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May 2, 2022 11:16 am


The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 2, 2022 11:16 am

Chris Hughes interviews Cory Godwin who tells us everything you need to know about leadership.

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Hello this is will Hardy with RAM talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network.

This is good Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris, welcome, welcome day I will go to great program wanted to talk about leadership your thought about me to be a leader what your definition of a leader is or what good leadership traits might be applied to every one of us and we got one of the nation. Experts in the field. In my opinion this on our show today leadership in a minute, but first speaking of leadership. I want to encourage you to never stop being a learner because leaders should always continue to learn life and if you have a student in your life will be interested in looking for college right now. I want to encourage you to take a look at the college of Mid-America College of Mid-America Memphis, Tennessee got a beautiful campus and I have a lot of great programs but anything about is all the programs help you develop a biblical worldview is critical race theory, garbage or intercepting throne as you all go to be from a Christian perspective maybe break up on your life were you like to get a masters or your regular more education and a lot of times when people talk about Masters degree. They don't think about going to seminary is just a fancy preacher work is if it is a Masters degree or doctorate degree in Mid-America Baptist theological seminary again has some great higher level classes you can take it you want to come to campus your Memphis online program way before COBIT was testator art, so I encourage you to check out MA Mid-America Baptist theological seminary MA learn more about the great programs. Of course I want to thank our show sponsor the citizens of America foundation know we just held just not just week ago we had our great culture engagement Summit in Memphis Tennessee on April 30 a great day, people across the nation came to learn more about God's word.

You will learn how to develop a biblical worldview and encourage you to visit citizens for America that citizens for America and sign up to get our newsletters and and other information do we do webcast and we have podcasting. Not only do we have our radio show.

But the great caveat were chosen with this on air every Friday she releases the podcasts of her own every Wednesday talking about issues with marriage and family and children parenting is so much more. So be sure to check it out as citizens for America Well, I guess. Today a salad.

I well know all of this in 30 years but probably well over 20 I have been watching the first from afar and then got to know him because you you see people sometimes a lot that you know really making a difference and you want to try to be around them and emulate them if you can, and Corey Godwin.

That kind of person for me.

He worked in the realm of government, the state of Florida in several positions over the years all at share with us just a minute, what is done, but no matter where he's known Cory has transformed the organization that he's worked and I watched him and I'm not just only the shawl over the years I've seen them just go to places that almost had a chaotic situation and he brought his leadership skill there to really transform them and make them the great public service organizations that they became an award-winning organization.

It is my great honor to have my friend Corey Godwin with us today. Cory welcomed the Christian perspective. Thank you Chris, thank you so much for having me in. Yes, it's a pleasure to visit again. Even if we have to do it all remotely.

Am so thankful for social media that you and I are still I put the keep in touch and and and what I have been now oddly over two decades. You know right off the bat… Letter for her provokes is the intentional about these relationships would would Christian brothers and sisters in and people who have added value to your laugh all you know don't just let them seasons come and go.

I think it's important that we that we stay together for Tom such a vehicle he would assault you know here we would be this many years later connecting visiting again and and still doing what I told you to call those years in Okaloosa County as is growing other leaders all try to build other leaders around us is an unusual one for its unusual and it's a different path which God has a plan for you and he laughed at what what what we think our plan started out at age 19 as the correctional officer for the prison system work my way up through the ranks. They are ultimately to assistant warden all spent a great deal of my time in South Florida as a prison inspector and six years in central office, which is our headquarters with all the corrections regarding several programs.

Drug interdiction mall go began. You remember years and ultimately ended up in order to state prison, and did that for four years and got the call of Myla congratulations were going like you warden and at the time that I cut that coal from the original director.

It was for a position. It was open. It dates a guy down in Miami and at that time had to get the middle school and my mother had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time so that was one of those pathways disorder converses with okay probably not best for me. Even though this was my dream that I probably don't need to pack up, move, move to Miami.

My decision like a change and entered the tax collector world of Florida working for the Walton County tax collector and serving as her chief deputy in the course. That's how you and I first met you were so gracious enough to take someone who would had a history of shotgun and writer Warren try to teach them how to collect property taxes and and and bin Laden's plate so I had the privilege to work there for 14 years and then got asked to go over to the bike County tax collector's office were duly elected.

Tax collectors layer adult native needed assistance so up the chance to work there for two years and then I had my last moment were what I thought was dead and buried an odd sort of covered the will never go to do what I load before the prison ministry and the sheriff of my home county was lurking, looking for a new general director and actually called my diet recommendations.

People and I did share some with him and he ultimately said what about you and so that's why land today on the director general operations for the Walton County Jail and walk County, Florida open the Panhandle and manage a facility of over hundred and hundred 96.

Adult male and female facility County jail facility that also houses US Marshall federal it might and have staff about 135. If you're trying to protect the public and try to build better people at the same time. Well I did realize that you do know that you'd handle those changes in your career that that's incredible Cory, I do want to ask a bunch of leadership questions but something not going on the spot here, but I know that your fellow believer you love that will work something I like to have my gift. If you're comfortable with it share how they came to know Jesus because I think it's interesting people to hear every one of us came to know Jesus in a different way with her friend shared her money.

But as the church you mind sharing your testimony by you came to know the Lord would be my privilege. I don't separate the two pigs I will in preparation church and state.

Whatever but I can't separate my lord from anything that I grew up in the church. All my mom and dad were some of those good southern people that you win every time the doors opened, we will undergo Bible school this Sunday dinner on the grounds of all not playing it that matter, all what was going on.

We would bear and we were there early and so my exposure with earlier laugh around age 14 was when I finally bite my profession of faith and and and if I am found salvation like all of us.

We learn that you know that there is no magic bullet that immediately stopped her human nature. So all entering and in the high school in young adulthood. All had the normal slips and failures that that that most I have and then rededicated myself emphatically at the print really at the time that I got married at age 25 and it had tried to try to fight the good about everything testimony and I know God is uniquely positioned you and never listened across the country were we talking today Corey Godwin. Cory is served in public service in the state of Florida really all of his adult life in God's pleasure positions where others could watch your testimony and see what you're doing and he blessed you because of your faithfulness to him and and Corey really traveled, not just across Florida is a leadership expert across the country because of the successes that he had where he's worked.

Other people have asked him to share some of those same principles in in their daily life and our show today is really concentrating on leadership and what it means to be a leader in and how we can develop some of those skills because a lot of it is just like corrugated in the beginning, staying in touch with people and have a connection yet to be intentional and some of the things that you're going to really most of the things in leadership so Cory, how do you define leadership.

It lots of different people give answers out there but I'll love yours. Can you share with us about what you think leadership is critical for me at all. You don't get anything else out of the conversation that were were having a good day as an audience, take out your Bible and go to Mark chapter 3 in verse 43, but I think that the best definition or foundation for anyone to start in a leadership role. All begins right there. And it will all remember that story when Jesus told the disciples together when they were clambering over who was going to flip through his rot in heaven and who was going to get the corner sleep in the office so to speak, and he made it clear to them that there are those that are in those official positions that exercise authority over individual and that they Lord over the becomes about the trappings of leadership versus what the true calling is that he finishes up in those verses that I love the little word to you.

If it is not so that the whole world can look at it that way but will not be so with you that the expectation was that whoever you want to become great among you, or lead must be your servant work again with my that I think leadership is not about a toddler authority it's really about serving others around you and doing you know that in a way that ultimately garners influence.

That's what were after.

No one is going to remember some of the greatest leaders I've ever had always always when I'm speaking out because of all a mental early on in my lap, Harry K. Singletary. And he was the first African-American secretary could fall the corrections and Mr. Singletary stole something in me. I did not for your monthly and he challenged me and he got that automated push and he began the tutors to serve million. That way all and he's #30 been passed since 2010, but here I am today still talking about and that's what we won't long after the career goal that replaced you water people who you will you came in contact with going to say about you and what you did to help them overcome some challenge or first dinner last so for me it's about influences about service to others that service point is so important socially listener yesterday as holy ship is something that Jesus teaches and covers all we need to develop positions filled with grace. This show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for the causes you care about blocking the footsteps of Jesus 10 feet of Bible content length this December. I joined nationally for radio host and found citizens financial foundation to create life-changing it's one of the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world for thousands of reasons. Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic, the richest fight like the Wailing Wall don't fit Chris through the winding alleyways to Nancy so the hand to place that I think you spent the early Jewish fortress, see firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I like new citizens financial and get ready for an unforgettable trip memories that will last a lifetime time creating there is another relationship on range hearing is line joint history was made on its own. One American unbelievable this day May 1 in the year 305 A.D. the most powerful man in the world. Emperor Diocletian stepped down from the Roman empire just two years prior.

He began the most systematic persecution of Christians intending to exterminate them once and for all.

He forbade worshipers books arrested clergy and demanded that everyone sacrifice to pagan deities for the kill.

From Europe to northern Africa. Countless believers became martyrs to the faith. Suddenly, Diocletian will structure the painful disease. He advocated his throne for the farming slot is American plans for 1888. What about like yesterday's poor Godwin were talking about the subject of leadership. There is no greater leader in the history of the world in Jesus Christ as followers of Jesus we should try to emulate some of the things that he did throughout what everything you did in the Bible this early in the area of leadership Cory on that may have butchered this us try to find out when that you will be on the show years ago you gave a definition of leadership. And again I probably can't read my own chicken scratch the glory so probably didn't get it exactly right but I love this, remember where I heard you say at one time but you said that leadership is the act of honoring God like casting a compelling vision of the future, demonstrating love and service to others growing other leaders and holding team members accountable for their contributions towards that vision and when you said that that was written. One early morning about 430 Trotter try to do that rather early in the Lord is good and slightly in the bed at out one of the smartest things I ever did and I would encourage within your home build out a study not a man. K. There is no TV in their it has the word find called books and and and just a place to get quiet and can get along with God first thing in the morning, they tell me there's two kinds of people nailed it one to check their phone when they get out of Baylor.

They check it winner and restaurant all in and I try not to be one of those guys and that's were those felt really really poor in his nose early morning hours when I'm intentional again about laying that day out before you. That is so important and we don't get quiet like you said you mean will be alone with God like we should, and I think that's a great trait when you look at what is particular what great Christian leaders have done is a busybody coroner you mentioned Mr. Singletary of exit which he said his name was Karen. Is there someone who would like a role model in your life work a mentor.

I like to talk to people a lot about the importance of mentors and not you're not as old as me but I think it's important for us, particularly as Christian men to find other young men in the same for women. We can mentor along in life and even married couples, five young couples to mentor, but was there someone special in your life. That was a aroma were mentor that helped you along the way there's been several and that's that's what I would point out the critical element mentor is not a single one person could do it effectively, but you need to have a Board of Directors of mentor skulls or certain individuals who can speak into your laughable business financial slant birth control with one of those for me, you will know him welcome legendary Inc. I think as of today in this area there. The largest Marine dealership in the United States but Bruce saw something in me and I connected through work with the Boys and Girls Club. There's another lesson involve yourself in community service. Particular young people were told it will automatically expose you to some of these people who are doing that, work out a social responsibility.

My number one mentor from just the hard work perspective was my dear mother passed away last year arming this is a lady who worked 36 years in a chicken plant that are more sophisticated listers. That's a poultry production facility. She reported that chicken plant for 36 years and and I never heard a grumble. She told me the difference between finding of joy in what you do versus happiness, joy being that that's going come internal happiness means you need some external influence to make that happen. You all and I'm not saying this gratuitously just culture show, but I want you over those years or more in the first, find your vehicles poor into mania young chief deputy tax collector display. This is the path. As you know what else you do a ball spiked up that I wish I had a member that first lady. Don't go down this path a dangerous one. James Upchurch is one who would mock all euro cheaper security operations to who really, really showed me the ropes as it relates to the need to master the industry that you chosen and he really really stretch my not enough just to know the thing that you grew up in unit also go to learn little bit about mental health, criminal justice system. The substance-abuse department. Those folks who deal with that and edit help me immensely.

Over the years and certainly in the robot have now what we touch all of the yeah you mentioned having a Board of Directors. I think you know Andy Andrews, who lives not too far from you either offers written a lot of leadership books are good in and Andy likes to say, you know that we all have what he calls a personal Board of Directors, which I think is, what you were alluding to opt out about 10 or so people don't know that yet you don't tell them aroma Board of Directors but is people that I've identified her successful like you said we got five people in different areas.

You know like young for what good married couple, or maybe somebody is good at managing money earned so that a close walk with the Lord brought back from. That's what a corporation does is try to bring together good people on the Board of Directors and these are people that I just want to hang out with have lunch with her breakfast, or whatever your coffee with them and just learn from them again. They don't know that I consider them to be a lot Board of Directors, but they are in and we need to surround ourselves with those kind of people and I love how you will talk about service and being involved like in the Boys and Girls Club or Qantas club or road warrior or whatever. So maybe if you're listening idiotically got a generation a decor you. Does he really know what the service organization that wishes that back is really sad and yeah I was a Rotary club relative Martinelli North 11 Qantas club and and that was one of the first things we moved to our current home in North Carolina is Vickie my wife and I we kinda divide and conquer what they were going to get involved in our community, and you pick one out. It begged the other one and I would rather obligate drovers and I would rather minaret register that bit of background on his brothers and sisters accurately but that that nation ready love quiet at work helping children in the community.

But my background is been the overuse of Florida and Rotary answer. Vickie join Rotary and I joy Qantas and so maybe you listen to.

You don't know what is orders. There are others Lions Club and and others are missing with their these organizations in every community that I would encourage people to get involved with one both with lease with Rotary Qantas that I'm familiar with.

Accordingly, they meet for lunch every week and they bring a speaker in your semi like you did. And so we get to see different leaders in the community come in and talk about your whatever charity they work with her.

What business they have is a one it helps you become more intelligent your learning your learning about your community, your learning about topics and subjects but also you were then having lunch on a weekly basis with other leaders in your community that you think it's really important to surround ourselves with people you know that we want to be like I was anti-somebody or wannabe menu years ago somebody was saying and I read this in books as well. You did the 10 people that you hang out with the most are going to try to be like how you are so you end up in not just a work was like income so if you want to be rich.

Another that he through the part of our life and you should be hang around rich people. If you want to be close to the Lord, you need to hang around other people or most of all work.

Do you see that when I could. I know you study a lot of the characteristics of leadership traits of hunted what grandma say that questions really think it will take a break they would do a longer segment and talk about maybe some of those crazy juicing and leaders achieve study now were talking about leadership today and my guess is Corey Godwin. If you missed part of the show when you want to get later on course this racist site and I know you listen you ready to write him later. The process format where Mr.'s asked for wherever so damn sure thoughts about states of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris were made in our nation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal life and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of the mounting father Christian join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement about leadership today. We tried several different areas of what effective in hopefully you're all aspiring to be leaders and and certainly if you're immolating price or having a biblical worldview. You want to try to follow what Jesus taught you to do.

And Jesus was the greatest leader that ever lived in my guest today. Corey Godwin is one of the greatest leaders I've ever met and he teaches a lot of classes around the country and particularly in his home state of Florida just because of the success that he's had working with people in his organizations in transforming them Corey before the break we started to talk about leadership traits that you saying and and some of the great leaders. Can you share some of those things that might be helpful for us as we want to become absolutely all I would start by saying this after sale, the monk who was the most influential person in your life and in some cases that might be a schoolteacher if you're fortunate, it would've been a balls could've been a father father mother who had the most positive impact or influence in your life and when you do that and then point back to that person.

Inevitably, you'll see the two things were always present. Number wanted someone who challenges you pushed you beyond what you saw in yourself and what you could please and the other thing that was always present is that they would give you the truth in love. This is this is someone who knows you and would also shake your head know you and hold you accountable so those two all matrix if you will a chart is sort of what I Lockean element and what makes great leaders that that's where influence is going to come from every body say is you I will I will trust and loyalty monitoring.

Here's the rope with that trust and loyalty or emotions enough to say you will be low below to what you know if you if I don't fit without trust and loyalty do not truly lighting, and the only way to get that is you have to tap into an emotional reaction about human. So how do you do that, then you have to be intentional again there's that word yet to be intentional about establishing emotional convictions with the team that you lead that looks like you getting up walking around and asking three questions. How are you admitting that local men, how are you number two how the thing that gets to the work order some barriers that you could use your power position and influence to remove the smoothed out whatever that project is whatever going on with that pain in the third question how can I help now the buyer beware. On this is that if you pick it difficult when you're sincere and you look at people you asked them how are and there's vulnerable you're going to get to hear the whole story called at the end of the day. At that matter how good these processes. Hourly systems are how greatly appointed your office space is at the end of the day is for humans.

Human beings are come in and out of doors that are biking the results in getting the results you need. And everybody's walking through some if everybody on this listing to us right now. Hedda cartoon bubble over their head toward what they're walking through today that be enough baggage it would travel the court action going on a ski trip called everybody's going to do something but listen for those opportunities about how you can add value.

Help them overcome a challenge struggle and it's not just me saying that 60 years worth of neuroscience display. If you can tap into that limbic portion of the brain and and and speak to the emotional and emotional level with those quote that that's how that title be successful. Gen. Colin Powell had a great quote and he said if people are coming to you with their problems and that includes personal problem than one or two things are happening and they one of Magoo another one.

Number one I don't like you competent up to solve the problem number two's.

Even worse, they don't like you care people should cry in your office call that shows vulnerability. You get the truth of what happened. We spent all too many times looking at the humans who work presents.

I will know Chris is not been focused something going on with him. He's got a poor attitude.

He's not a team player.

When the reality is what we might not know is walking through some adversity in his personal victory never going to bleed over so it's important that and it difficult. It's challenging and it should be because leadership should never be holding people accountable. You need to have equal balance on relationships and result if you're leaning true for relationships.

The Nasher benevolently left the one who never want to have a difficult conversation with anybody.

They want to be loved.

They want to have likability and that that will not sustain itself on the other hand, if you got someone who only has a results focused the better the ones pounding their fears say we gotta get this done ASAP. This has to be done ASAP will ASAP assure problems and avoid solution that's my definition of ice. So what you gotta do is have an equal focus on both. Never, never stop giving people feedback which critical don't avoid that, even though it is difficult. That's one of the things that one of our favorite authors. I know you a pretty good packet with Johnny discovered in his new book the motive to talk about. What is your motive for leadership. Those are some examples of of of what I think imported about being exceedingly human at that my clearance was with connecting would the people you work with. Yeah like a wallet doll 1714 just turning it on because my son and I were just talking a couple days ago about somebody in his life to the ground. You will just a grudge about some zone delay will address and and I told him he initially chose yeah Cory a lot of this comes with gray hair and you trial by error and learning. But I look back, a lot of the mistakes I made is an early leader in God blessed me to be as good positions, but I didn't always make the best decisions.

Looking back, with my people sometimes and part of it was like you said everybody's got something going on in her life and we need a good leader will be right now. They prosecute old TVs I like and and then on top of the breaker to be able to pick up the reception of TV for your cable.

You need to be in tune with your people and know them well enough that you know when something is all and in and you know sometimes you just bite their head off. There there what you been diagnosed with cancer this morning. Her yard to been anything that happened we learn is if we didn't learn anything there that pandemic. I hope that we learn that are well intended rigid policy rules and restrictions that we located we have to play within our organizational structure for legalistic reason for whatever but they failed you and come across what how audacious is like that you're going to write a single policy to deal with every human related complete an agreement. For example if so, pick what we all have bereavement leave in our policy but what you do when you know that person's going to pass away at him and it's going to happen in a day. Wouldn't that time greatly for them to spend most of that's that's one example I remember once one quick story work, we had an employee that they work. They were always 15 minutes.

Like an ant and the manager was ready to fire this post that they just can't get to work on Okay why one. Why are they not working that well they had Napa go away manager called me back literally in tears and playing this person has a special need child have to go to a certain school that school got an open file through she's killing herself to get here by the thing you tell that valued employee that what we want her to do is get her child delivered let childcare get here safely and will work it out there lunch out on the differences that that employee when only be in for the quarter particular segment of time. Probably the loyalty level from that employee and she probably wanted to work much harder for you because of what you did for their family had work to do on the Kearney and Goldberg were doing that right she would've trusted up about the break that vulnerable and callous that from the called her past experience she did.

She didn't want to be rocking the boat did more about like policy week we better deal with it. But you know over the years will have.

How did that work out. That pandemic when every conversation we were having was about someone's medical division whether or not they had a temperature when it really change things.

Didn't Cory, one of my first mission when I was just employee kid, but God gave me an opportunity to apply for this really good job in they brought in a task team a psychiatrist to this is America later just wait let me up some of the bickering brought a group of psychologist in and they tested the file is for this position and was one of the in the report they wrote about me. One of the things I said at that time and I mean I was really young, but said that I was driving with the brakes on that which it was probably a mistake.

The desk to call the brick Cory what is someone talking about a risk I know some people are very risk-averse and then there are some leaders use some of the greatest things I accomplish in the world of government work when I wrist to do things that had never been done before, but it can also get you in trouble.

Do you think leaders are people that take risk or what you thought about taking risk as a leader. They absolutely take risk cannot outgun those personnel styles and I need to be mindful of that because I want to have an aversion to the status quo.

The way we've always done it certainly would need to be calculated in it so that we don't run the train completely off track but I love I love what I call the 22 rifle balls and cannon balls and Jim Collins talk about this and one of his many great books you note incremental Rios word you're just you're taking small segments of the organization. We did this in the Catholic world and summer with some of our call center technology and things we did implement it in and canceled the plan do check act of scenario don't work before you start blasting the cannonball that okay now were going through this across the entire organization take those Rios but take woman away that smart calculated might be in a segment of the organization or to the private sector fine buying with a segment of of of a market strategy to work on introducing new product were not going to go all the analytic all work will Goldberg be methodical and methodical about the wrist take that's great advice. What about what about some leaders are intimidated or all of the really leaders might just sometimes people in positions are really leaderless to be there but some people are afraid to hire people smarter than what what are your thoughts on your DQ is so if I'm the president family do I need to be the smartest person in my company, or should it be our people smarter than you think that would be hard people smarter than you and don't calm yourself.

You have the first thing we need to do it later said we need to confront our own reality.

What amount we can absolutely career development for open air in front of everybody, even after spending 16 years in the tax collectors world. I don't have an affinity towards spreadsheet and always spoke. I know that going in, and I have been very deliberate about the position of man to make sure that I've got one of these people created in God's own image with the express purpose that love and that they're good at it. So I'm like the REMIC we need to be hiring talent enough people also absolutely and one of the best ways to do that that I found in the last careers I haven't I haven't couldn't single interview for you have.

I just don't do it. I let the team do it. I get a cross functional tree about members and oscillate if I'm expecting them to make the dinner and should not let them talk to the grocery and that taking someone and then plug in a manageable this'll work for you and then six months later, Paul told him not getting results. They put their people. They are invested in their people and make it clear to everybody in the organization. Without that opportunity to delete alien for everyone here has a responsibility to recruit higher and celebrate Kallick. That means I won't remember looking when they go in and out of these restaurants would prickle with the customer service acumen at the same time if they got premiums who apply to work for organization and I have some of these dear friends, it'll be lifelong friends or nothing important, but all that comment to William I'll be there, but they never working for me because I don't believe what we believe they would be a good fit. So it's everybody's responsibility and be inclusive of your team. Let them help you find that talent and and how that talent and to the greatest words you can never say you want your team members as the Lichterman and just let you decide that powerful folks were talking to Cory God when he is just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leadership principles also gladly share with us today. Check the file closure would come back this all is succession planning raising money organization or individual life can be difficult as socially give us a call today at 704-984-2432 connect with the design on social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven. I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters diets at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about time creating relationship on range hearing is joint. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris were made in our nation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting Christian join. What about leadership today. My gifts for God.

When you read a book or unit. Have you written a book about I have not up, got up, got a blog of maintaining nodded diligently sure, but I have maintained it for about three years and there's probably no content there. Figure out a book, but I'm just not slow down enough to do it, brother. You need to do this, maybe, but I can't reroute. Read somebody because rain earlier this year and I like you are me up at like 20 books look roundabout that haven't been disciplined with it, but he said you if you'll just write an hour a day. You didn't take long to finish a book in a year just given you so much wisdom in this area would encourage you to think about doing that before the breakers on Mount Harris Re: smarter people than us and whether or not we should look my fat face Q-tip microphone before and I'm sorry about that I had to a barbecue yesterday so I love when you were talking about your people interview you'll are you that you don't interview respective employees, and we like the management team do it. You expect them for them to cook the dinner should labile groceries work that is great that likely will be the title of about 40 a love that your sharing with us Cory a lot of people when we talk about risk. We talked about hire people that are smarter than us. Another thing that I think really is the downfall of some so-called leaders is they don't plan ahead and and and so Yarnell the preaching world and particularly a lot of preachers do not really develop a good succession plan when they're getting older in age to help their church transition smoothly, but is not just a problem in churches and a lot of businesses to I don't know why we feel threatened. Sometimes want to bring somebody up at what stage in your leadership career should you start thinking about a succession planning. They warn the people were just coming through your door often have a greater capacity to wait because they don't have any frequently granular notion about anything and I don't like work.

So take advantage of that and whatever experiences they bring. It's healthy to go through this exercise. Look at your organization.

Look at your relational chart and the individual humans that didn't work and say if that person left the day or one every which one of these positions within my organization would have the most dramatic impact and it will shock you. Sometimes the ones that you will highlight it. It won't necessarily believe that the gadgets even in retirement. It won't necessarily be the God whose next open line for the CEO position. Oftentimes it'll be that one individual that progresses so much institutional knowledge in that one area all technology people certainly put that burial that have specialized skills is that if they won't tell it would it would paralyzing at least temporarily. That's where the real succession planning start is to identify the impact positions that if a layoff that would call your problem and then in every position, and particularly in your senior bank positions you should have a a what I refer to as bench strength under each of those position have at least two, preferably three people that are sold the farm team might never know that you you view them in that way it's not a guarantee, promotion, and there is no contractual obligation says it you know you're going to get this buying a bracelet but we got our own, this particular reason and make that known.

So that your managers will start pushing those people, let them lead that project.

Let them lead that particular meeting that important meeting. Let them be the ones to go to that conference might be that you will you would a block of gold. Could you like the best.

I should not spend money on what have the opportunity to lead there several times I get called upon to attend the professional associations and tell them about our great inmate work program or something that we got going on here material and my first instinct. Don't let it become now 30s 34 years of public service is to find that person closest to that work and send them let them go get that public speaking.

And they're nervous as heck about it and they don't think they can do it and then they come back on cloud nine and and there's nothing if you want self gratification. What that happened was I got a chance to lead that project and and actually move the organization forward.

And further young people know you find yourself in a position so I just got to scuttle the job of I've got just recently got a promotion slot for the next five years there sort of like… For swimming only. Then if you can't grow up, then grow. Why learn a new skill split go out and and and Laura Hoppe learn something of interest and continually build this pattern of our mom constantly growing and reinventing myself and my leadership is so important I want to continual that just a second. I will go back to something what to think or talk about one, how you were sending young people conferences go to me a lot to learn that Corey bit, little things like that make such a huge difference in the morale and in the future. Training of those potential leaders down the road sure that you have a confidence in them to go to a meeting and represent your agency, your your your product up here your county or whatever it may be in positions around that's really helpful you also talk about people had institutional knowledge and they might be the only one that had it.

That's a mistake that I made big time when times I had this one employee for me and I hired her because of what she knew and she knew she was the expert really the best at what she did not enroll career field, but she refused to train people under her because she saw it as a threat of if I share what I know I won't be as valuable to the organization anymore and really almost destroyed her organization because she had so much of the institutional knowledge and just flat out refused to share with somebody in an empty clean air. This is an area of software we end up eventually.

The big reason we J software is because right now that situation.

I mean if she fell down dead, we would've been able to operate in oh so grass can be a problem for well Cory, what about with about four minutes left. I know you realize you've written several books in our conversation we talked about leaders needed continually learn and I think reading is a very important parts, interjecting monthly for you, but I know you agree that reading is important. Why do you think that's an important for leaders and could you maybe recommend a few books to our listeners. A lot of never read anything or and I don't want to get deep but you just give us a good principal absolutely you have to read great leaders read because it continues to grow and expand. There's no single book that you're going to find it has all the answers. I've learned that over the years. There is no single book that someone is written.

It's going to give you everything, but if you work if you consume a ton oval your gums let you know what that piece that chapter will fit me, that will fit our organization will fit a change that I need to make in my leadership style years ago and this was again I bought a new relationship in 2007, you hosted the textbook Association. Culbertson brought in a guy that a lot of you heard about. I am thinking about who it hurt like a gentleman by the name of Mark Miller who worked for a man. He was so big at the time he was in a breakout session and I went down and I listeners talk about his book, the secret that he cowrote with Ken Blanchard. Let let me allege you before you continue with that, but y'all do. It was a book about a couple years ago called the secret movie was made on that's not yet this this is by Mark Miller and Mr. Blanchard and it is an incredible leadership because our go-ahead. Cory and you will burn through it. If you say well I'm not sure if this writer by what get that book and then read everything he's ever written.

After that right after his latest book, which is actually signal the core about this right now. Smart leadership and grief I haven't shared this with you but over the years I've been up by going to close relationship with him I have his cell phone number right now all in and so Mark Miller if you don't get anybody else, and he's written accountable. High-performing teams are like your organization. Italic magnet love the stuff that we just talk about my next one will be Patrick Glick theology LEP and see who in Patrick Glick and Patrick Glick theology you can find all his books are chiropractic's book the advantage talked about organizational culture is tremendous. Dr. Henry cloud. All of his books but his book necessary in the is is absolutely fabulous. Can't talk about it without talk about Amy family calls about this notion of beyond leadership, which speaks to the servant leadership model that we can talking about the last two minutes is so helpful and you'll love these books.

Like you said I Mark Miller's book EA were to gentle if you diligently today still bear the vice president of training and professional leadership development for what he does not he was one of all. The first six employees ever hired, particularly in his book that secret.

I don't think it's even 100 pages and is not. It's also a smaller size page easy to digest and it is incredible it in underground salt altogether on podcasting. Obviously you can search search that out. Mark Miller does a little chess club email with short video vignette once a week. That's fabulous yeah that shows a rookie mistake I made very good. You brought up that conference. I was there.

We had a bunch of world-class speakers that opinion probably the best speaker there and I put them in a breakout session that we didn't know no one will incredible life-changing for me to. It was great. Cory, I just can't thank you enough for being with us today on the Christian perspective, you had a huge influence in my life. You are a great leader and your great servant for the public in Florida.

Everywhere you work you turn those organizations around and I know you give God the credit for that and and I just want to encourage you. God give you great skill set.

I know you travel and speak just thank you for what you've done in you model service leadership. You don't just talk about it. You do and and that's why everything you touch is transformed in a positive way. So thank you so much for being with us today. My pleasure's nuts like fine]. One of the most smart people that I know and let's talk about the difference between grilling and barbecue colored office by that's another affinity you and I share this boy does Mrs. shows little podcast sure Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting culture for Jesus. Visit citizens for

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