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Missions and Training Pastors in Third world Countries

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 21, 2022 5:00 am

Missions and Training Pastors in Third world Countries

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 21, 2022 5:00 am

Businessman and Missionary, Tal Fogg, talks with Chris Hughes about his mission work around the world and his plan to open a Bible College in the Philippines.


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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris thought about the mission trip Were to actually see here and you help tell the world about you Mike yesterday has been doing that for many years and share with his story how I got involved 40 and what he plans to do what he plans to do shock you is about to start training pastors all the way across the world you want to stick around for today show welcome the Christian perspective with Chris Hughes and I'm so glad you're here today for we jump into the today show.

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Whether you have a great online program. If you can't get one person check out Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. You'll be glad that you did walk on the show Mike Mike yesterday we did a semi-muddy motel RHU Talbot we ran for many many years. In today's shows had a different telecoms with you. The goal is Thursday I have different political people or seminary professors or whatever it may be today and I have someone who was touched by life more than just about anybody else I know he's been such a blessing to me in a true friend for years, and a mentor because he has such a heart for Jesus, my guest today is the founder of fog Christian college in the fog Christian foundation. My dear friend tell fog now welcome the Christian perspective.

Thank you Chris. It's good to be with you and to talk with you again and also share the good news about hell that Christ work in our lives.

Well it's interesting how God brings people together me. We were probably to unlock unlikely guys to come together many many years ago when I was living in Florida and and and you live in the Panhandle of Florida nailed it will mutual friendship a church in God connected this before we dive into everything that you're doing now and some of the bishop. Thank you. Done share with our guests dear, what would you want to share you.

You had a pretty exciting life being a pilot entrepreneur and an missionary and so many other things tell us a little bit about to tell fog given what you done over the years.

Well I grew up in Louisiana born in Bunkie, Louisiana, and at the age of nine years old, became a Christian. My dad led me to Christ. He was a deacon in the church in Baton Rouge at Grace Baptist Church and it was just I was nine years old and third grade rock elementary in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I just love my dad. He worked. He was a hard worker and on Saturdays if I could go into work will be good so I spent just about every Saturday working with my dad and fishing hunting grew up that way in in Louisiana in we moved to Slidell, Louisiana in the early 60s graduated from law Slidell high school and 67 and then I went to a Babbitt hello down. Let me click on your format 00, well, just I was broken in Louisiana we always came to Fort Walton Beach for vacation this area in the Panhandle of Florida was beautiful white sandy beaches and we always came here for a week to 10 days every year.

I think of of my life growing up, and in fact it wasn't too far and sicko Bayou here in Florida in Port Walton and not report from there is sicko Baptist Church and you and I've both been members there for a long time that you and I got to know one another and it is just amazing how looking back. Chris fell, God is our lives together and people that he puts in each one of our lives for a very specific reason and what we do with that is that relationship is what were responsible for. Just like were responsible for our relationship with Jesus it's something that it can be very personal and I think that's what the way, Jesus wants to be want just to have a good relationship not only with him, but with other Christian friends Chris. I just want to say thank you for our relationship that you and I it is led to new beginnings and it is made both of us even more aware. I think what God wants to do in our lives but not all that being said about all smoke together and sicko Baptist Church. I'm involved there with the with the men's ministry always looking at sicko as my foundation by basis. Brother of Pastor Mickey Hawkins is to spend about wonderful inspiration for me and in 2010. He asked me to go on a mission trip with me to share Africa and I already retired from the Air Force and I had retired from a job I had as a government contractor, Pauline DC-10 after I flew with Delta Airlines and so I was in 2010 that was kind of the big change I was through with really working and it was in my schedule had always taken me away from family and friends and I didn't have that good about constant church relationship so because of the scheduling. When you pause a pilot usually working every week with three or four days and you're gone and it's just hard to have a even a family relationship. It was hard to have so got more involved in the church and with the family and if it was just amazing when you tell God that you back up a little bit with you.

Tell her or as you said something that I didn't know about you but I think it's very important to me to come and talk about it but you mentioned how your father led you to Jesus and dear that is so important me. Maybe I know. Anyway, limitless or stupid is for those of you that are men that are listening right now I just want to charge you that God has given you the responsibility to be the spiritual influence in the lives of not only your wife but your children as well. And if we don't tell people about Jesus.

Particularly our own kids to do that know we we tell our kids every day. We love them and we care about them, but if were not telling them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How they can avoid spending any eternity in hell. One day, do we really love them the greatest II think you would agree with this. Tell the greatest way to show our child or anybody else you love them to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them that I had not heard that your dad led you to Jesus, but I think that the challenged all the men listening to the show today that we all need to tell our families about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Would you agree, I would deftly agree with that and get into that and you being that person in someone's life is is so rewarding.

Ed or you or yourself into someone else's life and to go back to those those good times. I go back to the time when my with my dad and it just so enjoyable. He died in 1999 on April 3 at right here in Fort Walton Beach. He had come to visit me or my son's fifth birthday and he never let and where he did lead going to be with them one day and it's just going to be wonderful buddy. He came here on a mission of our trip.

Love for the family and I will always remember that I just enjoyed my time with Dean and like the city. He died long time ago but it it's like every day I think about well as parents we need to just realize the internal impact that we really have our kids and and again we do need tell about Jesus both of you listen today is cut a little different, so it's got a down-home joke them having one of my dear friend here today were just to talk about missions and what God is done in our lives and in a big program but my guess. Tell fog as coming up for he is the founder fog, Christian college, and the chairman of the fog Christian foundation. But to tell you later on about missions first drag you what is that more my good friend. This show is brought to you by generous jobs. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about blocking the fixed at 15 feet of Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio and found foundation to create life changes when the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world to face one's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic and rigid like the wailing rock again. Aligning alleyways to Nancy's own place that I think is very, see firsthand the Bible to claim Tory Dr. Chris Hughes travel. I like and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating relationship when hearing is joint American for this day March 21, 1685 was Johan Sebastian Bach. By the age of 10.

Both his parents had died in 18 was appointed a church organist, followed by positions in royal courts. Once he was imprisoned because the Duke, he worked for did not want him seeking employment elsewhere window with seven children. He remarried and had 13 more composing hundreds of pieces, sometimes at the rate of one week.

Bach influenced composers such as Mozart and Beethoven Johan Sebastian Bach stated aim of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of this transcript all American women of 1888 Christian perspective, this is Chris use my gift today dear friend of mine over the years to be okay today but my friend today. My guess is tell fog L grew up in Louisiana and boil like that ever really left you tell you still think over there is LSU blood or your blood purple you with our plan of LSU purple go we go back to the days when they were the Chinese bandits in Baton Rouge Louisiana and I lived there for a good number of years I have a very dear cousin Scott and his wife Ashley bite every year God asked.

That been such a blessing on my life very good Christians there. Scott's always been a mentor to me 10 years older than me and he's always been in my life really enjoyed that relationship God is putting in my life connection LSU my wife Vicki got her doctorate at LSU and my daughter home in has been accepted LSU medical school to start. I think this summer they start up medical school so they will bump and each other.

Some of football games went out during our first segment you will, share your testimony and your dad led you to Christ and you joined the Air Force and became a part. What did you fly an airport whether this goes way back. Christmas rose century series fighter mainly leave the 101, nicknamed the one time it was the fastest plane in the world set world records so it was a fun time bye-bye so when you are flying those I know and it poured into your query by flying giant cargo jet your troop movements. I can't think of the Middle East with a difficult transition from the jet, the fighter jet to a big playing like that will have an old saying in quality deep blue side up and you fly by the seat.

It really wasn't that much of the transition records. There was a learning curve and what I found out is that you get older and like you have to study a little bit harder so it was a learning curve that I had to jump back on, but it wasn't that hard whelp that career. I guess it was Air Force when you mentioned that your family visit Fort Walton Beach Florida which is home to Eglin Air Force Base which it at one time and I still be the largest Air Force Base.

The world and and our work field is there as well, which is in an Fort Walton Beach area Destin area Panhandle of Florida I were you stationary that how you ended your career there when I was flying for the up for the Texas air National Guard. We came here on assignment or the what they called the William Tell competition.

It was a air to air type competition that the Navy's Top Gun.

It's exactly like that of course it's not speaking of the Navy you talk about Eglin and we also have: Naval Air Station, 40 miles from here and I would recommend anybody to come to this area to visit the basins they all have museums. The arm write your we were talking, but I ended up at what bacon is there Fort Walton Beach and in the about want talk about today is missions in Fort Walton Beach, you started attending a church in that area called Sanko Baptist Church, which is named after body water, there right next to the church property and it was through Sanko were your children you going to church and you really you mentioned earlier how you travel a lot here with the military and then of the pilot was hard for you. Sometimes to get involved as much as you would like in a church and really stick out.

Probably the first time you really had a strong church family right exactly like bringing the kids up in a Christian home, a Christian household is just so important to have Christian relationship with friends and family and had such a good relationship with Pastor Mickey Hawkins share and the men's ministry been of very involved in the men's ministry there is the backbone of a really I think of of any church, is how the men of react with with other people have other In Charge of certain aspects of the church activities. We have a love loud program at Sanko and it is where we go out and then help elderly people or really anyone in need, and during the holidays. Where were all the beating of the hungry, and then help. It is this just a wonderful church and have the Mickey has got me involved in missions in 2010 and that that's really when I made the choice to start working and really just paying back of all the family life that I missed. I wanted to have a better relationship with my Christian friends and and also better relationship with with the family at that time you mentioned you and on your first trip in 2010 tell what you what was it that made you want go about what I think you said that was somewhere in Africa whether just like a burning passion or just some your buddies were going so you like for those that are listing what what was it got you interested that might interest them in going on a mission trip, but the very best friends, Dr. Nathan Simpson and his wife Dorothy. They were members of Sanko and Nathan was at the point in his career he was Air Force surgeon and we were just very good friends and we talked about the Air Force and offered him a highly lucrative of amount of money in order to stay on but he felt like God was: missions.

He knew that God had called him missions and so he gave up his Air Force career and he and his wife and his daughters of they got involved with the North American Mission Board and international mission board and dedicated their lives. Went and got out of the Air Force and dedicated their lives to becoming a family mission missionary family. So this was of this was something that I wanted to talk a little bit about because there was a man who had his whole career in front of and he was ready to go with that career and it was all planned out for God had something else planned and you just influence my life so much that I ended up based on later on in my missionary work. My part-time missionary work that I ended up going to boggle where they ended up being aside and visiting them in boggle and in the interim, 2010 I went on a trip of Niger, Africa with Nathan and Andy in the church group matter may Niger and we stayed there and witnessed to the people said so many good things happen there, you know you you go back in in your history and your memories and you start thinking about when God really took hold of and and showed you that hey, I'm in control. Don't you be in control and I learned how to pray like God was in control and it just really help me during that period from 2010 2014 I made four trips to Niger witnessing to those people and really got into missions and how the indigenous people that are there are the very best of Wendy to go or the or are our missions is to use indigenous pastors and it is just so important. We can train up people that are already there in in these areas then we can weaken the close relationship not only with the with the pastors in the people that are there that won't work for the board but we can get a better relationship and in our lives to with you mentioned that you went there four times which I realize that but that so important so for the back of just a second. Just assume that maybe some are listed and are familiar with with commissions and and how they work near there. There people who are full-time missionaries like your friend the doctor and his family and after profession. They do it full-time in various ways that you are a member of a Southern Baptist Church balance, Southern Baptist denomination is the largest Protestant denomination of the world and the largest sender of missionaries really in the history of the church and the history of the world as a whole and and they have two organizations that you mentioned them that your present work with both of them. One is called the North American Mission Board, which is an organization and since full-time missionaries and North America.

So maybe for a list server. Hearing the showing. You don't know much about, but maybe God called you into full-time ministry work. There a lot of great together a lot, you have to be a Southern Baptist missionary a lot of great missions organizations out there for the North American Mission Board in one of the you where you actually an employee meeting. They pay you is is not much I can do yet you not will get rich mission. Being a missionary, but the North American Mission Board since people in the North America and then I have another organization called international mission board, which is the missions organization.

Your friends are with mail where they send missionaries literally all over the world and you don't have to be a preacher. This man was a doctor remainder there are people who were educators or people or coaches to teach athletics.

There's not a career field that you're in the jet.

You cannot take the skills that God has given you to be used by him to reach people around the world.

Telegraphic another commercial right will get back what I did get two more what you did in and Africa and then and talk really a lot about the indigenous aspect that you listed how God uses. It is probably best to reach us right back missions today Christian foundation pastors. America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know really important role in God and the Bible is indicated. America Dr. Nathan Deming, much of America's Christian heritage and how to learn about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting father to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise, passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ.

Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. This in perspective.

She's like yesterday.

Carol is a retired Air Force pilot retired pilot commercial world as well. In 2010. He settled down and lived in the area where he was never to move all the time. Acute was all it military and at that time God usually convicted Telstar to start going on what we call short-term mission trips. In other words, he wasn't going full-time to live in a foreign country going yeah maybe two or three weeks at a time, to a foreign country to work with indigenous pastors and indigenous people in different countries so towel something I really like that you said in the last segment you told her she went to Becky said Niger you of four times and you that is so important I think for us as churches and as people go mission trips to build a long-term relationship with the people group on mission trips instead of just showing up one time in the never coming back and did you see that that relationship helps you have the ability to share the gospel when he kept going back and not only sharing with the people there but also shared with other people that God puts in your life when you make a commitment that you're gonna do what God wants you to do when you finally say God you put people in my life and I will recognize that and I will understand what you're doing in my life and and I will do my very best see what your will is in my life and the reason why say that is because of him back.

I was helping you out during that period. Chris, with salvation, ministry, we I had gone out to why to see you while you were out there and we went to a to a school use during Christmas time and we were mentoring kids and in helping in helping them out and it is one of those things where you get to talk about other things in your life and God puts it, puts it all together.

You finally see a connecting of the of the God's of what God has brought you through in order to do this doesn't leave us out there and say I throw you out in the middle of Africa in the in the desert and you have you have no place to go.

You don't get there. You don't I God takes care of those things and I think there there test of faith that once you make that commitment and you say God you're in control, not and I'm going to do my very best at what you have me to do and it doesn't work out, they need to be like Paul dust off your sandals and you move on picking up dust off the sandals.

We were on one of our trips to Niger where we had been taken out into the villages into the desert and we had to walk from village to village and we did ask some people along the road where was the next village and they they called it Derek and we simple what what is there. Maybe in their rape myth, darkness, or, or shaded spot so here we were out in the middle of nowhere and we're going into the darkness were going to darkness, which we all got a look at one another in independent spirit one another today where God has so this is where we going to go in it.

It's it's just, especially when you can go back and say that you did what God wanted you to do is she going to keep you going through not only up on the mountain tops down in the valleys and God work out with you so towel were some of the other foreign countries that you've been on mission trips in 2014 there was brother Mickey at Hinkle Baptist Church and meet talk with George Jolley. He was a deacon there and George wanted to go on a mission trip in Georgia been talking of with the Southern Baptist convention and Ed, the head of got in contact with some of pastors in southeastern India and he was buying them them bottles and sending it to them and yet a relationship with George wanted to go and and so we had planned a trip took us about 18 months really the planet and to get to get everything together that we could go on this trip. Well, this was around the last trip that I had going to Africa and you always have to go in and get up a checkup before you go to get your your malaria meds and things like that when you go to beach third world countries, last trip of Africa. I had gone in to get my checkup and doctors should the art Harry find out I am swollen of the swelling in my neck. She said let's look at anyway like a long story short, she wanted to take a biopsy and I was leaving on the trip that Monday and this was like a Thursday and we couldn't schedule it before I left on my last trip to go to Africa and she told me she says I would not go on this mission trip in October. I said the know: if I don't go on this mission trip and that keeps my friend George from going on. It and we planned it for 18 months in October and said no I'm just going to put God chance and I'll see you when I get back so when we came back from this mission trip to India, which would really change my life and be in with another. I know how Paul will when he and Barnabas travel together and that Was Way, Georgia not travel together. We just encourage one another and we went and as of man on a mission and it just worked out so well that when I came back they did the biopsy and it was stage IV throat cancer and went ahead and had the head operation and thank the Lord that that was over seven years ago and I've been cancer free, ever, ever since I praise the Lord for that because God use you to reach so many people for Jesus and and you just had a tremendous impact in my life as well. And that's not the only thing you've done your your your being humble here. What a trip. But you played a major part in building to to to orphanages in in NDN and training hundreds of pastors and in helping other ways when you couldn't physically go you found a way both prayerfully and financially to help out and continued emissions. So when you're feeling better so you been to Africa several times went India Israel of that right on time. Yes, that was it was on one of our trips and wanted in 2010 and we ended up going to Israel and that's something that I would recommend that I think that your planning a trip to Israel. Your resume in fact, I'm leaving 1 April and I will be gone to Israel for a month and will be going over there for Passover. I've never been to a Passover and Israel.

They'll be staying with some with some friends there and in Israel and that that's can be. The been praying a long time for this trip. My Israeli friends have been over here for five times and stayed at my house and so did they have been begging me to accompany her. I can't wait, but I would read well anyone if they get a chance to go to usual go where the widest ADLs.

Now I'm I mean you know this because you've been there.

And yes were taking a group of America citizens for America and on December 26 of this year will be taking a trip for nine days to Israel try to plan purposely over the Christmas break, work Christmas Day with your family and then you take your family were open family will get we did at school without so families can go together and tell for me.

You know, as a preacher or evangelist is to be life-changing for any Christian that it changed the way I preached it. Help me understand things culturally and and and geographically that I just know even you go about college and seminary all that I didn't understand. I mean, it really is and you know this to you what I can tell them to let go.

They want understand really changes everything.

When you've been there, walked in the footsteps of Jesus all about transition and how to do what we have done together and what you are are now leading an effort to do specifically, the Philippines, I have a ministry without talk about hardly ever on the show called salvation ministries and we been gone for more than 20 years, years, and we do a lot of evangelism or bowels crusade.

We got a lot of disaster relief work. So not only have you worked out foreign countries but you've been very active salvation ministries in the United States you want hurricanes or tornadoes have ravaged areas with gone, our dear friend.

We have a mutual friend and clanking, heads up really looking for this ministry and and that we do a lot of work over the years with disaster relief work and then as you mention you've been with me to Hawaii where we had for several years does ministry work in partnership with pastor Harlan Nakasone to reach some people groups from the islands of Micronesia, which I've never heard of in the Pacific islands were nuclear testing was done and a lot of these people have cancer and so they moved to the Hawaiian Islands get medical treatment and you were very active with us there in mentoring and tutoring to teach children when English was her second language in helping them to school and that ministry even continues today is from our work and tell how in Hawaii that we really began to love the people of the Philippine and people realize this but Hawaii is ME.

It really is like another country having our party United States but there a lot of people there from all over the world and the largest people group in Hawaii is not Hawaiian but as Filipinos.

I was shocked to learn that now maybe you knew that was shocking to me. What I learned of all the Lord like the Filipinos in Hawaii and it was through that that we began to reach out to the Filipino people and starting in 2012 first mission trip come back now is doing now.

So what name for social media cards give us a call today at 704984 connected in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition. After eight I believe this financial problem. Only one voice the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me, biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the college of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about creating a relationship when hearing is joint United States. America has a strong Christian Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated. Dr. Mason is on bargaining journey much of America's Christian heritage out of all the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting joint pursues Mike yesterday dear friend, for the Lord tell fog now. Thank you so much for being here with me today sharing his encouragement people to get involved in mission you don't have to be a full-time missionary. Although, really. Every Christian is called to be a missionary when the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus. But we now want to focus in on what child doing now as I mentioned, 2012 with my ministry salvation ministries.

I started doing a lot of work in the Philippines in town mentioned how when he was in Africa he understood the importance of working with indigenous people.

Now it's great to send missionaries don't twist what I'm saying. It's great for people to be missionaries or to send missionaries or else send missionaries to Third World countries, but there there's nothing like being able to help someone who looks like them. Skin color speaks the same language. All that to work within their nation.

Tell other people about Jesus and Talon began a few years ago.

Going to the Philippines. We started doing our revivals and we did crusade. We did vacation Bible schools and and really developed a heart for people of the Philippines intelligent 2015 in the fall 2015 when you went with me over theirs are correct that's correct that we went, so we went together and and tell I really had a burden for reaching pastors in and out but on a bearish about saying this Talbot child through his work. It with Dr. Mickey Hawkins and Finkel Baptist Church and really the men's ministry there. They had been providing Bibles for pastors in the Philippines. He always we take for granted I know have a bowels. I have a file style you're probably dying most of us don't touch Apple map the time within their people around the world who were starving for the golf starving. To learn more about Jesus in their pastors both in where we do work in Indiana you don't have a Bible at all. Literally. In India you might get two or three chapters of the Bible ripped out handed to you this month. You preached from those few pages and that rotates around pastors because people didn't have a Bible in answer Talon, his ministry, working men's group.

There is Finkel Baptist Church began to arrive Bibles for these pastors and we realize there was a need to help these pastors raise a loss for Jesus and the tile stepped up and really encourage me that we needed to find a way to start planting, which is a church work planting churches in the Philippines, specifically in the area called Ilocos Norte previously really had not much of a church presence, and we began to work there.

So you want to share a little bit, or do you know those Bibles, I have one of them right here next to me. These pastors have used these Bibles that we gave him so much that some of them have even had to have them rebel through the ministry that salvation ministries started in the Philippines and got to know not only the pastors but there there with their wives and their family. We kept in contact with them and some of the bed children. Some of them even left the Philippines said in a gone to like Saudi Arabia and have formed churches so God is working in in this in this relationship with you that each one of us has with the people that he puts in our lives. Getting back to what the fog Christian foundation is supporting we or a money raising foundation here in the United States support building of all Christian college place where not only the pastors but there Christian churches there Christian families and get on the Internet and take courses that are being generated here in the United States in English for those pastors where hopefully the fall Christian college in the Philippines will be able to grant them a degree and it will give the pastors credentials where they will feel like they have not only the support of their church families, but they have support of well-meaning giving, loving donors here in the United States that walk to support their ministry and believe me you make investment in stocks and bonds and you buy gold and silver as investment, but let me tell you. Investment people are taking and supporting these pastors that they have one thousand mean I would say upwards of a thousand converts a year for these churches to do and it is just unheard of in its through their indigenous relationship with their churches that they're able to do this and these are loving, giving, hard working the Filipino people or more hard working that out ever seen anybody all over the world and they love the Lord take care about the Lord and they put him as a focus point of their lives.

And I feel privileged to be able to support and to help fill through salvation ministries through fog Christian college through the foundation here in the United States is just something that I know God as really blessed us and blessed our work tell that's exactly right. Yeah, we started this work in the Philippines. As you said that first trip you went with me with all 2015." What we did is we identified 18 pastors that we wanted to try to support you giving them study Bibles and financially help them in the work they're doing to to start churches in the Philippines. So in January 2016. We started supporting these 18 young men in the ministry were that they were doing in the Philippines asked Elstad you think of your church. When the last time you saw somebody walk the aisle and in and confess Jesus Lord a lot when it was last time somebody was baptized in your church were not reaching people for loss like we need to do in the states. These pastors in the Philippines are sold out for Jesus and his started with the original 18, we've now got 36 pastors that we partnered with in the Philippines and his pal said at least one of them is gone to the Middle East and started church there and a believer not doubting that you one of them went to Baltimore. There's a huge population of Filipinos in the Baltimore area and started a Filipino church bought a couple years ago.

So over 6000 people have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. This work is vital in in town just Call me when density of the Lord to put a burden on his heart to to try to train more pastors Richard and wanted to start a Christian college in the Philippines is in August 2022 will be there watching first class of the inaugural class of fog Christian college in the Philippines aware of his first year of the young men who are committing to go into full-time Christian ministry, but eventually others will be accepted in the program to try to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders in the Philippines. What were doing today and replant talcum honors to tell you about the ministry that God's place on his heart to start fog Christian college again, starting this August.

And it's going to take money to provide start with an online curriculum this fall were these pastors that these young men were committed and surrendered to the call to be pastors can begin to study were partnering with with some other professors and with some colleges and seminaries here in the United States to provide a world-class online curriculum to these young men who begin their four year degree are Christian college to start off online and have a facility we already have Philippines work they can get strong Internet connection, study have access to a pastors library whereafter purchase laptops for these young man cell service in and you want them to be able to commit to school full time and not have to worry about raising families, so we're looking for people to help us up. This in this venture and so not only tell start all Christian college, but he is a team that helped him start something called the fog Christian foundation where you can go and make donations to help support the ministry. How can you tell the website address for a fog Christian foundation.

Yes, it is fog Christian and on that website you will be able to go to one of the plates for donations of go to the gallery if you go to the gallery you will see hundreds of pictures of what's going on now these pastors are baptizing Albert witnessing to their churches and really you'll get a glimpse of what their test oral alike is like, but it is fog Christian and I've never seen anybody moral Parker Jesus. These men were pastoring a church is U the same towelette in the Philippines and we want to make sure that they have educational tools to move forward and that's why tell started a fog Christian college and again we want you to be able to help us out. It doesn't take much in five or $10 a month and make them in 1/3 world country. It makes a huge, huge difference year for my family. We can support an entire family in the Philippines for a month less than my family will spend at McDonald's. The dollar goes a long ways in these Third World countries and just keeping one meal a month can literally support a family and Philippines, so good. A fog Christian tell. Thank you so much for coming on the day with us sharing how God is using you well. It's been a blessing. Christian and it always is a blessing whenever you can find a Christian friend to pour your life into and to be able to be honest in an straight forward with it is just a blessing that Jesus gives to Christian friends, and thank you for being my friend Chris.

They keep close thank you for listening to Christian perspective.

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