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Are we Seeing a Dumbing Down of Our Kids?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 18, 2022 5:00 am

Are we Seeing a Dumbing Down of Our Kids?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 18, 2022 5:00 am

It is Family Friday and Connie Albers joins Chris Hughes to talk about the “dumbing down” of children in America.

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Causes reward your mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist first political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris hello everybody family Friday what you like hobos here with me and we talked about family and family issues. Things that are going to affect our family going on in the culture around us each and every day. All of us as families, we we got issues that are going on but before you started, we want to be sure to thank our sponsors the citizens for America foundation. This is the official broadcast outreach of the citizens for America foundation. We also want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary because they are our host right here on the beautiful campus of Mid-America Memphis Tennessee where we have our own studios and we just thank them so much for being partners with the Christian perspective and were excited to work with them. So if you have a student who's looking for a place to go to college or if you are already maybe going to cause maybe 20 or 30 years ago and now you seminary are more about your faith as a Christian and how you can serve the Lord in the various different areas and you don't have to be a preacher go to seminary. A lot of people go to seminary just because they want to learn more and then apply it in their daily lives are going to mission field or whatever it may be thought encourage you to take a look at Mid-America.

If you're interested in learning more about your faith Connie. I'm always looking for Fridays because they are family Fridays and it's always a fun time with you because I learned so much from you each and every week, so thanks for being here again today. We it is Jo and Eric alert from you with your five kids are all grown and is good to have a much scarier like a secret mentor to me. Connie and good to have somebody been there before us. You're not older than me, but I was very late in life, having kids and and so my kids are younger so I get to learn from your experiences in life.

I see a lot of things going on. Connie right now and our culture and our society where it seems like our kids are really being dumb down right now across the country are you start to see that yeah and you know recently, the CDC released their new milestone for child young children without really important as we dive into child developmental delay be more of an eye-opener to parent when what you act as a parent, like your child you think your child should be further along than they are starting issues that are concerning to you get to know that you feel about what I would like to cover in our segment today. I think that people become more of an issue since covert story kids and wearing basketball at anything to talk about. We dealt with all that you mentioned the CDC issued report in the CDC is the center for disease control.

What are they talking about parenting issues may actually be focused on public health and taking them out there into parenting and telling a website you can now get you arrangement what your children should be doing from burnt broccoli and white chick.

I'm thinking really the proper role of PDP taken it upon himself and now with that PDP being in a new secretly daily podcast somewhere something that we need brain not because they are noticing.

Maybe it's a little bit.

They've implemented many changes and disruption and they change their position to position. So much crap. I do believe our children are the old man cry.

What happened with COBIT in the lockdown shut down the special gift and think all enormous our children.

I think it worthy of discussion. Yeah, I think it's almost like our children have become a social experiment. The last two and half years is really pretty scary. Yeah unfortunately I would agree with you, I would say I with her grandchild went to the store apparently been concerned about the virus not getting a virus implemented any really follow a World Health Organization guideline and living carefully, they would probably for more conflict, and the result was young she will not know what life look like you would for and is born into the middle of the pen.

Bennink and mom finally started taking the child out and when they went to the door.

The sliding doors to the store open and the child was just talk it with what is making never seen anything like that with such a telling affect child growth and development that we take for granted because usually where you live.

That's more than others because here I live in Florida and yet we have had life pretty much normal heart. A lot of people aren't craft and little two-year-old not be able to go to the playground playground inclined to not the people. My not to be able to see their lip formation and understanding expression when the smile line flopped to the teeth are shining with joy. A lot of people can't mile with their eyes, not now. They smiled a smile with their mouth, and there I think there's some in the developmental aspect that we forget children having recognized and it showing up showing up in several areas that their updates are things like children smiling for the first time back delay well why would not be delayed one FPV if your Mac and year going down the street or you're out. Even in your own home for some time and people were even acting in their own home. Children were being and we think some of these behavior that our children learn from early infancy. There just robotic know there.

I'm part of the environment that they are surrounded by waving goodbye what you're not people you really not practicing allowing even taking their first death PDP job when it which pertains to young children, crawling, walking, speaking, laying out learning how to play with other children because they didn't socially get. They've been told to stay away that people and their friends are can make them make mom and dad that could maybe even kill grandma thinking that are legitimate concerns because I think you and I both know people that have gotten very ill and I've known felt that it actually but the conch that were doing try children need careful consideration. Check children about what our third-grader that they were lying in the middle and first grader person to compare the middle of learning their mission or maybe double digit addition, I neither learning how to do it by but they're not been the opportunity to have a teacher that the person that shows all the different manipulative because virtually, not every kid learns virtually well and children are so they have to pay for Patchett and when you are isolated or you are told to stay away from. You are not in your normal environment which is been ripped away from you. It's not the kind that the students are going to flip in their math abilities or their language ability or even their music and or our ability become so much of what we learn conch from the environment that was surrounded by come by the engagement from help people that we do like with or that we see in stores or that we had me play with on the playground.

Well, you see, mud is just raising of things that you said that I had not really thought about so much of our communication is nonverbal and it really thought about that would how it would affect children.

We grew up learning how to read people's faces gives work through things we do with our lives to meet your prickly with mineral families communicating with people we don't even have to say a word and if a child doesn't course on the psychologist or psychiatrist, but for child of the developmental early age. This could really impact the communication in our society years down the road and I have thought about his tremendous impact that could take place in our culture right now. Ability to engage socially.

I know you know I homeschool my kids a big mess.what about socialization well after 30 years is already been proven to mean that kid that are harmful to highly specialized. However, there is a social element to being around other people and uncle is not locked in the house, which is kind of funny is I know a lot of homeschoolers that they finally pending a cat they felt is a great opportunity to not have to be out about the much considering each sport and music and art and theater there so many ways for your child who has different learning styles and personalities different gifts and strengths empowerment.

Not everybody in the textbook learn. Everybody has enjoyed manipulative. Some people are external processors and where they act or not and we talked about this on another episode on the phone. Shani, which would be if they were around their peer group. There on the funds which you now attack method can be taken multiple way because you can't feed. You can't use in emoji but only capture the essence of what someone trying to say so the Fellowship. The ability to read social you the ability to understand when somebody is making a show because you can see, not for I like the way they felt their mouth of the way they kind of smiling grand and maybe give a little link that can complain all things had been impacted.

Even if you have a family like mine with a large family dynamic.

There is there still your youth to your family and that you think might be that each personality that you have to deal with, but if not, when you're not with the neighbor kids or you're not with your youth group or you're not in the classroom all embedded is impacted and so something we have got to discuss and parents need to be very aware that socialism is about this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer the Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back the causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.but even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about locking the footsteps of Jesus and see the Bible come to life this December joy nationally for radio host confounded citizens for American foundations Dr. Christie life change.

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Family relationship time creating a family mother is another line 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate life and joy.

On this date, March 18, 1945 missionary John Chapman died, better known as Johnny C collecting apple seeds from cider process in Western Pennsylvania to begin planting nurseries from the Alleghenies to central Ohio. Thousands of seedlings to pioneers barefoot running amok over his eccentric longhair in an old coffee sack over his shoulders, and Johnny's harmony with the Indians and devotion to the Bible led William Venable to write. Remember Johnny C served as kind, by word and deed Dodge ram All-American woman Wesley will talk about what we do every Friday this week will really affect our fire through the world in the next few years and really, you know, maybe even for an entire generation is world good points are they talking about a recent posting by the CDC of all people about developments within our children and what's happened because our children are being bought down there no longer seeing facial expressions and we were talking about their inability to play with others and how that is going the development of our children. Typically, our youngest children cut out mud when you talk to somebody this week told me the CDC again that releases are good about my daughter anyway. Somebody told me this week that the IQs of children have dropped significantly like 20 or 25 points as a result of what's happened through COBIT if you heard about that. I actually have any with interesting I was thinking it would be US rate in comparison globally to education.

I found it interesting where we sit down and what countries are excelling in that poor in Hong Kong and Russia in Taiwan and Finland and and of course China there all excelling in any adjusting to all that apply our IQ. In my opinion the research that I've done what I've read a lot of their teaching core skill trying to reading critical thinking the ability to research the think The ability to process thought and articulate their thoughts. Where what we have going on right now. A lot of social cultural issues had nothing to do with the ability to perform and live in society. There are four segment they are children are social experiment and their being persuaded into certain ideologies at the pet math. Math is now one click wanted to know 5+ side, you know, there's a subject and a burden can, and when our kids. We don't spend the time to pursue excellence in our education not should not be a surprise that we would be falling behind and I'm sure your kids are thing I remember my money went off to college I was going into engineering is concerned, I nightly golden everybody believed at that time that the degree to teach and can think of that category. At first light. Oh yeah, the commitment to have me shed that all conviction, and that extra and then not eternal perspective of why my doing what I'm doing there. Remember when he went to first first year of college. He had gotten a full ride of national merit commended. Answer thinking only possible EEE don't have to know physics to be able to prepare your child for the higher level of degree for say pursuing a degree like your children is built but your kids are high achievers and I just remember him coming home one day and I think I was in desperate need of validation. You said you know going was actually harder than my college and college courses. I made Mark with me Chris that I thought this was a while ago. Several years ago and I realize the pursuit of excellent deep commitment to strive and expel and become masters become excellent at a specific field or just say getting away from quality education, which is what we hear so often to be the good quality education. No superior education or job. The job of our schools is not the job. A private good job apparent to pursue whatever educational method they choose for their children. It should be superior my quality while you're you're moving to start preaching that is heartburn that I have school systems guardian.

I don't understand why schools don't have this pursuit of excellence and superiority in education. Now, to make some people mad so you'll hear me, I'm not attacking athletes year ago a believer short fat guy nail but I I rustled school dog early moved to do it now and play Division I sports in college but in Emma and my wife was very athletic, so I'm not attacking athletes with them.

So your book if you're a great football player great basketball players of other sport you get a lot of attention in the schools seem to be your all wrapped up in who we have this superstore player we got Lebron James or whatever Michael Jordan kid plays athletics but there's not the same recognition for kids in the academic world, or the desire to pursue excellence in academics and I don't understand that Connie your because I mean hopefully motorbike and get old and felt like me but you are not the person that was the rustler years ago and in Vicki's not a world-class athlete that she was anymore me page catches up with you but your education is something to be with you your entire life in schools just don't seem to have that pursuit of excellence. I will get some of the school systems are particularly in inner cities, your around the world, but mostly the United States where they have huge amounts of funding that are being provided to the schools and the kids can't even read no graduating in a million trouble you like statistic, but a look at the numbers in Baltimore Maryland.

I mean, that's a big city. One of the biggestface, have a huge amount of money being thrown at education in a huge percent of their high school graduates can even read on 1/5 or sixth grade level. That's pretty scary when you think anything out you can get me going on the clinical track because if you if you want to get out here sport great analogy with a child prodigy with music or dance e.g. can take a variety of topics Analogy for kids what the community game warranty and obviously you want to follow the money.

There is not currently making honest money school.

The club not adapting nothing wrong with making money and a car, popping kids along just because they have an athletic ability that if you're not careful.

One Goal could Karen APL like and took off in October and what will they have, they won't have much to be able to fall back on it. It's the fault not the fault of the child, the fault of the party placing value on beauty or fame or power and he form over the pursuit of excellent academics studied the rigors of academic study and credit. I find it ironic are wealthy people in America. What do they do when there are, what their route that the people that write the software program that helped with software programs that the folks that run the Corporation are pungent by all standards in our society. They have their brain is dryer wired and a way that they may understand technology either left their logical their sequential, their reasoning, they can take complex ideas and they break them down into something as simple as pushing the on button on a computer and while I you can be connected to the world and I like the Friday event in one flight day law and may exalt celebrity or view the platform and then on the other may downplay it to the one that really rule in control everything information and all affect they will and control that self that we should dive a little deeper into that and what we can do as a parent as youth workers as cloaked in the education world everywhere, but it is a lot of places in the elector school boards. We would like. We probably bring up school boards every week because are so many issues coming up. School board school boards are not demanding excellence in this really a big Erie were were the blame would lie is on politicians you have elected school board can determine what curriculum are being taught work books are being used in the school system. They can also limit our principals and teachers who are to be committed to an academic excellence of its go to Camus but too many times you ever be able to get a government job, you'll never lose a job and it's almost impossible to fire this route and and when that happens there's no reward for excelling sometimes in your group. You will not to say that they're not principals and teachers. I know plenty who work here about the kids and work hard but just better recognition.

I think of the need to demand academic excellence among our children. I don't buy the excuses that we hear sometimes it just because skin color.

I know people have conditions that might contribute based on coming from single-parent families that kind of thing but when when as much money is being spent on education system is a states of America. We should really be double what particularly of the stem areas I think will if I 25th or something. I can't remember read something just a week or so ago pony about how far we've fallen behind in the world and are damaged so what what we think) will come back and will talk more about that and usually not good to start a project. Politicians I think going to tell you but that happened in our stated yet. It affected my kids and really reject North Carolina monarch out of high school nail but I would encourage other parents to look into this. So that's my little tutor stick around much to you about something the legislature really continuing Friday. America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is the host and founder of America foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nations capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator. The truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles secure your spot to join this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer the Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passionate prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement will like every week about those study hours is your with you want to encourageyou were doing all this but I tell you what if your church or your school, grouper your homeschool group is looking for somebody to come speak on parenting and family issues really nobody better the nation in my opinion the cardioversion she has a heart for the Lord your heart for families. You can learn more about Connie. You can reach Connie is probably She has a weekly podcast. Remember, just a few weeks ago we celebrated her 100th episode of her podcast is called equipped to be an altar to either just so much knowledge, I'm so blessed report of our senior citizens were American that you come on here cohost with me all the Christian perspective, and so I just I'm not always good to know people like you and for the whole world today, Vicki, here's a follow-up like you got a thank you so much things allowing me to recap here. I will borrow you about present to soak folks were talking today about the dumbing down of our children as I do. Probably every week with Tony she was going with COBIT in advance. You know that the bit to get burger back in the world of politics to talk about our politicians or icemaker to blame the parents also some tutors only double prayers for Scotty and then I'll get on politicians, but parents, you know, we like to complain about what's happening in our education system. But if you never go to school board meeting. If you don't even vote whose owner school board knows who they are. If you don't go to your school where the teachers know you are comfortable getting with you a lot of the blame falls on us as parents and servility step on the church is so starry I would challenge you those view of the church. Are you praying for school board members can you name any of them. Can you name one of you later about five school board members never kill your school district. We should be praying for school board members Monday every day and so I would challenge Jewish Christians and pastors are encourage you to get your churches to be praying for school board members, and for teachers and Connie every school has something, like a calm different things right now but they might have a parent-teacher organization or teacher. Teacher fellowship or our high school. They just called our county is Watauga school.I school they just call her friends will talk about that with the peer group got involved and got to know the teachers let the teachers know that you love them to your praying for them. But here goes. I will jump on politicians alchemy. My favorite group to jump so I live in North Carolina and I know you live in Florida. Things are very different in Florida, mainly because of the flaws of your governor in your legislature you you basically have Republican although you you almost want to say this is what I consider is America's governor almost lost his alleged lover and you just imagine what Robert wrote here. Can you imagine you don't like talk about politics or what so you won't just imagine if you understand this had lost government against him was a former mayor of Tallahassee which is yelled. Although the state capital Florida and he was extremely extremely liberal and boy, your state would've looked very different through COBIT if he had one, but in North Carolina. Connie when my kids were in high school so they called her state legislature in North Carolina. The Gen. assembly house of us set up like every other staple to call the Gen. assembly of the Gen. assembly in North Carolina for five years ago and this was under the radar of most people listening probably North Carolina listings are right now probably don't know this you Connie when you and I want to school, academic excellence was recognized the least in the form of the person who graduated high school grade point average, which we call GPA was recognized as the valedictorian Psalms are the second smartest with the person who had the second-highest GPA was named as the salutatorian and usually they give a speech at graduation. It was a way to recognize and honor academic excellence because you like we should be parts of the football stadium or gymnasium, watching academic excellence.

What they do. The athletes and again I have nothing against athletes but I just like we should recognize academic excellence as well. But anyway the Gen. assembly, North Carolina in the great wisdom and knowledge decided that it was offensive to people who were not as intelligent as auditory salutatorian so they decided North Carolina 2018 was the last year it was ever a valedictorian bank school.

The state and that is shocking to me and also the country across the country in the name that they are not included in the heart of wanting you shine a light on. To be commended. II don't have a problem with that but only when you get to the everyone get the Lord what you end up with you end up with what were saying right now, which is lower standard lower standard date are counties are 38 a country that match around the world we start the entire educational rock because you have to have that happen at the level of accident excellent and meeting pain level lower that level of excellence in order to make the ones that are struggling in closer to the hard part. I didn't mean to interrupt you on your but I just don't understand yet, I don't have a problem with an athlete, you know are mentioned I was a wrestler, little looks like you but I was thinking we were undefeated state chapters to your row up. I was happy so I don't have anything against academic mean athletic achievement, but I don't understand why it's offensive for somebody to be recognized as being intelligent but not being is not offensive for them to be recognized for throwing a ball around and again I will get emails for this people are going to mad at me for what I'm saying. I'm just saying you know some kids don't have athletic ability with your smart and in you I guess your hundred years or more. I don't know maybe throughout all history when really started having school graduations you valedictorian jumbo guy we had him I wasn't talking about school by any means, but with the others so that sends a message to some kids, you know what why do you need to work so hard because there there are athletes who will compete because they want to be all state are okay on your whatever they want to be considered for the opportunity to get a scholarship.

Further athletic achievement. Then you have kids who nail don't have that goal. So Yama seen everybody like this but there might be some kids out there like will your pump. If I can't be number one I can't trot it to work towards that. I'm just not go to trial at all hours.

Hard as I used to be the other for anything ;-) yet you think you or capturing their multiplication table during the periodic table of elements in chemistry, whether it being NBP for one optional game and they were recognized for excellent. Maybe the only game ever again plugged it in there forever product came with our academic and I now did I know you don't relate to Dr. I want to know that Dr. very proficient in what they're about to do to get me an injection intent. Now I want to know that I ran school and doing you know the bare minimum to get by Friday and the Lord held all that we do our Christian we should be teaching our children to pursue excellent credit matter and you believe what our school board. What are elected official. What the world that we have a responsibility to teach and train our children, whether standards have been gone down our standard and how we teach our children don't have to be done down. We can still teach our children treated get it all. You cannot leave nothing you know likely I could just play for.

We tell them your claim for an audience of one. You go out and do whatever it is you're doing, whether it going newspaper like China And what your bagging groceries whether year on on the court taken a soccer ball playing in a recital for it is you do it to that best of your ability and if you're sticking a great day.

That's okay that when you walk court when you walk up that field. When you walk in PT or SAP which I know there is now to kind of eradicate it because it's really not fair on repeat for some students. You are academic minded to be able to make people feel bad on that we all should be teaching our children pursue excellent whether anybody looking whether you ever get an accolade you never get an award you never recognize you do it because that's what God has respected you. I think that Paramount to knowing what's going on in the culture. Knowing what your kids are facing with their peer group. Knowing what their teachers or school board leaders are or aren't doing knowing what society expects are done at that God expects to get our absolute best and I are back. Thank you and I may never have been Beth Michael Phelps and winning numerous gold-medal that if we teach our children Christian we should do this in the next we teach our children to understand how they are uniquely gifted with me. We help them develop though they will be dynamic influencers and contribute greatly to society for commercial spots, name, organization or individual scores crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

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Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about time creating a relationship I'd like to raise sharing his and joy.

The United States America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know truly important role God and the Bible is you and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation's capital will embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles America secure your spot to join with the prospective audio was looking into the situation right now across the country are kids being dumbed down and thought he got the right drug development of our children, her inability to our facial expressions, inability worn out, play with other children out of sheer so many things. It will affect them is developing into young adults and then adulthood as well. And probably those problems caused by the dumbing down of America right now are going to be something that affects us for generations, then you're listening. You know I got up on the car because it really frustrates me about politicians and school boards across the country are not stressing academic excellence. When we spend so much money on education and you look at the outcomes of homeschooled children who, in many cases perform much better academically, academically, and the parents are not getting any federal or state funding. Homeschooled kids affect are still paying the taxes is that the kids go to public school and not getting any help with that.

But many times, homeschooled kids outperform other children academically. So funny to get back to where we, start with this with the dumb kid kids and impact of being locked down and isolated. How do we as parents spot child might be struggling in might be behind developmentally because of the things are going alright, well, just know that Israel is common. Children even pending on your statement back and forth with learning virtual learning homeschooling back in school disruption. Every time we move our children our there is an abrupt change anytime that destruction Wellington Park education because the child never starts where they were prior to when did they relax remit note, we know children live several months and educationally six-week during their summer break that establishes the typical teachers would spend 40 six-week remedial work to bring children back to the level grade proficiency level that they were on, and with all the back and forth every teacher has a different backup and sequencing have a different kind of work.

Parents are trying to Try to get the flock and figure out how are you can get virtually online. You can get lots of workbook and and help control. Even teacher sites that have principles for your child important thing in developmental delay in the hope of knowing your child can catch up.

Now it is more difficult if given 1516-year-old and there there really trying to focus on getting their test scores not for their test taking ability or even learning higher-level concepts that you don't know maybe you know chemistry maybe you don't know if ethics or calculus that you feed her child going that direction near many online resources that have virtual Academy had physical light teachers that will teach live courses and are free but there is also a big move (that are doing it because they on blog and website and that's part of how they are getting back to you on your transcript at the weekend and it was very helpful as you get for biking together and teach a course it didn't have to be in a classroom. It can be just somebody not even be in the backyard and one person. Much of that person science mind and a long find their passion about Frank. Will they can easily get four or five kids together and teach the concept on a weekly basis or biweekly basis. Mapping and English mounted a repetitive skill right we learn by repetition. The more you do it the marketing grain for the brain. The brain start to remember that you build upon each developmental that they now English and challenging just because the rules are confusing even to the best of English majors reading aloud you can read aloud question. What do you think happened. What do you think the characters going to give one character got into so much trouble what what might happen if they would've made a different efficient reading aloud and encrypt people that work you really think going on the bill anymore data just takes intentionality and consistency (read in the afternoon or its right before that one chapter at a chapter book on the little one there and play with their toys while you're reading aloud. They can help, be quiet, which is an important skill for your owner's older student find something to read and find books from the library or get them online.

There's a lot of books and a lot of free resources available to even reading, but the ability to read literature and comprehend what it is saying and what the writer is trying to say and then just plain characters are and what did they give and when did they get one book written in one of the culture date letting you define the Matthew plot that wonderful device that you have always been your hand and you show them where the story was written, geography and time. Training the leaders in anything. What children do preflight credit. There are around ways to bring your children back to an academic level, that they may be logging in just a little bit of intentionality from the parents or caregivers you can help them with their speech delay behavior issues.

They might be having not sitting still or not. Not responding or are interacting, the motor delays when you have an opt out if perhaps you have young children like her, looking like work or cooking a certain meal with math and science and nutrition demeanor. So many things rolled into just one happening. They talk about how you love to cook epic elements of what we do in daily life that can be incorporated and called school technically, we think have to categorize and compartmentalize such great advice talking here about how to regain some of the learning that lost lockdown and wearing Bascom things are going on in schools.

I would've thought about this important to read your children what you're pointing out any book you teach many subjects.

When you take the time to sit down with your kids. I love how you said that you asked questions of writing a book.

Just earlier this week about the importance of asking questions. Visit than it helps the person addressing the question of to begin to learn how to think critically and I think that something is missing in many classrooms across the country there while the kids just can't think critically more. That's whether lowering the expectations of SAT and other standardized test and so were not teaching our kids really how to think when you do what you just said in your reading a book in the New Testament to get to learn about geography and it doesn't even seem like school anymore. You become silent you Mr. cooking, arms and ears like other times what I would like it. Come cook with me the same thing to me in your the one you're interacting so there's a social skill in liquid cooking. There were learning different skills with her. Also, there's a lot of math bought a couple lives in the quarter cup and then we are cooking for so long so I will do we do this if you think this part 20 minutes that one 15 or whatever. So there are ways to take what were doing anyway you midget parents being so busy it withers cooking or working in your shopping for somebody you may be a shop in Rome or phonographs me you can overcome learning experience. Were we can help her kids and I do think that we need to find ways to start socializing our kids with other people. Again, because they have been locked up for too long. We got to get the kids around other people as well so Connie also when we identify with, and how to identify some shoes to go other things that parents should or should not be say when they identify problems with your kids. You getting at Larry negative light. You can come alongside what they're struggling with. If you care your child, and I currently mark today is a complex object right especially for some children are artistic children or language children to be future writer I got my checkbook how do I make sure I get paid right when your child expected enormous frustration. I can't do that. Whatever the question, it don't complain and play thing about that great opportunity for grandma, grandpa for a caregiver for an educator.

Often jumping my mouth and you know Chris.

When educators often find out boiled down from time to just simple!

Please let me help you. Michelle you think would you like me to show you how to take and divide for my children. What does that look like an abstract object dear children typically let pressure to all, but there's something you're struggling with, and I love to be able to help you with that. I think we can help out the problem or I struggle with math you can share communicate your thoughts and feelings very well pray attribute of your children that you see them excelling in beyond just to look pretty or your sister heart that you really do well and you look for how anyway you can come alongside your struggling learner and encouragement.

I really struggle right now that would be later you understand it will keep working on it because learning is learning cool and learning is obtaining knowledge. You don't.

If you are you trying to learn new information. We reach the end of our just so good.

As always you give us such great advice. Folks were talking today about dumbing down of our children if you will learn more, go to Connie is got great information. She writes all of a lot of the subject also link their typical podcast comes out every Wednesday call liquid to be so please check out Connie's website.

Connie Connie, thank you so much I can't wait till next Friday.

Always bring so much knowledge to the show."

You think you solicit your show.

Please turn in here every day. It also can't wait to see you next week. Christian perspective learn more about this at citizens format. The foundation. This is the Truth Network

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