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Is the Blessed Life of the Beatitudes What You Really Want? Part 1 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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July 10, 2020 8:00 pm

Is the Blessed Life of the Beatitudes What You Really Want? Part 1 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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July 10, 2020 8:00 pm

GUEST: TROY DOBBS, pastor and author, The Blessed Life

“When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain; and after He sat down, His disciples came to Him. He opened His mouth and began to teach them, saying…” Matt 5:1-2 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)]

The Sermon on the Mount, as it is known, is Jesus’ most well-known sermon. It is found in Matthew 5-7 with a more condensed version in Luke 6.

Jesus covers all kinds of ground in the sermon, opening with nine statements, called the beatitudes, about the person who is “blessed” due to inner spiritual qualities. Jesus goes on to preach about the righteousness of the Law and issues like murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, revenge, love of neighbor, charity, prayer, fasting, wealth and possessions.

It is the perfect sermon from the perfect Son of God...


Is the blessed life of the Beatitudes really want topic this weekend and next year on the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview. Christians share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ and David with the host our website the Christian worldview.or will the sermon on the Mount as it is known is is Jesus. Most well-known sermon.

It is found in Matthew chapters 5 through seven with the more condensed version. And in Luke six Jesus covers all kinds of ground in this sermon, opening with nine statements called the Beatitudes about the person who was quote blessed due to having inner spiritual characteristics or qualities in Jesus after the Beatitudes goes on to preach about the righteousness of the law, how he didn't come to nullify it and then goes into issues like murder or adultery divorced taking Olds taking revenge love of neighbor how to do charity prayer, fasting, wealth, and dealing with possessions. It is the perfect sermon from the perfect son of God.

So I guess this we can on the Christian worldview next Troy Dobbs is the senior pastor of Grace Church and Eden Prairie has just authored a new book title of the blessed life that no one really wants where he goes. One by one, through Jesus statements on the blessed explaining what they mean and how modern day American Christianity has a very different understanding and interpretation of what it means to be blessed so I hope you enjoy this interview today, and let's get to the first segment with Troy Dobbs, Troy.

It's great to have you back on the Christian worldview radio program to talk about your brand-new book the blessed life that no one really wants and you explain what that subtitle means during the course of our interview today, but the book is about the sermon on the mount.

Specifically, the Beatitudes in chapter 5 of Matthew.

I just want to read that before we start. So we have some context for what were going to discuss today. Matthew five starts out by saying when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on the mountain and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. He opened his mouth and began to teach them, saying, blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the gentle, or meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God blessed.

Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you and Troy. This is the start of the most well-known in the longest recorded sermon of Christ.

Perhaps you could explain more just the context of the sermon on the Mount. Yeah,they spread alter data do appreciate it. Yet you know I get I think context I I go all the way back to the last book of the Old Testament. So as I started looking at the end of Malachi ends with a curse. And so you have the personal Malachi, you have the 400 year period of silence called inter-test mental. And during that history. Those silent years right people felt like God. It abandoned and forgotten them no longer care. And we know Christ is born. So, God the son, the son of God is born, and then the first words out of his mouth that launch and inaugurate his teaching ministry are words of blessing. So the Old Testament ends in a curse 400 year period of silence where people wonder what God has to say in the first words out of the mouth of Jesus and his teaching ministry are words of blessing that was just that was just a really profound debate that he does want to bless us and does care about blessing us but has a unique perspective that all blessing that I think is really countercultural. I got all that we hear discussed in America regarding what blessing actually is.

So we know historically the sermon on the Mount Wright followed his baptism in Matthew three the temptation narrative of Matthew four so confirmed in Matthew three.

The father is well pleased. That home ministry is essentially confirmed by the father that it says is led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted. In Matthew chapter 4, and after he had endorsed 40 days your 40 day fast unbelievable temptation that he launches that teaching ministry is kinda built a following of of disciples.

In these trying to show them what it looks like in the kingdom. One of the expectations in the kingdom out how to think differently now that the kingdom was is upon us with the king in their presence, so I twice a week. We don't do justice to saying hey were Jesus talks about blessing New Testament there is a really deep and rich context that that we could explore to get to this point to see just how powerful these words actually are. Yeah, and that's what I so appreciate about your book the blessed life is that it really delved into each of these Beatitudes and it was convicting reading and how what our idea of blessing has become is very different than how Christ describes in his sermon on the Mount. Now before we get into the correct interpretation of that the sermon on the mount of these first 11 verses in the Beatitudes. How is the sermon on the Mount often misinterpreted today as either being the means of salvation. If you just keep these checkboxes or are a means of achieving social justice in society. Or maybe there's some other ways.

Explain how it's often misinterpreted the way I and the Beatitudes. David R, they're not even given to us as commands. I think they're more descriptive of realities like realities of the Christian life and so they aren't necessarily something that we do, but they kind of become like who we are and how we live as Christ lives in us and through us and so it's never right. We know from Genesis to Revelation is never about us working for God but God, doing his work through us. And so I think it's really really important to see that when Christ is at work in you.

These these Beatitudes can take root in your heart, and they become realities than for how you live out the Christian life. So I think it's important that you know these are something that we go okay, step one step to step three step four, but rather the spirit of God is alive and is doing a work in us, and then these realities start to make sense to us. The word Blessed is actually related to word it actually means happy, or even congratulations so some commentators say it actually refers to something deeper than the word happy but more like a congratulations you get. You understand that now there something that you double up on here that really makes sense and way to go.

You get it now so I think is important that we don't treat them as they do one due to an three and four but rather we want Christ to work in us and through us.

And when his spirits at work in us the spirit does the right kind of work in us in these Beatitudes become a reality and how we live our lives now on page 10 of your book Troy.

You talk about this, the blessed life. In contrast to what is become a very popular movement today.

The prosperity gospel movement, and you say the worst of the teaching of the prosperity gospel is that it reduces the Christian experience to simply getting something from God as you think you just mentioned last answer that getting something out of God trumps our loving God with all of her heart mind soul and strength and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

You going to send the same page. The concept of blessing in religious America has been notoriously equated with the American dream instead of the gospel of Christ today blessing seems to mean something altogether different promotion, not persecution. Success not suffering getting invited not getting insulted bigger, not smaller health, not pain more, not less. Now, not later. So talk about this book is not of a polemic against the prosperity gospel it but you do use that contrast this talk briefly about how that popular movement today would get these Beatitudes all wrong. Yeah, I think there such a truncated understanding of what blessing is especially in America today and I think we assume that rich in cash.

Those who party all the time those who are strong those who are full and in need of nothing, rather than poor in spirit morning being meek. I think that we just have to broaden our understanding of this concept and idea of blessing to include both so I don't I don't try to say that a God doesn't bless people material, exactly, does I don't think that he blesses us materially all the time and then I also don't want people think that ate the only way that God does this, is that he runs it through the year. The grid of the American dream. So when you're blessed you get up get a nicer car needed and you know a brand-new pair of shoes, a bigger house is the limit.

I'm just trying to kinda broaden our sending this the word blessing to actually include these categories that Jesus introduces to us in the Beatitudes where he says that blessing can be accompanied by persecution and suffering and then Saul smaller in pain unless that those are actually part of the biblical equation of blessing to us are the a lot of people then because they don't understand that they assume that God's against them or forgotten them when reality exactly giving them an insight into the Christian life and exactly setting us up to be blessed in a way that the American dream.

Can't blesses Ray to so that was kind of the heart. You know in and point out the distinctions between the two as I think to the end of the danger for me in the prosperity gospel is, I think it just it distorts that the character nature of God. I think it distorts how God actually works.

Isaac treats God is a like a code to crack just crack the God code a.has to blesses and then I think it sets people up for all kinds of frustration and misguided striving for.

So if you are getting blessed. According to Wright the American dream idea of blessing that it is a you didn't have enough faith or it was a lack of leanness may be in the sewing and and reaping department on your end.

So what does that is it. It creates this I mean this. I'm using God to get something for myself rather than finding rest in God and seen that God is blessed me in ways I don't even know or realize Eddie's ghetto blessed me in a way that's actually way more satisfying than something that's bigger better faster or more horsepower I guess. Today in the Christian really is Troy Dobbs, a senior pastor of Grace Church and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and the author of the book were discussing the blessed life now sounds like it's one of these your best life now books but it's exactly the opposite of that is the blessed life that no one really wants and from the sermon on the mount. He talks about these Beatitudes are going over them today here on the program I thought this would be a good program to do because we all believers listening today. I need to understand these Beatitudes and how we can appropriate them in our life how God gives us the power to do some dude do that, especially in these very turbulent times. This is a topic I think we need to understand how to apply right now in present-day America we have much more coming up on the program. The book is available at our website. Christian and go there to find out more people everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic.

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Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA eight 646-2233 or go to the Christian world Thank you for your support and welcome back to the Christian review radio program today were talking about the perfect sermon from the perfect son of God sermon amount by Jesus Christ himself and by the way coming up in the program were going to talk about the comment that was made on CNN by their anchor this week that said that it did leak out Jesus was not perfect so more coming up and that, by Don lemon this week before we get to that was get back to our interview with Troy Dobbs who is written in the book until the blessed life in the Beatitudes and our Troy is a senior pastor of Grace Church and Eden Prairie in Dallas get back to the second segment with him that you've a lot of personal reflection in this book and I want to read a portion from page early on in the book were you say during the first decade of my own journey with Christ. I was in a perpetual state of spiritual exhaustion, trying to earn God's blessing grace and love. It was only after reading a book by Philip Yancey called what's so amazing about Grace that I began to learn to rest in Christ. So try talk more about your coming to saving faith and about this spiritual exhaustion you were feeling for the first 10 years and how that changed to a rest in Christ. Yet, I think in hindsight I understand now the issue is that a lot of people struggle with this.

You know, I kinda grew up in a church and my understanding was limited in the sense that the gospel applies to salvation so the gospel right is what you believe and trust by faith and are saved, then no one ever will explain to me and I'm sure I parted that a lot of initiative either, but no one then ever explained to me that the gospel also applies to your sanctification, and so I think sometimes we can do the kind of what Paul that what's been church at Corinth. The gospel get you say is, then we'll take it from there concept and I think I did that. I think it was all right. I'm going to trust Jesus to save me and then I'm in a work like crazy to work out the salvation with fear and trembling, rather than learning to rest in Christ and then soaked for me became I think a radical misunderstanding of grace is that book was really helpful because it essentially says that you can't do anything to get God love you more and you've never done anything that would cause God love you less, but he loves us because we choose to love us and I started to see then that the whole Christian life isn't about what I do for God. It's about me letting God work through me and I have to apply the gospel to my sanctification just like I'd do as I trusted for my salvation. I think people have a really, really hard time with that and then I think what can happen is that you start just same old maybe the whole Christian life is just about me pursuing blessing when I put you on it a vicious treadmill. So rather than trying to deepen my relationship with God.

I become of an opportunist who is trying to use God to get God blessed me and then it kinda comes the high cost of right missing the greatest blessing of all, which is God himself talk to grew up in a church where it was.

If your faithful you will be blessed and I always assumed that the blessing then would be material and then you I read Genesis 15 one.

You can be faithful and blessed in the greatest blessing of all is actually God himself uncut wedding. Someone ever tell me that likes the Costa Mesa blessed the wall is like that I get to know God and that he knows me and knows my name and loves me. And so that's why think kind of a casual reading of the Beatitudes we speak scratching her head in confusion.

He would re-say in the book, they don't look like great life strategies to employ in order to be successful, happy and blessed. Right because they're just not American dream. Ask them enough so that's why try to write My own version, you know that if they said this, everybody would sign on to them right. Blessed are the rich in cash yet. I want that.

But Jesus doesn't say that he says blessed are the poor in spirit, and so I asked why statement we've got a really dig into these Beatitudes because they're giving us secrets and keys to the Christian life that we currently aren't experiencing as we try to figure out this out. People understand this. I called the American gospel where it's really no gospel at all. It is the pursuit of stuff it's using God to find a blessed life and so to me that's why just we gotta take what Jesus says really seriously here as he understands blessing like no one else does that was cut a heart behind the whole idea of digging in the book and teaching series than thinking men there so rich and so powerful.

I got explain and put in the book form. So people can read and understand and realize that God doesn't bless us. Troy Dobbs again with us today in the Christian review. The senior pastor of Grace Church and Eden Prairie, Minnesota talking about his brand-new book the blessed life. We have a link to our website.

The Christian were Troy there are eight listed Beatitudes and in Christ sermon here. Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Blessed are those who mourn us are the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Blessed are the merciful, the pure in heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers and those who are persecuted because of righteousness, and you have made very clear that these blessings are not necessarily material physical, tangible blessings that you can hold in your hand and they don't relate to favorable circumstances. Things going well for you in a worldly sense in which you can have these blessings from God even when things are not going well is all of them are things like you just mentioned that don't seem a part of this positivism of the American dream of things are going to be great in your gonna increase and be better. Let's start with the first one were not going to go through all of medicine to touch on a few of them that you go to chapter by chapter through each one. How is this first one.

Blessed are the poor in spirit. How is that one the prerequisite as you write about for beat coming, a follower of Christ but also growing as a Christian being poor in spirit.

I think the default mode. David is every human being to try and prop ourselves up before God by either displaying our goodness or compare ourselves to others rather than laying ourselves low before God acknowledging our neediness. So the last thing that we want to do is acknowledge that we are spiritually impoverished that there's nothing good in us. This was such a hard message and so I think I do things to work in the spirit right that gets us to this place.

I don't think we just Hahn figured out.

I think the spirit awakens us to it and the moment we realize that we are in desperate need of that were not our best resource that self-help is really no help and we acknowledge our neediness. Then we open ourselves up to a work of God in its then and only then that when you acknowledge that spiritual poverty you can experience the richness then of knowing Jesus Christ and I think it's really really difficult for him to get the placed example always uses you know the parable of the yellow tax collector and in the Pharisee. The Pharisee essentially there.

Luke 18 praise and it's kind of a highlight reel of his perceived goodness, look at me. Wow, amazing. I am excited.

I have done the tax collector. Can you look up to heaven beats his chest and says motivator center.

Then Jesus says he's the one he goes home justified or right with God.

The Pharisee continues on the self-righteousness. While the tax collector ends up right with God.

I think that parable highlights for me.

The, the difficulty it is for people who think moralism is the key in self-esteem is the T. The Bible says that brokenness is we shun brokenness. We don't want to be broken and that's why think it's so hard for people to get to this place. So without poverty of spirit. No one can come to Christ and I also think without poverty of spirit.

No one continue to grow. It is relevant force salvation and sanctification, and so I think poverty of spirit is foundational because it forces us to see our continued spiritual need for the spirits work in our life Troy Dobbs with us today here on the Christian review. You talk about losing your mother you were really close to your mom is when are y'all that you tell that story. But you said one thing that losing her taught you was about the second beatitude about Blessed are those who whom morning I was in the literal morning. It was a morning over sin morning of your mom helped you understand better the second beatitude's want to read this on page 26 of your book. As I begin to unpack this verse for my own situation, losing your mom. I read the words of one Bible commentator reported that something I hadn't realized. He said Jesus was not referring to the sorrow of bereavement which you gone through rather to the sorrow of repentance.

The idea behind this beatitude is that we'd grieve over our own sins in the same way we grieve over the death of a loved one. So tell us about the.

The story of losing losing your mom and then felt that led to this deeper understanding of what it means to mourn over your sin.

Our guest today in the Christian review is Troy Dobbs will hear that answer about losing his mom what impact that had on his life and had a major impact on his life so hope you stay tuned for the story of that as we talk about the Beatitudes today from the sermon on the Mount in light of Troy's new book the blessed life that no one really wants.

We have it available for purchase on the Christian for a discount right now is a hardcover book hundred 12 pages.

Just go to the Christian and you can get a copy there. Nancy was talking I was writing down some of the, the opposites of what Christ said in this sermon so and what it what is said today about the blessed life, and he mentioned this. Blessed are the poor in spirit people so blessed are those who are who are wealthy in this life or confident in this life for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. That's what he would say, or Blessed are those who mourn, that that's not a value. People want to have today didn't want to mourn, and they want to be happy and they want to be positive and they want to be optimistic in a worldly sense that humanity is going to get better. Things are going to turn around or Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they would say they Blessed are those who are self-aware are you evolving or or woke about the social injustices of our day. These are very very different realities in someone's life and what we hear coming from the culture and certainly from American Christianity coming back after this on the Christian will is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called Congress thought long.

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This is the proper use of the law with respect to salvation. It closes off every possible avenue of human merit and leave sinners dependent on nothing but divine grace for salvation. Christ plumb the depths of the law showing that it's true.

Demands went far beyond the surface meaning of the words and set a standard that is higher than the most diligent students of the law had hereto for realized.

An example of this in the sermon amount after the Beatitudes re-talks about adultery or murder and that you've heard that it was said that adult don't commit adultery. Don't commit murder murder rate Christ said in this sermon amount that's not just the physical act. It's even the mental desire or thought of it it's it's having lost in your heart that's considered adultery to God or its hating someone your heart that's considered murder to God, so he he doubled down the light and said a lot as bad as it allows good intent, we just can't keep it and so before he actually gets to that is, these these Beatitudes. These nine statements at the beginning of this sermon in Matthew chapter 5 in our guest today, Troy Dobbs, a senior pastor of Grace Church and Eden Prairie's written a book about it.

The blessed life that no one really wants was get back to the last part of the part one today with Troy Dobbs tell us about story of losing your mom and then they'll that led to this deeper understanding of what it means to mourn over your sin, yet know in the book I cuts all over the story you know I was adopted as a one month old, but prior to my parents adopted me my mom and dad then went through really a lot of really difficult and painful seasons of getting pregnant and then having a miscarriage and my mom probably went through three or four miscarriages and then she actually had a little girl who lived 24 hours and then died. They adopted me.

Probably a year later Santa but my mom had a lot of I called pent up mothering to do. Mashita smothered me and I would love increase mercy led to Christ when was really just created amazing amazingly warm and loving home and and a deep relationship so she was everything to be a mad loved her deeply and so I think because of that connection with her and she died. It just really hit me in ways that I think were surprising to me and decide experience the ache. The dullness the why my crying now the surprise side of grace you get ambushed by tears when you don't expect them that whole experience. Help me to really fully understand. I think this beatitude week with the idea being, do we ever really grieve over our sin in the same way that we would grieve over the death of a loved one, and that really hit me hard. David this from the standpoint of like I think a lot of times, most most people. We spent a little time excusing our sin or rationalize nursing and or you know belittling our sin or ignoring it and then we get around to confessing it, but I thought do I ever really mourn over my sin. Have I ever ached over my sin in the way that I eggs over the loss of my mother and it really hit me alive. I really need to rethink how I think about my sin and how it affects Christ how it affects other people.

And so it it really pushed me, then I think to take my sin more seriously is just because of how Christ thinks about it and not how it impacts me cutting a lot of people do that that would take seriously because there's a consequence I did like, but do I take my sin seriously because it was a part of sending Christ to the cross.

So it really forced me to really dig into my own heart go. I don't know that I've ever mourned over sin in a way that would reflect a level of understanding of the seriousness of my sin is so super help in them. For me the Beatitudes says blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.

And so the idea of comfort been in this context is forgiveness.

So when you mourn over your sins.

In a way that you would moreover the death of a loved one, God comforts you and that that that forgiveness then is a great picture of God comforting the pain that we experience in our soul when I was a rich image for me as I thought about this whole process of not just confessing my sins, but really mourning over them. Christ had to pay for them and then when I really take them seriously that I can actually receive that forgiveness of God in a way that actually comforts me and settles me just a rich route of a rich beatitude for me personally, especially in light of an old agon search so I want to use that as an example then wonder hopefully show people that man. There's a great need for the church. The taker needs to take her sin seriously, but I don't think we also do that electricity talk about sin anymore and then I want everybody to understand and so I did. Yet Jesus died for us, but he also died because of us our sins sent him to the cross. So he sent us so he died for sins, loose ends, what yours and mine. And so in that way were guilty here.

We got skin in the game here and I want us all to take our sins more seriously, because then you know that is in you had this experience right. The longer you know Christ more seriously you take your sense and S1 hope it really be communicated here in this chapter, the people would confess some mourn them seal seriously are and then not want to fall into sin, and take that seriously, but that if they do that than to be able to rely on the forgiveness and comfort that God gives us an forgiveness will you write about the illustration you are testament of someone bringing an animal to sacrifice for the Allen sin and how graphic and how strong of an impression that would make on someone to kill an animal right in front of the dissected up and burn it and so forth and and that was for an animal and you draw the comparison of our sin would be like us doing that to Jesus Christ himself.

That's what our sin caused God to have to do.

Yes, I was very very impactful. Okay this is part one this week with Troy Dobbs in his book the blessed life on the Beatitudes and hope you gained from hearing this portion of the interview and next week will have part two again. The book is available on our website the Christian world for a limited time for a discount the title as the blessed life by Troy Dobbs and again. Stay tuned next week will have the second half of the interview them and by the way, while you're at the website. Just a reminder that the Christian review golf event is going to be taking place this coming September 21 to Monday, September 21 same place would Hill country club was that a Minnesota registration is now open Vardy have people register for. There's not going to be likely not going to be a dinner event this year so this kind of attention all golfers this year for the event. This is always a very special day on Monday, September 21. You can find out more by going to the Christian were okay before we get to our last break of the day I mentioned earlier in the program. In the intro to the program. I said how this term on the Mount is the the perfect sermon from the from the perfect son of God in this week on cable television on CNN. One of the main anchors Don lemon who will stay in evening program every night right after Chris Cuomo's program that these two were interchanging with each other over the fact of the Confederate flag in Mississippi and with all the unrest going on right now.

There's demands of the conflict Confederate flag be removed from everywhere it's a symbol of hate and racism and all that and apparently present trumpet taken a position of no position on on this flag.

You basically saying well for some people means one thing is for. For others it means another and so I'm not gonna get involved in this. Let the states decide what they want to do and then Don lemon was explaining how the pushback against a pulling down statues as we talked about last week in the program is really of that due to the fact that our country deified make like gods are founders and so but in the lead up to talking about how we deified our founders and that's with this whole thing is really about Don lemon the anchor at CNN said this, but here's the thing, Jesus Christ. If you believe and if you that that's what you believe in Jesus Christ. Admittedly was not perfect when he was here on the earth. So why are we deifying the founders of this country when you fool own slaves and in the Constitution, the original one they didn't want they put slavery in there that that slavery should should be abolished because it was the way the king want and then that the Congress said no way so that the come up with an alternative about 3/5 of 109 not a new okay.

But there will play the rest the soundbite after the break, but admittedly Jesus was not perfect. This is just a shocking statement me whether you believe that or not is nothing but to actually say that, and to misrepresent just a core orthodox teaching of Christianity for 2000 years is a shocking level of ignorance in first Peter 222 he committed no sin, neither was any deceit found in his mouth. Hebrews 415 for we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are yet without sin. Second Corinthians 527 521 God made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.

First John 35 you know that he appeared to take away sins. And in him there is no sin. Not only the worst thing about this is it's blasphemous to ascribe sin to Christ with shockingly ignorant for a national anchor to say such a thing will have the rest of the soundbite. After this, David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love loss in grace then was a yellow lab and inseparable companion.

This stage of my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to. I invite you to enter into the story's tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, child, friend. I would finally marry, and ultimately with God causes all things, even the hard things to work together for good. Order the book for your friend who needs to hear about God's grace in the gospel for the one who has gone through a difficult trial or long just a dog lover in your life signed and personalized copies are only or by calling 1888 646-2233, one AAA to 46 2233 or my boy People everywhere have anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic. What will happen to their help, their job, their financial future. There is also heightened spiritual awareness is God doing in my right with him.

We encourage you to order Ray conference 20 page booklet how to be free from the fear of death, which explains how one can have peace with God in a confident hope this life and the next good news of the gospel. If you've never contacted the Christian roof. You requested booklet how to be free from the fear of death free by calling us at one AAA 646-2233 for everyone else. You can order as many as you like for $0.50 per booklet, perfect for sharing with to order go to the Christian or call one AAA 46 2233 that the Christian last leg of the day here on the Christian world you radio program and David Wheaton host our website is the Christian world now if you missed any of the interview with pastor Troy dive today in his new book the blessed life about the Beatitudes. I think it's very very relevant for what's going on in this country, all the unrest we need to know how to have this blessed life, not the blessed life to hear about the life the Christian life is all about blessing and being favored in success in all these things. This Jesus sermon is very very different than that in these nine points to make the last one is blessed are those who are have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven next-to-last was Buster people are you when people insult you and persecute you and falsely say all kinds of things against you because of me says rejoice and be glad, for your your reward in heaven is great very different perspective than know what we get from the culture even from sadly from the evangelical. Certainly, the health, wealth and prosperity churches today. You can hear the interview by going to our website the Christian roof you can also sign up for a free podcast is widely available at iTunes in Google and other places where you get your your podcasts so we encourage you to do that okay in the last segment. Here we were talking about the fact that Don lemon the anchor at CNN and their main prime time evening program said that quote.

Admittedly, Jesus was not perfect okay can help how that is not only blasphemous, of course, that's the worst thing about it but it is a shockingly ignorant that someone would say that I love that position with apparently done does understand no context like will some people think you are. Some people think he wasn't that will be one thing, but that's what he actually thinks that admit Jesus admitted that he wasn't perfect. Of course, which isn't actually the case at all. Then he goes into talking about the topic we had last week on why the statues are being torn down and the fact that our country DFI's are founders let's go into the rest of the soundbite here from Don lemon speaking with Chris Comeau to anchors and CNN talking to each other that they had an inconsistency with their Lilo rated equal or not accept basement.

We have to stop deifying them and then said yes they did some great things and they crave the Constitution and a blueprint for us that wasn't perfect. At the time and that's good but they want perfect either and so is Americans. All of us to come together and have these conversations and get together and stop letting someone divide us. No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Not even the founding father.

Nothing. He's actually making the case against what he's trying to make the case for you. He's there saying their part pulling down the statues of our founders all over the country now and he's actually making the case that no one is perfect so therefore you should leave the statues up.

That's not the case. He's trying to make he staining the statues are being pulled down that not because Americans are deifying her founders like it were idol worshiping. Therefore, they need to come down tear down the idols that are coming out because of that, because were deifying them their coming down because leftists are tearing them down debt left is supported by the Democrat party. They hate everything about these people and they hate everything about what these people represent these founders represent. They were white. There had Christian principles. They were wealthy and some of them owned slaves. Yet they had their imperfections and they they should be maybe taught with the context of the contributed greatly. Just as Don lemon just said accurately. They contributed greatly to our incredible Constitution and in our country. And yes, they had their shortcomings as well as we all do were all sinners. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. He's making the point that he's not trying to make an he's making the point that why they shouldn't be taken down even though he agrees with. They probably should be torn down here he goes on to say this. Chris Comeau starts now.

The human is perfect.

We are all fallible, especially people are limited by their time is no question about that. But here's the good news.

Clarity is a good thing okay and the president is worried and he should be. Everybody wants reelection in a tight race with a number should be worried about how you deal with it. The irony is the most opportunity always in politics the demagogue it's an early lead, dividing works, but a uniter is always more powerful and that was that was Obama that was Reagan you know people who can bring people together because it went. He has removed all doubt. With his Press Secretary, echoing his sentiment that he has no position on whether a Confederate flag is a good or bad for you see, that is the issue that trumps all issue what your view of the Confederate flag is what your view on race is because they've attributed the Confederate flag to necessarily being about slavery. Your support slavery, they they they conflated that together and so that one issue you if you have no position if you don't take a position on that you are therefore a racist in your disqualified America is that you will need to hear anything else they only say I say to people is for the president as you know, get a pass. You don't say. I support him because I like the D regulation, but I'm not about that. No doubt you will vote for all of it get all of it that you get hours and you won't that's been since the very beginning that I think people of color realize that if you're supporting him you're supporting a racist and you're putting racism on the back burner and there you go. If you support if you vote for the president. You're a racist. That's the bottom line and people just not cool with that.

Now the country is ready to move on. Trump is a relic when it comes to these issues and the people who support him in on the trainer get off because going to keep moving. And the longer their people on earth who are like us who who embrace diversity right interracial couples and on and on and on its over, buddy. It's a last gasp for bigotry and racism and they are fighting it tooth and nail.

I got a run about it until eight times in my okay so if you take no position. He didn't have to take a position in favor of the Confederate flag or against took no position on knocking to get involved in this debate you're there for a racist.

If you vote for trump your race just because you vote for all of it when you vote for trump you vote for all of it. While that's true, duress, or certain certain point when you vote for a candidate. You necessarily vote for all of his platform, but it's the same thing when you vote for her Democrat as well.

I like to think of it this way that the dammit the Republicans are the party of sinners and some wickedness. The Democrats, Republicans, the party of sinners and some wickedness. The Democrats of the party of wickedness and outright got a rejection. So when you vote for a Democrat what you're voting for his is the party of really division and racism as he sees a black lives matter disrupt the nuclear God nuclear family you're voting for the party of transgender is him and homosexuality, which God calls perversion you're voting for all the things against Israel is always against Israel. You're voting for the party of big government you voting for the party. A black lives matter you're voting for the party of Marxism that wants to fundamentally transform this country so Chris Comeau and and Don lemon were very helpful in describing that when you do vote for account you're voting for their entire platform. You may not support their entire flat laugh.

I get that I don't support everything Donald Trump stands for in him personally. In some regards and so forth, but it comes down to this is a binary choice that we have other choices not devoted third party, but the reality is either Donald Trump to become president and the policy C stands for or Jordan Bidens can become president and the Marxist policies that he's going to give in and stand for. That's really the choice, so thank you to Don lemon and Chris Comeau for not only clarifying Don lemon's ignorance on who Jesus Christ actually was for what it means to devote for one of the two parties would live in a changing and challenging America things are certainly changing. But there is one thing Christian. We can always count on entrusting Jesus Christ the perfect one is the same yesterday today and forever a great weekend everyone. We hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world dawdle.

Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world dawdle or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 8646 2233.2 SF Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian world.

Until next time think biblically and live according

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