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Has Tech Invaded Your Family?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
The Truth Network Radio
March 11, 2022 5:00 am

Has Tech Invaded Your Family?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 11, 2022 5:00 am

Connie Albers and Chris Hughes talk about how technology has changed family dynamics and how you can take your family back.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast road from the Christian faith, and layout. Our foundation of the truth of God's word for Trojan Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network writing is one of America's most respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political and author is the founder and assuming America foundation brought to you today by the citizens of America foundation from the Christian perspective studios on the campus of Mid-America college and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary in Memphis Tennessee Ellijay young person is looking good Christian college or maybe very many college you want to go seminary are going to be a preacher or missionary or sooner, you might as well or more about God's word. I want to tell you won't find the school is better grounded in the word of God, the sufficiency of Scripture.

The inerrancy of Scripture than Mid-America Baptist theological seminary were so honored.

They will bring your show each and every day for Mid-America so check this out. Would love to have you visit campus and CALL me and let me know.

I'd love to visit with you and grab lunch when you're busy the campus well is family. Friday is been an exciting week a good week for me. Connie and I hope you had a great way to but I need to apologize to you because you had a milestone couple weeks ago. Talk about on the show last week but your podcast headed hundred episode. What a great accomplishment and milestone to reach your ministry, and I know personally how hard it is putting together young people like you podcast a talk about research goes into every single show I Connie am so proud of you. Tell everybody that I know they hear you here, but know about the podcast you have and they really need to go to tell about your ship and actually I got my 100 course because as you mentioned something requires intentionality required for plan determination and just knowing that you you start all you as a friend of mine said he start hungry sometime quit can be started right before the pandemic So one week before the pendant.

I can't everything he had, upon Conference. I got approved by Apple and all the powers that be launched and and here we have gone. Two years the world changing right in front of us and equipped to be shows up every Wednesday at 8 AM and it should continue to grow and start my fear Frank for your listeners and gas to come over and check out equipped to be. We are really excited about what God is doing. Next on Michelle the same way you think you Connie you even it will probably sing like a daunting task. You started this thing and then a week or two later the pandemic is everything the Lord what you do, Connie. That was probably God's providential hand with your ministry and me because people were now Hallman probably people are listening to podcast thing nail after the pandemic more than before. Is the podcast format as grown and it probably was a blessing in many ways your ministry because people were Hallman can listen to podcast the way they never could write all that's what I deal and I travel all over and everything was wiped out and it stayed that way now starting to come back and I felt like the Lord had told me to do it. I didn't know nine I didn't know the technical part of podcast and kind of like you've been learning to do radio shall technical pieces and God brought just the right people at just the right time and literally. I felt the world was changing and got it pivoted me to this new arena of podcasting and again I never believed in Clinton and you think I want that to be obedient because you people in your path to do that job duties assigned for you when you work with to me for that moment though. I just want to tell you every Wednesday. Connie releases a new show is called equipped to be and you can find it at her website. Connie real simple, just to name Connie but not only are websites you learn about a podcast which is equipped to be, but you can learn about her book you don't report more commercials or we do have a topic to talk about what is it exciting hundred episode not know many people reach that accomplishment in and God is just what you and your ministry is on fire right now.

You travel speak and for those of you not just swimming women's conference is the advice you give is great for all or something every week were talking together on the show family conferences men conferences if you're looking for somebody to come speak in your church. Connie is just a great great resource conferences, homeschooling conferences, and as you heard if you listen every week. You know Friday's one cottage whether she talked about being a homeschool mom to five kids. She and Tom homeschool their kids so don't tell me about your book and then will hop topic will think you will raising team confidence in July well over 10 years we would have families, our kids are home and we went to Bible study.

We have fellowship there always fun to be high and I would just can't talk about what they wish their parent knew or what they wish they could talk to parents about that. They just cutting because their children to parents would overreact or think where the cells take away their driving privileges with a lot staring in the kids heart. They were wrestling with good things and some very difficult thing in all the years I just kept taking notes in my NATO I want you right and I thought again to type Right all right but I that Juergen have to bring it all to pass and I met someone who got me an agent and then we signed with Naprosyn Tyndale House parenting be on the rules are doing very well and it is a twofold message.

Chris and Jean do a difficult season because they're trying to grow up trying to hold back at them. We can tell I want to be confident and Julie need to parent their children, but I also want them to think he is competent and joy within their team stand for the truth that their parents have been infusing into their life and they were little, so I left.

You can find it anywhere old. It's just been really well and you know we have a limited boundary. We need to kick the other kids grow, we have to adjust especially during the teen years will you want those you love about the baby. We would probably only know when to hold all those prayers about my daughter. We did everything together.

When she was in school we praise you with much availability and she liked to eat food like I like the heart, let go, but you have in the office at the nail. That is, God tell us we were great friends that own is just amazing how God uses all those things. "Be sure to check out about podcast every Wednesday and if you want to see us both will be speaking in Memphis Tennessee on April 30 the campus of Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. This is America foundation is holding their annual cultural engagement silent and nearly all because of apologists of other speakers there, but you want, be worth the trip to Memphis just to hear what calling out to say that there is more April 30 on your calendar for more about that as citizens for America that citizens of America Click on the events button and you can find out how you can come and bring your church or college or whatever homeschooling group would love to have y'all join us see on April 30 will call you were talking a minute ago about how God used the technology available to help your your podcast come together, but technology can be good.

I know for families. Sometimes it can be a trick and and we need to learn how to tame a technology a little bit in our lives. You can be neutral, but it can also be positive for so tell us what your opinion is about technology how that affect the family. What we need to be doing his parents to look out for challenging technology issues in our families technology like every parent talked about it and we know this because we see what our kids are doing interesting prior to 20 20 March 2020 speak on technology.

I would have a different perspective on technology usage and what kids continue see Kristin if I started talking about the dark lettuce. I started talking about that parents don't really think frankly my parents don't really know how to fully harness the power of their cell phone or computer you start talking about anonymous apps and hidden at dark dark lad and man parents just very fearful and Abraham can manipulate Chris by either bringing back a quick note if I can help whatsoever or they figured out the stumble and fall, and now it's okay to be okay in your ground and you just mutual. We were doing it for the radio show podcast when you were communicating via email or things to come to church and we can pretty much find anything we want with a few clicks of a button.

Well, what happened to their children and to try to help parents understand the fear-based when it comes technology has changed the world has changed and what parents may have heard, is now writing their faith that we do now our kids are being got in mind we do now our kids are being traced and tracked being traced and tracked were also being centered and violent technology going away. The problems will coming out. Maybe Facebook maybe it will turn to something else, or maybe it'll break up an antitrust law is going to happen, but we do now find us for community and relationship, and that we teach our children how to use technology.

How do you think the guy is power to create a positive social footprint failed to advise particularly in this day and age were talk about technology with Connie Albers right now and talk of things were still about as you were talking about technology and search engines dark web take a break because he will come back before we jump in all that you explain to her listeners. What is the dark where we probably appearance was things you don't know in order anonymous. That might not know what is all the coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about your coffee shop generous Joe's job even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or is blocking the fixed fee to Siebel come to life this December into a nationally radio host and founder foundation to create life-changing it's one of the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic site like the Wailing Wall don't walk through the winding alleyways of Nasser's own hands and placed our Savior's birth and see firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes travel on like new America and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating joy is spoken stand against slavery resulted in a Congressman from Carolina violently beating him on the head with a cane while he was sitting at his desk said the injuries from which he never fully recovered wasn't Sen. Charles Sumner died this day March 11, 1874, founder of the Republican Party also declared that great story of redemption, God raised up the sleep board both to deliver his chosen people, and the supply were story where our Savior died, and all men, without distinction of race might be saved makes slavery all-American limit of one talking today about technology in the dark will but absent when we like technology like so phones are smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets are all part of our lives.

And they're not going to go away. I don't think any time soon on really struggle with one when you give your kids and you have advice about when you give her cell phone like we jump into that lesson you were talking about dark web anonymous apps. What is the dark web apps.

In general, not just imagine well the to go out into the world wide web undetected so button on your computer. You can either you on Yahoo or one of the other platforms… You can do is type in and you can search and be told how to fight onions or how to manage a budget well. The ability to go like the invisible go out there and search.

That's where a lot of human trafficking happens. That's where life to take place. That's were stocking And gathering information that search engine quote unquote won't be able to be traced and tracked back to you. Now, it technically could see that they came on and click on your trial history. They would merely see they were searching for stay pornography or they were searching for Mark searching for how to cut or how you do self harm, either because this could be actually searched without detection and a permanent part that can be troublesome and you don't get concerned part of how we ran many combat does not allow you to like it that the communication with your kids know what's going on are struggling with stumble into pain like you and I can click a few buttons and get over here. I was looking at. Not a big deal topic and find myself well into parents and children so we want to have a conversation with our kids so that they do understand the different we teach them ways to go about being sneakier being incognito but that they are aware that other people unity need them for evil and not part of a device and you can click on. You can add to the device is great you know and Can be XL can be at work because it can be good when you get too far in the week with respect there are like the crash or some of the other apps like Facebook can be an app on your phone and you can't click on well there are others that are kind of like a dark web where they can get an account and can now under an icon on your device that can really see where it can be a photo album where there's pictures that I expect to be there that were sent to her right underneath now mom and dad, parent caregivers, teachers, if you're listening to three.

Don't panic if the opportunity you have conversation tools and resources and depending on the developer, it can unite terrific knot and unite monitored by the federal government or not. And so you just you can begin the conversation.

Something like even doing on your phone or in practice thing called anonymous or things that they'll want a parent. I know I've gotten deep in the weeds on their and I don't want To be scared to death that I knew. I knew I shouldn't like it because things that this not just on devices in society and in our world and there is power in that and parent caregivers as educators we want to help our children will learn how to use technology how to use device you are good and not evil.

We want to teach them how to resist and we wanted teach, and the dangers date they can avoid them and when we talk and have knowledge and extraordinary inner kids don't think were quite as ignorant. Maybe they think we are because we start acting and we don't film for email UFO will probably be jail but all over the place you're going to think of so many things you could teenagers living this white male will you be in on your weekly basically are preaching to me every single Friday resume all of the information reviewed for me is so useful will start if I can just interrupt is okay bycouple questions Connie as a parent you thought about how we can monitor our kids how do we monitor and how do we know if our kids have these dark web apps on the phone or the computer. Great question being accountable when your children decided that the age and interject something before, like how do we know it first starts with the relationship you have with your child that you see within your child is a constantly run toward that which they're not supposed to do you just kind the they can get away with something or do something. Maybe there button pushers may be there.

One criterion is what's going on in the heart of the child. As you know, the other is with maturity level of your child and he routine click something before them a bag of M&Ms and say hey I'm a go fold laundry. Don't touch Back in the golden be ready to handle it just because there we the ability to say no ability to temptation to go speaker or click around could be an indicator that they're not maturing. Or maybe they don't have the ability to celebrate I saw control or to just say I don't think that's good for me. Another indicator that might not be the right time at age limit site map say okay your child.

SB 13 but you know what parents are doing. Chris kicked up with someone or or social media account under age yet or not 13 years old 18 years old keep up with the five friend in touch with the family that live in Idaho or wonderful reason they don't realize that when they sent their children out there, their children and Alex to all manner of people and you can't regulate and control that it's impossible to stay on top of it and unwrap an IT wizard yourself on different question.

Think about the relationship you have with your child think about the natural propensity to child hats toward obeying doing the right thing listening to your instructions following your instructions and honoring the audit requirements that could bypass for AG your child mature enough to handle it or not and if they're not completely I'm not seeing area response ability of maturity. Wait a little bit when I see little more freedom and the freedom and that really lucky to have a great school wonderful resource tool with these resources come on ability to handle the responsibility can't be faithful doing things like, and what is called back a little while until you can show demonstrate drivel to handle things like like a 30,000 elevation of what parents have to do before they even dive into the whole action devices because that everyone's using your devices more world changing the way they communicate has changed even more. Connie, do you think the parents should have the password for the phone about kids.

I know that's a big argument in some families is controlled password student do you think Garrett should have those passwords.

It's funny that my first entry in the end their younger absolutely. Mom and dad are paying for. Absolutely because what parents don't realize Chris is there like that you children. Let's just say you're curious teenagers decide they're going to pull a prank on another teenager and about teenager does something out of fear or reaction, then trace back to your child and because they are your childhood reminder that can be held liable absolutely. I do believe that having a password having having and establishing boundaries, no skeletons in your bed in your bedroom at night. They all billing to either mom and dad's bedroom or they go into their left in the carpet on the kitchen table wherever parents decide the commonplace is no. No phones in the bedroom at night. you can't be isolated and go up on yourself on your own and screen watch their behavior. if they start pulling the phone away when family walked by curious about why my height with never be normal about anything but having the account password and putting on parental control. on don't realize that these kids are our chest extremely mom and dad. I've been told many times mom and dad will change the password on something and they'll walk 3 feet away to close the door leave the room or burger dinner and within a matter of seconds, the Patrick changing to get right back on doing it doing whatever it was a one such be doing so. The symbiotic relationship between the parent and child. As a child is younger parents have more input they control boundaries rule around the device for their action not to keep them from having fun. Protection from those that would want to hurt or harm them as they hit the middle choir become the conversation and in high school. Here is a transition and how it evolved over the government and the mental health kind of Republic wanted to acknowledge the creator. The truth about the creation of the mounting father government foundation to join this show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer the Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about your coffee shop generous Joe's daughter. But even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you out conservative baptism is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise fashion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist stable gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church to join and support this exciting movement welcome to use here today as I am every Friday with Claudio talking family issues. They were talking about technology for the commercial break.

We were talking about how when your kids telephone door will open secret apps available or phone of the importance of establishing a trust relationship with your kids and whether or not you have a passwords.

I just got the questions I want to jump in and ask you about everything, just double with all this technology stuff for all good. I remember when your kids as they grow older than mine, but I will and so bold really starting to become a thing that everybody had commissioned this pressure on parents kids from their peers to have a cell phone and kids even at very early ages mail. Faced with this today very early ages.

Kids are having false today on another auto question about wanted to give you a phone or should get a phone order. Connie is really no I didn't understand the walls really help kids communicate today. They don't even really talk anymore coming up like the phone feature. We called her cell phone applicable or is one of the lease.

Choose features on the phone, particularly the younger generation, they text and find different ways to communicate as a parent body that scares me because when I was a kid about talking a girl world phone or whatever you want to phones of the house usually was in a central location. Parents could hear what you were talking about the day whether texting you don't know what their site you are talking to what they're talking about and that was not bothersome. But that really scared me. To be honest as a parent, not knowing what was going on are really having any way to moderate the mother bear. Actually, I can't commit to me in this one teacher. I just finished speaking on Facebook Snapchat all the apps what the family could you and I got more in-depth with helping educate parents and she cannot and she said I have to tell your compelling story about God or she liked bowling in this way was encouraging her to take some pictures just really cared about her and jumping between their men story went on and social worker came to her door mom and daughters door and said hey we need to talk to you with the school advisor, where her daughter went to school and we need to talk to you about something that happened that the device in this cycle work daughter come out.

She says we need your daughter to Canada going to tell you what happened well. What ended up happening is this young lady had sent a couple of photos this young boy didn't go to her school district. Again you're talking to anybody and everybody and you don't know who these people are or pretending to be an crispness particular young boy, I decided to share it on a platform and went so often calling you EI Roseville owner and mail it in.

And so the girls reputation. She was she was a young teen to the middle school and her education.

Now when you're that age and you're so self-conscious and it with. He was rather cruel in what he was saying and she became this viral joke and not even interdistrict.

And so it resulted in her having to have a lot of counseling and became a life impacting moment that parent markets don't do that, but sometimes they can be encourage a person waited into doing things they otherwise wouldn't person you and the pressure on his concurrence with phenomenal expected to respond to attack them, and 1.5 second team in you remit Melanie leaving you with my kids like yours. And while I'm busy I'm at work I'm at a meeting I went to with very immediately. The dog will got to answer the mail and this is something that you little guy argues that alerts failure. Just remember when you have to wait to double the yield like that flipping the parents and grandparents should strictly over. Don't understand is there is a huge pressure that was an ongoing war.

July I have a rule entry. Probably others to were the remote cell phone at the table and you support was family and those phones were really, usually the best girl even more ruler across the room. They'd be being in with with text messages in my cubicle genre were eating, but as a parent I didn't understand particularly on the pressure that these kids today merely like right away you go to get back to you end up in a situation like that photo.

What we do as parents want. How do we check how often do we check our kids fold in my kids or grandkids you're just a boy schooler's orbit. I mean it was a fight sometimes over them about what we are mobbing is paying for you but over but I know in other families to get overpayments talk. I'm sure you probably have jiggly teenagers don't want walk over the phone the parents that a law that we draw us and we will get it, no matter what. I often we look at it you were the consequences if they've done something on the phone with vision of the everything you just said her wonderful question, yes, we need to be monitoring their phone and yes we can even see we can get record at the tax, we can see what they're texting what they're saying. Our kids need to know that were there were monitoring yet we are paying attention. They don't have unfettered freedom are kicking me know that there's also as your children get older, especially the teen years, where they start needing a bit of privacy. They start needing a sense of my own space with my own thoughts in my own conversation well and get a nap delicate balance.

Our children growing up child but don't bring forth instruction so there is a responsibility that we face at that moment that the protectorate, the caregiver, to protect our children, our children don't know and hidden dangers they happen other people on the nightly news. That doesn't happen to them in their circle until it happened to them in their circle and become a lot. Well Dylan had such and such happened the other day and wow that was terrible, but there's still dealing with our children that will not be smarter than that. I can outwit the people they don't realize what they're up against. Go back to practical things. Parents need to do. Know your child have open communication that the boundary like he said dinnertime devices and if your parents think your kids if you fly your friend give each black court talent you hate my parents rolled them on the tech when I found I didn't care if they make you seem like a bad mom.

Our meeting on I'm protecting my children from possibly being abducted or's sharing information or gathering information that they really shouldn't be no accessing no it didn't bother me and I would always encourage parents tell your kids why you're doing what and we have very little time in our days are busy doing school you're busy doing just fine at work. The only time we had to really discuss other family what's going on everybody think what jump likely would not lock up in a restaurant and just goes down somebody else's table eating uninvited people are going to pop into our conversation around the dinner table uninvited and are trying to protect it. Even Chris, for your kids are again appreciated but there are seasons where kids don't appreciate a lot of the things that we deal our responsibility, hearing, teach and train them in the way they should go we have to diligently be teaching them and it starts with them knowing why were doing what were doing to your kids if they're giving you valid reasons why they need to do anything and it really is a valid reason considerate and tell them, let me consider what you're saying. Think about it. Most think we can come up with a way a solution you maybe you can have this amount of time on your device on the back porch or in a living room are still in. You can talk to such and such, but just know that all devices are going to be monitored, but just they just are. I was listening to a Sheriff talk about what was happening in our community data gathering and he was just like I my kids know I'm good to check everything. I'm not trying to keep my children from exploring the world.

I'm trying to keep others from destroying their world. Think about that. Tell your kids. I want you to go beyond that say I want to show you how to use technology to cook to talk to build a positive social footprint.

One night when you look back on 25 or 35 years and look I can see you contributed you the boy he works. You get your message passion to make a different net maybe it you're helping to promote the public society clear kitsch is really like hotdogs or maybe just really want to use her voice for children that are dealing with cancer and you have to such as empathy for them and want to make my bring awareness to cancer research for kids or whatever it could be it could be even how to grow certain vegetables, organic or loyalty. No essential oil but just oils and such help and realize there is a place for their voice. They do have something to say it matters and it will make a difference and they can be contributors to the society are all wanting to undo the from poor decision-making. Because either you didn't know how or you can have the ability to restrict yourself and rein yourself down or not conform to the pressures of those around you creating a positive social footprint is so important to teach your children.

It is possible for them to learn that and Chris honestly. Not a better time for you to help your children learn that when you're at home I think so many kids to parent text or so restrictive.

Now I'm not saying allow it and not enough saying eight let go or restrict it all. There is just a balance between each family your value your conviction, your child identified any were all very different than what had happened so often the kids turn 18 to go to college as they move out and they just go berserk because they never learned how to harness the power that's within their fingertip and how to yes and not fall into place shouldn't go to when they were under some form of organization, individual in a world you points voice condition after a financial problem.

Only one voice matters God at the college of Mid-America Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online for all our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about your coffee shop generous Joe's daughter. But even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forgive you for causes family related time creating family mother is another line hearing is the United States. America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God in the Bible is you and founder of the American foundation. Dr. performing with Crystal embark on a journey together much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the government and the mental health new kind of Republic to acknowledge the creator.

The truth about the creation of the mounting father government secure your spot to join usually call you Connie. This is a great topic to finally something that every parent faces before the commercial break of understanding how to harness the power of the technology in our families become the great thing about those taken note.

Always learn so much from you and your real what I was a day with you towards the ball that we had a life group during strontium's "a drummer show every week you said we need to keep others from destroying the world and the kids need to were trying to protect them or not run early local help. We need to teach and train them in the way they should go at all of this you set a child left to themselves brings forth destruction that is so, so true Connie: I look at the technology and for me it's hard.

Keep up your good. I don't know everything there no one there so many social media platforms always on blue, like tick-tock is a video platform out mail and most older people saw my old guy I use Facebook, but kids today.

Your parents need to know that very few kids use Facebook bases all persons but help to maybe notes up with all the family or you can sure grandma.

I want to tell you if you're only checking your Facebook account you want, saying what's really going on. Probably the next Instagram is and more popular, but what I'm really saying what young people today is one is tick-tock which is video format similar videos to be very dirty with the room and the kids use a lot. Connie is a Snapchat I think or talk about monitoring. I do believe that just about my kids friends Snapchat my kids tell me it only stays available. I think for like a minute so how do we check what they're doing when a post is not state on library all you like. With Facebook only stays your forever unless you deleted but was Snapchat clips of the parents can't see it it it. Evidently if you take a screenshot of something than the person posted knows that you took a screenshot of my kids tell me that you are what is the one no one is on the screenshot will think I'm weird or something like Snapchat, Connie. How we monitor communication, accountability, knowing that you're on.John you cannot just finally letting them have free reign key craft because as you kick your little airplane I've had in the grocery stores are going up and down the aisle you know there just are oblivious or playing a little game, but what parents don't realize is with even the games are slipping and the developers have hidden portals they had kids can go in that have to be invited and others are indelibly inappropriate conversations and your thinking they're playing an innocent game and are not strikes fear in us so communication is key accountability, letting the mall and looking and trust about trust and currently on the rule so much of our relationship with our kids is based on trust. I'm not trying to be a killjoy my job to protect you if you choose to not been for the Lord give an account for everything I do anything I can answer to you Lord your child to me. I teach and train you make you think you can do in writing when your house when you're at grandma and grandpa's house and went to bed at 8 o'clock and you stayed up till midnight) on the computer.

I can't know the things that the Lord's eyes are upon their constant Lord watches the Lord. We will give an account you will give an account the things that you do work that you give the Lord your father and mother that it may be well with you. There's upon their teacher children the truth found in God's word that they are in on her urine. Yes, they believe you are being too stricter. They believe you don't understand or they believe you're not really hearing what they have to say they can go to the Lord and taking my parents just really in the Stone Age. Don't get I need your help will you work in your heart and you tell your children the Lord to change my heart to help me learn so that I can be.

You need me to be happen in a beautiful way with your kids, then we know we can make the right decision, but they know that one day go to the Lord and the Lord can change the hearts of others, and they know that you're going to the Lord your willing to adjust and change warrants… Kinda changed so much traffic there then trust it. Can we start off with 100% trust. If you don't do what you needed to do if you if he didn't honor what we asked you to do then you have to earn that trust. You have to show last that we can get this team can be trusted with that the same way with all manner of life. When we get to the why of what our kids want. Maybe it's because they're afraid they're missing out from real kids want to talk to people good design for community and created her relationship is normal. Guilt of knowing their desire to connect with others, your kids will want to more than others like it could care less about chatting with people texting or any platform.

But what we do have to realize are teaching our children like tick-tock client that captured data might gathering a profile on your children on their likes and dislikes, and I would encourage families to watch the special dilemma with their kids, their kids can see there's more than meets the eye cannot innocent platforms that we can just play around on their platforms that are being utilized on purpose, and it's not with the best interest of your child and mine, or even you can phone alone can find it online, the question was taken down by the social dilemma. It sounds like I've even talked to send it to Giant representatives about you let your kids know go watch YouTube video that was one of the questions I asked and they said not enter this age.

I don't even touch the device and another one of the unchecked coaches like Elliott heavily controlled, and right there only allowed these at all.

They can get you they don't have access to. We can clampdown and as a child grows back. The folks that know what the hidden dangers that are out there and are also the one thing of course right monitor what my kids are doing or I say no you can't not, you're not ready for this portions against you people that would be trying to get access to you there slicker than you are smarter than you there wiser than tactics that you just don't have a way to conduct that Chris do more things together as a family. More activities that don't involve devices grade about it up. It scares me a lot as a dad. Others others with this is the probably the most popular one is a dating app called tender and banners are losing together a lot of dating app so you see eHarmony list of things all coming on TV commercials.

You only tutor on TV commercial with familiar churches will have federal as a dating app. It really has a reputation. One purpose of justifying girls to have sex with and really that's the purpose of owner that all yeah yeah just want you to look up parents, others on whatever sex and gender is designed for the sole purpose so you really want to keep them because your daughter has been shown to they have no idea. I can still picture from anywhere and say that that's media build a false identity online and you can start communicating with these only not everybody only remedial, ceremonial dinner we wrote they could be amended to be some child molester or somebody in your mother's basement or could just be some teenagers who most of the gunslinger want to put mortal is not about how many girls you can have sex with and he's going to target your daughter to try to do that appears tender and not just in a car you probably don't know that I know that which is being hook upside like you said, there are millions there's app that can download and they the whole goal of the act is to create and fabricate a rumor about someone, and the better the rumor, the more salacious the more kids will like it and there's a lot of bullying not one area that is talked about as much, and that's the bullying that takes online I talked with parents whose kids have been encouraged to take their life that is been encouraged to cut themselves had been encouraged to wired even here there just a wasted piece of flesh. So they shouldn't even be in existence. So there's a lot of bullying that takes place, and I know I'm not making a great case for technology here not going anywhere. If the parent could be why we need the Lord to reveal areas that maybe we don't know can't see a guy got he know he can see pray for protection over your children pray for protection from people accessing your kids help you can't learn that this is a tool and a resource that can be used for good and it can be used for evil and what we want to help our children learn to do is use it for good, spreading truths that are helpful to others. Being by the aid I mean it's like 1999 out of every 10 kids know someone who is been bullied online line tells her parents about, there's a lot that happened in your kids don't tell you about and mostly it's because they're afraid to take a later device and that's their lifeline to the world how they know you mentioned tick-tock earlier Chris. I will tell you people need asked me tick-tock news clips that are getting their news they're not sitting on watching the nightly order going to renew at there getting their news of current through the social platform can be good and giving back, but we want to keep her children through our guidance to our relationship through the help of the Lord to use them wisely and when they do send us something that's really interesting. Encourage them to share with you encouraged them to invite you into their world and share information dump don't girl at the shield of the no I don't feel engaged and be involved. Kids may not appreciate it at certain ages. They may feel like you're being intrusive or restricted, abiding, and are not trust.

I can think about the parent company but to be aware of that technology is neutral. What we do with me for different because we were. It was great about it with us to be engaged to be involved. Thank you so such great information avail technology focused in this episode your part of the need to know how they can manage this module.

Technology within the family members are brought you for your hundred episode postcode cardio resort of check out her podcast and her book and will become see us in Memphis on April 30 will be in Memphis Tennessee.

The culture engagement solid. So come see us closely for doing this. This is Truth Network

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