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Rising Vocal Star Used Her Talents for Jesus

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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July 7, 2022 5:30 am

Rising Vocal Star Used Her Talents for Jesus

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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July 7, 2022 5:30 am

Conservative journalist and vocalist, Nicole Johnson, talks about how God has opened doors for her to use her voice to glorify God.

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Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. Hello, and welcome to Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. You ever wonder what it's like to be a famous singer? A special talent that you can use in your life to glorify Him.

Well, God has given all of us a special gift, and today my guest has got an incredible voice, and God's given her a gift of singing. Before we talk to her, I want to thank our sponsors, the Citizens for America Foundation, for sponsoring our show. If you want to join us, you can go to our website,, and click on the link at the end of this video. If you want to learn how to develop a biblical worldview, if you want to learn what the Bible says on issues in our culture, if you want to learn to be an apologist, someone that can defend your faith, understand what you believe and why you believe it, then I encourage you to visit

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I'd love to show you around the campus and take you to lunch. Well, a lot is going on right now. There's been so much going on in the world of politics and other things that we've been talking about for several days now. But a couple weeks ago, I was at an event in Houston, Texas with our great friends at Patriot Mobile. And by the way, they're not sponsors of the show, but I got to tell you, they are the Christian conservative phone company in the United States of America today. They put their money where their mouth is. They support strong Christian causes. They are dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have not switched to Patriot Mobile, I encourage you to visit and move your phone service to Patriot Mobile.

Christians should support other Christian businesses. But I went to a dinner sponsored by Patriot Mobile. And at the dinner, I love it when somebody has the national anthem and they had a young lady step on the stage that brought the house down as she sang the national anthem. She sang a couple other songs about the night. She also sang proud to be an American, I believe. And she put the author and writer of that to shame. She did such a great job singing the song.

And I love when people sing the national anthem and they don't try to destroy it or get all fancy with it. And Nicole Johnson, after she did such a great job, I had to go meet her. So I waited around until afterwards and everybody was telling her what a great job she did and got in line. And I wanted to meet this young lady who just has an incredible, incredible voice.

Y'all, I'm telling you, you need to take note today. And she's going to tell us how we can find out more about her and her music. But she's somebody that you're going to see in the future who loves the Lord and God is gifted with an incredible voice. Nicole Johnson, welcome to The Christian Perspective. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you. You're hyping me up.

Thank you. Well, I have this secret passion for great music. I am not a musician at all.

But I love music, Nicole, and I love people that can sing. And I guess, well, I haven't figured out what my talent is or what I'm going to be, I guess, when I grow up. I bet everybody's got some kind of talent from the Lord. But I got to tell you, if I had your talent, the world better look out. You were so gifted. And it shows when you sing. It's a natural gift. I tried playing the piano when I was a kid.

You know, if you practice enough, I guess, with anything, Nicole, you can get okay. I played the saxophone, but was never great at the saxophone. We lived in, and we're not here to talk about me, but I'll just show this one other thing. We lived in Hawaii for a while. And I met these people who own a company called Koa Loa Ukulele. And they're one of the premier ukulele companies in the world. And the founder is a Christian. It's a Christian company.

And they do a lot to support missionaries around the world. But a lot of people, when they look at a ukulele, think it's a kid's instrument. But somebody, and I'm not somebody who knows how to play it, by the way, but somebody who knows how to play it, it is a serious instrument.

So one of my hidden passions, and then I quit talking about me, is, so I'm going to give us a way somebody can steal my idea now. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, the northwestern North Carolina. I know you're in Texas. But bluegrass music is big where we live. And people might know a little bit about a ukulele, but there's all kinds. There's a banjo laylee that sounds like a banjo. There's one that sounds like a bass guitar. And there's tenor, and there's different sizes that have different instruments. So one of my secret things that I want to do, that is not going to be a secret anymore, is I want to have a ukulele bluegrass band where all the instruments are some version of ukulele and dress in overalls and travel the country and sing ukulele music. So I don't know why I'm sharing that. But I'd love to hear you sing some bluegrass music.

I was kicking myself a while ago thinking of before the show. I wish that we got some soundtracks and permission from you to play on the show. So we'll have to have you come back sometime.

Oh yeah, I would love that. Where you can sing. But anyway, so before we get into the music and all that, most of our listeners probably don't know who you are. So tell us a little bit about you and your life and how you got to where you are today. Okay, well cool. So my name is Nicole Johnson and I live in the DFW area in Texas.

I'm married to Frazier and we've been married for almost six years and that's crazy to say. I went to school at the University of North Texas for journalism and I currently am a freelance journalist as well and I do singing also. And yeah, and kind of like where I found myself has been actually really random. I've always sang. My mom said that I started talking when I was nine months old and that I started singing probably pretty soon after that. So I've been singing my whole life. I've been involved with choirs from elementary school all the way through college at UNT and then singing at church and helping lead worship.

And then the national anthem stuff has kind of been recent. I sent in like an audition tape to the Texas Rangers two years ago during the pandemic or right before it was like. Okay, so let me interrupt you for a second. For people that are from Texas, you're not talking about the Chuck Norris Cowboy Police Texas Rangers, you're talking about the baseball team. Yeah, the baseball team, yes. Okay, I'm sorry.

Yeah, you're good. And so I sent in a video of me singing on YouTube to the Texas Rangers baseball team or their promotion department. And they got back to me and were like, we'd love for you to sing and I was set to do it in April 2020. And then, of course, the whole world shut down.

So that kind of got canceled. But then it got picked back up and I sang for the first time there last year in April 2021. And then from there, I've just been singing it at so many places, which I like laughs because I just think it's funny that I just like solely right now have been singing the national anthem. But it's also been such a cool gift from God just to meet a ton of people at these things. And because I love my country so much, it just is an honor and a privilege to sing that song.

So yeah, that's kind of like where how all this happened and where I am now. When you try out for, you know, like a baseball team like that, you send an audition tape. Is that a paid gig? Is it a one time thing? How does that work with the baseball team?

So for with the Texas Rangers, it's not paid, but you do get like free tickets to go to the game. That's kind of fun. And then they have asked me to come back probably like four or five more times since then. So that's been kind of fun and to like get to know them. And it was also just kind of like an honor to know it's like, OK, like they like me coming back. So I know that I'm doing something right. And they just said that I I do it well and I sing it like I don't add anything to it. So they love having me there.

And so I was like, oh, I love that. Yeah, that's something I noticed when you sang at the event where we were together in Houston is people in the audience were singing with you. But some of these singers try all this high fancy stuff.

And, you know, regular smoke like me can't do all that. So that's what I really appreciated is you kept it where the audience can sing with you. So like when the Texas Rangers and I don't know, it might have changed now with all the take the knee business. But like, are you on national TV? Do they show you on TV and all that when they have you sing?

Yes. So sometimes they will. And I'll also sing God bless America during the seventh inning stretch at those. And they for sure that's always televised. So that's kind of cool.

And then I try not to think about it because I'm like, how many hundreds of thousands of people are watching this right now? Well, that's incredible. And God open that opportunity for you. I wish I'd met you just a month before. We just had a big event in Memphis on April 30th called the Culture Engagement Summit. And they had like Mark Meadows, who was the chief of staff to President Trump and Senator Jim DeMint who spoke at your event.

And Senator Marshall Blackburn and Rick Scott and a bunch of other folks at that event. And so next time we have an event, we have to see if we can pull you away from Texas. So Nicole, I just want to ask you permission here.

I'm going to put you on the spot. And if you don't want to do it, I certainly understand. But I know that you're a believer and you mentioned how you sing in church. One of the things I love to do, Nicole, is have our guests share how they came to know Jesus. Would you mind sharing your testimony of how you got saved? Yeah. Yeah, of course.

OK. So I actually came to know Jesus when I was nine years old. So I was doing a Bible study with my mom. And I remember we were learning about heaven and hell and just how all of that is. And I was just like, Mom, how can I spend forever in eternity with Jesus?

How like how can I do that? And it was she just was like, oh, what? And told me that you just accept Jesus as your savior, that he died, rose again and he's coming again. And so I know that a lot of people are always like, oh, did you really accept Jesus when you're little? But I specifically remember I don't remember the exact date, but I remember asking him to be my savior. And just even as a nine year old, like a weight being lifted off of my chest. And I'm going to cry just because it's just so beautiful that even as a child, he lifts that weight off of you and that you're a child forever.

So, yeah. So I became a Christian when I was nine. What a what a powerful testimony, Nicole. And, you know, my mom led me to the Lord as well. And I'm so thankful for parents who who share Jesus with their kids and and raise them up.

And don't ever be afraid. Listeners, look, you know, I know sometimes people make an emotional decision at camp, but a lot of people get saved as children. You know, I was young, my both of my children were young. Dr. James Dobson. I don't know if you've had the pleasure of meeting him. He was focused on the family for many years and just a powerful Christian leader in the country. Dr. Dobson was three years old, Nicole, when he got saved. And so I don't don't let anyone ever criticize you for a young age and certain.
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