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“Systemic Racism” and the Christian Response (Part 2 of 2)

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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June 12, 2020 8:00 pm

“Systemic Racism” and the Christian Response (Part 2 of 2)

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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June 12, 2020 8:00 pm

Last week in part 1 of our conversation, Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker, hosts of the Just Thinking podcast, talked about the widely-accepted false assertion and animating worldview behind the protests, destruction, and criminal acts taking place, that our nation is “systemically racist” against blacks.

This week in part 2, we’ll examine how Evangelicals are agreeing with the errant notion that systemic racism, even using “black lives matter” sloganeering, despite its association with the blatantly unbiblical Black Lives Matter organization.

Here is one example by JD Greer, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in America. You have also likely seen professing Christian friends on social media or even your pastor or church elders agree with how “systemically racist” our country is and that we must lament, listen, learn, repent and reform.

Join us this weekend as Darrell and Virgil analyze some of the Christian response and advocate for a biblical rather than cultural solutions...

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Systemic racism in the Christian box part two today the topic on the Christian worldview radio program or the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview. Christians share the good news that all be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ we host our website the Christian worldview.or, thank you for joining us today here on the Christian worldview radio program to talk about systemic racism in the Christian responses is part two of two parts series last week in part one of our conversation, Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker, host of the just thinking podcast talked about the widely accepted false assertion and animating worldview behind their protest the destruction, the criminal acts taking place all across this country that our nation is systemically racist against Blacks this week in part to work and examine how evangelicals are agreeing with the errant notion of systemic racism.

Even using quote black lives matter, sloganeering despite its association with the blatantly un-biblical black lives matter organization. Here is one example by JD Greer. He's the president of the Southern Baptist convention.

The largest Protestant denomination in America, Southern Baptist.

We need to say it clearly as a gospel issue black lives matter of course, black lives matter are our black brothers and sisters made in the image of God. Black lives matter because Jesus died for them. Okay will get back to that audio later in the program is just an example.

You also likely seen professing Christian friends on social media, or even your pastor or church elders agree with how systemically racist. Our country is that we must quote lament.

Listen, learn, repent, reform according to recent calm in Christianity today must pay reparations so hope you enjoy and gain from this interview would Darrell and Virgil, let's get to the first segment of the black community has had great spiritual influence preachers and so far there was a time where there was that in America talk about how the spiritual teaching.

The influence of sound teachers has changed within the black community and how that impacted them, then there's all kinds. I want to say about that.

In that note I know Darrell knows exactly how it goes. This is to thoughts with that one.

When when you say the history of preachers who have counted kind of led things in the culture and community. We have to identify which one you're talking about the specificity I'd be careful to love all the right black preachers into that staying category of those who spoke well and had sound doctrine had sound theology. I do know that because of the tribalism in our communities where were more likely to be connected to emotionalism and in that emotionalism has weight within our communities to the point that that you are asking to the question you're asking. How have things shifted and I think it really goes back to what Darrell and I have been talking about when we begin to embrace cultural perspectives, we begin to embrace cultural anthropology when we begin to embrace cultural solutions rather than biblical solutions.

When we defer to pragmatism rather than the providence of God the Word of God. The truth of the Scripture we will find ourselves 1 off in the military. I know Darrell and I both military. I have military backgrounds, it would we call it mission creep and what happens over time as you begin to appeal and use and leverage those things that are apart from Scripture away from Scripture and begin using ideas from James Cohen and black liberation theology of the 60s and the 70s and early 80s. Another resurgence of those ideas through social justice, human far off of the page of what's in Scripture, and you moved into the heightening of what we see in our culture currently.

This is why appreciate be a partner with birds like we are not just on the podcast but David opportunities like this because we have similar experiences that we could leverage off one another verse dropping the cortical black church as did I was sad for me is seeing this shift in vertical test on this. A second ago seen this shifted many pulpits and productively black churches towards preaching a social gospel liberation. They bought into the theology of James Cohen.

Their preaching that as the quote "gospel but that is not the gospel that Christ preached Christ preached a gospel of freedom from the bondage of sin.

Many pulpits and inner cities right now are still preaching a theology that held up against the bondage of Blacks is slavery, yet also so that is a common dog referred without looking all like pastors and preachers into the same bucket, but I can tell you right now many of the larger inner cities in this country.

Liberation theology has had it has grab a foothold and is holding on tight and it is influencing and shaping the preaching that is coming out of many of these pulpits, Darrell Harrison again and Virgil Walker the house of the just thinking podcast.

Join us today in the Christian really to talk about systemic racism and now let's get into the second major part of what would like to cover today is the Christian or the church. Evangelical response that is taking place to the protester race protests and riots violence taking place all across this country want to read a couple quotes to you guys. There is an article on Fox News website quoting Brian Houston, the leader of the Hill song church, they came out with a statement saying Hill song church as opposed to racism and we believe black lives matter. Houston said in a statement. The needless and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the much deeper systemic issues toward African-American people that his death has highlighted must lead to radical and permanent change. Racism must stop in my prayers at this moment in history will be a moment of lasting equality transformation and change, and then also couple more quotes here to give you some context Carl Lance, another leader of Hill song. I believe in New York. This is not a new problem he said is not the result of the pandemic is the result of a spiritual pandemic and a cultural pandemic that is existed in America since the very foundations and we've never really dealt with it.

We don't talk about it. It's taboo to discuss it. I got the quote wrong or that was actually TD Jakes telling that to Carl Lance of Hill settle boy, one more quote. This is someone you don't know I don't need to mention the name.

This is the, the daughter of someone we know pastor group in a Christian home, I'm just going to read you just a personal post she wrote on Facebook to give you an idea, and I'm sure you're seeing the same kinds of sympathies being written or spoken in people you know. She writes the riot show us that much more of our privilege as white people that we have never been that angry and that said something working against us that frustrated with not being believed in being traumatized again and again that we had never felt something that strongly which would make us act out in that way similar.

She says to the Boston tea party, which I'm pretty sure is celebrated currently is not demonized by live heard that example being used a lot these riots protests today are the same as that white people at the Boston tea party back in the 1700s for so long. Our black brothers and sisters of been saying there is a disease we feel it and see it all around us you talking about systemic racism which you've Artie addressed and we and she saying whites have responded with quote I don't see it please sit down, but we see it now.

She concluded we stand with you and the lashing she writes his hashtag black lives matter again daughter of a Christian pastor not trying to pick on her. But this is a worldview that I see all over the Internet now and you see it with organizations like even the Gospel coalition Southern Baptist convention Christianity today that I want a whole house group. Everyone in the same worldview here, but you're seeing this kind of worldview being expressed 12 Majorca Starwood to respond to all that the Christian response to this limit first, I would love to ask you one question why black lives matter, why can you tell me why black lives matter and I can guarantee you 100%. Her response would be something other than what he should be. We should be. The quote read Genesis 127 they got make them male and female in his image if he gives me any other answer to that question. That is the wrong answer. Everybody's who these hashtags are about. Well, this ethnic life matters that ethnic like matters, vice asking the question or answer the question why and when you do see some sort of question or answer the improper ghetto social media is usually some humanistic context is all come together cinchona by Jacob McCarthy because will all we all inherit the same planet, we all breathe the same air is that, context in which they want to offer an apologetic for why black lives matter what he should be rooted only in the fact you matter because you bear the image of God. That is the only perfect and equitable response to that question you anyway. What gets me also invert all that you jeopardy after this. I love how many people treat racism as if it were a carton of milk with an expiration date.

They say well in racism as if it's a carton of milk you can just look at the dates that you on this date is going to go bad and that I could just pour the milk out. After that date we could just cut off racism as if it's a light switch to internal raw racism isn't like a carton of milk when expiration date biblically sinful. Ethnic prejudice is what we should call biblically speak is sinful ethnic prejudice that is not some kind of is the is hate speech is hate.

First John 29 through 11 first on 315 is hate biblically not set this over and over and over again. There are only two attitudes you would like to have." Another only to either love you I hate you.

Internal-isms in between either love you I hate you only question that remains is how my love or hate towards you manifests itself. That's the only question we have, so complicated what the gospel makes so simple Jesus in John 1334 a. Leave your new commitment to what level of access simple virtual habit, we act as if those who were who were commenting the act as if the injustice of murder, the crime of murder is more unjust or more tragic when we can attach motivation to this list for okay and the reality is the crime committed against George Floyd ended his life there is nothing more tragic than that. So for us to act as if it can become more tragic or more unjust if we can just simply identify, or at least label the motivation as race or racism. It's foolishness. Those other men that you quoted most of them come from a I and am being generous. They come from a theology like perspective. They've applied all that all the great tools of pragmatism to grow their church is as large as they have. That's why their mega churches.

None of them are building their their church or their church. Following it with the depths of biblical ecclesiology, so it should not be surprising that they have a less than biblical anthropology, or a less than biblical harm, archaeology, or a less than biblical.

So teleology the solutions they're prescribing have nothing to do with Scripture.

So we shouldn't be should surprise blown away shots caught off guard. They've misidentified the problem live in a miss prescribe the solutions in these instances and David if I could just opinion limiting the were Virgil just said okay. Dara will give that append him after this first break of the day here on the Christian review radio program Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker. Our guest today post of the just thinking podcast were talking about systemic racism in the Christian response part two of two. We have much more coming up today in the program stay with us and David Wheaton living the Christian worldview. People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to their help, their job, their financial future. There is also heightened spiritual awareness is not doing my right with him. We encourage you to order Ray comfort 20 page booklet how to be free from the fear of death, which explains how one can have peace with God in a confident hope this life and the next, for the good news of the gospel. If you've never contacted the Christian worldview requested booklet how to be free from the fear of death free by calling us at one AAA 646-2233 for everyone else. You can order as many as you'd like for $0.50 per booklet, perfect for sharing with to order go to the Christian or call one AAA 646-2233 that the Christian The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ for when Christians have a stronger faith.

And when unbelievers come to saving thing lives and families and churches and communities are changed for the glory of God.

The Christian worldview is a listener supported ministry. You can help us in our mission to impact hearts and minds by making a donation of any amount or becoming a monthly partner. All donations are tax-deductible. You can give or calling us toll-free one AAA 646-2233. When you give like to thank you by sending you a current resource. Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA 646-2233 or go to the Christian world Thank you for your support. Thanks for joining us today on the Christian world talk about part two of our topic of the allegation of systemic racism in the Christian response. Our guests are Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker. The host of the just thinking podcast.

You can find out more about that by going to our website and the Christian and the first segment they are Darrell was continuing with his comments on the Christian response to the allegation of Christian racism was get straight back to the interview and David if I could just opinion limiting or Virgil just said you know we talked about it is like racism to allege that something is race is him when you append is him to the end of that word, you are implying a motive when you assume a motive, it automatically becomes a theological question at that point because motives as we know from Mark chapter 7 uses all words motive is rooted in the heart. The only way you could know motive. The only way we can know the motive of this police officer Minnesota is if he confesses that he hated despair because of the color of his skin. That is the only way for certain that you can know. We hear the words of Jesus here Mark chapter 7 verse 21 through verse 23 Jesus sets forth from within, out of the heart of man, proceed the evil thoughts, fornication, staff, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting and wickedness as well as deceit, sensuality, injury, slander, pride enforces all these things proceed from within and defile the man. So any-ism that you're applying to any situation you're automatically assuming motive and that makes it a theological issue not a sociological issue. I want to add to that I remembered in the quote. What we seem to do. Often times we talk about black lives matter.

We talk about systemic racism is weak, we bracketed inside of the American experience as if that's the only experience by which we need to examine our lives and Scripture doesn't provide that that is an option for us. They attribute you know this is a historic issue with regard to a store racism in our country not know it's not it actually goes all the way back to the fall of Adam in Genesis chapter 3 what we find by Genesis chapter 5 chapter 5 verse three it says when Adam lived 130 years, he fathered a son. And here's the difference. Initially we are created in the image of God in his likeness, but we find in Genesis chapter 5 verse three when Adam lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own image, great. And after and after his image, and named him Seth and that's what's at issue you have to go back to see where the fall took place and then and then understand that what takes place. Thereafter, every man who comes after Adam has a stand still nature, this is not bracketed, and in the American experience. This goes all the way back to the very beginning of the creation of mankind created order. Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker with us today talking about systemic racism in the Christian response here on the Christian review radio program to the house of the just thinking podcast go to just to find out more. One player soundbite to both of you from a pastor named Jason Meyer he is the pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church here in the Twin Cities. This is formally the church were John Piper was the pastor for many many years and I think Jason Meyer in this one minute sound clip captures what the response of many evangelicals are many professing Christians has been to the killing of George Floyd here is that soundbite not have you follow-up afterwards but do you see the difference between the type of lament that's needed not a type of lament that only sees one incident and says that's wrong if it's easy, isn't it easy for many to be able to say the majority culture church see that that's wrong when African-Americans are saying yes it's wrong when I just think that's wrong. I think that's our story were saying that the image of the white knee on a black is triggering because the history from rape to redlining to slavery to segregation with all other blood on the ground below her tears have not soaked the ground like they should. So Jason Meyer again. Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis right nearby.

The waving within a mile of where all these Incidents Took Pl. in Minneapolis this past week is saying he's white saying that we have not lamented we have not understood this response I think is in the same ballpark as we were hearing from the Gospel coalition. Some of the writers there are from the Southern Baptist convention. You mentioned one on your own podcast you read the response that they made periodicals like Christianity today.

Many churches and pulpits. This is the type of response which one of you would like to respond first to all golfers out of the what dB will solve me. What am I supposed to grit my teeth order) stronger squint my eyes tighter, cry more tears whale or loudly. How is that better remedy the hundreds of years of slavery, that he was alluding to in his impassioned plea. There you know one thing that would want to convey the Jason Meyer that not all slave owners were white as a matter of fact the voice your hearing right now David is a descendent of black slave owners.

I have both sides covered descendent of men and women who were slaves also descended from a tribe of slave owners in Guinea-Bissau West Africa. So I would like to ask, what is he doing someone like me with my experiences. He's all left us all in together into the same experiential boat saying that that's our story know that's not my story. I don't wake up every morning going nobody knows the drill elastic articles singing that everybody wake up with joy that my heart is beating that I get another opportunity to serve the Lord, who in his providential timing. According to acts 1726 ordained not only that I would be born, but where and how and in what circumstances, what Myers is preaching is more ethnic misery. Why does Christianity even if the answer at all.

If that's the kind of mindset, a letter carrier about me every day.

Jason Meyer and again I have said this time and again.

Darrell disagrees with me here. I think their well-intentioned, I think I think I think their well-intentioned Dalles laughing because I know he completely disagree.

I think he comes from a place where he believes that what he is saying is somehow heartfelt and is somehow the right prescription of care for the African-American parishioners in his congregation. The problem is that what it forces them to do. Is it forces them to identify wrongly with someone on the basis of melanin in their skin. The right connection that it pastor of the church should be making is connecting believers in Christ regardless of their melanin to the one in whom they must identify in order to inherit salvation which is Jesus Christ and him crucified. They need to recognize their sin against God, that God the father sends his son to die on a cross unjustly for the purpose of inheriting our injustice upon him. He knew no sin became sin on our behalf, so that we would but but repent of our sin in place are based in him would inherit eternal life. The greatest injustices.

The injustice given to Christ himself. We have to start and begin their I love what Darrell said earlier in our conversation, black folk are the only folk don't get the benefit of having a unique story by which we identify with the only group of people that don't get that benefit and even to the point of showing up to church on Sunday morning and having our own pastors and preachers tell us how we need to view this event and then prescribed to us what the remedy for that in the remedy that he's prescribing is greater lament greater sadness, greater crying, I don't know what that solves. I don't know how that changes the heart of anyone who intends ill to black folk, or any other counsel I don't have that that solves anything, it may create what he creates is a permanent victim class. That's what creates the sad part about that is that he is using the most authoritative platform that God has given on this earth by which to establish a permanent victim class. The church in the pulpit, the most authoritative position from which any human being can speak for him to do so in a way that has nothing to do with what's written in the book. I fear for him. I said this on our on our show men who are doing that were coddling those kinds of emotion they need to repent of that and properly direct their parishioners to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to the gospel of Jesus Christ to the cross of Christ will say version explain why I disagree with Virgil on giving these guys benefit of the doubt. 1619 Jamestown, Virginia the first African slave stepped off the first slave ship the land on the shores of America 1690 was 401 years ago Jason Meyer, Beth Moore and people like that. I call Van Wagoner's because they had 401 years to address this issue.

Their opportunists you only hear from them when incidents like this happens. Where are they writing about the ills of slavery in between these incidents.

It was the same with trave on Martin as it was now with George Floyd. That's why I consider them opportunists and will not give them the benefit of the doubt that Virgil gives them because these people have ample opportunities in between these incidents to address the historical ills that slavery has wrought on this nation undeniable, but I'm not going to walk in a woe is me attitude when the gospel of Jesus Christ tells me that in him. I already have victory over this world totally antithetical to me in my life as Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker are guests in the Christian review, much more after this is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called Congress thought. I don't think God Jesus said say snoring separates Christianity other religions in the world.

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Your email and mailing address will never be sure and you can unsubscribe at any time: one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian.think only and live accordingly to try to do each week on the Christian will view radio programs we discussed on current events, cultural issues of faith topic today is on the allegation of systemic racism that were hearing so only and loudly today and the Christian response to the allegation in our guest on the program again this week as part two Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker that the host of the just thinking podcast. You can subscribe that by going to iTunes or Google play and they really have great insight biblical insight on this issue today before we get back to the interview with them. Just a reminder to sign up for a free weekly email and annual print newsletter is are great ways free ways to get connected with the program. You can get audio pass program to get the short takes by those you can find a he can support the ministry of the Christian world.

We also have tons of resources available online at our store DVDs for adults for kids books ARE to think so encourage you to do that help support our ministry as well. By the way, with that with resources so okay we have one segment remaining with Darrell and Virgil and then we have some summary commentary after that. So if you missed again if you miss part one of the programming go back to your website and that's posted now the Christian Let's get to the final segment of part two.

The prescription was additional lament. My question is at what point does that stop like how much lament is enough. What you'll find is that when when people subscribe to the social gestation's solutions. They are never satisfied.

There will never be enough lament that will never be enough. You fill in the blank with whatever is the prescription there will never be enough to what that really says again.

Darrell alluded to it.

The gospel is insufficient.

The cross of Christ is insufficient. Christ did not do enough you get enough for everything else asked for the issue of cortical racism right that's the best exception. That's the only sin that Christ death on the cross did not atone for and cannot hold for. That's why within that mill you of lament. That's the buzzword DiGiorgio limit we have to crucify people because Christ's crucifixion wasn't enough.

So we have to crucify the Minneapolis police officer because is like is George Floyd had been murdered by a black person we would not be on your program right now because you would know his name you would know George Floyd today you would know the circumstances in which you die is Chicago just over the past four weeks. Over 100 people been murdered in that city. I can tell you single name of any of those victims those victims are just as dead as George Floyd is, where is he, Meyer, where is he on those people. Where's Beth Moore with her opportunistic tweets of social media commenting on the deaths of those individuals that just as dead. George Floyd is no more debt than they are. But the circumstances of George Floyd's death fit perfectly within the narrative does being propagated today in the church is not exempt from propagated that there Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker. Our guest today on the Christian review to the house of the just thinking podcast you really need to get this subscribed and listen to this in a regular basis. Just is their website can also get the podcast subscribe to to iTunes or Google play just want to conclude with this question. Darrell and Virgil as we deal with the Christian response to what's being sold as systemic racism. As I mentioned, we've seen quotes we've gone over these many evangelicals are supporting sympathizing with these protests, they would say there against the riots. But even the protests are. If you watch them.

Yes, summer peacefulness, holding some signs but read the signs abolish the police defund the police after the police is all kinds of rage or rage filled their obscene their lawbreaking. I think a lot of Christians look at all of this and say well I saw it happen to George Floyd in a certain that was horrible. Any human being was a pulse should be should be able to see that and say that I was at the terrible thing that happened in their sign saying little boy. I don't not for these riots in writing for these these protests and measures is rage filled protests there trying to figure out what to make of this whole thing how to process this whole thing and where a biblical Christian should land so that both of you.

Just to make a summary comment if you're talking to a listener today just trying to process this whole thing how to reason with someone and persuade someone where they should land as they see what is taking place in our country right now. I would say that person I would need to request them to question or suggest any way encourage them to remember why we have laws to begin with. We have laws fundamentally to protect us against one another. That's what we have laws. That's what we have police officers to help protect us against one another laws and in law enforcement and the laws intrinsically or innately inherently do nothing. Laws are only effective to the degree that you and I make a volitional choice to obey those laws outside of a volitional choice to the decision to obey the law. The law is totally is totally impotent, but laws exist to protect one sinner from another sitter and I would encourage Christians out there to respond as Jesus did. This is not just a simple what would Jesus do kind of thing I'm looking to the Scriptures here looking at first Peter two 2123 for you have been called for this purpose. Since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in his steps who committed no sin, nor was any deceit found in his mouth and while being reviled. He did not revile in return while suffering he uttered no threats but Entrusting himself. Please hear this listener, but Entrusting himself to him who judges righteously and I'll disclose with New Hanover Virgil injustice is not non-justice. This is exactly what first Peter two verse 23.

Thing about Jesus. Jesus entrusted himself to God because he knows God is going to judge righteously, he's going to do this. First Timothy 524 says that the sins of some are just in this life, but the sins of others are going to be just in the sold remember, injustice is not non-justice birds that I can add a whole lot to that. I think I think that was said soundly. I think the idea that somehow someone wearing a badge or a police uniform sin repellent. It keeps them from sinning is foolish and I think we got identify know and understand been sent. The entire time got diagnosed the fact that human beings are going to sin.

Sinners actually do sin, and when they do their art temporal penalties for that there are judicial penalties for that at the end of the day all will answer to God for their works of iniquity in this life and it is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that hearts are transformed and changed the people absolutely inherit eternal life, and we can see a different I was talking with Darrell earlier today and we were talking about Jesus affected Jeep. Jesus didn't come to save society.

He came to save sinners in the idea that we're going to somehow fix society and create utopia is foolishness. During one of our episodes. Darrell unpacked the word utopia Darrell to tell what you what you talked about with regard to the meaning of the word utopia. Utopia is used a lot as a place of destination, a place of perfect harmony, unity and togetherness. But we look at the word, by definition, it actually literally translates to mean nowhere. As with the word utopia means. It means nowhere. We recognize the fact that this for the believer.

This is not our home on the idea that we're going to somehow transform society to it to be to look like this utopia in attendance in the mind of whoever's creating these ideas is absolute foolishness. The only way we experience freedom from the penalty from sin, freedom from the power of sin and freedom from the presence of sin is by and through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have encouraged listeners to repent today to bow the knee to turn from stand in place the full faith in Jesus Christ, amen. Well, you couldn't have concluded our conversation any better than that and I want to thank both of you Darrell and Virgil for coming on the program and giving a perspective from the word of God that is not being communicated.

You would expect to be communicated in the media and the broader culture by politicians, but you would hope that this would be communicated within the Christian community is not even being communicated, at least from what I'm seeing and hearing enough in that space. So thank you to both of you for being faithful to the word we wish all of God's best in grace to you, your families and the just thinking podcast technocratic today so thankful for Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker believe that God ordained certain people at certain times in history I think is pretty obvious that he does, and to be a voice and the voice that these two men have is an important one.

Right now, when so much of the narrative is not against is contrary to what they are saying and they had lots of biblical basis for what they are saying and I hope you're really gained from hearing this interview today and last week you can go to the Christian to hear programs again or send them to other people who need to hear this perspective and I hearing us there hearing the America systemically racist. We need quote change and it's it's just not true. We we do need change we need spiritual change. That's what we really need in selling and thinking about this, and again you can one make sure tell you about the podcast case just join us. The just thinking podcast.

You can sign up for it by going to iTunes or Google play in in summary here thinking of some points to summarize what they have been saying this week and last in the program. Somehow I did make the connection last week that you remember the program we did on Memorial Day weekend. It was on debunking Howard Zinn how he's deconstructed American history, how terrible and racist and horrible this country is as been believed he know what two days later, I Memorial Day this killing of George Floyd happens in the response has been indicative that Howard Zinn has had a huge influence on this country way we perceive our own nation. More coming.

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The host of the just podcast link to our website and find out more. There just in summary today just realized how the influence of Howard Zinn and me, not just him. He wrote a People's history of United States which totally cast our our country, not in a racist, sexist, terrible lights and how that's been taught in schools in higher education, and so forth.

And that's the way many people in this country view this country today it's hate America were terrible nation and said that influence has had a huge influence on this generation that's rising up and I many Christians by the way as well. You hear this a lot. We go back 400 years, America really started. It's all cast in the narrative of of slavery and so when this happens, like what happened to George Floyd by this white police officer a a false accusation is made the false accusation is America systemically racist. The whole body is racist goes back 400 years and really is believing a lie that that that the killing was racist. We we have no idea whether it was or not, but that just assumed now not even thought about it just assumed that the white police officer was racist or judge may have been but then you have to make the leap that everyone else is made that within the police a racist place to present defund them, dismantle them like the thinking of doing in Minneapolis and then you make the leap that will then not only the police racist, but society is systemically racist. Every everywhere in society is to systemically racist whites are racist. If you're born what you just racist but not the slavery area in America was systemically racist.

That is systemic racism in all of society operates around this this this this act of slavery and segregation, area segregation, he could say that was systemically racist to a large point as well as in the South but not today, and the data does not show that and I could go into that but not can take the time of done than previous programs, but articles that have been written about interactions between whites and Blacks in policing in all it's not not what they say it like white police officer going to target black people didn't say that all now of course there are those with sinful ethnic prejudice. As Darrell mentioned it's a great term sinful, ethnic prejudice instead of racism that only one race sinful ethnic prejudice. There are people with that of course of all skin colors haven't white saboteurs Blacks black stars white part of our sin nature but to say our government or academia or media are police are conspiratorially racist, systemically racist toward Blacks that that is laughable and may make is the opposite actually. There's a lot of partiality I would say I think Jerilyn and Virgil would really love partiality shown towards Blacks and in hiring in and funding from government admission to schools in grants and so forth.

And this is also hypocritical to say this is so much shouting and screaming about her systemic racism but there's never much shouting and screaming about the injustice of black babies being killed by the millions or the countless black on black death every single day. Darrell mentioned why because this really isn't about justice. Otherwise, this movement would seek justice for the individual perpetrator, the, the police officer who did it. This is about retribution. It's about reparations and blame shifting and gaining power to impose a godless worldview that touches Blacks by the way there probably 50% white people involved in in these protest or more actually, this is not a skin color issue. This is a worldview shift trying to Take Pl. in Christianity today, the written article from that Timothy Dalrymple who is the CEO.

I believe of Christianity today wrote this in the inner inner and editorial. Please repentance alone is not enough for white evangelicals to atone for the nations court original sin of racism. The virus of racism infected our church, our Constitution and laws, our attitudes and ideologies.

We have never fully defeated. It Dalrymple wrote is time for white evangelicals to confess that we have not taken the sin of racism with the gravity and seriousness it deserves. He said, claiming the church was quote silent in the face of slavery or been complicit in it.

Today's generations may say we did not invent the ball of racial injustice, but we have benefited from it, it will not be enough. He says it will be something reparations. What if there were is that Kia's flop funds. He was a character in Scripture that was a tax collector, and after he was saved. He gave restitution to those he had defrauded in every city and believers gave sacrificially. So our brothers and sisters could be restored and so our neighbors could see once again the Christlike love that overcame the world there is perfect summation of what those who believe that this country systemically racist. That's that those in the road you go down that the offenders in the offended of slavery. They've been dead for generations. So how is it right to force or even guilt whites in the making restoration restitution for wrongs they didn't commit against people whose those wrongs were committed against you see when a lie is believed the lie of quote systemic racism.

The reactions and solutions will all be wrong though all be dishonoring to God never solved the core problem as is. Virgil was saying, of unregenerate harts, both white and black in need of conversion through faith in Christ and once that occurs lives and perspectives change to align with the church of God. One of them mentioned Beth Moore in the Tweet that's treating she's been doing this year. She like to tweet this says a lot about how people how some Christians are even thinking about this. She liked the following tweet she said Christians do not treat the protest as a new mission field. Do not go to court love on people or delete people in prayer.

Do not go to quote be a Christian voice in the crowd or to share God's love or to witness to people go to fight systemic racism and racial violence. The end. You see, that's where you have the solution all wrong. Actually that is the solution to go and share the gospel of people is what people see themselves in a different identity member, primary primary identity of their skin color.

That's when things begin to change your tip to borrow a little phrase, no justice, no peace, were hearing that we could say the same thing and oh Jesus, no peace, no Jesus, no peace, or conversely in a better light. You could say no, Jesus KNOW no Jesus, no peace that there is the solution to this whole thing and so it goes from being a false accusation of systemic racism to a sinful manifestation is the second aspect of this.

All you have to look at the fruit of these uprisings, the rage, the violence, the lack of forgiveness, the obscenities, the criminal acts. The murders by the way of taking place all the killings that halved people have died since this whole thing diluting the burnings Jesus and you know them by their fruits did did Jesus ever participate in anything like this in his society that was actually way, way more unjust than ours were slavery was rampant. He received the most on adjustment, unjust treatment ever the perfect one crucified unjustly, was his response.

Burn building set up autonomous zones accuse everything of rich systemic races night and do it all.

He preach the gospel to preach the kingdom of God is another heart change is the key to individual change is an offshoot of that then communities and families do change it's never gonna be perfect here on earth. Thank you for listening to the Christian world view. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free, one AAA 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.2 SF Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 Xbox 401 Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world.

Until next time think biblically and live according

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