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How Can Christians Get Involved in Party Politics and Campaigns

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 22, 2022 5:00 am

How Can Christians Get Involved in Party Politics and Campaigns

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 22, 2022 5:00 am

HOW CAN CHRISTIANS GET INVOLVED IN PARTY POLITICS AND CAMPAIGNS Business woman and political activist, Michele Woodhouse, shares tips for Christians who want to work in campaigns and elect conservative Christians to public



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This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and zooming of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris Lewis of a show every day about politics a lot Go Daddy getting gay.

I today get out your notebook like yesterday. Political work in the arena of engagement tells I would get involved in party politics and how to get involved with helping candidate campaigns what it's all about women try to educate you now going to engage take some notes and get ready welcome the Christian perspective, I'm Chris she's so excited to have with us here today is to be done so for me because although your part up when I talk about politics. But before we do that I want to thank Mid-America Baptist college Mid-America Baptist theological seminary for being the host of the Christian perspective studios here in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee.

If you're looking for college at 10. I want to encourage you to check out Mid-America shortly if you want to get deeper into God's word may be your college.

I wonder seminary or maybe a later point in your life. Maybe you're even retired and you're wondering what's next, I would encourage you to take a look at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and have a beautiful campus in Memphis Tennessee and some extensions around the country, but they also have a great online program. You don't even have to go to Memphis to be able to take classes online so I encourage you to check out Mid-America Baptist theological seminary, and then of course I want to thank our sponsoring organization.

The citizens for America foundation. This is the official media broadcast of the citizens of America foundation and were having our first event in April is gonna be on April 30 in Memphis Tennessee called the culture engagement summit and if you have not registered yet, you need to do it today because the culture engagement summit is the largest event of its kind in the nation will be a lot a great speaker as my guest today, Michelle Woodhouse will be one of our speakers so there will be speakers from the church world from the apologetics world and a lot of famous politicians or be in the building that they too were not gonna want to miss it will sell out, so please go to citizens for America today and register ticket prices start at only $15. You were not gonna want to miss this event matter where you are in the country Memphis at a major airport are our location of our managed 15 minutes from the airport so you can just who were taxi right over one encourage it come to this one day event in Memphis Tennessee on April 30 is called the 2022 culture engagement summit go Woodhouse is so popular she's all over the country. Euro social media all the time and I've been trying for a very long time for her to come on the show, and God has blessed us today.

I finally have Michelle Woodhouse on the show with. She is a small business owner.

She is a mother. She is a wife she is in a culture engage her.

She's a born-again follower of Jesus Christ. She's even a congressional candidate, Michelle Woodhouse, thank you so much for joining us. They are the Christian perspective. Okay, thank you so much for having me and I am so excited, and feet in length and at the end of April.

Can't wait to be there when my very very favorite teams and even talk about the meeting in Moraga get to enjoy wallowing in my freedom and food and anyone that knows me on a short fat boy and I like to eat barbecued my thing Memphis okay Kansas City people don't get mad at me but in my opinion Memphis and North a lot of people, yet everything has all but Memphis style barbecue is my favorite. I forgot. So this is gonna be a nonpaid commercial advertisement you recommended that it was some unique name of restaurant Memphis to me. What was that place. We need to go eat the beauty shop. The beauty shop about that.

So now I don't forget we were there we got a go eat. We have to sell my career at corporate career in pharmaceutical and medical sales are the manager director know that you had different roles in corporate before I launch my own consulting firm in I covered the Tennessee market for well over a decade and one of my sales rep there and she said we had a great restaurant and so we walked in the beauty shop. It is delicious, amazing food, but the core is fantastic date. No old beauty shop hairdryers that know my mother and grandmother with an underage organic. Most of them are gold with a hairdryer that comes up atop and think you repurpose the shares at some of the cable and the food was incredible to get core was great Christmas with pre-Comed the way we measure everything in our life now that it was unbelievable what my very very favorite places to go in in the country so we are really excited to come to an advanced distant band is such a black thing. Thank you so much for putting it together and it such an honor and I'm so humbled to be part of that incredible speakers might happen. It is, you were not so much we were there right now in our country and this is the time for Christians to be stepping up and stepping and an event like that shows like yours thing happening across the country. These are such critical ways for people who are searching believers who are searching for a way to engage in fighting for and saving this country through our faith and our belief in, and as believers in Jesus Christ. This is the time, there's no time to wait and that event is perfect. Launchpad agree. Thank you so much for helping me plug it in for agreeing to come. Michelle, before you get in because of the topic. What were taught today.

Can you share with the little bit.

You mention your pharmaceutical sales little bit about your past and people is Chris where you take time every day you talk about your guess what they are because I want our listeners to know that people Christians come from all walks of life and it doesn't matter what you've done. God can use each of us in a special way. Would you mind share a little bit about your story and ensure the path that God guide you want to get to where you are today. I happen to my work career has always been in medical and particle sales and then about three years ago through much time in prayer and fasting, which is always my you find that is the theme we talk more about my journey. My life to the Lord wants my own consulting firm, so I work with plastic surgeons and medical practices around the country helping them with their business and that's what I do professionally in the mom of two adult children have a daughter who is 24 and a son at 21 and an incredible had been at an agreement when I'd rescue dog that might join FM radio at point hearing our time today. Eric the listeners for his entrant. He may come along that and I became a baptized believer later in life I might, I just had my son and Phyllis about it was 21 years ago and had been raised in a home where the Lord is always present on and we live. Many people do you living a good life like you're making a decision, then slightly more actively believers and we Scripture wasn't part of our our daily life and both my parents had been raised in relatively legalistic religious home and both had rebelled again that and went to the other side in the way they raise that which was more freedom of choice and you can find your own way and I always knew growing up there was always something there, something that wasn't there was deftly a whole. There was something missing in and which is connected and went to VBS and all those things, but never completely found my path and getting getting to Jesus and after I had both my children and I was listening to a sermon, and at that moment was cracked immediately, and we were visiting North Carolina at the time lived in Detroit and I looked at my dad looking to baptize me at their church and one of the elders called their preparing and he said and turn on the baptismal filter the water screen and it's freezing cold and I will do it tomorrow and he said absolutely will not do it tomorrow. I'm on my way to your parents out and that Elder arrived at my parents home and he baptized me in my parent hot tub and where the water right and truly every day is a journey I'm slide sinful person. I'm so grateful for God's grace and mercy and we just everyday. Try to get closer and closer in our walk with the Lord. But it is if the filter that I used for every decision in the way that we live our daily lives with small decisions that the decisions like jumping into a congressional race. People came to me and asked me to do and I took a day of fasting and prayer, and felt like it was still him I wasn't letting the Lord lead me that I was still trying to drive the bus as we often do you write that man plans and God laughs. And so we did another day in prayer and really felt that that I'm the Lord is leading us and and we felt so incredibly blessed the process.

So far so you little bit about our our our journey.

We moved to North Carolina I met your 17 years ago and we have a incredible church family here in Western North Carolina and we feel really, really blessed with the people that we have honestly try to use not only politics is a big part of our life, but just engagement and conversations and this is our mission field we are out in the way that we live the way that we speak things that were doing to try to bring more people to the Lord and and however we do that, whatever that topic is were trying to let that in a way that a man will Michelle you use, it is our mission field. Nothing. So many Christians don't realize that one of the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus. And we are all called missionaries some strange person that goes off to a foreign country.

If you're a follower of Jesus Christ your missionary you better wake up about that because if you're not telling people about Jesus. You need to question whether or not you really know Jesus yourself will take a quick commercial break will come back a lot SU couple questions about your conversions pierced about it know that or distorted a lot of the hot tub about two years ago I was in a church in Florida in and of the pastor was in the bathtub somebody before the service, and you were also there watching and it was as you probably are young, one twin is you know that too little of Baptist churches have steps on the Justi would be like the other boys would be on the group will be on the other so she's in this white robe of the door commercial to which she comes down into the baptismal pastors in the middle course. He's got waiters fish and waiters all legal protectors of the temperature of the water you when you're going and you don't have that on she comes in went right past to write out the other side. You got a clue to what going on right past what did you change your mind away. Evidently they had turned the heat up to you.

You talk about your goal. It was so hot she couldn't stand it. It was brought in the altar of the rental like the locals level of sales. I this show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about locking the fix step 15 feet of Bible come to life this December and chewing nationally for radio and found a foundation to create change the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world listens religious clutter and explore Christianity's most tragic like the Wailing Wall don't want to put Chris through the winding alleyways of Nasser's place that I think is the Jewish court fee firsthand the Bible to claim touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I like for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship range sharing is enjoying American on this date, March 22, 1758, Princeton University Pres. Jonathan Edwards died as a result of the smallpox inoculation, Yale graduate being valedictorian of his class.

Jonathan Edwards preaching began the great awakening revival of such proportion history credited with uniting the colonies prior to the revolution from this awakening.

Benjamin Franklin wrote.

It was wonderful to see from being thoughtless or indifferent.

It seemed as if the world were growing religious one could not walk the town without hearing some some transcript of all American women in 1888 USA name is Michelle without Western North Carolina. She'd been involved in issue here with pharmaceutical sales. Many many years but now she is really engaging in expert. She operates in the world. All six would you know that's really one of the main thing were doing it, citizens for America foundation, and even with this radio show we're trying to encourage Christians to develop a biblical perspective understand what the Bible says what and then take that biblical worldview that you develop not just take you back into the world. We specifically want to see you to take that biblical perspective into the world of public policy and politics and in a minute, jump into that with Michelle but she was sharing her conversion experience while ago in a funny story about the future stories about getting baptized a hot show.

I wanted to ask you. I didn't realize you were an adult when you get a that is really rare so did God just been working on you for some time.

You usually people get saved at an earlier age and we get so pigheaded in her adult Michelle would think we know everything that many times what it was some tragedy enters our lives occult come to Jesus did not want to feel something bad did happen, but the guy just been working on your just the Holy Spirit teaches that minute because it is unique to find someone is adult to get saved Have been working on me and and shared with you earlier. Both my parents were raised more legalistic faith-based home and had left the church when they retire to North Carolina little over 30 years ago they reengaged and my dad was serving as a deacon at the time filling rambling like to visit my parents would go to church Sunday morning Sunday night Wednesday night my father said something to me and actually today my dad's birthday and my father said to me when the biggest mistake he made in parenting like that he did in the church and I knew at that moment I had to raise my children in a home that led faith-based and that was the moment that I knew the only way I could get at what I had to be saved and I had to make sure that I was walking with the Lord. That was a very little moment in moving forward in my life. A clock will praise the Lord for Christian parents and grandparents and and and I'm so thankful that your father and your mother had the courage to you when you visit, you say okay you know you're visiting. If you're saying here on Sunday were going to church and your gifts, or else you're going to run out of going to church today. Not made you all go. But you know by encouraging you to go your hearing God's word you wanted to or not you when you were sitting there in church on Sunday morning so parents, grandparents, I encourage you, you need to take your kids to school didn't matter for complaint target homework or whatever you have responsibility God gave those children to you through to raise the fear and admonition of warden and you need to take them because you never will know when something they hear might not come out two years later. Holy Spirit grabbed will be real careful here because of trouble with my children but I will tell you that I told you about modern L college enough told you to be sure that you review date is a Christian and you need to understand that if were involved in your life. No new kids visit their miles are going to church is a need to hear the word of God and I've got to hold us accountable.

We say Michelle observing the preaching and do your politics here you if we say that we love our kids. There's no greater love than to say that we love you too much to allow you to die in eternity in hell, if we love them were to tell them about Jesus and do everything we can to lead them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. So I just praise God for your parents. Testimonium and your testimony will pick on you so will switch out of salvation cure for minute and pick on you that you mentioned your data so were you made a post on his birthday about you being a redhead now I am not known he was a redhead for those of you say Michelle by the way, you have a great opportunity to see her on April 30 at the culture engagement summit in Memphis Tennessee just everywhere. Featured speakers are Michelle today.

You say you are redhead, I guess you work you have spiky white.

Here you you remind me of a guy. Politics almost but you really have or do you undertake that white here. I'll absolutely. I like that little redheaded tomboy growing up, I can take humble either, but wouldn't say that I was a little redheaded tomboy and always had short hair, always always really short hair and company Annie Lennox but never die, will we can work all around.

All of the things that yet you can be read and then it just started turning white and white and many women doing over 50. I just said this is too much work to try to keep that rat out just let the light all on its own and said that absolutely that funny that you saw that, but indeed not sure an interesting story.

If I can on a couple weeks ago to visit with my parents in about an hour and 1/2 away and this was in the middle of the freedom convoy that was going on that in both my grandfathers were truck drivers and many men did back then in the South. They moved up north Detroit find good paying job and they both throw my truck for most of their career and I was going through old photos, try to find pictures and I found a wonderful picture of my grandfather. My grandfather with the first truck he ever bought in. It just so happened in that same box the pictures of the picture of a little probably six or seven-year-old little redheaded girl I look like a little boy I was a little tomboy I had dirt by, I played flag football letting you know I was always letting me bloodied out loud in a bluejeans tennis shoe wearing kid and my parents know what is so sad today that little girl could be sitting in a second or third grade classroom and if there was a teacher in their could pull her aside easily and tell her you're really a Michael working to help you identify properly. Don't tell your parents what were doing, but you're really not a little girl and it struck me culturally. What happened to our country and those are the reasons for me not want to be involved politically to be out really working to get other believers involved because those things are happening in every school across the country. Today, those conversations let with our children in trying to do to break up the family is happening in our schools now with with these politically charged liberal teachers that are and administrators that are trying to get engaged separate child and parent based on cultural warfare and so that it struck me as I was with my parents and thought my goodness back then.

1973 I could just be a kid today. Somehow we now have given teachers licensed to sexualize all that we would gotta get that they're there indoctrinating and brainwashing our children and their globalizing sexual deviant behavior crazy what's going on. Will Michelle no one college up in that you are now a very engaged and cooperative really.

You're very involved in the leadership of the Republican Party and just so you get worked up a shelf and I must say something this problem to get me lots of emails you know sometimes people criticize me or my involvement in the Republican Party I ever Republican.

Let me tell you what if you just like a country of the Constitution or business as a business plan to follow the two major political parties. United States both have something that's called a plat platform is a statement of beliefs of what that organization believes to be Muppets or statement I don't know any Christian United States of America can be a member in an practically active member of the Democratic Party. Okay, so I took a lot of you office about Michelle saying that me let me tell you if you read their platform and you can find it online and I guarantee you that probably 99.9% of you have never read the platform with you through the political parties.

Those platform spell out what they believe in the Democratic Party platform is one of the most ungodly document that you will ever read. They don't support the traditional family. They don't support a biblical worldview.

They support abortion of the murdering of unborn babies. They support the transgender sexual radical agenda they support critical race theory on the other hand, the platform of the Republican Party and Republicans are not perfect. The other a lot of problems in the Republic party as well platform of the Republic party right now is the most godly Christ centered biblical centered party platform in the history of politics, the United States of America, in many Christians were involved in in writing that platform currently nail Republican Party and that's why I'm involved in the Republican Party and so Michelle, what got you you group this fiery redhead girl at what point did you decide to get involved in politics and why I've always been politically involved.

Always him growing up my parents were both in the union. Growing up we grew up in a home where you watch the news together every night and needed to be up on current events back the day when you and I would cut kind on part of the paper and taken to school we were called to be.

My parents called and you will be educated on what happening in the world you need to know what's going on. I was always an activist. When my father dropped me off the colleges that don't get arrested at a protest so many and directed in any event, I was always enacted that firebrand accident was the president of my senior class at Michigan State always been involved in the political process, but much more from a boots on the ground knocking doors getting engaged in the lightbulb moment for me. What really happened when Bill Clinton had had the affair with Monica Lewinsky. And he lied to the American thought that was on my birthday. I'll never forget it. You did not get a fair and the next day I went to change my party affiliation to Republican became incredibly engaged and active in the Republican Party that was really what I did for 20 years was just being incredibly involved and active in vetting candidates reporting candidate when everything that interesting. I think we have a lot of apathy in the Christian community around politics. People don't like and want to talk about and they think it don't talk about religion and politics is that you think you should be talking about everything and when he was active in the political party as well. When greatest gifts that a person can give you is there vote should never be entered into lightly. When you cast your vote for anyone on the ballot people fought and died for you have the right to do that. Don't enter into it lightly. Spend time vetting investigating who those people are using here and there heart you your heart that you have a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know really important role God in the Bible is Dr. for having much of America's health of all the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement will just join show what else she also is a committed Christian. She's been about the political arena.

Many many years and and show your love a great reason why we need to vote for conservative Christians office for those that are Christians are listening. As you mentioned earlier a lot of Christians are apathetic about being involved. You know that they think that you should not ever talk about politics or engage affect Georgia Florida who's a Christian pollster has said that more than 40 million people in the state you profess to be evangelical Christians are not even registered to vote. So Michelle, why should Christians those listening today. Why should they be registered to vote, and why should they care about being involved in the political process. Well, they have got the CareNet got engage in get involved in the political process and could be from something simple as simple and getting out and casting your vote or other conservatives on on the ballot in your communities to being engage running for office. There's a lot of ways for people to plug into the process that is spiritual warfare. We are looking at an administration in this country right now that is pro-abortion. They're not pro-choice. This this administration is pro-abortion up to and including hearing the delivery of a baby and they meant no work, no word there putting pornography into our classrooms into our libraries.

I was with some parents last night there.

Seeing that in the medical legal rights grew me sexually predatory.

All of these things are happening in our communities, and Christians don't stand up and join forces to fight against the evil taking over. Who else well clean answer moment we have been called for such a time as this, and we must that man because Chris if Christians don't get our country back to that faith-based use of our founding fathers, no one else will. No one else will and the radical left agenda. The progress is the globalist they one up all completely away from any any semblance of faith in any part of our country.

That is their goal and we thought during coping with the first thing that they close churches is the first thing the liquor stores open, but we close our churches and as Christians we have to and and fight the greatest sacrifice was made for us on that cross for us to make sacrifices and that might mean losing friend that might mean ruffling feathers in your congregation are your small group but not now then when and if not, then whom wish Michelle lead into to my next question. So if we have set up for photo we have decided that God called us to take a stand like so many did throughout the Bible is time for us to defend our children. The transgender agenda and I am CRT and all these other crazy things are going on, how do we get involved so I'm just Susie Q or Joe blow listening to radio ever been to your public meeting or Democrat meeting of never never even met a candidate for public office but I know that is important for me to elect godly men and women to public office so today right here in election year 2022.

What do I do today to get involved to make sure registered to vote, you make sure that your registered voters are Republican.

The first to thank you that you and Van go to the Google I mean when in doubt, go to the Google alert Or whatever your search engine preference is an and look for the Republican Party in York County, all Republican parties across the country are our County base. That's really the most granular level and find York County Republican Party and pick up the phone and call their office or send an email whatever their communication link is you can find them on their social media are you can find their website but it's gonna take us a little bit of elbow grease get on your computer for a few minutes. Search on your phone and find them and find out when they meet and find out how you can how you can get engage and those of the first they really are the first that and if you know some you know some people who you know are active in the political part or politically engaged you there. The people always have yard signs in your neighborhood door. Talk to your neighbor. Find out if you see someone who has a sticker on their car that conservative candidate you would support me know maybe know something about why you're pumping or dollar a gallon gas, ask him a question. All the little bit of a little bit of elbow grease a little bit of talking probably getting yourself out here your bubble a little bit emotionally and this can take the little baby step and then you get involved in for all of us that are incredibly involved. We all took the same first step we found out what happened to my local community. When you meet can I come to the meeting and NNE just go and you and you start to get involved and you start to ask good questions and and find a way for you to plug in whatever your gift in everybody has. We know the Lord has blessed all the get find what your gifts are and and plugging in and try to serve your local community and your local conservative candidates in your local Republican Party. That way, and that'll get you engaged in going that I think that I love what you said there to serve. It really is serving people that way you will be involved in politics not being involved in politics. Although politics is involved in every aspect of our life into you know, and more importantly who knows you as being engage in your community, but is a way to serve others in your community and and I've done that show we we were military family. Everywhere we moved literally one of the first phone call that everybody was a local Republican Party asking when do you meet so that really is step one, and so if you're not familiar with the process of same with the Democrat party. So same for both parties and providing education here every 48 what's called a local county party that meets whether Democrat or Republican.

Usually they meet on a monthly basis and then there are subgroups within that, for example, there are teenage Republicans or teenage Democrats are called Republican because Democrats are young in college and then then after you get out of college.

There's young Republicans and young Democrats to go to the age of 40, almost every County there is a Republican women's organization, which by the way is the most effective political organization of the country as the women's group. Women are doing the job. So many men are not doing in the country right right now.

And then sometimes there might be a Republican club or Democrat club. But that was called the case Republican Party Republican executive committee is that local party apparatus. Each county so call them find out when they meet. They will make you feel welcome and they will put you to work if you want to get involved in. It can literally be maybe one day you might want to run for office.

Maybe you want that to help the candidate will have you know which Canada still by calling the local Republican Party and they can tell you who's running for office and introduce you to those candidates and that how you got your beginning was Google 40 and they're really delving out. I called a volunteer army because you have 10 people who want to be in the office answering the phone and make there's people who like to stuff envelopes we had with some ladies here in Western North Carolina that are in an assisted living in because of two years of coal that they couldn't leave and people couldn't really couldn't come and visit them.

They have been dealing hand written letters little notes to every newly registered Republican in the County and mailing them and then like their mission work for the last two years while they beg trapped in the living, and anybody can do okay. Anybody can do it so I left not doors and work on the work the polls.

I want to talk everybody. I love love love. I don't particularly like making phone calls. That's not really what I enjoy doing, though I know for me it was how Dragon Ball. What can I dealing and these are all volunteers that step that have to step in and serve. And we know many hands make light work and this is 100% the way that the political apparatuses locally is all bad in all politics are local you see the Monday morning quarterback in it and yell at Fox News or Newsmax or whatever you happen to be watching about things that are happening in the White House and things are happening in Congress by the elections. That matter the most to you and can mean to every one of your listeners to serve on your school board who are your County donation or Yep I can interrupt you my opinion. I'm not belittling anything else we all want to get all from whatever is fun to be involved in those flashy elections and campaigns are in the national news.

But to me right now in our country. There's not a more important position. The local school board and is one where we can have a tremendous impact because earth was called ballot drop off which I know you're with Michelle were people over present governor, Congress know that they don't know who's on the school board little quote form for goodness sakes, people, the school board members are the ones live in our community you want to know.

You know they go to our church, their kids go to school with the with our kids. We need to know those local people and and those are the elections where we really and make a difference to so few people vote in the technical commercial break and come back Michelle, I want you to think about which of the commercial play. What what are some things that we maybe we shouldn't do warmer getting engaged might maybe pitfalls and then talk about the role of organization or individual is called social in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a financial problem. Only one voice the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus.

Check out the college of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about time creating their relationship when hearing is enjoy America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know really important role God and the Bible is American foundation, Dr. Laura meeting date with crystalline bargaining journey much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal how to blog about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father join you in public service of politics and she is a commercial candidate in Western North Carolina.

Michelle you just been so interesting today to learn about how you got Bob the process for last break were telling people how to get involved on the local level Michelle in 1987 and 88. I was there was a man running for president at the time it was when George Bush senior father was running for president. While people were running and one of those was a mandate that Robertson and Pat Robertson was an evangelist T is the founder of Regent University in Virginia and the Christian broadcasting network, which used to be a full-scale television network and I was the national youth coordinator for Pat Robertson. I would travel across the country speaking try to get people to engage in his presidential campaign. But when that campaign was over and Pat didn't win his volunteers looked very bad taste. I don't know if you are involved in politics at that point, but his volunteers looked very bad taste in the malls of people who work in the Republican Party for years so people like Pat watched his Christian broadcasting which is reaching crusades and stuff wanted to help them but they didn't take the time to learn how the pop party apparatus work and they just went in like a bull in a china shop and try to take over everything and they were not very Christian of the way in many cases a way that not everybody but many times they were not Christian.

The way that they acted administering this past campaign was over and is going into the general election.

They disappeared and didn't stick around and help and for years to me that hurt me working as a political operative consultant yoga club and affiliated with that your people are automatically suspicious of you. Are you going to be Chris used to be like those people were so we had to be careful that we share the love of Jesus and everything that we do and we need to get involved in a Christian manner person you get all of you were around when that happened, or have seen that happen. Even today where Christians don't always conduct themselves in a godly manner. What are some pitfalls.

How should we conduct ourselves as we get engaged. These local parties that such a big question in such an important question on that was the first national election. I that's what I turned 18 was old enough to vote in that and that presidential election and we happen often really meet you Galen, and it incoming that he was telling that story because I was thinking about parallel to the church when we think about people get baptized. Now they are on fire for the Lord. But if we don't envelop them into our faith, family, and into our community and those are the people that never see again in church right and settled I was worry about that an IDC here in in politics people take it personally and make their were entering primary season across the country in Texas is Heather primary were entering primary season and one of the things that unfortunately Republicans are are known for it. We love to have a bloodbath in a primary going to beat this not a one another and put all are crazy right out in front yard and there only can be one winner in the primary that there can just be one and more we see it more often than we ever should the people who lose they may take their Bolognese leave. Instead of getting in behind the other. The winner on the Republic and people just I think it motioned that hurt feelings.

A lot of the things that happen that when we look at with the lead by example. I think first of all we have to lead by example and always say yeah I'm running the congressional race to win if I don't plan I will report whomever comes out of the Republican side because I know that the person who aligns with my principal and that's why will support and vote for the wink wink volunteers and their getting involved in. Or maybe they're checking date. There are already involved in, or engaging in conversation.

Try to get more people to join your local party or more people to get behind a candidate that they might be supporting I'm okay really aggressive and I don't find that to be.

I find it to be more often a pitfall right people get they want to start with really difficult issues and the aggressive in their conversation about why they're Republican, it's better than the other Republican and the end the day think we can have conversation around and things will become wrong thinking here. There is there is a common enemy. And it's not among the conservatives are are all conservative people are Republican great Eagle absolutely not.

Are there Republicans who are to moderate for me 100% there are a lot of elected Republicans that I find to be to moderate but are they more conservative than a liberal, absolutely no. I will say this to people when you're trying to recruit new Republicans to get engaged in the party.

You can agree on about four dollars gas talk about right now is happening in Ukraine. Talk about mandate. Talk about what's happening in our southern border. Find issues that your your to be in agreement on and start to build those bridges in conversation on when hearing the gospel climb really parallel it to the mission field when you are talking to a nonbeliever. We don't start the sentence with you're going to hell shut down where we start to talk about all the great things about being a believer, learn about them in questions and licking and it would work were talking in the political sphere should use that exact same filter because that's what apparatus and believer that are that use the political space as a way to get other conservative Christians into office and or and people who operate your patent when you give good advice earlier, the primary reason we got it take her bold toys and go away after primary if we don't win. We do realize this is the battle in a much bigger war and we've got to stick around and help. We can't just go away because no more than 63 million babies have been murdered through abortion.

We have got to stay in this for the long haul future of our children or grandchildren literally say, no other your generation pitfall that but I want to tell you about what time I never dreamed the things that have happened in our country would happen in my lifetime I me. I'm just in shock of how rapidly the morals of this country and our culture have declined and it is people like you who work have the courage to run for office and put it all on the line is not easy to do what you're doing to me. I commend you for running for office because people attack you. This is not an easy business and is not for the faint hearted, and I know you're doing it because you care about our country care about your children and future grandchildren you will make a difference on the show.

I don't, I told you we were about to race with. I don't normally have candidates on the show and I don't only talk about them, but we got a couple minutes left is clear that you have a heart for Jesus and in win or lose your in the battle to try to impact the culture for Jesus. So, can you maybe sure or five of the issues that are important to you. You think Christian should care about in this election this year. The number one issue for all always be life is the bedrock of everything we don't get that issue right.

None of these other matter. This year 2022, where the pro-life movement and pro-life decisions will change the landscape of our country. To me that that's the number one issue that are critically important right now. We have given our border to the Mexican drug cartel. We given it to them.

The borders under control. It's just under control by the Mexican drug cartel and a few lanes, bringing fat now and drugs into one lane that killing our children the number one killer of 18 to 45-year-old drug overdose in the other lane is there trafficking, human trafficking, young women, young children into this country visited at a crisis pregnancy center in Charlotte about a month ago they said over 50% of the women he there interface with an unwanted pregnancy that they and this is a pro-life human coalition center over 50% are being there victims of human trafficking in Charlotte, North Carolina listeners, one of the most important things in in for me as a candidate having our eyes open with the field at the follow and we have to know these things are happening right here in our in our small town communities New York and San Francisco and Portland problems anymore. These are blue, North Carolina. These are no Hendersonville, North Carolina.

These are not these are not big city issues anymore. These issues are coming to your community right here in the state of North Carolina under a Republican led North Carolina Gen. assembly. They are picking up the transgender bill. They won't vote on it which means here in our state where you and I are boys are able to compete against girls in middle school and high schools in our community and we ask you mind stepping into run it is getting our country back and we get our country back there so many areas where we are falling apart, but we also have to start stepping in and stepping up and holding our elected officials accountable and saying to them we we brought you into office. We elected you to stand firm on the platform on the faith-based foundations, and on what we believe is right for our families and our communities and our country and we got a push on people to take them out.

You can't stand back and complain about the issues that are happening when you eat boys competing against girls in college in middle school and high school in you watch on the on TV and you see people talking about pornography.

That's now in our middle school library just like it's been there a long time we run. We need to talk about more quote what you your the culture engagement summit. You can register the citizens for America Michelle, thank you for being with us those real quick.

Your website, what, how were is Woodhouse for Michelle, thank you so much for being with us both thank you for listening to Christian perspective to near everyday radio station.

This is Bob in case Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus assistance for America

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