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Do We Need Gun Control in America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
The Truth Network Radio
June 15, 2022 5:30 am

Do We Need Gun Control in America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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June 15, 2022 5:30 am

Rep. Mike Hill and Chris Hughes talk about recent mass shootings and the left’s move to control gun ownership in America.

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Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Our next guest is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes. Hello and welcome to Truth in Perspective.

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And today we're going to be talking with Mike Hill, who you've heard on the show several times before, and we're going to be talking about the issue of gun control and mass shootings across the country. But before we jump into that, I just want to thank the Citizens for America Foundation for sponsoring our show. If you want to learn more about how you can engage the culture, learn about the Christian heritage of our nation, learn about how you can develop a biblical worldview, I encourage you to visit

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Many of the buildings in Washington, D.C. were dedicated to Jesus. I hope you'll join us for four days as we tour D.C. and learn about our founding fathers, our nation's capital, and how we began as a nation. We'll take another trip in September if you want to join us then. And then we've got a trip coming up. We're going to Israel on December 26 for ten days. If you want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, I want to tell you that is a life-changing journey.

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You can do it right there from the comfort of your own home because they have a great online program. Well, my guest today is no stranger to our radio program. Mike Hill is on with it quite a bit because he's an expert on so many great topics. Mike is a former state representative in the state of Florida. He is a strong Christian conservative and has introduced a lot of legislation to not only defend the lives of the unborn, but to take a stand on strong Christian and biblical values while serving in the legislature in the state of Florida.

He's a businessman and he is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and just a great friend. And we love having Mike on the show. Mike, thanks for being with us today on The Christian Perspective. Chris, thank you so much for having me.

It's always a pleasure to be on the show. Have you been to see the new Top Gun movie yet? No, Chris, I have not gone to see the Top Gun movie.

In fact, I didn't see the first one. And my son looked at me kind of incredulous when I told him that. He said, why? I said, because there are Navy pukes who are flying.

I'm from the Air Force. Well, see, I was going to try to get your Air Force Academy graduate professional perspective on what you thought about that movie. I didn't see it, so I don't know. But I hear it's a great movie.

I'm seeing nothing but RAV reviews everywhere. Well, I think that's funny that you say. I did go to see it. And it was, I guess, the largest turnout for a movie ever on Memorial Day weekend. I think someone counted.

I mean, I don't like cussing in any situation, but I think someone counted, by today's standards, I think they counted four first words, again, which is not acceptable, but I'm glad there wasn't more. But I tell you one thing I liked about the movie, Mike, and I know that you love our country, and I know that you're picking on the Navy guys, that they all fight on the same team when it comes down to it. But one thing that I liked about the movie, Mike, is there is a patriotic feeling. So many movies today are anti-America and anti-Christian nation and anti-military. And it was just good to see a movie that appreciated our military personnel. I mean, you left there with a feel-good movie for our nation.

And I know that's not popular in the outside world today, but I know you're like me. We love our nation. And you served in the military because you love our nation. You understand the principles upon which this great nation was founded. And even though we're in trouble as a nation today, and even though we've turned away from God in many ways, this is still the greatest free nation in the history of the world.

And we have a constitutional republic, and this is the longest free form of government under a constitution in the history of the world. And I know that you feel that way, too, and that's part of the reason I'm sure that you served in the United States Air Force and sacrificed for our nation like you did. That's right, Chris. And your wife did also. She served in the Air Force, and I commend her for doing that. She, to me, did a career, didn't you, Chris, 20 years? Twenty-seven years, yeah.

She sure did. Wow. Twenty-seven years. Well, God bless you. I don't know about you, but I loved – I mean, I know this is not what we're talking about today, but I don't think it ever hurts to talk about love in your country. I loved the military life, Mike, and I really miss it. I love the camaraderie of the men and women who become – you become a family, really. I mean, in my opinion, I don't know how you felt when you served.

And I miss living on the bases and getting – because it's kind of like stepping – base living is kind of like stepping back in time. It's not like it is in the outside, and you still get to know your neighbors on the base, and you become part of a unit and a family. And that's just one of the many things that I love about our military. And I love that men and women like you, like Vicki, who volunteer, because we do still have a volunteer service in our nation. And I'm so grateful for the men and women who sacrifice and volunteer for our nation. And we recently had – Mike, we recently had Memorial Day. And I know a lot of people see that as a three-day weekend, but really it's a somber and solemn time.

And I know you feel the same way. People don't understand – so there's Armed Forces Day, which is a day that's to recognize people who are currently – excuse me – serving. Veterans Day is a time to honor those who served in the military, and that's in November. Memorial Day is a time – it's not a time to just think about a vacation or getting out and grilling, but it's a time to remember the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice and died for the freedom that we have here today. Mike, did you have the opportunity – I know you live in Pensacola, Florida. I think you have a big national cemetery there. Were you able to participate in any of the Memorial Day observances in your area this year?

Chris, I did not. Typically, in the past, here at Pensacola Naval Air Station, they have the Barancas Cemetery, where a number of military veterans and active duty members who have passed are buried there. But since we had that mass shooting on base about four years ago, the base has simply been – essentially been closed to the public.

So it was unable to do that. Even though they did have some other Memorial Day events around in the area, I made sure I put my flags out in front of my business and in front of my home, and we observed the day quietly at home, me and my family. You know, as you say, the military life is good, and I come from generations of those serving in the military. My grandfather served in the Army in World War I, and my father was active duty Air Force for 26 years. So I grew up living on military bases, and as you say, Chris, it's almost an insulation from the outside world.

It was like how America was in the 50s and in the 60s before it went through its radical change. It was safe. People were together. People knew each other. It was just a great life. And that was one of the reasons why I decided to also join the Air Force. I served 10 years active duty.

The camaraderie that you talk about is there, still there. Members that I served with, I left the military in 1990. Members who I served with during those 10 years, we are still friends.

We still stay in contact with each other, and we still visit each other. So the military is great. Then my son. My son became a Marine. He was an infantry rifleman. So he was at the tip of the spear, and he did that for four years.

He did some overseas duty, came back home after four years, and now he's a sheriff deputy here in our county. So the military, God bless our military. Those men and women who today are deployed around the world to defend this nation. And what's a shame, though, Chris, was that the Biden administration did nothing for Memorial Day. They did nothing to commemorate those men and women who passed away. And even more recently, the D-Day invasion anniversary came around.

And again, it was almost like an afterthought. Maybe we should say something, you know? And his administration, they have no love for this country because they're globalists. They think that we belong to the world instead of admiring the most magnificent, the most powerful, the most benevolent nation, the United States, the world has ever seen. It's almost like they have a disdain for the American military. And I guess it shouldn't surprise me since he was vice president for under President Obama.

And I'm probably going to get myself in trouble here. But part of the time when our family was serving was under the Obama administration. And Mike, it was just, you know, from the previous, even under the Clinton years, he didn't have what appeared to be a hatred of the military. And certainly George Bush, George W. Bush, appeared to love the military. And even today, there's things about him that I don't like, but even after he's gotten out of office, you know, he still honors the wounded warriors.

And he became an artist and paints portraits of different men and women who lost their lives while he was president. And he does a lot to raise money for veterans and wounded veterans even after he has left public office. But President Obama, the military life really changed when he became president. And like I said, it felt like he had a disdain, almost a hatred for the military. And you would think that Joe Biden, whose son served in the military, would not feel like that.

But you're right. They just don't seem to honor the military. And I think they've done a lot of things to destroy the military. I'm going to have to take a commercial break. But one of the things that really frustrates me is President Trump, you know, did not allow for transgenders to openly be transgender in the military. And President Biden has allowed that.

And I think that really there's a long way to hurt the camaraderie in a military unit. So let me drop that bomb and we'll take a commercial break and we'll be right back. I'm talking to former State Representative Mike Hill on the Christian perspective today. We'll be right back. This show is brought to you by Generous Joe's, the coffee company with the Christian perspective. This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for. A coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

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Welcome back to The Christian Perspective. My guest today is no stranger to our show. Mike Hill is a former state representative in Pensacola, Florida, and he is a great friend of our show. He's a great friend of the Citizens for America Foundation. He's an Air Force Academy graduate. And I just appreciate all that he has done to serve our nation. Mike, before we jump into some other things, I do want to ask, you mentioned, did you say your grandfather served in World War One?

He did. World War One. He was part of a unit called the Harlem Hellcats. And they received the Croix de Guerre from France because of their bravery that they displayed in World War One. So, yes, his name was Otto Ross, and he served in the Army in World War One.

That's correct. What a great legacy. And, you know, there are so many great families like yours where serving our country is part of their heritage and their family. You know, from him serving to your father serving, and you, and then your son in the Marines, and now your son continuing to serve in law enforcement. I need to add him to my prayer list because, like you said, not only are the Marines the tip of the spear, I mean, people, the Marines are not talked about as much in movies, I think, as a lot of the other branches are, but they are probably the most elite fighting force.

And I'm not taking anything away from anybody else. All of our great men and women in the military are wonderful. But Marines go places and do things that a lot of people never hear about. And I'm just I'm thankful for his service.

And I know Mike, even now, what a difficult time to be a law enforcement officer. But, you know, part of the reason that your family served is because you loved and your ancestors loved our great nation and wanted to defend what it stood for. And part of what your family did from your grandfather, maybe even back before him, was take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. And, Mike, our Constitution is under attack today. And one of the areas where it's really under attack is the Second Amendment. And we recently saw or had just a few weeks ago a shooting in Uvalde, Texas. And the administration, instead of addressing the real issues of that shooting, have taken an opportunity to once again attack the Second Amendment. And I know that you travel around the country and you speak. What are you seeing and hearing in the wake of that terrible tragedy?

And what do you think is going to happen? It's interesting, Chris. And you mentioned an excellent point about that oath of office that all elected officials take and all military members also take that you solemnly swear to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Now, when you said that oath, it wasn't just between you and the official administering the oath. And it wasn't just between you and those who you are serving. If you're in the military, it's the entire U.S. And if you're an elected official, it's your constituents.

It goes beyond that. That oath is between you and the living God. You are promising God you're going to support, protect and defend that Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And when they seal that solemn oath with so help me God. Now, what is so significant about that is that you are holding yourself accountable to God, that you are going to uphold that oath. So when we have elected officials now, both on the left and on the right, who are talking about infringing upon our Second Amendment rights and taking away our right to possess guns, which we can use to protect ourselves against enemies, protect ourselves, our family and our property against those who would try to invade that.

Right. And also against the tyrannical government. That is why that Second Amendment is there. So when they go against that amendment, they're going against their own. Noah Webster said one who does that has perjured themselves. And in 1861, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that says when you violate your oath of office, not only have you perjured yourself, you should be removed from office and no longer allowed to serve any time in the future.

It's a very serious and solemn thing. But not many people who take that oath understand that they just think it's a formality, you have to take in order to occupy office or to be a member of the service. No, you are promising God what you are going to do in terms of protecting and defending that Constitution. And I'm sad to say, Chris, that my own state senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, are on board with wanting to have this national red flag law. And what the red flag law says, it's completely unconstitutional. What it says is that if you appear only appear to be a threat to yourselves or others, that your guns and ammunition can be forcibly taken away from you without any trial, without any jury.

Just taken away from you and then you have to prove that you're not a danger in order to get it back. They implemented that here in Florida shortly after the Parkland shooting, that terrible situation there where this deranged young man goes in and kills so many students and wounded many others. The same thing we saw in Texas. Here it is, a deranged young man, a demoniac who goes in and kills innocent children.

It's just horrible, Chris, and two adults. And what they seized on was the same thing that happened after the Parkland shooting where they hastily implemented this red flag law in Florida that others saw the same opportunity after that tragic shooting in Uvalde and now want to try and push a national red flag law. And what is so dangerous about that, Chris, is that already in Florida, 8000 people have had their guns and ammunition taken away from them by law enforcement since that was implemented after the Parkland shooting, which was in 20. I think that was 2017 when that happened.

Maybe it was 2018. But already 8000 people in Florida have had their guns and ammunition, what I would say, illegally taken away from them because it violates so many things. If you're simply accused by a girlfriend or some family member or a neighbor who's mad at you, that the law enforcement can then go to, and this is how the law reads in Florida, can then go to a judge, a judge who has not evaluated you, who doesn't know you, can issue then a warrant to come take your weapons, simply based on these accusations. And then you have to approve your innocence to get it back. Are you invited or informed of that hearing or you can't give any input at all when that's determined?

No, no, they just come, they come knock on your door, or your place of business, the armed police, armed sheriff deputies with a warrant, and they confiscate your weapons and your ammunition. I know of a person who personally, and to them, for me, had gone to a doctor and said to that doctor, hey, I'm having trouble focusing at work, you know, is there something that you know you can suggest or that you can give me to help me focus at work? And the doctor said, well, let me ask you a few questions. And one question he asked him was, have you ever thought of hurting yourself? And this young man said, well, yeah, I thought about it. He says, well, when you thought about it, did you think of using a weapon to hurt yourself?

He said, well, yeah, I thought about that. They put him in a facility, minimum 72 hours. And while he was there, they went to his home and confiscated his weapons and his ammunition.

That was two and a half years ago, and he still hasn't gotten it back. Has it been determined that he was safe and should not have had him taken away? And he did when he was admitted into the facility.

Of course, you're examined by a psychologist there. This doctor looked at him and said, no, he's fine. He shouldn't even be here, but it's mandatory, minimum 72 hours. So after three days, they released him. And then went to the police and asked for his weapon back. They told him, no, that he's going to have to hire a lawyer, appear before a judge and get it back. Well, he can't afford to hire a lawyer.

And so to this day, he has not gotten his weapon back. And that's really criminal as a criminal act by the government and overstepping their constitutional bounds. I've got some questions about these red flag laws. Let's take another quick break. We'll come back. I'm going to ask you more because I think our listeners know they're hearing this on the news because the media, liberal media is just when I shut up about the gun agenda and red flag laws or something people are hearing about, but they probably have no clue what they are. So, folks, you're going to want to get this one. This radio show is downloaded as a podcast later today. We listen to it, share it with your friends, those who support the Constitution, because you need to understand what the liberal left is trying to do by taking away your guns and your constitutionally allowed weapons in your home right now.

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Welcome back to Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. My guest today is former state representative Mike Hill.

We're talking about the Second Amendment and gun laws around the country, particularly as they come to the forefront again with the shooting in Uvalde, Texas recently. And Mike has been telling us about red flag laws, which in his state were heavily pushed by Rick Scott. You might know that name. Rick Scott is now a United States senator. I think he's even in charge of the Republican Senate Senate campaigns across the country. But Rick Scott was the governor of Florida. And when he was the governor of Florida, he pushed hard for red flag laws where people can accuse you of maybe being mentally unsound or a danger to yourself and others. You don't even have a right or the ability to respond because you don't know what's being done to you. And then a warrant issued issued by a judge and law enforcement can come and seize your weapons in your home. You know, Mike, we're that scary for me and for you.

We're both you know, we both travel and speak across the country. We're on a lot of radio shows, podcasts and say things that offend, I'm sure, the liberal left. Do they just go to like a Web site and follow an anonymous complaint? What do you know what the process is? And I mean, for us, it's kind of scary because any crazy out there that doesn't like what you or I have to say could accuse us under these red flag laws.

No, they don't go to a Web site. And it's not necessarily anonymous, Chris. That might be one of the procedures. But now you simply call the police or you call your sheriff deputy and say, hey, my uncle was over here for Thanksgiving dinner. And he may have had a little bit too much to drink, but he was yelling and cussing and got mad at the rest of the family and said, if anybody comes to visit him, he's going to shoot him. We think he's crazy.

And we took him serious. Well, just based on something like that, they can go to that person's home and confiscate their weapons from the weapons and their ammunition. Which means then that they can ransack your home to get what they came there looking for. And, Chris, that's why the NRA so many years ago was such against registering every weapon that you purchased, because they know what weapons you have. So if they come to your home and say, hey, we know you have three Glocks and a shotgun given to us and you only give them one, they will then search your home to get the rest or demand from you where it is.

And that's exactly what they will do. Now, if we try to look at it from the other perspective, Chris, which the left does, they'll say, hey, wait a minute. What's wrong with if we know somebody has a potential to go commit a heinous crime like shooting up a school, if we know this by looking at their social media or things they've said and written, what's wrong with disarming them before it happens? And so when you hear that, it almost sounds like, well, that makes sense.

You know, if somebody had simply grabbed the weapons away from that demoniac and shot up the school in Uvalde, the disaster could have been prevented. Here's the problem with that, Chris, is that you don't know what the future behavior of someone is simply based on something that they said or have done. You don't know what it is. Even psychiatrists who have had patients for years still don't know what that patient who they see on a regular basis, what they will do in the future, fringing upon their God-given individual rights. And you are confiscating things. You are arresting them even before they have committed a crime.

What you are saying is you are now guilty until you are proven innocent. And that steps on our First Amendment, the right to free speech. So if you say the wrong thing, they can come get it. The Second Amendment with the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. The Fourth Amendment, unreasonable search and seizure. They can come and do that.

So it infringes upon so many parts of our Constitution that, to me, it's unfathomable that an elected official would vote for something like that, violating his oath of office. Yeah, it reminds me of when we started off in the first segment talking about the Tom Cruise movie that's out Maverick. He was in another movie years ago, I think it was called Minority Report, where the government somehow had figured out a way to know if someone might commit a crime.

And they had a whole police force that would arrest people before the crime was committed. And that's what's happening. What you're describing, Mike, it's terrifying. I mean, we don't know. I mean, certainly we want to try to prevent mass shootings, but you don't know what someone is or is not going to do.

And I don't want to get up on a conspiracy thing. But I mean, I wonder how this 18-year-old kid who didn't even have money to do small things and wanted to borrow money from his grandmother the week before. You know, how did he get thousands of rounds of ammunition and all these weapons? I mean, there's a lot of unanswered questions there, not just about his mental capacity, but how did this kid who had no money a few days before all of a sudden have all these weapons and ammunition?

It makes you wonder about what's going on and might there be more to it than we know about. Mike, you mentioned. So right now, these red flag laws are state by state. And you mentioned a while ago that the federal government is considering a federal red flag law. So if that happens, Mike, I mean, I know like California, a lot of states have ignored other laws, like providing sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and just completely ignoring the law. So if the federal government passes that, would that supersede all other things? Or can a state still say that we're not going to abide by it if the legislature and I doubt many legislatures, to be honest, would have the courage to make that kind of move. But can a state override it or if it becomes federal law that and it happens all over the country? So states can override it.

It's called nullification. And what states can do is pass their own state law, which will nullify what the federal government passed as a law. And we have seen that many examples in the past when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a number of years ago, I forget the name of the case where they did the eminent domain and forcibly the government forcibly took property away from property owners, sold it and then gave it to a developer so that this developer could use it to bring in a larger tax base.

Developed it for commercial uses. And the Supreme Court upheld that. What a travesty that is, trampling upon your right of possession, your right of property. And in Florida, almost immediately, because we were in session during that time, a bill was quickly put together which says that you cannot do that here in Florida. So it would be the same with this red flag law. The bills have been introduced in both in the Senate and on the House side. And unfortunately, because there is a majority in the House of leftists, it will likely pass there. Then you go over on the Senate side and it could possibly pass there, too, because we have those like Rick Scott and Marco Rubio who would vote for it, who would join the left in doing it.

So when we have that 50-50 tie, it only takes one to go over to the left side, to the dark side, to get it passed. And we already have two who have said it. And you can never count out Mitt Romney and Murkowski and, you know, you can never you never know what they're going to do because they're not true conservative republic listed that way, but they're not. If that were to happen in states around the nation, we can pass our own laws.

Why? Because the 10th Amendment says that the power belongs to the states and to the people. Well, it's a scary proposition. I'll tell you something that really frustrates, I know it frustrates you, too, with some of these so-called Republicans. We have got to learn as conservatives that we cannot compromise time after time, Mike.

And I know you probably saw it in the state legislature as well, where the Republicans make concessions to try to appease the liberals and the Democrats. If they go, if we go along with them here, they'll come with us. No, they don't. Every little inch is a victory for them. And they continue to take more and more. And if we can see it on the Second Amendment and we're hurting the Second Amendment, if we pass these red flag laws and other laws, if we can see it on these, they're not going to help us anywhere else. They're just going to continue to ask for more and more. Another area, Mike, outside of the red flag laws is changing the age to purchase guns.

And some people might say, well, you know, why should that matter? What is your thought on that, Mike? I think I'm hearing now that they're wanting to change the age from 18 to 21 to purchase certain firearms. Do you think that's harmful or should an 18 year old be allowed to purchase a gun? Well, it's interesting, Chris, that that same law that passed in Florida after the Parkland shooting that instituted red flag laws in Florida. They also part of that same law is that you have 21 to purchase a long gun in Florida. They were already prohibited.

18 year olds are already prohibited from purchasing a handgun. So essentially, if you are 18, 19 years old, young man or woman living on your own in an apartment somewhere, you are defenseless. You cannot defend yourself or let's say it's a person who's in the military. They are trained how to use weapons. They are trained to bring lethal force to a situation.

And let's say that the husband, he's a military member and he gets deployed and he leaves a wife and one or two little children behind. And they're defenseless. They cannot protect themselves. They have to rely on calling the police who may or may not get there in time.

We saw in the Uvalde shooting, they may have gotten there in time to save some lives, but they stood down for over an hour, which is despicable. And it was a Border Patrolman who was hearing about it. His wife called me when he was in a barber shop, asked the barber, did he have a weapon? He said he had shotgun. He took it to the school and went in while they were police standing around watching and took out the shooter. That is how you stop a mass shooting is you take out the shooter, Chris. But instead, those on the left do not want to tackle the real problem which comes with mass shootings. Instead, they want to tackle the gun as if a gun can kill someone by itself.

It is a person, a deranged person with that gun. And so, Chris, I studied that a bit when I was in the legislature. I filed legislation to repeal the red flag laws and also to allow 18 to 20-year-olds to purchase weapons. I filed a law to do that, a bill to do it, and they could not even get a committee hearing. A Republican-controlled House, Senate, and Republican governor, and they would not even give it a committee hearing. More amazingly is the NRA did not support it either. And I'm surprised at the silence of the NRA today. Where are they filing the lawsuits against these illegal red flag laws and illegal preventing adults, legal adults, between the age of 18 to 20 from purchasing a weapon to protect themselves? Where is the NRA on that? There are other organizations like the National Gun Rights Association who are raising an issue about it, but the most prominent organization, the NRA, they're quiet on. Now, maybe they're raising an issue now at the federal level and the left media is hiding that from us, but I haven't heard anything about it. One thing I love about Gun Owners of America is that their position is they don't compromise on anything. Let's take another commercial break, folks. We're talking to former state representative Mike Hill. We're talking about the second amendment. We'll be right back with more.

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I'm Chris Hughes. My guest today is former state Representative Mike Gill. He's from Florida. And Mike was mentioning before the break that he sponsored legislation when he was a state representative to allow 18 year olds to purchase guns. And Mike, you know, 18 year olds can vote and the liberals certainly push hard for that. They can serve in the military.

They're considered as adults. But the left does not want them to have the ability to purchase firearms. And I think that is a violation of the constitutional rights. That's another area that concerns me, Mike, is you mentioned the shooting on your naval base right there in Pensacola, Florida. And several years ago, there was a shooting in I think it was San Antonio, Texas, on a military base. And people may not realize this, but if you live on a military base, you are not allowed to have a weapon in your home. And that just dumbfounded me, Mike, to think about here, these men and women are putting their lives on the line. They're trusting with weapons in the field, but they're not allowed to have a weapon in their home. And they're in danger just like anybody else, because there have been several cases now whether there have been these and I really call them terrorist attacks, not mass shootings on military basis. And I think it's wrong that military members can't have weapons. I don't know if you realize that they can't have a weapon on military base, but they're not allowed to. That's right, Chris. You're absolutely right. Not only can you not have it in your home, you can't have it on the base at all.

Period. If you are working there on base, you can't bring it with you in your vehicle. There are only certain people who are allowed to have weapons on base. It's usually the security police or some other force like that. But you are not allowed. Here you are in the military.

You've been trained to use them. And you're right, that was at Fort Hood where that Muslim demoniac went in and shot up the base. And it was the same here in physical enabled air station. It was a pilot from Saudi Arabia who was here, a Muslim, and they were here training. He came on base and with his weapon against the law and committed that mass shooting. I think there were six, maybe eight people who were killed during that time.

So it was disaster. It doesn't make sense that you're not allowed to carry your weapon when you're on base. A lawfully purchased weapon that you cannot carry on a military base, even though you've been trained by the military how to use it. When I was studying this issue of these mass shootings because I filed a bill to repeal whatever infringed upon our second amendment. And what I learned was something that the root of the problem of these mass shooters, besides the ones who are Islamic terrorists.

But those that we see at the Parkland shooting, or the Columbine shooting, or the Uvalde shooting, or the theater in Aurora, Colorado. When you look at those young men, you find these common denominators. Number one, they come from fatherless homes. They were raised in broken homes. There is no father figure there. And interestingly, that is part of the communist Marxist doctrine is to break up the family unit, get the father out of the home. So they come from fatherless homes, number one. Number two, they are usually loners and have no friends, especially of the opposite sex. And then number three, they were either just on or had just come off of psychotropic drugs.

Those are the factors, the common denominators we see in these mass shootings. And when you talk about these drugs, Chris, people think that it's okay to give even five-year-olds drugs for attention deficit disorder, or ADHD, which when you and I were growing up, Chris, we never even heard of in school. My drug was being a drug upstairs and getting a spanking was the drug I got.

And when boys go out and play, when they come back in, that they will sit still longer to learn. So here they are drugging these kids at a very young age with Ritalin and all other kinds of things. As they grow older, they must continue on those drugs just to function.

And so then they have to go to harder drugs, and I'm talking prescribed drugs, in order for them to continue to function. And so we see that these mass shooters have these things in common, broken homes, loaners, and being on mind-altering drugs. That's the issue, Chris, not the guns.

Yeah, I agree. And there's not being anything done to deal with those issues. To them, their sole mission is to get rid of guns. And they seem to have, their target is an AR-15, which they call a weapon of war. And I'm sorry, I mean, I don't see an AR-15 as a weapon of war.

It's a glorified.22. Why do you think that this is their target? And of course, once they get, they're not going to stop. The stupid concedeers on the Republican side are probably going to fall for this at some point and say no more AR-15. But the liberals are not going to stop there.

They're going to continue to go. Why do you think the AR-15 is their focus? Because it's so easy for them to say it looks like a military weapon. It looks like something that you would take into combat. Even though it doesn't actually look like an M-16, which is a military weapon. And an AR-15 can only shoot a single round. It can't shoot multiple rounds like an M-16 can. So they say it looks scary. It looks military.

It looks like something that you would carry into combat. And so that's why they make it an easy target. Because they think so many gullible people would say, well, yeah, why do you need that? Of course, you don't need it for hunting, do you?

And why do you need that? Why can't a handgun just be enough for you? And so that's why they're going after that. And as you say, Chris, they will not stop there.

They will just move on to the next target, whatever that might be. You're no longer allowed to own a shotgun or whatever. AR-15s have been around for a long time. And the AR does not stand for assault rifle, even though they're trying to say that it is.

It does not. That's simply the designation that the company who made it has given it. But it does not stand for assault rifle. So they will not stop that.

And then here's the thing, Chris. If you're a gun manufacturer, take away the AR-15, they can just manufacture something else. They can manufacture an AR-16, an AR-14, call it whatever they want. And so then the left would have to go after that. So you're right, they are not going to stop this. This is just the beginning. And that is why we must stop them in their tracks now. I would urge your listeners, Chris, to contact your state senator, your congressional senator, your congressional representative, and tell them that you do not stand for these red flag laws or any type of gun confiscation.

Yeah, that's so important, folks. You can Google if you don't know who your United States congressman is or United States senator. And every one of you has one congressman that you live in their district.

And there are two United States senators in every state. And you can Google in your individual states or you can email me. Just go to That's

And you can contact me through that website and we can help you get the contact information. This is a relevant issue. Don't wait because right now they're hot on this. I mean, you can't turn on the news, even Fox News, where you're not hearing it nonstop. There is heavy pressure being put on your United States senators and your congressman to do something now. And unfortunately, and Mike, I'm sure you can second this, when you're elected office, you usually only hear from the people on the other side.

They need to hear from you as well, telling them to stand with them and they need to take a stand. Well, Mike, we've run out of time. I always love it when you're on the show because you know so much about so many different issues. And I want to thank you for your years of service in the Florida House of Representatives. I thank you for your stand on the Second Amendment and thank you for the stand also that you've taken on life and so many other issues. So we appreciate you being with us on The Christian Perspective today. Chris, thank you for having me. It's always an honor to be on your show.

Thank you, Mike. Folks, I hope that you'll listen on your favorite radio station here at the same time each and every day because we cover so many different topics and issues like this. They're important in our culture and what's going on. And of course, this will be released as a podcast later today.

And you can share it with your friends on social media. Get them worked up. They need to understand the issue. And Mike Hill has done a great job of laying out what the left is trying to do and why it's important even to take a stand against these red flag laws. Thank you for being with us. Now let's get informed, get educated, and let's go impact the culture for Jesus. Thank you for listening. The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit
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