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How Can Christian Voters Become Educated on Candidates and Issues?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 30, 2022 5:00 am

How Can Christian Voters Become Educated on Candidates and Issues?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 30, 2022 5:00 am

American Family Association’s Rob Chambers shares a new voter tool to help Christians know about candidates and the issues they support.



Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris every day about getting gate profit talk about what you can do that you need to develop a worldview and learn what the Bible you know what you believe and why you believe it and then. Unlike a lot of other organizations. We try to encourage you, then engage take that knowledge registered to vote getting gate of the political process and let godly men and women single day. It is something you need to get involved before we introduce him. I want take a minute to thank our sponsors on Mid-America Baptist theological seminary for being the home. The Christian perspective studios. If you're looking for seminary to attend and you are place to go where they're not allowing critical race theory to enter in. They help you develop a strong biblical worldview will encourage you to check out Mid-America Baptist theological seminary in Memphis, Tennessee, and I also have a college may not know that early do all the college Mid-America and maybe you have a child or grandchild getting ready to go to college as a parent who has to give in college right now. I want to tell you about their many college campuses are very much against Christians anything that has to do with the word of God, and it is hard for Christian students, not just on public campuses with private campus around the world soon as I said, CRT and other things are even slipping into so-called nursing colleges will run everywhere. That is not coming in is college Mid-America Mid-America Baptist be a logical 70 seminary so I encourage you if you're looking for place to check them out MA that in a course when I think are prime sponsors the citizens for America foundation citizens for America foundation is educational organization dedicated to teaching. Teaching Christians what God's word has to say on issues of particular what we call social issues with culture today and encourage them to engage in the arena of public policy and politics and we have a great event coming up on April 30.

If you go to citizens for America citizens for America will be a button at the top of the page called the culture engagement seven DES, and I hope that you will check it out to get started only $15.

We have some of the biggest names Christian political role today speaking and including, I guess even it be just a minute is good be one of our speakers on Martin Meadows.

Former Congressman and he was a former former Chief of Staff the present trouble going to be there.

Robert Jefferson and many consider to be America's pastor will be there if you want to learn about what the Bible has to say about abortion and how to defend the pro-life movement, not just which is very important, not just one biblical position, but from a scientific position.

Scott close and door travels the world to people how to defend their faith and defend the pro-life movement will be there at me about 30 different speakers and it is going to be just an incredible day you can go and learn what God's word has to say on a variety of issues, meet a lot of different organizations will have boost therapy. There to help you find your way will God could plug you in to get involved in the process so check that out citizens for America and again it's on April 30 is called the 2022 culture, engagement, and I hope you be there. Good my guest today is to be there and Rob serves as Executive Vice President of the American family Association. Any vice president of the policy and legislative affairs for American family Association now and what I love and I haven't met Rob, Paul Gewirtz found out I love his brother already. When I was reading about it last night, I saw that he also has been to seminary you minute to write Rob that right different stimulus correct and so I would ask about it the wrong person with a welcome to show Mike yesterday is Bob Chambers, Executive Vice President American family Association Rob welcome the Christian perspective hey Chris, thanks so much.

It really should be here. I brother SOI I want.

I'm not really think I am proud of what I saw.

Hey, he's not just a political guy, but he's a preacher duty with the seminary to tell our listeners a little bit about you will talk about your new program that I voter guide later. The show I just wanted to have a chance to get to know you love you like I have to tell them who you are and what you're doing. My name is Rob Chambers is a Chris McKenna work with the ministry American family Association and also work with the affiliate organization of AFA called Navy action we can chat more about that later but yes is Chris mentioned went to seminary of the Baptist theological seminary." Kentucky for Masters of Divinity. There and New Orleans better seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are in and I have a Masters of theology. They are in pursuing the PhD in evangelism robberies. I wanted tell tell about that is your lot Christians that they don't want to get all the political process so a lot of pastors avoid issues like homosexuality transgender abortion. All these other issues that: political issues and Rob and I know you probably agree with me about political issues there issues of sin, but how to get assuming you're on the track to be up pastor added to make the transition and enter this political war became a Christian. The Lord let me to himself was faith in human later on in life, but not long after, maybe a couple years after I was born again that since God leading me to to become equipped to serve the church and I didn't really know what that looked like and it wasn't really clear what that call was but I knew it was to be equipped and began to seek out where to seek out theological training for that for the calling. And that that led me to our Southern seminary and other local and entered to be a Billy Graham school of missions and evangelism and one reason I wanted to go to that track was that I knew that I wanted to pursue evangelism but also that that track afforded me the maximum number of elective hours that I could choose to do to take whatever courses I wanted to and as I remember you really wasn't clear which direction God was leaving and it became pretty clear. After I took the class and in the biblical ethics that there are Christian ethics that that I was realized okay this is the direction that that God is leading me so out to all of those elective hours I think was about 1821 hrs. that I was able to take and are free to take and intellect." All those courses in ethics so that would be New Testament ethics Old Testament that the sexual ethics all, different things so so that's what that word put me on the path on these issues. And so it became clear to me that that my role was to help equip the church encourage the church on these ethical issues that they even as they intersected be the issue of politics and so that's what set me on that trajectory.

I'm not pursuing a pastor because I don't think that's where God is leading me it is to serve as a role as a minister.

I guess you could say a pastor to help come alongside the church.

Encourage them with the information like what they actually provide the resources that they provide to churches you Rob, I just want to commend you for that because the a lot of people might be listening in and they think the seminary is only for people who want to become a pastor that's not the case is a great what you doing your taking a deep dive into God's word. It's a way for you to work more really touching something busy in his on this close to my heart. You said you wanted to pursue evangelism and that is I think that's a great need one the greatest needs Rob in our society today is the church as a whole, and many Christians have gotten away from evangelism, which means telling other people about Jesus and what what God did to us in and Rob, I believe the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus. And because we haven't done that. We have a culture that we have today distilled with us basically is my friend David works as a sin fixate less on society and in part of what you're doing it AFA. What were doing citizens for America is trying to impact the culture for Jesus. I have preacher to argue with me and we need to all be about evangelism that sounds good but there are many churches today that are out doing evangelism like they should. An intermediate I know y'all feel like this is American Association greatest way to impact the culture to Jesus is to leave the culture they manage and implement yes I think the wrong they don't list the core value or art center of our our mission statement is the great commission.

That is to make disciples. And you can't make disciples if they are already born again and and so it didn't begins with reaching out to people and income alongside them where they are and befriending them and and seeking ways to be intentional about sharing the gospel and what we've gotten so far away from the core mission that Jesus left us with. And in Matthew 28. You know in them to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus taught us and so we've gotten so far away from that, but I think in many ways we conformed people to death. I think we been given people so much information that their focus so much on information and they become almost seared into to anything else beyond information, meaning they think that it be the pursuit of the Christian faith is knowledge and that's not it pursue the Christian faith is a relationship with Jesus Christ and to encourage invite other people into that personal relations and people around you that it really is. It is not about being some deep religious person. Lena Christian is solely but having a relationship with Jesus Christ and him being at the core of everything that we do right.

Robbie just EE hit the nail on the head and I know that's what y'all are doing an American family Association before we get Endo. Specifically, the work you're doing now he tell the listeners to what before diving analysis Glenn take a quick break because I don't want you to start it and then have to interrupt your excellent work break a lot of the lizard may not know who American family Association who or what they are and y'all just do show much.

I didn't have a clue until I spent a week back in October.

Y'all have annual retreat for some of the people support your ministry and and I went and just have the opportunity to learn so much about American family Association and our listeners need to know about you, they need to support you financially.

They need to be praying for you because you guys are really frontline making a difference for Jesus and the culture each and every day shall come back we think about that over the break, Rob, come back and what have you tell us about American family Association is about a guy who talks a lot here to show here to stick around me like that more this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about locking the fix step 15 feet of Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create change in the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world to face one's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic, the richest type like a wailing lock down the winding alleyway to Nancy so that place that I think you spent the early Jewish porches see firsthand what the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I like and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship when sharing is in line joint American during the Civil War. On this day March 30, 1863, just three months after his Emancipation Proclamation, Pres. Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of humiliation, fasting and prayer. He stated we have grown in numbers wealth and power as no nation is ever growing. You forgotten God we have vainly imagined, and the deceitfulness of our hearts that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own Pres. Lincoln concluded intoxicated with unbroken success. We've become too proud to pray to God's American transcript All-American Limited, 1888 USA work like today by further American family part for Jesus and he went to work for great organization and if you never heard of them all now know the American family Association is they have such a huge mission in any way share with me before the show. There I knew they were building to building that it was done so, what ever your absolutely my name is Rob Chambers and Ben with the American family creation for nearly 7 years and been in this area ministry for over 12 years.

My got my call and desire and passion is to help other Christians understand the biblical that are going on in the world today that are prevalent perspective, and we do it American family Association that we provide ministry resources ministry help to Christian. Our goal is not to replace the church in terms of the church. Our goal is to come alongside the church and them with information that help them to be salt and light in the culture of the work God's plan and y'all have a variety help here, but I know part of your ministry is American family radio know what the cost of 200 radio stations Christian radio stations across hundred 88, married 100 A.D. hundred 83 because where trading and where we think God is leading us to the station here in the air and yes it's about 180 radio stations across the country and really interesting about that market that is our founder Don Wildman manner, God still still living and he saw he had the vision and called opportunity to get into the radio ministry and so that's where where we are today at hundred ready hundred and 80 radio station, but with interesting now, with the advent of the of the Internet that and an smart phone apps that were you have a Internet signal on your phone bill you can you to potentially get a radar app and listen to the radio wherever you have a radio tower anymore. You listen to it on your phone so you are share with you because you have it, 100% Christian program. I think right.

It is all you more I live. I dropped Norway's first video by recording a limited amount of North Carolina real and personal radio station.

You can even get on the radio dial where we live the way you have to get it so your listing. I encourage you to go.

Whatever your app store, your Apple after Google or whatever the free app I think it's called American family radio quite ironic so you can go in and download the app American family radio was the Christian programming 24 hours a day seven days a week is a great great ministry God gave it the airwaves of the client figure out the radio growth my collaborators or private, but not more people of me figure that out and that the way we need to surround herself with biblical teaching, and great preachers and Christian music and American family radio provide that is one of the many ministries water something other thing that American families that unveiled accomplices another one only all new.

Besides the radio show will you mention competition. We we just started a competent couple years ago it called marriage family life and we thought we knew that we were hearing from listeners all across the country calling into our radio show they were saying it.

We were just missing the connection with other believers, we will be connected and so we years ago someone will will and he had a vision there'll be there in the McDermott radio network air bearing podcast will but they had this vision for marriage, family life, and went Wildman and leadership would be what we believe God is leading and so God is blessing that you really really grown filled out last year we have it here people to be working for our natural head is located and you would think you know where our nearly 2 hours from Memphis nearly 2 hours from Birmingham in the world in a condo to blow yellow than perhaps to build people came from all over, and they were there 1300 people there in total and hundred of those children people brought their children because it American family life and is really a tremendous ministry today at Fayette has launched and I guess you ministry division under go are directly and seminars for the children to attend as well.

Absolutely that's one of the main purposes of it is to really only pour into the parents of families, but also to the children so their breakout tracks for the children to learn things on biblical worldview creationism, things of that nature where children can learn more about the fundamentals of our Christian faith.

And so it's it's not only for the parent or the children so the marriage family life. It encompasses all of life that donated with the attack coming on families today is that just around your finger to your help and your it is an annual annual conference and it's located in Tupelo Mississippi about 2 miles on either side or in between the members in Birmingham go to marriage, family register for this conference is July 7-9 of this year More about that Bridgeport boy. Thank you so much for sure that you know that was the main thing the dog that that's really what American family isn't all about protecting and then defending the family and and I know we were a military family.

Robin and family life today. I am a month on what what his name was but anyway they used to do. Come on and do seminars like that copper is on military base. I don't know if y'all ever done any of that donated and I know particularly in the military world. Knowing cabal that are going the other country to kids. Mom and dad or mom or dad or thumb down the boat gone and on children but marriages just take a toll on his come from a military perspective, I think y'all doing actually still in Wildman and Don Wildman and were so grateful for the work that you all are doing to reach an touch families across the nation. What will you let radio and marriage and family, but I know a big part of what you're doing now is working with what's called AFA action.

I think of the term.

Tell us what the action means in NY that separate from the American family. Sure action if he actually can totally separate the organization can AFA AFA is called the 501(c)(3) organization and I have a action is the totally separate organization bubble 134, which enables a reaction to to operate a little bit different under go under the guidance of the IRS in terms of political engagement, and things like that and so we really we have the vision or to like more Christian candidates into office. No qualified qualification for office in terms of Congress, but that doesn't mean that Christians can have a qualification on who they want to send to represent them. Political reaction was basically started to address the boys or the vacuum of information on political candidates running for office so that that's really the Genesis of a reaction that is still needed their rock as you do it every day citizens of America were white American family were just 501(c)(3). We can educate the we cannot get involved in the political process of endorsing candidate circuit. Can you tell us one of the different between a 501(c) four and a political action committee.

Can you do that same thing is what the difference there will you have a 501(c)(3) advocate get involved in campaign intervention or paper your display for your particular candidate for office 501(c) four can do that. However, there are some limitations on what a 501(c) four can do. They had to spend spend an overwhelming amount of their resources toward campaign intervention, but a political action committee. There is political action committee and you have super pack though a political action committee is typically began to pour public or entity and the AIPAC is has the ability to endorse candidates, and they can do. Basically 100% campaign intervention.

No limitation on how much activity can be involved and I campaign intervention where there are limitations on about four super pack are different than good for our show yet so super PACs are different from kayaks and that is super pack and can't be engaged directly with a campaign and up but they do but they they will get involved in campaign matters not a lawyer submit step in the area of you know saying what you want to do or shouldn't do, but that that's basically the difference between 13334 patent, or can you contribute money to candidates or just educate turn out volunteers not know no a.k.a. seaport and contribute to a campaign, a political campaign have to, but that they can do that they can contribute money to a little candidate's campaign they can endorse political candidates for office, post a candidate for all. Example but there is a balance of how much money or resources can be allocated toward intervention preventable problem people here just turning in work talk to Rob Chambers as part of American families search agent. I would encourage you to learn more about American family Association, and download their app called American families ready as American family radio fairly new organization AFA action to help educate turn out? Is states. America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Laura meeting Dave will embark on a journey discovering the hidden much of America's big time fishing here up close and personal, and how to blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father Christian principles. American joint. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement in American family Association there but Tupelo, Mississippi and Roger just get ready to building a brand-new office, but every movement into that and each share if you missed it some great information on marriage and family conferences like put on so many other wonderful things American family Association, ministry, Christian, you need to know about them, support them, they can do what they do without the help of financial supporters in Canada and there on the front lines of the culture war and really need your help brought you were talking about branch wino should think is your separate legally called AFA action, which I guess at some point all the term you needed to do more and actually engage in the political arena and ethical man name Richard Ford went to your founder Don Wildman with an idea. Tell us a little bit about that concept and where were at it today. Yes, Richard Ford is a is a visionary solid brother in the Lord and and I've known Richard for I guess probably 88 years maybe nine but with Richard approached Don Wildman is the founder American family Association and approached Don Infante have a vision for an online voter guide Richard solve the need to get more information out to voters so they can understand the differences between the candidates that were running for office and Don being a also a visionary Don salt that and he latched onto an absolutely and so about 10 years ago. AFA action was started because to help accommodate an outlet for the boat.

It was called voter guide because because the boater guy does get into the area of favoring and disfavoring candidates. Or at least it's interpret can be interpreted that way and what I mean by that interpreted that way is that the boater guy will evaluate candidate from nearby liberal to verify conservative. For example in and visit ask questions on specific issues. Well it does in that one thing is really great about the other AFA action of voter guide, which by the way AFA action acquired the product services of voter guide just the first of this year and so that when they AFA action shooting voter guide came online with is a division action, and so it one thing that is unique about this voter guide is not like you're the boater guides the district here that that only you had about 10 issues and that it said this candidate supports or opposes this particular voter guide addresses a lot of information, it does ask questions of one component of it is a candidate survey and not all candidates are submitted questions to the questionnaire survey but those that do submitted that want to let voters know where they stand on the issues and they complete the survey in that survey is made public. As part of the boater God and so that boater. That survey asked questions like abuse on abortion views on religious liberty views on Internet for national security abuse on border security. Fiscal responsibility and things like that so is just not your issues like First Amendment second member right it's it's it's all-encompassing also addresses things like that educational issues like hearing a lot about critical race theory and LGBT agenda school, so it also approaches that subject as well yeah Rob I know you're probably familiar. There are other organizations that do boater God's name on both that both Republican and Democrat, conservative, liberal in our spectrum and in the faith, boater spectrum, and I know there are probably others predict when a state level, but the family research Council.

I know you're familiar Tony Perkins and and Ralph reading based on freedom coalition also do boater God theirs is different and it is usually a printed document. If you go to church and familiar with the bulletin. It is basically what we call bulletin insert. This is, you have very limited.

Like you said, just as a spacing other limited on what you can ask and and have a comparison chart years is different from that is that your you're not a printed document. This is all electronic, bright yes everything is it's a digital resource.

The only place that you can really get the information is online, you can go to voter again, as of voter and that there you can you can enter your all the data is really managed to your elected official and/or potential candidate for office. And so you enter you enter in your address and job about the way we will share your information outside of AFA, but you that addresses enter primarily to make sure you are synced up with the right congressional candidate for state legislative candidate for example in so they can go there and in they can get is is little information, or as much information on a particular candidate so they could see how they answered the survey they could go in there and find out where they get their money from.

They can find out who's funding their their political campaign for all you can see their rugged money from George Soros or other liberals like that you could see that there is there endorsed by ACLU or oral pro rata Pro pro-abortion industries are in the entities or even pro-life entities like the SBA list Susan B. Anthony whispered and so that's what makes this voter guide much more.

I would say valuable because it it were living in a world of information where people wonder where do I go for information on voters or genealogy, candidates for office.

And really I believe this is the one stop shop for voter guide resources and in and one thing is unique about the AFA action. I boater guide is that it approaches a broad-spectrum rabbit even for a full spectrum of issues, it's not just about life is not just about religious liberty liberty is not just about second amendment is not just about fiscal issues.

That's about all these things together and you can go to boater and find out that about each candidate for this is what a great tool actually couple years I got it yielded that that I was trying to come up with a way to do something similar, and it just was so expensive you. I wasn't able to do it on my own, that the come up with this Rob, you mentioned that the website I voter but is it an app. Also, I know you said American family radio has an app is there an app that can be downloaded on the phone or do they have to actually just go to the web at this point I just had to go to the website at this point time I voter and and you just hear that on your smart phone and get that information pretty pretty readily why no job you put a lot of prayer and thought into this when you were putting together how do you think this tool to equip Christians in and do you think it will impact elections. Well it it already has in our in our opinion is that in 2020, boater God reached over three and half million voters and that's pretty pretty staggering amount of people that we reach just through through the boater guide and we were projecting in 2022.

During this midterm election that will reach probably as many as 5 million voters this time, and in 2024. We hope to get 7 million.

I believe those are very conservative estimates we did learn in the Texas primary which was the first primary to be held midterm election. It was epic. There is just run it 259,000 voters in Texas that during the primary that use the boater guide and so that's just in in one primary election in one state and so if you can you multiply that across the country. You could see what type of impact just in the primary election, the boater God so it's just just it's really easy to use. All they had to do just that other guy boater and it's fairly self-explanatory. When you get to the website. This is such a godsend in such a needed to note, you probably have this to Robin people know those of us that are involved in the political world. Every election by clamp numerous people call me up say you're telling us about, you know that they got engaged. But you probably do that to one now we can say will go and I voter and it'd tell you everything you need to do so. Got a question about the mechanics of the program for someone who used it before, like the last election cycle that nailed it. AFA action has acquired. I voter guide or are there changes it it does it look and feel the same of you beta improvements. What different about it. Now that you guys on the program will the looks and feels the same. There is no difference in the way the information is presented and the only difference is, is that we've enhanced the product we were about God was already in. While AVX was a partner I boater guide was already covering for the federal races in all 50 states. That would mean your US Sen. or US House of Representatives are those races for those two offices, and so was already covering those 50 states. Then then at that time. Also they were covering a little over 20 I think races at the state level, meaning that he would also cover not only federal races in all 50 states, but in about little over 20 states. They covered statewide and state legislative races, meaning they would go from your federal races U.S. House U.S. Senate dear Gov. Lieut. Gov. Rick Perry stayed in on down the line and then they would also cover the state what the state legislative branch for your state House of Representatives in your state Senate and in some cases they would cover school board elections as well so it it it were trying to go down as far down the ballot as we possibly can. There's just there's nearly 14,000 school board districts across the country so you know it's it's it's it's a money issue that the more financial resources we have deeper down the ballot. We can go.

What a great tool folks were talking about. I voter guide name and organization or individual's social media cards give us a call today at 704984 connect with the design on social crowded with viewpoints of voice and after eight I believe financial problems only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about creating a relationship range hearing is line joint United States America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is indicated.

American foundation, Dr. Nathan crystalline bargaining journey much of America's missing here at the knees and how to learn about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator of the chain about the creation of the mounting father but the day Rob Chambers wanted with the American family Association.

They also own and run American family radio.

They have marriage and family conferences. They have so much until you this is really the one place to go. It is like the Walmart of Christian services and activities in thanks for the family you really need to check out the American family Association. I encourage you to download their app on American family radio they own, but I hundred 80 Christian radio stations across the country and you you all you need Internet. You don't have to be were one of their start patient is actually located in order to listen to their shows great great Christian programming both preaching and singing and issue the people that address issues each and every day so I would encourage you to download the American family radio app and do it today. I guess Rob Chambers, VP American family Association were talking about a branch of the American family Association called AFA action there involved in the political process of giving Christians the tools to become educated voters and to hopefully impact the culture for Jesus by electing godly men and women. The public office may have what I think he is the best tool on the market, not just for Christians for anyone. I love it. Rockwood Christians are on the cutting edge of technology and using stepping it up.

Ilove to use technology but you guys have used it for God's good in this tremendous program called I voter guide listener. You can find out about I voter guided I voter so Robin went back up a little bit asked questions about programming. I know that you question candidates to their center survey and I guess you fill out information based on what they put in the survey. Do you rank candidates based on a Christian you know where they are good both for Christians or you strictly just listing a side-by-side comparison of what one candidate believes on issue versus their opponent know it, we evaluate all candidates well one thing to be to one point to make is, is that the boater guide is going to evaluate races where there are multiple Republican candidates or there is a Republican running against a Democrat, for example. So if there is a say. For example, in the general election. There could be a congressional district where there's only a Democrat running so we would not, for example, cover that particular election so were focused on primarily races where Republican candidates multiple candidates running for office wall and all running Democratic candidate.

Your other question is addressing so you're not ranking them. You just show there and compare them on the issues know we don't know what I boater guide does not endorse candidates, that's actually a vision of a play action and as a rule, AFA action does not normally endorse candidates for office bleeder. Although we could but what I boater guide with the product services of our boater guide to the division of a reaction boater got what they do is the date compile.

I would say massive amounts of information they they find out they they do research with the Federal election commission they find out where the money is coming from who they give their money to and where they get their money from. They also look at endorsements who endorses them or who they've endorsed in the past.

They also look at their voting record as they have a voting record and so they also look at any affiliations.

They look at public comments. Anything that is in the public domain is is what the boater guide book we call panelized look at. We have researchers we have probably no significant number of researchers to go up there and compile all that data and then we have a large network of what you call panelized all across the country and so what these families do is they review all of that information and then they come up with a an assessment of how they think that particular candidate would govern if they were elected and so for example they would break them from verified liberal to verified conservative and then there's various markers in between including moderate which be in the middle with the reason I was asking that I was I was, set up for pastors that are listening in and you said exactly what I knew were the case, so a lot of pastors listening Rob, I want to encourage pastors to push their congregations to use.

I voter guide and I don't say what is a 501(c)(3) endorsed candidates and you jeer what Rob said. Rob said we don't endorsed candidates what they're doing is providing information for an and voter education is 100% legal. It does not violate a churches 501(c)(3) status. There's never been a case in bank of ever of a 501(c)(3) status being taken from a church for such instances in the United States so if your pastor would God. It is for to engage in the culture to to get back in the public square and American family Association is provided an avenue for us to do that just by going to I voter so pastors and other primaries coming up in states all across the country and their general elections in Rob clearly stated that they are also providing information for candidate in primary to Patrick put your bulletin to put in your email going out. You need to encourage your church. You Did you know pastors you have voter registration drive in your church yeah you can, and in and you can educate voters in the best way to do it is to use. I voter so Rocky work talk about how how many states the impact your program had during the 2020 election, now that your you brought this all in-house under the umbrella of AFA action and many states do you think will use the program in the 2022 election. All states will use it. It will be available to all states throughout the country, especially for federal elections, which were in the midterm election so every state will be using this will be able be made available to them and as I mentioned earlier, the program nearly 260,000 Texans used in their in their primary so it can be widely used throughout the election. One thing to clarify a church can certainly point to the boater guide one thing they can do is take the information that I voter guide publishes and put it on their own website and that there's nothing wrong with the C3 pointing to boater guide. For example, and then because interpleader link on their there were people can they can answer you I voter I absolutely his little is one in five registered voters vote in a party primary and political party primary. That's where the words determine what candidate runs in the general election in November. A lot of times people think all will undulate and vote in the general election. And a lot of times they don't do that because they don't vote for the primary and hence the need for the boater guide and that's why I think the biggest impact that Christian voters can make is by getting informed and showing up to vote in the primary because statistically, only 50% of Christians registered to vote and only only one in for them actually show up on election day, only 25% of Greek word understanding from statistics surveys is that only 25% of Christians are actually showing up to vote on election day, but that number is far lower in the political primary so if the candidate that if you're not satisfied with the candidate that's running in the general election, and you can vote in the primary been you know that you know you need to consider how you read about in the in the future is really going upon under primary dates are and show up about raw data, such sound advice here because we squander we would complain about what's going on. We squander our right to vote and literally so many elections are much closer than people realize and like you said the primary that something the left is actually realized that the group is called Antoine and Congress. I know you know this is particularly the member who from New York who's granted herself as AOC.

She went against one of the most powerful Democrat in the nation, and he was in the top leadership with Nancy Pelosi.

Nobody thought he would ever be defeated a Republican Sherwood Abita, but this group of liberals. The country is making a decision that they are going to target.

You know Democrats who are not liberal enough in the way to beat them is in the primary because just like you said, very few people turn out the vote.

So if you can give your challenger and you can get your people turn out about her primary you can win and she beat Eckstein. Basically, you know that everybody thought was unbeatable and I think that's what Christians have to do a mean even a Republican, even a Republican Party. There a lot of men and women elected office. You don't represent my values and of Christians would get engaged. But when less than 25%. Your same vote of the general election primary. Imagine the impact we could have and how we could challenge the culture for Jesus if we just get involved. You are so right. It is just really only we look at the statistics, if only there if there was only a 1 to 2% increase in primary turnout we can change this nation we could change this nation to leg candidates to office that affirm biblical values, it could happen but but just hello I guess people are asleep at the switch, they will see the importance of the primary election and but you know while it's a huge opportunity. Bits untapped and it's the primary is where candidates usually voters.

I really encourage them to to show up and vote make sure you're registered even a lot of people realize they may have registered to vote.

They live in town, and they may have moved across the street. They could've moved into a different neighborhood in the same town, but they could across into a different precinct. For example, and therefore you show up to vote and they say we are names that on the role and engine and that boater learns that they should have updated their there voter registration information to ensure that they could vote in the primary and/or general election is good information, we run out of time.

Rob, thank you so much for what you an American family Association are doing were grateful and and thank you for being on the show today. Thank you Chris Today. Register get educated by going to high voters working together Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus is for America foundation. This is the Truth Network

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