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Short Take: How to explain to people that God’s judgment is not “disproportionate” punishment?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 5, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take: How to explain to people that God’s judgment is not “disproportionate” punishment?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 5, 2020 8:00 pm

Description: Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on What is the Cure for a Pandemic Greater than the Coronavirus?

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From interacting with people and you hear people's responses to the gospel, especially the younger generation thinks it's disproportionate punishment. What you're talking about with regards to God's holiness and justice in his wrath and his his judgment over sin. How do you dismantle this concept today that will really mean my little sin is going to cause a God, if there is one to send me to hell for eternity. That seems a little extreme.

Yeah, obviously I don't believe in atheists when they say unbelieving God all they say is no evidence of God's existence. I know they do know that like Adam is running from God.

Try to hide because this sends them.

Like the prodigal son who went to a fine country to get away from the father, because it is sent and so I know they intuitively know God exists is given liked every man, and that without excuse, because the evidence of creation according to Romans chapter 1, so I peeled a conscience number one using the will and number two I peeled the a reason. By asking this question and say his name's ball. Bob didn't want Dave is according to the Bible once is no Mrs. wages.

Wages is what God is giving you what you sent wages of sin is death.

Romans 623 God considers sin to be so serious he's paying you in the Sica judge in a court of law who's got a heinous criminal performing things likely of killing three young girls rewrite slit their throats. He doesn't care. He says that we discover the prospect's so the judge says with paying you for your crimes.

You going to the electric chair. This is your wages.

This is what you've earned. God's his sin is so serious he's giving us the death sentence I say Bob. The reason you will die is because you have sinned against God, do you think you that sinful that evil justified that God should give you capital punishment involves is no okay let's see how good you and we just go through the months and he proves to be a lying, thieving, blasphemous fornicating adulterer being on pornography daily and using his creative's name is a curse word and suddenly sin becomes exceedingly sinful the conscience the judge on the court where the mind suddenly begins to do its duty and accusing from the inside. The Holy Spirit convicts him of sin is now. By the law and then he's ready for the gospel, the good news in obscene people kind of the look of relief for living shut on the law and they suddenly see me notice some proselytizing and religious not they see me as someone who really cares, and they can suddenly see why I cares because they were in terrible mortal danger. And that's my motive, announcing joy, literature, and money.

I'm saying hey Bob Junior in terrible danger you go to get right with God before the dance seizes upon you, and this coronavirus is making that mobile for them

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