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Are You a Discerning Parent and Spouse?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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August 12, 2022 8:30 am

Are You a Discerning Parent and Spouse?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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August 12, 2022 8:30 am

Connie Albers joins Chris Hughes on this Family Friday edition to talk about how we can teach and model discernment in our families.

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This is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most influential and respected voices on cultural policies and apologist first political and author is the founder and assuming America foundation thought about my life I have my last will and I've been thinking what if I don't hear about Mikey and told him how to discern certain things in life and that what Connie and I will be talking about today to welcome the Christian perspective is family Friday. Connie ours is here with me as you everybody sharing his knowledge and information.

The she has on how we can be better parents and better families and serve the Lord in all that we think, say and do, Connie. When my kids were growing up there to offer you ever heard of him and Andy Andrews and he is one of our favorite authors give a lot of wife advised and a column or they call him without a motivational speaker, but it really is but one of the things Andy said he always did. I try to do this Mike yet is he would ask his kids every night know how your heart and that's a big part of discernment as we have to have a good heart and make sure heart is right with the Lord but I thought today. I know you work on the sermon out for a little bit about this week order some things that we can do to be discerning parents, but also teach our kids to discern better in life as well. So we jump into that today in the future without some are your thoughts not sure where this week. Right now I According a lot of people starting back happening changes are happening in our country and I see I'm sure you think you travel all over the country. There people not to attract but believe me I know where to turn and we can take her word because that's where you can get direction and guidance on the relationship that we have here. We can't develop and cultivate a turning spirit with you and all the church is a cat.

I'm sure you have people asking you in a fretful way. What we did what we deal mean to you will usually get difficult with me aren't you well sermon I think is being able to many things but one thing is to be able to choose between the right path in the wrong path and it really made up a fake a lot of different things that we may not associate with openness is one and maybe generosity and courage. I think a big part of discernment, prayerful reflection and in and something that I think I'm you think about earlier this week whether or not I'll talk my kid is also part of the sermon is not confusing to me, not giving the answer you were looking for but I think, one thing that people think about Connie when they think the sermon is the cheapest discern between right or wrong or one of the best path for the long path is probably the most common thing that people think that walking through it a little bit trying to think through how I articulate this word for something and you're right.

People think that when turning right and wrong, good and evil – I take this job or not. Take that job should I be friends with that person should. I can find and track our something I'm kind of check to explain feeling about their discerning marker that when it come to our kid children. We might think they children got given a golf he's given the ability to have an intuition. We always blame, but we haven't got Shaklee had a red flag warning patient skeptical well maybe maybe some kids are really skeptical and maybe some adults are skeptical for very think that the kids don't have a long track record of trust in their life or bad situations that have made them jaded and adult. I just found that the topic of discernment and Christian family need explored more and that as we are navigating very on certain time and are in our society and our culture and our school, our workplaces on and asking the Lord to lead and guide. Let's talk about with our children like your daughter is followed your journey with her going graduating and getting her Masters and then going into the military and graduating from the military and now getting ready to graduate her to get her medical degree. All that decision and and your family talk to you on make our decision on where to go what to do when you go to all take the level of the sermon. Would you agree you think it's really something that every single person out there to make decisions on a daily basis and then you mentioned how I love how you mentioned, with listening to the Holy Spirit. Hearing a voice for a good check or whatever.

I think that something that we need to learn to develop and probably too late in life like you that recently is there some like you said.

I mean, some of the things that are important to younger kids may not be as big a deal because her imported tortillas. You know we want to want to give it the attention that is needed and you make it important to us as well, but learning to listen to that judge should really believe is the Holy Spirit I think is a big G and discerning. Thank you Johnny, I am in the way to do that is to really spend time in God's word and something I think that we don't always do a good job parents to teach our kids that you need to read the Bible and and you will like it years ago. So already read it. What you get something new from God's word every time you spend time in God's word and you need to spend time in prayer and something that we don't think about is really just a quiet time listening.

So when you read the Bible and hopefully you have a talent motion every day were your getting into God's word and in reading God's word tickly when you have decision.I have a friend of Robert Troyer, use a pastor nail in the work for me years ago was one of the best members of our team and is really never wanted to lose him, but he came to me one day in civil I think that God is calling me into full-time ministry to be a pastor and ESV could have a couple days off and he takes one away his Bible and went into the woods and just redevelopment, prayer, and just trying to, listen to what God was telling him to do. I think there's a similar story which roof I told Billy Graham, had that type of situation to work. He was questioning things in the life and one day you just got alone. I think of awards with God in the woods, but certainly we are having big decisions in our lives.

We need to spend time with God and seek his guidance and I think as we get closer to God, you know, not all cases but I think as we get closer to God that will begin to happen to like your site feeling you might be you know that people can't make fun of me when I said I felt like God told me this or that you please review an audible voice know enough Club Med and Angel. Emma noted above, might God speak to me. I have known it but there been times when I just had this knowledge is are really to explain the events that I just felt like God wanted me to do something or to Michael right decision. I think that helps us in our discernment if we can get right with the Lord, spend time with the Lord. This really helped my process and I'm sorry went down the rabbit trail to park when it contracted we want to get in God's word and become sure to do okay well I read the Bible today. Check to do the dishes check become just a thing that we do with how understanding is that the something that changes our life that we have to teach our children. It's not an exercise that we can be better at rhythm than routine, something that we do that we have clear discernment that when you described it, I immediately thought that passes all understanding.

When we know we are doing what God is leading you calling is unexplainable. I don't really know. I don't know if it's gonna work out. I don't know if this is the right school or the wrong school. I don't I don't know if job I could take her for not peace about it right now and I'm in a keep moving forward and left, right, and ultimately, discernment is trusting God, got our day in our plan number he's going to orchestrate and he will lead and guide us to think that I thought about not with. We spent with the Lord in the morning when out in the morning but still dark, and he spent time with the Lord. So we fit with the Lord in the morning. Now, young people because they're pretty tired in the morning and if they're not mine that morning and made a lot of time Lauren gets in the mind of Christ to organize my day just to open the door, let it be known that this is where you want me to now maybe it's a whisper from a friend. Maybe something that that firm they were having earlier and I just give them little yeses along yeah right I like when you're out in the woods thinking of being in the lead and you're on a trail I had gone back training in the mountains of North Carolina, and this is one trail where there is a little ribbon tied around the tree and you know you just keep looking for that next billing you for stopping yellow ribbons. You know you somewhere and you gotta go back to where that last element in mud and then realized that to go this way okay and then you merely go on your way thing is when you are talking about God speaking audibly.

Well, in the book of Job 33 the soldiers were fighting and patch the warriors ratified in that while man slumber. He feels their instruction will when I get a better at night. I mean literally every night.

So are likely my mind busy during the day wrestling with all the cares of the world trying to solve every problem that comes my way to like my instruction while I in a quiet place with just you and I and I'm resting and you're just thinking into my heart and my instruction and Kristin that next morning when I wake up like Lord I know now with the Lord, Lord, you have ordained my steps for today guardian party feels my instruction help me to listen to what instructions are and apply them in a way that you would have me apply them to our children were talking about discernment call you here with me as use every Friday and were talking about how we can be destroying his parents and how we can teach churches to discern if you have enjoyed what you're hearing with Connie today. You can learn more about Connie Connie Albers you in it i.e. Connie you can website is this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about your coffee shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes in a world crowded with viewpoints of voices missing after a set of financial problems. Only one voice the college of Mid-America Mid-America seminary real quick leaders to think for me whole world online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary, MA, and be equipped like the way blocking the Bible come to life this December into a national radio host and found a foundation to create life change the world needing travel destinations from all over the world's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic, the Wailing Wall don't walk through the winding alleyways of Nancy's own hands and placed our Savior's birth.

See firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel on and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime is beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain. Did you know the song America was so popular in the 1920s that it almost became our national anthem.

It was written by Catherine Lee Bates was born this day August 12 59 in American poet and educator, was the daughter of a Congregational minister taught high school and then became professor of English literature at Wellesley College in 1892 journey to the top of pikes peak in Colorado. It was so inspired by the view America. America is here with me today talking about, you know, every day of life.

We have to make decisions you take this job to go to this school and in our kids are facing decisions to this boy or girl doing it on the sports team and there's so much that goes into everyday life and we got God has entrusted our children to read something this week Connie were said that God has appointed us as ambassadors and put our children, our lives will work as ambassadors in our children's lives there were all about that way before, but part of our job as ambassadors for God is to teach them how to push on and how does to make decisions and discernment in a godly way to Logan. Our first thing that you said that we need to trust God with our plans and then allow him to guide us in and that's exactly right is your coming, there's a magic formula for this book were faced with difficult decisions or choices that we have to make our lives, our lives as is or maybe a process we should go to through so that we know you before make a decision. I need to do this. Is this your example. One thing is I tell my kids often go and talk like you do everyday like you do your little kids and will ask questions about you need to pray about it first. And I think we always need God's guidance, but are there other things in the process of discerning side that we should teach our kids so they can disarm better when they grow. Yeah, I think we need to have them look at Gabor and say, is there anything is there anything in the Bible vision is that good or right to violate got my merely saying anything about a job with a shopping honor and glory to the Lord. Multiply like every God could bring honor and glory to like but there job that can hurt or harm the testimony of the Lord orchid to cause you your child to get on top that would not be good Scripture lying there anything that is a biblical red flag that we need to get my gun on you and your work it out, that you know be careful of you yourself a flat. Be careful what you call friend you know we we did at first course or praying about it and become ill for our children. We need to be that sounding board for our kids. Even our adult children whenever making hard decisions like this year alone.

Three. My kids moved one baby and I went to the baby one is off the job.

Once started a new job and we got that family changes this year. Everyone of them come to to say mommy daddy how you found our problem. We tell their adults now bear thinking counsel. What do you see anything that would be buying a house or something I'm not paying because I you I know you're going to think that I'm not going to see and tell me exactly what I have to do think we do that in our adult life weekly contract because you talk to Becky what you think about this opportunity to get the bad is it good, but not now or is it bad, but go ahead and move forward and trust God. Don't think about the Bible. Is there any part of violate Scripture that is not in agreement with Scripture is God giving you the green light. Are you pushing down the door trying to open it because you think we want we want them will be whatever will be the door down leaking and after that what they think the way God works. God will open the doors back into them because it's not on the way back into it like what you are doing or sometimes it's just a crack and push the door open to gently gentle push seek counsel and then the Lord God affirm or deny this is that I'm going to make and I will continue to make that step forward unless going to tell I feel are the people that are in my circle.

My parents are my closest friends.

My file say I think you need to rethink that. I think this isn't going the way that we thought it was going to go and then at that point you make a decision. I think I think turn I think.

I think that back out or go a different direction sometimes is hard for us also swallow our pride will go in the wrong direction.

Realize that we need to make changes in your fellow values on the door for you to go in my life.

I have not listened to grab all the drag in that direction and advice you we hopefully have a relationship as parents with both our younger kids are pretty much inclined to listen to them when they become teams to really work on the relationship were they would process for advice and certainly once they're out on her own. I love how your family, your family is like a role model were your Nokia drawer all intertwined. Keep the doors of communication open. Even though they espouse a kids mail there still coming to you what you think about mentors Connie to do mentors play a role in discernment and all in our decision-making process in our laws and finally fell. I mean dad said that we are accountable to assure parent think why conflict could be a pastor that could be a mentor can be from any field.

Let's say you want to go into politics you want to go to politics that had done it well or you admire and respect the way they've done something you you get around personnel around the people that advised that person on the job decision like my son with engineering get around other engineers and them questions take them to lunch today. May I take you to lunch. I'm thinking about their pursuing that work. I've got this opportunity, but I do know your thoughts on it. Could we get together maybe a one time lunch or dinner situation or Chris. It could be an ongoing sure where that person will call on even if they are believers to be very sage advice so again God uses all of the people and ideas is human because it created for our relationship to lead and guide through words and ideas that other people might talk about the sermon is need for individual time creating a relationship like going conservative is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise fashion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network God would help Southern Baptist the gospel so that we might see revival in America in the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement in America has a strong Christian heritage don't know really important role God and the Bible is indicated. Dr. Deming, much of America's heritage up close and personal knowledge of all the government and the mental health kind of Republic knowledge, the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting joint is real. December 29 day trip and if you have or will you just I would invite you to join us. The cutoff date is coming up in just a few weeks, so if you want to learn more visit citizens for America America go to the events page and you'll see some of the things trip to DC in September, but I really want to encourage you to join us in Israel this December 2016 spent Christmas with your family before gift invite your family to come with us to Israel is to be a clunk one time where we can given God's word of the Bible teachers.

One of the main features going with Dr. Scott Coulter to be a great week so join us in Israel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus again you are more citizens of America Connie before we took a break talk about mentors and how to get advice and I thought about and I know you probably do this to look when I decided to get into the regular show business all of the business know much about it.

So you got from people like you and others who have already ventured into this way… Storms on a mutual friend of ours and others who pave the path to just color more about it and I was thinking about a young man. You know what I will say his name on the air but about a year ago there was a young man who he was not engagement he was engaged or married. But just making some major decisions in life and he picked about 12 people that he respected that.

I was very fortunate to be one of the people on his list that he just called each of us and said that it will close enough. What color what you said. I think that's the best way to take somebody lunch done that before you know where you go to lunch and in you just want warm from the person that you're with, but he set an appointment with me and we did is meeting and he just had questions in life because he had to make some big decisions about jobs in school and his future wife and those type of things and just wanted to come along from other people in his life and I've never really say about me. You mean like a set up of a lot of people lunch but he was very methodical and how you did it people.

It wasn't just one person he was asking but others that I was just a great discernment and decision-making process where he was following the biblical example of seeking the counsel of others.

We all can learn from.

I love that I mean global network we can really don't think that he grabbed Copy fire. Them and sit and chat call gives at least some eye contact the whole idea God well-being. This mystery impossible to discern. I don't agree with that.

We got to be busy about our business right right in front of knowing that he's leaving everything we make every step we take toward being being the person God made us to be with someone that glorifies them all that we say and do because we are human and we are standard and we don't always make the best or the widest efficient beauty walking with the Lord. You start off your walking you keep your children to start off and listening to the Lord and looking for friends of a friend that by making bad vision the way of restoring redeeming what was lawfully redeeming last time back if we get off track. If we make a bad trouble for children make abortifacient. Maybe it isn't the right job efficiently needs the right friend grip is a God that will bring back more difficult. Like you said were headstrong and handsome grabbed by the nape of her hair now. Going in the wrong direction. Get back here on not to be a brat or me because he loved and cared? Should we have a purpose on earth. It's not just burst out, going all the way back to can't, and then having discernment basically foundation of all discernment being discerning is is trusting the Lord that he has established our day that he has a plan and a perfect that he will bring people into our lives that will whisper truth that he got you people to help walk out the calling that he may think we have a crazy idea, and we need a maybe they are right that we start down the road craft and it's not where God wants and we are seeking hand. Even our kids that may not be fitting in our and God's word. Every morning they know God is still at work in your life, because we live.

We are spending in the text message. Thank I'm proud of you. I know you have a hard decision to make the site really hard for this job. Are you really have to young married The work at it or I know you're having a down day. Right now, but you're not going to stay there forever.

Little forget that God puts on our hearts, and other people type into their they can be little whispers from the Lord as long as we come back to what I said earlier we asked God for our instruction while we sleep when when all the clutter of the world is drafted. You guys can just speak into our heart and in the morning, we say God established my day don't let me take this wrong step in if I can help you quickly get back to I need to be that I can continue walking and authority of the calling party and we really do need to go to God everything that we do know that you are listening. We all have difficult decisions. Everyone of what they want.

You see, every one of us as trolls and trolled the life of which have decisions every single day, but we need to discern those from a godly perspective of a Christian perspective and ask God to guide our past bubble toes is like a light shine joke you walked in the door, stumbled fall. But if we shine the water of God all on our life if we followed that he will lead us in the way that we go Connie, thank you so much. You're just an inspiration to me every week.

I thank you for coming here today because we do have decisions every one of us and we need discernment and all that we do not just big things like usual spouse for school really little things every every single day. We need God's guidance and we thank you for giving us the direction folks again. If you want warm or you go Connie invite Connie to come speak at your church or if you have a homeschool group or some other group shows what a great leadership goodbyes education advice and of course wonderful parenting of ice and we thank you so much for checking her out again. Please go Connie thanks, I hope you and Tom have a great weekend.

Salmonella for this. This is the Truth Network

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