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What are the Biggest Threats to Our Education System?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 15, 2022 5:00 am

What are the Biggest Threats to Our Education System?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 15, 2022 5:00 am

Christian activist and mom, Michele Morrow, joins Chris Hughes to talk about the U.S. education system and how parents can engage and improve the quality of education in America.


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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris Weller today welcomed grade with what's going on. What would proclamation what salute every day or something crazy going on in school every day whether critical race theory being shoved down our throats for me brainwashing to try to turn into transgendered or all, the crazy things more school system, and parents. Africa would learn what was going on school they started getting engaged in our school board chose we don't want parents about school system. We got a great show today and wants to grab for get started I want to thank our sponsor, the citizens were America foundation put the show on so we can educate Christians in our listeners about what is going on in society and then encourage your listeners to develop a biblical worldview was a biblical worldview is just a list to which we see the world and as Christians we want to see the world, the lens of the Bible.

Of course I want to thank our post, our studios are here in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee, on the campus of Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. If you're looking for college, got a child or grandchild.

Think about going to school you want to send them to a great biblically-based school encourage you look at the college Mid-America or maybe you want to go to seminary or you reappoint your life for you want to learn how you can do more things were Jesus. They have a great program in the Mid-America Baptist theological seminary's placement. We encourage or pray about. Think about attending grade school and I hope that you will take a look you going to Mid-America welcome a Christian perspective on Chris use my guest today is a wider on the front lines of the culture war, particularly in the education system in our country. I met her. Your two ago and everywhere I go is when I'm visiting in North Carolina. She's a North Carolina want to visit North Carolina. She's usually a speaker at some of it or engaged. She has a great following on Facebook and social media, and when I started thinking about education system across the country what's happening. Michelle Moreau came to mind right away so I guess today is Michelle Morrow, Michelle, thank you so much for joining us on the Christian perspective today. Thank you great honor to be with you. I'm excited to have you because I know that you like me out.

I'm very frustrated with what's happening in our school systems across the country. My kids are now grown mother in college so there in the worst system. The work were the public school system in our school system we live, we live up in the mountains of North Carolina is not really that bad. Where I live across the country is just getting worse and worse and in another. We have our parents a list of the show. So Michelle I was hoping today. Did you, tell us what's going on before that tell our listeners a little bit about Michelle you more do we want them to get to know you would know that they could trust what you're saying, tell them who you are and your mom and wife all the things that you do yet you cannot yet I am a wife and mother humble minor FI.

Mike had congratulated and I left at home.

I have been a nurse for 29 years graduated from the Carolina capital health and I have been a grassroots activist in the conservative movement about the lack you're living back in North Carolina from Colorado on my husband and I were missionaries in Mexicali for three kids were born in Mexico.

We ran a campus ministry out in Colorado. I've lived in a lot of different places and I think I have a perspective, but maybe bring potential solutions to the table while audit audit know that about you. We have a connection that I realize we had my wife is a nurse. What type of person are you well. I've done everything from neurosurgical ICU ER to labor and delivery.

Well, it's interesting. Nursing is such a difficult career in the shortage of nurses across the country. So I thank you that's really a mission field in itself.

My wife is a mental health nurse. I jokingly say she said to do that because she married. She stated that under Staley because he was married to sell it. That's interesting thing when you were telling us you are what you done, you mentioned that you are a grassroots activist. What does that mean how did you get involved in that mean that I believe that we need the people could be engaged because if you look at a great occasion. It basically is the doctor for those that we allot I believe that their number one job of anyone intergalactic author.

If you earn the right United States and badly we have over the years that we elect somebody in a mechanical about our line taking care of families and running a business.

There'd been paying our bills and reconnect the community and can we just try that those that we are going to be putting the needs of the people before all else on the cat really hasn't happened over the last year to see that very strongly in her article, and so on.

Grassroots activists are basically eating and talking to our legislators educating the public to know what's going on and you encourage them to be engaged with those that are there representatives on 38 and and federal level you touched on something that's real passion for me that this was our topic today but will start this permit and will get back to the education system. Your big part of what I do on the show Michelle as we try to encourage people to become educated on the issues and engaged a unit of the what we encourage others to do your you're not a trained politician, your you're not a theologian in the sense that you you you you were missionaries were a longer time, but it's not like you're a preacher or anything like that. You're just a regular person. I mean the complementary way.a bad way your your your molecules is concerned about what's going on what they're seeing and learning, and what's happening in society are concerned about their future. So listeners you will like you were just regular people there are not crazy like me, you engage the craziness in the political world. So for a regular person like you want to get engaged. What was your path was or trigger that set you off and then when you said I wanted to do something. What did you do and how did you do because there might be somebody else out there who wants to engage like you're saying that they don't really know where to start or what to trigger for me with actually moving back from Colorado back to North Carolina and it was it written in 2015 when on when Pres. Trump announced that he was running for office and a lot of the current a lot of the issue started being on the southern border and having lived in Mexico. I knew I know first hand that an open border in North Carolina are unkind infected is actually harming the countries out the back line because so many young men are leaving their wife and children. Incoming United eight and the first one or two years. Don't spend money and get in and they would just disappear into that into our nation and leaving behind all of the women and children in broken family and and no one there to actually fight on, you know I be the leader that are not getting people there civil rights until I got passionate about that. People don't understand how the we think that were doing something passionately think that were doing something at the blessing to people but it truly is not a black thing and so that's kind of what got me started on as well as the whole abortion. If you and understanding the history of Margaret Sanger and who she was in her eugenic background and her abject racism and the fact that the other candidate that was running was with very highly praised and felt at the Christian my my worldview like you are is that I believe they that God has defined all of us with passion and with interest and with talent and Elizabeth. I think that there's so many different grassroots group is so many different groups better in a kind of hitting things head on in different ways. I tell people whatever need you wake out and start paying attention to what was happening. Find a group that exciting that I know if it will like it that the education of the border issue.

Our military health care, whatever it is that really get you riled up that late year is not right on and find someone out already in that I enjoin and you can find like-minded people. You'll find friends that will last a lifetime. And you will be using. I believe when God told us that before anyone of us was created. He already had set apart. Good work you I think those are the kingdom work.

He intended for us to be apart out and felt when we follow kind of what you know what gets us motivated back when I think were rhythmically will think that was a great recommendation. I have thought of that way work, you find whatever the issues you're concerned about eventually start you mentioned Margaret Sanger. For those of you were listening.

So she held her Planned Parenthood which is abortion incorporated the sole purpose of Planned Parenthood is not protecting women's rights or women's healthcare there in the business to abort babies and so you're going to send letters to me get mad at me. I don't care that soon will your as you mentioned, Margaret Sanger was a racist and Planned Parenthood in the very beginning of me there more black babies murder to abortion than any other ethnic group, and that was the plan of Margaret Sanger in the beginning, and people just don't realize how racist really me about a racist organization there's nobody more racist than Planned Parenthood. And I'm sorry about that Michelle just to you it a you know so people at your listing and there is an issue like abortion or other issues were blessed with, or the Internet exist. You can go on in Google childcare center see centers in your area or the pro-life movement.

If the borders are issue you didn't Google border organizations under organizations all over the country that are plugged in and flood you with and help you get involved and engaged.

If you wanted your work on the front lines on a particular issue enemy you don't have to be like me were on the radio talking about it all the time.

They need people to answer quality people write letters in the pro-life. It is true that he people just the local young ladies or maybe come down and help man the front desk of the local pregnancy center in human trafficking, which is a huge issue connected to much about the border being open your people don't think about how prevalent human trafficking is right now because the by the administration as our board open.

There are millions of kids and and adult will be inclusion of the sex industry and the drug cartels mail are really making more money in the human trafficking business that they are in drugs.

Rent the tablet would break our guest is Michelle Morrow would come back you will going to jump into the educational system so get out your self a lot of information to be help save the next generation will this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

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Enjoy American on this day March 15 19 before the Senate voted down voluntary prayer in public schools. Ronald Reagan responded, I am deeply disappointed that although majority of the Senate permanent fell short present regulator market in 1962, the Supreme Court banned the same prayers. 1963, the court banned the reading of the Bible in our public schools also made one court after another Pres. Reagan concluded without God there is no virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience without God. Democracy will not transcript all American limit of 1888 USA welcome, but show moral show. She served as a missionary and when they moved to North Carolina all auto. She was just so concerned about open border in the things going on because they have been missionary missionaries go, she decided she had to get engages in activities of the political system, and I think that engagement is male, center on the main area where her heart is really focused on trying to change the things are going on in the educational system today. Michelle I know you work a lot in the education system. What really got to focus on our education system at home and it started off as one year because my daughter was struggling in school and learning different things that an IEP I'm looking to get caught up per year and back had turned into 14 year doing and honestly it was through their education and through going through history with famine and looking kind of the direction that our country was headed that I started while I truly believe that the educational and in United States of America. The larger socialist Army that exists on the planet and I think when when the United States developed the Department of Education and took over control of our school from a local and state level on it when things really started going out and I'm still as I've gotten deeper and deeper into that I'm realizing that on at least a hearing I Carolina are across the board and need that because if the common entity of the government handing out money with the strings attached say if you receive this money then you must do X flyer. The on and there had been a complete shift in our educational teaching critical thinking from encouraging civil debate from no from just being children as unique individual and the goal being to prepare them for adult life and to enter into the community as as productive and it seems to have completely shifted into everything a social justice everything is on a political bent on and and quite frankly I think we're where teaching or can you feel their way through life rather than to think their way through life and I think that that needs to change radically because it is destroying our nation on alcohol. You mentioned little government and the amount of money that they are thrown towards education is huge bureaucracy. My daughter goes to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and showed that there is a huge amount of money spent in the school system in Baltimore and I don't districts off the top of my head, but very few children graduating from the public school system in Baltimore can even read and so there's not a correlation. There seems to be in the minds of of liberal thinkers in our federal government. Government did we just throw money at the situation give more money to a school system that is gonna be great and change everything. But if you look at a lot of the big cities in particular were huge amounts of money are spent in education. The opposite is true.

It looks almost like were more money is spent. The kids are dumb down and even more not given the education they need and thus not an issue of socialism or indoctrination. Money is not the solution to the problem.

What you see as the biggest were education system today. I think the biggest threat educational and that there is a desire in our school and to usurp the role.

Eventually teaching or can from very young ages and are telling them that their parents know laugh than what educators now there telling them that United States is inherently racist and if the bad nation and there telling them that they need to fight again and essentially at really fascinating meeting that I went to laugh rang and it was probably about 16 different natural like the defendant that had come from different countries throughout the world and all of them had come from socialist or counting of countries and they all had this common that in their elementary schools as young as they were. They were taught that the readers wanted to develop a brand-new society where everyone was going to share everything and they were going to be no poor people and everyone can have everything in common and they were literally told don't you want to be a part of that don't you want to be a part of the society of equity and then they would say you need to go and tell your parents tell your grandparent, we are forming the society and they would literally tell the Now they may not agree because they might not even the same way. We need you can be changing for and so they started putting away between the kids and between a parent and grandparent and how they get warriors for this plan to completely change the way that the United States even functions no longer the cop to the public. But even as the Democrats are coming out and think at that Democratic social or untrained, and without.

This is the truth. When we look at children. God designed children. We need bad that the kingdom of heaven belong to D because children are absolutely trust any adult that you put in front of them. They are going to believe that there telling the truth, especially young children and no kindergarten through fourth or fifth grade batted the grammar stage of learning literally are under age of absorbing a desire for knowledge. They have a desire to learn new things. They had they had inquisitive Marine and so we need to be really careful what the message is that our children are listening to every single day eight hours a day and who it is. What is there will be a fee for so long. You and I grew up in the public educational defendant.

Quite frankly I did great.

I get it prepared me to be able to be in her able to give back to the community and and so I think we just kind of knew that what was happening in the thinking that was happening when we were in school and probably one of the greatest thing that happened that combat helmet is parent started to realize how painted on the screen. I had no idea. We started to wake up and realize just like he can't just get back in that are left till are always doing the right thing and have our best interests at heart. We can no longer try that every person in the school and that there desire is the same as are for the outcome. Our children when you're 18 or 19 graduate from high school. We now have to be on the front line and seeing what exactly is happening.

That's the problem was all the parents given over basically the raising really use a term of their children to the education system and really saw the shift 60 or 70 years ago was both parents forget workplace parents felt like we both have to work because we want to have these certain things are alive not realize that God gave these children to us to regift us and we are responsible for what's been put into the minds and hearts of the children and a lot of parents never go to school never meet the teachers. They don't look at the curriculum.

You will probably let me me I would go market homework. Most parents out there, go that's when there was a big wake-up call world you're basically two years ago when Covidien is coming home but were sitting at the kitchen table with the laptops on in some cases I guess were teacher will doing video teaching parents were hearing things in their shop to the other kids were in it was a wake-up call formed what you were describing really is a socialist system. Michelle that is that it is leading to communism, which is this what their goal is and they teach kids that the Bible is a myth that is not true any of God's design was for one man to be married to one woman for life and love their love their children raise her children to love. Love and fear the Lord does not want the school system is in the school system today. There I mean if you just googled it and I know you say this Michelle all across the country group were school boards, teacher associations, and teachers are being told to not tell parents what's going on in the school system in the state of Oregon if a child identifies of the offices that the state of Oregon. They can get home therapy basically pills to your list issues.

Example God to grow rest inside of him, and to decrease the level of testosterone and they can do this without the permission of parents all across the country.

There are school systems that are handing out condoms and and even birth control pills and in some states and even judges. In some states instead teacher in the school system is forbidden to notify parents to let parents know that even happening. What we think about that situation were school system and parents are not arming teachers about telling parents what's going on. I think that is exactly what I would writing in and usurping the role of a parent and and dividing up the family and on and I think as a nurse it is an absolute case of malpractice when you would when you would be manipulating a child hormonal activity before they gone through puberty.

You know that we do not even have an entire frontal lobe and the ability to measure pros and cons and make logical decisions until a person is 26 years old. Tell it. In my opinion as a medical professional. It is an abomination to be even discussing this with children are likely children. Children in an elementary school and even middle school will don't have the logical on maturity could be dealing with these intricate these intricate issues like if you tell a child that you can take and change their gender when they're thick there's nothing result they think about as a a little literal fact like they could wake up tomorrow morning and have new partner have part either the children that don't believe in class in the tooth fairy and superheroes can fly interlayer very concrete thinker and we are putting on them.

These discussion that are completely philosophical question that really should not even be attempted until they are in more of the rhetoric you know the rhetoric stage of development which is more in high school like this when you talk about all of the money is children are feeling show moral occasions for the formation of a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know truly important role God in the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation will embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how to blog about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

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I think the biggest threat. Her educational and that there is a desire in our school to usurping the role. Eventually they teaching our kids from very young ages and their telling them that their parent, no lack than what educators know their telling them that United States is inherently racist and if the bad nation and their telling them that they need to fight again that we are spending so much time in the school day discussing the topic and not teaching them to read how to do proper math and how to express himself in writing, we are not training then can be prepared to enter worklife back here in North Carolina just last week Charlotte Observer came out with that said, less than 50% of 18 to 40-year-old in North Carolina will be able to take the new job that are coming to our why because they are not ready. Academically skilled life is an atrocity that is basically saying this did not happen in the last two years happening for 20 years. In 2000 and North Carolina with 12 in the nation for our educational system this year this past year we were 30 we have to redefine what is the perfect statement of our educational system and what we have been doing has only been family time to stop and could go back in to find out when were we successful.

When will we rising in the rank in our education. What were we doing that was actually preparing children for life and enhancing our community and our economy in all of the state we live in that I believe is what the goals of public educational system be to prepare children either when their 18 when they graduate, they should be able to either enter the work for or go to the military or be prepared to go on to you.

Note to higher education. Not everybody should be going on to higher education.

We need treatment.

We need we need to look in the communities and say oh what what businesses are here.

What do they need right and we should have trades as far as I'm concerned, we should have work-study programs we should have internship we need to be making a leader that can stay in North Carolina that can remain in the cities where they grew up thinking that can be the neck and out CEOs of the company that where they grew up and where they went and got is not what the current educational system is promoting and it's not what they are producing quote" by the end of the K-12 education and the show expressed earlier that she believes it was the biggest problems is her desire to usurp the role of parents and shortly doing that across the country of the show we were talking a few minutes ago about about trying to convince children that they might be a member of the opposite sex.

I know you probably heard about the drag queen story out, which is been taking place across the country for men come to school. We generally in classes for kids between about five years old and eight years old to dress up like princesses and they look so beautiful to the children and then they read story books basically promote that ungodly sexual agenda of the transgender is him in his brainwashing our kids in a confusing, confuses her kids and then afterwards or try to get kids to identify I read yesterday on the board was worth school was having a gender out day you were like when some get pregnant today. They have this big day with a tell you what what sex the child is in their having a day of school system. The public school system across the country were to build up to it. They have these transsexuals come in a restorative or your being saying there were born in the wrong body or whatever it may be that they're having a big day work you reveal what their gender is.

This nonsense is crazy and it's happening all across the country today yesterday and I think you know just last night I had a functioning on the young guys in their late 20s that I could I would think what what disturbing to me. I will tell you I went to the first drag queen story out here in Raleigh. It was counted as this big event and I went because I wanted to see what was happening and quite frankly wanted to cry and I was hoping to talk with the young guy on afterwards and asked him kind of like what is your goal. What brought you to this point because on. I truly believe that there is something very unhealthy about a grown man needing the like meeting the risk factor for needing the ruble of young children and quite frankly we can see definitely that this is grooming on children to be the victims of sexual abuse and I believe that God has put in the heart of every child and version to any person that would approach them in a sexual manner. It was not very long ago that you will agree that we were teaching our children about danger, danger, and we were telling our kids know everything that's covered up by updating at private and nobody should ask Steve at her touch that, and you shouldn't eat at our text, that of anyone else how far we get one now discussing at three and four years old and telling that talking about body parts and talking about masturbation and always think this is because they are grooming children to be victims of sexual assault. Why I believe that every person we are all looking for validation of who we are human being. What is most serving about all of this is we are not defined by our gender, or by who were attracted we Lessened the intricacies of being human in the AMI we are made in God we have so much more about all things just what gender we are or you know or what our sexual orientation. If we can. We are lengthening. Basically, the identity of every person to those toothy youth to be that we would choose friends based on somebody that has similar interests like people that are friendly to us-we can learn a lot from three and four-year-olds on the preschool playground. They don't choose people to play with because of the color there because of what gender that is bigger doing the activity that they like to write for friendly to them until we are actually like mine working our children are dividing up people I start looking at people completely differently not mind the character of who they are, not by what their interests are not by what their strengths are not by what their personalities are completely by their gender and sexual orientation and that is in my opinion an abomination to God created the human being you in our country work for 200 years to get away from the code you Martin Luther said you want to live in a society where we never look to the color of somebody's getting Martin Luther King Jr. and and and look where we are.

We reverted back to the 1960s were teaching kids to segregate and and to look at people based on their gender or the color of her skin or whatever it might be you were talking about teaching three and four. Five-year-old masturbates in and so for those in your listing.

If you think that she's wrong to show this couple weeks ago you go back and search our podcast falls, but I encourage you to look it up. It's a show I did on, sexuality education curriculum. I don't know if you heard of this yet. Michelle, the Obama minister duration started that present 12 became president you we wiped it out and then the first thing by administration did.

They came in as they allocated $130 million to support, sexuality education across the country and really is going on across the world and some of things they do like you sitting kindergartner teaching kids in pre-k masturbation is good there. They got curriculum in the schools and books of the book in the school library. By the time kids are eight years old, the shift from not just telling you that masturbation is good but they tell you that if you let somebody else start you in those areas that it feels even better children.

Michelle and then again like you said, it is opening them up and get worked up from support to the next grade at the sexual abuse in their teaching children that they should be touching each other's genitals and and and and mutual masturbation, and even in the second and third grader teaching kids about banal sex that you're handing out up body parts that are in a plastic body parts to show them what they all look like and how they work together. It is insane and it is sinful. What is being taught in our nation today and its Christian parents losing the show.

It is time for you to stand up and inputted into this nonsense is crazy what's going on, which leads into moderates? Were you Michelle is who do you think should be making the decisions of what's going on our local schools could we see on the news or school boards literally are calling the police on a parent. If they say one thing that me not anything bad just because they one thing like your wash. We were a masterwork kids be made to wear a mask when we have pictures of you school board member out in restaurants or the governor of California not word amassed me this mask wearing his ugly looking to find out 20 years from now terrible accident. Socially, on the next generation of our leaders here in our country who do you think should be making these decisions in the school system show I'm okay well for a world record get so worked up what what what you look like a quick break but you should be making decisions show more greater formation was more name, organization or individual life can be difficult to use social media scores give us a call today at 704984242. In a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a financial problem.

Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about time creating a family is not there is an underlying 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his light and joy.

The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is indicated and founded America foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation's capital with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden cover much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the learn about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles secure your spot to join this book about a month or two tomorrow talking about the school system was break, I would get worked up opening my school work orders being taught to masturbate by the second grade to masturbate each other.

It is just terrible on our school system teaching our kids they might be born of the body somebody's making these decisions.

Michelle should be making the decisions in our school systems.

While I'd like to say that the principle that each school in the end. All teachers go into the rightly frightening teacher.

They love being an educator and we had completely removed that opportunity from our teacher. Now they are being for you and all of the different training I have to tell you I don't believe that if you are teacher and you need to be told again and again in you need to have training week after week on how to be sensitive to children and not call people out there different than that. I don't think that you can be a teacher what's happening when you're talking about everything that happening will need to remember that every minute that it teaching the sexual perversion away completely from educating them to become the best people that they can be.

I think that this should be left to teachers. Then you go up there and it becomes the school board and after that it should be the date I think the federal government had their hand completely out what is happening in our state constitutionally may have snowbound doing anything in the educational realm and while I absolutely want teachers to be the one that are are designing parents and teachers to be collaborating. What happened in the school. I think you we need to go into our community and ask people that are former teachers people that are business owners people that are no what do they need our kids to be learning, especially in the middle and high school aged when they start kind of appearing their direction from where there's an adult with adult input from the community thing hey guys, incredible incredible structure because all the counties like you all across the country, different on different infrastructure that that the kids could plug into. And so we need to find out what is here in North Carolina we have such a well we have everything from agriculture and tourism in IT in the medical field and military field and on great institutions of learning and there's so many ways to do be a part of staying in North Carolina and preparing our kids for the next stages of life which is adulthood.

I think we need to bring those people from our community and in faith. What are we lacking what are you not being in Their graduating from our our high school.

What you need to be preparing them for in order to enhance your business so that we can enhance the economy where we live right here in the trades or something that we were losing weeks we have this big push to send kids to college and they go to school and about saying there's a place for college education. I think continuous education is always good. We should always continue to be learners and and that's one reason the reading is so important. You can get a very good education just from reading without going to college but not everybody is water college kids are going to college today. The graduate with 1/4 million dollars or more of debt. In some cases and some crazy degree like women's studies, you're never going to make that quarter million dollars back in women's studies to pay for your college were not encouraging kids to go in the trade. We need electricians and we need well person so many other things and and I don't know why our society teaches people to frown upon the leaders. I think your recommendation that we get businesses in our community involved in and working with the school system thing hey we need people with a certain skill set to grow and build our communities right here where we live.

Michelle tell us a little bit about your welfare and I'm hearing what you're telling us today on the show was shown on shop. What's going on in the school system and I want to be involved first lamplight. Every parent should take a strong look at homeschooling. But if somebody can't do that and they want to get involved.

What do they do teach us a little bit about that process because I know you're very engaged with your local school board only and you know for the last two years there's been a group of parent religiously going every week to the school board meeting Stanley, the school board has been making smaller and smaller the number of people that don't even allow in and for me that is very indicative of what we were just talking about earlier that they don't want the parent to be knowing what happening. They don't want to be held accountable so run for your school board on the part of the PTA on the know, the thing I think that we need people who are empty-nesters to start being involved in offering services you offer to go and help read with kids once a day or could you offer to help with their math or to do something. Whatever your gifting is right could potentially go to the schools and offer your services. I will say that I have friends that have offered that and they only want people who have been trained by the University system as educator and that pretty indicative of what really happening in our school, and I don't think that with a transgender dress up a man dress up like a woman in the region that the document and what that's going quite clearly is an what the goal is the educational and as it were. Right now I think churches have a huge huge role to play in this quite honestly, when all the old workload along here North Carolina I would contacting different school different churches and thanks. Would you be willing to get people from your congregation just become and sit with the cancer that parent that have to work to drop their children out somewhere that they can they can help them to do their schoolwork at a safe place and know what going on and infused them with the truth, but you know that didn't happen, but I do think at this point the greatest thing that parent can do is start realizing you you got.

If you're not gonna be a part of something in the school.

Then help those that are trying to change the you can open your home and invite people that you know you have one of the school board candidates come in and and talk about what happening in our school that you can going knock on doors and pass out.

Think you can work in the fold. If you can get people who truly have a vision for how working to change our school system. You can help them to do that, then that would be huge as well because all of the children are going to benefit people will say to me like you care you homeschool your head because I care all of the children. Can't or won't take them out of public educational system. This is our future intent. Every child right now that's in second grade will have graduated and will be an adult in our system can use a very short amount of time and we have got to stop what is happening in teaching our kids not only are they victim but many don't work ethic that we need to put discipline back in the school of immediate consequences back in the school we need for excellence to be rewarded need for hard work, depraved meaning for the people achieving great things that were inspired rather than always looking at the lowest common denominator and think, oh yeah, what about the people that are feeling the wire week of quietly looking people that had actually overcome incredible optical to be wonderful contributors to our society as adults we may not know about, you know that what they call the Gen. assembly of the legislature of North Carolina decided about five years ago that there would never be another valedictorian public schools. To me, that is a disgrace. It is a disgrace and glad legislature because most people don't realize that back when Beverly Purdue was the governor here. He created the Department of Public instruction and they literally took away the legislature role in creating curriculum and even doing funding for schools at the state level and he gave it to the DPI, in which case the DPI is now the one that is responsible for funneling federal funds into each of the county and they are the ones that are responsible for thing because you're getting the money now. You must participate in this curriculum in one way shape or form. They like to say that it is that local school board, and go to your local food. North America went to control it but not but it's not the local school boards are under the offices of you're not gonna get your funding if you don't do it. They might give them the choice of a BRC index ERP you have to choose one of the order for you to get your funding so I think that we need to talk to our legislators and say we want you to take back control because the legislators are the ones that are our appointed like they're the ones that represent a certain number people of their constituents in each county. They are the ones that we can accept. We don't have access to people that are not elected in the DPI here. North Carolina espoused an employee there paid in only one of them is elected by the people and that is very concerning. Because there's no accountability right can you do is is Michelle said raise awareness of friends at church or even other parents at school you can learn about the curriculum is been told in your school.

You can contact your school board identify what curriculum is being used, you can educate mobilize parent. You can write letters to the editor.

You can register to vote and you need to vote. What is a Christian perspective of the rep at the show will protect our children. How can we call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ." Jesus was neutral when it came to protecting children. Jesus would never say it's okay for our children to pick one of many genders. You just would not be happy with us as parents, giving the instruction of her children would've taken sexual deviance look at God's word. God's word does not affirm sexual relationships outside of biblical marriage between one man one woman in God's word does not divide by skin color is time for us to wake up and take a stand for our children show. I told you to do this but you are parent who has woken up and you're taking a stand you're running for school board. Is that correct yes I am. I want you share how parents can follow you and that way they'll know how to be praying for you, thank you for taking a stand thing I'm not to let this happen. Our children more so how could I follow you an upward absolutely thinking you can go to Michelle for it Michelle with one out number four and I'm also on Facebook.

I do like nightly podcast trying to encourage people and put all of this into the perspective of Scripture as well as to pray for what happening because prayer is the most important tool in all that we have got to pray for the people of God to rise up and fit infiltrate every area of our society with the truth with righteousness and with Dr. that God would desire a member Michelle, thank you for doing this today on the Christian perspective, thank you for having me encourage you to find a local candidate. Your areas really be praying for Michelle you better get Michelle that's with one L4 and be praying for heard others across country registered about list changes school boards across country, they foolishly Christian perspective today is the city Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit citizens for America

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