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The Cancel Culture is Consuming College Campuses.

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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April 25, 2022 5:00 am

The Cancel Culture is Consuming College Campuses.

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 25, 2022 5:00 am

Camden Diggs talks about the cancel culture on college campuses and how Christian students should react.

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This is Robbie doing more from the Christian cargo.

I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that work. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen of America foundation, Dr. Chris hello and welcome the Christian perspective. Hope you have a great way for them to be a great friend of my doing it before we get with the show.

I just want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary for being the home of the Christian perspective studios, we come to you every day sharing biblical worldview, a Christian perspective news and news of the culture and learn about books and authors and so many great things and I'm thankful that Mid-America has allowed us to have our studios.

Your other campus.

If you're looking for college for your child or grandchild, or maybe yourself college it Mid-America is a great Christian college where you can develop a biblical worldview would also get a great education the same time. Maybe your point in your life where you want to learn more.

You've already got a college agreement will get a Masters degree and a lot of us will get a Masters degree will think about checking out a seminary. But similarly. That's really what it is Masters degree in Mid-America has a great new program and apologetic apologetics is just learning how to defend your faith what the Bible says on other issues.

I'm excited about apologetics programs Mid-America. They have a lot of other great programs to and you can learn that MA BTS got it. EDU Mid-America Baptist theological seminary in the College of Mid-America in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee, and headaches. If you come here to for a visit.

Holler at me you can email me Christie I love to visit with you. Let's get some barbecue when you're Memphis because this is a great barbecue town.

Of course I want to think I may show sponsors the citizens for America foundation of assistance for America foundation is an organization dedicated and committed to educating and training Christians to know what they believe and why they believe every one of us has a worldview, a worldview is simply the lens through which you see the world and us Christians are worldview needs to be the Bible. That's what we mean we say developing a biblical worldview. We need to know what God's word says on everything and that's what we're committed to its citizens for America. We hope that you'll take that biblical worldview not only into your everyday life, but specifically into the arena of public policy and politics. And that's why I'm excited to have my guest today my yesterday's Camden digs Camden's Executive Director of the citizens for America foundation, and they have a great event coming up we do in Memphis Tennessee on April 30 is called the culture engagement Summit.

You can learn more as citizens for America as citizens for America and you can register to attend a lot of great speakers, Mark Meadows, Dr. Robert Jeffers Trevor Weldon Congressman Barry Loudermilk Sen. Rick Scott, center market, Marsha Blackburn, so many great speakers Scott occlusion door William Fetter a variety of specialists on either the world of politics and public policy on specific issues within the Bible and you're gonna learn a lot that day to help you develop a biblical worldview. So Camden digs welcome to the Christian perspective, a credit glad to be here. Hey, I'm so excited to have you give it.

We get to work together every day and you're such a blessing in my life, but a lot of our listeners may not know about you. So what I do this with all of our guest.

First, I wanted to get to know you want a personal level and that you got exciting date coming up in your future. So tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and and what's coming up in your life. So I'm native to North Carolina. I grew up about an hour east of Charlotte. That's where I resided until I went to school at UNC Charlotte fantastic University if not the largest by population seem to be the largest population school inside of North Carolina.

Fantastic place to go if you ever get a chance offender took Driscoll to work but I loved it. There have been involved in politics for quite some time. My grandfather with County Commissioner Rich mechanic work very long time that spark interest.

I was at page for both the House and Senate when I was in high school, which was a fantastic opportunity and then I translated that to you when I within college getting involved with the model United Nations did involve College Republicans getting involved with turning point. Eventually I would be political director for the NPF Yaris of the state college Republicans out the political director for them.

In college I had plenty of different campaign experiences that let me to be involved with the student for trunk turning point action is a project of turning point action is for Trump was then that translated to me of basically a a writ of eventually being in charge of main protective murder 2000 student that was a fantastic opportunity week I started 36 new chapter during my time there so that it was a really great time and the transition to after the election and getting people to be involved as precinct committeemen chairman. That's were stuck, and then we just about in November last year I met together and started talking more about. I know you for I think about a year before that or so, but we met at the thing the police rally but of theirs were we started to vibrate and really start to talk about yet in culture and how there's this issue with Christians being vocally can conservative or old. Being outwardly political in any kind of way really. And it not of a demographic that people look to you or orc elevate in order to get a certain political opinion and made off the day off.

Honestly, don't do it themselves that they don't put themselves out there, a lot of times as much as they should. And this Christians we know that it's important to be involved in in the political arena because the were not involved in the people who are necessarily Christian art are the people who are going to be at Bolton and in making decisions that that's basically where we started to do that. I do a lot of different things, but I get out the pretty basic, will you give them an answer.

You live or move on to some other things you midshipmen are attic Euros.

We got it. Realize this UNC Charlotte, you said is the largest other while they were the largest public university in North Carolina.

Like a lot of people across the country. Think of you and see the Tar Heels basketball team are North Carolina State realize that UNC Charlotte was at large exactly and that that not a lot of people know that that is the case that they have 30,146 unit about right now and that is comparable in double check all my numbers for in PSU who I believe is the largest yet so they have 36,000 right now total so they are the second largest we just double check EC was up there.

Yes, the EC was 23 and then UNC Chapel Hill is that not just go to the show not in examining people know of school football or basketball teams in and a lot of the little are necessarily big school rather than with Joe. I just I didn't realize that that was interesting yeah you know you and I want to share with our listeners. Camden is not under the sum you mentioned that it realize you had done and it and is something that I think maybe our listeners might not want to beware of. If there are student or if they have a student or family.

They might want to do. You mentioned that you were a page that might be something that no one that the people listening may not of ever heard of. Can you explain a little bit about what it is what you mean to be a page and then how does one become a K pages I think it would be great if we could slaughter state legislatures across the country with Christian students to be pages in the state legislature so assume somebody doesn't know what that means. And you, the program is and how that works yes and not get too far into it going to go with the basic overview of what a page is what page does when they go out there and I'll explain, how that happened for basically a page for the Senate the house, you can also be a governor stage II, but they run Erin for the person figure selling you apply actually to be under a certain representative either the governor like at that a senator or a North Carolina representative now you in in high school. You can do this for the state and that's fine. You can't go and do it for the United date. However, until you're in college-age in order to do that. Basically when you're when you're there, you're going your running paper while they're in session between Dr. Uribe committee work. Your basically the person who does a jack of all trades different. Whatever fill in positions they need for like internal work while you're there and they take time to explain everything to you, especially if you get a really good representative you're doing it with and you have maybe a good obsession with them even better because they'll take Bill actually mine. When I did. It took me around for personally and they deathly didn't have to do that but lots of time you get it inside and the stuff like that. I went to a my first reception for a political obit while I was there of. So it is really great opportunity.

I will say recently under the COBIT mandate.

They ended the postpaid program in North Carolina, but recently thanks to the work of some legislatures, I'm drawing a blank on his name of the demolition County area North Carolina but they work tirelessly to bring them back now is in full swing. So basically lead.

You apply to become a page for a specific representative then and then you serve under that representative, but you all come together as a group of pages as of July 30 of you for the week and you get to spend time together. It's really cool. It opportunity unit is to get to do that night I was blessed that I got me a lot of insight on at such a young and early age."

Yes, a great program attend what we are going to with great care and will come back I will talk about a program just met more because I think it's so important to you and I had no idea when we work talk about the show that you did that with you and I'd forgotten all about the base program. I was actually 12 in the state of Florida when I was last two years ago, but I think it's an opportunity to please the Christians to get involved grade a thousand more about our civic government process… Right some vessels that have more room. This show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about blocking the fit step for Jesus 10 feet of Bible content length is to send. I joined nationally for radio host and found that since funding a Foundation to create life changes when the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world for thousands of reasons.

Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic, the richest type like a wailing rocket down through the winding alleyways of Nancy's own hands place that I think you spent the early Jewish porches, see firsthand the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel on their citizens financing and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship on range hearing is in line and joint one American U.S. Senate starting this day April 25, 1789, decided to open every session with prayer continuing the practice of the Continental Congress during the revolution, the first chaplain was Bishop Samuel Provost, who conducted George Washington's inaugural service at St. Paul's Chapel all Senate chaplains have been Christian leaders of other faiths have periodically been invited to offer prayer after World War II U.S. Senate chaplain Peter Marshall prayed our liberty is under God can be found nowhere else.

They are faithfully not merely stamp on our coins expressed in our lives. This is been an American retransmit All-American Limited 1888 USA were what about the Christian perspective pursuit like yesterday.

Camden do Camden's executive director of the citizens of America foundation" of our program and their hosting the Coulter engagement Summit which is coming up on April 30 in Memphis Tennessee is the largest Coulter engagement Summit in the country is unlike anything you've ever been to some the greatest figures in the world want to encourage you to go to citizens for America citizens for America today and register for the Coulter engagement Summit in Canada before the break we were talking about how when you were in high school.

You were a page in the state legislature in North Carolina. I would ask all Florida and I was a page of Florida Senate when I was in high school and Samad. I guess when you get this okay but you forget, I forgot all about it until you mentioned it, what it a great program it is so if you missed the first segment. I'll just want to encourage you to check out the page system in your state. Every state in the United States as a state legislature and for those you don't know the state legislature is made up of of a House of Representatives chamber and a Senate chamber and in your local area.

You have both House of Representatives might have more than one year, but one that you live in their district and and you have a senator that you live in your state senators district and now not confusing that with United States House and Senate, we might have multiples of the Congressional House seats in your state, and only to state senators represent the entire state. Not a single district but in the statehouse in the state Senate. They have pages is Camden was mentioning which are like messengers that run messages or run errands and it is such a great program. If you never heard of and encourage you to contact your local state legislator and you can just Google. You pick the town you live in and say use the statehouse letter from the state Senate member for that town Google that and then better give me their contact information and then reach out to their office to tell the that you have a high school student.

I believe it's usually high school I thank you from the bright campus and there they'll tell you the requirements you know it is a competitive process because it the best and brightest students usually did get to participate in this.

It's a great honor but not only does it look good for your resume, but it teaches your student about service and it teaches your student about how our government works and I get a C committee meeting meet representatives across the state of the governor, whatever is just a it's a wonderful program for Canada.

I'm glad you brought that up. Whichever something else you mentioned and and again plan to go bellies today, but we want to educate our listeners on things they can do to and particularly the next generation of leaders and another thing that I participated in back of the Stone Age is that you did do Camden as something called the model UN model United Nations.

Can you share with them what that is.

I will just quickly say I'm unite. I did have the grade in high school but nothing you know all of the world. It is a competitive program. The best way I would suggest going about doing that is simply like Chris highlighted slightly reaching out to your representative giving them a call. Their numbers usually listed.

You can just look them up, figure out who it is and then give McCall my go to their office, but whoever's in charge of that will eventually get back to you. And a lot of the other candidates are not doing that.

That's something you believe you can definitely handle on your own to do even if your for your parents maybe don't want to do that for you can probably handle that on your own.

If you're so inclined to do that step. I will thin volume in the great organization as the unit is a great opportunity to get involved and learn a lot about what the capability or for the human when you're doing it. You learn that they partner with NGO nongovernmental organization in order to actually accomplish certain tasks stated they were trying to teach people how to build a clean water source in some poor nation they would partner with an NGO and then NGO already does this like a basically like an organization Re: the physically does this thing would come in and do that and they would work on getting the resources in order to to to accomplish that there unit is great and gives you lot in thigh on what you're doing it and I actually one of the freshmen I want outstanding delegation in sermon at Lance, and I was in such a fantastic unit opportunity to be involved in that. I met so many fantastic people doing it so if you ever get the opportunity to do it. You know a lot of people without drives and complain about BUN you know, at least take the time to learn a little bit more about it. Maybe get all that up in a model like setting like this and then make a decision about how you actually feel and maybe what ways that I can be better. It is basically say, but it is a great resume builder a great opportunity to speak to lots of people get public speaking opportunity and then build coalitions to that so important for no matter what you do in your life that is to be able to work with other people around you, and that's what you learn how to do and Molly is a great organization and school activity and for those of you that may not be familiar again with which we did plan to go those route when we started the show today, but portable.

We want to do is help educate Christians in our next generation and model you will answer model United Nations is in organizations both within high schools across the country and colleges so it's something you like, you might have some clubs in your high school you can't continue to participate with that when you go to college but most colleges have it as well and and his candor was saying it gives a great experience because it it's almost like a debate club so you're not familiar with it is you basically sign up and I'm probably missing some of its conventional objects identify kids completed on the national level but you you represent. So you pretend that you're representing a certain country when you go to these different competitions I might have's topics that are discussed at those those competitions basically your your debating and trying to get other patients. Just like in the real United Nations again is Camden said this is not condoning the real United Nations anyway, but it it helps her students learn issues that are going on that are current issues and around the world today, and it teaches them great communication skills because they have to be able to convince these other countries to vote for them because there actually will be a voting taking place and and in and what really is good for students as they get week to get to work with colleagues that they've never met before. You know there at these events. The representing other countries, so you develop great debate skills but there's a competition is going on in awards, trophies, prizes, awards are given for people for different categories for the ability speak again ability to lead and so on supported is just a great program again. It looks very good for colleges and when your student is a high school the EL not well known name another club and get myself in trouble here, but it's not like some party global plan club new mycology that the student has been as we mentioned a while ago a page for the statehouse or state Senate or the student has been a bit and got engaged in a model UN it like that college. Note this is a student who is a step above at the student who wants to be involved in serving their community, but also learn how to work and communicate with others is just a great thing to have on your college resume.

I wonder student is looking at going to school.

Thank you.

Share because I think it's important for our students than a listing of the parents to find ways that you help them get into college, I noticed that like the old days, schools, a look at a lot of different things. It's very competitive. More people going to college. Never before so you want to have an advantage where we can while we go back we were talking Camden the beginning of your life can use Cheryl ability or testimony about how you came to know the Lord and and maybe some of the blessings he's he's a share with you in your life. My walk is like many people, one that has many out and down the course. That's kinda how life at an early age. I've always been involved in the church my family took me when I'm feeling I was always there for all basically all day Sunday and probably two other times a week, you know, so that the I grew up with.

I was saved when I was about eight or nine years old. You note that the I've always kind of believe will.

I've always believed that Jesus Christ died across a person, but it is one thing, just believe that it's one thing to you know really put that into your life and and that's kind of the walk that we have as Christians.

It is kind of dealing with that that part of the issue. So when I was older, 14, 15, 16, there was there was deftly some doubt in my mind about Christianity blocks of the world would tell you so many different things that need here semi-different things. I actually went out to many different denominations that went out to other religions actually not. I heard what they had to say I went to their places of worship that I I did my best to try and listen to what what what was out there and then I had this moment where I really like to get into myself and I read the Bible again. I I've done it several fun but this is the second time in my life that read the Bible at this point, like fully through and then I started to look at the things that have already happened in my life in order to get me to the point where I wanted and it seemed impossible that there was it this guiding hand that that has protected me in so many different ways.

Jesus Christ died across the thick brush. Then you know God is real not been very alive even involved in everything going on in the world around us want to be there to help people like me find him and find happiness that currently and that's kind of where that really ever since then God might have been you know we've ruffled a few times for sure as everyone you know does, but I I've not really questions is his validity at any time that the on, but I needed it hard for people to talk about that sort of stuff you like, but I think it's good idea for good conversation to have because not everyone perfect.

Not everyone has this like childlike faith.

Always good to recognize that there are struggles involved with being a Christian and it's something that you you decide to do the envelope for people to share the testimonies as we all know the different things in our life that drew so boarded the important thing is to understand the world centers and we we need the forgiveness of our sins, and that Jesus died across persons who recently celebrated Easter rose again from the grave and if we ask him for forgiveness and surrender our hearts and lives in eternity in heaven right will jump in the turning point in talking Camden big sisters of America foundation USA states.

America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know really important role in God and the Bible is indicated. America foundation, Dr. Chris remaining days in our nation will embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's fishing here up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator, the truth about the creation of the mounting Christian principles America to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement was not pursued like yesterday we talked about a ruddy thing that we do not play the dark about where we gotta get some good tips. So if you have a student or grand grandchild child think about going to college down the line we hear some good tips, Senate or House pages involved a model United Nations and their component plenty of other things you do to. But those are two great programs are particularly if your student is interested in the political world like Camden wasn't at and I am a great program to get involved with.

You really earned your work out your muscles, coming up through working with college students across the country and and I've done a lot of work not only with college Republicans and with our organization, but was turning point USA and I wanted you to let people know a little bit about what turning point USA years that they might've seen Charlie Kirk is the founder on TV or hear the term PP USA or turning point USA. Can you tell them about what turning point is just to be clear, I worked for a long time with turning point action turning point action is a 501(c) four to the turning point entity that make that still under Charlie Kirk turning point USA is a 501(c)(3).

The part that was different in those two organizations still very very similar goal of one can endorsed candidate of the 501(c) pork endorsed candidate. They can actually do activism for candidate. That's kind of the different in that, but obviously it has a different tack status, etc. that is listed along with having that local or Charlie Kirk if I'm not mistaken 2015 era time. Trips are. Donald Trump is running for office political office as president and he start this organization. Seeing the need in and culture for young people ought to have the turning point you become Christian art started to become comparable in some ways the difficult person to become conservative people and that that's basically what the organization's purpose was based on so many different things since then.

But turning point USA mostly thick you the culture side of things, that it is involved with being a conservative turning point action is actually doing activism is in changing people's hearts and minds for particular boat on the topic. So I spent a year and 1/2 with them doing that started with the just being in charge of North Carolina and South Carolina and Virginia and then that that quickly ended up becoming like that. I talked about earlier made detective had about 80 universities in that range and and we were called a project, it was the project of critical action with students recalled the Netflix of that project was reared doing that with college campuses across the nation.

It's not easy, there's a lot of leaf. There's a lot of what what is the what is right where there's a lot of guidelines that is involved with being a college organization to you can just go out okay before you could just go out because of Donald Trump. There is there that executive order is made in 2018 that any university receiving public funding had to receive equal on their campuses to work and the thing and stuff like that. That was something that was an executive order made back in 2018 2017 by the president of the United States with actually turning point, hoping your headset onto the president so that's something that they really push for.

It was great with coded lots of things went out the window. You know you're here maybe it was habeas corpus turned out that time. Her rights were suspended on and I'm not arguing the validity of COBIT.

I'm just saying that right were taken away from people during the time period that they did have. To be on college campus is doing everything that's were stuck. All that changed was you had to be a registered organization on college campuses in order to actually do activism on the Catholic so however, if there was a liberal organization doing stuff on college campuses in the same way units are going to call in complainers are in the big five because the conservatives aren't really going to be like that up in arms about people having their right to free speech and saying whatever they want to say on because it's the trying to convince people of their opinion. However the other way around. With chemical culture. On the way it is conservatives who are on college campuses who are quote unquote break 2 the coded didn't have the same rights in the in that way if they were on campus for five minutes the cut of the police would be called to go and kick them off campus which happened to me quite a few time the police were going on you yell at will. I say I safely obviously great men and women who serve on campus place is a little bit different than of then you know police officers being called on you been in real life, but but there just ask you to leave campus. Whatever that might ask everyone, things were you doing on campus that was so terrible that I know people get drunk and and and have sex and many more statues and monuments, what terrible thing you do to you really going illiterate. We are rendered registering learners. That was it EF that we are registering voters out there. Most and most the time we would have the president flagged the president where students were drunk.

We have applied the president in front of our thing we be talking to people just as they walked by just saying hey you need to register to vote. Obviously, you can't. You have to separate register to vote from joining the club or any other incentive or anything like that, though it be very clear and careful and being concerned gifting be more clear and careful of developmental record you saying something associated with the two I I've heard of that happening and there might be an issue. So you have to cross your eyes and daughter.

He didn't eat you. Are you to do the opposite of that. But yeah, you very careful on quality of the linear registering to vote when you doing anything and no kick you off campus in a heartbeat, and they'll be screaming at you the whole time. Liberal students will use have to sit there, you can be sped up and they don't get it do they think the students but will kick you off in a heartbeat. So that's quite happy.

Registered online. There's a lot of ways to go about being read Shirley campuses but sometimes they make so many loopholes that you can you register for cyclone fund college campuses to be organization there even if you got like 20 there were willing to be involved and find something thing they're willing to involve it doesn't really matter. They have to get this training program that set up at this point time etc. just like so many loopholes of the they like your discriminatory policy in this long without that your bylaws meet the have this added to the end and those go back and forth with you for as long as they possibly can say is they know that your conservative organization or they might say there's already a conservative organization here.

You don't need to have another one, even though that would have been the phone for like three years, or even if it is there.

There still like five liberal organizations on campus and they don't care about that though there so many loopholes and stuff that liberal organization get on college campuses in it because the administration on the college Is mostly I mean I don't really want to say this but the only blend of the of the political climate department professors at you and Charlotte is registered as a Republican, so you have a whole department that with the body 30,000 in a very built-up like Bartlett bought the professors and only one of them of their public it any wonder why it's so hard for conservative the Christian to do anything on college campuses at all yet.

I think it's interesting that they scream diversity and a lot of colleges now have, I think, like VP of diversity and inclusion are different titles like that were there trying to say that they want to be diverse but there's no diversity when it comes to being a Christian and there's no diversity when it comes to being a conservative like you say you mean how how is a political science department will balance, how are you providing a well-rounded education.

If you don't have any conservatives on your political science department at major teaching students about history and government but little signs you really should have both sides were students can learn about all the different views and opinions, but they're not interested in that and it is not real diversity when it comes to issues that really matter. A lot of college campuses around around the country is. It is just crazy and purity stories of students maybe were of professors have attacked them work or shame to them or cancel them for their conservative or Christian beliefs first hand that has happened, the spirit that I was working with in North Carolina where of you know they would they would have been right paper about how Donald Trump was a bad president at the drought in the book science department and or not paper. Specifically, politically or not they were specifically about that but in a roundabout way, I would be about that that make that and if you had an opinion that was conservative/unit physically conservative with an economics professor those opinions wouldn't go very well with them at and I just wanted to say that that that happens all the time just for that, but I do want to be more clear that also very physically is happening to you. We would be tabling on this happened a lot in the north. I don't know why it didn't happen flexion without but professors specifically would go up. You are able to heckle on while we were doing registration or just doing canvassing of some sort of why we are there measures would do that professors would be that there is videos of professors doing that on turning point system media campuses foundation, some that were about six really like that name, organization or individual is socially give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design on social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven. I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus.

Check out the college of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way.

This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for the causes you care about time creating a relationship on range hearing is light and joy. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris were made in our nation with vigilant bargaining journey. Having read much of America's fishing here up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator, the truth about the creation of the mounting Christian principles.

American joint yesterday. The dude who talks about college… Around the country came to you or talk about how professors college campuses are you using numerous examples would talk about work. Students may cancel my professors are there greater threat and I know the student in Georgia that that student if you remember Camden back when Pres. Trump was in office when all those riots were taking place across the country and he wanted to walk across the street to St. John's Church was the night before had been set on fire by Violet and chief riders and and that he walked over to St. John's church which is been the church of the president's base since the founding of our nation and he stood out in front, and he held the Bible with a student posted a picture on their Facebook page of the president holding the Bible and just all that student said was proud to be an American. Now Camden and I don't know how our country gunpoint will being American is a bad thing or be proud of your country is a bad thing, but just from that statement alone. There were probably about 800 Post made on that students Facebook page and three professors from that students that work not just generic professors at that student University but three professors that taught that student visually viciously attacked that student and call the student erases all kinds of other terrible things are simply saying proud to be an American. It's a sad state when our country is gotten to that point and when teachers and professors of people that we should respect to look up to one I think it's improper for a professor to ever try to embarrass a student in class and certainly not all social media is just not professional.

And I remember two specific instances while I was there upper turning point action without being being heckled while that they were doing what they were doing library taken off the table were like a conductor in the trashcan was that you instances that are members present clear but yet so it's not just in the classroom with the places that they think they have the authority over the student is also physically on the college shifted outside their classrooms as well and follow in some cases, follow the social media, etc. I'm certain you know I mean they keep one thing to think about the end of the they are people just like you or I and and they need are in a position that has a lot of authority to do what they want specialist or tenured and with that lead to some problematic circumstances when there's not necessarily good enough of verification of what they're talking about it that makes sense that I think that's really the biggest issue there is there's just not enough oversight of liquefaction being taught in those classrooms run and and I really think there's professors in my opinion should have been fired.

But anyway there's a lot of crazy stuff that's going on. So Camden you know you work the I meet you on the front lines of the cancer cultural college campuses.

When you are turning point. What are some ways that the students can, and I say fight back but you know they shouldn't have to give up their beliefs. The only voice on the campus shouldn't be the Socialist boys what can students do to share their views and their beliefs are currently is not back down on college campuses yet so for anyone who felt there and there on a college campus right now and there's not John is to simply talk people first two there's not already a president of conservatism at your university so you yourself there is going to be a little there should be some sort of statewide organization in TST are that you can get involved with and then start your own club at your campus, there is bound to be other people just like you are afraid to step up and and you do this, but if someone else was to be the first person to stand in the line for them. You know, it would really, what are they say that the thing is that it is hard to be a patriot in the beginning but it's easier going. I forgot exactly word but basically that's the gist of it on if you can be that first person to kinda step up and that for your university taking a very long way into branching out to a whole kind of a group of conservatives on your campus. I think one thing you need to always remember is you can light keep it fun work were here for the right reason we don't have to feel bad about what the people are saying now they're gonna come at you saying these horrible things that are absolutely not true of and I don't even know you.

And there they might come at you while you're tabling or something like that because that they are lacking. Frankly, it's because they're lacking something inside of their heart that that allow them to have the failed moral compass on what they should and shouldn't be saying to other individuals on. I would like to say that that is the a little of a great big thing called being a Christian, you know, when you have that moral compass. It definitely helped, and other people have roots of their own but still allow them to know a little bit of bright wrong, for sure, but some these people are just very unhinged they will just come at you and they will scream at you, they will spit at you when you're on college campuses do not feel bad and that rare is rare, it happens but it's rare. You know mode most people actually are good people and want to talk to you they might be trying to heckle you a little bit but they're not going to be out there doing anything radical. You just need to get in there and be the first person for your university to do it that there is a verb already built up.

You need to get in there, get involved in this group turning point in out yeah gal you got obviously in the FDR and then outside of colleges you got younger Republicans you can get involved with as well.

If you're not in college. Yet you can started teenage Republican group at your high school they might not have a teenage Republican group in your state. Yet you can be the first person be the chairman person for the for that organization in your state and then be the person is that that's up for your state on that level. So there is always opportunity to start organization to be involved in that way you can. You can also start student for America chapter your university. So there's plenty of different opportunities to get involved in. I think the biggest thing to remember is what I was saying earlier it easy after a while after people of Artie done it.

It's hard in the beginning so just how courage have faith.

You know you're doing it for the right reason, you will succeed. God is behind you. It's gonna be okay and if they're throwing all this bring you through the loop and you have to jump through every single hip and everything like that play their game of for now because right now it split that up. But as soon as we get a more more people willing to step up like you. It will be a lot you your and they can't ignore that anymore and in the same way they have ignored it because right now they feel like they have all the power on the college campuses because in some way. As far as public president go they have for a long time and it's not until 2015, with Charlie Kirk really stepping up and doing that that we got all these other organization to you to kinda grow out of that afterwards and you it's great that there's debate they are doing a fantastic. Additionally, organizations are doing a fantastic job for this so it is just is tragic. What's going on. It's hard. I know it's hard but you gotta be the person to step up on the campuses unit for the right reason and that's really all you need to know yet. We really do need to take a stand.

Camden I know so many college students are scared being shouted down to what the call canceled it because of the younger generation that the big deal to them. I don't want her friends like them. Well I got news for you. They're not really your friends.

Anyway, they are disgracing your God are not your friends. That's what a culture engagement summit coming up on April 30, the Memphis is so important. Can is because that event, young people and adults will have the opportunity to learn what the Bible says great issues and a like Scott close North is coming. Scott is probably the best person to explain the pro-life defense in the world he super at it and he can they tell you what the Bible says that he can also tell you scientifically on oak uncle Christians they want one of just a Bible verse reference went on about abortion or homosexual or whatever will Scott close North teacher scientifically what's wrong with it and it really is a life a living being in it. It is work when those babies are killed as just one example, a gray circuit. Jeske was been on the show. Grace is a student in and New Jersey and she said because she worked for students for life, which is another campus group, students can get involved and she believes that abortion is wrong. She thought that was good to be the negative issue candy when she went college campus but it wasn't. It was because she was a Christian and that's where she would really attack his former Christian boys we run out of time Camden.

Thank you so much for bail show today sharing with us was going on college campuses across the country. A thank you so much and the Wednesday have courage out there.

Everyone it gets a lot easier once you once you done it a couple times. I promise. It definitely does esoterica stay in a college campus. Find a group like students for America turning point.

Students were alive. Young Americans for Liberty young Americans for freedom there a lot a great student group. If you don't have all your campus go to citizens for America foundation. Be sure to register 730, some type of culture. Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus assistance for me at the foundation. This is the Truth Network

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