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The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention Will Be Determined This Week

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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June 13, 2022 5:30 am

The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention Will Be Determined This Week

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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June 13, 2022 5:30 am

Dr. Tom Ascol, Candidate to be President of the SBC joins Chris to talk about the future of the Convention and why he is running for President tomorrow.

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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris will receive it today anyway right you want to listen to me, particularly if you are a southern Baptist Tom athlete with me today. A doctor at currently a candidate for president at the featherbed convention here in Anaheim, California, where the annual meeting is being held, and tomorrow will be the day when the election will be out of the featherbed is committed to the largest Protestant denomination is going to flood their next regular dimension of man and a lot of news lately.

We'll talk about that day really I just want you to have the opportunity to get to know Doug or Tomas will I don't do this very often. But I'm happy to give the dog radical, but I probably ignore things better.

Tomas will be president of the featherbed division mean that I have anything against any of the other candidates, but I'll have a chance to meet and talking dog radical year is a man that loves the Lord and I just support the direction that he will take us a southern Baptist daughter at school. Welcome to Christopher spectacle showed so glad that you're here with us today. Will Chris, thank you very much for having me on your show. I'm honored to be a part of this and I'm humbled that you would say what you did about 40 my candidacy nomination tomorrow for the presidency of the southern bends convention. Thank you very much for that brother William welcome ideas. My harborage will talk about this throughout the show what's happening with engaging in, and I know that you and I share all along to the Lord in leading people to Jesus and and and turning our convention.

The southern Baptist convention around, not radical around her to me telling everybody about you in New York that are really waterless first to know you are as we go into the southern Baptist convention annual meeting here this week and tomorrow in Avoca Pres. and is my hope that we elect Tomas put out or Tomas: ex-president of the Southern Baptist convention, but a letter listener get to know you want a personal level. Who are you well. Thank you Chris. I'm the youngest of six children were born to a godly woman is our mother and father who had a lot of trouble and our families what you would call today a dysfunctional family.

My dad was the one of a Muslim immigrant from Syria. My dad watched his father being murdered shutdown on the streets. We were sitting on a wagon right next to them in Arkansas when my dad was only 11 years old and so he had to live with that, call and difficulty all his life.

He had a hard, hard life, and so we had those issues brought into our family. My mom was godly.

God really felt they could with our and I was a difficult marriage for her but she saw to it.

Her kids knew the gospel we were in church every Sunday at seven at the church.

Their Beaumont Texas and on my earliest recollection of spiritual realities was one morning, I probably was for five years old, walked into our living area and my mom was on her knees, weeping, begging God for help and I thought me and she said she really believe she's talking to somebody in the Lord use that survey and so years later I was converted again under my mom's influence as she evangelized me. I was baptized at Southport Baptist Church. The Lord called me when I was 16 years old throughout the gospel and that was a traumatic thing for me because I did like pastors and get off. I was so full of pride in the arrogance and the news. It's horrible. Look back on the self-righteousness that this will be used out of me. But God, we need a discipline.

They about those things we might not rest my life really got me to preach the gospel to begin preaching the 16 compassion mouse 21 at Texas A&M Senior College there and begin to pastor the blackbird Baptist Church in College Station, Texas, and from there went to Spring Valley Baptist Church in Dallas was an assistant pastor and did my PhD work at Southwestern during those years then moved to Cape Coral Florida 1986, seven pastor Grace Baptist Church since that time here in the UK call and love this congregation about six kids, five of them are married if they bring kids out there.

All I hear the church and it's a job just blessed me beyond what I could begin to calculate so my life is a testimony of God's grace. Anybody that's listed to be give up on life is to look at me and say God could say the likes of him. Others hope to make because they just get the testimony of God's mercy and grace for hell deserving synergy. So I love him and grateful for him and got that guy in that much of who I am well what a blessing to have all your kids or grandkids right there living in your community and to pastor a church. Did you say been there since 1986. That's right yeah that teacher you've broken the theft of the southern Baptist a moment of failure to certify with the national average about two years. I think were starting out, he got radical more pastor staying at churches longer and and and I think that's really a blessing because then you build a deep relationship with your church and usually anti-glove on a more grow with them and really get to know your people and Anaheim thing more more that you travel not II like to see when there's a commitment.

And God called pastor to the church and shortly things change. Pastor did move it. I'm glad that you and your family been able to have the blessing to stay with your church Grace Baptist Church Cape Coral for so long will you want another organization. Yet you want another organization called the founder's ministry who are listening tell us what the founders ministry is 1982 November the state's evolutionary very steadily and I was the youngest got together in a hotel room in Euless, Texas rest at a ballast morning Saturday morning and clear reading Scripture and see and then the afternoon we demand one question we do because we were all Americans should know we were all involved in the conservative resurgence of different levels, but we realize America is not enough. You have to do, and sufficiency of Scripture to deal with what the Bible teaches that we are all committed to a particular understanding of how the gospel works in salvation collect reformed theology or particular Baptist theology and on those streams have been in southern bends light from the beginning. We thought we need to listen and learn from our forefathers about this, so we decided to have a conference next year and out of that is grown just a variety of ministries, a theological Journal we have yesterday to public theology. The launch last year where we do our theological training for ministry and I would publish books but founders ministries is as from the beginning been committed to recover the gospel reformation local churches and not just Calvinistic. We are that without any apologies or precast, but our our paternity goes way beyond the five points of Calvinism. We have great fellowship of those are not Calvinistic, but you want to see the sufficiency of Scripture we covered. We want to see churches renewed and so we really do hammer your church membership, healthy ecclesiology responsibility of leadership in the church to guide a church to help brothers and sisters as we come to Christ they come across to mature see them become mature disciples will make disciples of others. So we just do that for years. We will publish) materials. Avocado can't get you can go there if you're interested in the Institute Institute. This is found it isn't a public and I we got guys like Millie Baucom, Tom nettles, Mark Coppage or who are instructors for us, written by way from Africa. I could likely of scholar pastor theologians who are men committed to the full inerrancy and sufficiency of God's word and would try to do what we can to encourage churches and pastors to be faithful and trying to resource them in their efforts to be self some of the Institute something that if I already had a seminary education. I would go and learn more or is it something that you could afford to go to seminary this a way for me to learn a lateral a little bit about those which lie we teach courses here in Cape Coral right now. We just doing one week portions of the J turn talk about been used but would record everything to make available might as well but if we don't have we not know if you degrees would not seek accreditation from anybody. We want to provide the best theological education in the world. That's our goal is very simple and so we get the best man we can find. We tell them here's what we want you to teach how the parameters are you what you think your subject would you teach with a view to of the kata pastoral ministry that were facing now in the 21st century going forward not 30 years ago four years ago. So particularly interested in how theology meets the road in the public square. So every every discipline is taught with that kind of vision. So a guy didn't have have a college at a high school diploma. All he has to be you churchman that means he's got to be commended by the church where people people people know him so yeah this is a faithful brother. They got a community him. He's gotta read and write for us, so it's a pretty rigorous application process.

If you become a full-time student and if you willing to read the way to write and you really to be taught to read and write better than we would welcome if you churchman to go to church. Recommendation it is medically been a high school or not. So we got guys know this is someone who has never been the college summit struggled in high school we got one recent high school graduates were new students and such for anybody, and we got guys that that have the got went by we I got one guy with a doctoral degree.

One of our regular citizens, and ease his mind was being blown by these courses, so we also have a pretty rigorous auditing track so pastors it that you not not expel many more degrees or formal certificates really like that but I want to study cultural apologetics devoted Baucom your I want to study aesthetics with Mark Coppage or Laura philosophy or apologetics is no. We offer audit audit.

The avenues and we make it as cheap as we can. Pastors affect student to be a full-time student at the Institute, and if your church is willing to pay half the tuition which is way last viewed by the regulars tries not convey what is as well as your play in typical seminaries. If the church is wounded by half.

We will pay the international student go free, and the continentals and coming in the clinch history and Travis Allen to teach you testament next month and then in August we got Richard Marcella's community hermeneutics and done for him to teach public theology and alcohol treatment committee next year. Teach ethics of focusing on anthropology based on his book lies in triumph of the modern self, something with a great right opportunity. I would come committed that anyone and everyone interested in the challenge and help to think more about public theology. What a great opportunity. Thank you for doing that for your commitment. Talking to Dr. Tom Asko. He is current candidate to be president of the Southern Baptist convention that we are in Anaheim, California, and tomorrow is the Alexis Perez to come back. When I asked him why is running in over 70 issues within the Southern Baptist convention of things we think of it, to be addressed to Graham this show is brought to you by generous jokes.

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They like their citizens fund management and get ready for an unforgettable trip in memory last a lifetime time creating a relationship is not racing is in line joint history was made on today's date. One American minute with Bill Frederick 19-year-old Marquis de Lafayette purchased the ship and sailed to America arriving this day June 13, 1777, trained in the French military. He was appointed the Maj. Gen. he endured the winter at Valley Forge fought at Brandywine Baron Hill in Monmouth led troops against the traitor Benedict Arnold and commanded at Yorktown pressuring Cornwall to surrender George Washington wrote to Lafayette, we must place a confidence in that province who rules great events, trusting that out of confusion. He will produce order notwithstanding the dark clouds present American minute with no plans for American minute of 1888 USA. What about the Christian perspective on my gift Asko address was the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida resident founder, founders, ministry, and he was just sharing with us the great work they do it. The founders ministry in the training opportunity they have a excited I did know that they did all the things that he just shared a public report to learning more. And if your pastor Lehman never sees any churchman out there who has an interest in learning more about the Lord you might want to look them up and find out more about the opportunities they offer in their Institute deserves a great class coming up over the next two years. When Dr. Haskell took every year, the Southern Baptist convention come together, which is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, and I would assume the world and in they meet annually and and we are in Anaheim California now with the annual meeting and at the annual meeting tomorrow.

Hopefully things go as planned.

Were going to elect a new president of the Southern men's convention and you recently agreed to allow your name to be nominated for you to serve as president of Southern Baptist convention. Why did you do that well it's a great question Chris. It boils down to one real seriously a lot of little things other thing about this last couple days speak with Ashley last week or so more than before. But the one big thing is there man that I respect who prevailed upon me to seriously consider the last several years I've had people set me and left the president and can we dominate you and I just laughed it off and not because I wanted to dismiss those brothers at all but just not anything that I've ever aspired to get a full plate year leading Grace Baptist Church.

I love this church love being a pastor and founders ministry is a lot going on there that occupies my extra time and Ella got a big family love them about family here folk everything else to do these guys after what happened in 2021 convention. There was just a lot of despair, a lot of discouragement and large churches left and I Understood God I didn't leave the church illegally read how Mike Stone mistreated that was one of the things it did to me was the biggest blow was to see the godless way that a compassion was treated when he was maligned lied about secret recordings released by people that work officers in the ethics and religious commission of the Southern Evans mission. We pay their salaries and that they did this type of thing in the Rushmore Lake. We may seek leaky letters that he'd written lately much before the supposedly implicated Mike Stone extended all in it just was greatest me to think that people in columns of Christians could act like that so that was already stuck in my craw and not written about it. Talk about quite a bit of the brothers showed up in February March to call me the magma got me on a conference call and say we really want to consider this to be Bobby Baucom and what was what Ridgewood about this business that have voted nominated his grandmother Oliver that Either dear friend Billy finally said yes. Wait a minute is not a member of the church because he's likely member of the church on field research is discretionary as our bylaws would let us do that initially say it's about easily get on. That means you need to do it and you guys to death.

Tom needed to consider it. So we talked our our leadership.

The church with elders of the congregation.

They all said no God bless the church wonderfully.

The last few years, leadership level lot going on and integrate problem problems, but really does create problems so we need all hands on deck is likely it and so they were against it must find that that's God's will for me and I said no, but then like a week later, these brothers convention. We will fly down to Cape Coral, my. We think this is like and they didn't do that with but got on a Skype call or call or something elders listen to the argument shipment of time that a week or so to cry about it. One by one they came back and said I probably got diminished regularly do it and my wife said got into always, you have never been interested thinking long about it socame together in the way I operate a district that is God call And okay Lord, mostly to do this on you know not all know he wants to be president, but I do believe that he positioned me to be willing to be nominated and soak. I'm willing to become president if that's what God wants to show that I will do the very best job I can do. I been talking right about problems for a long time yesterday city and trying to call us back to biblical roots. An apology membership and the way we think about my dictation justification is basically like that and so anyway that's that's where I am because of the thought about this a long time you write about what would and that's okay God is leading us for which he does.

I'm encouraged. People have never heard of before.

New quality and actually send you a copy right before you churches of never sent messengers before every day. I think the last two weeks is not in one day that have not gotten some kind of communication from church saying that they're sending messengers for the first time to Anaheim to vote for me as president.

I'm humbled by that elite act of God. If I become president God will be the only one could do it it it happens I will recognize that God's word and that I am not representing a lot of average bashers like myself that serve normative churches like ours and the that's what God wants them man understands people quite formative, give data straighten grace and wisdom on the take advantage the opportunity to lead well while I'm certainly thankful that you're running as I said in the first item of the show.

I'm openly endorsing you and praying that God will use in a mighty way. I'm just thankful for your heart in your agreement and to get your wife to grade out of your life if you like like my wife. She agreed to do the that might be a sign from God that he wanted the archive did Vicki do with the well okay I hope something that you cannot know all the powers the president but I remember reading about the buddy Baucom situation is a people. It really breaks my heart.ground school there.

There are some nasty people within the church world and some very bad things were said about Dr. buddy Baucom the life of me I don't understand when we are a worldwide denomination.

He is a Southern Baptist sent from a Southern Baptist Church in the United States and he is a missionary is basically a pastor of this church in the in a foreign country and I think that something that we need to address. If we stand that year we had seminary presidents run for president, Southern Baptist convention.

So why can't our missionaries run as well so I think that some that we need look at the Avalon. You mentioned the term messenger and for those who are not going but might be members of the Baptist Church. If you mod explaining what a messenger isn't, and then also can soak in a messenger vote the way they want to vote or do they have to vote the way the church elders are different from being a delegate because there might be some confusion for some of the people listening. Yet messengers are set by Southern Baptist churches vote according to their own conscience and soak you not a delegate that has been so many boats in your pocket you show up in castles legislatively told cash is not like that so it it is dependent upon the individual church. They should be set in their behalf to vote according to their own consciences understanding of why the spirit of the Lord in the word of God and about every subject church for 7000 of them is eligible to send to messengers and sadly, no more than about eight or 9000 member churches are ever represented in our annual meeting and I think that's a large part of the reason were the best rent is because so many Southern Baptist.

Understandably so. Just trust. This trust leadership are happy to cooperate like maybe a full plate trying to be a full week by week and shepherding the flock of the loop with the mortgages given you two are interested you care and in many of our pastors. Like most by vocational and so they're juggling multiple things and to calm expansion of taking a few days to get to them a bit a business meeting is just very difficult but because of that we are not as widely represented in our annual meeting and I think we should be and likely would be healthier if we were church can give consent up to 12 messengers in the way you get more than two is by how much money you give your partnership of your budget is designated to set amends causes or by $6000 every $6000 you get to convention causes and all of this is valid You can read the Constitution bylaws. There so here we are today before the convention needs and 97 that is near enough to drive down once I look if you never thought about the message. Are you listening to this, then it's easy to become a messengers go to leadership your church is your pastor, you can go online to You can got the forms there or you can get a letter from your church. It says John Smith is a duly recognized messenger from First Baptist Church of the city. Whatever church bring it with you to get credentials at the convention that will give you a ballot about you can show up and vote tomorrow and stay Wednesday about as well on the bank of your report showed I would encourage him that is not too late to be difficult to get far away from the West Coast. But if you get the West Coast by tomorrow.

By Tuesday, you can come and be a messenger and you can vote and help us to try to gauge the direction of the SBC and the more healthy pathways than what we've been on the last few years is right is not too late and so those of you listening is that I can still go, what would be helpful if you call your church office and asked if there is a number of they'll know what it is what is called. You might know.ask whether the number and its affiliated to each churches assigned basically a membership number within the set amends convention so that number may not helpful for them to look it up and then if you know how much your church budget was the percent you church gave proper program that just makes it go faster. But like you said it's really easy you just go online. I think it likely questions, give your name and email address and is not too late, and certainly even if you can't come this year at Anaheim but we really need you here because this is a pivotal year for what jamming is a Southern Baptist convention, but sir I think next year were New Orleans so usually I would encourage you to do that and his daughter Ethel said you don't most of our churches are less than 200 people, most of our pastors a.rascal center by vocational meeting the church can afford to pay them a full-time service with a work a regular job as a pastor and that the bulk of who we are is not mega churches but a lot of smaller churches all you did you go to. You might think well I don't have a say, but.rascal just or else I just want to reiterate what he said you realize it or church with even 15 people at consent 12 messengers and asked the most knee-jerk aura mega church that might have 30,000 members. That little tiny church with 15 members consent is many messengers if they meet the qualifications as a church with 30,000 members so you do have a say in and quickly long somebody's mega churches up out of control the direction I think is the auto a lot of smaller churches awaken epic thing to turn this convention back. Jesus was talking about, ask that the elections in the health field tomorrow to talk more about the assembly so stick around like that America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know really important role in God in the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. David Internation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden much of America's big time this inheritance up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator. About the creation of the fate of the mounting father principles. American joint. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors, churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. Welcome to the Christian perspective appreciate Mike yesterday is Dr. Tom Haskell.rascal pastor Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral Florida and he is running for president of the Southern Baptist convention. For those of you that are even our Southern Baptist, you may not realize that our churches are independent and autonomous meeting. We don't have the structure that the Catholic Church, as for example where they have a boat scan of the head on earth of of their church and the priest work for the organization of the Catholic Baptist Church and even in the Methodist Church is under a lot of Password or under an organization that moved around by that organization. That's not how it is for Southern Baptist churches, Southern Baptist churches each churches an independent body, but they come together for the purpose really of sending missionaries around the world that they cooperate in the Association of this what we call the Southern Baptist convention were Southern Baptist churches take a portion of their offering. Instead of you, Mark church might be too small for example to send a missionary somewhere, but by sending a portion of our funds to the Southern Baptist convention is called the cooperative program. We cooperate together with churches around the country and around the world to send missionaries not only to North America but it countries around the world and in so if you're in a church and you heard the Annie Armstrong offering her other offerings that go to support these missionaries in the cooperative program and we're the largest meeting Southern Baptist convention is the largest, a missionary sending organization in the world and and because of that, what happens within the Southern Baptist convention is so important and we also have six seminaries so seminaries seminaries. Basically, higher education institution that provides masters and doctorate degrees and we have six of those that are funded through the Southern Baptist convention about Margaret.rascal in I think we train about 11% of about 11% of pastors in the world were Southern Baptist, but are seminaries train third of all Matthews in the world and show it simply important what is taught in the seminaries in the beliefs and ideologies so hopefully you won't let me put you on the spot but I know you get asked a lot of questions that he and you will tomorrow.your ethical but you wrote a while back that you were concerned of some of the secular and godless ideologies that were infiltrating the Southern Baptist convention. So if I'm in somebody might not know what you meant by that.

And here I am loose on the show and were gonna go with our own vote for you.

Do I need to be concerned if something happened in the Southern Baptist convention that I need to know about. Why is it so important. Yeah well it's a great question appreciate you asking it and I was reminded why you're talking there's a website that describes from the upper friend of mine did it take a life of its own skull. We have a you can go there and find the article you just referred to other things I've written as well as you will be linked to how to become a messengers so you can get all the information that Chris is one over two minutes ago you every American. I think every American now recognized that we got these crazy ideas that have been sweeping for our culture, so we got soccer moms and and parent showing up at school board meeting and saying you're not to teach my children queer theory, not to teach my children. Critical race theory in her sexuality closer FOREIGN words to his relational used to be, but they are the broccoli work of the rising class in our culture today. And so, what's going on is that week. We've got this medial Marxism.

It really does come out of Marxism.

These ideas that have been wetted with postmodernism, which basically denies absolute truth and that's driving our politics. It's driving our education it's Newco traded our medical world. There's no place with these ideas haven't come yet.

If so just give you one example of a 40 years ago, one of us can imagine somebody like Bruce Jenner saying I am a woman trapped in a man's body and yet today were all told that that's not to be questioned the batch to be regarded as normal.

If a man tells you that you got a call her or him old woman say she whatever wheat we are not to question that the question is bigotry and what not long ago when the group to question that would've just been normalcy. So these cultural ideas have blown through our institutions and the church of Jesus Christ is not immune which CNET which seems in some significant Christian organizations just fully capitulate to it and by God's grace I don't think the SPC capitulated. Yet, but these ideas are coming.

So for example, up until a couple weeks ago when Matt Hall left Southern seminary to go to bio look out here in Los Angeles. Matt called was the Provost at Southern seminary. Our flagship seminary and that is on record publicly. Having said I am a racist and will be a racist.

Till the day I die. Well, you know, a lot of so that is likely why only one we have a racist is the Provost about larger seminary and racism of sin and I talked to Matt. Personally I thought other people there seminary and I never got a straight answer as to why would you say that while I know why said at least I think I know I said it is is he was cited in contact with people applauding him because of critical race theory. This is a something were all supposed to recognize the true wider you're not black or you're not a minority ethnicity, then you ought to see yourself as a racist debris and candy as written a book on how to be an antiracist and that book you said you cannot be, not a racist. You're either a racist or an antiracist, and here's how you got to be an antiracist do exactly what Italian if you refuse to do exactly what I tell you that disclosure racist and so we had Provost say no yeah I'm a racist number to be raised Lassen will brother you need to help you know I do not really repented racism and be set free by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then you need to find a different job. You know you will help its these kinds of ways of thinking of coming in so we got a salvation seminary can swallow prior professor there. She endorsed the re-voice cough. Now you got a dues asking folks to go look up re-voice and you'll see what that conference and that movement is all about its affirming gay Christianity is helping gay Christians to live faithful Christian lives. We know what if you want another vital Christian life you got a repent of all your sexual sin. Whether it's heterosexual or homosexual, you cannot call yourself a gay Christian in the morning you can call yourself a pedophilia Christian or an adulterous Christian and we all were that that's what prescriptive 609-1011 say such were some of you we been washed clean. So why do we have people in the convention that are pandering to the culture.

This kind of language them in the past two SPC presidents reached the same sermon in which they said God only whispers about sexual sin, while he shouts about greed and unction.

I quite agree really God calls homosexuality an abomination that made homosexual.

Don't I have the worth and value and dignity are they not made in the image God. Of course they are all those things are true of them. But Romans one indicates that they have been turned over to give vent to what is on natural contrary to nature, and they need to be redeemed, can they be retained absolutely prescriptive.

Six 911. There is against such were some of you.

You were homosexual, but you didn't want to Binkley and it's like we've lost our confidence in the gospel loss are awareness of what the gospel actually does when God converts someone through the power of the crucified and risen Christ, and were just pandering to the culture were told by one of our past presidents. We should use pronoun hospitality social man so you gonna call me. She her really got to do it or else you're not showing love week. We need better moral thinking right now and that's what I see has come in and it's been very settled weights come in, but our leaders and failed us in so many ways in our churches have been left confusion in these ideas of.

Here's how you are to be.

I viewed work racial records that delineation.

Here's how you are to show love for women you got 11 preached LMB pastor otherwise you're just being a patriarchal misogynist. The Zrich act. These are accusations that are now flying about in the Southern Baptist convention. People like me and you just simply want take the Bible seriously. We just want to believe what the Bible is talk what everybody among us a Southern Baptist pleaded up until about 15 years ago and so does like that happen, we need to stop it. We to be clear, we needed that are face like flint against the local mob of our culture and say were to follow Jesus Christ will take his word seriously, regardless of cost or consequence in whatever you do to me.

As a result of that's between you and God will take care of the you're not budging 1 inch from our blood stained faith and were not to dishonor our Lord Jesus compromises word for any kind of bonus that you hold in front of us as well. This will go well for you to compromise you were starting to do it a lot going on is pretty scary to hear all that.

I'm sure thankful for your stay and all that Dr. Haskell closely listened. Dr. Tomas go. He is running for president featherbed is convicted here in Anaheim, California. Tomorrow is the election. We need you to get educated on who the candidates are. If you're within driving range or if you can even fly you might think it's important if you're what he did share future of the Southern Baptist convention.

The future of the largest missionary sending organization. The world the future of the largest training organization for pastors in the world is been infiltrated with woken liberal ideologies and we need to turn this convention around so we can continue to reach a loss for Jesus Christ and biblical scriptural way would take her last commercial break and come back and talk about something called also talks about what to do and how the different family life that name, organization or individual life can be difficult as call today at 70498422 connect with the design of social in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a seven. I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters. God at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me, biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating a relationship is ransacking is in line enjoy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the really important role in God and the Bible is indicated in American foundation, Dr. Internation crystalline bargaining journey having read much of America's big time this inheritance up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator.

About the creation of the date of the mounting principles of American joint and the presence of the bed and I've California for the gathering of the Lord Protestant denomination in the world, and tomorrow is a huge day for us because tomorrow we elect new leadership. My candidate that I'm going to vote for and I openly endorse and hope you local to a Dr. Tomas goal is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church president of Felder's ministry. He has been written about and he has written many articles of several years is well known within the Southern Baptist Christian world. But he is a man that has a heart for Jesus Christ and leading the loss to Jesus that he is been a wonderful pastor and trainer for many years and I felt called by God to run the position or presence of the best convention that Ashley talked about some of the things that are infiltrating the Southern Baptist convention, but I have a real heart for reaching the loss for Jesus Christ and years ago.

Evangelism and baptism was something that was talked about a lot with them Southern Baptist churches at the number of people getting saved in the number baptisms is gone down steadily in recent years.

Can we turn it around and is if your president is that going to be a priority within your administration but I convinced we lost fear of God.

I tried to imagine what must it look like in heaven. Many people down here on earth. Southern Baptists on one of them say well we have a book. We love the Bible where narratives were narratives and yet we neglect what the word says we just simply refuse to do with the word says is Baptists know our forefathers died for their convictions about the nature of the church as you described earlier.

Every one of our churches is independent and autonomous our churches.

We say should be made up of believers only. Only believers are churches we say should be those whose discipleship of all the members. All members discipleship should be cared for by one another and led by godly pastors and yet we have churches in all of our churches struggle in various ways. We have so many members of our church roles that we never heard from in years, sometimes decades, and we just let them go. We haven't gone after them to recover them.

We have a guarded well.

The stewardship entrusted to us to be churches that reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world as well been said that preaching is the way that we make the gospel heard the churches is the way that the church is on the way we make the gospel scene, make it evident to the world and so I wonder what it will look like God. He is given us his book, so God knows one of the people converted senior blessings and we believe your book yet we been neglecting it.

I think our number one need in the SBC is to come face-to-face with the mirror of God's word and to see how we are falling short and going, comfortable in patterns of falling short of his glory and need to repent. So God we have sin, have mercy upon us and in our repentance.

Pray for and ask him to send his Spirit with our allies with a fresh fear of the living God so that we will boldly declare the one and only way of salvation which is coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and say to everyone that Jesus Christ is Lord, you must repent of your sin and you must surrender to him as king. You must give your life to him and trust him by faith and live wholeheartedly for him to meet a person has to be perfect to be converted know it just means you realize that your life is not your own anymore. You know the number one phrase that Paul used to describe himself. It was slave of Christ, slave of Christ that the Greek word lost bondservant. I think if we started recovery that language more. It might help us you want to become a slave of Jesus Christ less different than saying idea more fulfilled life. You will go to heaven or do you want blessings, we need to start telling people the truth to be a Christian, you have to take seriously what the Bible says like an old letter to Timothy in the first Timothy 312, 312 all desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will persecution. Are you willing to forsake everything to have Christ. I really think we've lost that edge of fearing God and need to repent. We need to acknowledge that we have fallen short not to fear that we don't have to be afraid of coming clean God because whatever we discover about ourselves as we do serious joy Jesus already knows. He's already died for his grace there's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, we can arise in freshly cottage fresh they and we can go forward. I believe that what happens God is spirit, with power upon us like that we couldn't help but do all in our energy to make disciples and we would see the gospel began to run again throughout our culture and our world.

We got water, we got a plant we gotta do all that we called the godless give the increase and if we have not been faithful to the God alone can give the increase, the need to have seriously meet with him so I guess what I'm saying is man needed awakening of revival, the likes of which we read about in history the great awakening the Reformation of the 16th century to the second great awakening in the 19th century. We need God to come and shake us to our foundations and that's my hope that if that happens, we will not, we can't help ourselves will do what we can do to make disciples of all the nations and that's my focus in our churches, and having days of prayer and fasting leading up to the convention if God puts me as president was a summative scholar, telecaster's brother/let's agree together lead our churches to fast and pray and ask God to come to us and show us our sin shows our Savior grant us deep repentance and deep faith, so that we will rise with fresh fear of him and with the joy and desire to go and make disciples as he opens up the opportunity for us in those fields that Jesus is a white for harvest a minute what you see in the future of the cooperative program. It's an ingenious funding mechanism, but quite honestly, Chris, some of the ways that the proposal coming out of sex abuse task force report is worded puts the cooperative program at risk. I heard from 40 churches on Saturday and more since then. That and told me that if these proposals are adopted as they had been recommended without any amendments they are leaving the convention or they're not going to give another dime to the cooperative program because we've been asked to take money from the cooperative program for the first year to pay for sex abuse reform now send relief has come step forward and I think God North American Mission Board IMB disaster relief of sin that will fund the first year. But the question of whether women take cooperative program money away from missionaries and do something else with it is still in the air.

Paul Chitwood who is the president of our international mission board set if those proposals go through. The weather originally that it would cost the IMB $4.5 million in the first 15 months, which would mean the cost of 75 missionaries not talk all kind of pastors not heard from those who been faithful big cooperative program, giving churches want to get a million a year to the club from Samuel do another dime that happens, I want to see the cooperative program protected but we got some challenges in front of us right now. If we do not act principally and biblically in dealing with real problems in the old sex abuse task report that force report their problems uncovered. We need to address and honestly own the need to look for solutions to those solutions need to be biblical and not mandated by the culture that is raging right now trying to tell us what we must see, think and do. We can do that. I think we can protect this ingenious cooperative method of joining together to support missions, but quite honestly, I'm concerned about it so we will see what the commission does tomorrow probably praying that gotta move in a mighty way change others hearts so we can continue to reach a loss for Jesus around the world will daughter Ashley a couple minutes left. I just want to give you the opportunity those couple minutes to why should they vote for. You know that the conscience issue you do with the board direction to do but I'll just tell you that it is God puts me as president SBC. I'll do whatever I can to emphasize a very pleasing you and I talked about and I have inspired to this.

I love the SBC and I think I see some things that are seriously wrong, but need to be corrected that can be corrected by the power of God spirit as we submit to his word and it's going to take courage to do that it's going to take the kind of leadership is willing to stand against the local crowd and slave were not budgeted and it will care what you do to us. Cancel skillets. It doesn't matter not going to compromise this word. I think God's people wants to be that way. I think we can be that like we need leadership that is willing to strike. Yes brothers and sisters. This is the way forward. Here we stand were not in the budget niche rally around the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, because that is the only hope this will have, I believe is nothing magical about any of that simple Bible truth. That's what got burned in my soul and that's what it did for me would be facially likely to get in the verses like that I should. It's a life of grace, that is come by the crucified and risen Savior. I want to steward that I want to declare that I want to set that before others that they too can come to know this God.

We won't do it will visit if we cave in to all of our cultural critics and their demands about what we should say, see, think and do.

We must have a book netbook tells us to do. That book gives us our marching orders and the best of my ability.

God causes me to become president SBC then I will do what I can sound that message and rally our churches to live that way. Going forward I would welcome your support is greatly appreciated and established in that position. I'll do my best to steward well the trust, including rascal.

Thank you so much for doing this on a Christian perspective today will Chris, thank you brother for your kindness and having me on your support appreciate all that you're doing great before you were hoping to be able to partner with you over the next couple years as president of the Madison I wanted to have Dr. Haskell on here today because there's something very important happening tomorrow right here in Anaheim. If you're Southern Baptist. You need to get Anaheim, California. If you're already here. We need you to vote for Dr. Tom Haskell.

The heart and soul of the Southern Baptist convention is on the line and if Satan can defeat this other better convention he will do his best to cripple our ability to send missionaries around the world and train pastors who will lead and understand the sufficiency in the inerrancy of God's work.

This is very very important.

I know the average person sitting in the pew doesn't pay attention to politics as of the managed convention but I want to tell you that really the future of our nation and the world as America goes, the workers and if the liberals can destroy the southern Meadows convention which is been brought follow the word of God and women have problems in this country that are worse than we have right now please please come to Anaheim.

If you're here Anaheim tomorrow. Stay on the floor. Pay attention to what's going on and when we bow please vote for Dr. Tom Haskell thank you for what you're doing for us. Thank you for listening lyce radio station every day sideways as a circuit share with you that you share with you faster. They need to understand what doesn't, I was going by the culture. The Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting culture for Jesus, since for America foundation, this is the Truth Network

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