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Does Faith Have a Place in Politics?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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August 24, 2022 8:30 am

Does Faith Have a Place in Politics?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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August 24, 2022 8:30 am

Political Strategist, Christopher Prosch, talks about the push to silence Pastors across the country in the realm of politics and culture and the need for Christians to impact the culture for Jesus.

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Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural and political issues. An apologist, Christian political advocate and author, here is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes. Well, for those of you listening every day, you know that politics is at the heart of most of the things that I do because I believe that we have a calling by God as Christians to be engaged in what's happening in our society and in our culture. To some of you, I know politics is a dirty word, but actually, you know what? God created government, God created politics, God created leaders, and as Christians, we need to be involved. Our guest today is involved on the front lines of that battle, and he's going to share some interesting insights with us as we talk about the need to have faith in politics.

Welcome to Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. I'm so excited you're here with us today. Before we jump into the show, I want to tell you, we just have about a week left. If you want to go with us to Israel, we're leaving on December 26th, and we're going to take a wonderful tour of Israel. Dr. Scott Coulter is going to be our preaching pastor that will be with us, and we're going to be walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

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So visit, hit on the events page, and you can learn all about the trip and sign up to join us. Well, my guest today is a political strategist, he is a public relations expert, and believe me, the key, we're kind of inseparable when you're working in political strategies, you've got to know a lot about public relations as well. Christopher Prosh is with Felix Strategies, he's a Midwest-based firm, and Christopher, we are so excited to have you on The Christian Perspective with us today. Yeah, absolutely, thank you very much, really appreciate it. Hey, well, I'm excited because I know that you're in the front lines of the ballot, but before we jump into the politics, Christopher, can you just share a little bit about your life on a personal level, if you don't mind, and let our listeners get to learn a little bit more about you and know who you are? Yeah, absolutely. So, yeah, my name is Christopher Prosh, I've been in the political world for, oh gosh, now 10, 11 years, worked on numerous campaigns, states, federal, and 26-plus states, worked with Christian conservative organizations, Christian conservative organizations, nonprofits, worked with hundreds of pastors, thousands of people all over the country, I mean, I really love what I do, it's, you know, politics, public relations is really, you know, relationship building, reputation management, it's just really getting people's stories out there, you know, a lot of times in this world, you know, you know, especially from a media perspective, we see talking heads or quote-unquote experts talking at people, I like doing the exact opposite, I like to get people's stories and listen to them and just kind of, you know, shut up and let them talk.

Yeah, that's powerful in today's society. So, how did you, for me, politics is, I think you'll understand this, not everybody will, it's almost like a drug, a good friend of mine used to say it's the juice, I just love being involved in the political arena, and it's probably like that for you, how did you get involved with this crazy world of politics? Well, I think you said 11 years ago when you jumped into it. Yeah, absolutely, so I was, my very first job was working with Kristi Noem during her 2010 first congressional race, and you know, she beat out the incumbent, Stephanie Herseth's family, the former Democrat incumbent from South Dakota, and loved it ever since, just loved the fast-paced environment, loved really, you know, reaching people at a very grassroots level, and then from there, I got shipped off to the UN, and I worked there as an intern for the Iraqi mission to the UN, so I mean, it was a good experience in New York City, and then came back home and wanted to, again, just help people any way I could, so about three or four years ago, I got more heavily involved in the Christian industry, Christian world, if you will, just because I honestly, you know, I get tired of seeing what's happening in this country, and you know, I think we need, you know, more of church involvement in politics, and the past couple years I'm seeing politics and religion really pushing each other away, so. Yeah, and that's sad, so we're going to jump into that, but since you mentioned, I didn't realize you worked with Kristi Noem, and I don't know how much you will or will not want to say here, but you know, she's really increased her national profile so much over the last year. What do you think is going to be on the horizon for her? You know, I know she's kind of positioning for a possible presidential run at some point. Do you think she might be shooting for a cabinet position in the short term, or what do you think is happening with her?

Yeah, absolutely. No, she's a great governor. She really handled COVID lockdowns really well. You know, Florida Governor DeSantis was fantastic. You know, I love his leadership, but yeah, people forget Florida and South Dakota were the only two states that really didn't shut down during the COVID hysteria, and then she also handled the rioting really well, too. You know, she just said no nonsense in this state when, you know, when the left was busing people all over the country to have these quote-unquote riots. You know, she's on the National Guard and said no nonsense, so I mean, I really appreciate her leadership with that. A couple things to disagree with Ron, but again, she's a great candidate, great governor. I think honestly, again, I'm just speculating for my own personal thing. I mean, I haven't worked for her in almost a decade, but I think her trajectory is a cabinet position if, you know, when Trump announces and if he gets back in, or the Senate. So we have a couple of U.S.

Senators from South Dakota that are getting, I think, tired, and I think they want to just retire with their grandkids. Yeah, I don't mind. I mean, at some point, I live in North Carolina, so she's gonna get mad at me. I'm not saying anything mean about her, but our Congresswoman here, Virginia Fox, you know, was in her late 70s, and I wonder, you know, you've done so much for our country, and I'm grateful for your service, but enjoy your family while you still can. You know, take some time and spend some time with us.

I understand that. Well, Christopher, you know, you mentioned pastors and faith and petitions for America. That's all the work that we're doing is trying to encourage pastors to take a stand, and I think pastors to take a stand in our culture to teach their people how to have a biblical worldview, because as you know, and I know you've done a lot of work with some of the movies you hope with the production of and other things, that Christians are just not engaging. We have a whole generation of Christians today who don't really know what they believe or why they believe it. They don't know what the Bible says about homosexuality or transgenderism or abortion or all these other issues, and so they're remaining silent. Part of the reason, you know, part is their fault because they're not reading the Bible, stating what God's word has to say about the issues, but another part of it is they attend churches where pastors don't address issues in our culture today. Why is it, do you think, you know, why are pastors, well, partly I think some are being muzzled and some are choosing to muzzle themselves. What do you think is going on there?

Yeah, 100%. You know, that's a fantastic question. What's happening is there's been a systemic push from the left, from socialist agendas, since the 50s really, to muzzle the American church. You know, in my opinion, it started with the Johnson Amendment. You know, then US Senator from Texas, Lyndon Johnson, you know, ushered in a new bill that somehow got passed and got signed into law called the Johnson Amendment, which basically muzzled the American church, which basically muzzled American pastors and said, no, no, no, churches are all now 501c3 statuses. And then Lyndon Johnson, in my opinion, one of the worst presidents we've ever had, he basically said, oh, I'm giving the churches a gift.

I'm letting you guys be tax exempt, so I'm giving you a huge favor. Well, the funny thing is churches were already tax exempt before that. He wanted to muzzle them on purpose because if a church is identified as a 501c3 status, they can't talk about politics. You know, but what's ironic though is, you know, again, in my work with politics and politicians and authors and pastors and Christian organizations, I would say 90% of the pastors and churches I work with, they would say, I want to give the IRS back their 501c3 status. We don't want it.

And that's what we're getting at. You know, that's what the government in Washington, DC, and let's be honest, most state governments, they want the churches muzzled because it used to be that the church was the focal point of every community. It set forth God's laws, moral foundation, you know, and now we're not seeing that because what we want, what culture is wanting is moral relativity. They don't want absolute truth. They want to push back against it. And unfortunately, this is what really breaks my heart is pastors, not all, but a lot of them, especially in major cities, they would rather replace the Bible with whatever's popular, with whatever gets the most people in the church through recruitment tactics.

They don't care if they're blatantly lying about the Bible or God's laws. Well, you know, I'm right taking those as you're talking. So I want to dig a little deeper into some of the things you said. So you were talking about the Johnson Amendment and 501c3 status, and that's something I hear, and I know you hear because you work with pastors all over the country is, you know, I can't do this or that. Well, the truth is, Christopher, there's never been, to my knowledge, an instant, and like you, I travel all over the country, of a pastor who's ever lost, or a church who has ever lost a 501c3 status overtaking a stand on these political issues.

So it's never happened. But somehow there's this legend in weak pastors' minds that they can't do this or that. You know, as a pastor, now I'm going to start preaching a little bit, it doesn't matter about any stupid 501c3 status, that's not the Bible. God has called you to lead a congregation and to preach the entire word of God.

And you can't choose which topics you are or are not going to cover. If you're going to preach the whole word of God, you're going to cover the issues that society doesn't really want us to cover. So when you mention the IRS, and I agree with you, I mean, I don't think churches might be better to just not worry about the stupid 501c3 status. I mean, maybe some people give to the church because they want a tax write-off, but you know, I don't worry about that tax write-off when I'm giving my donation, and not that you should worry about that as a pastor one way or the other anyways.

But you know, just recently, in the past couple weeks, well goodness, just this week, President Biden signed in to a law that will fund, was it 87,000 new IRS agents? How do you think that, I mean, is that going to further scare pastors to worry about their crazy 501c3 status when you've got, and you know, big deals related to the fact that they wanted these people to be willing to be armed and use deadly force if necessary. How do you think that new law is going to affect pastors? Well, I mean, I think it's going to affect more than just pastors. I mean, pastors, I think, will actually be more on alert.

I mean, let's be honest. Let's go back just from a biblical and constitutional basis. There's absolutely no reason why the IRS exists. It's not constitutional at all. And for them to now push aggressively saying that IRS agents have to be armed.

They have to know how to use brutal force. I mean, that is completely ridiculous. And that's what you see in third world dictatorships. It is absolutely ridiculous that the Biden administration is pushing for this. I mean, and they want to, again, it's not just muzzling pastors and churches, which they will do in an increasing number, which we've already seen with some people that I've talked with. But now they're going to go after low-income, middle-class people, small business owners. Small business owners are really frightened by that. And I think it's going to get more and more out of hand because that's what the left wants.

They want a centralized form of government where Washington, D.C. says, and is the end-all be-all power in the world, and that we all need to bend the knee to them or else. But I mean, we need to have more governors, like DeRionne DeSantis and Kristi Noem, and more pastors step up and say, you know what, they're talking about shutting down police forces all across the country, and now they're hiring 87,000 federal agents. We've got to take a good commercial break. Folks who are talking to Christopher Frost, a Felix strategy, he's a political strategist and a public relations expert. You're going to learn more about him. So stick around.

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For a free transcript, call American Minute at 1-888-USA-WORD. Welcome back to Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. My guest today is Christopher Prosh. We're talking about faith and politics, the need for pastors to engage. Christopher, I know you've also, we were talking before the break about the IRS and how that is scaring some pastors. What do you think about, now I'm a Southern Baptist, not all the listeners are Southern Baptists, but I've had a lot of concern about what's going on in the Southern Baptist Convention, so you don't want to talk about this, we don't have to, but I'm really concerned about what's going on in seminaries today and like the critical race theory and other things where we're cranking out a whole generation of pastors who were implementing and mixing a lot of this liberal ideology into their preaching. Do you have a concern with what's going on there?

Oh, 100 percent. As a former Southern Baptist myself, it breaks my heart what's happening with the SBC leadership. I mean, Ed Litton was the former SBC president and he was not popular.

You know, there's a reason why he didn't, you know, run for a second term as the president, and it's just that he had very liberal doctrine, he had very liberal practices, and he was borderline okay with pushing, you know, the gay agenda and woke ideology. But now they replaced, now they want even more left with a guy named Bart Barber, a Southern Democrat from Texas who has strong allegations of racism against him. It's just that the SBC, I have such great love and respect for the organization, but the leadership is not listening to the gospel, to the Bible, to anything at all. They're letting themselves be pushed around by woke ideology, by BLM, you know, social justice gospel garbage, and they're getting away from the gospel. And, you know, perfect example, there's a beautiful study from ACU, Arizona Christian University, they did a poll that said only 40% of pastors in America are actually teaching a biblical worldview.

That is where it starts. It's the fact that the SBC, and not just them, but other denominations as well, the Lutherans, to some degree, the Catholics as well, they've gotten away from biblical teaching because they don't want to offend people anymore. And Jesus himself said the gospel will offend you, and that's the problem. Yeah, and we have too many pastors today who don't want to offend anybody, so they'll preach, you know, really a woke gospel, which is what they're learning in a lot of these seminaries in the country today.

So there are six, for those of you listening who may not know, I believe there are six Southern Baptist seminaries, but they train not just Southern Baptist pastors, but a large number of pastors that enter other denominations as well. And so when these guys are preaching critical race theory, and being open to homosexuality and other things from the pulpit, and not preaching against abortion, that's taking a toll as these guys are entering, and they're kind of sneaky about it. I mean, somebody recently was telling me how they went to church, they thought the pastor was super conservative, but when they got into these weekly Bible studies, a lot of this critical race theory and other myths was popping out into small groups, and was just spreading like wildfire in their churches.

Well, Christopher, you're working in the political world, not just the public relations world. What do you see is happening with our political parties? I know we give a bad rap, because I think the Democrat party has pretty much abandoned Christianity and churches altogether, but I don't think it's just the Democrats, maybe the Republicans too. What are you seeing happening in party politics when it comes to engaging Christians and taking a stance on Christian beliefs?

Yeah, great question, absolutely. What I'm seeing on the front line, and again, I've talked with tens of thousands of voters all over the country, thousands of pastors, hundreds of state politicians. What's really happening is we're seeing a systemic crisis that nobody wants to address. The Democratic party, their policies, let's just be honest, they're socialists. That's 100% socialistic.

What the Biden administration has done in the past two years is an utter disgrace. They push forward this COVID relief bill that is just socialistic policy. Then they have record high taxes, record high inflation. They printed out more money in the past two years than we have in the past 20.

It's all government made. Now, what we're seeing is the Republican party is bending to woke ideology a little bit. A perfect example, Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican party, back in January, she created a gay youth Republican wing. It's just, at a certain point, the Democratic party has completely pissed off the Christian base across the country. The Republican party is starting to do that right now because they're starting to bend to homosexuality is not only okay anymore, it's also encouraged.

What are we going to see 10 years from now? Are we going to see the Republican party start saying, start supporting and encouraging transgender politicians? Personally, I get tired of it because it breaks my heart. I'm so tired of politicians using situational ethics. We've got to be a pragmatist. We've got to be realistic.

Do we? Because that's situational ethics. That's what God warned King David about. He warned King Solomon about.

He warned King Saul about. We need to get back to the basis of our biblical foundation, and we're not doing it. A perfect example, let's go back to the COVID relief fund. I cannot tell you how many times I sat in these executive committees with numerous Republican controlled state legislatures, and they were all arguing and debating what we need to do with the COVID relief money. COVID relief money for about a year and a half ago, and I got up and I got tired of it.

I said, what are you guys doing? Almost 90% of this COVID relief money from the Biden administration that got dispersed to the states isn't going towards COVID relief at all. You guys are using it for roads and for bridges and for whatnot. And I told them this is a socialistic policy. It's disgusting, and you're putting your children and your grandchildren in further debt because it will definitely, which it already has, add it to our national debt. And I said, why are Republicans at the state level embracing this socialistic bill? Because they want more additional money for states.

Again, that is wrong. It's just the Republican Party has amazing foundations, amazing philosophy of how our party got started. But I've talked to a lot of pastors across this country, and they don't know who to vote for. They're saying Democrats are off their rocker, radical, crazy socialists, and Republicans are getting pretty close to betraying their base. Again, this is from pastors I've talked to all over the country. This is what they say. 75% of the Republican Party is garbage.

25% is still worth saving. But let's go back to the systemic problem. It's not just politicians' fault. If you want to see the downgrade, the failing of a society, it goes back to parents and pastors. Parents and pastors have allowed the culture in the country to get to where it is because of tolerance. Parents and pastors purposefully don't want to get involved. They don't want to push back against it because of supposed repercussions. That's what's happening in the American politics situation.

Yeah, and it's really sad. You were talking about Ronald McDaniel and the Republican Party. I think that they have now assumed, well, one, they remind me of the church. The church got so seeker-friendly. We want anybody to come. We'll change our message to get anybody in the doors, and that's exactly what's happening within the Republican Party.

We're inviting people in. I'm not saying so people don't twist what I'm saying, listeners. As Christians, Jesus loves everybody, yes, but there's only one way to heaven. There's a truth to that, and that's what we need to be preaching. In the Republican Party, they want people to join the party so bad they're starting to bend like the church did, and that really concerns me. So they take the Christians for granted, and Ronna and others in leadership are saying, well, the Christians can't vote for the Democrat Party because they're so terrible, so we can do these other liberal things and start slipping them in, which is what they're doing, because the Christians are going to vote for us no matter what. I think that's a mistake because I think what will happen is a lot of Christians will just stay home, and it's not going to have the effect that they want.

Exactly, 100 percent, and I see that all the time. And again, it's getting to the point where we're supporting and endorsing divorce candidates. We're supporting candidates that are okay with homosexuality and transgender issues and abortion. And again, another issue that I talked about real quickly is pastors. I've not met a single pastor who's happy about Roe v. Wade being overturned at the federal level.

And don't mistake me, they're happy that the federal government has gotten rid of that issue, but so many pastors have said this is not an issue for the federal government or for the state government to ever dictate law on. God decided this over 2,000-3,000 years ago. Why are we debating this issue? No governing authority has any right to discuss murdering children.

What is wrong with us? This has already been decided 3,000 years ago in the Old Testament, riddled in the Old Testament. People need to get back to the basics of what God commanded us to believe and his laws.

And more to the point where you were talking about, you're 100 percent right. We're getting to a point where people just don't want to hold people accountable. Churches, politicians, a lot of times, and you've probably even seen this yourself, a lot of times people don't want to be held accountable. And most pastors, most politicians will use situational ethics.

They'll only give the people, the voters, their congregants one half of the coin. Oh, Jesus is love. Jesus is love. And then that's it.

And then they stop. And then they misconstrue love as being tolerant of all sinful things. The other half of the coin, in my experience, is mostly, not all, but mostly not preached.

Jesus is love, yes, but the other half of the coin is obedience to God's laws. And that side of the coin we have completely forgotten about is society because pastors don't want to talk about abortion. They don't want to talk about homosexuality because they're too afraid to offend people. I mean, I had a pastor, you know, who I loved and respected greatly, but he got to a point where he was talking about COVID every single week.

And I got tired of it. I just said, how about you talk about abortion? I've never heard you once talk about abortion because that's actually killed more people in the past, oh, I don't know, six months than COVID has ever has. So, I mean, that's, I mean, you get my point.

That's a little, a little aggressive, but you get my point. It's just, I hope pastors are listening to this. As far as we're talking to Christopher Frost, we're talking about the importance of faith and politics and Christians engaging in the public arena. And when we come back, we're going to talk a little bit more about the things that you just brought up, and then we're going to talk about how we as Christians can make a difference in this election cycle.

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Welcome back to Christian Perspective. We're talking to Christopher Price. Christopher is a political strategist and public relations expert. Christopher, before the break, you mentioned abortion a couple of times as an important issue. I believe that's going to be a very important issue this election cycle. A lot of people get worked up and want to be involved in what I call the sexy races, you know, like president, high national profile races, but because of Roe v. Wade returning the issue of abortion back to states, state house and state senate seats, I think, are going to be more important than ever before for those of us in the pro-life battle. You're on the front lines, you're working with candidates. What are some of the things that you are seeing and what do you think is going to shake out in a lot of state house and state senate races going into the November elections?

Yeah, absolutely. So, the Republicans will take back the house, you know, that's a given. I mean, the Democrats' policies have utterly failed. I mean, the big five bills that Biden's administration wanted to push forward, you know, four out of the five of them failed miserably, you know, and wasn't even Republicans even doing anything.

You know, we've been sitting back laughing at how disastrous he is as a leader. It's his own party. It's Senator Sinema from Arizona and Senator Manchin from West Virginia that stopped four out of five of the bills. You know, so the Democrats have no real victories to showcase to the people other than a socialist spending package that gives, you know, $87,000 more IRS agents. So, the Republicans will take back the house. The real battle is going to be the Senate. The Senate's going to be nasty. It's going to be a bloodbath.

You know, what happens a lot of times is primarily in states like Arizona, states like, you know, Georgia, Pennsylvania. It's going to be a bloodbath. What I mean by that is, you know, let's just take Herschel Walker in Georgia. The guy is a great candidate. He's hardworking. He's doing a lot of, he's really trying to push the pendulum back a little bit. But he's probably raised, what, $20 million, $30 million.

And then you have the communist, self-avowed communist sympathizer, you know, Raphael Warnock, whose election two years ago was speculative at best. But what we're seeing with him is the Democrats will pump probably $70 million, $80 million from out-of-state money into his coffers to hope and pray that he still gets in there. So, basically you have a Democrat who has $80, you know, $70 to $80 million of out-of-state money trying to preserve his seat.

And then you have $20, $30 million, you know, from mostly in-state, you know, backing Herschel Walker. And they're pretty much dead even in the polls. And that's what we're seeing in most states. So, the Democrats, you know, they're willing to spend hundreds of millions to keep these Senate seats. And it's not going to be long before we start seeing billion-dollar races for Senate for president.

So, I mean, it's going to get interesting. But more to voters. Obviously, you know, the Republicans are, you know, highly favored. You know, we're kind of sitting on the sidelines the past two years that people are tired of Democrats spending bills and completely ignoring southern border crisis.

So, you know, Republicans are popular now. But again, they need to be weary. Because once we get the House back, I hope, you know, future speakers, you know, Kevin McCarthy, understand that he needs to get back to his Christian base.

He needs to start, you know, appeasing them. And honestly- I'm worried that he's not. He concerns me. No, he's not.

He's not at all. And, you know, let's be honest. The first thing the Republicans are going to do is they're going to launch investigations, investigations, try to, you know, impeach Biden, which is all going to fail, but it's all going to be for show to, you know, maintain the base. And then I'm sure Trump will announce soon. And then, you know, we'll see what happens. But, you know, more to the point, again, Republicans need to stop taking Christian voters for granted, and they have been. And I think you mentioned, you touched on it earlier, if they don't stop ignoring the Christian base, the Christians will start embracing another candidate, a third party candidate, or just not vote at all. And that's what Democrats want. Yeah. And it's working.

Well, in the last three or so minutes, we got on the show, Christopher. First, can you share with us, maybe there's a politician out there that is looking for a consultant or someone to help in his or her race. How do people find you? Yeah, absolutely. You can go to my website, Felix like the cat. I say it's from an old Roman Legion, but nobody remembers what that is. So I just say Felix like the cat. Yep. Yeah, we do full service public relations, full service political consulting. Again, I mean, we just love connecting people. We love meeting people. I mean, I cannot tell you how many authors, Christian nonprofits we've worked with, who, you know, we just, we love helping manage their reputation. We help them. We love connecting them with people they need to meet with. You know, there's a woman who I work with right now, her name is Kate Rubicek, and she's a fantastic individual who spent some time in a Chinese prison for protesting in China for human violations, human right violations. And so we take, you know, she's one of our clients, she's a fantastic individual.

And, you know, we try to, you know, get her maximized out there on, you know, TV, radio, you know, publications. I mean, that's just a small example of what we do. But we take someone, we take their backstory. It's not necessarily the product or the organization. It's the story behind that person or the organization that we really want to, you know, prop up on a pedestal so people can actually see firsthand. Cause that's what people follow.

They don't follow a product, they follow a story behind it. That's true. And I love how you mentioned reputation management. That is such a need. And, you know, some of the listeners are like, well, why do I need to worry about that? In the political world and in the business world today, that's becoming a big deal. And social media is so huge. And, you know, once something's on social media, it's pretty much out there forever. There is a true need. And you're really the first person I think I've had on the show that does this. Reputation management's a big deal. And so, you know, if you're listening and you need help with something like that, Christopher's a great contact.

And again, you can find him and learn more about his company at Well, before we close out the show, Christopher, we've talked a lot about pastors needing to engage and Christians needing to take a stand on one of these issues. What advice would you give to pastors listening and Christians? You know, they might not know what to do.

So can you tell us how do we engage? Yeah, absolutely. I guess the best advice I can give to, you know, pastors and to voters, really, is that, you know, I understand you're frustrated. You know, the whole world is frustrated. The whole country is frustrated.

We get it. But the best thing is, to pastors especially, it is your job to be the moral compass for the community. Don't bend to whatever culture thinks is popular for the next five minutes, for the next five days. Culture comes and goes, you know, trending topics come and go, but the Bible is the only constant that has ever stood the test of time. And pastors need to be engaged and understand what's going on at city council meetings, county commissioner meetings, in their state legislature, and in the federal government, because it all affects the pastors, the churches, the communities as a whole. And again, it's your job to lead, you know, as a pastor. You know, perfect example, you know, my pastor, Pastor Kerry Gordon, you know, when, as an example, when the Iowa Supreme Court said that homosexuals can marry, he was one of the first pastors to step up and say, no, that's not appropriate. You know, we're not attacking them, we're attacking you, attacking the Bible. And what happened, he got, I believe, two or three Supreme Court justices in Iowa kicked off for supporting that, because again, it was directly anti-biblical. And that's what every pastor should be doing. They should be respectfully aggressive and push back and say, no city council, no governor, we need to get back to the Bible.

And if this law is unconstitutional or anti-biblical, it shouldn't be a law. And it's the same thing with voters. Go out there, be engaged at a very grassroots level, because people always like to wander and think about, oh, Washington D.C. is evil, and it's accessible.

Yeah, it is. But a lot of corruption also happens at the local level, too. You know, I've done a lot of work in Omaha and Des Moines and in Kansas City.

There's a lot of issues there people need to keep their eyes on, and conservatives and pastors run away from city governmental politics, and rightfully so. But we need to start pushing back against that. Great advice. Well, Christopher, thank you so much for being with us today. We sure appreciate it.

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you again. Folks, if you want to learn more about Christopher, if you want to learn, maybe you're wanting to run for office, or you need help with reputation management, or need just some public relations expertise, you can find Christopher Prosh at

That's I love the advice. We're going to close out with what he gave us. He said, Pastor, your job is to lead and to be the moral compass to your community.

That's the truth. He also told us that we need to take a stand on the Word of God. If we do that, we stand on God's Word, and we can go impact the culture for Jesus.

Thank you for listening. The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit This is the Truth Network.
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