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Getting Our Kids Ready to Return to School

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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August 5, 2022 8:30 am

Getting Our Kids Ready to Return to School

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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August 5, 2022 8:30 am

It is Family Friday and Connie Albers talks about how parents and grandparents can get their kids ready for the new school year.

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Contact your local retailer for inventory information ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist first political and offer you is the founder and assuming for America foundation, Dr. Chris will phone you will probably do what will your life will grandbabies the movement I was bragging about what you with family members LOL you yeah yeah they're moving Brandon get a moving company I wanted. Are you my daughter all the Charleston weekend medical school and it won't be long before I moved to college in general you're talking recently about you go about school and college, I thought today you have a great idea.

So let's talk about Behringer facing right now is really ready for school and were still kind of in a funk over, lingered out there back or not.

Talk about masking and all that again so we got to get ready to go to get back and swing in your life going back to normal and getting her kids back to college so Connie might know more about kids and family life like every week we talked for about an ready to take notes and what can we do his parents and grandparents are your kids ready to go back to school loud yell entertainment my mind. We need to be praying Frank and Mimi Crane got a bracket we need to be praying for their safety and protection on the spiritual level on but more practically correct. We can't allow ourselves get busy with work or whatever project we have going on that we and don't have time to listen to what's going on and listening when they start coming home paying attention to what they say there is an action in preparing they go back to Frank this year. It is much then I went last year and different because our culture had pushed forward an agenda that allotted Americans. I would say the silent majority, patriotic, not that they don't want other parents you can teach your children what you want, but this and in our country but crickets in our classroom now and you need to be able to view the world and the primary season for the midterm elections and to be able to have mock conversations and everything is tenuous. Everything is like walking on egg shells, but Rex said specially in elementary age child understand that they don't know when to speak and when they're not the speaker new bully for this year in the classroom going to be our what their teacher gonna be like when they don't agree with what their teacher have to say things cricket at parent, grandparent, whether you have middle school elementary, high school, college, can we be having a lot of conversations with our kids about water kids are going through the marginal news. Just yesterday about how you use to focus on the same procedure shortly.

While great Christian teachers out there usually schools your mission field so please don't mystery is on track to get you the teachers union, severally take them out of the wall and what's going on in schools. The value of the federal government. I think of the bill for the local school boards and local classrooms than ever before. So there's a lot of crazy stuff being taught out there colonies were preparing our kids to go to school and and hopefully were having devotions with our kids at home with George and giving them of the background things.

I think this year more than ever before your say you cannot ever hold in school. So how do we pair our kids to be respectful.

I will respectfully disagree or whatever but I want teacher teaching things. It goes against our biblical values and principles. Your kids ready for what I'm running here, particularly rimming the transgender thing going in classrooms and in the sexuality stuck draw lower grades more than ever before to find and try to get our kids the thing to understand your you will be testing all the stuff you got a learned how to understand it might be against God's world and how do we interact with our teachers respectfully remember when I was back in the stone ages ago. I was shocked at the grade we were taught in biology, literally "gettable first-graders always and I'm not proud of this. You always talk occasional with some of my teachers know because you start with the milestones about Obama bumper about the and argued with my teacher but today teachers may not get our Christian foundation. So I we teach our kids to respectfully disagree.

The hard part is to be an understanding that we can agree to disagree, and we're expected for that college-age children I remember my daughter read her freshman 101 course she wrote at whole essay on the end-of-the-year essay on why she why she become cold and how how glad she was that she school and we can apply with that with her professor because she was not pouring, but she could. You know who I am and I'm going to share aside that may be has never been sure before. Will we pray that we talk about it. We look for some hot topic hot button word that we wanted to replace

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