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Is Your Local School Board being Cultivated by Liberals?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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July 4, 2022 5:30 am

Is Your Local School Board being Cultivated by Liberals?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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July 4, 2022 5:30 am

Leigh Wambsganss of Patriot Mobile Action joins Chris Hughes to talk about how a phone company is putting Jesus first and impacting the culture for Jesus.

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Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist first political and author is the founder and assuming America foundation, Dr. Chris Moore that welcome your God every day talking about the need to become educated on the issue. The need to develop a biblical worldview so you can take that worldview into the arena of public policy and politics all the time.

The people been working to educate dry Christians to engage. I think people get involved that very few companies have ever accepted the challenge in taking up the mail, by the way to get Bill a little under the weather that I am sorry but was meant that we got important show your call.

Your friend told them to listen and when it relates to the podcast later today after the radio broadcast to download this and share this show with your friends on social media yet.

I have a great business partner generous Joe's in my opinion are the best coffee cup you the world there were those companies they get it they are the coffee company with a Christian perspective, but just a few months ago while I was in a bit in Florida.

I met some people from another incredible company and this company also practices what they preach. I never heard of before.

I'm embarrassed to say that that company is patriot mobile mobile to Christian and conservative cellular phone company.

Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless service provider that's right. They are the only one they provide a broad coverage and they have I got a firsthand knowledge.

Another got a very dependable nation wide. It should be 4G and 5G LTE network. There committed to providing their members dependable wireless service also know from first-hand experience, they have exceptional support. But you know what else they are relentless in fighting for sharing their values and their love for Jesus Christ with everybody to come in contact with patriot mobile donates a portion of every single dollar. They are support organizations that fight for first minute religious freedom, freedom of speech. I love that. They also take a stand like we do, your Christian perspective on the Second Amendment the right to bear arms. They take a very vocal stance on the sanctity of life and the needs of our veterans. The first responders. I can believe that they were the real deal. We also got me not hard what they settle you. A lot of people your commercial John Doe tell you things, but you don't always have to believe it.

So I checked them out when I met with the elders are present at the lead story, I got to meet several members of the top leadership team that also talk to people at lower levels to I want to tell you that patriot mobile is the real deal.

They love Jesus. They take a stand. Conservative Christian values in our culture and in a culture that hides from the truth is not easy being a business that takes a stand for Jesus today but patriot mobile does it not only that, check out the blaze, but I wanted to find out if their phone services were any good wax ophthalmologic unit that we need to get service website with patriot mobile. Now I give a disclaimer your stay in Oak Ridge. They tell you to do that know they don't patriot mobile is not a sponsor.

My radio support so that I do support them.

This is one of those cases were divided have to pay me to make me want to go use them.

This company is incredible. I ordered a phone from them.

I didn't cut in just one switch. I wanted to see what would be like if somebody bought a phone from them online because I don't have retail location accosted across the country. So I went online to order the phone. I activated the phone to God. I am not a tech person that all matter fact, every experience I've ever had normal name any big company to start with a B that we had service with before, but it was a nightmare. This was the most painless experience in all the years we've ever had in signing up her phone that's all want to tell you what I signed up patriot mobile. It was painless. It was user-friendly and their customer service was incredible, but again they are not paying me a penny divided this company is an incredible company and I love them. I would encourage you to visit patriot today is patriot today and switch your service. It's time for Christians, you know, the liberal will support a conservative Christian company, the Christians or go to Disney World even though they support transsexual. They do all these other crazy thing is time for us to quit supporting liberal phone companies you need to go to patriot today and sign up to get their phone service and incredible company and they proudly proclaimed their love for Jesus Christ will patriot mobile action is a newly formed separate entity conservative impact in their already make a huge difference in local elections. They recently endorsed Lebanon school board candidates. And guess what they want all 11 races and they want because of the latest like yesterday but yesterday the one who led the challenge. He is the brains about his operation guilty for saying that, but Lee wound down to the vice president of government, public affairs, a patriot mobile. She also serves as the Executive Director of the separate entity called patriot mobile action, a new political action committee for my patriot mobile Lee I am so excited to have you on the show. Welcome to the Christian perspective, a mass transit for letting you as well. You talk about the real deal and we have been honored and blessed be at the Fenton time with Gail and then a couple of events and I get to know you and your heart, and VMware were outgoing in the same direction and armor all just basically trying to serve God in a patriot mobile company and a for-profit company that we can apportion every dollar earned. Today's four pillars of ours and we basically my money were not bad on shadow. When we run across like-minded people we want to build relationships were all about building relationships that are company while we are committed to providing exceptional service on the same networks as an big providers and we also value relationship and said hello. Today is a very very important to our company mission-based company. No while again we are technically legally a for-profit company. Our mission is dedicated to God in Jesus Christ is at the home of our company and I invite all of your listeners every Tuesday at noon central time or as we say Texas time on we broadcast our live on Tuesday noon, Bible study, and we are so blessed to have Pastor Raquel Cruz lead in that Bible study every Tuesday and I have to do is get it on her Facebook disco patient with Facebook page and it lifestream diving and able and will bless you on every Tuesday and we have to leave them if you want to go out billing and listen to previous studies we all crammed in the conference room.

Emily weekly spill out into the hall and our employees are their we have had in place except Christ as their personal savior is resultant that it's a blessing to come to work and now you can have a Bible study on your lunch break. That's pretty cool.

Well that is cool you. Not many companies do that, directly or inexplicably like yours make available Facebook so will sure that again throughout the show but every Tuesday at noon central time liberties that the doctor not build leaders from Texas all their all their overall growth through lay before we start talking more about patriot mobile will really begin to what you're doing elections in Texas and probably eventually across the country, but you should letter our our listener get to know you a little bit goes a little bit about you and then you can sure about how you came to patriot mobile sure well and I started my career hundred years ago. Ashley broadcast tonight and pretty soon a company in Colorado and my feet with politics and I just fell in love with it.

I fell in love with the passion and the difference you can make and in politics channel on my left.

Then he went to work for politics and while I advancing congressional races work for the hundred and fourth Congress, the Republican revolution back when Newt Gingrich was the speaker and Republican would have been less interested in reaching across the aisle and more interested in fulfilling the promise is anything other than back and then our country would be in a much better position today and I think that what we witnessed recently with the national politics. If the Democrats don't play but then Republicans get into power and they are afraid to do what they said that politics is a passion of mine to even when I went to work in the private sector and I have I owned my own business for 20 years before coming to work a patriot level.

I've always gone for five elections in my volunteer time every year as an executive committee member with my County party and very active and know that I say how I met Glenn and Jenny.

We did Avril thence together and supported the same candidates and its reign in the same circles and then when when and Catholic families group formed, which was the first great that thought is critical race theory. Jenny served on the executive committee for net political action committee in July we had known each other and on events together for the same candidate year being a conference ran multiple times every week working shoulder to shoulder. We really got to know each other, not really, really well and just developed a deep true friendship brothers and sisters in Christ. You know the real deal and just had a mutual admiration for each other and talk to me for six years not coming to patriot mobile and I keep telling them I'm too proud of never to work for anyone else on my own bath and nail company and that spring break.

I was sitting in Hawaii on watching the ocean and Glenn called counting place that you know we gotta get you here like you have any thinly you're supposed to come to work for patriot mobile any differently and it was really struck me that you're supposed to come to patriot mobile and I felt the Holy Spirit and I hesitantly need to stop and you need to listen and on long story short, I think you're full time in September and exactly where I know I'm supposed to be both on the corporate side and flashing inside us. We can talk about a little differently. It's pretty special in life when you just submit your pride in being your own business owner. By the way, I'm now an investor patriot mobile inheritance impressed with it. You know exactly where God has placed you and I have a lot of peace drive me to work long hours. It can just get back how I got here. That's my story and I meant blessing you is that wonderful weakness of the word God called us and we do what is called us to do to be a company, your love people have after you work your cursor company goes or distort that many Christian companies that have the courage of ministers incredible to stay in the patriot mobile takes. If you visit the website patriot They clearly say that Jesus Christ is the company and its incredible wee while ago you mentioned will pillar what did you mean by that, and what are the four pillars of patriot mobile for specific pillars. We supported Nesta the first and second license according to military and first responders, and now, or maybe the next segment running short on time, but I'd like to go into detail of the ways that will support all of you this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about locking the fixed fee to Siebel come to life this December actually nationally for radio and found a foundation to create a life change. It's one of the world politics and most fascinating travel from all over the world thousand different disciplines. Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic limits you fight like the Wailing Wall don't flock with Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's own hand to place our Savior's birth. Jewish porches see firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel on like new America and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating their relationship range sharing is like enjoy the American Declaration of Independence was approved this day July 4, 1776. John Hancock said the price on my head is just double. Benjamin Franklin signed saying we must hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately.

Of the 56 signers 17 lost their fortunes 12 had their homes destroyed nine fought and died five were arrested as traders and to lost sons in the war.

Samuel Adams signed.

He said we have this day restored the sovereign to all men want to be raised in heaven, and from the rising to the setting of the sun with his kingdom come, mobile so we won't go with us today. We mobile shoot Executive Director really do political action committee that they haven't loosely show every day.

You know we talk about just about every day. The importance of being engaged in the political arena, public policy and even though this is an election year were a lot of people thought about what The United States Congress. Later all important. I personally believe that probably the most important political position in any area is a school board because the local school board your area for Christians to make a difference.

You need to elect people schoolwork, churches and Christians would turn out the vote in their own communities. We can make a huge impact if we could change the curriculum is just the bill that is being taught in our public school systems across the country. It is a disgrace when you look and see the sexual perversion is now being taught even kindergarten first grade. Yet even a second grade. Our children are being taught mutual masturbation then show today, but we've got to make a difference in our school board and I'm so thankful patriot mobile patriot mobile action for their willingness to get involved and take a stand label for the break will you just started. Imagine your four pillars and you with patriot mobile and post again if you have not which you need to guess which day the patriot and bacon is very easy process. Switch your phone service to patriot mobile. Have a great team will help you your recently formed a political action committee. You have a lot of great things that you don't mind a lot of people I meet with you and are jockeys we live and breathe all that we know what political action videos, but if you don't mind can you explain everybody what a political act. Videos why y'all did that what the differences between patriot mobile action and patriot mobile phone company excellently said they are to write entities two separate companies.

If you will need intentional action is a nonprofit organization where registered both in Texas and federally so that we can get involved in in all level of government and our lawyers want to always make it very clear that it is a separate entity and it is a separate role for me on several formed this patient will action simply because we saw a need on Glenn and Jenny and I worked together on the on the family fact, we saw a need for other school districts that were struggling with not having any expertise not having any help. Not even able to afford to do campaign mailers to to fight the lies going out by the last and and again putting our money where our mouth is decided to form a criminal action. It is a political action committee.

We we advocate on behalf of of Canada that we research and recognize and identify we should support and then candidates have to have shared values Christian conservative value day they have to appreciate the sanctity of life. They have to respect the Second Amendment to be willing to defend it and to respect our first responders and a lot of people say oh well were talking about Congress were talking about the red wave. In November we care about local we want to win national baloney type Joe Biden in 1970 was elected by a few thousand votes to the New Castle County Council in Delaware that launched his political career.

Two years later he was in the U.S. Senate and the rest of the stories were sadly living through today. My current Congresswoman who I door Congresswoman Beth and I started counseling and with the mayor. My previous congressperson Congressman Kenny Marchant started counseling with the mayor. My current state Sen. John school board school board and city Council is the launching pad for higher office. If the farm team and unlocked newness for years and left has been cultivating these local races for many many years. In any if you think they have enduring money to this.

Let me tell you something. We've lived at least 1/2. We recently traced over $680,000 straight from Michael Bloomberg local eye at the races in North Texas as well as the state Board of Education. They've been doing this for years and 800 grounding we haven't and at patient will action we decided to change that and to step in and wait it we were to be as we were forming this one of our we were having a conversation you know when we get it back to Raquel Chris that you know you're only attached when you're doing the right thing the enemy only raises up against you when you're when you're fighting evil is absolutely true and the other response that is not doing this because that's what patriot do you know what what an incredible multi-so did you just inform the school requires a committee this year. Yes it just form in January and you know it takes a while to go legal in all and in everything together.

We really didn't launch until about March and became very active as we identified for IFE races in Tarrant County, never starting in Tarrant County, Texas.

That's where were headquartered. Explain the importance Tarrant County to the nation. Tarrant County is critical to keeping Texas right it's one of the three major counties in the state, and it is to give you all how important is the number one targeted County by Democrats that we are literally fighting for now email truck lost Tarrant County by 2400 boat and in 2020, and where we are working to change that a lot of people for a lot of years in Tarrant County intercounty didn't they took for granted that we were bad.

They took for granted that we were conservative Republican. They just didn't vote to leave in motivating people to get out about two weeks we instilled a sense of urgency in them that they can no longer fit on the couch and that this is nothing that anyone can take for granted, and there really is an unprecedented sense of urgency and stating Tarrant County and saving Texas and we started with the school board races and we immediately shifted to the November election talk about is school board races. If you don't mind we ask, we targeted for ISD 11 candidate we defeated just for the people who view remote involved in politics when you say I is the commute. When would you be there absolutely independent school district leaders raised targeted the it just in this area from the beginning was Turkey's right right and it's really about money and resources in and that the highest priority being attacked apparently can't take Texas. Texas will never have another Republican president again Texas is critical to the nation.

The way we view those and you live there of the liberal really up targeted you know all study areas will become global.

A lot of people are moving from California to New York to Texas, and the problem is the regular liberal values with them when they come Texas as you say is key.

We've got to my day. The way we do that is the strategy that you developed is to secure these local schools were raised, so it was a youth you targeted the school district. Dorian Rocha tells more about really important point. I like it because it is true that we have a lot of folks knitting into Texas because of our great business practices, low taxes, and conservative value on the problem is a lot another brain companies that bring their employees are bringing liberal employees with their liberal voting habit. Another thing that I think Chris I have a ton of new volunteers who moved here from other states and mainly California sadly I have picked up my life at great financial cost moved to Texas for freedom and I am not and let them do that here.

People hundred houses for me. People show up. Did you get out the vote exiting parties tell him he highly fellow Californian conservative Californians that we call them refugees that have escaped California come to Texas and they are working side-by-side with that that didn't want to piggyback on that we do have a lot of people moving here, but we also had a lot of conservative people meeting you there willing to stand with that and protect our state.

Now back to the school board races on what we just did is really an unprecedented Lee Allie targeted 11 candidate and for school board school districts. The Mansfield district that sound like Carol District a great find Colleyville district and the collar district and for your national listeners.

That is, all North Texas. All of this districts are mainly into Tarrant County.

The overview the 40,000 result of that is we defeated three liberal incumbent. We retained to conservative incumbent and we won six open state that that's really a growth of the group or brag just getting started with 100% of your races. How did you pick it up. I don't want to get leads for your theater, but I'm just thrilled started to learn how you did this you needed to have victories coming out of the gate. You need to be selected with the candidate that you picked how did you pick the candidate. Did you have trouble job of working under derisive IQ over the years and sometimes it's very difficult to get candidates to listen to you when you trust your advise. How did you pick your candidates and then you what involvement did you have of those races while our pack is a special path because we have to do work on behalf of candidate we can coordinate directly with candidates and we did a lot of that we have been watchdogs for issues and those happening in school board boards across North Texas for a while we file on a research item lady on my team that is a mastermind check send a degree in legal research and tons of public information request watch tons of videos at school board meetings to see how people vote and unidentified candidate that needed to in the incumbent that needed to go and we also felt it was very important to see that there was already on a grassroots movement on the ground and in the scripts so people already getting information out and and and people willing to work so really targeting really high profile will board that had been in the news. For example, Mansell had recently had a shooting, and the previous administration really was very lackluster on discipline and pro social emotional learning, and that is not what the students say in counselor. They recently made national news because that is where we found a horrifically pornographic material.

A great find. Colleyville has had woke leadership for very long time and our neighbors that we were acutely aware of that. Like is where the majority of our of our executive live and we were we were were actually passionate about the sound like Carol District that how we chose this book, we had more money we could do a lot more. You know that at some point you what you can with what you have only slightly maximize the resources everybody mild story. Those daily moments in Chile that make you smile especially when your child three-year-old. Her smile is as arthritis or future, but there's something you would know she was born with a cleft lip, which can make it hard to eat here and even bring and she spotted from the loan baby is born with a clamp every three minutes.

This hurdle Seen a friend living hurtful smiles doing things really cemented smile train since 1999 smile train has helped millions of children like Zina Pinedale forever. Smile. By empowering medical provisionals around the world to provide care in their own communities no cost to family smile train is working tirelessly to get the opportunity to live there all smiles doing. You can help canceling Zina smile train/learn this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forgive you for causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise passionate prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement.

We will leave that he so much talking about what you're doing a patriot mobile is encouraging to see a person company. Finally, you are not many of them that are stepping up and saying we can do something different in this liberal culture today and partially my passion is for school board races snowflake will be Joe chose to start with school board races.

First, you were talking before the break, about curriculum, but I don't know how much all I can look at this again would encourage you to Google, and sexuality education will you is terrible, terrible program of Pres. Biden's administration is invested.

There were hundred $20 million this year alone to this will mean it really is a radical sexual transformation. Brainwashing kids really an early age in our country's terribleness. While the school board races are so important because local school boards care have the determination of what curriculum is taught in our schools. What schools are in their own choosing what books are original libraries in it so important frustrates me when we see you seamlessly all across the country.

People want to get involved in fleshy care binds all your volunteer program or a worker for this you can buy your brush again faith.

Those are important, but ladies and gentlemen, the school board candidates.

Those people go to your church as their kids go to your school's are playing your part. Your playground there. The people you should know these are races that you can easily engage in and make a big difference in Lisette of the first couple segment you know that the levels of done a great job of engaging in these local what she called form seems almost you know because they're developing candidates are present.

Biden started out all local level. I live in Northwestern North Carolina Mark Congresswoman Virginia Fox you probably report most powerful member of Congress right now.

She started will use it as a school board member so it is important not only for the training ground for future candidates, but also for the policies and were sitting right there were school board across the country trying to shut parents tell the parents travel voice did some of the stuff that happened in Virginia, your couple years ago encourage all to get involved in school board. What was it you were looking good. You could have gotten involved in anything you is that merit raises legislative wattage of the school board telling him not background, especially working for Congress in this area nationally focused and prior to coming to work at patriot mobile and it was really volunteer job. I didn't and I did that with Glenn Jenny story there. Volunteer job. We we worked on the hat because it was in that it was before Loudoun County on the paralyzed, he released a plan the summer of 2020, the cultural competence action plan was just terrible. It targeted students or micro-aggression that defined as an everyday verbal or nonverbal their insults, whether intentional or unintentional second-grader walking down the hall and some of his hide him and he he is thinking about something else you know dear pod that whatever they're called in areas and rolled his eyes or something that could have been counted as a micro-aggression.

If one student with one color and another student was another color can be documented with no due process and its permanent record in this plan wanted it to go in the permanent record and the advocates of this plan and people who are pushing this plan that we wanted also reported to potential colleges that we wanted quarter to potential employers talk about the ultimate cancel culture of children.

This plan also required diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum as a requirement for graduation included LGBT Q reviews for for every club which was by the way their Supreme Court case law a decision against that because that it infringed upon their religious liberty of people.

This plan created at wanted to spend millions of dollars to hire direct care director of equity and inclusion oversee the implementation of this land is created by annual surveys to determine if people were woken up to call people either proctors are being oppressed due to the amount of melanin in their skin I have for many years trying to get people involved in local elections and no one ever but when Nick claimed he now I simply published it with my own money. There was no Paquette. I simply got a Gotti Delaney page and then anything or do any political simply published it and I targeted parents in the Southlake Carroll school district and now probably is just several thousand dollars and put it on digital marketing and I thought if I get maybe 300 people to sign a petition and maybe 20 or 30 show up at the school meeting and speak against this.

It would be a huge victory. 1148 hrs. I had 3000 signatures from parents in my school district.

It was it. It was a watershed moment and we immediately formed a political action committee and Glenn and Jenny story for the founders patriot mobile came in and served on my volunteer committee and this was all volunteer and it was the movement we won that election we supported to score candidates interested candidates. We won the election by 7030 margin and literally the next bad Colette my email to the invalid Southlake and I had a couple thousand requests from across the country.

I helped counseled people from Las Vegas. I was on a conference call with Loudoun County to help train men something that's really great that's happening across the country is that parents are showing up.

Parents are waking up and it is this Silverlining of COBIT that parents got to see the trash that their kids were being said in public school is great there showing up eking out learning to have their voice heard.

The problem with that is if that is all you are doing you are going to be speaking and never making any difference. So I want to encourage everyone to keep the main thing the main thing is that it with the school board you have to create your army. You have to get the messages out because people even good parents.

They come I don't want to know that critical race theory is in their school because they don't want to have to stop their comfortable lives and get involved and try to make change and that is exactly what you're seeing now the parents are starting to do that and help started so I kind of like the critical race theory before being against critical race theory was cool when I started this when I got to see. I didn't even I had never heard the words critical race theory I had to research it and see what it actually was how all of this sort of launch and got started again. God places, things that are passed for reason we were attacked nationally. NBC was ruthless. If I would ever have the time. And and document all of the lies they told about me. I could probably have a huge case against that that my motto is your best revenge is to win and to make a difference and to follow God and God is telling me to work stating the school on an eight another point in that is that INA parents of private Christian school students I've had my kids in private Christian school for 10 years and the people said what are you doing this in public school. Well, when you look at NT for marching in the streets and you wonder how many American young Americans can hate this country so that it is because mission conservatives by and large, not all by and large have abandoned the public school system because they are there homeschooling the kids in private Christian school and they feel like they don't have a responsibility. It is a civic responsibility.

Whether your kids are in public school are not fight for those kids in public school and here's one of the many reasons to want to take away the moral and godly reason on it. The majority of the people of the population that our homeschool in private Christian school kids are going to be doing life with and it also is the majority of voters were going to say this country we have got to be invested and involved in saving public school. Whether your kids are in them are not ready retired with your kids or an alternative education. We cannot abandon public schools anymore because when we walk out who walks in evil woke indoctrination sexualization of children is horrific. The critical race theory and be saying one person is better than another, due to the amount of pigment in their skin is hugely racist and immoral non-American the practices of equity instead of a quality are usually racist and immoral and we have got to fight against that she not even want to put critical race theory in math and the reason for that left want to destroy truth because what is God.

God is truth and if they can try to destroy truth for life. They can destroy God.

God's truth in every element of education God created order to this universe. God and God is not client history. Goddess science there is no topic that Christian should shy away from any in any education God is a God of order and Satan is a demon of chaos and the left is trying to create chaos in the mind of these young children from their sexuality to their race to every element of education and godly Christian people have a responsibility we all need to dive back in and we need to say these public school board and powerful state with recruitment and still people of your listings you disclose the name teacher organization or individual social graphics cards. In a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a set of financial problems. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary real quick leaders to think for me biblical worldview online for all our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forgive you for causes you care about the time creating a family mother 39 year relationship I'd like to invite you race series is like enjoy the frog in a pot of boiling water. Jump right out the frog in the plot frog little fool for ocean old stories rings true to endure life job expected shop around ocean retreat no use drawing, which were not afraid of hard work to our knowledge before if you need support the child find resources and go/reach.go/reach by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in the junction yesterday look like medical mobile action.

We always think about you talking before the break you were talking about how dear you look really good with your community, your community started their that reminded me of one of the judges in the Old Testament God is wise to put all and up asking for the month was almost like with merely three principles.

Example really applaud all about prescription.

Start where you are you so you recruit mobile golf ball in the local communities and was smart enough to sleep. This friend was a great political, namely that he called you a lovely, almost like a vacation but got out of the plant. What you can do it all started their tour County taxes. Is this just the county action plan recruit mobile action. At some point across the nation.

What's next, we actually plan that on our first R 24 elections in Texas. Much of our municipal elections are in Maine and we have the general elections in November. Dale, this is just the first at the second. These elections were overly already did our focus to November and while we're starting in Tarrant County simply because that's all the money we have and what we do, the less I We really need to donation the plan for 2022 is to say, Tarrant County, Texas 2023 is to expand to other counties in Texas and start on investigating what state we can make the most impact in and ultimately we plan to be in every state in the nation that we are on our company is a national company and we want this separate entity and the political action HEB and national political action committee that is elongating that the plan you all the people you right now even five dollars and mobile mobile small donation helps you know somebody in your area mobile raise money they need your help to raise money in these races you talk to all a little while ago but critical race theory and in the back will also talk about some of sexually explicit material to the school district. Apparently sling the bridge across the country and I'm wondering critical race theory much more you talk everyday about this document libraries and schools. The multiple local school. How can parents found out what materials will be talking a local school to that question of the day we we really advocate for parents involvement in several ways. In a lot of parents discover this overcoat lead I schools online.

There's a lot of ways this is initial district. If you call your school district or if you email your soldier section say I want you to tell is critical race theory in my school, Arcadia public information request at this place any other critical race theory correct when you have your answer is going to be. We don't have dowel what you need to understand is, is there several ways that it is in your district is through social emotional learning, they hide it through what they call. Additionally, mental health program on date when we we had situations where kids have spoken to their teachers thinking that that they are bisexual, mainly because the curriculum to being fed. The teachers have been specifically told by administrators do not share that with the parent path.

It takes time.

There's no easy bullet school districts for many, many districts without across the country. It's right there on your website. If your school district has a director of equity and inclusion or director of diversity, equity inclusion, it is in your district because that is the start of where the curriculum comes in there several other places where conmen in the library finding a lot of the problems that people want to talk about the burners and all that new furnace and tell you there's a lot of classics that liberals want taking out that we want to keep in what the left at dawn when they realize they're losing with this critical race theory very real issue happening in America is there national speaking points have become both burners. Let me tell you we do need to pay attention to the books the things that we have seen our horrific full out fully sexually graphic elementary kids and and there's a couple of movies that your parent can watch that.

I highly recommend patriot mobile as a company does educational programs and we showed committee mine polluters and we showed committee whose children are they to packed houses in Grapevine Texas Barry educational highly recommend. I highly recommend Bonnie Buchan book on critical race theory called fault line. Barry educational. It debunks every BLM talking point. There is, by the way, he's a black pastor, but something to look for that parent might not expect your parents need to volunteer for these book fairs because these companies Scholastic and the like very inappropriate books and I'm not talking about jutting out borderline gray area terrible books. That's how somebody spoke make it in. Additionally, when books are donated to the library library and take them and don't think there's a lot of public information request for Sunday terrible books. We even were able to see which librarian or which school employee signed up and then to purposely get tenant and that's also really really good way to track them on. If you if you look at that history issues in America if you got the 1519 project. People involved in your district. You have ERP are teaching anti-American history untrue history. In 1776 project that Trump helped launch and by the way that 1776.

Project is still living teaches the truth of our American founding in every subject it everywhere. You have to read the books your kids are reading and no it's not. And now we don't have time to do it to do it again to repopulate to read what the reading look at what they're looking regularly for they see them if you call good parenting.

All altered forms a long moment on long scared people you grew up in a small popping up across the country's books are parents would know what to look for the library original resort.

Find out if would be used in the local school last books that were put out by one of our reps not crowd that is just fabulous idea. I'll post that for you and I will I will let you know when that's a great way to look for things to look for this list of books on health, like to tell you prepare your people for the attacks of the left when they come up against the stuff I'll tell you when we started fighting the stuff one of our main volunteers.

Her 14-year-old son got a tweet tweet at Ed a message on social media. That said, I can't wait to watch her face as I put my 7 inch blade into my throat. I had people die by my house with bullhorn screening my children's name.

Multiple social media profiles were set up many of our businesses were physically entered an earthly receptionist bring that lady to tell US parents don't be afraid of this notice is going to happen. I have a rule of my girlfriend you can cry want your warrior with me, you can cry want and then and he put it to Jeff and we move on because it parent don't hike this not being willing to be prosecuted, persecuted for it are kid not to be able to either we do this by relating the circuit we have got to stand up in the face of all of this leftist attack leftist media and and just keep going. One of the things we did that was really successful and emailed that person database where the school board meeting was where the public information portion was on the agenda didn't even know the difference between our city government in our school district government basics like that if you can help that help get out the word that is usually important organizing interviewing your candidate. And yes, when you when you're talking to schoolwork candidate is completely necessary to talk about issues. The left says is an important the local level I have for 34 years every local candidate where you stand on the second amendment where you stand on my own….Because many countries let me. The family planning and or their health and science and sexuality training. Yes, it does sound like Texas several years ago, our school administration allowed a student walkout or gun control.

All of those issues are very important, especially in the Live Meeting SROs in all of the school this that this the Movement who was trying to get the CRT implemented Intel by Carol they have in their one of the activism of the sort of sidebar activist group literally put in a document they want to get rid of all full resource officers immediately disarmed them into their contracts are up to all these issues really matter at the local level level, not only because of the function for higher office that these issues are in the local level, we can talk more about how we can engage in. We will reading what they can do in the coming months we will hope you all say this. The patriot mobile is very " to barriers which are phone service or more school mobile arch of that, when we get a list of the bookshelf. I'll be so sure that you don't feel at this will be released later today on our guest will be aptly sure this is replies, all in the country. Despaired up and engage at least.

Thank you so much.

We can publish you guys in their book Tuesday at Central Paul Mosley said you could blow the bakery mobile all drop your clues, your greatness of the Bible study person perspective. Learn more about this since for America This is the Truth Network

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