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How To Keep Your Child Engaged in God's Word

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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May 27, 2022 5:30 am

How To Keep Your Child Engaged in God's Word

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 27, 2022 5:30 am

Listen again!

It’s Family Friday. Connie Albers and Chris Hughes talk about the challenges parents face when their kids are launched and how to keep them in God’s Word.

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Hello this is Matt slick from a match look like podcast road from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truth of God's word through Trojan Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Sure it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author.

Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris hello David, everything right to keep it out again in God's word topic because we only show we try to encourage people to develop a biblical worldview.

You can't do that if you're not engaged in the word of God in his current God is charged us to engage your children so you're gonna want to call your friends and get on the show.

Listen, you're going to jump into in just a second before we start, I want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and ecology Mid-America for allowing us to have a Christian perspective Studios right here in our beautiful campus in Memphis Tennessee great Christian college where you can learn to develop a biblical worldview and you can send your kids here know that there gonna be talking the word of God. No matter what class is greatly a class with Dr. Ray with you. They understand God's word in the inerrancy of Scripture, and sufficiency of Scripture and how we as Christians go, God's work in every aspect of our life. It's a great school seminary is wonderful as well. You can even take all your classes all online now so I encourage you to check out Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and ecology Mid-America course. One thing our primary sponsor for the day. Show citizens for America foundation.

You can learn more about our great organization will work training people to develop a biblical worldview across the United States and were engaging them in the public arena encouraging people to unibody register to vote.

Learn about issues were not local action committee were not endorsing candidates or just training them and women of God know what the Bible says on biblical issues and cultural issues and social issues and then understand what God wants us to believe there and then elect godly men and women to public office will write legislation or make judicial decisions on whatever may be do it all for the glory of God. And if you will learn how to develop a biblical worldview.

I encourage you to go to citizens for America sign up today start as lowest dollars. The 2022.

Cultural engagement Summit culture engagement Summit is not be on Saturday, April 30, one day only centrally located is only about 15 minutes from Memphis airport to fly in and out one day even if he had to be a lot of great thinkers, Dr. Robert Jeffers, America's pastor Todd Starnes great radio national radio host Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff to Pres. Trenton a strong Christian man. Another great Christian. The Senate sinner Marsha Blackburn, sinner Jim DeMent maybe want to learn more about the pro-life issue and how to defend the pro-life argument. I just loosened Dorothy's written numerous books skinny Scott cushion over son Jeff, I was docketed last night got close the door, who is written numerous books on the pro-life movement and how you can defend your faith, not just from a biblical standpoint but also understand the science that is a living human being ends inside a mother's womb. I want to learn about issues of transgender is more homosexuality is a traditional American family, David Burton, one of the greatest salt waters of the world to come and teach us different ways we can share faith is if we want to impact the culture for Jesus is no greater way to impact the culture.

Linda leave the culture to Jesus and then, of course, if for no other really want to come to hear Connie hours Connie averages with me every Friday your own daily.

Fridays will be there talking about family issues and how families can engage the culture.

You don't want to miss this is on Saturday, April 30 Memphis Tennessee is called the culture engagement Summit go to citizens for America to learn more and register today regarding his family Friday and we're taking a deeper topic that I sometimes work were lighthearted or joke around about everything but the day without learn about God's word and how we can engage our children in in God's word and I know you recently attended a national conference so felt about that and what you learned about engaging our children God's work printed in the McAllen yearly again today. I love our family Friday. If I crank together I went to the national religious sky Capt. and you are there as well.

Click on the back all now when I'm peering down the road. It really burned out of working with college kids for 25 years to get into their conversation. There they wish they could say to their parent or what a how their parents reacted when they would try to be open and I can work the spiritual aspect that they knew all the right answer everything every church to any question involving spiritual matters with Jean Goff that started happening during the teen years making that transferring from head knowledge heart knowledge because many can no doubt how do we help them have a relationship with God are job hunting trip that I wish we could have our kids have that intimate personal relationship with the Lord. We can't Work of the Holy Spirit, but we can dictate and encourage an action really disciple our children and what it means to have a genuine walk with the Lord versus an authentic yeah I'm a Christian, but I go to church on Sunday or I live in which is current.

Now let me come and have happened in churches. We shut their nonessential that communicator Chris that the church is about important stories that the death that's very important. Other industries were redeemed essential the church and now we can live with and we can live without them, and I believe that had a rippling in our children because everything was stripped away from them today when we can't keep kids engaged well don't get to be the fun part because after national religious broadcasters conference I heard Dr. Arnie called who is the TEL it back to the Bible and in a national radio and Internet minister in Egypt. Nothing administrative that he is a pioneer in the field every church, which is why typically live because we can found out member that I want to know what the research behind it and I'm sure many of your list. I think we want to know what is actually happening. We can see with happening in our home. We can see with happening our country. But what I can across the whole spectrum that most of his professional doing is tracking Trenton human behavior in developing programs that can actually help change negative behavior with not a little back to the Bible and the director of research and development for the center for Bible engagement to call it dedicated to the mission of the leading people into the dynamic relationship I found session for the critical and it got me thinking about questions that I get every day. Crack people are reaching out to get parents are desperate there trying to figure out how we keep our kids engaged not charge her walk in their faith walk in their journey from being a doctor close research shed a light on which I think that I didn't know that with the number in it always been college kids are the ones that lock away from their faith because they're out of the house that being exposed. All this information that they had never really been expected because mom and dad were sheltering them. I say that with quotes around that 15 to 17-year-old anyone now that are starting to walk away from the church and why are the kids leaving the faith because they were able to go to church on Sunday. I don't I don't believe that's the main cause I I believe the main cause rested actually engaged in the Bible. And he reread all the great books and night by by all means I want people to read, peering down the rule that if that can be your solely for you. Understanding what God has for your child is going to be woefully lacking, and that was something I found quite disturbing is that 70% of Christian don't even read their Bible not online and not impersonate the critical we have learned is that COBIT kids are spending well over 9 to 10 hours a day on their divisive and are not reading the Bible at very engaged in conversation in the world of ideals and ideas and theology exposed to a range of compact, they previously were only dabbling in matter deeply immersed in think that that is wrong.

Not all of it is wrong that if were not engaging with our kids and and pointing them through our example and through taking time together, not just do devotion but to implement certain practices are typical could easily become one of those priests. Would it really is happening you really are around the world as citizens for America. We work a lot with college kids on college campuses which are things right lower kids walk away from their faith, and particularly in college, a little about your smoke. We can jump into that be done but having a dynamic relationship with Jesus. What does that mean your character and share over the years he had had to address it often. The difference is wine and I know about somebody because I ran a Google search different than truly knowing and having a relationship that's personal with someone and MP4 submit okay with the Jesus crucified one time ago how he had his relationship with somebody that is actually present will because God is active in living and he wants to commune with the different knowing about God, oh God, get all the things he performed all these miracles in Scripture. He led all these people that they don't understand how he leave them and as a parent as somebody in ministry or leadership in the Christian faith. We need to help our own family. We need to teach our children there. What that different for you really get to know somebody. You spent time with them. You know their heart.

You know their character united their desires for your good. You know that they can be trusted more than that in a Christian realm.

Knowing Jesus is that foundation that comes from putting your trust in him, and as a child to pray for sinners prayer is often said religious back in fear as indicative domination. There is childlike faith that have to grow and mature as your child grows mature them in their reasoning and their understanding and Eric.

With the Lord grows and develops when they learned that how what I believed if the child I see I see manifest in my older years that we see that God is actively collided president Elisa does not happen just by knowing about from one involved sending time and learning will specifically about this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer the Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about lock in the footsteps of Jesus and see the Bible come to life this December actually nationally for radio host and founder citizens for America foundation staff to create a life-changing trip to Israel.

It's one of the world's oldest and most fascinating travel this learning the faithful from all over the world for thousands of years.

Jerusalem's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragically to fight like the Wailing Wall dome of the rock in the Via Dolorosa flop with Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's old visit ancient hands, a place that our Savior's birth galley and the Jewish fortress in the final feet firsthand with the events of the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel odyssey like new citizens for America and get ready for an unforgettable trip in memory last a lifetime. Family relationship and the test of time creating family not coming out of his mother is another line.

I understand your struggle with 39 years I've been helping families just like relationship I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate life. Enjoy American 20th Century Fox made a motion picture entitled a man called Peter about the life of USO chaplain Peter Marshall who was born this day, May 27, 1902 he immigrated from Scotland was ordained a Presbyterian minister and became a US citizen in 1938. His son is the well-known author of the light in the glory during a critical moment sooner. Chaplain Peter Marshall opened a session of Congress with the prayer God of our fathers, whose Almighty hand have preserved our nation with ever be understood that to the extent America C Bell America 10 you're talking about your family issues with it is such an important issue child engaged in God's word and right before the break we were talking about our relationship with Jesus is not in God is not just about the wing that God exists does not relationship a relationship is something personal in this really the difference between Christianity and a lot of different religions around the world today is you know a lot of people that their God could be an idol or some in animate object.

Jesus Christ is his is living. He is the living God is the one true God and and if you're a follower of Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, somebody who is admitted your sins to the Lord and ask him to forgive your sins and repented, which means you change what you're doing is like going on the road when you turn ago about the other direction promise to serve them. All of your life and the Lord of your life and your what we call a Christian and being a Christian means we have a personal relationship with Jesus.

My son we was about 10 years ago. He was just a little fella. We were ice-skating rink and why of all places ice-skating water for their burst mode, but I was just amazed to see I don't know them ottoman that are 10 years old and I would be sitting close where you assume that the boy did he was witnessing to, and he told the boys not about being having a religion is about having a personal relationship. You was a personal issue will we all have our spouse may be for Mary. You have Vicki and I have a personal relationship with me.

That means that she is part of everything that I do. She's on my mind all the time.

I want to talk to her and share things in my life with her is not some distant thing and that's the way it is to be with Jesus. We should be so excited about your car. You know you and I right now were involved in planning this big conference is coming up on April 30.

The culture engagement summit, which I hope our listeners will attend in and blessings are happening everyday and and when they happen. Now I want to thank God you know for what he did. I want his guidance as we try to decide what speakers know the things that come with being a Christian doesn't mean that God is just some GDM you reach your former teaching our kids God technology that somebody just as favors for all the relationship is a friend. We want to talk to Motown will be with them all the time prayer eating a a lot of people say prayerless but we gotta fall down.

The reason Shirley is part of it out to be on my knees with God not try to find a time every day to do that but yesterday Connie, I was Rev. Washington DC has been almost 11 hours in car.

I can't close my licking your Wendy's with I talk to God all day long, try to be super religious cheerio. When you fear that I'm just saying he is part of what I am it.

It is a relationship where I want to share with him. I want I want his advice. I just want to talk to him years of Got about barbecue about dogs order be it. And he wants to have that kind of relationship with us on the way we hear from him.

Connie is through reading the Bible when you use to. I think you said 70% of Christians never even read the Bible is just a shocking statistic. How can we hear from God. Yes a big part of what we do on the show Connie's will people know what they believe and why they believe it.

So if if Christians is 70% and is probably higher than that.

Don't read the Bible on a daily basis and some never read it and then they go to a church in Georgia Florida who's another researcher will like Dr. Cole you were talking about George Barna says that less than 10% of pastors in America who profess to be evangelical pastors there were address a lot of the issues we cover our program you abortion, homosexuality, family is used, they never address, so if you don't read your Bible, and he and Jordan were also found statistics that even among Christians. People who profess to be Christians and people who put their best to be faithful churchgoers only go one in three Sunday so if you never read your Bible, and even if your faithful you only go one in three Sundays you said under the 90% of pastors who never address these issues how the world can you know what God would want you to do or what you believe and why you believe it.

If you're not engaged in the Bible every day. Connie's parents, how do we do that at what age you are there ways maybe two and a cup with no spot here, but you're there ways to begin engaging young children and bobbled the do they need to see us read the Bible. How do we engage your kids in the Bible all the aegis I mean when our children don't stop the little children from coming to me so we, the nursery rhyme that you thought able to fight you know I did.

Uncle Mike had been. I talked to my children I UT that but if we want to play want our kids to know where to turn when times are hard when trial basis and they're able to hand out and fail through life, one as an adult, if that's what you want for your family and it start with the learning people when their little to be long drawn out packages when there lighting fixtures all they can be simple on note speaker for me, this I know that it in their heart going member. I think 11 first with me little tiny phrases that you build on like donkey yeah you teach them in any indication something as they grow and mature more that their brain start to get ballot in their reading skills that okay will it then. I learned this from a little child. How does it apply when middle school are my hormones are going crazy in my brain circuitry is developing figure out you know what I am feeling so down today or kneel in high school and make it deeply hurt by a friend or let down by someone in the church yet. If they don't have the word of God in their heart when their little nares that there is that there is a boy. What do they draw from that the positive mean basing on special EFS for media or that nitpicky statement of faith.

The problem is you all in a crisp. If they don't we spend all our time reinforcing. I am strong. I am praying. I am competent, yes, all of the things that please mom and dad, grandma, grandpa come back to why your strong why your child rate. Where does that worth terrain where that hope was that hope that I can get through dance with somebody that I love or the financial setback would not getting the job by warning or my best friend turning on me and talking bad about me on special median embarrassing me. They have to have a red were to draw from.

They think that it and sometime parent day pouring their kids when they get into high school they'd like okay why porting you. Now you go to the continual product that doesn't stop it.}

Change in transfer that and you have time for me to tell a quick story when you get a break you got a couple minutes.

Good okay tell Alexander a prayer breakfast in the morning and I heard an NFL layer sharing his his road to the NFL and he is glad with with them is the most beautiful thing of God perspective happened to be a pastor and time telling his perspective and listening to the kill. I write in my book came down the rules about family meeting and NFL player said I the Lord cover 35 and I trusted the Lord. I needed obey the Lord that it didn't mean we have mean that I could just get there about most of the work really really hard while the believer is somebody who want your children to follow the Lord and stay engage and not walk away from their faith. We want to teach them that God's word is true that there are certain things we could be doing there certain good and we have to implement in our life there certain things are kids again have to pay note to say yes to an outflow transference were a reliance okay mom and dad been teaching that teaching and training.

Like you, with your children now living with you, you still teaching and training them and reminding them who God is and what guy Ron and how we need to walk in his ways and walking maggots worthy of the calling before you would we do that, that's like this beautiful relationship of what we started our conversation with Chris that it there is a relationship not had knowledge about we have to be constantly showing and pointing our kids back to see how God is working in your life.

He has got his protected deal or see how God is provided for you. That makes sense really does both were talking with Connie hours a day like we do every Friday or today such an important topic because were talking about how to keep our kids engaged in God's word.

That's a responsibility that we have as parents, we are children, as followers of Jesus Christ were children have a personal relationship with Jesus understanding of his work, here is how we think America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role that God and the Bible played in the founding of this. You indicated radio host and founder of America foundation, Dr. Chris, or maybe days in our nation's capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden Washington and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the learn about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father how Christian principles governing secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forgive you for causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors, churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passionate prayer of the conservative Baptist upward that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement for Susan goes theology is every Friday, always talking about family issues and you really mean we talk about a lot of family things it Cooking the food we do what real-life issues of dealing with kids living with his parents living with a sort how technology has affected her family, but the day such an important topic because were talking about how to get our children engaged in the word of God and it is a challenge in today's world, and it's so important that our children understand God's word to Connie I was thinking as you talk the first segment, some of the things that Vicki would argue this little have the perfect mold in our kids are the perfect kids, but I think one of the things that we need to do as parents is you and your children watch us all the time. As you know, morning to see what we do and it's one thing for us to say that the Bible, the prayers important, but if they never see us read the Bible and pray is really that important to us and and I think knowledge or staging anything of me. Not every Christian should have a daily time of Bible reading and prayer, but I think it's important for our kids to see us reading the Bible like Vicki you like to go to her office and really have a quiet time were nobody really Caesar you know but but a few years ago my kid. You are my teenage years a while ago and how sometimes we don't engage as much with her teenagers. God just convicted me that might be the same for everybody that I needed to know me and the kids know our travel and preach and speak around the world, but I needed them to see that I was doing what I said. Other should do so I would make a point of get up as early as you Connie good as you get up at 5 o'clock on the world out of guy would go you in the morning so you today so early, but utilizes the kitchen table and have a bubble there work, they would know if they got up early, got go the bathroom go to school, they would see there really was reading my Bob, do you think that's important for parents to model that just to see yeah absolutely any children until we ask that they do what we in fact, though there that we expected them to live this life and if they don't BS modeling at the complex for them. It's that whole double standard do as I say not as I do and and I say no.

We have to we want them to follow the Lord they have to fear my craft when I can pick that years we started opening our home on to having one of our shows we opened our home and we had to fellowship and find that was one that shall awake, talk about food and what we love Dick Durbin cup light kids.

I genuinely agree. The word of God. Now I let Leith about it because my husband is an adopted metric. He has his time with the Lord and 50th in the opportunity of focus. I will be rather than on the backcourt. Sometimes I'm in my office.

Sometimes I'm in the living ramp, but the key is to the word that we now IBM alignment with how God because were special about life and you know what we spend time focused on where we are, our time it's going to E it's going to seep out of reports to work reading God's word and world were focused on God to be kind. Be kind and gentle dictation for reading that and that becomes part of that and not become how we speak to our children. That's another part of the whole modeling so if you want to get Dr. Chris because when we start talking about this very easy for someone to think what you did it get it.

You have your devotions every day, or you had idealistic thing now.

I am a mom of five with five kids and seven years I have time for our lawn devotion grant it with a burst as it is like God and God help me ideas I give you one day I find I am rapid I am your help in times of trouble, and I would think I did that you can help me deal with all the day or deal with the crate that the filling on if we tell our children that spending time in the word.

If we can then importing weekly engage if we get the God work if we commit to reading one verse one, but we go to bed. Click the Bible by your bed and then when you wake up in my before you grab your cell phone or in much of the Bible have make that a marriage of one verse or just exploring. You'll be amazed at the end of the year 21 Burkett 355 versus the chief judge of time contemplating and if you talk about it. The Deuteronomy God were to talk to you children ages one by the way you As you lie down any to be part of our life. Not one hour a week agree.

Things are going about Robert Berning. Kids were sick of it, but reading your Bible software. I encourage you as listeners.

Some people like right in the bowels, you are right all open line but something someone recommended to me a few years ago is.

I know some people make matter for some people like King James only and I'm not against. I prefer the King James Bible and are prejudging but I've read other versions do you need to file the version that is best for you and you're not going to hell if you don't read the King James Bible and read some other version but you do want your one it's accurate somebody recommended me a few years ago that person got a new Bible every year. Sometimes it's a different version that would be the reading Bible like underwater preachers who have a preach about the only free shot of what I studied one open door to distribute it so much. I like that idea and unsold sometimes I buy a lot when a preacher my personal you mock my main go to Bible all of Israel. Whether you are but it is not a hard copy hardcover book for my reading Bible like that were like the hardcover delegate textbook school you can store your intake more use and wear and tear and I like to keep up to now I don't know if you know David Berg authorities with based just outside of Jacksonville. You may know him, Connie, but David Burton keeps like a little six-inch rule and he calls it read in the newspaper every day. If you play personal Facebook that kind of thing, but he is about what you want to explore the has different colored pens and you'll make notes in the Bible and underline using his will work. So don't be afraid to coming make it a part of your rebuke they live in Rita get it by comparing and how would your kids in the Bible again coming up made many failures in my law, claiming to be the expert here, but I would encourage you parents your you probably little books and you have the little storybooks that you get for kids, what does this adult you know it it's all about saying no regards with regard's book is great but we read a lot of other books in our devotion time and we don't spend some time reading the Bible as much. Another booking that might be good about help us understand the topic is not a substitute and allow you feel better Connie but not a substitute pressure reading God's word may not written book of Revelation environment, stuff like that is not a substitution for digging and outward itself. In reading God's word but with our kids.

The other story books and fairytales like having all those later father Matsumoto Brett but I would encourage you to build into that daily routine where your reading to read stories from the bottle must say stories you need to let you just know these are true. This really happened I think is important because we have a generation today ugly Connie don't know because all preachers ONLY preaches feel-good stuff today. We have a generation who doesn't know who Jonah was. Don't move.

Gideon was her Shambaugh or the judges of the Bible. They don't know these great stories. I think they're important to the foundation because wonder crew and historically you can find you archaeologist of failed evidences that all these people existed in these things will read about the Bible happen, but it shows us powder of our God defending his people and great miracles in wonderful things happening. And some people don't like to read the Bible acute we did your view of the homage of values. King James again again, Soper will make everybody matters those that don't like changing sites to order say others who do like the only thing the world read and I think both are also somewhat but you King James is not to work my little children understand when my daughter was three years old yet. She had memorized the first two chapters of Jonah Gazette story before she went to bed. I don't know why that was stuck with.

She wanted to hear about Jonah every single night and she literally just because I read it to her she could read read to her over and over again. The time she was three. She had memorized the first two chapters of Jonah because if I missed the work she corrected know about Bible stories remain up and up again for your one have books with greater for that particular time with Mike with all and every night.

It was in a storybook. I made a point you this story were reading from the Bible, so she would see as your reading from God's word with your kids this story I think it's really important to teach your children the way they learn and to think we started this segment about knowing God.

The different 20 knowing about versus having a relationship with and felt kinda playoff than what you were just saying I I live manipulative Alpine tactile learner. Children thought I would give felt to tell the story and for those children they can visually see the characters in the action, then they could be action figures and Barbie dolls.

I know for me.

Listeners may not listen to Barbie dolls that you know whether it that you have a movie or Lewis and Clark or whatever it you actually train and teach your children biblical truth within because there are there. The print and if there is good and evil and has one of the things that we didn't really touch on it. We are now at a point in American culture where only 6 PM or 6.5% of the people don't even believe that there is good and evil and when we think about our kids we have to realize that teaching the children spiritually ideology their teaching up a lot and I my main message corrected you parent guided and do it in everything and show your kids that God is in all things, even even writing nature because he created all the folks were talking about me and will feature the organization or individual life can be difficult for those cars give us a call today at 70426 is a social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a financial problem.

Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online for all our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating a family is not.

There is another line 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help in light and joy. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is you radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the learn about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic and acknowledge the Creator's very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing secure your spot to join this Connie Albert talking today about how God's word, one with the 70% of Americans don't read God's word. 90% of the entire word of God turning away from the record number to go to college and we were home.

What can we do to ground them and engagement jobs were caught right before the break you were talked about the importance of teaching biblical truths and all things in life was always important in our family mediums, nonnegotiable coming of legalism. I have an event or something at the eat supper together family, but we would try to purposely sometimes because that would have a strategy.

1.38 years. I will call you created a document normal report noted by these to be like me but I would make a calendar document of topics that I wanted, I realized that limited time can we get a high school to college and maybe adding cover everything I needed to cover so I made a list of topics that I will upon the work way to work into supper every night we were together so that others can hear the other to the know what it was teases biblical truths that you're talking about. So we would bring up a topic you know and whatever might be whether it's finances or maybe you like a big movie right now the years about maybe there's something for the Batman movie is my son is in the superheroes you know whatever brought a fun cruise and life and then we would work in the Bible in those conversations you will what does the Bible say about those close to the Bible today. They don't, your particular, my son, everything will phone you just without his phone and is looking it up on the Bible all on the phone.

How did you talk to each biblical truth to know because you you I know you work things in with your kids as well. Something I think it's profoundly dead.

You basically said hey realize that the time is short. Again, I everything back that that that's why I wrote.

Beyond the rule parent at when their kids for 13 years. All of a sudden they realized I had 72 more weeks or I have to more years. I have one more year, and only good for so many things I needed to cover or think I needed to prepare them for an attorney, cram it all in 52 weeks or something strategy plan manipulative.

That's not it was just going to try to persuade them know that we love then we care about them really want to then be able to click and the fiery darts that come their way by means of just living the life and though you having that what we talk about this night at dinner and I want to make sure the next five weeks getting hit on the topic that we we work it in different weekly what God wants us to do all our children make reading the Bible and assigned okay will get it on the chore chart or something to do no relationship to do not like you. Fate indicates I got a writer on my left that I can make sure that I can call her today that earlier. I want to talk to her in a you you want to be with your children. The things that matter to us naturally want to spend time with and as apparent as we stifle our children if the natural flow of what's in our heart and what were trying to impart to them because we are imparting our values. I say I believe and not fly. We see the world and in so many in society trying to marginalize pushes shot push aside silent parent shut down all the thing. If the parents are primary influence on their counseling. If there then our children are freaking date they're going they'll go after Bendel break down there thought everything we've been building our children. Discipleship is key not in use, developing a strategy. One thing I didn't know you will get over this in 2014 my daughter was ready to go to school. Later that year so this is worse it was Talk with you before Facebook came in handy.

I got on Facebook and said hey to my parents friends will be a book for you to write good luck toyed with writing but I'm not disciplined like you more rhetorical book with you ever thought about this week and still is reviewing is worthwhile on Facebook about the water. Some things that you wish you would talk to kids before but launched and went away. And so I had a lot of people give me that that was part of that strategy and build ways to engage them in God's word is things were simple, as you how to change a tire change.

All other things, finances, always different things.

People gave me. You think you would be great at writing a book on that because younger peers don't always know when and so I knew again the lead time is limited, but I tried to find a way to bring God's word and that cannot go a little step further. Connie with what you're talking about the Bible.

I believe the Bible memorization is extremely important and I don't think we do that with our kids today, you encourage them to memorize God's word because there are times when I'm in God's word is always fresh is always new is always reviewing and it can guide us.

But there might be times, your wife, when when you don't have God's word available and more sure story with you. I don't know if you heard of a man named Bud Day Bud Day was a personal friend of mine. He died a few years ago, but day was a pilot in World War II and rewards of Vietnam.

He was captured in Vietnam and for those of you that are listing you might be your because he was famous with John McCain. John McCain was a United States Sen., his father was an airborne John McCain ran for president in 2012, and Sen. McCain was roommates Lake. They both got captured in Vietnam.

They were prisoners of John McCain really if you read his life story almost died on thought this was a loving whereabouts. Sen. McCain on many occasions in and he told me flat out that he would've done it not been for the influence of but day was his roommate and blood was a colonel at the time they were captured in Vietnam and was a comes the commanding officer basically up there unit within that annoyed ultimately is what's called anyway back to my point.

When those men were captured. Connie, some of them were not particularly religious men at a time in their life when they had nothing else they saw the desire to turn out turned back to God and we take the Bible for granted. Like I said you many homes have you dinner 15 bottles laying around the house and we don't read those men wanted and long for God at the worst time of their life as they were beating, beaten and tortured and tormented and what they did as many of them had memorize may be your first year when they were a child and they put together on toilet tissue of these men rode out and hid in the cold light of the seams of the bricks of the concrete of the walk or the wall basically created that what the whole Bible. And what really wasn't much debated that without somebody told me wish that he had memorize more verses because of the time when they needed so they all figured out a way to communicate and basically the toilet tissue created a prison Bible if you will that they share with each other and coming out of that is strictly here but what I'm dissing Russ to learn God's word and you want to help your kids brains developed because of memorizing something, but what better memorizing God's word there there versus on every aspect of life on finances on on wisdom and knowledge and understanding of marriage and relationships everything Connie we do in life is just getting out of God's word.

We know that God addressed it because he knew what we were going and he provided through the Bible for us to have and I just think Scripture memorization for kids and even at a very young age. You like a shirt earlier on two years old was memorizing verses and we would find reward systems. Connie, you know, maybe some people might frown on that.

There, a Christian camp, Connie in Florida children's Bible missions as an organization has camps there still in operation today in the one I was just a child and second third grade. The first Bible that I was able to get up my own.

I memorized 50 Bible verses in the second grade of school in Ruston, Florida in was able to earn my first Bible by memorizing Bible verses.

So I think Bible memorization is an important way for kids to get engaged in God's word and it's important that we continue to memorize Scripture think I told you about the felt story that when my children were very young. I had the ABC life. I find it versatile with a canal and an adverse that began with BIC kind or be and I went to the whole alphabet. Obviously there's a couple letters to get a little tricky, but then we would have a kid it would be hey were you share what we've learned maybe just go pretty after that reciting a black could be packages your kids corralling change how you teach them. His word I would make a copy work, meaning write his work. He think about the more you can engage the centers of child the more they hear that story of Jonah the morning. No more here. The story is how God healed a lander lad asked me when when they are writing is verses down when they hear the story when they see illustrated in a movie format or in coloring.

The more that you can engage the center more engrafted it becomes on their heart and got go straight to your point where when were L when were in taking dire circumstances will think is great and amazing grace, how great thou art will that we learned as a child by deep in our core, and God held to engrafted word on our heart and so ethically correct and another one is to pray, teach your children to pray not just for the lift that he got give me just like you to Jean about all you can you give me any like to pray and to pray with our children to model what prayer looks like I crank together as a family of this was Connie Chow, Michelle.

See you Monday morning was you a Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit citizens for America This is the Truth Network

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