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St.Patrick was More than the Namesake of St.Patrick's Day. He was a Culture Warrior.

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 17, 2022 5:00 am

St.Patrick was More than the Namesake of St.Patrick's Day. He was a Culture Warrior.

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 17, 2022 5:00 am

Today, Dr. Chris Hughes unveils to true story of St. Patrick, revealing that St. Patrick was a culture warrior in his time.


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Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris and celebrate life for better part of the show is St. Patrick's Day and holiday some people. I thought we would talk about a Patrick who years and some of the traditions that are honored around the world St. Patrick's Day lockers.

I want to welcome you to the Christian perspective know this is a show we got going God word every day to develop a biblical worldview and then we want you will be in your everyday lives.

Typically, I encourage you to engage the arena of public policy and politics to elect godly men and women office who will enact biblical legislation to help us take a stand on the word of God. I want to thank our sponsors the citizens for America foundation, monitoring our show.

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Well, Anna said today working out of a deep dive into Saint Patrick who years who he was and what was going on back in his day, while we still remember them today March 17 focus is St. Patrick's Day and on this day people are wearing green.

Everywhere you look during green eating corn beef and cabbage and maybe even soda bread you what I think before you get done today. I'll remind me that I try to share a couple of recipes with you for some corn beef and cabbage and I'm sure to say what I want to go ahead and share a simple one male and then towards the end of the show we have time give you another recipe for corn beef is a little different than the standard corn beef recipe. But in between. After giving this first recipe I jump into God's word and look at what Saint Patrick did God in the stand he took in his culture that day was really when we start to look at the culture of Ireland time.

Saint Patrick really reminds me of what's happening in the United States of America today. We can be encouraged by the testimony of this one man St. Patrick's what we call them today. You learn a few minutes, that's not his real name. We can be encouraged by the stand that he took in his culture and how he worked hard, impact the culture in Ireland, Jesus Christ.

First let's start with corn beef and cabbage recipe for those you seem enormous short fat guy and I love to eat and always look forward St. Patrick's Day. I don't know if you're like me, I kinda wonder what what we only eat certain foods on certain holidays like I love traditional holiday meal at Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter year we have turkey and ham addressing is only time we usually have that throughout the entire year last name is St. Patrick's Day.

So today I would encourage you to jump into little bit of the culture Ireland and have you some corn beef and cabbage if it truly is, which will learn later on food from Ireland. Either way, so that we celebrate eat usually all St. Patrick's Day. So here's a recipe in which you go to the store today and buy a corned beef. So basically beef brisket is not a very tender piece of meat actually has quite a bit of fat. It but the corned beef that you eat all St. Patrick's Day is really the same thing is if you want to barbecue restaurant, probably more in Texas than in some other country where they had barbecued beef and and so what you're going to get is that cut of meat is packaged in a package and it is been these in the doorway were is now what they call the corned beef the regular brisket is raw and does not have the seasoning does not put in a marinade if you will to get that pinkish color that you will see in the package of corned beef and inside that package, you will find a little seasoning packet that you want to add to water. So when you buy that I want you to buy a package like them package of little baby red potatoes maybe buy you a couple cabbages depending how many people your house I will order cabbage for person and you might want to have some corn on the cob as well.

Anybody wanted your holiday sauce and you know what we will be in the day how to make holiday sauce which bottle packet right there in the spice section of the grocery store. Much easier that way. Just use that packet to make holiday sauce I what Vicki I like to do like the spicy mustard with our corned beef so anyway when you get home. Corned beef out of the package and you want to fill up the pot. My Christian father. If you have a Dutch oven and put water in there and then get it all in and drop that corned beef in their and I cook that thing I do it I bullet for about five hours which is a very long time actually a lot better that meet and also a very tough cut of meat, which is surprising for it to be so expensive when such a tough cut of meat bullet thing about five hours and then about the last 30 minutes of dumping my potatoes one. Be sure you leave room to educated you cabbage and all that out later on down the line and then last 20 minutes or so.

I will put in. If you have corn you can do that but really what I do is put it cabbage. I cut the cabbage yet so I think you cabbage it.

I cut in quarters and I want to give every person eating corn that meal 1/4 of the cabbage and then the cabbage only was about 20 minutes and is done and if you want to serve it with holiday sauce you can if you want sherbet here. We even even with the spicy mustard like Rick United just to eat on his own. By the way also. I salt-and-pepper the water before I took the corned beef and particularly the potatoes and cabbage. Give them such spice as well. So there you go, what you plan to was that they would become almost out-of-date culture engagement. But I thought your couple recipes with and there will or jump in the Saint Patrick who is Saint Patrick and how did all this start was a Patrick day will as I said, you know, today, March 17 every year to year that we celebrate culture in the heritage of the people of Ireland are different holidays with different areas of the world. For some reason this day just has become a huge, huge event, United States of America.

It's a public holiday. Not just in the state and a lot of countries and celebrated in a national Fest is a national festival more. Any other day in more countries around the world.

I didn't realize I trust her research. It is St. Patrick's Day is a festival, sand and celebrated Christmas or Easter is a festival is celebrated more countries in any other holiday in our calendar year. It all started the day to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in our summary might be shot today by quality salt with a beer drinking festival account where green or whatever, but no stay started as a religious holiday today to celebrate the time when Christianity entered Ireland that I think that's great weasel is a nation and as a world to celebrate Christianity and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world is also day's work. Countries around the world. There will be festivals today to be a lot of praise and unfortunately the United States released all those great very poker. I would be very careful about taking her kids to some of these writings because they been taken over by some homosexual and transgender, and other groups in cases tickling the United States is also a day where people were green.

So stick around to show because were I tell you all those things came about his heart.

Also for me to believe I've never been to Chicago for the state. I think it's Chicago and Boston savanna doesn't have a lot of areas around the country where they celebrate Patrick's day in a big way and they died. The rivers of the retail grain and newspaper going all out on their nine the river green and it's hard to believe that's going on. But how did it all start, let's jump into it. You know right now under under the traditions of the Catholic Church were a season is called. Basically, work, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrate lit restrictions placed in some religious traditions, eating and drinking alcohol and eating certain foods, so you may recall that just in the month of February. There was a day called back Tuesday, there's a lot of sand debauchery that goes on because that was the last day before Lent season which is the 40 days prior to the celebration of Easter and particularly the tradition of the Catholic Church and other churches do not church a lot of people would give up something is what they call given up something for Lynn meaning 40 days prior to Easter. They might not drink alcohol.

They might not smoke cigarettes.

They might not watch TV could be a variety of things. Maybe not going on the Internet today. People would give something up during the Lenten season prior to Easter and so during this time were also forbidden to drink alcohol in many cases, at least in the old days, so the result would be what happened on St. Patrick's Day.

According to those traditions even though your during wet because of the St. Patrick's Day celebration. People were allowed to hold off on that one day and go back and do the things they were for. Because of that there became an increased alcohol consumption will St. Patrick's Day that's water so much drinking and debauchery going on today came a big drinking day. You might think largest. Also, people get together. Greg and that the traditions of the Catholic faith and again some other place to be drinking from. They had this one day of grace in the middle of that between really went start on Wednesday through the Easter celebration. This was a one day where under the traditions of certain religions that were allowed to drink became a day will be just drink in excess and St. Patrick's Day, became a drunken brawl, so I will slow you down to give you a recipe cuts a little better stay was like that. This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about locking the fixed at 15 feet of Bible content length and I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic like the Wailing Wall. The winding alleyways to Nancy's place that I think is the Jewish portrait feet firsthand the Bible to claim Tory Dr. Chris Hughes travel. I like and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship like joint American this day March 17 is the date Saint Patrick died in four 6180 at 16 he was kidnapped Ireland and made a slave for six years until he escaped back to England in his early 40s. He returned to Ireland confronted the Druids converted chieftains and use the three leaf clover to explain the Trinity founding 300 churches and baptizing 120,000 converts.

He wrote in his confessions. Patrick the sinner and unwanted man to be sure. Men should ever say that it was my ignorance to accomplish small thing. It was the gift of God is transcript All-American Limited, 1888 USA were perceived.

You think that where green and I Concilio over the world like leprechaun great but really didn't start out that way. It was a day people came together to celebrate the entrance of the Christian faith. The nation of Ireland, who was Saint Patrick with a lot of legends about Saint Patrick and I gotta tell you a lot of those are not true to one legend that I heard all life is that he banished all snakes from Ireland and today is really believe that he probably didn't banish snakes from Ireland that there may not have ever been snakes in Ireland in the first place, people mad to hear about that.

That's what a lot of historians say is either the just war snakes where I used to live in Hawaii in the same case in Hawaii the most part there's almost no snakes in a like support, thereby see your buyer points today and probably the same case in Ireland is also believed that much about was told about Saint Patrick. Today's exaggerator of folklore. So who was this guy was. I said his name was not Patrick when it all began. And I'm been a butcher's but his name was Marwan Cott mom one saccade so mom is a God who we call Saint Patrick today was born near the end of the force entry so stories like that he was probably born around the year of 1390. Believe or not he wasn't born in Ireland.

We went from that. He was born into a wealthy family and great bit written, so he was. If you look at a map, what we consider England really great Britain is an island in England on that island and then Ireland is a separate island kind of to the north west of the northern area of the coast of Great Britain, and he was born in and basically was England today. He was born into a fairly affluent family and even though they consider themselves of Christian tradition really work that religious one is about 16 years old. Some invaders from Ireland came over into the main island of Great Britain and they took who we know was Saint Patrick as a prisoner of these arbitrators came into England.

They grab Saint Patrick and they took him back to Ireland. Beginning was only 16 years old when this happened and they placed him in prison for six years and while he was imprisoned when he probably do a lot of things as a prisoner Ireland as he was forced to be a shepherd of a fog, so he would stay out in the bad weather and and take care lots of sheep and just imagine a situation where you're in when they speak a different language you are captured and not just take away from your homeland.

It really take away the entire island and at that time he that was a big deal taken over this other island nation Ireland at some point during his imprisonment. He spent a lot of time from the research that I saw.

He spent a lot of time where he was alone in your a lot of times a day. Certainly, as followers of Jesus Christ at the time were God can speak us to leave you all alone out Lee's field at night with his sheep in this time. As I said, you know, he grew up in a Christian tradition, even of a work very religious and his family but he heard about Jesus knew about Jesus and it was through this time of imprisonment.

Saint Patrick became a Christian. So maybe listening today and you're not a Christian and you don't know what I mean when I say Christian will a Christian is a person who is a follower of Jesus Christ is the person who believes what the Bible says that all of us were born as sinners and as a result of our sand that we deserve to pay a penalty Bible tells us the basic we all deserve to die. Spend an eternity in hell.

One day because of the center a lot. The Bible tells us. Sin separates us from God.

But the good news is if we can admit our sins. The Lord asked him to forgive us and repent means that more changes like driving down the road and doing right worst pain of our sand.

If we changed the way that we live our lives and we confess Jesus our Lord and Savior promise to serve them. All of our lives. We will spend an eternity with Christian one with which Jesus Christ in heaven one day we become followers of Jesus Christ.

And that's what it means to be a Christian. So Saint Patrick became a Christian he grew very close to the Lord a felony conviction that he needed to tell other people about Jesus and improvising you were Christians. I encourage you to find it and conviction in your life. Saint Patrick I believe that one of the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus Christ. A lot of us are doing that today we were we worried about things going on the culture babies being murdered through abortion and the terrible sexual revolution is taking place in school systems with her trying to indoctrinate brainwash her children are so many things going all society today we want to change society. The best way to do is delete society Jesus Christ to tell other people about Jesus. So here Saint Patrick is in the in Ireland.

He's a prisoner and he is convicted of God that he needs the tail other people about Jesus that he basically needs to become a missionary missionary someone just tells other people about Jesus. And that's exactly what each and every one of us as Christians are called to do was be on mission for Jesus. Our mission in life to be to tell other people about Jesus and Ireland at the time that were talking about in the late fourth century, was a pagan land meeting. They didn't believe in the God of the Bible and that's where much of our country of the United States is today were many people.

Millions of major United States of America today no longer believe in the God of the Bible. And just like Ireland, Saint Patrick, we are becoming a pagan nation but patient but but Saint Patrick had a burden for reaching the lost Jesus Christ began to dream of converting the Irish people to Christianity. That's what I hope will happen to you that are listening to our show each and every day you just like Saint Patrick did for Ireland will begin to have a passion for the United States of America and the world as a whole, but most of you will never leave the United States.

So for those of us here, the United States have a passion to tell everybody that we know about saving grace of Jesus Christ at the age of 22 Patrick escape from his imprisonment there and Ireland. I'm not sure how we got back to Great Britain Britain to me and had to be by boat, but somehow he escaped from being a shepherd now 22 years old memory was 16 when he was taken captive and he goes back to Great Britain and while using Great Britain.

Legend has it that he began to hear voices. Basically, yeah. Gary was spending quiet time with God. So y'all don't get nervous you're not saying the audible voice of God. But if you're Christian you know what I mean if you spent Or spend time in prayer, there is that still quiet voice, almost like the conscience in unit you when you're about to do something wrong tells you not to steal this or not to commit adultery or not the lie or cheat or whatever it may be that he just felt was urging within him. He felt like God speaking to him and that God was telling him to go back to Ireland you imagine that you were taken away from your failure 16-year-old boy taken to a foreign country don't speak the language they beat him imprisoned him. They tortured him they treated him more so than animal.

He finally escaped so that he goes back home. He feels like God is calling him back to Ireland felt like I was calling to be a missionary. You know what he did return to Ireland got got the same call on our lives. Each and every one of us. God wants us to tell everyone we know about Jesus and in our culture today. That's not even think about that to my children college and the canceled culture is on college campuses across the country today, you dare say that your child will live in God that you follow Jesus Christ. The canceled culture comes after you yelled, they heard the show.

I had a guest couple weeks ago. Grace from students for life as a junior college campus in the north northeast and she was talked about how she was shocked when she went to the college campus because she thought they would be against her because of her beliefs on abortion that she believed abortion was a crime in the Santa was wallet abortion was murder. What she found out it wasn't true. They were mad about that, but what they dislike most about her is that she boldly proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

That's how it was Saint Patrick. So for the next 15 years or so. This man, who memory was 16 was kidnapped 22 when he returns over the next 15 years. He studies the Bible and trained himself in the word of God and learn what the Bible says and what he should do and how I should do it. Used by God and in the course of eventually becomes an ordained priest and he dedicates his life converting the people of Ireland did Christianity remember that's what were really celebrating today on St. Patrick's Day while celebrating getting drunker where green were celebrating the converting of people Ireland to Christianity.

And, you know, the saving grace of Jesus Christ. So before he returned to Ireland. Patrick was ordained as a priest. Remember, that wasn't his real name, and he changed his name at the time he became ordained Patrick S Patrick, that's inspired by the Latin root word pastor, which means father like Potter father and so he goes back to Ireland comes this great missionary force in the land of Ireland telling other people about you if you will learn more about Saint Patrick you talk about him and think I could say more. More about it here so you wrote two books about his life once called confessing the others called pistole that TIS OLA and the other confederacy, I was you know when ESSION router written by him and you can learn more about his life by reading what he what about about his own life and his adventures in Ireland as mission church missionary, and Ireland to remember just like the United States today when he decided to be used by God. That's why love the story, Saint Patrick he's just one God. Some of you your I meet people all over the country. People say Chris begot can't usually only one person was it only takes one person most of Ireland was a pagan nation and and they didn't believe in God and and they didn't want to hear God's word but here one man was obedient to God's word and he went into this country and he took a stand for Jesus and the culture he was beaten and he was imprisoned by pagan sheaves and royalty.

We stood on the word of God and because of that one remembering his life today and what he did determination around the turn that nation to Jesus were talking about St. Patrick's Day today and I hope that you go out and cook some delicious corn beef and cabbage assured one recipe early on the show, which is kind of a basic recipe but would come back will talk more about St. Patrick's Day. I will talk about the clover and while that plant, especially St. Patrick's Day is warning. This is a day not to get drunk is not the day about where green the day to remember a man who took a stand and impact of the culture. America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know really important role in God in the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris for meeting date with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden much of America's personal blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator. About the creation of the mounting father.

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If you are just joining us now.

We talked about the man who we know today is Saint Patrick. He was actually from Great Britain kidnapped an agency taken prisoner and return to Ireland until he was 22 years old when he escaped from Ireland live that Great Britain eat what God put a tugger start to go back to be missionaries in 15 years training. He was ordained a priest and that's when he was given the name Patrick is or Patrick, as we call it in the English language day became known as Saint Patrick and went back to Ireland a pagan nation who did not have any love or concern about the God of the Bible or Jesus of the Holy Spirit.

Saint Patrick share the good news of Jesus Christ and let a nation to Jesus. They became a great Christian nation, many, many centuries, we know part of St. Patrick's Day people talk about the walk of the Irish and the clover plant has a special significance in St. Patrick's Day your wonder why that is no magic today. You probably see a lot of people with Shamrock to share about just a little green plant.

They might have an owner answer where today are on the lapel pin or even number close I would call a three leaf clover when I was a kid we talk about a four leaf clover bring a lot of good work. A good good luck to people but the three leaf clover is is now synonymous with people think about Ireland in the particularly about St. Patrick's Day while in Ireland that three leaf clover is called Shamrock Shamrock was a sacred plant symbolized bringing you in that I what's happening in March as the weather is beginning to change.

Still cold, but spring is coming and the people of Ireland could have hope. When they saw this three leaf clover the Shamrock coming up out of the ground because I needed the seasons were changing in the spring, which is a time of rebirth and growth is just around the corner. Your today we use a lot of tools. We talk about Jesus and Saint Patrick actually used the Shamrock and that's what's famous today I got here that I got here that the pagan culture was really famous one is so much famous for the spring at that time. What became famous for his effort use.

This plant is a tremendous witnessing tool to tell other people about Jesus.

I think back in my life and in the church years.

The different kind of evangelism tools and maybe some of you have views on these tools are used to be a tool called FAI pH were you would memorize words in Bible verses to go along with each letter of the work, but the FNA each member of the alphabet to talk about how someone can come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The same was with evangelism explosion evangelism explosion was pretty detailed yet spent a lifetime warning that evangelism tool. It was a tool to be used by other people to reach Jesus Christ that I'm a month or so ago we had on our show up after Travis Berg letter that shows he did encourage you go back and listen to it. Travis Berg is a missionary with east-west ministries and he's over a large portion of the world is a vice president with them where they send missionaries out and he shared with the different ways they tell other people about Jesus and one of the ways. One of his favorite tool uses a tell other people is called the three circles you know a lot of us talk about your scared. I don't know how to tell other people about Jesus. I don't I don't have a seminary degree. I'm not a preacher, listen, you don't have to have seminary degree to tell other people about Jesus. You just need to pray each and every day I encourage you to do this, that God will send more.

So what do you you tell about him and when he does you need to have the courage to share your story of what Jesus is done in your life, you'll need to share what Pastor Travis did you share with you care what Chris used it. God will send people to you need to hear your story of how Jesus worked in her life.

And if you want to learn some of the ways to tell other people about Jesus is a great way is just FAI pH or evangelism explosion with one of the easiest ways something called the three circles and and if you heard that show United Pastor Travis told us how to draw three circles and talk about sin and how people go from the sin and eventually get to having a relationship with Jesus because that's what it means to be a Christian is.

We have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Another tool (David Burton is an evangelist where these little red dot it just a little tiny little dog that you stick on your watch and that reminds him like if you put it like a two or 3 o'clock time on your watch when it gets that time throughout the day. He remembers if I haven't told anybody but the other thing is is the.comes a witnessing tool of the euro makes a show of looking at what time it is always watching somebodies with it. They see that red dot the seachange spoke something on your watch actually then opens the door for him to tell them know this dot represents the blood of Jesus Christ. And he talks about how we are all sinners I we need to be redeemed for our sins and have God that is only sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins and mine because of him dying on the cross and rising again from the grave of the third day we get to spend an eternity in heaven one day. That's called the red dot another really cool tool and wasn't called the little square looks like almost like a Rubik's cube except is not tricky like a Rubik's cube, but it had paintings on it and you turn it different ways and it basically goes to the salvation story so is a visual tool to remind you what you need to say when you're witnessing to somebody and telling them about Jesus and he gives their visual learners that not only are they hearing what you say usually can see the stories that this is displayed as you turn that cute different ways they can see it's left all the advantages I encourage you to look at all these tools and figure out ways that you can tell people about Jesus with the time of the Saint Patrick on the light 300 time and leading up to the end of the fourth century have a magic use a pencil to draw three circles are all these other wonderful evangelism tools will one day when he was to tell somebody about Jesus.

He looked down on the ground. They were everywhere. Install one of these three, three leaf clover switches, Shamrock, and he said you know what if I picked that up and I use that I can use that Shamrock to tell other people about Jesus. So we pull that Shamrock up and he began to use those three leaves on that plan to talk about the Trinity, God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit and is he used at all across the country became a symbol of an evangelism tool of the Trinity of God. God the father, God the son, and Holy Spirit. And that's how today is now been twisted into kind of a good luck charm, but really it was just an evangelism tool was used to reach other people, Jesus Christ. So you know that if we want to find a way to tell people about Jesus. There's a way to do it and we can find it anywhere alive through easy ways and just pray that God will send us people to tell about him he will and the Bible tells 12 Holy Spirit will give us the words to say. So I encourage remember were encouraging you on the show each everyday culture for Jesus.

There is no greater way to impact the culture for Jesus and to leave the culture that you tell other people about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, so that Shamrock and talk about inputs. It had all the people at house become questionable today of Irish nationalism. So how does St. Patrick's Day become what it is today St. Patrick's Day really started as a minor religious holiday 1631. The church declared it a feast day of the closed and observers would go to church on St. Patrick's Day, that's a big change from where we are today were that it was a time to really get close to God and recognize God love God but the day almost a drunken brawl particular United States and other countries around the world. But first St. Patrick's Day parade was even before that, and believe it or not, the first St. Patrick's Day took place in United States of America will any of you heard in Florida. There's a place in Florida were people believed the fountain of youth is answer St. Patrick's Day parade first happened when anxious managed documents were discovered that show the first record of great honor Saint Patrick was in St. Augustine, Florida is right there so right.

If you know where Jacksonville is this kind of just south of Jacksonville on the West Coast Northwest Coast of Florida with the Spanish settlement, which is the oldest continuous settlement in the America today called St. Augustine, Florida, and units where people believe there's a legend that there was a fountain of youth. There which were not talk about today would allow St. Patrick's Day but is on that spot and that settlement where they held the first St. Patrick's Day parade and and that took place. I believe it was and 16 101-1601 and a Spanish settlement in Saint Patrick at the time was regarded as the sacred date of court settlement answers since the early days of great tradition as well spread across the United States and abroad, and even back at home country of Ireland.

Now you learned about Shamrock and where that came from the Lord about the parade came from that Inc. the Spanish sum of all places. None of our resettlement by groupthink but a Spanish settlement. All because Saint Patrick was the sacred pain of corn at that time and and it was a time where they wanted to celebrate corn and honor this lady was a patron saint of corn in 1601 in St. Augustine, Florida. The word of the food traditions come from. We all know now what I like to talk about. I love the shirt a recipe in the beginning was showing off all share one is really interesting when you try this by the end of the show. The eating of corn beef and cabbage and paint potatoes did not start in Ireland starting on his face, French fries, not really. From Brent United States so here we have this tradition a day where we think we gotta go week will be cabbage day potatoes left Irish at all*the United States you're talking about. There was an Irish potato famine from 1845 to 1852 during that famine. Nearly a million Irish people immigrated United States.

So when they came here they were very poor. They were discriminated against a lot of people that really hated Irish people and they were treated very badly by a lot of people United States. So at that time. A lot of the immigrants lived near Jewish neighborhood because these were poor neighborhoods in the Jewish people would eat Corby is remembered by other traditions of the Jewish religion. They are not supposed or concert. Other shellfish and other things but corn beef was something Jewish butchers prepared for Jewish people tell you more about that that will stick around like that more for individual social media cards give us a call today at 704-9842 crowded with viewpoints of voice and after a financial problem.

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Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating relationship range hearing is joint United States of America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is American foundation, Dr. Chris Mason with crystalline bargaining training. Much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator. About the creation of the mounting joint book about talking about why we celebrate yeah you would think that what was he doing that we found out that Christianity was spread throughout Ireland under demand we now call Saint Patrick in we started celebrating that day is a day to celebrate the entrance of Christianity and Ireland, not the drunken brawl celebrate today we learned about earlier this show if you didn't listen to it. A rear earlier was a podcast later today. They were podcast outlet and we learned about the Shamrock of the significance of how Saint Patrick used the share buckets really clover tell people about the Trinity of God the father, God the son of God the Holy Spirit is a witness to people all over Ireland plant was available for him to use as an example. Everywhere he went there. I before the break we were talking about some of the food traditions we found out corn beef and cabbage and potatoes was not started.

Ireland started in the United States, and it started because many of the Jewish skews me of the Irish immigrants came here during the Irish potato famine from 1845 date to live near Jewish neighborhood so they would go eat a piece of meat that even those very expensive review but today Corby was not a really good cut of meat as a lot of bad, very tough and Julio, as she could go a long time, but they would go bodice meat Jewish butchers and delis that had nothing to do with food and Ireland Irish people ate it.

Reason the eight is because it was she was served with cabbage and potatoes and sometimes even turnips. Basically a lot of the work, cabbage, interpretative go you up and you get a little bit of this cheap beef called corned beef and the people in Ireland actually rarely ate became an Irish American tradition and that began to be associated with St. Patrick's Day because one member St. Patrick's Day celebration is a spread across United States and this was her tradition in the United States were poor Irish people or me. We talk about the clover we talked about Saint Patrick and talked about the corned beef. Why do people wear green on St. Patrick's Day. If you look around today everywhere you go people at work people school all around the world people were greenbacks. Some cities around the world today will paint or light iconic monument screen like the Sydney Opera House. I think tonight is supposed to be green.

The pyramids at Gaza will be green Eiffel Tower. All will be lit green. As I mentioned earlier is show the Chicago River will be died green today. Why are our report out to get out of his will do it in school today but when I was a kid when the school week you I had to tell mom mom I got were green today because if you didn't wear green on St. Patrick's Day, you'd be pinched, why in the world is the color green associated one of the little leper because it we see you. What were they wearing green. I never knew. So I dug into it wanted to find out weird facts prior to 1798 there was any color associated with Ireland.

It will be blue, green color associated with the Irish flag prominently as a color in the Royal Ct. in Ireland but Irish rebellion began in 1798 that changed the emphasis of the color blue, green, why was that we remember when we had the Revolutionary war in 1776. Remember when the British fought against the patriots told remember what the British will call call the redcoats know what they were called the redcoats because they wore red uniforms, Irish soldiers begin to wear green clothing because green was the greatest contrast to the red uniforms of the British. Did you know that all because of the war began in 1798 Irish rebellion against the British because the British were wearing red, the people of Ireland and the particularly the military people in Ireland began to wear green contrast the color from the British redcoats that to me was an interesting fact while today we know that Ireland really become.

No, unfortunately a very sexualized place. What happened here we have this time were the end of the 300s and going into about 400 and later ADD after Jesus death. Ireland was a pagan nation and this man holiday. Saint Patrick felt like God was calling him to be a missionary go back to the island were kidnapped and imprisoned in detail.

These pagan people about the saving grace of Jesus Christ reminds me really what's happening United States today. All those people got saved lightly and in Ireland they were changing the world for Jesus and over time they became secularized.

They turned against God of the Bible the same thing is happening United States today in the 1700s when our country was founded, and I don't care what historical revision is to you today our nation was founded on Christian principles.

Most of the articles of the Constitution United States things in the Bible, and really had its original roots in the 10 Commandments, but you can trace back everything is not of the Constitution back to God's word.

Many of our early founding fathers were strong Christians and people like disabled your Benjamin Franklin wasn't close Benjamin Franklin to call people in the current middle Congress and told them they had to start every session in prayer when there was discussions or arguments would stop and they would take a time of prayer. Our nation was founded on biblical principles and as a Christian nation, we have forgotten that today you for the first hundred years in schools and public schools, you know the textbook that was used the Bible you know that. Check out the first hundred years in our nation. The Bible was the primary textbook across United States of America today and today.

No teachers allowed to talk about God's word prayer anything else in public school just like Ireland. We become very secularized and Ireland become one of the secularized countries in the world today there are a lot of reasons for declining Christianity, a valid many of those things.

As I said, or were saying the exact same things happen right now and the United States. One of things that happen in Ireland tapping right now as many people became rural, religiously unaffiliated your liquid going to church that's happening on states America today, particularly the younger generations. A lot of people go to church. George Martin's Christian poster recently put out statistics is that the people who were considered faithful church so they only church attend church once every three weeks. Is there really faith. We all were supposed to be the bride of Christ you think about it, man, if your wife only came home once every three weeks. Would you consider her faithful. I don't think so. We've become religiously unaffiliated. We don't go to God's work. We don't read judge were we don't go to the house of God anymore same thing that happened Ireland tapping United States of America right now. So we are to get mad at me and semi-bad emails will what I'm about to say but that's okay I want to tell you that one of the major reasons for the problems in Ireland the day and it really started changing is when they legalize same-sex same thing is happening. United States America today. Marriage is not a government institution looking God's word marriage was created by God. God intended marriage to be a union between one man and one woman for life.

That means he didn't intend abortion easy way to get out marriage like we do today, and God intended marriage not to be between a man and a man are man or woman are man and some animal product intended marriage to be a union between one man and one woman.

Another thing that really hurt Ireland same thing United States thousand 18 Ireland legalized abortion, I wanted to say that God is never going to bless a nation dulls a burger or baked right here.

The United States is 1973 the been over 63 million babies who been brutally murdered to abortion in the United States of America Right here today.

People move further and further away from God United States just like they did Ireland move away, probably for the Bible is the infallible sufficient inspired word of God. St. Patrick's Day was started as a day to honorably and literally began to move, to lead a nation stating you saving grace of Jesus Christ. But after they will, Chris.

How can one person make a difference.

He did. Saint Patrick is living proof that one man one woman make a difference. Saint Patrick committed himself deleting as many people as possible Jesus and the Christian culture in Ireland and it stood for centuries after he did that but unfortunately began to unravel. Which is exactly what's happening in the United States of America to all my share with you I told you one more recipe before we got off what I want to encourage you to remember that day were celebrating a nation they turned to Jesus Christ to take a stand on the word of God same thing that happened in Arlington after the United States. But the good news is just as God used one man Saint Patrick to lead a nation, a Jesus Pekingese you can use me turn the United States back of America back the saving grace of Jesus Christ recipe. I didn't want earlier, go get your corn beef provided any grocery store. Take out wash it off covered brown sugar. I know this sounds crazy, but in a crockpot or Dutch oven and cover it in a stout brown Irish beer I tell you to drink beer so get mad at me about that tell you where the beer over the alcohol out of it and that brown sugar will caramelize is a really different, sweeter tasting corn beef covered brown sugar and brown stop. We are not like non-American-style beer and cooked it for five hours until just fall apart. It's delicious tea right so you know what I did little different show today.

Yes, I wanted to talk about St. Patrick's Day. I just want to encourage you today. Take the time to thank God for men and women like St. Patrick will willing to stand up in their culture and pray that God might where I she will others today so we can impact the culture for Jesus. We do this know what we believe what we believe it. Secondly, we have to love the people bird we need to have a confidence in the gospel of Jesus Christ like you for joining me today. Till next time Christian perspective more about impacting culture for Jesus. Since forming the foundation. This is the Truth Network

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