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Is the Coronavirus Setting the Stage for End Times Events?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 17, 2020 8:00 pm

Is the Coronavirus Setting the Stage for End Times Events?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 17, 2020 8:00 pm

With the global coronavirus pandemic that has let to governments enacting strict shutdowns across the world, Christians are naturally wondering whether this could be a stepping stone to the events the apostle John writes about in the Bible’s final book of Revelation, which details a “rapture” (snatching away) of followers of Christ, global governance led by a leader called Anti-Christ, worldwide “tribulation”, and the long-expected return of Jesus Christ.

After all, Jesus says in Matthew 24, “be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming…for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will” (Matthew 24:42, 44).

Mike Gendron, director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries, will join us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss how the events surrounding the coronavirus—worldwide impact, government reaction, widespread illness and death, economic downturn, restrictions of Christians—are elements of what the Bible describes in the coming End Times...

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The coronavirus setting the stage and times events doesn't talk will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christian and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God. They in Jesus Christ the house or website is not Christian worldview.or well with this global coronavirus pandemic that has led to governments enacting strict shutdowns all across the world. Christians are naturally wondering whether this could be a steppingstone to the events that the apostle John writes about the Bible's final book of Revelation, which details a a rapturous snatching away of the church.

Followers of Christ. Global governance led by a leader called Antichrist worldwide tribulation in the long expected return of Jesus Christ. After all, Jesus says in Matthew 24 be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming.

The Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think he will my gender and is the director of proclaiming the gospel ministry. He joins us today in the Christian worldview to discuss how the events surrounding the coronavirus, the worldwide impact the government reaction widespread illness and death economic downturn.

Restrictions of of Christians are elements of what the Bible describes in the coming end times. Michael give an overview of various eschatology eschatology views explain what Christian should be doing right now why professed faith healers have been impotent to cure those with the coronavirus and much more. Was good to the first segment, which went with my gender.

Mike, it's great to have you back on the Christian worldview today. During the mists of this whole coronavirus pandemic to talk about in terms of the possibilities that this is setting the stage for biblical end times events before we get into that. Perhaps you could just give us an overview. Just give us a brief framework for what you understand the Bible to teach for the End of Days including the rapture of the returning reign of Christ final judgment. Sure back with you looking at Bible prophecy is always exciting when we say the signs that are often referred to in Scripture rose 7 coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus spoke those in Matthew 24. But when we look at the overview of human history all started with getting kicked out of heaven and caused the fall of humanity in the garden of Eden, and so we have been seeing the worker will follow mankind over the last 6000 years. That includes the period of time where God was focused on the Jews and the Jews rejected the kingdom of God, then we have the beginning of the church age when Jesus went to the cross and we had 2000 years of church history and that of course followed by 2000 years basically from the time of Abraham to the time of Christ, and prior to that we have 2000.

Prior to Abraham so looking at 6000 years of human history right now we know that after the church age. It will actually and when the Lord Jesus comes for his church that is called the rapture of the church and when that takes place.

We will see a seven year tribulation and we don't know will start immediately after the rapture mostly speculate it will happen sometime after the rapture premium about and that will be the apostasy. The great apostasy is talking about throughout the church age where people are falling away from the faith of the apostles. They growing apostasy will actually reach is saying is that the midpoint of the tribulation. Which is called the abomination of desolation and that's when the world ruler, the Antichrist will walk into the temple of God, declaring himself to be God. At that point we have what is called the second half of the tribulation, the great tribulation. And that's when God will pour out his wrath on the earth and we see that starting in Revelation 6 and received.

That is the wrath of the Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ poured out of yours that will continue for about 3 1/2 years until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When the Lord comes. During the second coming, he will set up his 1000 year millennial reign on the surface, and so that would be the thousand year reign that we see mentioned primarily in Revelation 20 is mentioned six times the thousand year reign of Christ also mentioned quite often in the Old Testament the prophecies we have a 7000 year human history, where the 6000 your point now. Next to grandma looking for is the rapture of the church, followed by the tribulation.

The seven year. In the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth. You just gave us the pre-millennial view of eschatology from Scripture not going to assume that everyone who's listening today holds that view just contrast that briefly to the millennial view or the post-millennial view the millennial as the 1000 year reign of Christ actually spiritualize the six times 7000. As mentioned in Revelation 20. So anything I reign of Christ on this earth for a thousand years and courses. I sure we have many prophecies that point to Christ ruling writing for a thousand years in the Old Testament so that you have what's called the post tribulation view that Jesus will come and take the church away at the end of the tribulation. Of course, that is a minority view. It basically says it. Christ will take his church to heaven at the end of the seven year period and then immediately come back down with the church to rule and reign for a thousand years is also another memo to you and that's called a mid tribulation rapture where the rapture actually takes place at the midpoint of the seven year. But those that are real students of Bible prophecy will acknowledge that the rapture occurs before the tribulation. Because we know that right after the rapture the church will be a wedding feast of the Lamb and family know that the Lord Jesus would not beat up his bride, which is the church and then have the wedding feast of the Lamb. So to be protected from the tribulation.

Ways courses the church of Jesus Christ my gender in with us today in the Christian worldview. He's the director of proclaiming the gospel ministry use. Their website is just that, proclaiming the were talking about how the coronavirus pandemic. The dynamics around it or possibly setting the stage for the oncoming of end times events. Now Mike, you just have written a chapter for a book on globalism and globalism is what the world government is going to be in that end time scenario where the Antichrist rules the world. Overall the nation at the globalist framework you talk about in this chapter how this globalism is good involved government and religion. So how do you see the world transitioning from where it is now to that future structure of globalism where we have now been in office for seven years. Pope Francis Perez made his primary agenda to bring about a global religion.

And when we look at Bible prophecy.

We say that there will be a false prophet and I were a little will usher in time of peace and prosperity in your survey what I believe (and of the Lord's return. The office of the Estate would have to be a catalyst in bringing about a global religion, it's because I believe that the Pope is the most influential falls future in the world today and he has global influences. Religion is located throughout the world. He also has what is called a careerism of infallibility so people look to him is not errant when it comes to faith and morals. According to Scripture, there will be a one world religion that will promise peace through the world and prepare the way for a false prophet in the Antichrist and we see that in Revelation 13 and 17 and we know the Pope Francis has been successful in executing the Vatican's well-defined strategy to create is one world religion. And now he's using his global influence and power to help establish a one world government for the Antichrist.

The apostle John in the book of Revelation describe the ruler of this vast empire is having power and great authority given to him by Satan and he will resist the worship from all the world and have authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. So how do we know that the Pope is been very torrential in bringing this about well just recently. In fact, a year ago May 8, 2019. He spoke at the pontifical Academy of social sciences, and he demanded that a new supernatural legal constituted body and force climate changes in policies and other worldwide threats. This supranational body will advocate a policy of decreased national sovereignty and increase global unity claiming that planetary problems are exasperated by an excessive demand for sovereignty on the part of states to the Pope is trying to convince the world that our only hope for peace, prosperity and planetary salvation is to surrender our national sovereignty. So rather than calling for the outright abolition of nation states.

The Pope insisted they all be subjected to an external global governing authority so Pope Francis went on to the right nations that have border walls and I find this quite amusing because when you go to the Vatican.

You see this surrounded by very substantial wall really does go to the point that man's default in our sinful nature is to be globalist. Dick is the want to gather together. I like it was in the Tower of Babel with a Wanamaker city in their tower make a name from the cells, but God separated the people's there is that foundation for the biblical worldview that nations and people should be separate and not unified together really the separation of sin, the separation of powers as we see in our own government. Today my gender with us today here on the Christian worldview, director of proclaiming the Gospel ministries proclaiming the gospel.Oregon let's get in some of the details of this coronavirus pandemic. One thing that's been very notable course, people are losing their jobs. Businesses are forced to shut down is all this awful distancing going on people to stay at home across the country.

One of the big restrictions for the Christians that felt is the inability to gather in churches in person, or even by drive-in services have been shut down in various places with civil action taken against those who come to church, even in their cars and at the same time Mike liquor stores are allowed to remain open abortion clinics are allowed to remain open and people are driving around in their cars and so forth. What you make of the restrictions going on toward churches right now from gathering in person, or even by drive-in and how does that portend for let's say religious freedom in the future as we as we move toward the end times.

Okay, my gender is going to answer that question right after the first break of the day here on the Christian real view radio program. Mike is the director of proclaiming the Gospel ministries. The website is proclaiming the Given excellent newsletter E newsletter the should sign up for.

Just go to their website proclaiming the you can also visit our website the Christian we have all sorts of resources available for you right now we have the little booklet that been very popular. How to be free from the fear of death is a 20 page booklet. If you've never contacted us it's free this order a copy by calling or emailing us. Everyone else, you can just order in the $0.50 apiece. People are buying them in bulk to give out to people during this time is by Ray comfort much more coming up today on the Christian real view on the coronavirus possibly setting this age for the end times events were given some commentary about that after the interview with Mike. Also Twyla brace coming up in the program later on much more to get to on David Wheaton. People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to their help, their job, their financial future.

There is also heightened spiritual awareness is not doing my right with him. We encourage you to order Ray comfort 20 page booklet how to be free from the fear of death, which explains how one can have peace with God in a confident hope this life and the next, for the good news of the gospel. If you've never contacted the Christian real view because the booklet how to be free from the fear of death free by calling us at one AAA 646-2233 for everyone else. You can order as many as you like for $0.50 per booklet, perfect for sharing with to order go to the Christian or call one AAA 646-2233 that the Christian

The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ for when Christians have a stronger faith. And when unbelievers come to saving faith lives and families and churches, even communities are change for the glory of God.

The Christian worldview is a listener supported ministry.

You can help us in our mission to impact hearts and minds by making a donation of any amount or becoming a monthly partner.

All donations are tax-deductible. You can give or calling us toll-free 1888 646-2233. When you give like to thank you by sending you a current resource. Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA eight 646-2233 or go to the Christian world Thank you for your support and welcome back to the Christian real view radio program. I'm David Wheaton topic today is is the coronavirus setting this age for end times events and our guest is Mike Kendra and the director of proclaiming the gospel ministry with a full statement with him to look at it back to the interview with my gender and what you make of the restrictions going on toward churches right now from gathering in person, or even by drive-in and how does that portend for let's say religious freedom in the future as we as we move toward the end times. Well really interesting to say all the misinformation and confusion that is been going on so called experts that the media is a lot of fake news a lot of scaremongering going on.

People really confuse right now. David, as far as religious freedom goes, it's really as you mentioned very disheartening to say how the government is picking and choosing who can gather and not as able to gather without Ramadan coming up shortly. As can be interesting to see if the government tries to establish the closure of all the mosque. When I look at how the rural population is dealing with the crisis. I see a really from two different perspectives.

We say the Christians they been born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unbelievers of course need to know that it's important for man to die once and after that comes judgment. Christians must use strategic opportunities such as this coronavirus to tell others where they can find sustaining hope not only for this life.

Also, for the next. So this is where I think the church really comes down. We must point unbelievers to Christ and his word because Jesus declared, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life, and is not commended judgment that is passed out of death into life.

So the hopelessness that people are experiencing right now can only be eliminated when they hear about our blessed hope, the Lord Jesus Christ and so I'm really encouraging Christians everywhere to take advantage of this opportunity. People are so concerned about the mortality they're facing death right now and I don't know where to turn to find hope and so I really believe this is a very strategic opportunities of the Lord is laid before us. It certainly is new wrote about this in your last email newsletter and I would encourage listeners today to sign up for that free newsletter from proclaiming the Gospel ministries just go to proclaiming the and you can sign up right there on the website for Mike's regular E newsletter now.

One thing that I haven't heard discussed very much is the fact that there's a very large swath of Word of Faith movement the extreme or extreme charismatic movement who believe that the need the gifts that the supernatural gift the apostles had in the first century. Specifically, the gifts of healing that men men and women have those gifts and are able to heal people why they haven't been able to do anything against this particular virus.

I'm thinking of people like Bethel church in Redding, California, led by Bill Johnson Mike Bickel IHOP in Kansas City.

Even Benny Hinton well-known quote faith healer.

Even Francis Chan, someone who's very familiar in evangelical circles recently spoke at the Moody founders week about how he healed everyone who came to him when he was on a missions trip to me on Mark how do you explain Mike how the profession by these people and many others that God has given them and others.

Human beings know God can heal that God is given. Men and women. The gift of healing, how they been impotent to do so during the coronavirus request that I really believe that this coronavirus is really a blessing from the Lord.

Let me just explain why we say in Romans 828 that all things including this virus. All things are in the will of God euros for good, for God's glory all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

I believe that one of the good things that has come out of those.

David is closing of the false teachers as being France, because clearly if they have the power to heal them. They would be front and center and they would be the most popular people on the earth today is a hero. This virus they really programmed big fraud. Seven.

We see in Ephesians 511 where to expose the evil days of darkness and I believe the Lord is really helping us in this way with the coronavirus and I really hope that the people in the workplace will actually recognize that the following imposters and false teachers and false prophets and that they will turn to the sure word of God. There is so much misinformation and conflicting opinions going on right now I'm in. Even within the church and I say that within the professing church because I know that many of these false teachers have really never experienced a second birth of the really agents of Satan to deceive the world that many people become disillusioned about all that's going on. No one really knows who or what the trusting we see these mounting death tolls and unemployment, all the fear mongering going on the conspiracy theories it's really create a lot of confusion and panic and discouragement and more than ever I think we can point people to the sure word of God we have the infallible source for truth which is the written word of God and instead of looking to these false teachers we need to encourage people to abide in God's word and only then will they know the truth and truth will set them free from being held captive by Satan as well and we know that Satan uses these ponds to just save the world. That's his ultimate goal. My gender in today here on the Christian will view radio program the director proclaiming the Gospel ministries just want to read Mike a short sentence or two from a recent column in market watch, an online news publication.

The title of the story was the next 45 days are the most critical. In US financial history and the quote comes from someone name Alan Lance who was mentored by Temple to know really well known investment guru, and he was talking in terms of that the stock market that this is incredible incredibly tenuous time right now and you said unfortunately this crisis has all three parts of the past. Bear markets selloff. He wrote this pandemic not only threatens America's standard of living, but also could position us as a secondary global power. Unquote now, if the United States becomes a secondary global power in the world and that the new superpowers become say China in Russia and so forth that not change the complete dynamic of the world because you allow a vacuum there for evil actors to take place.

Do you think that that is a reasonable possibility. As a result of this particular coronavirus pandemic. In part two of the question is from Revelation 18. I think I've asked this before but I've been asking again about Babylon the great, the fall of Babylon the great, in Revelation 18 it just seems that the nations of the world are weeping over her fall because of their lost financial benefit of doing trade with her. Is there any possibility that if America does lose its superpower status be as a result of the economic downturn. This doesn't turn around fairly soon. This article thing with the next month and 1/2 or so that America could be this Babylon the great mention Revelation 18. Well, I don't believe America is mentioned having the prophetic word except for Zachariah West says that all the nations of the world will come against Israel. So America is obviously there, when you look at Revelation 18. I think it's more of the global financial system that actually craters and course America right now is probably the strongest economic nation in the world. Lisa was up until two months ago that I really do believe that the coronavirus will actually bring America down to a more even strength.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, economically, and you know that there cannot be a global government unless superpowers eliminated or at least brought down to be equal with men of the other nations. So one of the things that I've been tracking David and I'm sure you have terrorist testing of the tracing that's going on because when you look at Bible prophecy. We know that in the end there will be a ship that will control the buying and selling of the world economy and I think were saying a precursor to that right now with this coronavirus because last week Apple and Google announced a partnership that will let users opt in to a decentralized tracing tool to help determine if a person is come in contact with someone who tested positive for the code of 1970, opt in system will use Bluetooth to transmit to nearby devices only look at Scripture. We know from Scripture the local ruler will cause all small and the great and the rich and the poor and the freeman and the slaves, to be given a mark on the right hand or on their forehead, and that will control the global economy, and so we know there is a pending government policy. Right now America to tracing contract everybody that's been involved with the coronavirus letter about it had the actual virus itself for the asymptomatic.

The only way to push the economy back into motion is to have testing of tracing so we see the government doing that. We also have a government talking about public health professionals recommending everyone carrier card that indicates their status with the virus.

Let me know that the court is going to be inconvenient. So when card-carrying doesn't work then maybe an invisible Sewer check will replace on people's hands in order to validate whether not they can participate in the economy, whether not they can go back to work or attend sporting events or concerts and so it's all very interesting.

I think were living in a time where the Bible speaks more about than any other time in human history. My gender is our guest today on the Christian will be a lot to say about how this coronavirus pandemic is potentially setting the stage is moving the ball forward toward the end times. We have more coming up with Mike some follow-up commentary. Also Twyla brace from citizens Council for health freedom will join us state usually listing the Christian will is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called Congress thought. I don't think God Jesus said, sitting story.separates Christianity other religions in the world.

The American gospel films. Contrast the false teaching so prevalent today to true biblical Christianity. Both films are available in our store and would be excellent to show to your family or small group or give to your pastor to order go to the Christian world or call 1888 646-2233 right to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331. Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your worldview. The first is the Christian world weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains the upcoming radio program along with need to read articles, teacher resources, special events and audio the previous program. The second is the Christian world annual print letter which is delivered to your mailbox.

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Our website is the Christian urge you to go there is never home base on the Internet weakens the fiber. The weekly email within that eat weekly email. By the way you also get the short takes for free every week. This come out the highlights of the programs that you can't listen to the full program is a short takes. You can get other news, information and resources were offering with our ministry. You can also find a how you can support the ministry of the Christian relief if you like to do that. Our guest today is my gender and the director proclaiming the Gospel ministries were talking about is the coronavirus setting the stage for end times events. We have one more short segment with him to let's get back to the final moments with my gender. The fact that this pandemic has been relatively speaking.

Now it's been horrible not to diminish this but the pain and suffering and death that many have suffered through this, but comparatively to other diseases that come every year. Other death 180,000 people die per day in the world is almost seem like this is being used in such a way as to advance just what you said in that last answer. So thank you for telling us about reminding us what Scripture says about what's going to be taking place in the future with the ability to buy and sell in a mark on your wrist or your four head as being technology is already present, and I possibly use through this coronavirus pandemic to implement right now is that over hundred 40,000 worldwide and 35,000 in the United States and look at the code of 19. It really could be a warning to all of us for the future because again, if you're a student of Bible prophecy. We know that the future is going to bring tribulation and famine, slugs will be hail and earthquakes and most of this will be much worse than what were saying today. In fact, in Revelation 68 we say that a force of the earth will perish. And then we say just a few chapters later that the remaining population. Another one third of the population will perish. And then in Revelation 96 we say that in those days men will seek death and not be able to find it, they will long to die, and death flees from them. So right now we see the world trying to remain alive but is going to get some much worse tribulation.

The people want dying will be able to serve more than ever again.

David, we need to encourage people to avoid the tribulation. The only way to do that is by repenting and putting their faith and trust in Christ alone and God promises to save those Jesus Christ becomes a refuge and strength during this time of great trouble and great famine, and pestilence, and all the things that are going on the world was seen as a precursor to what will take place. My thank you so much for coming on the Christian will view today. Thank you for all you do at proclaiming the gospel to lift high God's word God himself and his son, and they stay safe and may God bless you and keep you protected from this virus that was my gender and everyone today in the Christian will view the director proclaiming the gospel. The website is proclaiming the gospel.or he just a relentless ambassador and evangelist for the gospel for biblical truth. He was formally those of you who know him. He was a Roman Catholic. For much of his life before he came to understand the true gospel of faith alone in Christ alone. By God's grace alone.

If you missed any of the interview is always to go to our website. The Christian really. to hear it. You can also sign up for our free podcast in the comes right into your smart phone every week or you can click and play it right on your computer. Lots of ways or go to one and elsewhere there is well to hear the Christian will view now. This virus is not a hoax, but missed a few things about about one thing is that not a hoax. Real people are suffering in 1/2 suffering and died from this guy thought declare about that.

Just like real people suffer and die every day from other diseases and accidents, etc. someone sent me a statistic from the world diameter website and it did talk about worldwide deaths since January 1 through April 1. Never lit beyond that now so it's not may be perfectly accurate but worldwide deaths from various causes from January 1 two, April 4, there been about 46,000 by more than I maybe 50,000 or more deaths from the coronavirus 50,000. Let's say from the regular seasonal flu. This is worldwide.

There been 121,000 deaths, according to according to the world diameter by malaria there been 246,000 deaths by suicide there been 269,000 deaths by traffic fatalities been 338,000 deaths by HIV-AIDS 421,000 deaths by alcohol 627,000 smoking 1.2 million cancer 2 million hunger to poignant million you're the biggest cause of death in the first three months of this year was abortion 10 million babies in the womb have been killed by abortion worldwide since the beginning of this year and compare that again to the first data on COBIT 1946, 50,000 deaths so the comparatively this is much less dangerous than a lot of other things that take the lives of people every day. At the same time is not a hoax again part of the country. New York, New Orleans, different cities, urban areas especially have really suffered people are suffering and dying through this and certainly some social distancing in certain areas is certain affected areas was warranted for a time, especially as the threat of this virus on society at large. Is it was being evaluated but the predictions by the so-called experts has been completely overblown and wrong only what you what you can say it. Dennis Prager wrote a column on this. I want to read just one.

One paragraph of it. He says a large swath of the expert community cloaked itself with unscientific certitude, beginning on March 16 with a model from the Imperial College of London. The source governments relied upon for the decision to run their economies with projected about 2.2 million Americans and half a million Britons would die 2.2 million. Almost every national leader, politician, immediate outlet in the world believe that model is explained in my last, this is interesting. Modern men and women have substituted quote experts for prophets and priests. Science is the secular religion."

Experts arts arts prophets and priests.

In fact, they have greater authority among the secular, especially those left of center than the Pope of the group. The Roman Catholic Church has among Catholics worth Pope seven invoked the doctrine of infallibility twice in history.

The Catholic Church experts invoke it every day among the secular faithful faithful of Dennis Prager's column the predictions by this. The been overblown and wrong. Even the source of this virus is almost certainly known to be now, not what we were told a wet market where there is sewing and of animals. The kind of bizarre kinds over in China, but rather rather being reported now that it came from a virus lab in Wuhan were either human negligence or human intent allowed this virus to get out now is being released at China when they knew about the virus they allot. They close domestic air travel. No one could go in and out of Wuhan and in the end travel on the ground, but they allowed international travel to go in and out of their city that this is again another evidence of this wicked Chinese communist government. So now though, we fast forward to today.

You have government continuing to close down society here in America with again a relatively low number of death and not to diminish anyone who suffered and died a relatively low compare the number of deaths attributed to many other factors that are taking place all the time around. So now you can only attribute what is taking place in the shutdown of our society and the wrong predictions. It's really can only be attributed now as not letting a crisis as they say go to waste. There must be political motivations for what is taking place. I know here in Minnesota.

We've had something like 80 maybe 100 deaths out of 5.6 million people and yet our state is still shut down.

People can't go to church Beaten in public and so forth. 5.6 million people, 8200 deaths of the political ends can only be dissed to surmise can be to tarnish the present make sure he does not get reelected to try to destroy the economy perhaps transform our society and our economy to do some sort of socialistic or surveillance status.

Mike Jen was talking about because is this a important or that setting the stage for for the end times.

I think he can only say it likely is your people are being conditioned right now with this global shutdown for global control is always in terms of use" in quote for your safety and your security.

You can do anything to a population if they will.

This is after you for your safety and your security know you need to put a chip in your hand so we can track you and so we can keep other people away from you. If you have the for the safety and security of society. It's a way to transform possibly the economy look for global solutions socialism healthcare takeover. You mentioned religious restrictions suppressing free speech retina letting people go to church in in to a drive up church in your car. How could that possibly be dangerous to be in your own car with your own family are living at home with the go up to listen to a drive and start over service over the radio. Makes no sense at all, but what Mike Gendron said about focusing on and doing during this pandemic was was very important.

Is there an opportunity here and there is for a widespread proclamation of the gospel of Christ and take a last break of the day her eye one more short quote to read from a guess that you would recognize here on the Christian worldview about what he thinks we should be doing regarding the end times and so forth with regards to this coronavirus I'll read that after this final break of the day will have a few minutes to get to a conversation I had with Twyla brace the citizens Council for health freedom wherever this person will David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love, loss and grace then was a yellow lab and inseparable companion stage of my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to. I invite you to enter into the story's tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, child, friend. I would finally Mary and ultimately with God caused all things, even the hard things to work together for good. Order the book for your friend who needs to hear about God's grace in the gospel for the one who is gone through a difficult trial or loss just a dog lover in your life. Signed a personalized copy only or by calling one AAA to 646-2233.

That's one AAA 46 2233 or my boy People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to help their job, their financial future. There is also heightened spiritual awareness is God doing in my right with him. We encourage you to order Ray conference 20 page booklet how to be free from the fear of death, which explains how one can have peace with God in a confident hope this life and the next, for the good news of the gospel. If you've never contacted the Christian world view, because the booklet how to be free from the fear of death free by calling us at one AAA 646-2233 for everyone else. You can order as many as you like for $0.50 per booklet, perfect for sharing with order go to the Christian worldview.board: one AAA 46 2233 that the Christian final segment of the day here on the Christian worldview radio program as we talk about the topic is the coronavirus setting this age more end times events you heard an interview for Mike Gendron more sentences on that but I thought at this time many of you who know who track Twyla brace is she's the president of Susan's counsel for health and we have run the program. Occasionally talk about healthcare issues she's immersed in this particular subject, but that would be interesting that you talk to her this week and see what her biggest takeaways were from this whole coronavirus pandemic and let's just play that short segment right now. What have you been thinking about someone who's immersed in healthcare all the time. What are the three biggest takeaways that you been thinking about with regards to this pandemic. Whether it's from and where it came from how the prediction models have been all over the place to the healthcare readiness of this country for the future to healthcare just gives your top three things you're taking away from it. We got interested in this issue right after 9/11 and anthrax scare when they tried to have states passed something called emergency health Powers act and we spent a lot of time trying to make sure that that individuals if I pandemic or emergency declaration was declared that people would have the right to not be vaccinated treated exam and have specimens taken on that certain 18 years later, and what we feared when I has actually arrived and so probably the three biggest things are just grab government power and the different ways that that's happening whether it's the government telling doctors that they can't prescribe hydroxychloroquine, even though it could keep lots of people out of the hospital, which is the last place that you want end up in or the fact of the new public health surveillance database that our system that Congress has put in without any debate whatsoever in the rush of passing a bill of a cactus figure that out, or just our different rights different rates.

We haven't particularly as you see them around the country and some of the more egregious states using the police and handcuffing people that are all by themselves are not little piece of land running there's also all the innovation that's coming out of the physicians in this country. It's been very exciting to me to watch the transition from where they started and where they are now and I can talk a little bit about some of their treatments which I think is very exciting and they're helping to save people that weren't saved like that in China or Italy because they really haven't got going that direction yet.

And then the third thing is just what's happening to all the patients who are not COBIT 19 patients and all the denials of care and that health insurers are saying no to things that doctors think are essential and necessary and shuttered hospitals and clinics that are answering their phones. I'll add 1/4 point if you don't mind and that's just as happy with the number of fatalities in New York increasing their numbers by 3700 people, even though those people had never been tested for coated 19 date. No idea if they really were died of natural hatted or anything and then the models that they're using that word.

You know the shocking numbers that are just been whittling down and whittling down whittling down and yet they lead to lots of the changes lockdowns shutdowns in all of that happening around this country and now doctors have been advised to stay on the death certificate that someone has died of COBIT if they think it might've been possible. A no and that's all skewing the numbers and how virulent is this because we depend on the deaths and we depend on those kind of numbers and we want real accuracy. To think that we are not getting it so hard to know what to believe now that the CDC has said that I doctors can do this and then somehow departments like here in Minnesota Sen. Scott Jensen who is a position that he's essentially being encourage your coach to push to These people is COBIT 19 but he said he's going to do it because he had no idea. Okay that's Twyla brace and you can see CALLING on you know even inflating the numbers of people who are dying of coronavirus by by other means, but saying attributing it to coronavirus, what, why would they do that will there's money at stake. There's reputations at stake for the prediction models is all become very politicized again. Worldview is always the bottom line ideology pushing forward and ideology is always the bottom line even more so than money. I believe in the world again. Twyla brace was with this. Her website is CCH given you know anything about free market solutions in the healthcare industry. Go to that website. Guess that for her free e-news letter CCH also have a Facebook page. She's doing videos right now that are very informative as well. I want to close today by reading that's little link was an email that I received from a guest who has appeared in this program from time to time, not to mention his name because it was a kind of private email but I'm just going to say what he he said as we talked about what Christians should be focusing on and doing during this pandemic you said increasingly, it seems to me that the Lord's reshuffling the international power structure in preparation for the tribulation that seven year period of time before the return of Christ is not only the destruction of jobs and wealth but also the way individual liberties have been taken away.

Seemingly overnight Chinese style facial recognition systems likely will be coming to Europe soon to monitor people in the name of public safety there for your safety and security. Our top priority right now. He writes, is to obey the Lord and pursue personal holiness.

To the extent that is possible over Easter week or holy week. We spent a lot of time studying the crucifixion and how God's holiness required the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ were all sinners saved only by God's grace, but is still quite something to think that when the rapture happens the snatching way of the church of my gender talked about in an instance will be face to face with Jesus, I thought that that was just beautifully and wonderfully put not a worldview based on fear. Worldview based on what the reality of things going on in the world and looking to Scripture on what we can anticipate ahead so I hope you listen to that and I will take that as an encouragement and inspiration today is what we as Christians should be doing right now want to thank you for joining us on the Christian real view today. Again, you can always go to our website.

The Christian to pick up some of our resources that were offering our story of a fully redeveloped store with all kinds of adult and children's books and DVDs and Bibles and gifts and all kinds of things there, and those purchases go to support the ministry of the Christian real view can there's a free resource right now how to be free from the fear of death by Ray comfort. This little booklet is been very popular as $0.50. If you contact us before he could never contact us call us or write to us by email will send you one for free.

We do live in a changing and challenging world.

Maybe now more than ever with this coronavirus, but there is one thing that Christians can count on and trust in the Bible says that Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday today and forever. There is a rock to build the house of your life on. So until next time everyone think biblically and live accordingly talking next time the person will we hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word is to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233.

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Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically live according

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