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It is Family Friday!

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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June 3, 2022 9:00 am

It is Family Friday!

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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June 3, 2022 9:00 am

Connie Albers has a new grandson and she shares how grandparents can leave a legacy for their grandchildren.

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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris and will will will will you and I got incredible joy at seeing my son hold time something in me job. Now click on the daughter. But knowing that this is not a legacy he's creating in your legacy and I want to talk about this for me this week and are in our time together because making things happen, kill, and I think that there you and I just really conversing about this season of life and what families need thinking about an article on how articles change the world. You had a grand right along the edge of currently I think think he's getting nave is not great client when you think about our grandson going to guess he gets Getty and I think he's probably going to be running over there more than I well and walk you uniquely qualified just yet.

All true grandchildren like buying a boat you just break out another friend when you buy you break out another no no you need to get this and you need to get this in my yes I have a little nursery on and not that is just so that when they come to visit. He has a little comfortable claims that he used to, and he has a little toy that he that are only going to be a grandma's house and everything has been aptly named Kennedy cracked me up, not original or creative. Just want to be called grammar.

I don't honor and I know in the fact that he can take them to the store and they still sell greeting cards these days, but you take him to the store and you can see a carpeted grandma and you'll be no grandparents that I don't doubt that yes I parted all of that and how my thought is like with my my granddaughter with my daughter-in-law being able to model what is this look like and how can we help you in frankly Chris, we just recently it's terrifically company and these are this is because your kids are raising children in our grandkids and they need to shore them up. They need us to pray over them. The cheerleader that says I'm here. Currently I am there for you I will support you and I don't mean financially. I just mean I'm there to support you and their appointees, little one to the Lord to remind you that it is the Lord protector kids. That is the Lord who gives you wisdom and discernment the Lord to give you wisdom and discernment about the honest also intimidating because change I was googling some stuff about Grand Canyon and will and I think I was googling I saw all these rules, my next block and there's all these rules. Now the grandparents to follow and I literally thought the world and it dawned on me that this generation is not understood and value that comes from older generation. Whether it's a Titus to monitor whether it be the gray hair.

Whether it be with him and sage advice that we get from our elders. We will run into a blog post, a stranger, and will discount the advice that comes from generations, how we do things widely do things and thinking I I think presents a lot to do with were expecting some level of protection in our parents maybe didn't deliver, and we have to remind him. I think it's our responsibility to remind them that doesn't exist you not generate perfect kids to be the perfect parent unit try to be the best parent you can be you listen to the Lord, you can speak guidance and counsel make mistakes and you need the advice you need the support of your family and your extended family, especially in this day and age under world work on the Lord will weld all those old people who came in the other solutions they probably won't have the love and moreover longer follow-up upon what the sounds of what can be models of all you almost on. Do you all all you will walk you here involving Paul's on Yahoo call me once you you love, you will also and Wawa will happen yeah actually we were back on top of all the other craziness that we had going on in our life. They had recently bought home and we had to move them so here is my daughter-in-law and I really have to give a shout out her because she is, she was over she missed her that her due date right.

She was 40 some weeks they bought a home and we had to move them and sell criticism of you getting that's why left family Friday. It's not perfect but when we said hey guys and others that were family time it's moving day, we gotta get them move and she's 40 weeks pregnant.

I mean my kids. That could mean pretty much everybody but one or two that were out of town. They dropped everything and they showed up and we had U-Haul U-Haul trailer struck and we loaded up. I mean kill ourselves with pianos and and whatnot but Chris I stood as their mother looking thinking when I was in the trenches hard. You know you're trying to get them to share your light. Don't be mean to your sister on becoming when you're in the middle of teaching and training you don't know what the end result, clinically girl up and hate each other, will you currently have her stop fighting ever get along well. They guided himself and served without being told. Not only did we say hey moving day is Friday and Saturday work like all my children working there like what time Chris was pouring and we had a daily start on moving day and all sorts of mishaps they showed up those my Nan strong could lift that piano and she never quit. She didn't why she didn't complain, she didn't hold on 40 weeks pregnant. She kept telling himself Thursday Friday Saturday and then give me on Sunday we were doing one minute preparations on Monday Tom and I were at their house trying to make from the border so we could get the kitchen together and I could get sheets on the bed so she could take a nap and lay down and get the credit. My daughter my daughter put the baby's crib together and she's like my crap together. Many were so many little things and I was taking a man and tucking away my heart going. This is what you envisioned.

This is what you envision for family perfect. No. Did people know get tired yeah that might hundred mile just was gracious and kind and helpful. Very careful with with her words and literally we left our house on 1130 Monday night we got home. 30 minutes later got a call five minutes after that they were unaware the hospital can you get the dog get the dog yet we still get the dog you think you're the dog and get the dog in there on the hospital and at 417. She had the baby on Tuesday morning so it's amazing how how life changes and how your family when you're in the trenches and you're raising them to serve in your raising them to be kind and gentle and think about all the critical spirit you're thinking about the character qualities are trying to poor entities can't day in and day out your free you get afraid. What if I miss something. What if I ruined that. What if they don't like me. We can't parent from a place of fear. We have the parent from a place of knowing God is in control. God is discharged us with being faithful. I know I said that before Chris that you know your kids just had some big activities prom coming up in your daughter is graduating with her Masters and she's on to going into officer in your life is ending itself even though your family is all right around you incredibly close, and what is that like for you.

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There is another 35 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies like joy, one American Dutch hope.

There existed a water route across America to the Pacific basin.

Henry Hudson defined although he was unsuccessful. He could lay claim to the land along the Hudson River, so named for him, fear the Dutch West India Company founded the colony of new Netherland receiving their charter this day, June 3 16, 21, the Dutch leader called the step general after which Deb Island gave the regulation column is shelved by their Christian life and conduct of the knowledge of God and his word without however persecuting all those 11 story about the body will talk about all the yellow is only one thought that you say. Oh well, I did on all write what I want him to look back one day and now maybe I'll be in a wheelchair. Who knows, but I wanted to look back one day and I say uncle uncle son. So with your uncle your uncle Schilling's toes. Your aunties were here and your grandma and grandpa were herein and we were getting your home ready with your childhood home for your ease made all these memories because we like you and because were doing life together and in no and hell lap one day. No say well he had hear back then or you know now I don't say that you know Chris I think about our segments and I get so excited when we get to come together because our lives are busy parenting is one of the things we do. You've got your ministry that you're running in and I got my ministry and were working together on different projects and no you life pursuing things that is my husband. All that we do all the lies to the millions of lives that you and I touch that God has allowed us to impact and influence. The greatest influence that we were really have is an the lives of our kids. We went when it's all said and done those of the treasures God gives us. He says that children are the fruit of the wound that your children are against their treasure there a blessing and you have two amazing blessings who adore you and Vicki and I I want our segment to just be, hope filled, not in a sense that all look how we did it we did it all right.

No is faithful and you'll have seasons of trial and seasons of misunderstanding and opportunities for the enemy to get in a place where just an we talked about this before something you talked about how you can be overbearing or you can get Manhattan you know I can lecture my kids back then.

You know I can get my feelings hurt, but we had to be so vigilant. Chris can maintain a healthy relationship and communicate with our kids because when we turn the Council from high school and like you, you now your son is graduated. Your daughter is now have multiple degrees and she's onto the next degree.

Very accomplished family and my kids about graduated.

We turn the tassel. We we were more than it's more than just 0 to 18 and NCN you know them turn around and say thanks for the keys of the car or think for the college education or you. Thanks for the wonderful food you cook. We want something deeper and I believe that that's what God wants for our family and Chris I believe that's why our families are under so much a time and why you and I spent much time trying to equip families into make an impact in the culture and pushback against the lies that are being told that parents are believing the kids are believing in. It's important when you think about that order. The local will and what work you will all Christian job about your started an internship company located were always on call Geo Lawton blog will open doors for sure one word about what words you will will going on and I was lucky lucky lucky you. The other places in other countries, and so we all really helping school and stored internship placement of the women. God bless the scholarly word or group of three and maybe all mom, you know the one available, watches Monte Bello work with your own.

Although I tried to do that is going up the you you you you you you will so yesterday talking about what you all the usual subaltern ball medium 13 also moment only on call.

No relationship you shared that I am I have the benefit of having all 10 of us live within minutes of each other. I that is aghast and I'm so excited my son and daughter-in-law just bought their first home and my daughter and her suck her husband are are looking at a Holloman day they called her dad. They think she called her dad so they called my husband and dad were looking at doing mass and you're an engineer so when you think about you know in your family doesn't all live together but the point isn't to not tethered to home right there not tethered to relationally. They are a big difference. Your close going IK others of the bread it we budgeted like 250 and it's now seven box you're probably thinking I eat the crust if the clot of the and there like you.

But you know they learn they learn something from Matt, but the fact that we called you the fact that he shared with you about is going to prom and and you are your daughter's graduation number how busy you guys are your present whether that's emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally present you. You talk your daughter all the time you talk you respond all the time they support what you and your wife are doing and you support them.

So it's not about location as part of a physical address about a relational address and parent.

Above all, I want you to hear you are all you listeners and reminder. Write this down. You are your child's primary influence is college professors all my kids went to college graduated well picked up some stuff I wish they had picked up but you know what they live in the real world and the real world is pretty and it's not fair and it's not kind always on. There's a lot of evil evil and corruption.

The amazing thing is, no matter their age are the primary influence in her life.

Mentors have their place and we all have to. We should mentors don't replace mom and dad because when the hard days come, they call, we want them to call on.

We want them to reach out and say hey I like 20 bucks short on the grocery bill can you pay Tommy or than money or we know whatever the situation is especially in this economy right now. Chris is with older kids. There's more and more kids moving back in with their parent. And if that's your situation.

I want to encourage you moms and dads don't think your kids are failure to launch. There's a lot of wisdom sometimes when your kids move back in. They can save money. A lot of money to be able to launch forward with buying a home or advance your career.

Something like that. We can see the whole culture just shifting everywhere but this I'm sure of it is the family I was the first Confucian God creating with the family that we have to fight for that we have to protect and that's what we have to nurture" the blue bottle molecule is talking about grandchild get a quick motion break people in on all of you a shout out mobile you as you show, take a look at patriot mobile to break Christian so-called company ministries are conservative or the ministries more as a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know really important role that God and the Bible is you radio host and founder of America foundation, Dr. Chris, or maybe days in our nation's capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the learn about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator. The truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles for secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back the causes you care about. Order your copy to shop generous Joe's daughter. But even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passionate prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America.

Christ visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church to join and support this exciting movement will will will you live way I could write a book." Okay, you will your child very red. But we we need to be that child was talking about you.

You talk about him time schedule to back in with your parents and we need to be carefully.

The failure in our law because we know it makes this when talking about that made me think about this last week all that is your only are.

Speakers include Percy to get involved in all Gibraltar just last week, there's a huge this year. Kristen called the conservative called driving to your party. Always community.

There will be equal all Canadian gold of Shane. Okay I will of real talking about it all. I will show my family all the drop bodies will be huge for one reason people the old you all might stay in the family for generations and if you think about the single biggest spiritual most families is all and we got away from that use a world where almost all of the key for all equally strong at all small quality and multiple held together, and I thank you. You are thinking about all these family you will you as you and they all live in the same property only or whatever they stay together.

You talk about moving back home all work will not be living close to where we would be willing to be home alone before we had a healthcare financially in this economy you have your own little apartment or whatever. There is really object you will be a little hard for you I think you could learn all about you from all your three people will will all go with only one on Plumstead Monroe's goal when launching your loan to let them know you will all want to be close just to go so well. I'm glad you brought craft on multi generational living and how in other cultures such as normal, it's just what they do and how they lived like American Western culture is different from that for not with thinking that we have lived that way we have practice that over the course of our families like you. My mother and my stepdad lived with us for a brief period on my step. My father-in-law has lived with this often on numerous times over the last 10 to 15 years. My son at my youngest is now back living with us because things happen. His his roommate decided to sell the home that he was renting an card to get it's hard to get a place and it's hard a lot of times people don't want to rent to kids that are in their 20s something better twentysomething and so it is a little difficult for him and an adjustment because I have to kind of put up so to speak at the be okay not put up with have to be okay with you just made me dinner and you just talk it in mice think are you coming back to wash something of a choice in that moment to get irritated or just send them a hey can you when you're done whatever it is you're doing before you go to work. Can you just like wash the dishes. Not you really want to be like a yard and wash the dishes. Are you land well that Woodland well somebody do that to be mindful, intentional conduct thought processes that I will monitor my now I will think before I speak, I will be speaking on the speaking, the rest of this week at a big conference and one of my topics is on words, the power of words and what we have to do what what are words do and how we wanted to land in the right place, but I had to think about that and in the end, I stopped and I literally thought you know what I had to clean the dishes anyway because there's mine and their dad.

You know my son and his daughter-in-law, who are living with us for a few days during the open like that you know the dictating and Remind myself of Chris's.

There's life happening in this home yesterday. Dog smudges all over my windows because we have their dog and dishes and cups and mass, but it just there will be a day when the house is perfectly tidy and it will also mean that life isn't happening so if your daughter wants to come back. I see rabbit trails that if your daughter decide she's so precious he email want to find a way and activity that are something that keeps you from saying like in the mind out the mouth and and remembering that this is this really is just a short season and she's going to be no God willing Mary Haydar children are maybe in another location. Practicing her vocation so now we can rabbit trail on that one, but such an important topic.

I get call, email and direct messages constantly from families saying this crisis is hot and it's usually a conflict, a word that was spoken and attitude and appreciation.

How do we handle that all I just keep coming back to doing life together is messy and it's hard by the alternative is not having a relationship and not having those champions another call conversation that we can have. We can have our feelings will get hurt. They just do. But how we respond and react is a choice that we make and keep. I always to say I have to model how Jesus would behave. I have to model how Jesus would live, and how he loves me and how many times I say and do the wrong things, I mean constantly everyday and I have to confess and he is faithful and you know there's something I say Chris say okay I know you're taking it when we're in the midst of all of this and something does happen and there is that hey, I'm really sorry I didn't mean to do that now.

Here's my saying.

Forgiveness requested forgiveness granted when they do something or when we do something and assemble. I'm sorry. Please forgive me I didn't need to do that no problem and we do exactly what Jesus we let it go weeks after you let it go alone or quote below. What is you will go well and was logged,, I mean, organization or individual use. In a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online for all our Memphis campus.

Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back the causes you care about. Order your copy to shop generous Joe's daughter. But even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the time creating family mother relationship I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies like joy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is this you radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation's capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how to vault over the government in the mental health new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator. The truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles secure your spot to join this all will multiply more than happy my life saving if you radio station every day and maybe you miss all is well. After the Christian perspective that you learn all coming out all your podcast is released Wednesday is great. You appreciate all that you sure you get back on route dishes on yesterday about this and I was okay on and also called me all the while the home of standalone home so she had me. Usually when she had she special talk about your plans for the how you I canonically tell you I don't know something, we are eager for to be part of my son and daughter-in-law.

We want to let them know that we are pretty understandable mean there's some great dogs. A friend of mine wrote a book called understandable pocketbook, but Brent Hansen is a radio personality. I think we have known him. You may know him Chris that is a phenomenal man and I met I met when I was a leadership coach and he wrote a book called understandable judgment resonated with me and I thought to live and I want my my son and my daughter and mom to know were working to be pretty understandable.

Yes, our feelings might get hurt if you don't do this or do that but get the benefit of the doubt. So what would I always take your kids here don't kid we think about the Scripture. If there's a conflict taken back to Scripture, go to them and talk about it or be willing to talk about it. Don't don't play victim. Don't make yourself.

You don't create drama, I don't feel shame here can have expectations of what this is supposed to look like.

I sure do know I envision now just got another baby in Lebanon doing all the things that grandma gets you that I had to manage my expectations and I have to be very considerate there again and stand before the Lord answer for how they raise their son.

I can to be in support. I am to be an encouragement. I need to pray for, pray over and pray with them before we left the house at night. Just not too long ago, she was exhausted after the contractions were getting stronger and I just look at my time and I think we need to pray, he gathered in a circle just before Boston held hands and we just prayed we prayed over his life and nine constantly sending them text messages.

We love you were so proud of you.

We know that your life is change. You can have some sleepless nights but there's nothing sweeter in the joy of being able to cuddle and live that little one and the important things so that the thing that when there for cheek and hired: the text message of those cards that meal we set up a meal train with engine coming just my family. We set up a meal train so that we can keep food coming to them for a few weeks and they know their love Don me know if at all possible. If there's any were indeed like you are for your son so my expectations are to be careful not have unrealistic expectations on their kind and gracious were kind and gracious and I believe that's the beauty of family that can be the beauty and family, but we do have to be careful of what we say because if were not careful. One not dealt with properly.

That is misspoken or because you're tired or your feelings get hurt one word Chris can cause a cascade where the enemy gets down and create and we don't want to be prayerful and mindful, and communicate said encouraging them letting them know. Go to the Lord will go to the Lord. Wish you think you will looking for the following total weakness all have a great well.

All in all, how much gentler salt yellow and she will be so what else do we actually want to be the longest all you got what you will all show on because you have a great job on Monday will come. You know now, her stature and I mean I live in Florida. We went to Florida and her family lives in Washington state, and I imagine it was heart wrenching for them. Thanks to technology, they were able to face time but my mind that we have to crop that we have to navigate between competition. We need to be for them like a team not not usable tally marks as to who gets more time or who gets what first or things like that so you refine. I appreciate you celebrating with me that we are in uncharted territory. But I'm eager to see how God knew what we will close your people to your weird behavior. Everybody will show you what it did come to see you much appreciated. We also developed people wanted to see her already readable about one pleader that a dealbreaker will please our work will call the brother of one count. Maybe you will be how I failed and the balance I calculated you don't know, I know you are year remodeling your grandkids. We did not talk about the best quality I love you so well you said I will go to medical school that the owner I don't know it's going to be a ball. I just you know and I know we don't often talk politics on our segment, but we certainly talk politics in our family life and it is fine it's just another layer of what makes our family closed and kick and relate to each other and so I will say is I know what time but it is beautiful. We had a text read, and we get we get this hayride way to the hospital and a lot of people in our thread are understandable and then we get the announcement and you know all the gifts are hilarious. You know, and then my donkey and why and and Chris as we think as we close the segment out we think about generations and legacy. It's not was building a legacy for ourselves were building a legacy for the Lord, that our children will be light in a dark place in order to be light in a dark place, they need a strong support they need a strong team and a need to know that their family has their back you were praying for y'all were still waiting for this and we maybe I could be like the focal are some ways you know the Christian perspective more about culture visit citizens for America This is the Truth Network

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