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Does Faith Have a Place in Politics?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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August 24, 2022 8:30 am

Does Faith Have a Place in Politics?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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August 24, 2022 8:30 am

Political Strategist, Christopher Prosch, talks about the push to silence Pastors across the country in the realm of politics and culture and the need for Christians to impact the culture for Jesus.

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The Christian Perspective
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Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen of America foundation, Dr. Chris: by God and what's happening in our body and our goal. The dirty word but I know what God created, God created body. Leaders and we need to be about our guest today is involved on the front lines of that battle to share some interesting about as we talk about the need to have faith and politics welcome the Christian perspective.

I'm glad you are here with us today show. I wanted day. We did have about a week left if you want to go that Israel were leaving on the rent take a wonderful tour in Israel Culture is going to be our preaching pastor that will be with me walking in the archer love to have you be with us and join us on that.] December 29 days and we will noted dream of Galilee of the dead. All the great that you read about in the Bible and it will change, and value. It is life-changing. It will change your perspective your Bible study here. If your pastor is going to change the way you break the thing and wave everything in the port of visit citizens of America foundation about bombing on the event page and you can learn all about the trip at the dog yesterday is a strategist is a public relations firm and bully me work out of incomparable when you're working about the strategies you've gotten a lot about public relations as well. Christopher Cross is the strategies he made with Ron and Christopher. We are so excited to have you on the Christian perspective, it is the effluent of a much earlier version I want anybody to know that you're the bad judgment of all the difficult can you just share a little bit about the law, on a personal level of your body and lower listeners get to learn a little bit more about doing no desolate though I am in and of Christopher Cross event in the political world Earl Gosnell 1011 years I worked on different campaign : 26+ days worked with Christian conservative organizations, nonprofit worked with hundreds of pastors thousands of people all of the country and I really love what I do it. Politics and public relations really relationship building reputation management. It's just really big story out there a lot a lot of times the world he no media perspective with the talking Avenue or "experts talking at people. I like to think I like to give people stories with the limited colonial shop looked dark and the vases that is how did you but for me, probably thinking you.

I think you'll understand is that everybody will is almost like a drug.

Get bragging on the date e.g. I just love being involved in the political arena and is probably like that you how did you get involved with this crazy world of 11 years ago when he jumped into Catholic I was, I want my very first job was working with the Christie no) 2010 first congressional rate and I have to be up. She beat out the incumbent. The family farm or a Democrat, club Dakota, 11% of the benefit environment look really rich people at a very grassroots level of their I got shipped off to the UM when I worked there as an interpreter early. I recognition to the following is a good experience in New York City and the Qubec called to help people.

Anyway, I could though about three or four your little more heavily involved in the Christian industry Christian worldview will audit because I quite honestly I get tired of it was happening in the country and more of church involvement in politics.

I am in the years of being a politics and and and religion really pushing other way you like it you can't rule out you work with them. I will no elegy will not want to stay here but she's really getting breached the national profile over the last year what you think is going to be on the horizon for our DNA. She's going to be fishing for possible political presidential run at some point these days. You might be shooting organic position in the short-term capital. Yeah, absolutely. I know she's a great governor. She really handle the cold lockdowns really well you know Florida Gov. to fantasy fantastically delivered a lot of leadership but you forget Gordon thought Dakota will be only to state that really didn't shutdown coated hysteria and the initial panel of the writing really well too They went dollars. The left is busting people all over the country to have the clinical riot.

You know she she's on the National Guard and the no-nonsense woman. I really appreciate your leadership that the couple think this be withdrawn, but does you get it right candidate for governor. I think honestly I get on the subject likely my own personal thing about the work I will work for a rental decade, but the but I think her her trajectory.

It is a cabinet position. What went from monopoly to get back in order or the Senate biblical U.S. Senate and become a matter of getting tired and I think I just retire the grant of the moment some point we live in the line with the amount begging gaming about her when our congresswoman here Regina Bob was in her late 70s and I wonder you know you doesn't let's work country and grateful for your service enjoyable. Only one still being immediately energized and silent as visible, and I understand that you mention pastors and an faith in America and I thought you were doing as Tran encouraged pastors to take a man in our culture to teach the people how to have a biblical worldview.

As you know you get a lot of work out with the production of another things it Christian is just not engaging. We have a whole generation of Christians today who don't really know what they believe or what I believe. I don't know what the Bible says about almost as rowdy or transgender. Abortion or altogether issued the remaining stock part of the reason being a part of their fault because they're not reading the Bible, stating what God's word about the issues that other part of any faith in George's work pastors don't address issues in our culture today why you think you know our pastors will parlay up the summer being muzzled or choosing the right going on stare hundred percent is a fantastic question what was happening, other than if the stomach push from the left from socialist agendas and 50s really to model the American church and in my opinion it started with the Johnson notes, then US Sen. from Texas Lyndon Johnson milk ushered in the new bill that somehow got past the fund and the law, jump them and which basically muzzled the American church which greatly muzzled American pastors and that none of the churches are all now I want decrease data and implement Lyndon Johnson in my opinion are the worst because of the governor at GP basically said oh I'm giving the church as a gift, you got the check out. So I'm giving you a huge favor for the funny thing is, churches are already checked the gun before that he wanted to model them on purpose because of the church is identified as a 501(c)(3) status they can't talk about politics and health both ironical and diligently to admire in my work with politics than all the politicians that authored the pastors and Christian organization. I would think 90% of the of the pastors and churches I work with the state. I want to give the IRS back the final of the process. We don't want it and NS Moritz or getting elect of the government in Washington DC and got a small state government. They want the churches model because they used to be. The church was the focal point of every community.

If the court got laws moral foundation in our nothing that because what what we want. What's what culture is wanting moral relativity. They don't want absolute truth back again. Unfortunately, this was it really breaks my heart is pastors All but a lot of estimators that they would rather replace the Bible. Whatever is popular whatever most people in the church through recruitment tactics. They don't character lately lying about the Bible or got lost. The only of them a lot like taking note agents, aunt and uncle Zola did a little deeper into the home of the Johnson amendment and a 501(c)(3) status something on here and I know you hear could you work with Azzarello against the young can do this or that when the truth is Bristol Brothers never been to my knowledge, and that them like ureter along the country of the pastor whose ever lost our church you would ever lost a 501(c)(3) status overtaking on on these political issues. So it never happened but somehow there's a legend in an pastors we pastors mind that they can't do this or that you know is a pastor number for preaching a little bit. It didn't matter what about a stupid 501(c)(3) status is not the Bible God is called you to lead a congregation integrate the entire word of God. He can't choose which stoppage you are not going to cover your present home or to guide you in a quality issue is the study together really want us to cover.

So when you mention the rest of our group. You know outbreak urges might be better to just not worry about the stupid 501(c)(3) status to me. Maybe some people give the church because I wanted tax write off. It is not a word Grown up around given my donation or not you should worry about.

That is a faster one another anyway and just recently in the past week was just dispersed with Pres. Martin's Guardian to law, a law that will bond was 87,000 new IRS agent, I do think that community that you further scare faster worry about their crazy 501(c)(3) status when you got it in your big deal delayed of that. They wanted these people to be willing to be armed and use deadly force to think that you laws of affect faster**I think will actually be more on alert. To be honest, but collectively biblical and constitutional basis. There's absolutely no reason why the IRS exist. If not, it's not constitutional at all you know and and and for them to now polish aggressively thing that IRS agent have to be armed, they have to know know how to use the real brutal force that is completely ridiculous. At least be in third world dictatorship.

It is absolutely ridiculous at the look of the Biden administration is pushing for this by aiming at an end. Ill date they want to agendas such as monthly pastors and churches which they will do an increasing number which we party thing with some people that I talked with, but not to go after deal, low income middle-class people feel small business owners all business owners are really frightened by that and I think I get more and more out and become.

That's what the left one. They want a centralized government. Washington DC and is the end-all be-all power in the world and it really to bend the knee to them, or else but me. We need to have more governors like to rerun defense of the Christian all men were pastors but you know what, not only do not constitutional biblical that is not appropriate behavior from the federal government you see in the tactics of Nazi Germany. To be honest though, it's just that you are talking about the country and the other Harry 87,000 we got addicted right is more value. This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven.

I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way blocking the thick 15 feet of Bible content length this December entering nationally for radio host and found foundation to create life-changing it's one of the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world for thousands of reasons, religious clutter Christianity's most tragically rigid fight like a wailing rocket down to Chris through the winding alleyways to Nancy's hands, a place that I think he was very Jewish fortress in the farm fee first hand ready event that the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel out of their financing and get ready for an unforgettable trip memories that will last a lifetime. History was made on today's date is only one American minute with Bill Federal Reserve Gutenberg means beautiful mountain and appropriate name for Johannes Gutenberg invented the first movable type printing press.

His masterpiece was the Gutenberg Bible printed around this date, August 24 1455. Now Bibles no longer had to be copied by hand inching the pulpits, they were mass-produced and accessible to the masses, though millions were grateful his business partner sued him and took his rights of the press. Gutenberg said let us break the seal with seals of holy things and give wings to truth in order that she might win every soldier comes into the world. This is an American minute with no federal or free transfer American minute of 1888 USA were in pursuit of my gift days talking about all the professors to engage with Greg about ARS and how that is. In pastor what you think about that, Southern Baptist on all the doors of Babbage blog a lot of concern about what's going on the southern Baptist vision so you don't want to get really concerned about was born and Mary today and I didn't think were raised during anything really cranking out a whole generation of pastors implementing and and and making love is liberal ideology and the preaching you have a confirm what was going on there are 100% of the former thought about that myself and II break my heart would happen with the with the SBC leadership know I'm in Eglinton was the president and chief at the popular know there's a reason why he didn't run for a second term of the president and and it's just that he had very liberal doctrine. Get very little practice, and he will borderline okay with pushing and all the gay agenda and woke ideology but now they replaced even more left with a guy named Bart Barber, Southern Democrat contacted Suzanne who has strong allegations of racism against him with the DSP the great love and respect the organization of the leadership is not listening to the gospel to the Bible to anything at all than letting them so be pushed around by woke ideology by by by BLM, social justice, gospel, garbage in the getting away from from the gospel and any hope of example is a beautiful study. BSU Christian I believe auto enzymes are a few errors are Christian Garza David uphold the only 40% of pastors in America are actually teaching a biblical worldview that is where it starts with the fact that the STB and not just them but other denominations well (to some degree to Low. They've gotten away from biblical teaching because they don't want to offend people anymore, and Jesus himself that the gospel will argue that the problem we have too many good answers today. You don't want to offend anybody.

So the bridge really awoke, which is what the learning and a lot of the seminaries in the country today, which even so, there are states of those you may not know the seminaries on the train, not just an embarrassed pastors and a large number pastors then enter other denominations well and some of these guys are reaching out for grace. Being open to on homosexuality and other things from the pulpit and not preaching against abortion. This taking us all these guys are entering in the event of his art recently will follow me along the truth about Linda getting the weekly Bible studies along raised. Other muscles popping out small groups and was just spreading like wildfire in the churches book Christopher you're working in the political world not just be the public relations world what he sees happening with our political parties. I know we give a bad rep that I think the Democratic Party is pretty much abandoned Christianity in churches altogether, but I don't think it just maybe the Republicans do what you say. Everything in party politics when it comes to engaging Christians and taking a stance on Christian beliefs are great question absolutely nothing in the front lining up, talked with good intent of thousands of voters all over the country, thousands of pastors in 100 state politician amino what's really happening is worsening the stomach crisis, but nobody want to address the Democratic Party. There the policy which is beyond the social that the hundred percent socialist becoming by demonstration of done the past two years. In order to expect utter disgrace delayed a bit the question. The question for the scale cold relief bill that is just socialistic of politics and a record high taxes record high inflation, printed out more money in the past two years we have in the past 20. It's just that men and all government control government made know what was being is the Republican Party bending to woke ideology a little bit of a perfect example Rhonda McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican Party back in January. She created a gay youth Republican wing, and it's just a certain point Democratic Party a completely ill cast off the Christian base across the country Republican Party trying to do that right now because they're trying to bend you homosexuality is not only okay anymore also encouraged an assortment of tenures and Argosy Republican Party's tales are supporting and encouraging ill transgender politician, and personally I get tired of the great Clark ill. I'm so tired of politicians using situational ethics you're pregnant to be realistic doing because that situational ethics I forgot one King David about E1 K thought about you working all about and we need to get back to the base of our biblical foundation and were not doing it different example. Don't go back to the quarterly fund. I cannot tell you how many times I sat in the executive committees with numerous Republican-controlled state legislatures and they were all arguing and debating what we need to do with the cold relief on a cold relief money failed by your ethical I got I got tired of it like a week is doing almost 90% of the cold relief money from the by demonstration.

It dispersed state isn't going towards cold relief at all using it for road bridges and for and whatnot that ultimately socialistic policy if disgusting, you're putting your children, your grandchildren in further debt because it will definitely which started out added to our national debt and I said why are Republicans of the state level embracing the socialistic bill because they want more additional money for state that again as long as the publican party has amazing foundation amazing philosophy of our party started, but I talked a lot pastors across the country and the third thing the Democrats are off the rocker radical crazy socialist and Republican have getting pretty close to betraying their base in a 75 to me again, and this is from past the capital of the country. 75% of the Republican Party garbage 25% of the work, bathing, but but me a little tobacco stomach problem is not just politicians all know you going to see that that that that the downgrade the feeling of body go back to parents and pastors and some pastors have allowed the viticulture in the country to get to where it is because of tolerance and affect parents and pastors purposefully don't want to get involved.

They pay they don't want to push back against it because above all, the repercussion and ethics. I met Beth was happening in American politics.

Situational is really stand you wrong. Daniel Republican Party.

I think that they have now. Soon remind me of the church infers that the remedy we will anybody will change our method just to get anybody in the door and that's exactly what's happening with the little bubblegum part you're inviting people and anonymizing was something listeners know there is Christian Jesus loves everybody, yes, but there's only one way to heaven truth to that end, and that's what we need to be preaching and Republican Party. They want people to join the party so bad.

They're starting to begin like the church that really concerns me. So they take the Christians for granted and errata and others in leadership. I will note the person can't vote for the Democratic Party because they're so terrible we can do these other little things just flipping the man which is what they're doing because the Christians are going to vote for us no matter what and I think that's a mistake because I think will happen is not a Christian, you just stay home and have the effect that they will exactly hundred percent MMS enacted all the time and again of getting the point where were you were supporting and endorsing divorce candidate were supporting the island in a photochemical sexuality, and transgender issues, and an abortion. Daniel and Bill are again another another issue that I talked about will quickly pastors ill. I'm not met a single pastor whose happy about will be weighed being overturned at the level and and don't mistake me.

They're happy that government.

The federal government at issue, but only pastors is that this is not an issue that the government of the state government to ever dictate law on God's side of this over to 3000 years ago.

Why we debating efficient or governing authority of any it has any right to discuss murdering children what is wrong with them that there was northern side of 3000 middle of the Old Testament get back to basics what God commanded us to believe in and of law and you and your talk about that you hundred percent right were getting to a point with people just don't want to hold people accountable in all churches, politicians all times and you you probably do that yourself, you know, a lot of people want to be held accountable and most pastors, most politicians will use situational ethics by doing together, the people the voters there there there congregants one half the coin is locked to the blog, then at that dock, and then they misconstrued love as being tolerant of all sinful things you have to coin my experience is mostly not all, but mostly not preached love yes but you have to coin is obedience to God's laws that side of the coin.

We have completely forgot about society because pastors Abortion did a lot of talk about homosexuality because are too afraid to offend people at night. A pastor who I loved and respected greatly but he got to a point where you talk about coded everything the week. I got tired of it. I just did we talk on abortion.

Whatever you want to talk about abortion because that they should kill more people the past a lot of six months ago but has been around you. My point at little little aggressive but you get my point is just now is really doing online banking or listening to about the size of policy is named teacher and organization for individual time for social media, graphics cards give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design on social relations range hearing is in line enjoy the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors, churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Laura meeting Dave Internation crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden and read much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the Creator is very itching about the creation of the about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles America to join effective like you mentioned abortion issue I believe to be a very important issue this election cycle.

A lot of people get worked up and want to be involved in what I call the state berates allelic president hi national profile raises, but because of Roe V Wade returning the issue of abortion. That date stayed off the state. I think her to be more than ever before. For those of us in the pro-life battle you're on the front lines you're working with candidates water think that you are staying in what you think is going to shake out in a lot of state house and state Senate races going into the November elections absolutely fell off the Republican house Given the demographic policy is utterly failed to mean that the big five. Build the Biden discretion want to push forward for the five of them failed miserably in all in what even Republicans doing anything you know we been sitting back laughing at how disastrous the leader party. Sen. Cinema Arizona Gov. Blanche West Virginia.doc for the Bible will ill some Democrats have no real victory to showcase the people of the socialist spending package that give you 87,000 IRS agent, so the public of the click of the house. The real battle to be defendant benefiting out. You can be a bloodbath. You know what happened last time primarily if they play Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania. It can be a bloodbath lemming bite out of yellow to take Herschel Walker and in the Georgia.

The guy is a great candidate. Hard-working. A lot of people usually trying to chew to push the pencil back little bit, but his father raised what 20, 30 million and you have the communist talk about coming up with either directly or worn out, who was election two years ago was speculative at best and interesting with him as the Democrats will pump probably 70, 80 billion out of state money into his coffers to hope and pray that you still get them there so we basically have a Democrat who has 88, $80 million of the money to preserve his feet and you have 20, $30 million built mostly in state backing our footlocker in the pre-much that even in the polls were stable state Democrats the other. They're willing to spend hundreds of million 50 defendant and we want to start being billion-dollar races for Seneca Pres. so it's going to get to get interesting, but more to the voters obviously revealed that the Republicans are on your highly favored in only 2:05 years that people are tired of spending bills and complete ignoring southern border crisis. Republicans are a popular now, but again I need to be wary. Good luck at the house back and I hope you know future speakers fell out of McCarthy understand that you need to back to his good Christian base need to start up using them and end. Also, I will not be concerned. You do not all at and beyond it the first thing the public at large about the additional investigation try to impeach God, which is auto failed to show in the base minister, Trumbull announced that one of them you'll will you happens, but beyond the point again Republican to stop taking Christian voters for granted and they happen. I figure if you mentioned you touched on earlier if they don't stop ignoring the Christian faith cushion. Will start embracing a candidate third-party candidate or to stop at all about the Democrats want is working well so we got them show first ensure that maybe all this not. It is looking for Baltimore someone to help in his or her race out of people find you absolutely have to go to website WW W.Gillick account for funnel the Roman legion, but that is but By whatever, the ultimate public-relations full-service political consulting with me and we we just love connecting people we love meeting people, I mean I cannot tell you how many authors Christian nonprofits we worked with who you know we just we love helping minister to the reputation we help them really love checking in with people you need to meet with the elders.

This woman who I work with right now a river check and she's a fantastic individual who sometime in a Chinese prison for protesting in China for the first human violations of human rights violation and so take the optional required to affect individual and you know try to get her maximized out there on your TV, radio, publication and edge of the small example we do. We take someone to the back story is understood the product or the organization. If the story behind the personal and organizational really want to know top up on a Festival can actually see first and middle people fall they don't follow probably follows behind it. You need to get patient management.

The will is for local lines were about the political world today is becoming a big deal of social media is using. There was something wrong. Social media is pretty much out there forever. There is a tree need usually first person reputation management. The big deal so you know if you're listening and you need help with that Christian vertebrae contacting you can find and learn more about his company Gillick Christopher we talked a lot about pastorally needing to engage in Christian needing to take a stand on one of these issues. What advice did you get the passport listing and Christians know what do you think can you tell us how do we engage yeah absolutely I guess the best advice I can give to all pastors and to voters really is. I understand you're frustrated the whole world industrial countries.

Frustrated we don't get it, but the best thing is to pastors, especially your job to be the moral compass for the community. Don't bend whatever culture thinks is popular for the next five minutes the next five days.

Culture comes and goes, in all trending topics come and go but the Bible is the only constant, but is ever stood the test of time and pastorally to be engaged in understand what is going on at city Council meeting County Commissioner meetings in the state legislature and the government because it all affects pastors the church's unity to the hole in it and again it's your job to lead you know as the Pastorino prep example you'll my pastor Dr. Gordon Nolan when I was example when the Iowa cream court said that homosexual Mary special chimeric. He was on the first pass. They know that article you were not attacking them or attacking you attacking the Bible and Lafferty got at least two or three cream cordial and I will kick off for Sabrina because again it is directly anti-biblical and that's what every pastor should be doing should be respectfully aggressive and push back and say no city Council no governor we need to get back to the Bible and if this law is unconstitutional or anti-biblical it should be a law simply voters go out there. Be engaged at a very grassroots level because people would like to wander and think about all Washington DC people at that the festival yet it but a lot of corruption also have the local level to the I do a lot of work in an ailing Armando Maureen and Betty. There's a lot of issues lyrically to keep your eyes on and conservatives and pastors run away a couple politics, and rightly so, back need by gratefully thank you so much for being with us today. We appreciate definitely think you get both of you want to learn more about Christopher you want to learn you wanting to run for office or you need help with reputation management or he just public-relations equity. You can find Christopher that belief I love the bars were close. I was asked what he gave please also pose on the we do that thank you for listening to Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus is a Christian perspective .us. This is the Truth Network

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