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Is There Hope for America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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May 31, 2022 5:30 am

Is There Hope for America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 31, 2022 5:30 am

Mike Hill and Chris Hughes talk about a variety of issue in America today and give solutions to the problems.

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Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural and political issues. An apologist, Christian political advocate, and author, here is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes. Welcome to Christian Perspective.

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And as Christians, God wants us to see the world through the lens of the Bible. And that's what we try to do every day here on the Christian Perspective, is let you learn from some of the greatest leaders in the country on various topics. And my guest today, Mike Hill, is one of those people. So I encourage you, if you're interested in getting a four-year degree, or maybe we'll get a master's or doctorate, go to Go to That's and learn more. And we want to thank the Citizens for America Foundation. If you want to learn what the Bible says on every topic that you can imagine, go to our website,

That's Sign up to receive our newsletters and emails, and we will keep you posted on things that's going on. We got a lot of big events coming up in June. We're doing a great tour of Washington, D.C. You ever wondered, was our nation founded as a Christian nation? Well, if you come with me in June or again in September, we're doing two trips this year to Washington, D.C., you'll get to learn how our founding fathers really did have a Christian perspective.

Maybe you'd like to go to Israel. I want to tell you, I'm so excited because on December 26, we are taking a nine-day trip to Israel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. You can learn about all these trips and events that we're putting on across the country at Well, my guest today has been a dear friend for many years. He's a great Christian brother. You've heard him on our podcast, and we've had him on our radio show as well. He was also a speaker at our Culture Engagement Summit. My guest today is Representative Mike Hill.

He's a former State House member in the state of Florida, and he's running again for the State House. Mike, thank you so much for being on The Christian Perspective today. Chris, thank you for having me.

It's always an honor and a pleasure to be on your show. Well, it's great for me because you know so much about so many different topics, and we've got so much to talk about right now, Mike, because so much is going on in our country as we speak. So many things. So just a few days ago from before this show, there was a terrible shooting, another school shooting, and Mike, it frustrates me. I know you're a big supporter of the Second Amendment, and it just drives me crazy. Every time there's a catastrophe like this, instead of talking about the issues of maybe mental health or what created this situation, the President always wants to jump on the Second Amendment and try to strip away our gun right.

I mean, do you see it that way, too? Every single time it seems like to me, instead of talking about the issue, and to me, the issue is sin, Mike. If we would just turn our nation back to Jesus, there is a demonic influence in our country today, and we need to lead people to Jesus. The answer is not gun control.

The answer is heart control. What do you think about that issue? You're absolutely right, Chris. When I was in the Florida House, I sponsored legislation to reveal a lot of the unconstitutional gun-grabbing laws that the Florida Republican, Florida House and Senate passed, and the Republican governor at that time, Rick Scott, who's now Senator Scott, signed legislation into law after the shooting. Again, what they did was they went after the Second Amendment rights. They went after guns instead of addressing the issue. So when I filed that legislation, I studied what was going on with this whole gun control debate.

There were two things that I discovered. Number one, that every time, as you say, Chris, every time there is a catastrophe like this, it's a disaster. It's horrible. I imagine those parents must feel now that who have lost their children, their loved ones.

That must be horrible, Chris. And every time this happens, the left always, number one, they blame it on the gun itself. They absolve the individual who did it of any responsibility at all. They instead blame it on the gun, having access to the gun. And number two, if you note this, Chris, they always blame it on conservatives. They always say that because of something that Rush Limbaugh said, no, rest his soul, or what Donald Trump, his rhetoric, what he is allowing to happen, or what Mark Levin may be saying.

They always go after conservatives and try and blame it on them, even though there's no connection at all. But as I further studied this issue, Chris, I discovered this. Of all those mass shootings, there was this common denominator. Usually they were single, young males, usually less than 28 or so, came from oftentimes broken homes.

In other words, there was no father present. But here's the one factor that was involved with all of them. They were either on or had just recently came off of psychotropic drugs, either prescribed or that they had been taken illegally.

That was the common denominator. So as you say, it is a mental illness factor. Mental illness has to be addressed, not going after our God-given right to be able to protect ourselves, our family, and our property.

And you know, Mike, even if they restrict to the sales of guns, I know they've certainly tried to... One loophole they do is, since they know that they can't really grab guns, is they tax ammunition to make it so expensive, it's difficult to purchase ammunition. But I'm sure when you were in the legislature and you were doing your research, what do you think? So we hear the term in the news a lot, SRO. So for our listeners that are not familiar with what that acronym is, SRO stands for School Resource Officer. And I know in the area where I live in North Carolina, that was a big issue a couple of years ago when there were a lot of shootings, was trying to get school resource officers in the schools. And folks, what that is, is it's basically where... Usually with the county sheriff's department, but it might be some police, local police or whatever, but basically an officer is placed in the school that is armed. So there would be somebody in the school building that has a weapon. Now I've heard both sides of that, Mike, where the liberals are just, we don't want anybody with a gun at all in the building. Well, there's never been a case where a school resource officer has shot people. I mean, I guess that could happen, but their liberals are scared to have the gun because they're scared of the gun. Did you do research as a legislator or have you done research? Do you think school resource officers are a deterrent?

Does it help? Should we be looking at that? What are your thoughts about school resource officers? I believe they are a deterrent to those who want to go and commit these mass shootings. And the reason I say that, Chris, is because these mass shootings always happen in declared gun-free zones. So typically at schools, schools are gun-free zones, movie theaters, gun-free zones. And so that's where you see these churches. That's where you see these mass shootings that take place.

So these school resource officers do help. Now, I don't know all the details of that shooting that took place a couple of days ago there in Texas, but I know that the shooter was a young male. He was 18 years old, came from a terrible home. I understand that he killed his grandmother before he went to the school.

A very troubled young man. And it said that he was killed at the scene. So I don't know if that was a school resource officer that did that, or if it was some police officer who was close by who responded quickly. But at any rate, if someone hadn't have stopped him, it could have been even worse.

More lives could have been taken. So I do agree with having school resource officers. It's a shame that we have to have it, Chris. When I was in elementary school in the 60s, we had nothing like that.

Nothing at all. And it's a shame that our society has graded to the point where we have to have them to protect our kids in schools. Here in Florida, I'm sorry, they were to go so far as to allow teachers and administrators who volunteered to conceal caring. Here in Florida, that was a big talk a number of years ago. And then it kind of waned and went away.

So I don't think that's happening right now. We just have the school resource officers. You know, one thing that really frustrates me, Mike, is that, you know, when the liberals, I was never afraid of police officers when I was a kid. I don't understand. And I mean, you know, I'm not a minority. People say, well, it's because you got white privilege or whatever.

I mean, I don't see it like that. But I don't understand this fear of having an armed police officer in our schools. They're there to protect us. And certainly there are bad people in any, you know, there have been bad police officers.

Yes. But as a whole, our law enforcement officers are men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day. And I think it would be a deterrent, in my opinion, to have school resource officers and they talk about we can't afford them. Well, look at the money we wasted on this crazy mask and vaccine and, you know, all the nonsense.

And again, I'm going to get bad letters for this, Mike. But, you know, we have the money for the things we want to have money for. We have spent an ungodly amount of money on things, in my opinion, are worthless in the COVID fight. But yet we can't find money for school resource officers when we need to do it in our schools. And I think another area of weakness sometimes is the entrance ways. You know, I attended some meetings a while back where there was talk of different ways to slow these shooters down.

You know, one have like a main entryway into a school system and there might be a hallway where someone has to get signed in or approved or at least kind of looked over by somebody before they enter into the main school system. But, you know, it is a problem. But again, I don't think it's guns as a Christian. And from my Christian perspective, it's an issue of sin. You know, if these people were followers of Jesus Christ, they're not going to be, you know, if they've got a personal relationship with Jesus, they're not going to be out murdering people. And we've just got to find a way to help turn our nation back to Jesus because we've got a real problem in our country and the problem is evil. And, you know, I think, you know, again, not used to this, not you speaking to me.

Sometimes I think the liberals almost like it when there's something like this that happens, not that they want to see people killed, but it helps them push their liberal agenda and jump back on the gun issue one more time. Let's take a quick commercial break and come back and talk about more of some of the craziness that's going on in our country today. Folks, my guest is Mike Hill. Stick around. We'll be right back. This show is brought to you by Generous Joe's, the coffee company with the Christian perspective.

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Welcome back to Christian Perspective. My guest today is a former state representative, Mike Hill, who is in the panhandle of Florida. And Mike is just an expert on policy and so many issues.

He travels across the country and speaks. He is a frequent speaker for the John Birch Society. Mike, I bet a lot of our listeners have never even heard of the John Birch Society. Do you mind sharing who they are and your work with them? Oh, absolutely.

Thank you, Chris. The John Birch Society is a conservative organization that was founded in 1958 by Robert Welch. Robert Welch called together a number of prominent businessmen at the time to fight communism coming into our nation. And at that time, communism was becoming infiltrated into our government, into our school system, and into our society as a whole. And a lot of people called them radical at the time, but they were exactly right. The specter of communism was invading our country and is continuing to invade our country. So the John Birch Society are patriots who love this country, who are predominantly Christians, who love the faith of Christianity, and want to preserve this great nation from the specter of evil called communism.

And communism is infiltrating in almost every area of Chris. We see it even now in big business. We see it with BlackRock and the CEO of BlackRock. They manage funds for people. It's a huge — the largest in the U.S., where they manage funds for people.

And its CEO, Larry Fink, who has gone, what he says, completely woke. He believes in the Green Deal. He believes in critical race theory and all this other nonsense you see on the left. But the John Birch Society is there to fight people just like that, to fight this system, this specter of communism.

And people don't recognize how sinister it is and how evil it is. Communism is not just a political ideology. Communism is just not a monetary ideology. Communism is against God. Communism is against the individual. Communism wants a few people to control the state. And we see a lot of these people meeting right now, Chris, in Davos, Switzerland, where they are getting together and here these oligarchs are trying to determine how the rest of the people on the planet are supposed to live.

How arrogant and prideful is that? And it's leading towards what they want to have and what President Biden wants is a one-world government. And the only way to do that is to merge with these communist societies. The John Birch Society was kind of given a bad rap.

I don't really know how it all happened. A lot of people tried to talk badly of the John Birch Society, but now the predictions that John Birch Society has been making for years are coming true, where we have socialists that are trying to take over our country and that's the next step to communism. And I know that John Birch Society has a lot of great resources.

Is there a place where people could go? I know you have some videos and a lot of great books and you put out, and my mind's going blank, a great monthly newsletter that just has a ton of information on current events. Do you mind sharing where they can get that information?

Oh, absolutely. You can go to JBS, that's for John Birch Society, And when you go there, you can subscribe to their monthly magazine called The New American.

And it does a fantastic job of touching all the issues that are affecting us right now. And even the title of the magazine is the title of the group. And by the way, I am a member of the John Birch Society.

As you say, I speak for them around the country. The name, their namesake came from a Christian missionary to China in the 1940s. John Birch was a Christian missionary in China, and he helped Colonel Jimmy and his men after they did their famous bombing raid on Tokyo in World War II and had to crash land in China because they ran out of gas. And so John Birch helped them to evade being caught by the Japanese and to get back to safety. He was then promoted as a captain in the Air Force and received the Legion of Merit.

And then 10 days after the war was over, World War II was over, the communist Chinese murdered Captain John Birch. And so that is who Robert Welch and those founders of the John Birch Society decided to name their organization after, the John Birch Society. So you can learn all about them by going to It's a great organization for one of these reasons, I'll say, Chris. A lot of organizations will point out issues that we have and problems, and there's many of them. But it is one of the few organizations that not only will they point out a problem, but they will give you a solution to the problem and action steps you can take as an individual to fight against what we see happening to our nation right now. And that's needed so much.

I mean, so many people complain about stuff and never offer solutions. The newsletter is called The New American, right? Is that the name of it? That's correct, yes. And I think you can, I might be wrong, I think you can get a digital copy for $25 a year, it might be 40.

But they have a hard copy and a digital copy, and I've seen it. And I know they cover issues that are going on in the country and around the world at that time and do a lot of research and quote a lot of experts in those areas. So as Mike said, you can visit,, and learn more about that. Well, Mike, Mike, let me shift gears a little bit. I know you've been on the forefront of the battle for life.

And I know you've got to be ecstatic that we are probably on the precipice of becoming a post wade. I mean, a post row America. And when you were in the legislature, I think you told me that you sponsored some legislation. Was it a heartbeat bill?

What was the legislation you sponsored in Florida when you were in the State House? That's right, Chris, it was the heartbeat bill. And the heartbeat bill did not pass in Florida, it has in other states, which simply says that once a heartbeat is detected, you cannot abort that baby.

And as you say, Chris, it's interesting to me, though, this is so interesting. We're anticipating Roe v. Wade being overturned. And I believe that that is what's going to happen.

And so do a lot of people, including those on the left. And that's why they're going so crazy right now. So they said, okay, once that happens, now the battle is shifted to the states. Each state is going to individually determine what is going to happen with abortion in their state. I said, okay. Well, why is it that when Roe v. Wade was in place, that each state could not determine what it was, that instead, the federal government will determine that a woman can murder that baby in her womb. So it's like the left wants it both ways. That's okay.

We're ready to take on that battle in Florida. Not only with the heartbeat bill, but there was other legislation that I have passed that is still in effect, Chris, which says that if an abortion is going to be performed, then that doctor must have admitting privileges in a nearby hospital. And the purpose of that is to protect the woman in the instance of something going wrong with the procedure that she will be admitted to the hospital.

Before my bill, the lady could get injured during this horrific procedure. What the abortion clinic would do is simply rush her over to the hospital and drop her off. And then when the hospital would call back to the abortion clinic and ask questions like, well, what happened? They wouldn't even answer. Well, what's her blood type?

Wouldn't answer. And it was because they did not have admitting privileges with the hospital. So my bill said, you must have those admitting privileges. Well, that would shut down the vast majority of clinics in Florida. Unfortunately, the government did not enforce that law. The Agency for Healthcare Administration, which was in charge of that in Florida, would not enforce it, even though we gave them documentation time and time again, showing that there were clinics operating with doctors without committing privileges. But I'd like to report real quick, Chris, that the abortion clinic, which was open in Pensacola, Florida, was shut down just last week. And it was shut down because finally, the Agency for Healthcare Administration stepped forward when three young ladies, over a period of about three months, were severely injured during that procedure. And when two more recently happened, finally, the Agency for Healthcare Administration stepped in and shut down the clinic. So right now, there is no abortion facility between the nearest one now to the Alabama border. You have to go all the way to Jacksonville, which is a six-hour drive away. So nowhere in a panhandle of Florida is there an abortion facility after it will open.

So we can praise God for that. Yes, I do. Well, that's a good place to take a break. Let's take a quick commercial break. Come back. I want to talk a little bit more about the abortion issue because I know you're an expert on them. Folks, stick around.

I'll be right back. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, but most Americans don't know the truly important role that God in the Bible played in the founding of this great nation. This June, join nationally syndicated radio host and founder of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes, for four amazing days in our nation's capital. With Chris, you'll embark on a journey of discovering the hidden secrets of Washington, D.C. and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage. Your tour will include an up-close and personal look at the nation's establishment and how it's evolved over the centuries. Learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of republic, one that acknowledged the creator from its very inception. Know the truth about the creation of the United States of America, about the faith of the founding fathers and how Christian principles were used to establish this form of government. Visit today and secure your spot to join Chris Hughes in Washington, D.C. this June.

And never forget the coffee you love or the causes you care about. at to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. Welcome back to Christian Perspective.

My guest today is Representative Mike Hill, a former state representative in Florida, and I believe he's running again. We'll talk about that towards the end of the show. Mike, you were talking about we were talking about Roe v. Wade and the current decision for the Supreme Court. I'm going to kind of go all over the place here with this, but you were talking about abortion facility where you live in Pensacola, Florida, that was recently shut down because of injuries to women. We need to get that story out because that is, you know, all the time you hear this garbage in the news about, you know, if Roe v. Wade is overturned, it's going to be a health care crisis for women in America. And there's going to be all these back alley abortions and they're never going to get hurt if they have an abortion clinic.

Well, you just proved them wrong. If these two young women were injured in during an abortion in a facility, then it's already happening. You were talking about trying to make physicians have admitting privileges to hospitals. Did that bill pass? That bill passed, Chris. It is law in Florida right now.

So there's an abortion clinic. They're not enforcing it, right? They're not enforcing it, are they? Unfortunately, they're not enforcing it. But most hospitals will not will not give admitting privileges to these doctors for various reasons.

You know, there's a liability that could be involved. It's because a lot of these hospitals are religious based, such as Sacred Heart, Baptist Health Care, and so forth. And so they won't give them these admitting privileges.

And then other hospitals don't want to be known for that. Because that could deter customers or patients from wanting to use those facilities, knowing that they support abortion. But you're right, Chris, that story needs to get out that having an abortion is not safe. And it's not always effective.

Well, let me say it this way, it's effective at ending a life. But it also oftentimes will cause trauma to the woman, not only physically, emotionally, the woman carries that weight for almost we've had some documentation for a lifetime, that they will carry the weight of the emotional distress of having that abortion, the guilt that comes with that. And a lot of ladies don't know that this hurts their opportunity, their chances of having children in the future. We find that miscarriages will skyrocket with women who have had abortions, or like these three young ladies who in a Pensacola area were injured having an abortion.

They may never be able to have children again, period, in their lives. And so we have this physical scarring that takes place, this emotional scarring, then there's a spiritual scarring that takes place. But thank goodness, Chris, those who are Christians can have that spiritual scar removed. The grace and mercy of Jesus Christ will heal that for them when they just simply reach out to Him and ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Amen. Well, you know, another part that's never talked about, Mike, is what about the young man? There's emotional scarring for that young man. You never hear anything about that. I wonder if there's ever been a study on that. I know there have been some studies on young women and the emotional burden that's placed on them by abortion. But what about the young man that was involved? That's right, Chris.

I also find it frustrating. I mean, we talk about all these women's rights. Men don't have a right and they don't want men telling them what to do. Well, you know, that baby in that womb is also that young man. And shouldn't he have a say in whether or not that baby is born? Of course, the abortionists say no, but that's something that's always bothered me also. And then one last thing, I think it's not really funny, but the, you know, the pro-abortion crowd always says we don't want old white men telling us what to do. But, Mike, when you look at the Supreme Court, when Roe v. Wade passed, it was a bunch of old white men. That's right.

So which is it? Do you want them telling you what to do or not tell you what to do? Men do have a voice in this and should have a voice in this. Here's the number one reason. There is no way that a pregnancy can take place without a man.

It's impossible. A man is involved in every single pregnancy that takes place. And we need to have men stand up and be a voice in this whole debate. Don't let them tell you, well, you're not a woman, you don't respect. Yes, I do.

Because that pregnancy could not take place without a man. And secondly, what you are doing is affecting our entire society. And so I do have a voice of what's happening in our society. You know, Chris, in ancient Israel, when Moses gave the nation their laws, and those who will violate those laws, oftentimes the penalty could be you are cut off from your people, and sometimes even death, but you are cut off from your people.

In other words, we want to remove you from our society so that you don't infect or affect the rest of us. And there is no doubt that abortion has had a terrible on this nation, over 62 million preborn babies, innocent babies murdered in the womb. And so here we are now, 50 years later, where they're saying Social Security is going to go broke, because we don't have enough workers in the workforce to pay for those who are eligible for. Well, you murdered 62 million of them. If they were all alive and in our workforce today, Social Security could go a lot longer than it has, even though it's just a little aside, Chris, Social Security should go away. It's a Ponzi scheme.

If a private person was doing it, it would have been illegal and they would go to jail. You're exactly right. I mean, I'm disgusted on this and so many other issues when I look what's happening in our country today. Well, I'm going to kind of give a summary of what to expect.

And you're the expert, so you jump in and correct me. So folks, if you're listening to this false narrative being presented by the liberal left right now that this is going to create a woman's health care crisis in the country, it's not. Or that abortion is going to be illegal. I got news for you.

It's not. Our battle is not over as Christians. All this is going to say, if the Supreme Court does rule in our favor, is that a woman does not have a United States constitutional right to an abortion. And I got news for you. I've read the Constitution.

It's not in there. So I agree that they don't have a constitutional right. And it's going to go back to the states. But Mike, that's why races like yours are so important for State House and State Senate races all across the country, because state legislatures and judges, by the way, are also going to be extremely important. These issues are going to now be addressed on a state by state basis. And that's why we're going to see more states look at these what they call heartbeat bills, or some bills, say, after 12 weeks or 16 weeks, there can't be an abortion. There will still be an abortion.

But folks, and I'm not in favor, by the way, Mike, I don't think you are either of abortion in any situation. But why in the world do you need to wait after 12 or 16 weeks? If you're going to have an abortion, why do you need to aborted a baby at seven or eight months? I don't understand, you know, why why you need to wait if you're going to do it, which I don't want you doing it, then do it early.

Why would you go through all that? You know, and they have this argument, the left does that. Okay, you don't want to abort these babies. But you also don't want to support them.

Once the baby is born. You don't want to give a living wage for that mother for that family. You don't want to pay people properly. You don't want to provide the childcare for them. That's not society's issue. That belongs with the family.

The family is to raise that child. And if they need assistance, that's what the church is for. Not taxpayer funded, or forcing businesses to increase the minimum wage, which always I don't know why the leftists don't understand economics.

Whenever you increase the minimum wage, it creates more unemployment, because you have now priced people out of the labor market. So this is going to be a battle at the state level. And I'll tell you what, Chris, I'm for abolishing abortion altogether. No exceptions, no exceptions of rape, incest, human sex trafficking, because as horrific as those actions are, and they are horrible, rape, rape is horrible.

You know, as horrific as they are, God, in his grace and mercy, for some reason decided there's going to be life here. And if God decides there's going to be life here, who are we to say no, God, you made a mistake, we're going to murder that baby. The baby was not at fault. And the Bible clearly states that a child should not be punished for the crimes of the father.

So I'm for no exceptions at all. And they say, what about the cases where the mother's life is at stake? Those are extremely rare circumstances, Chris, and the only time that I know medically, I'm not saying only because I'm not a doctor, but what I've been told in my study of this is that an ectopic pregnancy, that's when the baby is traveling through the fallopian tube towards the uterus, it gets stuck in a fallopian tube. And I've had doctors tell me that will kill a mother, you have to do something about that. But that is not so much an abortion.

That is more a procedure that is being used to save that mother's life. But those are extremely rare, extremely rare that that happened. And it's less than point 3%, I believe. I mean, it's infinitesimally small. That's right. That's right, Chris. And even when they say these cases of rape and incest, those are also very small.

But that is rare. So we don't need exceptions, what we need to do is abolish abortion altogether. And should we make that a law, Chris, that abortion is abolished, it's still going to happen.

It's still going to happen because there's still going to be sin in the world, there's still going to be those who want to, mainly out of convenience, get rid of that baby that is in their womb. And this is the next battle line too, Chris. We must fight chemical abortions. That's going to be the real war, I think, Mike.

I think that's how they're going to get sneaky with it. They're already trying to make these abortion pills readily accessible. I know you and I were at a meeting in DC last week where they were talking about how that is going to be the next battleground. But I'm just shocked that states like Florida, I mean, y'all are so conservative on so many other issues that you don't have a heartbeat bill or some kind of bill like this ready to go for when this happens. Because I think we're literally just weeks away from having a decision that will overturn Roe.

And that's why we need men and women like you and state legislatures across the country who are not going to be afraid of this issue and are going to address it head on. Let's take our last commercial break and we'll come back, shift gears, and let's talk about gas and the economy and all that's happening in our country right now that's so crazy. Y'all stick around. We'll be right back. Y'all stick around. Y'all stick around. Y'all stick around. Y'all stick around.

Y'all stick around. Welcome back to Christian Perspective. My guest today is former Representative Mike Hill from Florida, the Pensacola area. Mike is just an expert on so many different policy issues. We've talked a little bit about the gun situation in America, Second Amendment rights. We've talked about abortion and what's going to happen when Roe v. Way is overturned.

And Mike, we just need to have you on more often because every one of these is really a full show in itself. But I wanted to just touch on the inflation. Gas prices, I think it's all intentional. Gas, when you go to the grocery store, if there's even food on the shelf, the prices have skyrocketed.

You can't get baby formula. Can you talk a little bit about what's causing all this and what the solution is in America right now? Yes, Chris, what is causing inflation?

First of all, it's intentional. This is intentional what the left is doing, what the Biden regime is doing. They know what causes inflation. What causes inflation is an increase of the money supply throughout our system. The more money that flows in, the more inflation we have. And here we are having the Democrat Party, the Biden cabal, spending like with printed money, money that is just fiat money.

There's nothing backing it. And they're running off these printing presses. And just this past year, they spent $3.3 billion, Chris. That is unimaginable. In one year, they spent that. Now, I heard recently, someone put that in perspective. They said that if you go back to the day Jesus was born and you spent $4 million every day since Jesus was born, you still wouldn't, $4 million a day, you still would not reach $3.3 billion. And here the Biden cabal did that in one year.

And he wants to spend. And here just recently they passed both the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans voted for it to send $40 billion to Ukraine. They want to send $40 billion to Ukraine, even though that's a disaster happening over there, which never should have happened.

Like you say, Chris, we could spend a whole show on that alone. But they sent them $40 billion for they would save humanitarian relief, weapons and so forth. Money that first of all, we need it right here in the United States, and money that's going to have to be paid for. It's going to be paid for by the American taxpayers, by our children and our grandchildren, where here they are trying to protect the Ukrainian border from Russia, but they won't protect our own southern border from the invasion that is happening there, which by the way is also intentional. Over 3 million people have entered our country, Chris, since the Biden regime has taken place.

That is intentional. They're trying to let in Democrat voters, people who will become dependent on the government, so that the government will become a huge welfare state, which weakens our nation and makes it more susceptible to being a part of this new world order. And they don't assimilate when they get here, meaning they don't learn English in many cases. They bring their failed policies from their socialist and communist nations with them, and it's destroying them.

I mean, I'm not against people coming to our country legally, but if you come here and you're running away from failed policies in your country, you need to leave those ways behind you when you come here. And they're not doing it when they come. And the Democrats are doing it, like you said, they are simply, elections are close in this country, 3 million people, that's going to win any major election for them in most cases by bringing these people into the country.

It's been so frustrating. We can't send our kids to school because of this false fear from COVID, but we open the borders and bring 3 million people in that aren't even tested and they're allowed to come here. And then our president puts them on airplanes and buses and ships them all over the country and injects them into communities across the country where those communities don't even know what's happening.

It's crazy what's going on. And Chris, we're seeing a resurgence of diseases that were pretty much eradicated in the United States, such as tuberculosis. We're seeing surges of that because of these people coming across the border. We're seeing polio in some communities now where these migrants are coming in.

It is crazy. And now as taxpayers, as you say, Chris, they don't seem to want to assimilate. And so what we do as taxpayers, we now have to pay for them to go to school and we have to pay for them to be able to be taught in Spanish in a lot of cases.

So we pay for their school, we pay for their education, we pay for their housing, we pay for their healthcare. We can't even afford to do that, Chris. But again, this is all intentional. It's all by design. And even in New York, they recently passed a law saying that you didn't have to vote citizen to vote, that you didn't have to show that you were a US citizen to vote in New York.

That is crazy, Chris. But why on earth would you allow someone who has no skin in the game to be able to vote on who they're... And it's because they know they will vote for those who will give them stuff, which the Democrats love to do is make you dependent upon them instead of being enjoying the privilege and the victory of providing for your family and what that feels like when you earn that paycheck and come home, you're able to feed your family to purchase a home or even just to rent an apartment and purchase their clothes. The pride that brings that you are providing for your family as opposed to accepting something from the government and the shame that that shouldn't because you are either too lazy to go out and work or you don't want to. So, Chris, what we are seeing is an intentional move by the left, by this Biden regime that they want to weaken America. That is the communist playbook.

First, you weaken the nation, then you create strife and division so that there are these clashes that take place. And then you step in and say, we're going to build back better. We're going to make it the way it should be. As long as you follow what we tell you to do. And that's how communism works. And we must fight it every step of the way, Chris.

Well, we've got to wake up, Mike, because they are trying to restructure our society. And if we're not able to do something, that's why these elections this November are so important. If we're not able to stop what Joe Biden's doing, we're not going to recognize our country two or three years from now. And, you know, I know that the presidential race in 2024 is important, but two more years of this, I don't know if we can take it when they're talking about gas could be $10 a gallon by the end of the summer. How much can we take?

And what's the solution? You know, and they want gas to be that high, Chris, because in their bizarre world that they live in, the less that we drive, then the more green energy we can use. And the better our climate is going to survive. We must stop climate change.

That is so ridiculous. It's almost religion to them. This is climate change nonsense.

That may is a religion. And we need to realize that has the ability to affect the climate on this planet. You know, instead of God, God is the one who orchestrates what happens on this planet because it is determined by the rotation and oscillation of the earth, our distance to the sun and the movement, of course, and the movement of our oceans.

And when they're warm or when they're cold, everyone has heard of El Nino and El Nino, you know, whether the oceans are warm or cold and the effect it has. Those are the big factors, not because I drive a car to work every day. Well, Mike, even if we could affect it, I agree with you, we can't. But even if we could, doing something in the United States, I mean, we're not like some of these other, there are huge other countries, China, India, they're not going to electric cars. You know, the problem is not going to go away just because we start driving electric cars.

It's crazy. And, you know, it looks like they could find a better way than causing the extreme pain that they're putting on Americans right now with these crazy fuel prices. Well, and it is hurting. It's hurting everyone, Chris, and especially those who are lower income, who could barely afford it, you know, to put gas in their car to go to work. You know, and so it is hurting everyone. And the Democrats don't seem to care because the left, when we say the left, they don't seem to care because all they're concerned about is we must save our planet.

So what you need to do is save yourself and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. That's what you should be focusing on. That is so true, Mike. Well, we've got a huge problem in our country right now. And, you know, folks that are listening, this is why we need to elect men and women to public office who are going to make a difference in our country, who are going to try to save us. We've got to take back the House and the Senate. That's the only way, although I have, Mike, I don't have a lot of confidence, and even Republican legislators are never having us fine. Every time we have a chance to do something, we blow it.

You know, the anti-Trumpers, Paul Ryan and his bunch, we could have done so much in those first two years of the Trump presidency, but we had never Trumpers running the show up there. We have got to quit fighting with among ourselves and put our nation first and to take this country back and to take it back for Jesus. We've got to close here in just a minute, but I know you shared some good news with me a few days ago.

Can you tell people what's happened in your life and how they can follow you and what you're doing? Yes, Chris, it's been impressed upon me by the Lord that I need to run for office again at the state level here in Florida. And I'm going to accept that assignment that he has given to me.

And it's exciting. I'm looking forward to do it because you say one of the main reasons is the battle to protect the preborn is now going to go to the state level. And we are going to meet someone at the state level who's going to fight for those preborn children.

I filed the heartbeat bill, but it was not given a committee hearing by the Republican leadership in the House. Well, thank goodness they're gone, that leadership. And so there's new leadership and the battle must continue. I'm going to bring that fight back to protecting the preborn, of reducing taxes, getting rid of regulations. And thank goodness we have a great governor in DeSantis who agrees with a lot of that. So if people want to get in touch with me, they can go to

They can contact me that way, Well, Mike, thank you so much for being on the show with us today. Chris, it's always a pleasure.

Thank you for having me. Well, we're going to be praying for you. We'll have you back and let us know what's happening with you.

We want to follow you. We're praying for you. Folks, pray for Mike. As he makes this new decision, pray for his family. We need to elect godly men and women across the country who will impact the culture for Jesus. Thank you for listening. The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit This is the Truth Network.
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