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In Other News Beyond the Pandemic

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 24, 2020 8:00 pm

In Other News Beyond the Pandemic

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 24, 2020 8:00 pm

There has been wall-to-wall coverage of the coronavirus pandemic the past two months. Whether the focus has been the spread from China, treatment, cases and deaths, protective equipment, stay-at-home orders, or trillion dollar government payments, it’s been COVID-19 all the time.

This week on the program, we’re going to examine some of the other important events taking place in the world that are getting less attention, such as: How will rogue regimes like China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea react to changing global dynamics? Will the U.S. ever be the same after enormous “rescue” spending? And how is the pandemic being used to advance political ideology?...

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In other news beyond the pandemic, Victor Davis Hanson joins us today in the Christian world. You were the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through a in Jesus Christ, I'm David week, the host website is the Christian were thanks for joining us today as we talk about other news beyond this coronavirus pandemic.

Now there is been wall-to-wall coverage of this pandemic. The last two months. Whether the focus is been the spread from China or treatment options, cases and deaths protective equipment or the lack thereof stay-at-home orders or trillion dollar government payouts payments.

It's been COBIT 19 all the time. So this week in the program regarded to examine some of the other important events taking place in the world that are getting less attention, such as how will rogue regimes like China and Iran and Russia react to changing global dynamics will the US ever be the same. After this enormous rescue spending is been taking place and how is the pandemic being used actually to advance political ideology in America. Our guest is noted geopolitical analyst Victor Davis Hanson Victor is a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover institution is the author of many books is a syndicated columnist and a frequent guest on national media outlets. Now it's rare for us to have a guest who is not a professing born-again Christian I asked him about his beliefs and last couple questions today, but I think you'll find his analysis of current events helpful and insightful, but get to the first segment of the interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Victor, it's great to have you on the program for the first time you wrote a recent column entitled pandemic is but one of America's security concerns and I want to read just the first couple sentences of that column and then follow up with a question you write. The world was a dangerous place before in will be after the coronavirus pandemic while Americans debate the proper ongoing response to the virus and argue over the infection's origins, nature and trajectory. They may have tuned out other often just as scary news now Victor people have wildly different views of this coronavirus pandemic and it's clear now that it's really divided along political or worldview lines. Those on the left think it's a threat to our lives worthy of shutting down society for an indeterminate period of time. No matter what the other consequences.

Those on the right think this is now become an overreaction by government based on either faulty modeling or something more nefarious like the achievement of some leftist objective, socialism, and so forth, especially as they compare the statistics of the coronavirus to something like influenza.

And right now there's been nearly 50,000 co-vivid deaths. According to the CDC in America that the sister we can trust that based on the fact that there's been some talk about inflation of those numbers but there's been about the same from influenza. Just this season so the first question for you is could you describe the worldview divide going on right now, and in your view, how serious of a health threat. This is it serious because the divide is paid faceted is geographical people tend on the to coast to be tired and more with the global community there more progressive than these blue states and they feel that life is been very good for them and they have markets and 7 billion people for their products. Whether that's intellectual or technological works.

Illegal or whatever their particular skills and professions are and in their view they want no chance of being infected whatsoever and are much more prone to.

I think the fears of the been generated and no no amount of reasoning that all the models without exceptions have been downgraded and all of the denominators without exceptions have been enlarged and all of the statistics on lethality cases have gone down, not in yet in their worldview.

That's not enough politically, whether we like it or not. The whole debate now is westernized, politicized, and people feel on the left that Donald Trump may have finally met his Waterloo. In a way that Robert Mueller and impeachment for them.

Disappointed them and that he's in a lose lose situation. It goes back to soon.

Then he got people killed for for money and if he goes back to Layton is another Herbert Hoover blue in the economy and their satisfied with.

They like the status quo they think each day that is losing traction in this conservative pump nightmare will be over November. That's another fault line and then there's cultural and social people in the interior of the country tend to be a little more entrepreneurial. They have their living a little bit more on the margins, the more middle-class.

They don't have guaranteeing jobs at universities and foundations are media or professional employment and they've seen a little bit more tragedy in their lives or least it's a little bit closer to them and then their way of thinking they own the pizza parlor after a trucker are very happy about driving world or whatever. There is they feel that they can take that chance when they get data that says you know one out of thousand not 4/100 are going to die if there infected. They can live with that because they live with a lot of greater risk every day and so for them it's let's get back and let's let's get to work and somewhere in all this mess is the truth and the truth is, it seems, at least, that this is a very scary virus for people over 65 that have immune problems and it can be very torturous in the way at second, that even kills people and yet the truth is also that for most people, I don't. Should signals for almost everybody.

The lethality rate based on the latest samplings here in California, conducted by USC and Stanford and in New York seem to suggest that the death rate infection is about .1 5.21 or two per thousand which is about what the flu is people say in my generation. We went through the 57 flu. We went to the a 68 Hong Kong flu. We went through the 2017.

The 2009 through and we didn't do this, and yet the death rates, especially given the size of the population was was as grievous or more grievous than it is now I understand that we have a spike in the people got sick very quickly. The cases multiplied in the distal social distancing help keep the numbers down but it still seems to me that were not going to meet the expectations of the modelers and it is legitimate, at least in cases of locality reference the flu and it's no longer politically incorrect to do so.

So how is this justifiable based on what you said then to to continue these shutting down the economy. It's justifiable in two ways. One is if your if you think Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the country, then never letting away a crisis go to waste is justified as a noble means to get a noble and that's part of the reason on the part of it is if you're secure or and you're not a star. And do pretty well in your biggest worries your 401(k) went down some but you do your all you are getting paid, then you're under no compulsion to get back to work in your less sympathetic to others because as I said earlier life is pretty good. You don't take any risk at all, why should you when you're getting your full paycheck or your full salary and you know the guy who lives all night and that in the semi Ranger toilet paper to Walmart or woman whose you know all morning at the ER. These are sort of abstractions these the people keeping us going, but there's they still remain to be abstraction, so I think part of it is sort of a postmodern society that doesn't want to take any risk versus a premodern society that hasn't forgotten the each day you get up this gift in the society ultimately succeeds or fails and whether it feeds itself with it has fueled for itself whether it has shelter for itself has no some healthcare for itself and all the rest of us in times like this is superfluous Victor Davis Hanson with us today on the Christian world of you radio program. He is a historian at the Stanford University's Hoover institution also an author and editor of 24 books in a nationally syndicated columnist, you can find out you concluded that opening paragraph or so of your column by saying while Americans debate the proper ongoing response to the virus and argue over the infection's origins, nature, introductory. We Artie talked about that they may have tuned out other often just as scary news. So let's get into some of this other news beyond the pandemic. How major of a threat.

Is this the reaction to the pandemic.

From an economic standpoint but also from a constitutional liberty standpoint, what we've never done this before we know the B-29 project, project in today's dollars cost about 3 billion. Excuse me, was about 2 billion then it cost about 40 billion and the Manhattan project was about 25 billion space program is about a trillion.

I think even this joint task of fiber the F 35 will cost a trillion World War II cost us about 5 trillion. In addition to about 400,000 lives looks.

We have never these role in today's dollars. We never willingly shut down a $22 trillion economy and I think so for the essence I've seen and lost GDP lost market liquidity distortions and consumption and borrowing by the federal government.

This is up to six and $7 trillion, and so even if we get out of it in May or June that debt is going to be passed on to another generation. And it's really going to end certain things that we expected. I think from now on.

If you have a passbook account and you put money into it. You're not gonna get any interest especially adjusted for inflation. And if you were to get in place interest in you get inflation if you got inflation we could not service the size of the debt so were none were kind of in a paradox there. And that's going to be really hard to get out of. Also I'm worried about the social ramifications of having Americans locked in their homes well above spousal abuse, family, familial abuse, substance abuse, anxieties, depression, wrecked businesses, suicides all about Miss doctors appointments cancers on detected cardio logical problems not known, but were also paying people not to work and you can only see people like AOC who remarked about that, as is sort of a good thing. So whether we realize it were not were were undergoing a massive redistribution of wealth comes product from future generations but also from people that work the entire life they put maybe 100,000 in the bank and there's never going to get any interest on that money ever. And so we have them figure that out yet. I wish some team of economist was at that press conference along with file. Dr. Brooks is said, look, this is this is the danger as well. We don't want logistic cases and new localities will look at new economic dangers because they have health consequences of sin as our guest today here on the Christian will the radio program were talking about other news beyond the pandemic that somehow rated related because the pandemic is driving all the news I pretty much nowadays with regards to economics politically geopolitically. Militarily, what the world is moving towards. As a result of it so well, Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent insight on many of these different issues with we rely related to this wave a lot more to get you on the program today with Victor Davis Hanson so you can stay tuned and live a couple more segments coming up with him this and following by some commentary as well. You're listening to their Christian real view radio program. I'm David Wheaton and will be right back after this. People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thank you for joining us today on the Christian real view radio program. I'm David Wheaton host our website.

As always, is the Christian we have lots of resources there for you to take advantage of some of the Ray comfort resources or recently have the how to be free from your death booklet available in a very popular resource roster to get to later in the program today interview with Lydia Kaiser again from Child evangelism Fellowship on their website we have linked over to some resources, they are.

You have, for during this time with your children and grandchildren for Cove in 19 so that would be something we encourage you to do will get more into that later. Right now are talking with Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover institution at Stanford about another news beyond the pandemic weather is economic, civil liberties, China, politics was get back to the second segment with Victor. What about the constitutional liberty standpoint, it seems pretty unprecedented that deaconess have government telling people to stay home.

You can't get together you can't do all the things you can't go to work. Are you concerned at all about what the long-term ramifications is and how this will be used if it used once. This time will be used again in churches being close down you can't get together even in drive-in services what your thoughts on that aspect of the word about because I was so worried this morning I read the Constitution again and there's nothing in the Constitution when there's there's executive powers are delegated to the states.

The president is and how it's any fair reading doesn't include bills and we pretty much decided that the first and second amendments no longer apply. Right of assembly right of free speech right of expression, religious expression, as well a right to bear arms in LA County Sheriff just arbitrarily for the two week shutdown all gun stores and then he let out 1700 prisoners that's illegal.

These people were sentenced in them in the majority of cases they were serving terms. He just commuted them and were having laws directed free speech: against fear mongering, whatever that is. So is it is scary because it's all justified by this is something we've never never ever encounter and every day whether CDC or the national Institute of health of the FDA, WHO, whatever alphabet group that is the truth keeps changing.

Never wear a mask sometimes were masked, always wear masks.

No human transmission some human transmission always human transmission first patient zero. Not until late January. Not until mid-January and California.

Not until March. Now it's early February and 2 million. And I know and we the people's one allele humility, we think before you destroy the Constitution be a little bit more accurate in the reason or the justification for it, because while were willing to listen to you. You know you're not symmetrical. If we say wait a minute. It looks like it can be comparable to the flu or maybe there is some utility you're in extremis with hydroxychloroquine and or maybe we don't need as many ventilators as you told us then that all is in your dissident are your troublemaker are your reactionary are your denier is really worrisome. I guess what I'm saying is, people are so surprised how quick the Constitution evaporated with this threat and it wasn't a threat. I don't think comparable to what the country went through in 1918 of the Civil War, World War II Elise, yet it hasn't been yet they were so ready to scrap the Constitution, and their fear and panic people to understand that ultimately government is force.

They should know.

So now because what can people really do mean if you've you start disobeying these government edicts you can have someone come up to you and arrest you and you lose really is your freedom and so it really is a shocking era that weave the line that we crossed here in this country. I want to go overseas.

Now again, Victor Davis Hanson with us today on the Christian world you talking about other news beyond the pandemic China where the virus came from. You write your column, China's overseas brand is tarnished. Importers can never again be sure of the safety or reliability of Chinese exports. They will know only that their producer is a serial falsify or that is capable of anything. To ensure power and profits. Beijing should expect that lots of industries will return to the United States, thousands of Chinese students and researchers will likely go home to their absorption of American science and technology was critical to Chinese industry last paragraph China, however, will not meekly accept its new reduced post viral status instead, it will act even more provocatively and desperately than ever. Rumors spread that China may be conducting nuclear test in violation of zero yield global agreements. If true, it reminds us that our adversaries are most dangerous when cornered and wounded. That's from your most recent column, so Victor, what should we expect from a rogue regime and that's what they are like China when they lose this manufacturing when they lose money and influence what we should expect anything because I think we all have a feeling that they react like we do that they're embarrassed or humiliated. They live they got caught on the probably bribe the World Health Organization the origins the transmission. The nature of the virus were never really fully disclose a blight about the patients infected the gas that will or not the role of the wet market, nor the role or not. The role of the Wuhan lab all about, but I don't think they react that way at all. I think they say you know what, let's not let it crisis go to waste.

We had a little setback but you know what we got 1.4 billion people and we have a very different view of human life in the West and we can lose a lot more people without going into a panic and let's start doing things why the West is absorbed with this epidemic.

And so, where they been doing. They sort of renounce de facto international rules about low yield nuclear testing apparently renaming islands in the South China Sea with Chinese names cracking down on Hong Kong and they are really pushing forward on military projects they are telling their clients in Belton Road or the so-called silk Road initiative that you have to pay no matter what and their calling us racist and running very sophisticated propaganda campaign against also, they don't see any downside in the second phase that they say we we got knocked down or back up and were much more resilient and were really going to stick it to the United States and are up from our point of view without problems because don't come to the couple. But he also doesn't want within China when were in the process of deep coupling because it they could say tomorrow. We need those ampicillin orders were not to give you your chemotherapy.

Just forget about the vitamin D things like that. So we have to decouple in terms of pharmaceuticals, medical school supplies rare-earth technologies but not quite yet. We have to build a parallel supply chain before we cut the one we have with them than most importantly, we have a very disjointed higher educational system, so were spending vast amounts of American capital in the areas of social activism, diversity, identity politics, sociology studies courses that our competitors don't invest in what I mean by that is we don't have enough mid-level engineers to knowledge the people to implement the type of industries and technologies, and scientific discovery with our top echelon, which is excellent can do and so we've been importing these Chinese students and people from India we want to get control of the whole supply chain have to radically recalibrate American universities and the value system of students to go into that is going to be an uphill battle for where they are ideologically today.

Again, Victor Davis Hanson with us on the Christian world view, a senior fellow in classics in military history at the Hoover institution at Stanford University. You can find out more incentive for his podcast by going to his website Victor You mentioned earlier in the interview today about how the left is now focused on trying to use this pandemic crisis for political ends. What should listeners be watching for from those from from Joe Biden Alexandria Casio court has other leftist activists. What are the top three or four things they're going to try to do in the midst of this pandemic to give themselves away because I use a limited vocabulary and you know what it is were not going back to normal.

Or there's a new normal or this offers an opportunity or we have to change when you hear that type of jargon.

You understand that basically the menu of issues that were voiced during the Democratic primaries, the new green deal wealth tax a very high income tax Medicare for everybody. Complete medical care for illegal aliens open borders so subservience to international organizations. Restoration of the Randy of the Paris record all that I think you're going to see voiced again. It didn't get 51% public approval, less weight died with the candidates that embraced it. But now, under these new terms of panic and hysteria. They believe at least they can start drafting legislation to introduce these issues. The main thing the courses they feel now that they can continue the 2018 momentum of the house, take the Senate take the presidency and on like Barack Obama, who entered office in 2009, with a super majority. This Senate and the house and who didn't. They feel fully manipulate that they will because they learn from it. So that's I think what their agenda is to use this crisis to push through the vision that otherwise American people. In normal times would not approve of Victor Davis Hanson is our guest today on the Christian world you you can see as you watch this pandemic and that the reaction just from the regular people out there very much falls along political ideology. If you're on the left. You're all for what some of these government shutdowns are for you think I should continue on matter what the consequences are economically if you're on the right just the opposite.

We need to get back to work at really reverted down to political ideology. We have more coming up with Victor Davis Hanson after this is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called conscious thought. I don't think God Jesus said say story.separates Christianity other religions in the world.

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Call one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.they were talking with Davis Hanson, Senior fellow in residence plan military history at Stanford University. He's got quite a resume done all the various topics were talking about today whether economic liberties shine other places in the world politics.

He really is really quite insightful. You can connect with him and his podcast in his writings by going to his website were getting into other news beyond the coronavirus pandemic that somehow related to it because most everything. The news is related to it. Today we have one more segment with him. So let's get back to the remaining moments with Victor Hansen that you talked about shine in your column. Iran, you mentioned that we won't get into that talked about the Democrat party globalists. All these groups hate Donald Trump. He's been a big disruptor to their intentions for the world to what degree is evicting him from that the presidency driving.

Just leave the reaction even from a state-by-state level that there there continuing these lockdowns even longer, maybe hoping beyond hope that this will somehow turn against Trop. Or maybe it sounds a little more conspiratorial. But is it even possible that the source of this virus coming from China is there any evidence that this was released in a way as to create lots of trouble in American possibly stop them from having a second term. It is true we were engaged in an X essential war over trade with China and it was true that the American left was very frustrated because they had had a series of spores showdowns with Donald Trump and they lost every one of them. Whether was the voting machines or moments that 25th amendment. Mueller impeachment stormy � you name it. And so here. This virus came. I don't believe it was a wet market. I think that was the narrative that the Communist Party provided because the lot of the animals that they said were being cut up were not close by and it was just too much of a coincidence to level IV Bible lab that was there, but that doesn't mean that necessarily they may may have been enhancing accessibility into the host but I don't think they were making a biological weapon but I'm not willing that out.

Nothing I'm going out yet we have the data books. I think it's more likely that this escape and then make covered it up because of their they didn't want to endanger the brand and they thought they could control it.

They do what they always do. The World Health Organization got the party line and then when it started to get out. They said you know, still shut down Wuhan on 23 January, allowing people to move on course to come straight to San Francisco or New York or Los Angeles in the works. 15,000 in total from China kept coming here when they would let people travel within China so they were very reckless and then at some point, I'm not ruling out the fact that somebody went to present to you and said you know what this is out of control is going to devastate the world economy were gonna really suffer and they just said let it go just lie about it save United States because it their military did it label them racist label, xenophobic, maybe those talking points will be picked up by Tom's enemies and it wouldn't come out of this with Tom Don the United States equal labor then they will be abroad and we won't, we will lose. I think that's a a plausible exegesis to explain the baffling behavior. I know I know the Communist Party and innately live but extensively we also why would they not control this better when it would only hurt them. The answer is they may have been incompetent or they may not know what they're doing. They may have been arrogant, but once it got out. They didn't show an effort to work with people to bring in international experts to go to the UN explain what happened and go to the World Health Organization bringing Americans would help capable they almost distort their hands that it's all yours now and that I think they felt would aid them. That's I think that's possible scenario, Victor Davis Hanson with us today in the Christian really radio program, Senior fellow in military and classical history at the Hoover institution at Stanford he can find out more about final question for you Victor, you conclude your column, and we have it linked by the letter website right now you say the virus may burn out. But an even scarier world continues sort of a ominous ending to this column something ask you this from a personal standpoint when you put your head on the pillow at night and then the privacy of your own thoughts. What gives you reason for hope going forward in an on what is that hope or your worldview based that you have optimism going forward for like where this is going to take us now in the world will have about three different levels of hope in the most superficial. I was been really worried about China. I really how I just thought you know what 1.4 billion under communist regime is bragged about taking over the world is scary and I think this was a wake-up call. No longer is going from some eccentric not warning about China and the voice in the wilderness. People don't listen. It's a wake-up call that that's reassuring the second thing is for all the mistakes we made in all the panic and all the weaponization of the crisis every day either read or hear.

I meet nurses, truckers, farmers, people who are quite brave and they remind me of prior generations and then finally I live in a house that had six generations. My group of stories of how they survived the 1918 flu out here, I am got the polio epidemic of 21 and she stayed here for the next 60 years crippled in the living room and all things it went through my father through 40 missions and over Tokyo on a B-29 and I remember all the things they did and they all have confidence in the United States and they have a sense of transcendence is very important that they believed in a God that jail Christian tradition that all of what were doing. In some ways, will be a reflection of where we are permanently and that means that you get a brief Life to Display Heroism and Virtue, and That Is Not Forgotten in the Back in Itself Makes People Better. People and I Think We, Lost in This Country and We We Deprecated People That Were in the Shadows. It Did Really Important Task. We Got Arrogant We Got Very Affluent and Complacently Got Agnostic and Atheistic, and We Were Living so to Gratify the Appetites and I Think This Comes around and Says All What You Were Doing Was Sort of a Joke. Impeachment Was a Joke.

The Mueller Thing Was That These Were All Cited Traction. This Is an Existential Threat Is a Virus for the Reaction to It and How You Behave in It Is Not Just Important but It's a Chance for Redemption.

You Can Show Yourself to Be Virtuous and Have a Soul and Have a God and Worship and Know That You're Not Alone. There's past Generations Are Looking at You and Their and There with You. I Think That's Reassuring, Something A Lot Of People Are Feeling That While Were Sympathetic People We Get into Cul-De-Sacs and Detours.

We Have To Be Slap Back onto the Main Course. Maybe This Will Do It and Hopefully It Will Do It without A Lot Of Human Loss of Life. This Is a Christian Program so We've Discussed This Angle to Let the Other Providence and Sovereignty of God That the Bible Teaches That God Either Causes or Allows Everything to Happen. Everything's under His Purview in the World Is That Part of Your Worldview, like Religious Beliefs, in Your View of the Authority of Scripture or Jesus Christ. How Would You Describe That for Yourself. I Think I Would.

I'm Also a Classicist so I Spent Most of My Life Reading Classical Literature.

Many of It Forming the Basis of the New Testament and Christian Exegesis in All Neoplatonic Tonic Taught in Stock and There Very Similar to My Religious Views and by That It Was Be Very Careful. Pride Goeth before the Fall, but Be Very Careful Uterus Because Nemesis Falls and so It Just Seems to Me That When I I Have Most of My Life. I Always Look for Paradox in Iron Man When Things Go Good. I Always Say Be Careful and Be Humble If You Can.

Don't Get Taken Is If You Don't Some Thing Is Gonna Happen to You When You're down.

Don't Give up Because There Is Some Providence in the World. It Sees That I've Been in Some Pretty Bad Situations Overseas in My Life Ruptured Appendix and Libby Malaria in Egypt E. coli Poisoning Things like That and Each Time I Felt That I Wasn't Alone and That Prayer and Knowledge of How the World Works. As It Was of Great Benefit and I Really Do Believe the World in a Religious Sense, That Becomes Aware Even to People Who Are Not Religious.

By That I Mean a Simple God. The Divinity of God, Jesus Christ, Even the People Who Are Christian. The Way That the World Works Can Become Evident to Them That I've Seen That When People Say to Me.

I Don't Believe That There Is Something Going on in This World That It I Don't Know What to Recall at Karma or Divine Justice or Whatever It Is They Have a Sense of All That There Is Some Type of Effort to Instruct People to Be Very Careful and to Use This Very, Very Brief Time May Have Been a Material Form Very Carefully since Its It's Very Important to How That Will End up Forever and I Think That Lesson Is Really Brought Home in Times of Crisis like This. In the End of the Era of Civilizations Peeled off.

We See Human Nature for What It Is Both Good and Bad Very Important for People to Be on the Good Side, We Appreciate Your Coming on That the Christian Review Radio Program Today Victor.

We Appreciate Your Work and That We Look Forward to Having You Again Sometime in the Future.

Thank You Again for Having Me.

That Was Victor Davis Hanson Everyone You Can See in the Interviewee Went from the Geopolitical Political Topics Economics the Pandemic to the Last Couple Questions Got into a Bit of the Spiritual Side and Found a Little More about His Worldview Will Spend a Little Bit of Time after This Break, Discussing That Worldview and Then Get into an Interviewer Short Interview with Lydia Kaiser from Child Evangelism Fellowship Child Events and Fellowship about the Resources They Have To Be Used with Your Children during the Pandemic State to Listening the Christian Review More after This David Wheaton Here to Tell You about My Boys Then Story of Love, Loss and Grace Then Was a Yellow Lab and Inseparable Companion Stage in My Life When I Was Single, Competing in the Professional Tennis to. I Invite You to Enter into the Story. Tapestry of Relationships within My Aging Parents, Child, Friend. I Would Finally Marry, and Ultimately with God Causes All Things, Even the Hard Things to Work Together for Good. Order the Book for Your Friend Who Needs to Hear about God's Grace in the Gospel for the One Who Is Gone through a Difficult Trial or Loss Just a Dog Lover in Your Life. Signed a Personalized Copy Only or by calling 1888 646-2233, one AAA to 46 2233 or my boy People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic.

What will happen to their help, their job, their financial future. There is also heightened spiritual awareness is God doing in my right with him. We encourage you to order Ray comfort's 20 page booklet how to be free from the fear of death, which explains how one can have peace with God in a confident hope this life and the next good news of the gospel. If you've never contacted the Christian worldview because the booklet how to be free from the fear of death free by calling us at one AAA 646-2233 for everyone else.

You can order as many as you like for $0.50 per booklet, perfect for sharing with to order go to the Christian or call one AAA 46 2233 that the Christian welcome back to the final thing of the day here in the Christian review radio program is admitted to begin the program. I said that unusual for us to have a guest on the show that is not a professing born-again men didn't get the sense that Victor Davis Hanson would hidden himself to be.

That certainly has elements of a Christian real view in his own worldview. Busy answer. Those last two questions asked about what is the basis for hope and he talked about the wake-up call for the country is reassuring that people can respond to this in people he meets people who are brave and he comes from family for the generations of survivors in the face difficult things like polio and his father was in in in war theater, and that there is a transcendent God. And there's a brief chance that to achieve heroism in virtually another is that this is a chance for redemption based largely on the fact that God exists, but also people out there. This is a chance to respond to a difficult challenge to be brave and asked him about you know what, what are his actual religious beliefs with regard to Jesus Christ any that I think I will. I would believe that, please. When into. He's also a classicist. In other words, he derives his worldview from the classical writers of the past from Greek and Roman writers Nina Plato and Aristotle, Sophocles and silver. That's actually what is his expert is in his his educational background and that's what he is a fellow a net debt to Hoover institution at Stanford. He talked about being the basis of the New Testament would disagree with that that that the New Testament is inspired by God. The Bible says but that's a pretty common view for someone who doesn't believe in the. The inspiration of Scripture to the sea that Scripture writers derive their content from the other literature of the day. There's also little bit of karma in his worldview. He talked about being careful of how brisk hubris because nemesis follows another words, what you do if you get too arrogant. These things, come around to bite you but need to talk about the prayer and in the and in the knowledge of. I think it's of the knowledge of God. What is is of great benefit. So there's a bit of a syncretistic worldview, there behind him. Not that being said, and of course the Bible says Jesus said himself.

I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. And so that is something that we can pray for with someone like Victor if he hasn't put his faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and nothing else that he what he is highly respected intelligent. You can see he's an insightful person on these reticular issues and we would just pray and hope that he would come to. I think discarding some of the influence of the classicism or the karma or whatever else forms his worldview and come to focus on the only one who can save there's one mediator between God and man. The man Jesus Christ and you can have a worldview on these issues we talked about today with this regard, economics and politics. I think he's really right on and that but the most important issue above all of those is how can eyes the center be made right with a holy God and fortunately the gospel gives us that message that by repenting of our sin and putting our faith in who Jesus Christ is and what he did for us on the cross, not faith in our own good works of faith in Christ.

Good work on our behalf. God promises to forgive us and give us eternal life. Well, we have one more short segment believe we have time for today. Lydia Kaiser's and corporate communications with Child evangelism Fellowship. You may remember she came on the program for a short segment a few weeks ago and we talked to her this week. There are some more resources they have, that you can be using with your children and grandchildren as her home during this time of the pandemic is get to that short interview with Lydia Kaiser, Lydia, welcome back to the program.

We want to get into more resources that Child evangelism Fellowship is producing during this cove in 19 pandemic resources for children just to give parents and grandparents listening today an idea what they can be doing with their children and grandchildren. During this time, let's go first to a resource called the greatest doctor tell us about that one factor that spread the greatest doctor and free PDF download, and share it with others parallel and how it keeps us from our firm with something worse like it because then separate us from God forever, as much as we might be concerned about the virus and my concern about the consequences that foreign explain how Jesus is the world's greatest factor in how we can try to wash away the virus and avoid that we can actually now have our sins washed away what a great parallel to everyone being so worried about this virus and there's reason to be so from a health standpoint, but the much greater pandemic of courses. The sin pandemic that we all have and how God provides the everlasting solution to that through his son. What about stop the spread that's about stopping the spread of quote fear.

What is that one about about targeted for children about how my sharing.

You have felt Bible can pop the Bible and we have fears that we went to Pat, we have here busters and how we prevent principles from the Scripture to be afraid company tractor gets really beautiful lovely art efforts wanted to remember that perfect line the way That fear that very second one is to put your trust in God, 56, three last year. Factor in how to have perfect peace from Isaiah 26 three. We keep our mind that God wants us to think about that piece again. Lydia Kaiser with us today, corporate communications for Child evangelism Fellowship. Their website is CEF

We have all the resources they were talking about today.

This is our website the Christian real direct link over to them from our website. Final thing I want to ask you about our missionary stories using missionary stories with children right now. Why is that important. Well, I think that important right now for children and specially American culture here, here watch and sort missionary three because our culture is so we have social media meeting about any code like pictures like Valhalla, 1913 only really need to teach our children to have a burden for other people to care about letting other people not heard the gospel Metternich coming down the street side of the world missionary journey help here hold up heroes of the faith to keep their all for coming, rounded celebrities here on the thing thing well to help my children the value.

Let's not let this crisis go to waste.

As they say use it to try to build a biblical worldview and dear children during this time, go to the Christian real Click on these resources from CEF Cove in 19 else you missed any of the interview today with Victor Davis Hanson will be up on the website as well. We live in a changing and challenging world, but there is one thing Christian that we can count on and trust in Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday today and forever.

So in the meantime think biblically and live according we hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son would receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free, one AAA 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.2 SF Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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