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Howard Zinn Lied, American History (and Future) Died

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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May 22, 2020 8:00 pm

Howard Zinn Lied, American History (and Future) Died

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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May 22, 2020 8:00 pm

If you’re more than 50 years old, you have likely noticed a major shift in perspective on American history. Christopher Columbus was once the great discoverer of America but now is considered a genocidal tyrant (thus the push to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day).

The American founders were once the esteemed framers of the greatest nation in history but now are dismissed as white, wealthy slave-holders.

Even America’s war-time sacrifices to stop Nazism and Communism are viewed as imperialistic and profit-motivated.

Where did this “America is evil” perspective come from? In the last 40 years, one man, Howard Zinn, and his book, A People’s History of the United States, has done more to deconstruct Americans’ view of their own history more than anyone or anything else.

This Memorial Day Weekend, as we honor the members of our military who sacrificed for the unique liberties constitutionalized by our founders, Mary Grabar, the author Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America, will join us to examine who Zinn was, how he rewrote American history, and what impact this has had on our country.


Howard Zinn why American history have you to die, will discuss this memorial day weekend right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God.

Faith in Jesus Christ and we are hosting a web is the Christian for joining us this weekend here in the Christian worldview. Now you're more than 50 years old, you have likely noticed a major shift in perspective on American history.

Christopher Columbus was once the great discovery of America.

But now is considered a genocidal tyrant.

Thus, the push to change Columbus Day over to indigenous peoples day for his treatment of the Indians, the American founders were once the esteemed framers of the greatest nation in history, but now are dismissed and discarded as white, and wealthy slaveholders even America's wartime sacrifices to stop Nazi-ism and communism are viewed as imperialistic and profit motivated. So where did this America is evil perspective come from in the last 40 years.

One man, Howard Zinn, in his book a People's history of the United States has done more to deconstruct Americans view of their own history than anyone or anything else, so this memorial day weekend as we honor the members of our military who sacrificed for the unique liberties constitutionalize by our founders Mary Graybar, the author of debunking.

Howard Zinn, exposing the fake history that turned a generation against America joins us to examine who Zinn was, how he rewrote American history and what impact this has had in will have on our country was get to the first segment with Mary Graybar you say in the preface with dozens of such outlandish suggestions and countless other grossly dishonest rhetorical tricks on nearly every page of his book.

Howard Zinn's book a People's history of the United States. Howard Zinn has succeeded in convincing a generation of Americans that the nation Abraham Lincoln truly called quote the last best hope of earth. Unquote is essentially a racist criminal enterprise built on murdering Indians exploiting slaves and oppressing the working man. It obviously needs to be replaced by something better.

And of course Zinn is the answer. A classless egalitarian society. Yes what Zinn is selling is the very same communist utopian fantasy that killed more than 100 million human beings in the 20th century. My first question for you Mary. Today is for someone listing today who perhaps is never even heard of Howard Zinn, could you just give us a brief overview of who he is and why it's important for someone listening today to understand who he is, what his book a People's history of United States. What kind of influence that is had in our country has influences huge and it just grows each year. His book 1st came out in 1987 I think probably we could say it's two generations now that have been raised on Howard since toxic history so you have parents now who think it's perfectly legitimate history for their kids to learn in school and there are all other kinds of outlets that promote his book. There are downloadable free lessons at the Howards and education project there are films documentarians graphic books spinoffs the young people's history that's used in school districts. They collaborate with the Southern poverty Law Center is an education project does so it's like the monster with thousands of tentacles going out into the culture and education.

But Howard sent himself was born in 1922.

He died in 2010 and he was born Jewish Russian immigrant parents who never escape their lower class existence weren't very successful financially.he was a teenager in the 1930s living in Brooklyn and that was sort of the heyday of communist recruitment. He talks about this in his memoir about how these guys would come and try to recruit the younger guys like sin and tell him about how wonderful communism isn't then participated in a coordinated protest by the Communist Party as a teenager in Times Square and then as he claims Bopped on the head by a policeman and realize that this whole system is corrupt.

He worked in shipyards and then he served in World War II as a bombardier came back and got his PhD from Columbia on the G.I. Bill.

But while he was working on his PhD in history. He was a member of the Communist Party. So in 1951 he was teaching Marxism at the Brooklyn headquarters of the Communist Party USA. He was questioned about this and he's got this long FBI file. Of course, like all communists, he denied it and I think he officially gave up his membership around 1956. But that was only so he could go and infiltrate the educational system and our cultural institutions so he got a job at Spelman College in Atlanta. As you may know that is a small Christian college for African-American women and he proceeded to radicalize students. There told me.

As you know Jewish by birth, but he didn't believe in God or any religion and so he radicalize them at Spelman College. She was fired for insubordination by the colleges first black and first male president Albert Manley in 1963, but he then went on to Boston University where he radicalize students. He led Vietnam War protests, he traveled to North Vietnam with father Barry again to bring back three American POWs a big propaganda coup for the North Vietnamese. He worked there until his retirement in 1988, but he'd like pretty charmed life touring all over the world giving talks not doing much real teaching, but was just sort of a Paladin agitator to students and he died in 2010 actually while he was on a trip in Santa Monica to discover how to educate children with his materials, so that's a sort of a short synopsis of his life but he always remained committed to communism/socialism and that was his objective was to convert young people to hate their country and to embrace socialism and communism.

Mary Graybar with us today on the Christian review radio program talking about the influence of Howard Zinn in his book a People's history of the United States. You mentioned a bit in your first answer, but talk more about how much he and his book have influenced the country's perception of our history rate were you would put him as to how he's influence the world view of this country with some of the other people who have influenced the country. What I what I would put them at the top of the list. This book has sold about 3 million copies, it is now openly used in classrooms. Students who take the advanced placement US history course will likely use his book or parts of the and the exam to pass that course is written to Howards and specifications now that test on those guidelines were changed under the Obama administration so basically now teachers who are pressured to have their students get credit for advanced placement history college credit. Use Howard sins book celebrities quote him their performances that he was also wrote a few plays. One is titled Marx in Soho there is a segment in the Sopranos about Columbus day when people petition either their schools or city councils or states to abolish Columbus day. They cite Howard Zinn as a matter of fact, is an education project has a kit for teachers to use in the classroom with their students to teach them and to enroll them in this campaign to abolish Columbus day.

You know he is presented as this kind of genocidal maniac which is not what he was, you know, he was motivated by his Christian faith, and on Columbus Day. If you read reports as we do every single Columbus Day about how statues of Columbus are defaced, how one more state one more city has decided to abolish Columbus day. You can trace that back to Howard Zinn. You know his influences there in the lobbying legislators quote him. He's having a profound influence on our education and on our culture. So even if you are not in school, you can still see the effects of the history you talked about Columbus in his re-imagination of who Christopher Columbus was you say Howard Zinn road to fame and fortune on the quote untold story of Christopher Columbus, a shocking tale of severed hands, raped women and gentle enslaved people worked to death in the white Europeans lust for gold today.

That story is anything but untold Zinn's a narrative about the genocidal discoverer of America has captured our education system in popular culture. Why has it been so destructive. Mary, the rewriting of Christopher Columbus and his interaction with the Native Americans were Indians.

It's the first step of the long line of imperialists who have the Europeans who came here so Christopher Columbus is the first he sets the precedent it also delegitimize is the idea of discovery. If this place was discovered. It was discovered by this deranged capitalist who came here and that is lost for golden chopped off the hands of Indians when they couldn't produce so you have this Lottie history. That's all motivated by capitalism. He repeatedly points that out. It's the lust for gold that drives him aware as the Indians supposedly are not materialistic.

They share their gentle their kind there and lighten their advanced and then you've got the Europeans thousands bigger point is this country really has no right to exist that you know the idea of the United States is a myth. It's illegitimate is a lie and the foundation for it all goes all the way back to the what he claims is a bogus discovery.

So what is the truth of Christopher Columbus and who was the union did Howard Zinn make up these lies about him out of whole cloth or other dessert truth to the way he interacted with the Indians. Okay you're looking for an interview today in the Christian worldview with Mary Graybar, the author of debunking. Howard Zinn, exposing the fake history that short-term generation against America shall answer that question after his first break of the day. Think about it. You believe your country is illegitimate is an evil place in the. The imperialistic took it over our hearing on their worldview today knocking to be willing to defend any of your values or export them. It's very bad boy.

After this, people everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to their help, their job, their finances the future. There is also heightened spiritual awareness is God doing in my right with him.

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Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA eight 646-2233 or go to the Christian world Thank you for your support back on the Christian worldview radio program. Our topic is Howard Zinn lied American history died. Mary Graybar, the author of the book debunking Howard Zinn exposing the fake history that turned the generation against America is our guest willful segment with her was get straight back to the interview. So what is the truth I Christopher Columbus and who was a union did Howard Zinn make up these lies about him out of whole cloth or other dessert truth to the way he interacted with the Indians. He did make it up pretty much out of whole cloth. And he did a very cleverly what he dead at that point this out by quoting the passages is he played your heist from a fellow socialist Spock Hans Koning was his name, and the sky was not a historian or a teacher or anything like that.

He was a playwright, screenwriter, novelist, now you were talking about how Howard Zinn is going to tell this untold story and that and even goes on and on.

In his book about how he even getting his Pequot even though he has his PhD in history. He never knew the truth about Christopher Columbus until he started reading his journals and doing all this research and you think well there was this historian he's going into the dusty shelves and you know doing all this painstaking work. What he does is he plagiarize is Hans Koning's book paragraphs that are lifted with just a few phrases switched around. He does quote from Christopher Columbus his journals. He does it from a popular book that was out in the 1970s and an abbreviated form of his journals.

What he does is. He's very deceptive. He leaves out critical words so that when he quotes Columbus you get the opposite impression of what Columbus actually intended. There's this one passage and it's been made famous by that segment on the Sopranos. This is the way Howard's and has it he's quoting from Christopher Columbus's Journal and he's talking about the Indians. The arrow asked and he says they would make fine servants and unease got the four dots that are the ellipses which is we know is used to show that up phrase or a sentence or maybe two has been eliminated. They would make fine servants With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

So if you read it that way you get the idea.

While that unit. These were really greedy, evil people and they wanted to subjugate them right. Well, he's not leaving out only a phrase or a sentence and those ellipses he's leaving out pages worth and what you find in those missed same pages are sentences like this one by Christopher Columbus. I know that they are a people who can be made free and converted to our holy faith.

More by love than to force right you. It's quite different from subjugating them and the other thing is when he quotes that in isolation you don't know what they is referring to, but if you read it in the context it's pretty clear that the Christopher Columbus is discussing another tribe that has been comping and trying to subjugate them and this other try the Kareem's see these arrow whacks that since talking about as servants, not Europeans, not putting this is not to say that Christopher Columbus his men did not get out of control and that there wasn't abuse and historians have faulted Christopher Columbus for the fact that he wasn't a good manager, but there are a lot of complications and that Christopher Columbus was an explorer. He was a she man he wanted to spread the Christian faith. So if he didn't have complete control. Yes, we can say yeah there were abuses that were committed, but the equation presents. It is you get the impression that Christopher Columbus came out solely searching for gold didn't care how he got it he ordered his men to hack off hands. If the Indians didn't produce enough gold and he he may have even done it personally himself, which is not the case at all. Mary Graybar with us today on the Christian review talking about the influence of Howard Zinn in his book a People's history of the United States. Her book is debunking Howard Zinn. We have a link to our website the Christian real Mary's website is Mary GR a B you write about a chapter on America the racist. It is been sold.

Now to America pretty strongly that we are the most racist terrible divided country in the world and our founders. They've all been disqualified from any sort of authority because some of them owned slaves. How did Howard Zinn convert the way the country thinks about our founders Mary and how should we view our founders despite the fact that some of them did do things that were right, Howard's and takes a chapter from the old communist playbook, which was to sort of look at the weak point of American society at the time, which segregation and depression lacks in other groups so they pretended that this was because of our capitalist economy because of our form of government so that was used in their propaganda and Howard said continues to use that and he presents this distorted history. He goes on in easy claims that slavery was most cruel, the worst in the world and the United States and historically that is just not true. Slavery has been a worldwide phenomenon since time immemorial. All religions have practiced it all places on the globe have practiced it but presents American slavery as uniquely bad as our original sin, but never changed. According to him, emancipation never happened in the civil rights movement never happened. We are still tainted with racism and according to Howard Susan's version of history, we will be until we over throw this form of government. So that's his presentation.

There were now in his version Christian abolitionists.

There were no white people who were genuinely concerned about the plight of Blacks and other minorities.

The only ones who were were really the Communists and they are the great heroes in the 18 only mentions a few black communists who got kind of got swept up into it and presents as very distorted view of the whole history of slave relations and q. week the People's history of the United States you get the impression that nothing has really changed since slavery Mary Graybar with us today on the Christian world view, the author of debunking. Howard Zinn, you mentioned reading his book a People's history of the United States, how could one even read that book and be the separate any of the maybe small amount of facts from all the fiction and misinterpretation.

In part two of the question is who is reading that book words. That book taught is at high schools, middle schools, colleges, where is it primarily being used. It's really hard to to sort of separate fact from fiction.

It's literally I think on every page that there's at least a distortion. There might be a kernel of truth broke but it's so twisted around and so surrounded by this leading rhetoric by leading questions. You know, he may not come out and say America was fascist but boy he sure makes you think that when you're reading about World War II was very dangerous in his rhetorical strategy.

I mean, that's something I discussed toots very unusual for a history book to make all these emotional appeals. He does, and to present leading questions one right after the other so that gets me to who's reading it well. A lot of adolescents I mean it appeals to young people who like the protagonist of catcher in the root ride 15-year-olds who suddenly wake up and realize every adult around him is stupid and they can see into the truth and Zinn is very good with that.

I mean he did that in person corrupting young people and he does that through his writing.

So as I said before, this book is widely used for advanced placement US history courses in high schools and a lot of professors recommend the book or their bill assigned chapters of it in college.

There is a young people's history of the United States and it's being read, used in all eighth grade classrooms in Portland Oregon and in other school districts around the country.

There are the downloadable lessons that teachers have access to. From this, an education project. There movies they can show there is Zinn's biography. There are spinoff books semi the guy was pretty wealthy when he died he just for lending his name to the series of books called a People's history. He got a certain percentage of the royalties so students don't get the full book they may get one of those I've seen it in books for middle school students. I just checked them out of my little library here in Clinton, New York, and the other is a book for middle schoolers on the Vietnam War and had more extensive passages from Howard's ins. People's history is really held up as this kind of iconic trailblazing historian who is revealing the real truth about American history wires in the left honest enough to see the plagiarism the ellipses of the leaving out of facts from history where they willing. I guess to say to point those things out. Mary Graybar answer that question after the second break of the day in the Christian world you I'm sure you're beginning to understand why this nation has become so divided when you distort American history. More coming up this is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted. Destiny called Congress thought. I don't think God Jesus said story. This doctrine of Christianity separates Christianity from other religions in the world. The American gospel films.

Contrast the false teaching so prevalent today to true biblical Christianity.

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That's a great way to stay connected with the ministry of the Christian really get the preview every week you get the short takes to get all sorts of updates also visit our store online is great gifts their personal resources for you for Father's Day coming up for for adults for children, DVDs, books, all sorts of things to do you can also support the ministry were a listener supported ministry. We would very much appreciate your support. Again, our topic today is Howard Zinn lied American history died and I married Mary Graybar's written next excellent book entitled debunking Howard Zinn exposing the fake history that turned a generation against America, and that is exactly what has taken place as get back to the rest of the interview with Mary Graybar wires in the left honest enough to see the plagiarism the ellipses that the leaving out of facts from history where they willing. I guess to say to point those things out. Interesting question it indicates to me that they know he's lying, and they don't care. The agenda motivates what they put in school and had you know number of reviews and articles of my book, but other than some trolls on the Amazon site or in social media who say that I provide no research, and that my I'm just right wing nut case no one has come forward and said I've gotten this in this wrong and Howard's and is right they can't do that. No one has a mean is obvious as day that he has plagiarized you can't deny that. So in the least.

He is an illegitimate historian. I mean, what he did in terms of plagiarism and twist thing words around would have gotten any of my college freshman kicked out of college.

Anyone who's taken a college course in taken writing course knows that on the syllabus. There are the rules about plagiarism and you know you get a warning or you get kicked out and so you know it's a serious it's a serious offense.

Mary Graybar with us today in the Christian review, the author of debunking. Howard Zinn, exposing the fake history that turned a generation against America, we have the book link to our website the Christian you talk about the chapter. Chapter 5 on casting a pall on the finest hour you say Howard Zinn has made this on is used of the discovery of America. Slavery in the Civil War to indict America and promote communist revolution.

But in his treatment of World War II. He hits a new low. Through a series of four long leading questions about quote imperialism, racism, totalitarianism, and militarism.

Zinn insinuates that the enemy of an unspeakable evil. Hitler's Germany was no worse than the United States and her allies Imperial Japan two was a victim of American aggression. I think most reasonable Americans would try to swallow that that America is no worse than Adolf Hitler and not Nazi Germany as being upset that's way way that's crazy talk but yet that's what Howard Zinn writes about tell us about that.

He lists American incursions.

The idea of manifest destiny. And so he makes this simplistic equivalence between you know well you know Germany wanted to take over year.

Bennett invaded Czechoslovakia and will all look at what the US did in Haiti and in the Philippines and how can we claim to be any better and look at course, what we did to the Indians and you've got segregation in the United States. Still, during World War II, and hey, isn't that just like how the Nazis treated the Jews and and so he makes these equivalences and one of the ways he does that easy. He discusses the interment of the Japanese-Americans he really distorts that and actually I just had a conversation with a college professor and students do believe this that there really isn't a distinction between the Nazis or the Japanese and the Americans. Howard's and this is part of the research I did pretty simple to do, but he makes this claim that US government shuttled off these Japanese-Americans to these hidden concentration camps deep into the interior and no one really knew about it, the public didn't know about it until after the war until September 1945 when there was an article in Harper's magazine well I went to the library and went into the stacks of periodicals and went through some Harper's magazines and there in September 1942, not 45 there was an article about 10 pages long by a reporter who had visited one of these camps. I think the first one and he had visited in June. The order was given in February, but the way he described it was yes sure it wasn't home but the facilities were clean.

The food was good, there was plenty of that. There was a VFW branch kids played baseball there were gardens so insinuates that these were concentration camps and that this was hidden, and of course if you just go through any newspaper like the New York Times. You'll save that there were articles on a daily basis. Written about that Knolls Milton Eisenhower narrated a short film about this and showed the camps. It was in no way a secret.

And then I also talked to a Japanese American colleague that I have, whose family was in turned and he described what it was like so yeah there's this huge exaggeration and of course we can disagree about whether that was the right move but by no stretch of the imagination was that equivalent to, you know, the Nazi concentration camps or guest is Mary Graybar, the author of debunking Howard Zinn. The book is linked in our website the Christian real were knocking to be have time to get into Howard Zinn's twisting of civil rights in this country, the struggle for communism is when what he's after his perspective on Vietnam use cheering for the North Vietnamese to defeat the Americans or his take on the American Revolution will flood readers read the book for themselves.

Your book, not his book, how do you see this country with that with the depth of his influence in this country what's taught in public schools or just the cultural conversation that takes place today that the political discourse. Bernie Sanders you hear this worldview of the influence of people like Howard Zinn. How do you see the country ever thriving again after after Zinn's influence. How can a country who loathes itself and its founding, it is critical of its founders is racist and imperialist. How can that kind of country ever succeed again.

It's very hard to do that. As you mentioned, we see his influence on his way of thinking being played out in our politics. Back when Alexandra Conseil Cortez and others were claiming that there were concentration camps at the border right that goes back to Howard's then you have the last thing we should not even have any borders, eliminate borders, I think Bernie Sanders even says that you have this idea that today the economy should just shut down and everyone should just be given a living wage and it lets end capitalism once and for all.

This is a great opportunity. I see a couple glimmers of hope and I'm hoping that parents have been forced to to homeschool their kids there seeing what's in their kids curriculum and may be stepping back and evaluating that also were seeing the lies of Howard's and in terms of the virus. What were experiencing now is a direct result of communism of a communist regime that like all communist regime all communist regimes does not value human life and where rights are considered to come from God but from the state and so the state can do whatever it wants.

China has been harvesting organs from prisoners and in dissidents and there are our reeducation camps and work camps and there's constant spying and neighbors are and friends are encouraged to report on each other and of course the government hid what was happening with this virus so the result is death.

There is always death that comes from communism to go through history it repeats itself and I saw a survey that said that two thirds of Americans tribute the other coronavirus of the Chinese Communist Party virus to communist China. They fall China for it and someone said while that's not very good. Only two thirds but you know I'm hoping people will wake up to really how bad communism is and they need to remember that Howard Zinn's ultimate goal with his book and everything he wrote and did. Ed was to overthrow the American government and institute a communist regime and its place that's very clear from our reading your book in every issue he takes it's about the quote unquote struggle for revolution in and you hear the same sorts of phraseology being used today. Final question for you Mary. Just you mentioned way back earlier in the interview about his personal life. Give us a snapshot of what you found out about him personally. Was he married did he have children. What was his personal life like that will be very interesting.

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We have a very short segment here with Mary, Graybar, and then we'll get into some follow-up comments on the interview today final question for you Mary.

Just you mentioned way back earlier in the interview about his personal life. Give us a snapshot of what you found out about him personally. Was he married did he have children. What was his personal life like he was married and he had two children, but he was notorious womanizer to biographies of him written by his admirers. One of them really doesn't see anything morally wrong with what he did and you know goes into some detail and and so I quote him. He goes into the house and confided in his daughter when she was 25 that he was in love with the woman that wasn't her mother and how this kind of scattered her Zinn decided ultimately to stay with his wife but he continued to halflings. I mean, that was his reputation. He was not a nice man. He was not good to his wife. He was not a good family man, given that he had the communist world view.

I mean, it's not surprising. It kinda goes hand-in-hand. We appreciate your coming on the Christian review radio program and also for your contribution here to correct what has become a pervasive worldview in America how bad this country is a better founders are and how everything we've done is been out of greed and racism and sexism, and homophobia. Everything else and so we we thank you for this.

This book is written debunking Howard Zinn and we just wish all the best to you. Thank you that was made. Mary Graybar everyone with her book debunking Howard Zinn and now she said in her last answer his personal life was indicative was part of who this man was, he was a wicked man. He's had a very very negative impact on our society. I'm not sure extreme go back from this.

When this lie begins to be propagated. It's very difficult to make a U-turn on it is a good spread and spread and spread it in. It appeals to people's fallen nature just like Howard Zinn's personal life was ungodly and against God's will.

So was his professional life as well to try to undermine the things that this country has actually brought to this world we the program. Some of you listen to the program for a long time may remember a show we did about modern all five years ago or so on who has been America's great deep Craver member that and we chose David Geffen. He was the great rock music producer.

The movie director and producer, and he was a great he's been a great advocate for homosexuality and leftist politics, and so forth. He's a billionaire believe and so we chose him will if he was a great to pray for of America.

Howard Zinn is the great deconstruct or of America, he's taken American history cherry picked the parts that were were were not good and emphasize those to make our country seem like the most horrible wicked country in the world that Americans should not be patriotic about.

We should loathe ourselves, we should not defend her values affect there's a better system out there and skull, communism and socialism that we should transition to work. We can finally achieve this idealistic utopian notion notion of how society really can be run so just let this sink in for a minute the most influential American historian whose who told us what America's history is about for the last at least 40 years whose perspective on American history whose phosphate perspective on American history has influenced every sector of society, whether it's schools, whether it's professors teaching at colleges which your kids go to whether it's the media with their writing and their articles and so forth our politicians with their pushing for in the halls of federal and state political holes use a communist bent on fundamentally transforming the United States of America to a socialist utopia or a Marxist system and this is really the battle the that the battle is between from a standpoint of just on an earthly level. The battle is between communism and constitutional liberties individual liberties no the constitutional Republic of America is the antithesis the opposite of communism constitutional Republic focuses on individual liberties. The freedoms of religion and speech, freedom to assemble the press, the Second Amendment, the freedom to defend yourself on limited government and yes government with limited government, the separation of powers free market economics and the reason that those things are focused on is because of a Christian world you because a Christian real view understands the fallen nature of man and that one man accumulates power because of his fallen nature, he can abuse it become more totalitarian, so that our founders had a semblance pretty strong semblance of a Christian review understood this about the nature of man to the try to have individual liberties, not communitarian communitarian power. A limited government, rather than big government, a separation of powers rather than a consolidation of powers, which is exactly what communism is his dictatorial government. It's socialism it's communitarianism it's totalitarian it's repressive, it's repressive, it's always amazing to me to see the number, the amount of oppression. The number of deaths that occurred with these types of governments. Those are completely ignored by people like Howard Zinn. He will focus on the few bad things that some of the founders are some of the history of America course.

Of course there's bad things that people are fallen, sinful, but in this realm. It's a comparative realm.

Compare the, the, what this country has contributed to the world and individuals versus what communist Marxist country has done. The problem is Zinn's perspective has been imbibed if swallowed as to make drunk is the dictionary definition a nation that sees its own founding as illegitimate and is now at subsequent history after its founding as a racist and unjust is a people who don't think it's countries and values are worth defending or exporting in a really goes back to the power of the lie in the tragedy of believing a lie. We see this in Scripture from the very beginning Satan's tactic from the very beginning twist God's word into a lie in their eternal consequences of that if you believe a lie about from a spiritual standpoint about who God is, what he expects about specifically what the gospel is is a done by our works. There's a lie, then you're going to believe a lie going to go the wrong way in life and your eternity is going to be affected and this is why I think God inspired Moses to record the history of God's work in the early part of history because when lies are believed, everything falls apart so we can talk about American allies about America.

Howard Zinn wrote about with even more important lie to not believe is any lies about God and his word and how to be right with him. For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves is a gift of God not as a result of works, that no one will boast. That's one of the biggest lies about how to be right with God that is out there today believe the truth by faith through grace. Thank you so much for joining us at Memorial beacon on the Christian review and until next time think biblically and live according we hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and sought to receive a copy of today's program or sign up for free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle calls for free one Tripoli 646-2233. Christian worldview was a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors was one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian worldview dawdle will call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 OSHA Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian will.

Until next time think biblically live according

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