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Is Our Nation’s Public School System Salvageable?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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April 26, 2022 5:00 am

Is Our Nation’s Public School System Salvageable?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 26, 2022 5:00 am

Jennie Hanifan joins Chris Hughes to talk about the public school system, what is being taught and what can be done.

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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris broke the country that our students are facing. I want to think Mid-America will the Christian perspective studios. We we have a great privilege of coming to you each and every day of our every day that America theological seminary. If you're looking for a school where you cannot only get a great education, yet founded in God's word and develop a biblical worldview and encourage you to take a look at the college Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. You can learn MA Please check them out online. It is a great, great, both undergrad school and seminary motherland of the worst seminary sometimes makes people nervous. Don't be nervous about making a Masters in education, a Masters degree may have everything from biblical counseling to you to be a pastor today like apologetic and I'm glad to see that the new program they've added is apologetic apologetics which really a hot topic right now. Apologetics basically is being able to defend your faith that what you believe and why you believe in Laporte.

Also, I think I may show sponsor the citizens of America foundation, visit that's citizens for work. You can learn how to develop a biblical worldview.

Understand issues in a culture like abortion, the transgender issue. Should we have defense of Israel.

The Second Amendment really okay what the Bible says all these issues develop a biblical worldview and take it not only in your life, but hopefully you will engage into the arena of public policy and politics so we can turn our nation back around Jesus again. You can learn and I said talk about issues that are going on school across the country and this is an issue we talk about a lot because it's a very, very important issue. As you know, during the pandemic kids across the country. Our children were sent home from school and online learning became a new thing. As a result, a lot of socialization issues that they could not be taking place in our country in the coming years. Kids did not interact with fellow students and they had to wear a mask and they think that the facial expressions of other people just just her eyes but more importantly, parents begin to learn some of the terrible thing they're being taught in public schools across the country like critical race theory about you asking for five-year-olds who still run around and shoot the mare man underwear and costumes that they can be Superman or wonder woman asking them what settings they identify as like as if a five-year-old, even those with any let me a lot of things are going on the country that really concern is the spirit and I'm excited because there's been a great slate of paratroopers and up across the country like my yesterday.

They have decided that enough is enough and we need to be engaged. What's going on in our public school systems are some of them are doing things like getting a body like BPA.

Some of them are attending school board.

Another meeting that they never attended before end of summer taking it on 100% is their responsibility to run for school board. My yesterday Jenny Hannah Fenty is a candidate for school board in the state of North Carolina and I'm just excited to have you here with us today because she had a heart for children and for the next generation of our country. She's worried about the direction were going and really concern about what's happening in public schools and because of that Jenny is really become an expert on a variety of issues that I shall share so that information with us today. Jenny had a welcome to the Christian perspective hi Karen, thank you so much for having me, my pleasure to join you.

I welcome the questions and the discussions that we will have what are our children are facing not only is it a national problem you have to boil it down all the way down to the county because that's where RR must implement it in our community and our children. He noted that saying that those who rock the cradle rule the world. While I want to take it one step further because it's not only that it's not our Lord says test that nothing be a millstone around your neck. If you are to leave my one of my little one stray more or less the marching orders that I received. I work at Samaritan's purse and the Lord when they told me that I was to resign and unbeknownst to me, I was quite sure what that path was.

He did say to me that I would obtain an office from Fort and my husband and I are in me financial arena. We have our own private practice. I thought for sure okay notary that I went down my notary right now I my office is in my backpack all good, but knowing that there was something more for the Lord. I would been called and asked if I would consider running for school board and I knew it was a direct call from the Lord before we jump into the school board stuff. Can you share because you told me a little bit about your family and you married young children and starting locking you because you're about your life where you came from and how you did it were your nail and then after that I always love it out here she would love her yes to tell other people how they came to know Jesus will have a different story if you don't like you sure that with a little jump in the school board stuff. Sure okay so I out like you said, and I think he mentioned I live in the western part of my Caroline and Alan that we we did this at the coast of North Carolina and that's where we'll raise the most part our children. We have four children at right now we have 31 unfortunately passed away three years ago and we have been involved in private school public school homeschooling and dual enrollment in the community college as well as children who have graduated from college. After right now and 18 he that senior in high school and getting ready to graduate next month and yet exciting without needless to say I had my hands and a lot of different types of learning I cannot say that I have taught from third grade only up to the 12th grade and then then finding the college and matches.

Not directly in front of the class through the home schooling and then smaller if you will conglomeration the schools or the homeschooling grouping that we did have now how did I come to know the Lord well and I lived in New Jersey and works for AT&T, a large phone company and was on a career path and my husband and I nearly newlywed decided that I we were going to raise our children and have children that I would stay at home before then, I think you think you going for the American dream of having both parents work in.

I kind of thought that and thought okay that that a contract pretty strong in the sense of my personality and unbeknownst to me the man being the head of the household and I don't mean that he is to be the ruler virtual head which the head of the river and come down flows over and I didn't take Annette very well and I can say that my husband and I am I first got married we didn't really have a good blueprint of how to function together. I respectfully and newlyweds and eight with pretty tumultuous and I cried out to the Lord.

I asked him to show me that I couldn't.

I didn't know what I was doing in the marriage I caging out. The Lord showed up and he instructed me. He also put somebody in my life. I can tell it quickly test 90 my parents lived in West and East coast of North Carolina and we were visiting down from New Jersey and there was a woman there from my town in New Jersey staying at my parents had a bed and breakfast and that man became a relationship of where she walked me through a personal relationship with the Lord now and then we know that was about 27, 28 years ago on our my life has gone closer to the Lord as my husband and I have learned how to facilitate marriage classes or enrichment classes because me so desperately get them and we had walked and been there on in a marriage where you don't know princes like rules of engagement think that are practical on learning about money and children and how to work with another person in the covenant of marriage that I can say that. Personally, if it wasn't for the Lord has been. I would not have been married well, Jenny. What a powerful, just believe thank you, thank you for your honesty and anguish. Almost something you say may go. You said the Lord showed up in your marriage and that's that's how God is that we will just turn the oven really wanted self we call upon a music club, he wasn't a lovely start to get the shoulders of the unit and the lady that your parents in addition to basically mental you I think that's so important Jenny for us as Christians is married, long road yellow pewter overall old but he made his figure you got experience in that realm. I wish more Christians would take younger couples under their wing and just share life experiences on a storage about things we did write things we did wall to mentor younger couples assessable but do you see me on the shirt I got you. I like to eat no matter and I'm not trying to be such a woman's job to go to his dad but a lot of young couples, young men and young women build out a cup will back you silly C that can become issue in a marriage, you the person you will be your duties and mom my wife yet, but we were dating and you want to make a meal and you grade going to buy both my grandmothers were very good.

Yes my mom what were my favorite meals was a memo mom told her big stroganoff and she invited me over to dinner at her house and she said she said you spilled some smooth as we were still getting cheated out of it. I guess you can likely refill and you can mark what is usual mortgage know what they are today and what was that stroganoff potable light like what the world is this you will put it out. The rug really are just the barest of your money. What do you do and I think their tightest women you know when I first got married on the Lord had placed when I was seeking after him.

Going to Bible study and was a community Bible study and I learned to the other women around me, but also getting back to cooking. I think he just put your best foot forward at her and said the matter thinking a butter jelly sandwich is a bunch of gathering around table at the end that analysis, and the family got going with that and I can be honest with you I was in a very good cook when I started either. What I would think God and I start crying because I know the inherent start now.

Good then.

Then I started cooking my color and a lot of color into it at least look pleasing on this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about locking the footsteps of Jesus and see the Siebel come to life this December. I joined nationally for radio host and found citizens for their staff to create a life-changing ship. It's one of the world's oldest and most fascinating travel during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of reasons.

Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic limits you fight like the Wailing Wall don't flock with Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's own hand to place our Savior's birth. Gallery Jewish fortress in the final fee firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like male citizens for American and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating there is another line 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help like joy.

The first English settlers landed in America on this day April 26, 1607 the site of Cape Henry name for Prince Henry Wilson their first act was to erect a wooden cross and commence affirming the ascent of the James River name for King James and settled Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in America, Virginia, so named for the Virgin Queen Elizabeth stated in its charter for the furtherance of so noble a word and propagating of Christian religion. Such people as yet live in darkness and miserable true knowledge and worship of God American free transcript, all-American limit of 1888 USA were talking or issues in one loan right now what I wanted to do what you need before you in school board we were making up the great male weepers married the important dimension yes I am sensing an original to be a friend of mine is an alternate in the and and he talked about having a postal Board of Directors Savior losing in particular.

You probably don't have to be a couple. I encourage you to develop rhyming people might be published individually and don't know their own level of the people that I would love to spend time with what you may be your lunch once a month called me talking once in a while it might be difficult. 30 3050 years right and just a long walk in about Jenny. You got concern about what's going on in the school system. What was it that made you just in it.

I guess in The last couple years ago you said you you gotta do something. I think the direction of the input that was coming from the people influencing the children for me with creating more chaos and in their thinking and individualizing them where they wouldn't need like the nuclear family was being attacked when you had instruction coming from the schools that would either eliminate the parent or get between the child and the parent as opposed to working as a team is something that kind of pick my ears that that they know what is going on here why this happening are supposed to be working together you and used to anything. You are getting old right now. Jenny will parents and teachers and school ministers are being told not to communicate trade or even walls and staked the country that are forbidding them all. Simple things like telling a parent, child, there are schools across the country it out before you have: I have these qualities were initially a young man very school address the young man identifies a woman is closed position managing Bay and then train back home not tell the parents of older cases and cues are given formal blockers outflanking consent of a lot of crazy things.

Are you saying that kind of thing in your state. They are going. We sure are actually a form and where facilitators and the child as young as 12 years old. There is a anonymity because a baseline and it could be From the parents and without parents consent.

The child can go under her mouth therapy and start that on that right there undermines nuclear family and what it does is it teaches the child that they are not trust their parents, though. I mean, this can spin off, and a whole bunch of different areas but to have a child that being groomed as far as where what they identify as need woke political indoctrination is also sexual grinning and it does it doesn't break the law and I do believe that parent need to be involved in it and do believe we are seeing a shift nationally because of what was experienced through coded and what they saw coming through their children's homework, computer, or however it was on virtual learning, but it has been it's been here but now were seeing the effect that they know a little bit more down the road where there involving with the children as young as 12, when I experienced the something that was in high school. Personally, however, it wasn't that drastic. This right here in the morning so the strongest element in the body that you can you can mess around with and start influencing the child in getting out how parent is unheard of unheard of criminal probably volleyball found out the inning will be getting my child granted to job a child leaving you May 20 explaining child make an educated Asian home offers simple in its criminal story out of California. There is a 12-year-old girl didn't think that very thing happened and she started going after hormonal therapy. Unfortunately it did not end well for this girl. She committed and I know that's pretty graphic but that just goes to show you what is what is happening here and in the travesty and it is its criminal will and you know I can't remember the number one transgendered is extremely hot and very our percentage and union. I think you are tickly without knowing anything you happening all things and your organization. In just a few years it will spread across many problems in scaffolding with the author talking about deficits in government funding and to help funding comes in in a can be different from state to state your state funding and then called public deficit in funding is affecting the educational module right now for most of the K-12 90% of the funding comes from the state and local government roughly about 90% from the state court 25% from the local and the rest comes from the federal government and how is it generated these funds generated by sales or income tax as well as lottery though there has been that you know a problem with the deficit because there really hasn't been increased funding though if 90% of the funding comes from the state and hasn't been increased funding is kind of like a snowball that's rolling down. We had increase in in student population, which is required for larger classes to write an increase in students. We need more teachers that decrease in teachers signing up and the witness funding is not enough.

Teachers do not get paid enough, and so were seeing that it's not and I guess a career that is being sought after and then there's many reasons why the pay is just not meeting the actual work in a job that thing done in understanding no no you emailed me you along the mama always lowballing and people will solve all you is outside the classroom. The glasses in the passion. The problem is they see all in this. Thank you.

Get a little nap because you have a big national Association calling for the federal government to investigate going on in the national educational satiation which is basically Association featured across the concrete when they get involved in clinical land and do something crazy negative things are doing. I think that is making a lot of parents not exactly your state.

This one won't lose recognizing your parents complain about the date is for you. Doing these things are driven right so you're like okay, I hear what you're saying and getting back to the payment and is also 90% of the budget that are coming about the school budget income okay so when you divide that income required to teachers not getting paperback get paid. The question you need to ask is that when parents start asking questions because there are teachers who are parents and other kids Mary Ann and their profession as a unit. There's several different pathways.

I'm trying to talk that one is the frustration of the teachers not getting paid quickly opted to take the other thing that you most of their work outside of the classroom, but another stressor is on the mandate that are coming down for acute test to teach to attack like the core curriculum common core curriculum that rolled out it was introduced in 2009. The been rolled out 2010. This is a a blanket one-size-fits-all now teach that good teaching for the mother teaching to spark a one student to love to learn how can you apply the methodology where the teacher has to blanket and play teaching tool that should say a lesson plan that is bracketed across everyone you know is in the eyes of God. We are all unique. We had different back we learn differently and I do believe there are teachers out there to learn bark at love of learning and student when you are being you have from the top down being pressured to do a curriculum that is like miniature common core, you lose interest and not you have. Should you have students that Excel need to have that ability to continue on and you have students that might need to park a little bit differently in a different area, whether demonstrative or there, they are more auditory, or there may be there more local 92 that life that what I'm saying is that he constrains and stresses the teacher when you have to teach to a test in order to make 1/3 standardized test that is going by the state loses the autonomy of the teacher, though it is kind of piety lots of different pieces to it that would stretch out a teacher or it not only financially but also like their hands being tied behind her back as far as what they are allowed to do not allow to do time on America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know really important role God and the Bible is indicated radio host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris four amazing days in our nations capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the centuries learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing American secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise, passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church to join and support this exciting movement will be wall-to-wall will we were talking about: cuckoos will like to engage in and basically just a one-size-fits-all formula all world students and Jenny under in my case I mean I had to use a treatment that is your real problem segment. The teacher started teaching to the required a different type of attention because your he was academically advanced as well familiar with the term, and for which we took a break.

Can you explain what common core curriculum is and the excitement of having in our school system, one approach let's just say will take the subject is math okay and it that all students have the same ability and it goes through the application of teaching in this one method okay so it what it isn't like he said it's a 15 Excel and eight does not allow for the teacher to have autonomy and to be able to say okay the students a little bit behind, or this one needs a little bit more attention this way on basically makes the assumption that the education needs to fit the student as well as not the other way around, that the student needs to fit the education so you lose that personal teaching method because it is the one application that is how were going to do it now. You know math I would like to play with my kids.

And like I said let's just say the house is the problem we need to get inside the house and there's a different way. The front door the back door. The chimney window.

The garage, but we need to do you need help a child learn to find what the answer is try and fix their success and that there is a completion is offenses like hundred percent of getting problem done well when you apply one method to doing a math problem back and correct that that's common core that's not that's not how you do math right and so that may not be the best example, Corbett is a 15. All you gave fairly drug layout you need me, but you do math in the coming well-rounded right rounding up and doing percentages and guesstimate. It robs the satisfaction I mean that you know is it the language definitely learning a new language and there is an exact precision to math. In the event that you get a particular answer and the only one answer, but this very varied ways to get that and and in the common core they were using groupings and percentages and estimates and guesstimate which you lose the precision of math that doesn't and I'm making a personal it doesn't make sense doesn't make sense to have to learn math and language is usually only in teacher for another issue that you care about is the judge's of technology do you mean when you when you're triggering speaking to parents. Darby appears to me that there's a child with technology. Technology definitely has its benefits.

It made our world smaller accessible information is at our fingertips right, but there are certain aspects of technology that are challenging you know on Marfan children in school have found that it makes it easier for them to access answers and sheet and it can negatively impact learning.

There had thin client research that the children need. David has been growing up with the tablet for the smart phone at their fingertips. It will literally re-wires their brain and at a speed that it is advancing.

We got myself the first time I got a phone I was was required of my job and I plan show you how old I am, but to have forming drains and lines and instant gratification. You know there's several different impacts to that child doesn't seem to understand the fact that you name I need to go to a book and look at the answer. Take some time to dig through turn in and learn about it, but with the single touch of a finger. They can learn it immediately. Immediate gratification does not help the character development of delayed gratification that they are that just that that's a whole another issue down the road on you know the also the libraries for libraries now are they are shrinking there going online and some readers and avid readers. I have a child that like to hold a physical book and turn in these through the papers of the pages of the book in the high school where I am now the library doesn't look like a library.

Maybe we would've remembered four years ago LOL you walk in and there's just book the Dewey decimal system catalogs and you learn how to research a book and where to find it and and discovering what the inside of the role online that lends to another issue is that if you can get onto today present time you go to your your local library and maybe start researching books that would be considered pornography, pornography, pornographic if it were brought to a school board to read in front of the school board they would tell you were online and you're not allowed to read it yet you can find these books in your school digital online library. There is an issue right there and then, of course.

Another thing is trying to keep the school relevant to their technologies are hardware the reinvestment financially that it is that that it requires in order to equip each child wasn't with computer their security not cybersecurity but yes cybersecurity use introduce now whole fluxes, other employees that are needed to maintain and quote unquote IP that the access of your child on the computer in high school is not going in places where you not date may not be not stay should not be so. There is married again years, different folks. Now in the fire here what the problem is with technology. Keep your class today and then purchasing. For instance, there is in the science and anatomy after section of high school they want to have this virtualized computer. I skeleton that actually projects an image in it quite inexpensive piece of equipment. I know our school right now is deliberating whether or not on our budget should be. Is it a wonderful piece of technology absolutely. But we standing for sewer having a financial issue first with teachers and then our school and now are going to be purchasing equipment that is to say it's obsolete in two years. Not that the tape not that the technology of what it brings is obsolete, but the actual method of delivering it to upgrade or purchase another piece of equipment though there is a balance of purchasing equipment as opposed to leasing equipment technology influence to the kids.

Is it a good thing yes it can be, but it really needs to be on buffered intemperate on how we utilize it for one year. It was the DNA all will you need a issue June go Oracle judging an issue along the cage online and was carried out of the active market value to each of the Navy ship and all the kids making or documents and build your Facebook study study challenge for teachers on how to keep your negative stuff go along with the many other issues away from him. That's something that you don't think about what you need to be praying for school boards, arbitrators and or teachers as they face the regular commercial broker talking to getting you name teacher organization or individual social cords cultivated for to connect socially in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a set of financial problems. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online for on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about family relationship time creating family mother is another line. I understand your struggle with 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate joy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is this you host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris four amazing days in our nation's capital with Crystal embark on a journey discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the centuries learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles America secure your spot to join this Julie candidate every little show today about what you she challenges the wall across the country about deficits in English, probably not known.

He will schedule taking warfarin school you are giving those goals and break technology was really an issue that I was about to appreciate unity that you euros? A second about the very most of the show, school safety, that is a huge issue across the country, school shootings and other things happening of the country really think we need to do to keep their children safe when they notice school while thinking like we said about the gun and and children bringing guns or the mental health of our children. So when I think of safety. It's not only that, that's also the mental health of the child and what they're being exposed to and in AA correlates you know we did touch about critical race theory and polarizing. How people or students see one another in the sense and I know I'm kinda going off on a little bit of the fringe here with you have an oppressor and victim and the child is being taught how to think, not what you think and when you are giving a child two choices. One being that there is an oppressor and then there's a victim child starts to learn.

They see things and you know good cop bad cop in cowboys and Indians, and dare I say I'm I'm being racist. I'm not it robs the child of developing the frontal lobe on how to discern a variety of different answers.

And so when you have a child who had maybe one or two victim oppressor, then wouldn't they start seeing their peers in that way and start categorizing outflank and so we are really doing a disservice to our students and teaching them how to respect differences and be able to accept that there is different different outcomes in people's lives are different races and I and I know this is touching on critical race theory but not bringing that is as a focal point can eradicate racism with racism. So how does that lend into into safety while this that I believe it disrupts the balance emotionally on student where maybe they feel that their identity is not being valued by another individual and this also lends to the fact of technology where you have the gaming influence, and in children seeing things play out within the gaming in the games that are available so they stay in school. The school shooting and having police officers there and and maintaining it. Like I said I wish there was just a a pat answer for safety, but it lends into very different areas, so there is the issue that teaches carrying concealed concealed carry, or that the police officers or resource officers are armed in the school.

This is a very touchy subject and there's not just a one solution to it because it leads into the reasons a tool. Why do we need safety at school. What is happening why coming about this way it is an issue near that okay because you About what you call "teachers are getting raises is when I know a few years ago along the school shootings was a country certain remodeling and building like a central area like the one way in one way out she needed from other areas of your learning things, and in those that take away from the jitter in the classroom and in teachers are that it is to protect her children mental health a while ago got a conversation with Connie although she was fairly expert.

Speaking countries are just the economy, about something we need to relate that his agency with our students is a mental health issue coming out of the over two years. They didn't go to school and were most gated values may not be like saying that I'm not thinking is just destroying it. Not only a golf ball being reactive rationale you vaccine developed in the backseat of experimental lot that I think in the coming will you will call just recently the national network of transportation which sidewall the last bastion of mastering notable coming-out pandemic mental health laws.

How will you be all something to be considered within the system is that something you're going to have to dress you will mental health of kids coming out of this pandemic right well I have been to the school board's idea and I do attend the monthly and I have seen on some of the.

The percentages in the statistics incorporating within the last two years of what happened and there has been a decline in in in learning and you know these there some children that are falling through the cracks that you know may not have a note here you go again, and I'm bringing in other elements technologies when they are with the virtual learning. Children were at home. What about the rural areas that had Wi-Fi district the service or they didn't have the bandwidth: what they needed to learn how did these children were they accommodated you know what happened to no Child left behind without it, you know, being able to address each child that also put pressure on the teachers to make sure that everybody was keeping up with everybody. So yeah, I think there's like this Pandora's box of the fact that has happened and we have yet to still the full brunt of it. I think it's gonna start revealing itself but the emotional impact on students from from wearing masks not seeing the emotional expressions of their friends would also, nationally, there is the fear factor that was taken into consideration know the reasons why we are in the lockdown and the mandate and how does a child put that in perspective that if they're not wearing a mask you know they can go home and their grandparents could be affected by the child. So how deep is that go into a child's psyche word they they feel responsible for, you know, having a common cold or the hoses that should say and how does that play out in school and their learning is that specific stressor that anxiety producing. So not only the loss of learning in lack of genuine genuine interest in that interesting that in the high school to meet high school Jesus to be the launching pad for life. This is very the child is going to find their passion and their going to know the school to high school supposed to be the wind underneath this child's wing to get them to where they're supposed to be. But when you start seeing a genuine lack of interest in body that is the telltale sign that something is really broken here and why is the child not wanting to flourish and wanting to go out on email in in my school library. We were looking at the statistics that they do a battery of questioning of drug use and alcohol use and smoking marijuana and thoughts is contemplating suicide or anxiety and 88 was a check yeah there there are a lot of things to take into consideration. I side because notions school just the reading, writing and arithmetic focus child on how to best learn that teach them how to think for themselves and how and what it is they need to do in order to learn their timetable.

You know not every child is cut from the same cloth for children educated them. We had a child that had major learning differences to them and that we had two children that you know like duck, water, and off they went me slim and they stated perfectly fine you know with that. So I guess I say that it the teachers have this incoming of lack of interest. How do you take that into consideration when you're given a blanket approach to teaching and yet you're seeing students that are not responding and it's not because they don't know how to learn, or they don't have the ability to apply themselves that there's an emotional effect.

What had happened produces really been very gracious of you usually go a couple minutes with you challenger peers compared to to get involved in a know you're a big euros Michael Mulberry in your state mirrors do to help their children in the closing of the ship. While there are different organizations that have been started by mom and fathers and Karen in your local area that you can reach out to war you can you yourself to start attending the Board of Education and you'll start to hear the concerns of parents Karen are allowed to do and all and for the most part sale welcome to they should be speak there is there is a method in which are allowed to do. It's typically three minutes and you watch the central concern you can request more time for that but start to talk and and and speak with other parent. There are parents who are afraid to speak up, but you do your best to take your concern. I had a parent came to me who had asked me with regard to a book she found when she was working the book fair and I encouraged her to take that to the principal and you start with what you have a new start with what you know and and your group will grow because parents want to have a say and I just encourage parents not to be fearful that if you speak up. There's going to be backlash.

Are there times that does happen. Yeah it is. But at the end of the day. Parents are responsible for their children's education on ice whether whether you take that role or don't take that early partner was going to public school or homeschooling to whatever level degree you still have a say so I just encourage parents to speak up even if you think you know you're the only one I guarantee you are not the problems are there and there are many parents and I asked you to be bold, be courageous and and start a group or speak up and look out to see what's in your community in your county or whatever to stay In if it's so run for school board. You know I am a learner. I I have integrity in the sense that I believe every key should be cross nearly I should be dotted. Do I know the intricacies of everything that a school board is exposed to are responsible for know that I'm learning and I'm taking myself to training classes to understand.

I might have on my board a speciality that I bring to the table and I pray that the other people there as well and and I just have faith in yourself that you know we are to be life learners, and so step up and run for school board and and bring a new perspective. You know I believe in doing our civic duty. Not all parents can do it, but together collectively as a community thought bond together and we may not agree on all things that lets respectively agreed to a common education of reading, writing and arithmetic income to the table and teach our children to learn how to live in a community where others may or may not have the same opinion center and think that reading, writing, arithmetic is pretty solid as you do you tell people that they can get your website for more battery sure on my website in Jenny Hansen BL email spell that JE and NIH a and I assisted Frank a and Nancy Beard and boy oh is an octave octopus keys and website and you can contact me. There is a phone number as well as an email and I will return a message to him as I am able. Thank you Chris so much for having me.

It's been a pleasure. You should check Ginny's website be praying for. We work with you the name religious art school board is translation a country of your Jesus person perspective. Learn more about culture.

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