people and people get hurt financially when they start donating giving money to be healed and all the things that takes place.

Christian church needs to watch its doctrine will come back and talk more after this last regular day here in the Christian real there's an abundance of resources available in Christian bookstores and online that reality is that many of them even some of the most popular did not lead to a sound and strong faith.

The aim of the Christian world is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store. We have a wide range of resources for all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so brows are and find enriching resources for yourself family friend. Small group church. You can also order by calling our office told me at once ventilate 646-2233. That's one AAA Explorer 622 33 or visit the Christian world.or the critical race theory and its effect. Malleus simply and mythical, to be used as tools not as a worldview not transcended worldview above the authority of Berkshire and we stand by the spring of this resolution is the Southern Baptist convention diverging from biblical orthodoxy over issues of women teaching men homosexuality. Critical race theory is this a bellwether of what's coming to your church by what standard is hundred and 10 minute DVD documentary about the battle taking place in the city can receive the DVD for a donation of any amount that Christian worldview to order that Christian worldview.or or call 1888 Explorer 622 33 or lightbox 401 Excelsior, MN 55331 think biblically and then live accordingly. That is what we strive to do as we examine these topics week after week here on the Christian world you radio program.

I'm David with the Hollister website. As always, is the Christian rule of is lots for you to do there.

You can sign up for free weekly email that really keeps you connected with the program updates show previews short takes lots of things to do if you sent for that free weekly email discover a website to do that now before we get it right. It's been a couple minutes here at the end talking about the very dramatic state of the union address and what happened in the world of politics this week but just to conclude on this topic of is the American gospel. The true gospel. We talked about some of these false gospels today. Whether it's the works gospel. The moralistic preaching is be a better person preach moralism does live a certain good way. The Word of Faith movement, the seeker sensitive or attraction all church. How about we we hear what the true gospel actually is, and Paul washer who is a man who has former missionary to Peru very very high reverence for God and his word, a great preacher and articulate her of the gospel.

Here's what he said the gospel is along with Steve Lawson I think is in this in this film is that short clip as well and then contrasting it to what Joel O'Steen preaches here's what the true gospel is Paul washer if we don't understand who God is in the gospel does not make much sense. See the great issue here is that God is holy God is just and that man is unheard of in man is not just man is unrighteous man is a sinner. 99.9% of people are not bad people.

They may make poor choices but deep down I got a good heart. The Bible says that we are dead in trespasses and sand. Ephesians 2 verse one immediately comes to mind.

To be dead in San names that we are physically alive that that we are morally unable to respond to God.

What can a dead man day.

Therefore, God must perform a resurrection.

How can sinful man reconcile to a just God whose justice demands that they be punished. The answer is found in the person of Jesus Christ. The historical person God intervening to human history, and this Jesus of Nazareth lived the perfect life that you and I could never live have never live and then he goes to a cross. We owed a debt to God because of our sin and that dad was suffering eternal punishment, but on the cross, God himself.

He took our place for our sin and suffered the wrath of God that we deserve. He extinguished he put it away on the third day he rose again from the dead he ascended up into heaven. This Jesus, the son of God, sat down at the right hand of God, and now the Bible teaches that Jesus is the way the truth and the life that no man comes to the father except through him that there is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. In many ways. The defining doctrine of true local Christianity is justification by faith alone in Christ alone so well spoken about what the gospel is not is not just will add Jesus onto your life is believe in Jesus. The Bible says the demons believe in and shutter Paul washer takes you through give you the context of what the gospel is that God is holy and just and we are not we are sinners and we have a sin debt that we've amassed that a just God just cannot overlook. So how can God justify us. We have so much sin to be paid for.

We deserve eternal punishment, so God sent his son to pay that sin debt for us substitution on the cross for us, so that God's wrath over our sin and his justice over our sin. Every sin can be paid for through the sacrifice of Christ and then which leaves us to respond to that that news that Revelation in the way respond we can receive that gift of faith and salvation is through repenting of our sin and putting our trust and faith in who Christ is and what he did in the cross for us and I so appreciate his articulation of the gospel. If you've never if you've never come to that point of decision in your life.

Understanding who God is who you are who Christ is and what he did for you on the cross. I urge you to come to that decision. Right now, today, now is the time of salvation, not tomorrow, not in the future. We don't know what's gonna happen later this afternoon. We do know what Jesus said his command was repent and believe in the gospel urge you to do that today.

You can always call us about that. If you want more explanation about what the gospel is this. Call us at our office 1888 646-2233. We also have a page on our website rather just read about what the gospel is what must I do to be saved.

As the title of the page and website. Just go to the Christian real and you can read about what the gospel is okay so in our remaining moments today just want to make sure you not to get this film American gospel one or two or both. You can purchase one of the other for 1799 in our website or you can get both for a limited time both films American gospel one into for a donation of $30 or more to the Christian really is called the American gospel bundle.

He can only get that the Christian real if or by calling us at 1888 646-2233 or writing us a Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 toll just to talk briefly about the state of the union address.

We know much time left in the program today limited to self visit to say that it was a very dramatic week in politics and if you haven't seen Pres. Trump state of the union address. I would really highly recommend you do so.

I've seen many of them over my lifetime never seen anything quite like this in the in the context of this impeachment going on right now that the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, was just sitting right behind along with the VP Mike pence is the impeachment vote in the Senate to remove him from office that Nancy Pelosi had led the dead the house to do was going to take place the next day the next day after the state of the union address. You can imagine that context. How much bad blood and how much ill will.

There was doing. Pres. Trump came in. He delivered it address you copy the address to both Mike pence and Nancy Pelosi and there is no handshakes. There is a lot of controversy about that but you can almost understand the situation of that.

Why would they be pleasant greetings when the speakers try to remove the present from office and then trump one into this address and I have never heard such a conservative policy platform from her present at least in my life and my lifetime. Again, I urge you, we have a link that I website to to if you like to hear this message. You, the biblical worldview naturally flows into conservative political philosophy. I don't by any means say that Pres. Trump is a biblical worldview. But many of the things he was saying in his State of the Union address. You could see you know the roots of the Christian really like the sin nature of man. That's what we have limited government, separation of powers after we have free will with individual freedoms of conscience, speech, religion he was articulating these things and not perfectly Republican Party does not have a corner on the typical worldview for government but by comparison with the Democrat party stands for is a complete rejection of God and his word was made very clear in the state of the union is a take a look at that. If you get a chance this week we live in a changing and challenging world to remember there is one thing we can count on entrusting Jesus Christ and his word of the same yesterday today and forever. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free at one AAA 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.2 is that Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world you until next time think biblically and live according

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