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Is the Liberal Left Trying to Dismantle the Second Amendment?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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April 7, 2022 12:47 pm

Is the Liberal Left Trying to Dismantle the Second Amendment?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 7, 2022 12:47 pm

Jordan Stein of Gun Owners of America shares with Chris Hughes some of the sneaky tactics that the liberal left are using to infringe on your Second Amendment Rights.


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Hi, this is Roy Jones with ManTalk Radio Podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination. Your chosen Truth Radio Broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network.

Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural and political issues. An apologist, Christian political advocate, and author, here is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes. The Second Amendment, in my opinion, is one of the most important amendments to the United States Constitution, but we are being attacked on every front, every single day in the United States of America for the simple right to own and bear arms, a right that we are guaranteed under Constitution of the United States.

We're going to jump into this issue today, so if you're a gun owner or maybe you're a gun hater, well, go ahead and get upset and send me emails today because we're taking a stand on the Constitution, and we're going to talk about constitutional carry, maybe red flag laws, and so many other issues going on in the United States of America today. Before we get started, I want to thank Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary for being the home of the Christian Perspective Studios here in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee. We get to record in a beautiful place each and every day, and if you're looking for a place to send your kids to college, I recommend the College at Mid-America where they'll get a strong biblical worldview education, but also they're great at whatever topic your student is studying and trying to learn about or whatever their major is going to be. Maybe you've already been to college and you think, you know what, I'd like to learn more about the Bible. Well, the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is the place for you. I encourage you to check them out at, or edu, I'm sorry, Check them out,, that's Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and you can learn more about the programs they have.

They have a great online program, so you can learn without even having to leave your home or your office and study right there where you are. Of course, we want to thank the Citizens for America Foundation. They make this show possible. Citizens for America, our job is to educate and train Christians to develop a biblical worldview, and then we want you to take that biblical worldview in every arena of life, but specifically in the arena of public policy and politics. And we're going to talk about this several times throughout the show today, but I want to encourage you to go to, that's, and learn about the great 2022 Culture Engagement Summit. It's coming up on April 30th in Memphis, Tennessee. It's the largest gathering of Christian political activists of its kind in the nation. It's a one-day event, Saturday, and Christians from across the nation will come to hear some of the best speakers in the nation and the arena of politics and on God's Word. And we're trying to encourage our guest today to be one of the people that's at that conference, and I'm so excited to have with me today Jordan Stein. Jordan Stein is the Southeast Regional Director and the State and Local Affairs Director and the national spokesperson for Gun Owners of America. And I know you've probably heard of the National Rifle Association or NRA.

You may not be as familiar with Gun Owners of America, but you need to be, because they are staunch defenders of the Second Amendment, and we're going to talk more detail today about why they're such a great organization. But Jordan, thank you for joining us today on The Christian Perspective. Well, Chris, thanks for having me on. It's a pleasure to connect with you. Those of you may recall, we had Jordan on back before we started the national show.

He was on our podcast, I don't know, several months ago, late last year, and we haven't had the chance to have him on since we started the national radio show. Jordan, it's just an honor to have you here because, to me, I'm a big gun supporter, and I know that's a negative issue in the country right now. I'm a life member, so I'll go ahead and give you a plug. I'm a life member of Gun Owners of America.

I believe in your organization. I've been a member for many years, and I appreciate the work you all do in the legislative field and to protect my rights as a citizen of the United States to defend the Second Amendment. Before we talk about gun rights, I always like for our audience to get to know our guests kind of on a personal level. I know you went to Liberty University, but tell us a little bit about you and your family and where you're from, just so they can kind of get to know Jordan.

Sure. Well, I grew up in central North Carolina, and I grew up shooting guns like most people in the country do, and I kind of got political my senior year of high school, and that was with the 2012 election, and then, sadly, about that same time the Sandy Hook shooting happened, and just kind of a guy who was interested in guns kind of saw, really got exposed to gun control for the first time or that topic, and I was like, it just didn't sit right with me. I'm like, they're trying to punish all the good guys for the actions of one madman, and I got to do something about this, so I kind of became, you know, I really got into politics and kind of combined my love of politics and guns kind of into the same niche, and then I went to the college at Liberty University, and when I got to campus, I was like, I want to join the gun rights club, and come to find out there wasn't any, you know, no two-way club on campus, so I'm like, well, I'll start one, and kind of, I like to say, the rest is history, but we started that club on Liberty, and if you know anything about Liberty, it's a Christian school.

It's pretty conservative. In fact, they had a carry policy on campus, which was crazy at the time. Not many schools had it, and it was good, but not perfect, so one of the kind of the goals of the club was to change the policy. The one thing we didn't like about it is there was technically a gun-free zone in your dorm. You couldn't carry in your dorm in your dorm, which is kind of silly because, you know, you carry around your gun all day on campus as a lawful carrier, but when you got to your home, your castle, where you live, you're disarmed. You had either had to check your gun in with the police, which is a pain, or you had to keep it in your car, which a lot of people just don't like to do, so we made a bunch of noise and were acting about it, and we actually helped guide the administration to change the policy so you could store your gun in your dorm, and your roommate had to agree, and this at university actually provided a safe for you as well for safe storage, so we thought that was an acceptable policy, and as we, you know, like to imagine, we helped guide the administration to that and made some progress with that and got rid of the gun-free zone that was on campus.

Really proud of that. I remember when Liberty did that, you know, a few years ago when it was really controversial across the country. It made national news, but so was that like an open carrier concealed carry, so basically they said that any student could carry a gun both open and concealed, or what exactly was the regulation? So for campus, you had to be 21 years old because that's the age of carry, that's when you can carry a concealed firearm in Virginia, so you had to be that, and you had to have a Virginia concealed handgun permit at 21, so you know 21 years of age knocks out pretty much three-fourths of college students, right, because you know, you're freshmen, sophomores, and juniors typically you're not 21, so typically it's only your senior students, and you also had to have what we, you know, colloquially call like an LUPD permit, so you had to go through further training by the Liberty University Police Department and get the LUPD permit as well, so not only did you have your Liberty, your normal permit to carry in public, you also had to have extra, an additional permit from the university. So it wasn't open carry, right, just concealed carry? Correct, it was just concealed carry on campus. And Jordan, that's not really the way the media protected it, they made it sound like it was the wild west, what you're describing is really one of the safest scenarios there can be because you're meeting an age requirement, but you're going through two different levels of training before you could have concealed carry, and I know back then they made it sound like everyone was going to be shot on Liberty Council, Liberty Campus, I don't think there was ever, to my knowledge, a case of anybody shooting anybody, mistake or problem, because these were well-trained people who were carrying firearms. You're exactly right, I'm not aware of any, you know, misuse of firearms on campus. Thing about it is Liberty was consistently ranked as one of the safest schools in the country, and I like to attribute that largely to our carry policy.

When I knew that my fellow students were armed and I wasn't sitting in a gun-free zone, especially as an underclassman before I could carry, I was much happier and it gave me a lot of peace of mind on campus. Yeah, I bet it did, but you mentioned something called two-way clubs or gun rights clubs, I've not heard of those, are they on campuses across the country or is Liberty the only place that has one of them? Well, my club was certainly unique, but it was called Students at Liberty for Gun Rights, and I hate the name, but the student government gave it that name because government bodies, right, just have to make everything bad, but GOA, my employer, now actually is launching very soon a student program, actually. It's called Frontlines and it will kind of, from my understanding, kind of mirror what I did with my club and kind of be a gun rights organization on the college campus, so that's coming very soon. I think it's going to be launched probably next month, and we're really excited about that program. I think that's a great idea, you know, because the liberals, for many years, and the leftists, have done a great job of indoctrinating both high school and college students, and we have just kind of given up the turf, particularly on college campuses as, you know, Christians and conservatives, and let them do all these things on campus, and we've not had alternatives for our students, and there's not been a home, you know, whether it's pro-life or second amendment or whatever the other issues might be, and I know there's groups like Students for Life now out there, and certainly our sister organization, Citizens for America, is called Students for America Turning Point, but I did not know of any, I don't even think the NRA, I think they have a high school program, but I don't know of any program in college, so that is, I think you guys are filling a niche in an area that is not filled and is really needed, because if we can, one, it's going to make college campuses safer, period.

I mean, I don't care what the liberal left says. When people are carrying guns legally, you hardly ever see any crimes taking place in those areas, or if they do, they don't last very long, so that's going to make our college campuses safer, but it also is going to train up a whole new generation of leaders who understand the importance of the second amendment and defending those liberties, so I'm excited for this program. You think it's going to probably begin by the fall of this year? I think it's going to be sooner than that.

I would be looking out in April, coming very soon. Looking forward to that. Folks, I'm talking to Josh Stein with Gun Owners of America today. We're going to be talking about the second amendment. We've been talking a little bit about his life, and I got him off on a rapid trail.

He was told about his college experience. We're going to take a quick commercial break. When we come back, we're going to talk more with Josh Stein of Gun Owners of America. Stick around.

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Barnum stated, most persons on the whole are humbugged by believing too little than by believing too much. This has been an American Minute with Bill Federer. For a free transcript, call American Minute at 1-888-USA-WORD. Welcome back to Christian Perspectives. This is Chris Hughes. My guest today is Josh Stein. Josh is with Gun Owners of America. You've probably heard of the National Rifle Association, but Gun Owners of America is, I think, even a more conservative group.

And I have nothing to guess. I'm a lost member of both organizations, so my NRA friends don't get worked up. I love the NRA, too.

They're two great organizations that are fighting for many of the same things and protecting our liberties in the United States of America today. Josh was sharing with us before the break about how he got interested in guns in a political sense, really, when he was a senior in high school because there were some shootings around the country. And, you know, shootings are a terrible thing for whatever reason. Anytime there is a shooting, instead of worrying about the criminals who are the ones using the guns, the liberal left always wants to attack the inanimate object of a gun who cannot shoot anybody on its own.

You know, it is the shooter, not the gun, that is causing the problem. And because of that, Josh got interested in the issue and started a club called Students at Liberty for Gun Rights. And we were just talking about a new program that, in about a month or so, that Gun Owners of America is going to roll out in college campuses across the country.

So I'm excited about that. Anyway, I interrupted you. You were talking about your high school and college experience, and somewhere along the line you met what you were telling me is now the most wonderful wife in the world. So tell us more about your story, Josh. Well, you know, my lovely bride, Megan, I did meet her at Liberty, and it was my last class that we were taking. And we just kind of met eyes across the classroom and started getting lunch after class and everything. And, you know, we kind of grew up in similar fashions and everything. And we started dating, and of course, you know how things go. And we got married, actually, we just celebrated three years of marriage, just a couple weeks. She's put up with me that long, and I'm just so blessed to have her. And she's just incredible.

In fact, she actually works for GOA as well as our administration director. So, you know, she really... Was she interested in guns before you, and did she carry a gun on campus at Liberty? She had some interest in guns, but I think it kind of increased with me. She likes to joke that I'm the first guy who actually took her shooting. You know, growing up, all these guys would say, yeah, I'll take you shooting, but they never did. I was the first guy who followed through. Maybe that's how I got her to marry me.

I don't know. But she definitely packs heat now, and I'll tell you, she is a deadly shot. You don't want to get on the wrong side of her because she knows what she's doing behind the trigger. That's funny. Well, I'm glad it worked for y'all. I guess that shows that the couple shoots together, stays together.

So congratulations on your three-year anniversary. Well, Jordan, when you got out of college, is that when you started working for... How did you learn about Gun Owners of America and get started with them? So, perfect segue to finish the story. Part of the club, I was reaching out for guest speakers, and I reached out to all the gun rights groups. And one of the groups that replied was GOA. And, you know, I wanted a guest speaker, and we had Eric. Eric Pratt, he's our senior vice president, our chief spokesperson, kind of the figurehead of GOA. He was like, yeah, I'll come down and speak. And he came down to our event, and he was impressed by it. And I asked, hey, do you have any internships in the summertime?

They're like, yeah, we'll see if we can hook you up with something. So that following summer, I started interning for GOA, and kind of the rest is history. I've been working for GOA in various capacities since before I graduated college, really.

And I've loved every second of it. And what I love about GOA is our perspective. We're no compromise when it comes to the Second Amendment. And that means we don't make deals and concessions on our rights. And we don't say, we'll give you this for that. Because oftentimes, you look at the history of gun control, we've only lost when compromises have been done. We haven't got anything back. And so that's why we take a firm, no compromise stance. But also our perspective of wanting to work ourselves out of a job, right? We believe an organization like GOA shouldn't have to exist, because our right to keep and bear arms should be so secure.

It shouldn't even be a thought to regulate our arms. But sadly, that's the case. And we have Democrats, and sadly, Republicans too, that want to infringe upon our rights. And that's what we do. We hold the line, we hold them to the standard of shall not be infringed, and we fight for the Second Amendment.

And Chris, I'm so glad you're a life member. We're so appreciative of that, because our power is in the grassroots. It's our life members, it's our patriot members, it's our annual members.

It's the folks who take action on our alerts. That's what gives us power. Because again, we're not a wine and dine, you know, we'll pay off and give you cover type organization. We're a, you know, grassroots, make them feel the heat till they see the light kind of organization to where, you know, shall not be infringed is the standard. And that's what we hold you to. Do y'all have a legislative side, like a PAC that supports candidates?

Or do you just deal with issues? What do y'all do? We do.

So we have GOA proper, so to speak. That's our RC4 that advocates on policy issues and everything. And we do have a political victory fund, which endorses candidates. You know, I know we have some big Senate races coming up in North Carolina, and I know sometimes primaries can get a little divisive. But in North Carolina, Ted Budd is our guy. I think his record on the Second Amendment is just excellent. And he will make a great primary then.

Yes, yes, we certainly have. That North Carolina race is probably going to be, I was reading just yesterday, there are several key Senate races in the 2022 election cycle, but that North Carolina race is supposed to be the most expensive Senate race in the history of the United States. So it's gonna be interesting to see how that race plays out. Yes, it's a big race because, you know, North Carolina is kind of a swing state. You know, we voted for Republicans and Democrats in 2020 statewide, and it's very purple in my opinion.

But I think it's winnable. And I think, you know, Ted Budd's Second Amendment record is incredible, and I think he could win both the primary and general elections. That's why GOA's backed him. You know, looking around the country, Adam Laxalt in Nevada is another Senate-endorsed candidate for us.

You know, if we could flip that you know, that blue seat to Laxalt, we think we'd have a champion there. But, you know, we'll make more endorsements as we get closer to primaries and as things develop. But yeah, so we have the political victory fund. Another branch of GOA is Gun Owners Foundation, which is our legal entity, which sues the pants off the ATF many times, you know, for all of their infringements. But, you know, that does our legal work. You know, back in the height of the pandemic, we were suing local governments and local sheriffs who were shutting down gun stores or not processing permits in accordance with the law.

It's our legal, Gun Owners Foundation is our legal entity, the C3, that, you know, goes around suing the pants off anti-gunners. Do you have like an educational branch for your members? Are there newsletters? Or what benefits do you provide to your members? I like to encourage our members to not overlook the no compromise representation they get in D.C. and their state capitol. That's the bread and butter of what we do. So that comes with our email alerts, which are super timely, and they keep you up to date on what's going on in D.C. or your state capitol. We do have a newsletter, which is, you know, the snail mail letter, which kind of keeps you up to date.

What we like to include with that is postcards. So let's say there's a federal issue going on. We include postcards that you can mail to your representatives or senators, and then you can, you know, when they get the flood of postcards on their desk, like, oh, my, I need to actually, you know, vote in accordance with the Constitution because that's what my constituents want.

So that's kind of the grassroots approach that we have to that. You know, maybe you're listening, why do I need to join an organization like, you know, like Gun Owners of America or other groups, whatever your issues are that are important to you? Well, it matters, because it gives Gun Owners of America strength. When they're in state capitals or in Washington, D.C., and they're pushing for various legislation, when members of Congress or state legislatures know that they're representing billions of members, it gives them a strength, because as a politician you're always concerned and worried about voters. So if you know that a large part of your constituency supports constitutional carry or open carry or whatever it may be, that's going to give strength to those at Gun Owners of America and other organizations where they're meeting with legislators.

So it's important. Even if you, you know, you don't have to join at a high level if you can't afford it. There are lower membership levels where you can just help support the efforts of what they're doing, but it gives them the ability to have more power when they're defending your right. So I encourage you to check out Gun Owners of America.

Jordan, what's the website? Yes, our website is just, and we do have three different levels of membership. We have your normal annual membership. It's 25 bucks for the year. That's what a lot of people do, is just the annual membership, and it includes all the membership perks that I described. Kind of the next tier, and kind of one of my favorite tiers, is the Patriot membership, and that's a monthly giving of $25 or more, and, you know, it comes out with all more sweeteners and bonuses that you get. You know, we do special partnerships with various companies, and you get, you know, exclusive perks to those organizations as these memberships, as well as our other membership level is the life membership, which is what Chris is, and, you know, that's, it's on the website. It's $1,000, but I think that's a good investment into the Second Amendment, and we also have monthly giving programs.

If you're like me and couldn't afford $1,000 at once, you could give, you know, $20 a month or whatever till you pay off the life membership. So it's all at All the membership benefits are there. I encourage everyone to go and check us out, and it gives the test run. If you like what you see, you know, join up again.

If not, then move on, but I'll say this. GOA is only as powerful as our members are allowed, and we are really dependent upon, you know, folks taking action, you know, calling, emailing, sending in the postcards, showing up to your state capitol. That's something that we encourage people to do, or when there is a hearing going on, you know, for constitutional carry or whatever the program thing is, show up, testify if you're willing.

You know, those things make a huge difference, and that's what we enable people to do. You know, we really, you know, make our members the armchair lobbyists and, you know, give them the power to speak up for their life. Folks, if you're listening, we're talking to Jordan Stein with Gun Owners of America.

Check him out at You've got to take a quick commercial break. Stick around.

We'll be right back. We're going to talk more about the Second Amendment. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, but most Americans don't know the truly important role that God in the Bible played in the founding of this great nation. This June, join nationally syndicated radio host and founder of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes, for four amazing days in our nation's capitol. With Chris, you'll embark on a journey of discovering the hidden secrets of Washington, D.C., and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage. Your tour will include an up-close and personal look at the nation's establishment and how it's evolved over the centuries. Learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of republic, one that acknowledged the creator from its very inception.

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It's Chris Hughes. My guest today is Jordan Stein of Gun Owners of America. You'll learn more about them at We were just talking about the different membership levels, and even for $25 a year, you can join any of us and skip McDonald's two or three times in a year and help support a great organization that is defending the Second Amendment every day on both state and national levels across the United States of America. Well, Jordan, what I'd like to do now is jump into the Second Amendment.

A lot of people hear what it is, but you'd be, well, you wouldn't be amazed. Probably less than one percent of people out there listening have ever read the Constitution of the United States, Jordan. So can you tell us, for someone who doesn't know, and we're not trying to be offensive here, but we want you to understand the issue. Jordan, tell them what the Second Amendment is and why it's so important. Well, the Second Amendment is part of our Bill of Rights, and hopefully your civics class went over this.

I doubt it if you went to school recently because of our awful public schools, but during that, you had pretty much two sides of the debate. You had your federalist, and you had your anti-federalist. During that, they argued that we might want to list some of our rights that the government doesn't infringe upon. Folks on the other side of the argument will say, well, the Constitution doesn't give the power for the government to infringe upon that, so we don't need that.

But I'm really grateful that we do have a Bill of Rights that lists out our freedoms, and we have more freedoms than what's listed there, but it expresses that. And the Second Amendment addresses one's right to keep and bear arms, and some modern revisionists like to say that it's written for a militia, or it's the National Guard, or anything like that. But when you look at the Second Amendment, that it is text, history, and tradition, you realize that it's written for the common man.

Back in those days, the militia was the average person. And it's written so that the average person has the right to defend themselves, not necessarily from a common criminal or thug or home defense, even though those are certainly good side effects, but really from a tyrannical government. And that really means that citizens should be able to have access to the firearms that are modern and are capable of providing that said defense.

The anti-gunners like to demonize the quote AR-15 as an evil killing machine, when in reality, it's a very basic simple rifle that I think should be on the hearth of every American in every house. Really, the Second Amendment enables us, it doesn't give us rights, but it enables us to have rights that whatever the military is carrying to combat, an average citizen should have access to. And that's the standard of shall not be infringed. I want to touch on another point that is so critical, and I think you'll agree with this, Chris, the founders did not give us rights, right? Our rights did not come from George Washington, they don't come from government, because if they did, if they came from the government, then the government can take it away. But really, rights come from God. And God doesn't change, so our right to defend ourselves doesn't change, it's part of our human nature. And I think there's a very strong case for being able to defend yourself, self-defense, in the scriptures. And I definitely think our founders recognized that our rights come from our Creator and not from government.

And that's a big deal, and something we emphasize very often here at GOA. Well, you know, there are a lot of examples in the Bible, Jordan, of where God had people arm themselves. And when Nehemiah was building the wall around what he was replenishing around Jerusalem, he had his men carry swords, and they didn't have guns back then, the sword was the gun of that day.

But they did it to protect themselves against attack. There are even cases where Jesus told us to be armed. So it is a principle in the Bible, and when people say that we should never carry guns because God wouldn't have that, there are numerous examples in the Bible where God commanded people to arm themselves. And I think that's the case here with the Second Amendment, is we're just trying to protect ourselves. I know the liberals love to say, well, in the Constitution, they just intend that to be for militias. And that's not, you know, as you say, that's not the way that it was intended. So now that the, you know, y'all are defending the Second Amendment, and there are attacks, you know, a lot of there's some sneaky attacks, by the way, Jordan.

And I know you're aware of this. One thing they do is they try to limit magazine capacity. And so if you're listening and you don't understand, a semiautomatic weapon can have, basically it's like a little box that holds bullets in it, and that's called a magazine or a clip. And the liberal left has tried to say, well, you know, you can't have maybe more than three or four or sometimes six bullets at a time in a magazine. Well, that's, there's nothing in the Constitution that limited magazine capacity.

Have y'all fought any wars on that, Jordan? And what's your opinion on limiting magazine capacity? We fight this tooth and nail. And anyone who ever wants to challenge, you know, magazine capacity is, I ask them, do you know when and where you're going to be attacked? And the answer to that is always no, because you, you know, you don't, I hope no one's ever attacked or assaulted or anything, but you don't know when that could happen. You don't know if it could be by, you know, five, you know, you know, six, five, 250 pound, you know, big guys that are, you know, could really overpower someone. And that's why we need as many rounds as possible to defend ourselves.

You know, sadly, more and more home invasions are not just one person breaking in, but it's, we're seeing three or four people breaking into homes. And, you know, if, if I just have 10 rounds in a magazine, and there's three guys, and I have to take five rounds for two guys, there's still a third guy there. You know, I need as many rounds as possible as possible to defend myself. And it's so sad because, you know, the anti-gunners like to demonize these, these magazines as large capacity or whatever, when it's really, it's just standard capacity. Like, like, you know, the, you know, the Glock, the handgun I'm carrying right now, as we have this conversation was designed to carry 15 rounds. That is the standard capacity of the handgun.

It's not a large capacity. It's just absurd. And the anti-gunners like to play word games with firearms and the whole term assault weapon or whatever, and they just demonize it into something that it's really not. And, you know, we really need to have it, you know, as many rounds as possible. And really that should be to the individual gun owner if they, if they want to carry a gun with seven rounds, that's fine. But if I want to carry a gun with 15, you know, cause that's how I choose what I need to defend myself.

I should be free to do so. Yeah. It's really a joke. How they label weapons is a military style weapon. AR 15 is a glorified 22 rifle. I mean, I'm not saying it's not dangerous. Can't do something, but it's not the same thing that the Navy SEALs are carrying. You know, it's really kind of a joke of how, how they make that sound so scary.

And, and really, like you said, the Glock you're carrying, that's also a semi-automatic weapon and more people are shot with handguns than some of these other guns that they try to ban. I think they just try to get the foot in the door. If they can be in one thing, they'll go further. And they've started with magazine, magazine capacity and other battle.

I'm sure y'all are probably in this one too. Jordan is, uh, they, they have started taxing ammunition and, you know, if we can't get the guns, then we will scare, you know, cause we scare them every time we bring up a gun issue is we'll just make, uh, ammunition so expensive. It's the same trick they're doing with gas right now. You know, there's no need for our gas to be as expensive as it is. I'm not trying to drag you into that argument, but you know, we have plenty of fuel in the United States of America.

If we just be allowed to access it, they're trying to force us into electric cars. Same thing with, with ammunition. If they can tax ammunition, so it's too expensive to buy, then your gun's no good. If you don't have bullets, are y'all involved in that battle too, with the taxing of ammunition? Yes.

Yeah. That is another assault. And because of the crazy demand on ammo right now, it was already really expensive. You know, um, you know, a price of nine mil at your local, uh, sporting goods store is double what it was three years ago. And so it's already ridiculously expensive in the tax that on top of that is just absurd. And, and then the, the other thing is you're, you're taxing a right, which the Supreme Court's already held unconstitutional in a different matter, but you're, you're putting a, a, a barrier between me and bearing arms because you're making the cost of purchasing the ammunition more expensive. And that certainly is a violation of our right to keep and bear arms. Um, because our rights, we shouldn't, shouldn't be taxed before we exercise that.

Um, and that's a grave infringement. And you know, the funny thing is many States are actually moving to, at least at the state level, repealed the taxes on firearms. I know in West Virginia, they, they passed a law which removed taxes on firearms.

I believe Tennessee did as well. Um, so we're seeing that pop up more and more folks. If you're listening, we're talking to Jordan Stein of Gun Owners of America. We're talking about the second amendment and different attacks where they've done it is to attack magazine capacity and now taxing the ammunition has gotten so expensive. We've got to take another commercial break.

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Welcome back to The Christian Perspective. This is Chris Hughes, my guest today, Jordan Stein with Gun Owners of America, and you can learn more about them at We're talking about the Second Amendment and the great work that Gun Owners of America is doing across the country. Unlike some other gun organizations, they have a no compromise position, meaning they will not cut deals on legislation. Whatever the convictions of their members are and their legislative position, they will not cut any deals. It's an all-or-nothing situation because you cannot cut deals with the liberal left. It has never ever worked for us. Well, Jordan, in this last segment, I'd like us to talk about constitutional carry.

Maybe explain what that is because it's a wave that's sweeping the country, and tell us what's going on there. So, constitutional carry is the simple idea that one should be able to carry a firearm as a matter of right, right? If someone is a lawful citizen, if they can own a firearm, they should be able to carry a firearm without having to go through multiple hoops, or paying fees and taxes, and going through classes and seminars, which sometimes can be really onerous, to seek government permission, essentially, before carrying the firearm.

It would be analogous to a pastor having to go through an English class before he could preach to his congregation, essentially exercising the First Amendment right. So, you know, GOA, we're the original advocates of constitutional carry. We called it Vermont carry way back in the day before I was around because Vermont was the only state that had it. They never imposed a permitting system on their people, but now we've seen more and more states move to constitutional carry.

And it's thrilling. Just this year, we've seen Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio all move to pass constitutional carry legislation, and it's really thrilling. We've seen in states that have moved to this, you know, constitutional carry legislation that they're oftentimes very safe places to be. You know, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are often considered some of the safest states in our country, and they all have constitutional carry.

So it really goes back to that. Isn't Vermont a pretty liberal state? Yes, yes, which is really interesting. Because they still support gun rights. That's interesting.

Yes. You know, they like their socialized medicine, but they also like their guns. Now, sadly, a couple years ago, they did pass some gun restrictions, but they still have constitutional carry. For the longest time, they were considered one of the most pro-gun states because they didn't have any state-level restrictions. Sadly, they did, I think, after some shootings and over GOA's objections. But yeah, they still have constitutional carry, and people can still carry a firearm as a matter of right, not privilege.

And, you know, we've seen that you're better off. You know, we believe constitutional carry will make your state a safer and freer place. That's why we advocate for it. So we're hoping that Georgia is looking like it will become a reality as well, fingers crossed there. Is that going to be on the ballot in Georgia, or is that a legislative vote? Typically, these are through the legislature. And, you know, in Georgia, it's working through the legislative process right now. And the governor has asked for it as well.

So he wants to sign it. And speaking of governors, Ron DeSantis is actually calling for constitutional carry in Florida. The legislature didn't pass it in their regular session, so hopefully they will take up a special session and pass constitutional carry because Ron DeSantis is wanting to sign it. So we're looking at at least two more states there that could make the majority of states constitutional carry.

Currently, there's 24 states. If we had Georgia and Florida, that would tip the majority to constitutional carry in the majority of states, which would be incredible. Well, that's why these elections are so important. And, folks, I'm telling you, elections matter. There's more than 40 million people who profess to be evangelical Christians who are not even registered to vote in the United States of America.

And this is another issue where it matters. Both Georgia and so for our listeners in Georgia and Florida, both Georgia and Florida have governor's races this year. If we lose those governor's seats, then that means that this legislation has to be signed. When it passes the legislature, it has to be signed by the governor. If he vetoes it or doesn't sign it, we're out of luck. So please, please get educated on these issues, particularly in states where you have big elections this year and you have governor's race in Georgia and in Florida this year.

So engage in that. Well, Jordan, Wyoming I think has the second toughest Second Amendment sanctuary status in the country. What does it mean to be a Second Amendment sanctuary?

And is that going to happen in other states too? So, you know, the Second Amendment sanctuary, that term means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But essentially, it's a state of locality that has declared support for the Second Amendment.

And they vary wildly on their actual text and what they actually say. Some of them say, oh, we just like the Second Amendment. And then others actually have penalties and actual, you know, infractions or consequences for those that violate the right to keep and bear arms. And at GOA, that's definitely what we advocate for is the Second Amendment sanctuary or Second Amendment Preservation Acts that go along and actually have some teeth. And in Wyoming, which, you know, you think a state like Wyoming is pretty pro-gun. I've been to Wyoming and there's a lot of gun owners in that state.

But, you know, it didn't have one of these. And what GOA did, we helped pass, we think it's one of the strongest Second Amendment sanctuary laws in the country because it actually has penalties to where if someone does violate, you know, and infringes upon the Second Amendment, they can actually impose a $2,000 fine as well as a year in jail. So hopefully that will make state and local officials or federal officials think twice before trying to take someone's guns.

I hope so. Yeah, it's kind of, essentially these are a warning sign to the federal government to say, hey, don't take our guns. West Virginia just passed what we advocated for is the Keep, Bear, and Drive Arms Act, which essentially legalized loaded rifle or shotgun in your car. Previously, you couldn't have a loaded long gun in your car because you were soon to be poaching, which I thought was kind of armed.

Because if you were in downtown Charleston, West Virginia, you're probably not poaching. But we advocated for that. We actually partnered with our local gun rights group and got that bill across the finish line. And when that bill goes into effect about a month from now, you can now defend yourself and your vehicle with a long gun if you choose to. And that's just another freedom issue that gun owners, we should have available to us for self-defense.

And that's a real problem, Jordan. I know y'all are working on this, but as someone who travels all over the country a lot of time by vehicle, walls vary from state to state. And so it makes it difficult. Maybe I can have a handgun in my car in this state, or West Virginia, you're talking about a rifle. But even a handgun, you know, if you go to some states, that's a crime. And it is difficult to know what those laws are in those states. And I sure hope that that's a legislative priority for y'all, where somebody ought to be able to carry a weapon in their car, because just like you have a right to defend your home, when you're in your car, that kind of can be your home as well.

You know, kind of the castle law almost. And that's a problem across the country. Well, I know we don't have much more time left. But in the next couple minutes, right now, President Biden has made a nomination of a Supreme Court replacement on the Supreme Court. And this lady is very, very liberal. Does it matter who's on the Supreme Court and what their views are on guns? And what specifically you think is going to happen with with his Supreme Court pick? It certainly does matter who was on the Supreme Court. You know, the Supreme Court, sadly, has got a lot more power than I think our framers wanted them to have. But yeah, and KBJ, as some people like to call her, she's smart, because when she was asked about her views on the Second Amendment, she said the Supreme Court has established that the individual right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right, which to the common observer might think, oh, well, she must respect the Second Amendment. But when you actually break down what she says, it's quite scary, because, as I alluded to earlier, the government, even the Supreme Court, does not give you the right to keep and bear arms.

That's a God-given right. So she's already way off on her assessment of the Second Amendment. And just because someone might walk the talk well during their hearings doesn't mean they're not hiding anti-gun views, because we know other justices like Kagan and Sotomayor also talked a pro-Second Amendment game during their hearings. So we're having to pressure key senators like Joe Manchin and Tester and Sinema, the last few remaining moderate Democrats, and trying to get them to hold the line and not support this. And it's an uphill battle, but something we're fighting to, Thaneil. Yeah, I'm afraid we're going to be unsuccessful just because of the label, which has nothing to do with being a good judge, just because President Biden said that he was going to nominate a black woman who evidently doesn't even know what a woman is.

Well, we're not biologists, Kurt, but who are we to say what a woman is? Yeah, that's right. Well, Jordan, our time has run out. We need to have you come on again and give us regular updates of what's happening across the country. Folks, you can visit

That's For only $25 a year, you can join the organization. They're doing a great job, and they could really use your financial support. Jordan, thanks so much for being on the show today. Thanks so much for having me. I would love to come on again.

We'll definitely have you back. Folks, please listen to your favorite radio station at the same time each and every day. We have different guests addressing issues in the culture.

Thank you for what you're doing for us. Be sure to sign up for the Culture Engagement Summit at Now let's go impact the culture for Jesus. Thank you for listening, The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit This is the Truth Network.
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