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What’s Behind the Denigration of “Whiteness”?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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July 24, 2020 8:00 pm

What’s Behind the Denigration of “Whiteness”?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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July 24, 2020 8:00 pm

You have likely noticed in recent years how white-skinned people have become objects of derision by those on the left. Our founders are described as “old white guys” or “white supremacists” and thus their statues need to be torn down. You have probably heard terms like “white privilege” and “white dominance” which are used to demean, guilt, and shame whites for all sorts of alleged societal sins.

A good example of this disdain is found on the website of The National Museum of African American History and Culture, one of the taxpayer-funded museums of the Smithsonian Institution. There you will find a section on “whiteness”, with text and videos describing the malady. An infographic on “Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness and White Culture in the United States” has been removed from the site after complaints (you can view it here).

Values like the nuclear family, objective thinking, hard work, Christianity, and delayed gratification are associated with whiteness and viewed as unremarkable or even contemptible.

This weekend (and likely next) on The Christian Worldview, we will examine why whiteness is denigrated and what God’s Word says about the ethnic culture.

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So what behind denigration of white that is a top will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview Christian and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ. I'm David with the host in our website is the Christian well, thank you for joining us today here on the Christian worldview, you've likely noticed and in recent years.

How white skinned people have become objects of derision by those on the left politically specially our founders are described as quote all old white guys or quote white supremacists and thus their statues is receiving need to be torn down. You have probably heard terms like quote white privilege and white dominance or white superiority or white supremacy, which are used to demean and guilt and shame whites, even if there don't have those characteristics of white supremacists for all sorts of alleged societal sins. Not a good example as we bis previewed a little bit last week in the program of this disdain toward whiteness is found on the website of the national Museum of African-American history and culture, which is one of the taxpayer-funded museums of the Susan Smithsonian Institution. There you will find a section on quote whiteness with text and videos describing what is implicitly a malady there. There is an info graphic or chart on quote aspects and assumptions of whiteness and white culture in the United States which is now removed from the site after complaints but you can still view it. We have it linked both the page on whiteness and also the chart on the assumptions of whiteness on our website the Christian in that chart which will go over little more today. Values like the nuclear family objective thinking hard work Christianity and delayed gratification are associated with a short associated with whiteness and viewed as kind of unremarkable qualities or even contemptible. So this weekend and perhaps next on the Christian worldview. We're going to examine why whiteness is denigrated and what God's word said about says about ethnic culture.

Now it's extremely significant. Just in the lead up to this discussion to to to understand that the Bible never categorizes anyone by skin color or any group by skin color. As we talk about whiteness or blackness in the Bible never does that, it may categorize people by where there from let's say that the Amalekites or see us some other group of people, the Moabites, you who their father was there historic patriarchal father was only may categorize them as whether they are a believer or nonbeliever, but I can't think of one example in Scripture where skin color, as were discussing today like whiteness or some cultural characteristics surrounding a group skin color are ever mentioned or categorized that think about that. What the conversation has become here in America's appellate skin color. This is something that is completely unknown in the Bible the inspired word of God. So just keep that in the back your mind as we discussed this this topic today so were you really go over to things understanding white denigration over and try to understand what these people are saying about denigrating whiteness and the want to stand turners and what the Bible says about viewing this this worldview of white denigration to denigration basically means that the action of unfairly criticizing someone or something.

So, such as you hear these comments today like whites and white culture open press people of color and therefore the white dominated white supremacist society that we live in that perpetuates this must be dismantled and replaced with some sort of Marxist multicultural Utopian system. It's really critical race theory which we've discussed previously previously in the program, which sees everything through the identity of one's skin color or ethnicity and the fact that whether there the oppressor or the the old crest and so beyond the issue of just skin color. The other oppressed groups would be homosexuals. Transgender's women religious minorities.

Those who come from nonnuclear families, those of the oppressed being oppressed by white heterosexuals Christians males that sort of thing. That's the that's the us versus them dynamic that is set up so if you are white today and you don't see this problem of quote whiteness as the Smithsonian Institution says how is negatively impacting our culture. You are part of the problem. If you are white and thus haven't been oppressed. You can even understand the problem or have a voice on the issue. This is called the theory of lived experience. Okay there lived experience there there there anecdotal experience in life. He is is there is true, and therefore can't be pushed back against or if you are white you can make you the only way you can make amends for this culture of whiteness is by giving up your white privilege which is really a code for white power in becoming a quote ally to help people of color gain more power now. This is done you can give up your white privilege and power by propagandizing you can you can bring corporate diversity courses into your organization. You can engage in tokenism, which is really just quoted as having a greater representation of people of color on your board or in leadership or so forth.

Or you can just give money to those groups that are working against what they call white privilege in this country. I recently saw the website air B&B that the short-term vacation rental website very very popular website that they have a whole page on how they support black lives matter how they're donating money and so forth.

In their quoted ally against the in the issue of white privilege and I white racism in this in this country.

But what what white denigration ultimately to summarize this the beginning or what white denigration is really about is about dismantling white cultural influence, and it's not really white cultural influence. Much of what is based much of what white cultural influence is is actually based on the Christian worldview as were to read in this chart so back to this chart from the Smithsonian Institution. They have a museum called the national Museum of African-American history and culture of the Smithsonian budget is every years is a is $1 billion is taxpayer-funded and 32 million of that billion is for the national Museum of an African-American history and culture. Smithsonian is the largest Museum Center and research center in the world is 19 museums and galleries like air and space Museum, the national zoo.

Other research facilities. This is a major organization in America and they have this page as I was messing on their website titled whiteness that's literally what the title of the pages and they said in that column they say since yesterday.

This is last week, certain content, which is this chart running into in the talking about race portal has been the subject of questions that we have taken seriously. We have listened to public sentiment will have removed a chart that does not contribute to the productive discussion we had intended. They wonder why they change their mind is chart apparently had been on there for some time until it was questioned. It was seen as part of their portal on whiteness but anyway the chart is still pretty widely available online. You can look at it is says in this chart on the aspects and assumptions of whiteness in the United States.

White dominated culture or whiteness refers to the ways white people and their traditions, attitudes and ways of life have been normalized over time and are now considered standard practices in the United States and since white people still hold most of the institutional power in America we have all internalized some aspects of white culture, including people of color, so there is is back and I get again implicitly here is that the things are there to me mentioned this chart are you know the that the characteristics of principles, what they call white culture in whiteness are unremarkable art any better than any other worldview or or system of operation, and in fact probably implicitly there actually negative so here as we go through the categories that the assumptions aspects and assumptions of whiteness via first rugged individualism.

This is the individual is seen as the primary unit with regard to family structure. The nuclear family, father, mother raising 2.3 children. As a say in the chart is the ideal social unit where word is where does that come from the comes directly from the Bible, God's institution of marriage and family, a father or mother raising children is why you see how the whiteness they describe as many of these many of these characteristics are taken directly from the Christian worldview family structure. Husband is the breadwinner and the wife is a homemaker. This again is taken directly from Scripture what a wife is to be a keeper of the home and typically the husband is the one who is the provider and the leader of the household is a say, the head of the household again implicitly negative questioning whether the whiteness and white culture. This is not a good thing this is unremarkable. Not something to be try to attain to the summing to be dismantled.

The emphasis on the scientific method they say is another aspect, an assumption of whiteness like objective, rational, linear thinking course again taken right from Scripture based right of Scripture that there is objective truths in the real Jesus that I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me as an objective truth claim is either it's true or it's false. It's not relative is not applies differently to different people. Jesus said to himself it's it's it's easy it's one why it's through him or not. That scene is as whiteness. According to this particular graphic going down to the next category in this aspects and assumptions of whiteness based on history whiteness is based on northern European immigrants experience in the United States and the primacy of Western in Judeo-Christian tradition. Again whiteness to them is pulled from where it is pulled from the Christian worldview the Protestant work ethic is another category of whiteness that hard work is the key to success in that you work before play again sort of questioning whether that's really a good thing.

Religion and this is entered in the category of religion by the way is is not wasn't on the original chart of the one at the Smithsonian Museum chart there is other charts that are identical to the sellthrough elsewhere, that have the category of religion and as you read these bullet points under this category. It's very interesting religion. Again aspects an assumption of whiteness that Christianity will be the norm that anything other than Judeo-Christian tradition is foreign and number three there is no tolerance for deviation from a single God concept, though those are aspects of whiteness those are aspects of Christianity. Again whiteness is being conflated with Christianity they go after whiteness because ultimately behind these white lease. Most of these these descriptions of of whiteness are principles and values that are based on the Christian worldview go next category in this chart is status, power and authority of theirs quote a respect for authority, there's heavy value and ownership of goods space and property connect that pushes back against the the Marxist ideal that there shouldn't be private property, future orientation, whites plan for the future. They delay gratification for time they follow rigid time schedule and time is viewed as a commodity again right there based on the Christian worldview that were to make the most of our time because the days are evil.

I hope you're getting the point, as we go through this chart on whiteness and its values that are seen as not so good.

The need to be denigrated all the values of quote whiteness. Most of at least pulled directly from a biblical worldview tech is a so much on whiteness. The attack is on Christians and those of the biblical worldview more after this. The Bible says that children should be raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is nothing more important than sitting, walking, talking and teaching your son or daughter to love and fear God, the church is swimming in children's resources, but it's also important to select ones that accurately represent God's word the gospel in our store.

Christian worldview.or we are intentional about offering resources to build a sound and strong faith in children, you will find several models for children Adam raccoon look serious and good news for little hearts series. We also have video and audio resources like PO and Sugarcreek gang browse the mall. The Christian and then use them daily with the child.

God has put in your life that stuck Christian worldview.the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to your own schedule. 1 Simple Way to hear past programs You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond her website. You can search for the Christian worldview in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher if you need help navigating online podcast from just give us a call toll-free, one AAA 646-2233. Follow the links on the homepage of the Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God. Thank you for listening and joining us today on the Christian will be radio program as we discussed the topic with high and the denigration of whiteness with behind it give you the answer to the end. The show is this the denigration of Christianity is as we've gone over this chart that we have LinkedIn or web right on the aspects and assumptions of whiteness and white culture to think about that we mentioned past week. Think about your name that a different way us aspects and assumptions of blackness and black culture think that would go over very well in our society.

I don't think so and so this this this chart is basically laying out in a not all of it by the weather. Some things on the chart category that they think are part of whiteness like being number one winning at all costs.

That's not a biblical principle winning at all costs or mastering people are good controlling nature is not a that's not a biblical value but I would say about 75% of what they deem whiteness and white culture is pulled directly from the Christian worldview and in there and the reason that is is because the white people that came over here from Western Europe. In England, and so forth they were seeking religious freedom and who were Christians and they were white and so when they when they when they expanded and grew and multiplied, and they taught their kids in there they were. They were white and oh by the way they had a biblical worldview because they were largely Christians and sold it exactly makes sense. That's the way white people in this in this country, not all, of course, think, and by the way you look at this chart I look at this chart and think how insulting to people who are white, who may be black or Hispanic or some other skin color, meaning they don't mean other people like Blacks or Hispanics or someone else is not what they don't they don't believe in the individual, or that they don't believe the nuclear family are that that the hard work is you should work before play in that there is no other. There's no there is only one God in the world and in that time is to be viewed as a commodity and you plan for the future, you should delay gratification mean how insulting it is that to think this is really just only a these are characteristics just white people and that's all else and and nothing else. So anyway you can take a look at the chart for yourself.

On her website the Christian Rove mafic. I'd encourage you to go over it slowly and think about it. Are they really denigrating whiteness or they actually getting at biblical Christianity or the Christian worldview. And I think you'll see that much of what that chart is about is about denigrating Christian values and principles. So then you move on from the chart which is been removed from the Smithsonian site you get into the column and the column is titled to simply whiteness and whiteness columnist you're still there. We have a link on our website so you can read for you read read it yourself. We had is pull off a few paragraph to go over today and the program. It starts out by saying whiteness in white racialized identity is so many different codewords in this so just try to hang on is to get through all this humanistic man based reasoning whiteness and white racialized identity referred in the way that white people, their customs, culture and beliefs operate as the standard by which all other groups are compared. Whiteness is also at the core of understanding race in America whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout American America's history have created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal. Now, doesn't ask the question. Where in the world and where in history has the majority ethnicity in a country not been seen as normal. I mean, for instance, if you go to China. The majority far Eastern Asian Chinese are going to be seen as normal in China.

If you go to Africa. The majority black African culture is going to be seen as normal. To me that that is just stating the obvious. When you come to America with a majority white population that's been influenced by the Christian worldview coming from Europe. As a result of the Reformation.

So for religious freedom and they're going to have a a Christian, and white perspective. So it said that that shouldn't be surprising. The article goes on to say this white dominant culture also operates as a social mechanism that grants advantages to white people, since they can navigate society both by feeling normal and being viewed as normal persons who identify as white really have to think about their racial identity because they live within a culture where whiteness has been normalized. Thinking about race is very different for nonwhite persons living in America, people of color must always consider their racial identity. Whatever the situation due to due to the systemic and interpersonal racism that still exists. Here's the thing that we talk with the program of the charge of systemic racism, of which there is no evidence of that at all anymore in this country but if if if I think about being white is sorry back to the point of saying people who are white have a constantly think about their identity in within the when they're in a situation they're not in the majority skin color. Of course, if you're white and you go to Africa are you going to think about your identity of being as being white different than those around you. Of course, such as normal that's not sinful. Let's just normal. The way people we we we look different and so therefore when we look different from all the people that are around us were going to think well you're gonna notice it is not is not remarkable call goes on to say whiteness and its accepted normality also exists as everyday micro aggressions toward people of color, acts of micro aggressions include verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights snobs or insults toward nonwhites, whether intentional or not these attitudes communicate hostile derogatory or harmful messages. Now they give no examples of what these micro aggressions are sparely very small aggression to call the micro aggressions, but this is true. Are there only micro aggressions from whites towards Blacks or in in other cultures where there is majority of a different skin color other micro aggressions of that majority toward whites. Why is it always a one-way street. And why are they never mentioned that goes on in the next category of white privilege since white people, and this is where it gets important right here since white people in America hold most of the political institutional and economic power. Remember that word they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not these benefits and advantages of varying degrees are known as white privilege. In other words, power is privilege. So privilege is a softer word, but it really means power for many white people. This can be hard to hear understand or accept. But if it is true, but it is true. If you are white in America you have benefited from the color of your skin again here is that the equation here if you're white. That means you have privilege if you're privilege that means you have power, but the question is are white people.

Given things in our country just based on their skin color. You can make the case that Blacks are disproportionately helped more than whites in this country with with let's say government welfare subsidies, work subsidies, hiring you know based on ill quotas and so forth, or companies that get job that are that are minority owned. They get jobs over why don't companies me III don't think there's any data that that could prove their point that white people get these privileges just on being white me.

I look at America. My view, America's if you work hard, obey the law and pursue universal values such as punctuality and morality in fiscal and moral responsibility doesn't matter what your skin color is you can succeed in this country and it's it has been proven over and over and over again goes on to say, being white does not mean you have an experience of hardships or oppression being white does mean you have not faced hardships or oppression based on the color of your skin. We need to be honest about the ways white people have benefited from racism so we can work toward an equitable, fair and just society member equitable is different than equality. Equitable means you, you have predetermined forced outcomes E quality is equal opportunity equity is forced equal outcomes. Again, the charge of systemic racism is untrue we are to cover that in the programs only times and it goes on and on. From there, and I will get into more of it, but I want also start playing some soundbites to give you an idea of more of what this attack on the denigration of whiteness is about Robin to Angelo has written the most influential book on on this whiteness in this country is called white fragility is the name of her book in here. So she starts out her message on what white fragility is I was socialized to see race as individual acts of discrimination and prejudice individual acts that anybody could do to anybody else, and if you did those actually were a bad person and that is why since I saw myself as a good person. I didn't see myself as connected to racism and certainly didn't see myself as connected to race in other words, I didn't have a sense of a racial identity today. I understand that I moved to the world. Always and most particularly as a white person. I have a white frame of reference and had a white experience and part of being white is to have that being invisible to last and to be able to live our lives without ever acknowledging that to see that as non-operative. I now understand racism as a system as a deeply embedded system system that our country was founded on that all our institutions were created out of and every institution reinforces this system and if the system of unequal power. This is what's being taught to all the educators in this country. Everyone's reading this book by Robin D'Angelo, white fragility, remember the name of that book.

It is influential in higher education. Secondary education all the way through everyone's reading this book and this is the worldview they're being told that America every system in America is is based on racism and not only that it's not about you. Your your you're not a racist just by having an individual act of racism toward someone else. You're a racist just because you're part of the majority skin color in this country because you contributed your you're part of the systemic racism that exists in this country. Think about that for a minute back after this he liked all love playing in the Christian worldview golf event at historic Woodfield country club in my Senate Minnesota on Monday, September 21 golf registration includes lunch range and 18 holes and one of the best courses in the state. Bring your own foursome or we can fit you into a group pull sponsorships are also available.

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Categorizing people based on their skin color is something completely foreign to Scripture is read the Bible is written across a period of 1500 years by 40 authors inspired by God and never wants can I think of one case in Scripture where the Bible does what is being done today in America categorizing people by the color of their skin, and associating values to it as the Smithsonian Institution is done here with aspects and assumptions of whiteness and white culture and again the denigration to answer the question of the topic of the day why the denigration is because not so much. It is about attacking whiteness because whiteness to a large degree, not full you read this chart you'll see many things in the charter not part of the biblical worldview. In looking out for number one and when it all causes are not biblical values. Of course, so many things in the chart like the nuclear family and work before play in using time well and and Christianity being the norm, and there's no tolerance for deviation from a single God concept. These are biblical values. These aren't white values. Many people who are nonwhite have these same values had nothing to do with whiteness of the attack is not on whiteness per se. The attack is on those of the biblical worldview and so the column on whiteness which you can read by the way, I would encourage you to be honest pulling this directly off their website. This is not making this up as I go here is reading these quotes from them and playing audio soundbites of what they say. So we can better understand this conversation in our country being screamed all the time about white privilege and white supremacy and in what's behind the what's behind it is that the the Christian-based majority culture that most whites have because they were influenced by it needs to go and is not attack so much on white people, so to speak, as it is on up the tech and got rejecting God and his word is really where the attack is now it goes on that. The article goes on to cite in white privilege unpacking the invisible knapsack.

It's a book by scholar Peggy McIntosh. She writes white privilege again privilege means power to that the code for power is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps and passports and codebooks and visas and closing tools and blank checks here some examples she gives and what white privilege looks like in the day-to-day living. I can if I wish.

If you're white arranged to be in the company of people of my race most of the time but can't anyone do that anyone can chose to be in the company of those who look like them all the time. I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be net neutral or pleasant toward me.

I can go shopping alone most of the time pretty well sure that I won't be followed or harassed.

I can turn the television open the front page of the papers the people of my wide my race widely represented skipping down to the end. I can avoid spending time with people whom I was trained to miss trust and who have learned to miss trust my kinder make I get married again. I can avoid spending time with people whom I was trained to miss trust and who have learned to miss trust my kinder make me train what what are libel against parents me were you trained to miss trust people of color and did your parents drilled in you that you should not trust anyone who's who's not white me what what what what a libel that is that's exactly what Rob and Angelo says again. She's the author love white fragility of very influential book right now in this country. She talks about her upbringing and how she was trained my psychosocial development was inculcated in the water of white supremacy. That is what I call this system. I don't mean the KKK I mean a system in which whiteness and white people are central and seen as inherently superior to people of color.

My personality was formed in that water. My worldview was formed in the water. I didn't choose it, it isn't my fault I'm not racked with guilt about it, but I am responsible for changing because the default of our society is the reproduction of racism it's built into every system and every institution if we just live our lives and carry on in the most comfortable ways for us.

We will necessarily reproduce it. There is no neutral space in action is a form of action you know it either. There's so much wrong with what she it really did sexy, just hard when it went almost everything a person says is wrong. It's hard to kind of untangle that sort of flawed worldview just just from the very beginning and everything's I just I can't even imagine living my life in the prism of Jess thinking that life is all about your skin color. It's all systemically racist toward nonwhite people and having that warped of a worldview. It really is truly amazing. It's not so amazing that she has is relevant because any given 1 Person Can Be Way out there way wrong that the really the troubling thing is that her worldview expressed in that soundbite is the prevailing worldview in much of our society now today especially among those in the political and theological left those in academia. Those in the entertainment industry that that the influential institutions of our society believe exactly what she just said there with with no evidence of that in in modern day America, but they still believe it, just troubling. So, she also goes on in this video. By the way is, is linked is not link bits at the page that's LinkedIn a website on whiteness on the Smithsonian institution and the column says the belief of white superiority has been part of the United States since its inception. The white look, look how they describe the white European imperialists who settled here believe they were inherently superior to nonwhite groups. These beliefs justified atrocities like the genocide of Native Americans and nearly 250 years of African slavery after slavery, white supremacist ideologies manifested into a series of laws that would limit the freedom of African-Americans known as Jim Crow laws are black codes, white supremacy and its legacy can still be found in our legal system and other institutions through coded language in targeted practices. Again, no evidence of that I can think of one live. No, not one law in our society. In 2020 America that targets black people that that tries to target them and in hold them down II just this is the freest and greatest country in the world that that you can no matter, no matter your skin color. You can percolate up and be successful in this country you know if you if you work hard and play by the rules and obey the law, you're gonna be able to do better where you are aware of, you are today is just unbelievable this this worldview that's in this is just a rewriting of history and in its gross overgeneralization. I mean really, the pilgrims in the Puritans. They came to America to be to be because they wanted to to sow seeds of racism they want have racial superiority over the Native Americans and Blacks running in here that I may mean it is again. It's so wrong it's it's even difficult to untangle the lie that is made in paragraph after paragraph in this particular column from the Smithsonian Institution on whiteness, but now you know why. If you're looking outside your kinda wondering about the future of the country and you're concerned about it. Now you know why America is so divided, why, why famous people and athletes and why they seem just to hate this country. They bow before the the national anthem and so for thinking that I could never stand for the national anthem because it's this country such a horrible country must protest the systemic racism in this country but by the way, all the people stay here that they hate this country and then think were systemically racist. I'll see them moving elsewhere there free to go elsewhere but they stay here in America.

So now you know why the future looks so bleak and as I was preparing for this topic and begin to realize that this whole issue of whiteness and that the screaming and the riots on the street and defund the police and it all of it is there is such a deeper level to this then you might just gather than watching some building burning in downtown Minneapolis me. This is been so ingrained this flawed and false worldview have been so ingrained in people today in both whites and nonwhites that it did sit there.

There's no way unity or a future that looks bright can come out of this when you start dividing people into individual groups like this and creating division and setting one against the other. That doesn't lead to to unity or reconciliation at all. I think that's actually the point they don't actually there are actually after reconciliation there and thereafter power and so when you create. This is great division of so much conflict. Most normal people say look at had enough and I just want to live a normal life. I want to go to work. I want to raise my family as I want to do us stop the burning what do I need to do to stop all this and and and that's where the transformation of society comes though. A vote for change leaders who will have changed and have good sounding flawed philosophies and how they can change society and you we can get quotas of certain types of skin colors in certain areas we can you do all this kind is not, can I help that's the point is to dismantle the whiteness which is the Christian worldview and bring apart bring about this Marxist revolution which black lives matter has so articulately presented on their website how they want to disrupt the nuclear family how they would they want to introduce all this clear values and so forth. In into society. And that's exactly where they wanted to go, that's what's behind the denigration of whiteness in this country okay renting her last break of the day here because were probably have to do two weeks in this. There's so much more to get two more soundbites will plug try to get to some more soundbites from Robin D'Angelo in the last segment of the program today and then again at your encouraged to go for a website. Read these things for yourself and think about it, so you can understand what's going on here. Also I guess the backdrop of Scripture which never addresses skin color in any way as is being addressed today in America. I'm David Weiner listing the Christian worldview radio program much more after this, the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time.

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I was thinking during the break, to really dislike even talking about stuff like this talking about identifying according to your skin culture in your and so forth reason that is because someone biblical hate having to dive into the this cesspool of this humanistic note just humanistic man based godless ideologies. It's just I don't even like it but I think it's important to understand because this is what the driving, the, the, the unrest, the conflict in this country it's it's it's the denigration of white culture which we made emphasize over and over that much of what is been based on a Christian worldview. And so it's is trying to transform the United States of America as Pres. Barack Obama said before he was elected away from what they will call whiteness to a new form of a society based on Marxism. That's really what's at the root here now going on with this column on the from the Smithsonian Institution says racism appears that one modifier direct and violent forms of racism that promote white supremacy have been on the rise in recent years, I would say where where all these white supremacy direct and violent forms of racism taking place. Of course the hearse, there are some handful, you could probably mention but where where is all this white supremacist out in the streets targeting people of color me worried there should be 100 examples of this in the last 10 years. I like people to come up with some there's and there's no examples given, but all I know is why watching the television set for the last couple months in this country were not just black spot away half whites were out protesting all this systemic races in the country in and burning down cities so it's it's actually just the exact opposite of what's taking place white supremacist are dominating the streets of our country.

It's those who believe in his worldview of quote white white denigration are dominating the streets of our country.

These acts supposedly acts are more directly linked to white nationalism seal the codewords here white nationalism is a concept born out of white supremacy. A key difference is a focus on nationhood white nationalists in the US advocate for a country that is only for the white race due to feelings of entitlement and racial superiority. Who are these people who are these people, except for some fringe people on the Internet were advocating for a country that is only for the white race I mean is just it if it if it weren't so serious. In such a lie. It would actually be laughable.

They gonna say.

They also believe that the diversity of people in United States will lead to the destruction of whiteness and white culture.

Hence the correlation to white supremacist ideology. Again, there is again the white culture based on met much of it based on the Christian worldview with a dizzy Dean, but they deem whiteness is actually much of which is based on the Christian worldview. People are afraid of that. So you have a white supremacist ideology.

If you want to retain the culture in this country not transition to some form of of Marxism goes on to talk about internalization of whiteness again. This is the Smithsonian Institution, a taxpayer funded organization, the largest in this country and this is the prevailing worldview that were reading today on college campuses across the country and liberal media outlets like CNN and MSNBC. The entertainment history seat down the sports world everyone's no one's no one standing for the national anthem anymore. Just been appropriated and assumed to be correct that we live in the systemically racist, unjust nation. He goes on to say, racism is perpetrated by deeming whiteness as superior and other racial and ethic groups as inferior.

The prevalence of white dominant culture and racism leads to internalized racial superiority for those who adhere to it. The internalized dominance describes the experience and attitudes of those were members of the dominant, privileged or powerful identity groups members of the dominant group except their group socially superior status as normal and deserved so it goes on and on and frankly have had enough of reading it for today and I think of the skin and with a couple of soundbites about what this ultimately is about.

It talks about the it's it's both me about the pushback against the Christian worldview is ultimately about gaining power for those who don't have a Christian worldview, James Cohen is a a a black liberal theologian who is now dead. He is a incredibly influential person both theologically and and sent from a secular standpoint for black power and he understood when he was doing his writings, he was back in the 60s, 70s and 80s when he was very prominent influence. Many people who are teaching our seminaries today. Even some of our biggest seminaries today that everything is about distributing power not listen to what he talks about because when you hear white privilege you're really hearing about white white power and how that needs to be dismantled. Here is James Cohen, a member that name you read me the white church, they can do the mall you didn't know and why churches need to be quick to theologian need to be. It has to do with how I had and that's why the redistribution talking about the joke he said in the 52 seconds what it took me about 50 minutes to get to. He said it far better than I could set it's all about redistributing power and the power in this country is perceived to be those to be held by white people, but ultimately white people who have the semblance I would say this country least a semblance of a Christian real view they did much more in the past, but a semblance of a Christian worldview. And it's about taking their power away and transferring that power, not necessarily to to people of color. It could be to whites. Whites who don't have that Christian worldview that that's what the goal in the attempt that is being made on this country is at this particular time in history. I hope you have gained understanding about why there is a denigration of whiteness in this country at this point in time I would encourage you to go and read these columns and see this chart for yourself and think deeply about it and compare it to what the biblical worldview is about how the Bible categorizes people not as groups and other groups of whites but as individuals. This is love your neighbor as yourself not love your groups love groups as yourself love individuals as yourself because each of us is an individual that stands before God is created uniquely and individually, by God, not primarily as an identity of our skin color are born with trade is a precious creation of God.

We should love our neighbor as ourselves.

Thank you for joining us today on the Christian real view radio program can always hear the rebroadcast at different times are going to our website and finding stations, rebroadcasting a podcast free by going to the Christian we do live in a changing and challenging America but there is one thing we can always trust in and count on. And we should always go back to Jesus Christ and his word near the truth.

They are the same yesterday today and forever because everyone we hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free at one AAA 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian or call us toll-free at one AAA 8646 2233.207 Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically live according

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