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How has Parenting Changed in a Post Pandemic World?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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April 29, 2022 5:00 am

How has Parenting Changed in a Post Pandemic World?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 29, 2022 5:00 am

Connie Albers shares helpful tips to identify mental health and other issues that may affect to some families after the pandemic.

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The grateful hands of people desperately in need this to Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris only goes up Friday and will in her own right, mother. So I don't know how you do your writing new bugs you think the Navy you know being a gang. The Lord bless you right now about theological seminary from being the home. When we come to you each and every weekday on the Christian perspective collagen can be positive in America right school Mid-America Bobby theological seminary is a bright great place to get a Masters degree but realized it seminary shares, people like Michael will gotta be a pastor and another similar know anybody noticed and there is a Masters degree and they have a great new program I just told about the other day in apologetics and apologetics is how we defend our faith? Thinking apologist and what they believe what I believe it's a check out Mid-America or the college Mid-America in a be DS.ED you a and if you are thinking about limiting engaging the campus we email the woman on the subject.

Taking grab some barbecue great barbecue… I love the meeting with you when you come to campus anytime. I was so severe. I'm excited to meet one to get to know them a little bit better and I want to thank our main sponsor of the citizens of America foundation.

If you want to learn how to develop a biblical worldview to know what you believe and why you believe it is America foundation citizens of America and while you're there, register the culture engagement is coming up on April 30 that a week from tomorrow and tomorrow. The culture engagement and not actually us tomorrow off as the culture daily settlement in Memphis, Tennessee. Would love to have even more is not too late and you can still talk to you.

There Connie God is moving in your life in an incredible way right now and I I just want to ask our listeners to be playing logically should only get worse with you.

Not only are you running our ministry for family and citizens for American working on a new book, logic, and working. I think about 60 or 70 hours a day on real how big you are lucky about God's use of the 70 doors and I'm excited about what God is doing point thanks for sharing in the excitement of what God is doing and truly it is the Lord because they went quite a long season where I got had me on the bench that I I would certainly trafficking a lot at trial of angry in every years at that and and not just selected and as God lifted that gal and here we are, and anything it things are moving and I couldn't be more excited for what's going on. I can't exactly where God is going recall event that my palms are opening saying you lead. I'll gal, I just be obedient. That is the key you ultimately Bible talks about you conveying him interesting in using a living girl opening that there were really with both of us meeting been successful a lot of areas in our lives with about a year ago God giving both a new vision of things you want to be due in June as he is lucky to break out of our cars funny and interesting and right now like you or me like everything is not like what now I share this particular venture out. I gave a speech about North Carolina last week strictly about the miracles that God is done through this radio show education for America in the last six months I is I can write a book on it. It is unreal when we would just when God told us to do something you just said to him, something that is financially legato radiator you become one of the other one a calm down.

He is faithful what he's doing and I just love what he's doing with you because your ministry so important. Every one of us as a family and in their lot. A lot of people didn't do what you do to reach out and touch family and I'm so thankful for that. In the world just a few days ago Connie Pres. Biden panel loss.

Agenda was in Florida a judge to remove the mask Wednesday on federal transportation and and helical airplanes and buses and trains were people would have to work mask anymore and you finally get what you what are talking about were coming today were coming out of this pandemic and that we would to me that was kind of like when the last bastion of frustrating to me now.

I'm not mad at anybody. If you want to wear a mask you where your Autocare, but I don't let you make a meaner one over political statement to Ali Wegner.

Now if you want to wear one way you can follow what you have to, but were so good to me. That was on the last line we are coming out of this pandemic – really going to be new territory.

I think families Connie anything I hear exactly right when you talk about the Mayor calls on on our team. Hector had I often get attacks coming through for anything Crimping miracle God from God that source of encouragement because when you walk with the Lord. If not stagnant. Mailed July list as cuties and to not, I am not living my vibrant life and locked-in. We think that it not only encourages me and I want your listeners to be encourages as well.

There are season, but as we are coming at right now Denise just announced at the time of this recording, there no longer requiring the math. There are all these protocols you know in play and character meet and greets her coming back to normal life is starting to return by and talk about the fallout there. The fallout from all know that we have gone. As a nation as a city and County family and really talk about parenting and a cut pandemic like what did not look like and how can parents navigate you been doing the best you can quickly depending on where you live in cities and Our local official had have been completely on opposite ends of the spectrum on on their approaches. Tell your family often get confused are are we on log generally not on logon articles opener school closed our kids after a nap today not have to wear math today. We leave the fallout from the family is real and I was sharing I was doing research. The book actually and finding out that the 10 family crest are in some form, family counseling or therapy or mental or having mental health crisis that because I don't even know if you're listening as a believer to make you immune to fallout from trauma from the conflict from right from the good vision that you have a point of refuge, which is obviously going to the Lord and being in his word, that is your refuge. That is your hope in time of crisis and trial that there still can be some fallout. He still might need an extra help him work through some of what is crimping cattle and heal. II don't want you to feel like something wrong with you with your family with with meeting your parenting. Maybe there is. Or maybe there's something wrong with your child. Maybe there is maybe it's Chuck Nolte and Don, typically a college counselor and were trying to navigate the season that we had been through self to you don't feel guilt or shame. I get the help they will say that we got into this as we dive into this topic on the last need to be from a biblical perspective big guy to come at it from a Christian perspective can help a Christian perspective that I like to get you to get more That may not apply to your family values or biblical values, and you want whoever is helping you or your child navigate and get their feet firmly back on the ground. Fill your family closer, you want the foundation of that to be based on the Bible and in what God has for your family and reestablishing a family values and affirming the cook to what we are seeing and that is the parent are being undermined and marginalized kids are being told don't really apparent and parents are trying to get information and I told her, but now it's not your place.

Thanks for having the kids will take over and talk about this important topic.

Right now, calling what you know my wife Vicki prosocial book about ground mental health when working with children or adolescents in your right loosing a big kick right now in families and children.

You need to get mental health help or not you're reversing a very understandable ureter bears a lot of details and not something that you should be a nurse about sometimes you need to talk to sometimes you need help or counsel little play with you between the difficult child will enjoy a pendulous typically commercial break will come back we'll talk about some of the mental health issues. This family are saying is you.

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Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about locking the footsteps of Jesus and see the Bible come to life this December actually nationally for radio host confounded citizens for America foundation, Dr. Christie, life-changing trip to Israel.

It's one of the world's oldest and most fascinating travel during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of years. Jerusalem's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic religious site like the Wailing Wall don't deliver what Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's own hand to place that I think you spent the gallantly Jewish fortress, see firsthand with you for the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel odyssey like new citizens for America and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime relationship time creating family. There is another line 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate, enjoy the beautiful steam ahead with the words of Adm. David Farragut captured Mobile, Alabama, and on this day April 29, 1862 captured New Orleans under tremendous fire to preach the heavy chain cable that stretched across the Mississippi and let his ship stopped the channel filled with mines called torpedoes, loss of New Orleans was a major disaster for the South, as was the Confederacy's largest city. During his last illness, David Farragut, the baby's first start ask for a clergyman to praise the Lord for him, saying she must be my pilot now transcriptional American woman was leaning always young informational club is really thinking my family and other family all the listing agent every week and they were talking about credible close pandemic situation all that is effective in our family something you would be different now.

The movie few weeks. His massive headache across the nation, but last have had an effect on children and in a month on making negative political statement. There just as workers only summers that may have an effect on socialization orders Avenue job sluggish out that extremely well.

You don't know what some of the possible results of these vaccination you have long phone on young people would've taken in so much more is going on in our society right now. Maybe your family were you need to help Connie to someone wanting to get mental health help you mention a minute ago but be careful. I know a lot of churches offer mental health Christian counseling would you suggest if someone starts with the family goes the perfect place to start with your local church. They have a crisis center.

They had psychologist at help counselor that can walk through that are able and equipped to deal with what you and your family might be going with. I hearing conflict because you're in disagreement or your child frustrated because they're having suicidal.

There may need to become addicted to medication that you weren't aware that older all the coping mechanisms that they had been lying to get them get your kid to been trying to get through it.

He had gotten isolated. Maybe Dick Dave withdrawn. I would start with your local church and then just start doing churches nearby. I when you are interviewing and I really strong. I know I'm not. I want to make that claim on your eye and not a mental health professional. I am not a counselor on I am the parenting and education focus expert.

These are the things that were dealing with. We want to help our kids before they beat, they reach a crisis level.

There's not even a lot of research express because the pandemic started. Everybody was afraid and legitimately affidavit greatly had it with something that not the faith before because, frankly, none of us were around, probably when working through you to laugh and it was a big shift in our culture time grill on what was a natural like a real virus making a political issue, and naturally got in trouble though contractor local churches asked for recommendations and then we start calling on counseling centers equipment where they come from, what they come from, even counseling centers now, and commitment. Like mental health professionals there even being impacted by that.

They recently there are some articles I read that note, they are struggling themselves and to hear you're taking your children and their wrestling with their own kids with their own lives. It created that situate this quagmire. Let's talk about what we can do at parent meeting here at the four intent or maybe you're not maybe think you need help or not talk about what we can do before we have to go that route or in the decision-making process collecting someone and that is it starts with observation kick started dressing differently if your children at maybe run to the back and after they had a meal if your children seem to need Band-Aid quite a bit. If there came away from people that are not engaging like they used to start with observation noted that there is any negative or or and changes to their behavior. Even their their conversation. Another warning sign that you may EE may need to get extra help or you as a mom and dad or caregiver need to start carving out an extra time to get to the root of what caulking from time nine mental health issues. Sometimes it's just a straight up really bad that I've gotten behind that I'm not getting get the scholarship that I'm I'm not getting it with the warning that I've been spending years preparing for.

I'm not getting me I didn't make the team and their fallout from what they do more.

Then you and I both know and Chris you know our kids in high achievers that they might be. Maybe they're not. Maybe they think creative, and are not creative anymore logically structured noted that when we are willing to step into the world and through their land. We had the opportunity to touch their heart and we have to remember we are. I don't care what society, what a teacher like on a coach. What anyone said to the primary input to your child like that don't don't give that biker that children need to know that that year they are.

You're the biggest cheerleader that you want to watch that EM and just got tripped up observation meme that will were paying attention were watching were studying and were doing was defending judgment at parent and were trying to navigate this try to put that in your judgment, don't.

Don't be life on what 2019, one.

Things are very different from the view that are listing your family enter cluster thought you closer together. Can you spend more time together.

You didn't maybe you spend so much time together he started.

How will broken people were sent for people we will were not only thoughtful were not always kind were not only considerate, we don't always escape mothers of more highly than ourselves and maybe we haven't handled stress as well as we would like from a parent perspective, we want the judgment movement began observing what's going on in our children. You have to realize that you are the position of influence in your children live and that is only abdicated when we let that go. When we believe something is where the expert authority to be careful of the DC Council on aging need. You need a counselor that it is very depressed. The client client counselor privilege that family counselor and family therapist.

The goal is to make the family stronger turn the hearts of children to their parents and got very important that transcript. Yeah, and you should go to church only required to use the medically good. You still need to research and find out what the biblical worldview is and where they stand.

A lot of people claim to be Christian Joe Monroe surely setting Christian leaders well into registering the cure.

Young children could do Gotten the job you like a thing to make sure he was recently a movie of all this wrong but I don't want to kill you listen to my child. Not sure maybe you should leave the family, and I think I want us to be engaged as a family. One thing I'm doing a lot with all this is all all told her I never sure that if the parents and you should know that I don't know when or are you going to kill Judge that you needed one heading for me know how we can do better as a family. Do you children well I'm not sure. I'm sure there every state is different that IID is now that there is a level of patient confidentiality.

However, there is a threat of harm like a child caddying or a child is having suicidal thoughts or harming others there that their coping mechanisms are leading toward danger, or obstruction then then then others can be brought in silk crępe is a light thing is to interview whoever you bring in to help your family interview question do you keep all comp you share on is and and a child. There also is the term have to be willing to grant permission for the parents of it, not a there are laws that protect the thought that the conversation by we you interview them and you talk to your children bring up a great point Chris and that is when I own a car that knowing is letting your children and talking to them. Encouragement is your best friend as they're going through things, letting them know that their identity is found within the Lord in the family that they belong with the family unit.

They're not there not property is not shared custody with the school system are that the school system, parents and educators that it is keeping the teachers, educators and administrators. Whatever it is that they don't have supreme rule and to keep her children to harm the conversation you recount you adult at the condition authority to tell you how your parents are we to keep it private. You can tell me your children need to know that there's something alive… That's not how God intended for our family to function. We are an open family. We communicate with one another. Work here for one another, doing life together, and the only way we can do life together for communicating with each other and not having the segmented conversation mean that they don't share far I'm feeling blue but as a parent you you got to be aware which cryptically occurring if an investment of your time, your energy, you are processing the pandemic differently than your child. Their loss could be monumental compared to what you feel you may feel like the lockdowns or their separation control. Write out what doesn't bother me social media for relationship.

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The law development mandate that was ignored for a long time.

What with what we doing to our children any social learn from being a politically myelinated weight of a smile, maybe a mile or you know that smile politely turned down under 11 is raised above the other. Yet it's hard to read facial expressions when all you can see his eyes, especially people are all expected with their eyes that our kids are socially there trying to play catch-up reading, social socially in the pandemic, what had happened automatically impacted our culture and not what you were able to say couple years ago really thinking what I'm allowed to say today what word is banned from you, what word can be misinterpreted. I was reading another article how Lincoln drugs and how our kids are learning coping mechanisms and liturgies are now signifying what kind of drug. Your kids looking for so that parent can't now enough to think that the blue hardware blue heart may signify something differently. Using social platform. Basically, transaction in a way that doesn't alert anybody that parent as you're listening to music and now crying every time I think about the topic. Afraid I want you to not be afraid. Not from the Lord God said do not be afraid to trust the Lord but got good you have to be active and engaged two children, how are you doing the social social got back from not being with their peer group.

The social impact of the eye could be canceled at any moment for anything with or without reason, that may or may not make any what is right.

Today is wrong tomorrow and what is wrong today may be right. Tomorrow kids are getting constant messages.

No you got to have a conversation table not a kind of cracking and you bid ridiculous marginalized usage of that a while back about how there is need to be careful because our kids going differently and we must see them as a small plane but the big things dark you is you might be like me cutting age 100 mg absorbent. I know that was a real struggle for me as a parent and linking to really bubble my current availability, but when the kids came home from college and what was Arnesen margin of about 2020 when this all happened. We both the kids on spring break is always college so we will accrue to the family home telephone bump Wednesday morning, the Vatican within range allows lot of the Crimson of the world. "What we were out of the country and your committee is reviewing relevant causal school.

But that's not how to clean my daughter and I didn't really understand them. Probably not enough, but you also don't become and unselfish of the data click okay. My kids you, Michael mug, the terrible will go away, but I was excited, Sharon is born is restate school school in Georgia. I guess one thing I didn't understand the current amino country mustard, a bit more situation with other parents. Is she really, really upset.

One school is usually very good academically. She wanted to go to medical school, going to school there.

4. That life is a medical school and a big part of that life we doing labs and handling web which I hated labs and the good is about to go to Bell Labs really distressed because he or she will get to do what have the same luck of realtor and cutting more computers you rather was a big beautiful and I will touch judging on this little help as you so I think we do have to be like you said we need to be paying attention to little the Boston. Michael placed you said we need to be alert what's going on… The situation with me that I had to pay attention. He did notice that every card I anyways talk about this before. It was hard we do have to manage our expectations of what we have for our kids and we talk about this when we are in the middle of all of this balance were coming out of that and things are opening up in an and restrictions banned and mandates are being listed.

Your children are no end. I can't get right back into what they need to do before children can be a little more careful. Be a little more cautious again be the walking on the side of the road at night and treat the 5 Block Walk Way around them because two years they'd been programmed or they had been you don't don't don't talk stony, you know, don't get too close and depending on one of your child. The majority the child and how your child perceives what was going on and your family talk about it to their judgment regarding that which I think which is really important for Rocio and older. Vicki I could have just below 15 years but we have and so I won't redo, we lose a lot of your break room at but not that big a deal. Swing back into what you said is so true.

You want to speak on college campuses in our schools are for the country using this yacht.

It really is like a simple meal for him to talk about you, but really in a short-lived child to eat every two years earlier life, were they not been doing it and they're not snapping back into that. I do see people walk the distance around me know the master list came a place where a lot of the people you like the plague. The younger younger people, and we don't realize that the cultural difference this going on honey I wanted to ask you also. In the last segment you talked about how some kids are afraid of being canceled and if you can. Three minutes left of the segment will call you. That is a huge thing that I think a lot of my generation just does not understand kids today are afraid of the really wash this is to what others think about that. I think our generation was being is something that terrifies you know that it's something that is a small issue as much as it just was not born there was more tolerance for visual thought conviction belief all your family does not greet our family government by more power to you. Now this flesh for streamlining everybody and groupthink. Everybody had the same position and if you had caught your children what your family values are you taught and what Scripture says in an alert worth anything of a culture that one tenant pretty much fair game for anything whatever whatever whatever and when you teach your children that culture is more a they don't want their lives totally B then they seen it happen to a friend. How can it work if you got older twin face the day.

Current the common fund on social media where kids say one thing and then they need the rain content that are horrific go after the people to silence them and shut them down and and they are afraid to speak because at least right now, I do believe the pendulum will swing usually. God never screamed all the way back to the other place that you right now.

Going wrong with being why and how you speak, you can hold strong conviction and and live your life mean live your life by chapter and verse without saying check numbers and Lenny my that is like lifestyle evangelism, we we want our children and there's going to be gone that are willing that God prepared present teacup and applicant based date the resistant opposition to call out what's wrong you can have others that are not they want P they want unity they want to get along their business on God and very personal and very personal family decision you have to consider child the environment. In a culture that surrounding them where you are as a parent and you have to realize that what we do is mom got impacts our kids and be younger.

They are the lesser impacted the older they are the more their impacted on that one may think that the culture we have to we can't do it and that's probably not okay to say that we can't marginalize it or say it doesn't exist. It is real still the number one thing I hear when I was when I drink. I'm gonna roll, and I talk all of the country.

I do radio shows and TV segment number one anchor thing I hear from my parents don't listen to me.

They don't understand they don't understand what I'm facing. I want to thank all you you don't you don't understand the pressures that put on the skids conformity the pressures to be quiet.

The pressure to find exactly perfectly and critically about any we were up against the great think about this you handled your adolescents, your high school you middle school years. No one named teacher organization, individual, social, social, in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a set of financial problems. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online for on our Memphis campus. Check out the college of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way.

This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forgive you for causes you care about family relationship time creating family mother is another line. I understand your struggle 39 years I've been helping families just like relationship I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate light and joy. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God in the Bible is this. You indicated radio host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation's capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden and rediscover much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic wanted to acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing secure your spot to join this new world we talk about culture in law today. Children and I think Tony got worse during the Nazi racial dispersion is they don't even like to have a conversation on the telephone is usually on Snapchat and you trying to peer watch is a difficult time for about a kilometer. You really need to.

A conversation with somebody we know the document business bottoms are running the you can't tell, especially if people really think, see or feel if you're looking them in the way in losing that in this generation will locally do to help our kids understand that God okay well what great question we need to talk about becoming your kids in understanding what they're facing and I want you to ask the Lord to help you see through their land and if it if you have an elementary school child in America there are afraid because they had plastic partition in the classroom and they're really afraid all my goodness will will we get sick and die their children the proper thing is just not mature enough to read very skilled there so like everything in the last segment number one response to Karen to kids about communicating with their kids, their parents is that the parents don't listen to your benefit that will help quickly.

Mom and dad as a caregiver miniature youth worker list helps you understand somebody else. If you can't beat that defining observation is suspending your judgment just don't live in you correct your kids don't work and all that there wrong like I cannot actually thinking no listening you understand their process, their thought process. Once you understand your thought possible. You're able to help your children need to make clear where they are current men walked in programs like you're talking about your daughter once you understood matters for the year able to say you know what I need to like dynamite. My desire just going to be around you so much and I need to come alongside and help figure out how you can get what feed you what what your core needs is how you want to be with the people you can learn listening operations valuably against our kids want to be heard they want their struggling they want to regain academic ability level that they were achieving and was ripped away from them, or with certainly adversely impacted game they want to be back with their friends that they don't even know how to do that I would be back with my friends when I know my friend hated me because I had a physician or I had a thought though learning shows value kidney, listening, listening.

Provide useful information you need to know what their friends are dealing with what their friends are facing, how they're trying to help their friend Heather trying to even interact with their sibling.

Maybe getting on their laughter. Or maybe they had one is excelling in one is adapted from rain and the other one is listening. Is it provide useful information that you can use in year able to lease only find without sidelining without marginalizing, without galloping without shaming important for your children and listening teaches your kids how to become better and when you wanting to communicate through social media. I did a lot of listening happening, but kids are wanting to talk to somebody, when you learn to listen to your children when you stop what you're doing or you tell them you know what I said when I had to finish this project if you give me five or 10. I will have my full attention and you sent your alarm on your device.

Get it right by your side in five or 10 minutes he stopped you tell your child, he will share with me. You show them showing them that they matter, and that your word means something, anything to hang on current net entity.

There and when you listen really listen to learn your gaining their trust and their out of the head was something that you posted on social media just a few days ago is the dinner you were thinking about the importance of conversation. I did all the work today and everybody would come to go around. I think that the follower I finished my math lesson or I didn't get my work done or whenever an entity came over talk about what he thankful and grateful for your kids are grateful or thankful for anything because that terrible day, but you helping them learn something today is a good day because God is more meaningful your life you provided for you are able to take a hot shower. There's always something to say on your right about that and every company on family our family pretty much or blast we get together.

Somebody is interacting with someone every day of our lives and that was because as you remember we did the multi generational listening.

I wanted our kids want to do life with that weather that still haven't go get maybe grab a bite help fix the broken air conditioner go look at a house you are considering buying tickets go we still wanted and 50 to be engaged with. I recently got together and I I had no bra because they're not going around the table going around the table telling everything that their labels were usually last now is usually a lot of cutting sarcasm on them laughing at what ever happened in whatever situation it could could even be the way the meat was presented on the table. If not, not an motivation to her or to tear down any good wine and good humor, and are cultivated over a lifetime dinner conversation that I'm learning to listen and learning truly that in learning and down learning that we value them and as they grow and mature and were letting go or showing them respect and trust that hang here. You want to talk I'm here, I will invite him to push my way will be in a relationship and ultimately what were going forth. I declined, close by saying benefit Google may be the biggest search engine area. Everybody googled everything from Bible verses watcher when July 1 we Google it all by what our kids are really longing for is a deeper answer to who they are what God is called in to do who has God made man could be deleted if the deeper core needs. They can't be found. Device churches or tick-tock videos black that's something that can be found when we as mom and dad are seeking to build values and share our values and Tradition and #God's Word and in Part That Is Them Then They Start to Be Start Date Start Kit Start to Draw Closer to Us Because They Realize Were Allies Are Not Animal Were Not the Perpetual Killjoy Doesn't Want Our Children to Do Anything That There Will Be a Point Where We Transition from That Teaching Training Is Guiding Leading Encouraging Exhorting Sending in the Bible Verse 20 Minute Hand, I Believe in You. I Hope You Have a Great Day.

I Was Just Thinking of You Today Natural Transition That We Want with Our Family, Not Chris Is Going to Help Our Families Navigate Pandemic Life Is about 1 Inch of Her Timely Issue for Us Right Now. Really Need to Be Paying Attention to Our Children and to Which the Workers Is A Lot Going on Right Now and World Affairs Were the Ones around Them More Often Than Anybody Else and When He Drove Me into What You're Saying and Thinking of the Get Help Her Family Really Funny. I Just Want Plug Tomorrow Is Our Big Culture and from Memphis to the City Is Not Too Late for Any Needed so Because a Couple Weeks Ago. I Will People Who Register for Your New One Lashes the Citizens of America Additions for America Click This Button Top.

The Pages Included AFA AFA Utility and Energy Is Free Three Was the Best for Speaking throughout the Day to New Panels Answer Your Message Breakout the Trip to Memphis Just in Your Body on the Hope That We Will See You Tomorrow in Memphis and the City's Economy.

I Can't Wait. You Spend More. Thank You so Much for Your Ministry.

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