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How do We College Proof Our Kids?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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May 25, 2022 5:30 am

How do We College Proof Our Kids?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 25, 2022 5:30 am

Up to 75% (or more) of Christian students end up walking away from their faith before they leave college!  Why is this happening? What can be done? Jay Seegert of The Starting Point joins Chris Hughes to talk about how we can prepare our kids to go to college with a firm Biblical foundation. Enjoy this great episode again.

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Their father religion is a myth that the Bible has no science and a new alertness entry today. The people are born homosexual or transgender.

That unborn babies are not leaving living independent beings is shocking. Whether being taught today dark yesterday, a good friend of mine's name is JC Gert Jay is the president of the starting point ministry and anything about deities, not just some guy he is a trained scientist either Christian apologists like me.

Jay is concerned about colleges and universities and what they are teaching our next generation of leaders. J. Welcome to the Christian perspective on her to be on the program are you doing I am great, J. J. I think what will we jump into this subject. Some people might not know much about you. Can you tell them a little bit about your ministry and in what you do all of the world. I know you leaching towards to the Grand Canyon any place of the people might be interested in joining No ministry with the starting point project in full-time ministry the past 15 years treatment, speaking on apologetics in the Christian worldview for 37 years know about when and what full-time protocol by God for last 15 years traveling quite a bit around United States would have been a need other countries as well. Doing a lot with a given apologetics defense of the Christian worldview. People know what they believe, but they don't necessarily know why we deal a lot with Genesis and science and the Bible. We also will the question of how do we know the Bible is actually the inspired word of God because again most Christians certainly believe the Bible but can we ask mullah how do you know that it's inspired word of God we too often, we might say well I just I feel very sensitive. That's what I believe. How does that help anyone else including your own children. This is something you feel versus having solid evidence in support so we discussed those things we don't charge for any of our events need to ask the travel expenses covered but I was up to 190 talks here and we also made Grand Canyon Tours which is phenomenal because it's not just an opportunity to see Oklahoma ground but now we all along the way pulling out scientific evidences that there really was a worldwide flood just like Genesis fixed rate talks about so we do one day on the rim standing on the limestone looking one mild only because of the river. Next they were actually on rafts on the river looking from the bottom up going out evidences all along the way, that there really was a flood of Noah. And there's so much evidence for drinking on the planet. If you build evidences so I'm going this year we have some room available in August and September trips but just honored to be able to be doing this whole time and I'm a little bit later to the shallow more log back on how I got all started in this because it did have a lot to do with my experience in college on the tour that you do drinking mild out, terrified of light that at this get that date. Doing you know that you know the river of her own, or even those with younger folks might want to join you in a Whitewater rapid or just pretty smooth going on the river that just about anybody can do. It's incredibly smooth real purpose, simpler trips together so that is family-friendly repaired 56-year-old girl.

We had a couple go. They were eight years old you walking a flat path when you get to the rim and you're not even walking long distances we take buses everywhere we stay nice hotels eat good food. And then on the river take a bus tunnel to get down to the river so you're not climbing managing rocks to get down everything a bus to get audit the Glen Canyon Dam which is phenomenal to see and he walked on a ramp and given the rafts and are rated on a scale of 1 to 7. Further, rapid your Colorado River in the Grand Canyon has its own scale goes from 1 to 10 in the rapids. We go through our 8.1 and thought of someone really wants Whitewater rafting this another.

This is a family-friendly one. It could be any easier than it is very very enjoyable and very very faith affirming. I wanted it that way for some dates.

Always wonderful me out God's creation. Let I can only imagine like you're saying we are pointing out those channels that are cut to that rock probably came from a flood things. It people just can't imagine it really proved that what the Bible says is true. You mentioned you're in the ministry, apologetics and for those of you don't know that's just basically a way to defend your faith and I think it's important for us as you mentioned Jay to understand what we believe and while we as Christians I keep telling my wife on the right book called what we believe and why we believe it might have been procrastinating so much I haven't got it done, but I think that's a lead-in to our topic today because the statistics are showing alarming high percentage of Christian youth are walking away from the faith during the college years.

I'm part of that J is because pastors are preaching the word God.

People are reading the Bible. A lot of college students don't truly know what they believe as Christians why they believe it is become a huge problem. Why do you think that's happening in.

What can and should we be doing to combat this disturbing trend. There are actually quite a few years ago. I think I slightly nave you thinking that college was worse than it is for these kids go off to college there perfectly finally got the college and also shipwrecks there for you can walk away and it's because they didn't have answers to questions about carbon-14 naming dinosaurs in this and that increase in evolution. That is certainly a factor in some you can be a huge factor, but I think for many other you that's not really the issue their own things going on including relationships with their parents what their experiences been with the church. What they see the Christian worldview is being how they view the Bible there is a high percentage of biblical illiteracy that just a month amongst Christian youth. But even in the typical Sunday church attender for people been going to church for 10, 20, 30 years because I think many churches of got away from really teaching God's word and doing a lot of topical things over and over and over is not bad to go through topical series once in a while but if you're that's all you do all your long. Not really getting in the door to see what is it saying quickly use, especially with answers and so they go off to college.

They just leave the level because her Christian and their Christian because they believe the Bible and they believe the Bible because her Christian professors who seem to be really sharp and have answers for just about everything and they see it as more of a black-and-white thing and sign space and they really know they're talking about Bible's antiquated filter there is in contradiction scientist is proven and there's always different versions out there.

There are different religions and so really needs that again want Olympic factors is if they stick to the Bible. There are a lot of things that they probably shouldn't be doing that they would like to do what they been convinced that the Bible is not the inspired word of God, and you can trust that this is not reliable that freedom up and I feel so guilty when they're making choices that many of the other friends are making in so many of these you are actually looking for reasons to walk away from their faith when they're younger.

They don't necessarily have an unlimited mentoring junior high school to college and your professors are more than willing to give them these reasons why they don't have to worry about the Bible and many other you are excited about that right yes a new exciting new Bible in Troy just couldn't of done it before, but now I can only go back home and they lay into their parents at all these evidences about what would a professor at the Big Bang and evolution and there was no flood because weren't all that water come from where the water go a lot of no get all those animals on the ark. And what about carbon-14 dating and what about all the evil in the world and all the violence in the Bible and on and on and use as a weapon against her parents very often the parents are not well-equipped and they just say what you need to get back in the church, and you should be hanging out with those kids look that that doesn't cut it. And so that's on the big reasons why we have such a high percentage that are walking away from her face, because we really haven't done diligence ahead of time. Many important topics errant thing that Bible literacy is such an issue. J pastors just are preaching the Lord got any water taken the easy way out at you. I don't know if it apathy or ignorance to delete that I just not really know what the Bible says themselves that are not studying or doing not care they're afraid they're venting somebody's is really crazy and so I challenge you pastors and youth pastors are listening. You need to equip the young people. I think J we have a really smart generation of young people out there today and are the problem that I see in churches is pastors are given like a happy meal sermon and they don't like you said is topical but even with topical, you could go into some debt and explain something, but they give this spoon feeding like baby food to their congregation and we have the smart young people who were hungry for knowledge. You eat really any knowledge and they're not getting it at church and I go away to college like you say, and then these professors you are answer taken the time to actually answer the question now is not a biblical answer is not the right answer, but at least are being told something and they come on like you say and you come to mom and dad, but same problem.

Mom and dad mom and dad don't know enough about the flood, you know that I haven't read your material or our stuff that others are putting out there and mom and I can't give a good answer either. So the only educated and informative answers are getting it from the liberal professors of the kids go with how we stop this so one choice at a time with parents, deciding that it is important for them themselves to have a better grasp of what God's word says that's what they need to start with. I don't Mr. Lee start all all the scientific evidences of the floater creation. Those are good supplemental first and foremost know one of the Bible say about these things and secondarily how do we know the Bible is authoritative auto renewal, trustworthy out. We know it's accurate those two things will go a long way and then when you get calendar carbon-14 dating you could say that initially you might say you know what, I don't really know much about that but let's look into it and when you start looking into it, he realized, wow it's it's not what I thought was, it doesn't contradict the Bible. In fact, we look at it accurately, that she backs up the Bible's been saying all along you take a quick commercial break and talk to Jay Seger come back yet more background like that.

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Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you causes you care about locking the fixed at 50 feet Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio and found foundation to create life changes when the world of travel destinations from all over the world to face one's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic, the richest type rock don't walk through the winding alleyways to Nancy so place that I think is the first hand the Bible to claim Tory Israel with Dr. Chris travel on their financing time creating and sharing is going one American minute with the shot heard round the world is a line from the famous poem, the Concorde him recounting the Revolutionary war battle between the Minutemen and the British troops by bridging Concorde Massachusetts. It was written by poet Ralph Waldo Emerson was born this day the 25th 1803 being friends with such notable writers as Nathaniel Hawthorne. If we submit Alcott Ralph Waldo Emerson compose some of the best poems in American literature. He stated America is another name for opportunities. Powerful history appears to be like a last effort of divine providence in behalf of the American American minute of 1888 Jay Seger starting point. Project J is the leading apologist of the nation of the world where he teaches people how to defend the Bible how to understand what the Bible says in wide things that we read the Bible like the flood and creation really are true. You know a lot of people and a lot of people who profess to be pastors today don't teach that the Bible is an inspired word of God that it's all true or not it's true that is the inerrant scripture that is blessed and comes from the Holy Spirit were talking about college kids today in our kid to go away to college and handle a lot of times because they have not been taught a good healthy menu of the word of God and in their youth groups and even in their homes and from the pastors and churches in the code that are not prepared as they should be to answer the questions about what they believe and why they believe it, just before the break, Jay was talking about boutique like parents when the kids come home for that first break may be Thanksgiving or Christmas after they've gone away to college and brainwashing a star little bit they don't really believe the Bible is true anymore and I talked with her parents and gets an argument.

Parents can't explain why is the Bible, trustworthy and accurate so I know you probably teach long stretch of the written books on this day, but just in a few minutes is simple way for parents to begin to show their kids that the Bible is trustworthy and accurate. Yeah, it's really really hurt quite as much work as many people would come.

Gimp was interested in the topic comes up. "We know the Bible's inspired word of God and especially skeptic brings it up too often were very quick to jump on and get into an argument or whatever and what I try to do and train people is at once.

Skeptic makes a claim before you get too defensive and try to spew a bunch of stuff out and try to win an argument, ask follow-up question. You know what they mean by that.

How to become the conclusion then was correct and so just as an example that skeptics say to me there is no evidence that God wrote the Bible when I was younger I would try to jump on that and argue and throw certain things out.

But now, what I do when they say that there is no evidence that God of the Bible. I do so.

Question for you, what would you accept as evidence that God wrote the Bible look like in your mind if you saw a be received that with the evidence I goggled the Bible say to me, will I will know. I know there is no evidence it. Wait a minute. If by your own admission, even humility, evidence would look like, how do you know it doesn't exist you don't have criteria that you use to judge what would count as evidence and what wouldn't. We can even have this discussion and so I get them to realize they've just made a very bold claim with nothing to back it up and then I would turn the table with the onus on myself to offer a response and I would say you know what you got and she did write a book. How would we know what would we expect to see in that book is personally myself with God, wrote a blog expect at least four things. Number one I would expected to be historically accurate number two unexpectedly internally consistent, and it wouldn't contradict itself thoroughly is expected to be scientifically accurate of production make statements that can be tested directly by Seinfeld expected to be accurate and then lastly, I would expected to be prophetically accurate to make a correction to the future better get on right now. That's good evidence got it right that so therefore areas of tested, you can apply to any religious writing is not special Bible tests.

Your test can apply to any writing and when you apply those to the Bible. If passes with flying colors.

World books all quickly by the wayside because the Bible is 100% internally consistent, even though you are 40 authors writing were 1600 year period on three different continents in three different languages and have all different educational backgrounds and are covering not just one controversial topic, with hundreds of controversial topics and yet they're all in perfect agreement, all the world is a possible illness.

God is inspiring each of the writers and we know from archaeology. The history of great and then scientifically go on and on and on about that. Are there so many things in the Bible that were written long before we have microscopes and telescopes and scientists today are reading these things in the lobby right about that, but how could they will know most things they couldn't have. And it's true he could not have known leasing scientifically back then. This is evidence that God told him what the right prophetically. About 27% of the Bible's prophetic in nature.

It's over 8000 passages in the Bible that are predictive in nature. Making statements about the future.

Some of those are still for our future, but every single other one has come true in every minute detail 100% again. How is that possible.

If man just made that up.

This is evidence of inspiration so parents need to know that that's not that complex of an answer. They should have that down, teach it to their kids, their kids can then repeat that with their professors and all along the way. As you probably have an example from each of those areas. Here's an example of archaeology.

Note showing that history recorded accurately. Bible is something about the internal consistency is an example 1 or two things from science and then here are couple prophecies that are in the Bible that would go a long long way while this is great stuff that I want to be able to use myself really powerful and and so easy to to explain when you when you give it the way that you just shared with such incredible book about this, but people can look up and and learn more about real number resources. We have a five part video series called the inspiration of the Bible and I go through a lot of introductory things about the Bible we talk about its origin little bit but then we go through all for those areas. The internal consistency historical accuracy prophetic accuracy and scientific receipt explaining what that means giving examples for each area.

We also have a pocket-size booklet. We know the Bible's inspired word of God. In my first book creation and evolution compatible are in conflict. I also have a chapter in there on the inspiration of the Bible. And so there are a number resources written and visual covering most topics because it is on the makes most basic question when you think about the Christian worldview compare down to two tenants. Number one is that God exists and he created everything.

Number two is that the Bible is his word was of the two most basic foundational points of Christianity. Yet many Christians and acyl how do you know God exists and how do you know we created everything or how you know that the Bible is from God like a deer in headlights are like I just watch what I believe it's like the thought of going to sound like a blind great why should anyone else believe it just because that's what you chose, saying yes, great question here is why I believe that God exists is widely created everything there. Some of the evidences and here's why am very very confident that the Bible is what it claims to be that of supporting God created everything and shares a lot of things in there that we can't get from looking at dirt and DNA. You can look at nature and concluded to be a God but you would know that God is like created us what happened and what happens to us when we die. That's why he gave us a special revelation in the Bible. While such great stuff you're given to us. J so I bring that back to work or to cover this site again after break in a few minutes, but before we take an x-ray can you tell us a little bit about your personal background and what led you would apologize because I think it adds up to do with your college experience didn't mean a powerful story how God works in our lives. So long story short, I was raised in a Christian home, believe the Bible from cover to cover.

I went to public school through high school, but still very strong my faith that there wasn't a whole lot in my experience it upset me. You're really causing problems and then went to a Christian college Giambrone University in Arkansas to study mechanical engineering. I got a degree there. But then he became interested in physics, but they did have a physics major I had to leave during came back to Wisconsin were informed and went to the University Wisconsin Whitewater to get a degree in physics and that's when everything changed for me because I want from that small Christian university were my engineering professors open up every class and prayer to a large state university with a physics professor. He did not open up in prayer.

The well will certainly all evolutionists. Some of them are atheists and they were telling me that everything I believe is wrong and that made me feel very uncomfortable because user PhD scientists and assuming that they had evidence what they believed.

I realized for the first time in my entire life that even though I knew what I believed I didn't know why I couldn't defend my faith and that made me so uncomfortable, especially in the sciences and sold. I basically want home to my home church one weekend told someone that my professors were really giving me a hard time in your answers.

This is all you need to talk to someone solely was a man setting for his PhD in medical physics and you really into the creation evolution topic so I went over to his house and maybe 45 minutes with them you loaned me two books I develop in color to color, and that the that got me on my journey of 37 years no of what communities evidences researching and then lecturing. In fact, that man 37 years ago, she and I spoke it together regularly for breakfast so he had no idea that spending 45 minutes of the college student with no launch an international ministry. What one other really, really important aspect with this is today you mention the high percentage of Christian youth walking away from their faith. I had been speaking for at least 30 years and it finally dawned in me to ask.

Wait a minute I was in college I was attacked by my professors.

How come I didn't walk away because most youth youth are welcome. I don't walk away.

It took me about 1/2 a second to quickly answer the answer for me was my relationship with my parents it was so strong.

I respect my parents so much. I thought they're not wrong about the maybe certain you lying to me and I will be my past reformer line. But if they're not wrong.

That means the right of the right.

That means who's going to be evidence evidence behind it and sold it. It sent me on a journey to find that it was.

I wanted to find out evidence. I wanted to honor my parents and please them. I enjoyed my church. I really respected my pastor but that is in stark contrast to many youth today where they can't wait to get out of the home because it did not have a good relationship with her parents as to the rules and regulations and hypocrisy, and on and on. We can talk about that a little bit later so they got the college looking for a reason to bolt the professors do a great job of giving them while sounding means on the surface, it will be evidences and knowledge they have an excuse to walk away from their faith point for us to break this message is to give us so well there were more that had a strong Christian heritage is truly important role God in the Bible is performing as much of America's government and the men helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting joint show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise, passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement is my gift today starting point project.

Wow, what a great talk were having about the importance of several things. One, before the commercial break will return the man's important for college kids in a really strong relationship with the parents before they go away to college because if they honor, love the parents should not be more inclined to listen to you when there brainwashed by the professors and friends at college and come back home and another great point that the joy you share with us as we need to know what we believe and why we believe it. We got to be able to defend our faith and to many of us know so I hope you're listening today to be challenged to begin to understand more about what the Bible says to get in God's word and and learn what the Bible says he will get some great resources. Jason assures his website. With this in just a minute he's got some great resources that can help you easily understand what you believe and why you believe it and parent all know that I stressed the importance of families eating supper together at night and after great time work. Everybody comes the table and the kids put away their cell phones and you just talk and ask them questions don't get in arguments as Jay said the best way to defend the faith is ask questions of others not argue about certain point I want to share a couple of things that J Toles in the previous segment just if you're coming here to the show right now there are two things that every Christian should know that God exists and that God created everything and the second is that the Bible is from God. That's really a great starting point is you have the name of your ministry. Jay and I love this and I'm probably if I get wrong.

Jay correct me.

There are four things we need to understand that the Bible hissed historically accurate it is basically what is said is true, and I mean really is name history is is story God story. The Bible historically accurate is it internally consistent J share with us in the Bible to read my work 40 offers a 97, three, three different languages, and yet they all were in agreement and what they said is the Bible physically accurate before telescopes and microscopes.

Jay shared how God revealed the Holy Spirit revealed to these writers, things that they would not understand or know when we develop the technology we now understand and know those things are physically accurate and finally is the Bible prophetically accurate.

There are over 8000 passages in the Bible over 27% of the Bible J share has to do with prophecy and it's all been 100% accurate of the things that have happened so far. J this is just great information that your sharing with us and appreciate break your sharing your personal story of how you went away to college and just had a desire to learn more, but he does college really the problem or is it just a place where the issues are getting exposed. J.

Do you think the part of the problems it made his kids want to be with my relation with parents about what Jesus did.

They really have a true relationship with Jesus in the first place. If there are so easily swayed when I go to college, something we deftly need to keep in mind the various statistics out there company youth are walking away in the numbers but they're all pretty high numbers. They should be learning the matter what the actual number is within that percentage is just a group of youth that would consider themselves Christians or others might call them Christians, but probably weren't truly same so there's always a number who go off and we assume that there Christians and they walk away with weren't really there to begin with, and so we deftly need to keep that in mind, but then within the remainder of the group truly saved but what was the depth of their faith.

They didn't have a very good understanding it really wasn't lived out at home and went to church on Sunday and the net was at home in our church were sold and then back home into the real world in a sense and know they really don't know what the Christian life is like they don't necessarily see it lived out in their parents lives and sort it causes a lot of problems with that and then go off to college and very often I have parents coming to me and they're just so upset with the University or the professors.

There are certainly things that are going on there that aren't good with their acting as if that was the only issue like my son, my daughter they were finding one of the college making will not exceed the relief use colleges is rotten. No one should ever go there anymore. All I'll be very often is just revealing issues that were in the festering for a long time and try to give a quick analogy here because nothing is pertinent in the think a lot of listeners can relate to this. I want to make a blanket statement. This is certainly not every Christian home, but probably many homes were Sunday morning comes once getting ready for church and nerve running late and then dad's going on the hall you see little Billy is still in bed any the day has just like you.

We believe in eight minutes and barely drag himself out of bed and gets ready to get in the car and there's tension in the owner.

Whatever is going on in the car soon as you get into the church doors. The parents are like all hi how are you all happy smiling as he rolled their eyes.

Thinking of you to see my parents a few minutes ago and the car the kids go off to their Sunday school class minutes okay that's with friends there like to see them in talk talk is about whatever and then there's no going to the church service. Later in the year. The pastor cited: second Corinthians tells us that whatever and blah blah blah. But that's just what they do that, that's church and they just undo that. Then they go home and as soon as I get home on Sunday afternoon to the next Sunday morning has nothing to do with church or Christianity to their parents reading their Bibles are really playing or anything that has gone all the time working so many hours a month frustrated that he's not home to fix this and do that induces all this tension with the next Sunday comes in its own board to get to church on time. Lesser Christian experience, and then on top of that little Billy knows that his parents get really upset if his room is messy and he's thinking or if they ever found out that I was smoking pot with my friend or or whatever it is, so he learns to her to hide that because he feels guilty about it and he knows his parents go through the roof on that and then he's going to handle some friends from junior high school.

Whatever is parents Illinois are not hanging out with those kids you go to do so with the kids from the youth group at church, and very often when abilities thinking only if you only knew the kids in the youth group.

They're the ones who got me smoke my friends from the public school or direction pretty good kids but he can't tell his parents that because then his friends will get in trouble and then he'll be in trouble. So that's the Christian life. And then he goes off to college and is professors: Bible builders and contradictions sciences is pretty universal mentor conversion political violence in the Bible and and on and on and on like yes I knew it, and then he goes home and uses that as a weapon agreement gives parents. His parents will have answers and you so that's I thought my prick my professor said you don't know what you're talking about, and he's gone and then the parents want me to do something about the University and I'm thinking well know you had perhaps spent more time with them when they're at home and teaching them to adorn all that they would've been fine in college. In fact, if I would've been really strong witness there but because they were prepared and walked away. It's not necessary to leave, but it certainly makes a lot more challenging or used a lot of anxious that I know you stepped on my son to get out is your dog. I was like both.

So I have to get in college now and I'm living this life that you're talking about because I see it yet.

When their friends and and things that they are taught in school and I was thinking that exactly what you say with church. I remember tickly when the kids were little, no, I don't know October will get from where my wife the reason we relate to guys on you in a disclaimer you I don't think you even get up and get to work every day. On Sunday, every single Sunday were late and so I know exactly what you're spamming. I used to get so mad and so worked up in the big scheme of things, there really matter. You know that we were two minutes late walking in the study. School yet. Thankfully the Holy Spirit convicted me that I was making for my kids just gritted Sunday and hated you going to church because I was just getting limit you every Sunday because we were always late and so God conveyed to me. I needed to do some about that yet, so I had to change because I want my kids to enjoy going to church now.

I miss it near like you, I'd I travel a lot. I know you probably Coast Highway away from our home church.

Many many Sunday speaking in other churches and other places in and I miss it you know when not when I'm away from my church family and being fed now even though both of us speak in church. As you know what I love speaking other, but I like to get that fed myself you know as well but I had to do some things I think of and I think, speak to father Scheer and it's important for both parents but particularly dance kids are looking at you as a leader of the family and in I realized pretty early on with my kids that I need to be intentional where they could see me playing and see me reading the Bible. Now, not not know is whether for sure were anything like that but I wanted them to know that prayer wasn't just something we talked about on Sunday but it was important we needed to pray together as a family we needed to read the Bible study the Bible and and not think that just makes a huge difference when they know that it part of your life and it needs to be part of your life and and I've seen that with both my kids were really my son in the first year college I think is pretty rough ramping list of trouble to yoke is easy, away from all the first time in he was younger but this past year, he made a decision on his own that he was never read the Bible in three months so he was spending about an hour a day in God's word NJ just like you were talking about when he got in God's work. It really transformed his life because like you has a very scientific and will, but my kids do analytical mind and he's starting to be aerospace engineer and have lots of questions he wants to understand why things work the way that they do and went particularly when he was looking at creation and I know many things that you were spoken all over the world about when he started getting into God's word and studying it, he saw that there really are answers and that God's work was in fact true is really change to another commercial talking about his college for in a world viewpoints of voices after a financial problem. Only one voice matters diets at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the college of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about is creating their relationship on race hearing is going to America as a strong Christian heritage is truly important role God and the Bible is Dr. Deming. Much of America's government and the men helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting joint yesterday J Seger J is the founder of starting point project that he traveled all over the world. The Christian apologist teaching people what the Bible says and how we can establish a defense of our faith until others. What we believe in and why we believe that we been talking today about our college kids when they go to college.

Many professors are telling of the Bible is not true shipment of their parents. They come home and there's tension in the family because the kids are now questioning things and parents can't really answer those questions and Jay's talk is about how we need to understand what we believe and why we believe the Bible has to say about us. So J's kids go away. I know you talked a little bit about ataxic kids receive a thank you said there are two types of attacks you tell us a little bit about the text.

Come on kids when they go to school. I just put them into two categories. One will be the blatant attacks and then there's ones are more subtle. You realize that they're going on and some of the subtle ones intentional, all the ones are more incidental different depend upon where you go situation something you can have the secular professors are just great professors, great teachers, nice people and other times you just the opposite way also was very, very caustic and very tough to deal with and I've had personal experiences from both sides. When I was in college but in the blatant ones were the just outright attacks and one particular quote from Fulcher University of Virginia that sums often, this is surely not every professor in every state University, but there are too many of these in this is what he said quote secular professors and universities ought to arrange things so that students who enter as bigoted, homophobic, religious fundamentalist leave college with views more like our own students are fortunate to find themselves under the benevolence of people like me that have escaped the grip of their frightening bushes and dangerous currents go right on trying to discredit you parents in the eyes of your children trying to strip your fundamentalist religious community of dignity, trying to make your views seems silly rather than discussable." Dr. Reddy from University of Virginia air, but it is one thing I like about though is you being very transparent.

This is his goal to make sure that the students we would use that has rather than what they were brought up with, and he wants to make sure the parents look ridiculous in the eyes of their children IS cleaving the family and God created the family and in order.

There gets these kids to disrespect the parents even more of your you struggled at the beginning of the heightened quite a bit because of what these professors are feeding the students in one of the things it doesn't help is that it's kind of a lost art. When you think of critical thinking skills. So many people do not have critical thinking skills in the universities and public high schools in such what thing rather than a how to think and so whatever they're told by the professor there. Students are single. This is a college professors PhD study. This rereviewed an expert. He knows what he's talking about is a sharp person that that's all reason I'm here to learn and actually easier to teach. I'm here to learntalking about and so they just write it down and they don't even have time to really think it through.

One asked questions because you want to be made fun of the professor and turn attacks you and again you're just busy and this is going to be on the test and you need to pass the test to pass the class you need to pass the class to get a degree you need to get agree to go out in the real world and get on with life. And so no one else is really causing problems for your discredit a good student to write it down and regurgitated on the test and one and sold it really is indoctrination because they're not thinking through things anymore and they learn the critical thinking skills even when they were at home and in reading the Bible and all that in learning how to ask questions like that question when I met you before someone so there is no evidence the God of the Bible critical thinking skills would have you respond by saying all what would you accept as evidence. Can you give an example of something that would count as evidence that God wrote something what would it look like I just am curious if you say it doesn't exist. What is it that you're looking to see that you always find out they haven't thought of the skeptic is not thought that through have no example: all of the world will be over recognize evidence for inspiration of the Bible having to find it in their own mind that they don't even know what you're looking for really great way for us to understand how to think to ask questions back in class will do you have any experience in your life when you were in college were maybe professors treated you that way or Manage your try to embarrass you in front of others.

Sure I had that experience in transferring from the Christian University, one from engineering physics at the state University on my professors once they all know home.

What I believed they were somewhat hostile towards me particular my geology professor and member the first week of class in a minute geology class at the state University.

I don't know any other students in this class I'm sitting in the second row professor doesn't know me.

I was very shy. Something in the class and know anything about geology. I just need one more science class in order to get my physics degree so a lot of real deal on something there and the first week of class professor starts making fun of the Bible which shocked me about okay about working chocolate rocks wisely talk about the Bible.

I wanted to talk a lot about.

We could go to class, but you can find the Bible and the students are laughing and I felt so uncomfortable sitting in the class because I didn't want to say I could necessary refute what he was saying and to try to raise my hand to start. Brian and I just a good also schedule all extremists in the middle of the sentence he stops and he said I can't remember to say, while at work, but he did mention class that all the planets rotated the same direction and I had just started studying evidence for creation for number reasons got put in the heart, I needed to really learn that because I'm getting a degree in physics and going up against the whole concept of evolution.

The Big Bang and I remember reading that to the planets rotated backwards, and he knew it was an issue for the Big Bang idea in the nebular hypothesis of gases are swirling the certain way most gases formed the sun and the planets. They should all take the same way the actual date backwards when it was an issue so I went to his office after class and is knocked on the door again. He didn't know what was the 70s student when your classes and as of today you mentioned that all the plants will take the same direction actually to rotate backwards and he instantly got angry and I guy could not asserted any kind or just ringing it up and he said no, no, no, they'll rotate the same way as will not actually promote backwards know know know they all locate the family like I can get you the documentation. If you like to see if you do that I just turn around and walk away and was so intimidated by him and I went and found the articles from science magazine secular source and it brought back in today later in his office reminded that I was there lazily or talk with the planets that's what you requested this documentation so I handed it to him again, living soul, respectful and very kind started reading it and he said well I guess I just wasn't keeping up with the latest findings, and I thought I was actually 16 years ago and I are Catholic. They also point out, this wasn't a nudist government normal for a long time and fast forwarding. He did not goal back to the class to say I mention this yesterday.

I guess I was wrong about that. He didn't say anything.

I did not raise my hand as a prophet and tell everyone that you are around and fills my place to do that I thought would be disrespectful. He never correct himself well. Couple years later after graduate I was invited back to the state University to speak of the University group so I give a talk for about an hour early to almost an hour Q&A afterwards. I'm talking to just a group of students casually mention something that reminded me of the story with this geology professor. So I told them that story privately. I did not share that story with Colton because he was still a professor there and he didn't want disparaging told this to three students the story and one girl. Her jaw drop. She says I can't believe that she was.

I have him for geology professor and just yesterday you told us all the planets rotate the same direction was probably four years later teaching the same thing: Alton cares and he treated me very differently while I was still there at the University. Sometimes he when you make eye contact with me when answer questions like is the exam Tuesday or Thursday this week when you walk away from me on another time I had asked him a question about a certain rock formation that I literally knew nothing about.

I wasn't trying to make a point. I just thought this was really cool and I showed him this was a newspaper clipping. As you know anything about this and he started swearing at me and the rest of the class was they were all thinking. What I do look some I didn't do anything other than ask you know anything about this and he thought I was trying to make appointment which I wasn't allowed back from him at other things for my physics professor I had other things like thermodynamics, professor and lots and lots of stories like that work you do get attacked what you believe what God is faithful. You either use the crucible character really learn you know what he wanted because he had worked occurred at a time for me to do and then he will equip you to do that is so sad that that happens a lot. Colleges and universities I think will generate you quickly share some tacky Christian students who were listening can use with their professors very quickly. Number one. Be respectful, good Christian example. Don't all the professor out front of the other students. I would say only raise your hand if you want to ask question clarification. If you think you are wrong about something, don't. That's wrong. Here's the truth, but you can say, could you explain that a little further and secondarily I would highly suggest approaching the professor outside of class in their office and I would even recommend bringing a friend with you to be conversational and unneeded witnesses who said what, I would go there and in doing very tactfully great respect that you just want clarification on something that you know something that you would want to share with them to see what their response might be you want to get into an argument in front of the rest of the classes Christian testimony in a car you want and will because the professor tried bring up 30 things to everyone that you might possibly think: boulders a few things on the surface, and no thank you somewhat will grant to continue. This is fascinating topic will quickly tell them again how they can learn more about you and get your product to our website. The starting point

Lots of DVD, streaming video, booklets, books and other resources and again the main thing it was Carolyn speak.

Also, Grand Canyon tumors, which will see all their love starting point close go to the starting point project. Go to his website you want to have J computer.Adam. We got about our church is phenomenal. Just great. He speaks in schools all over the country. Please check him out gets on his product. J thanks for being with us about this is your everyday. This is the Truth Network

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