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Enemies Within the Church

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 10, 2022 5:00 am

Enemies Within the Church

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 10, 2022 5:00 am

Journalist, author and movie producer, Trevor Loudon talks about his latest movie and how socialism and communism are infiltrating America’s Churches.

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Welcome to Christian Perspective. We have a great show today. You know, we talk about cultural issues each and every day and things that are going on in society, but we rarely talk about what's happening within the church and the enemies that are within the church. Today, you're going to want to buckle up and get ready because we're going to step on some Christian toes as we talk about some attacks taking place in the church across America and around the world today. But before we do that, I want to thank Mid-America Baptist College and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary for sponsoring our show and for being the home of our studios here in Memphis, Tennessee. If you are thinking about going back to seminary or want to learn more about God's Word, I encourage you to go online at and learn more about Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

Or if you're going to college and you've got a child or grandchild and you don't want to send them to a secular institution, I encourage you to check out the College at Mid-America. I also want to thank our main sponsor, the Citizens for America Foundation, who's working every day to impact the culture for Jesus. Well, you're going to be excited to hear about our guest today.

He's an author, he's a journalist, he's a movie producer, a blogger, a researcher, he writes for The Epic Times, and he does so much more. Our guest today is Trevor Loudon. Trevor, thank you for joining The Christian Perspective.

Great pleasure, Chris. Thanks for having me on. Well, I've been wanting to get you on the show for such a long time because you speak all over the world and you're so knowledgeable on so many different issues and particularly attacks that are taking place in America today and how our culture is changing. But before we jump into all that, if I remember correctly, you're from New Zealand. How in the world did you end up in the United States? My real specialty is studying communism and Marxism and that sort of thing. And many years ago I provided a lot of the information that Glenn Beck used for his famous chalkboard.

Frank Marshall Davis, the communist who mentored Barack Obama and exposed Obama's communist green jobs are Dan Jones. And that led me to be invited to many American conferences. And I started touring around America eight months a year and eventually settled in this country. So yeah, I want to save my country. I want to keep my country New Zealand free. But to do that we have to save America. Because if America goes down, every free country goes down.

Boy, that is so important. And I think people don't realize the impact that our nation has on the entire world. And it's really true. It's kind of like within the United States. As things begin in California, a few years later they spread across the country. And as things happen in the United States, it really influences the culture of the entire world.

Well that's right. The culture and the politics. If you look at the world today, we see war in the Ukraine, a potential war in the Middle East, a potential war in Taiwan. That's all happened because of the change of politics in our country. That's because we are seen as weak in the world right now.

So the bad guys are on the march. And we are seen as weak because our culture has been so downgraded. And our culture has been so damaged because the churches have been so lacking in leadership.

So this really comes back to the fact that the churches have been converted all weekend to the point that our culture and our politics is no longer as strong as it once was. Yeah and it really started within the church. Well I want to ask you, you mentioned Ban Jones and I'm just interested in the history of all this. How did you find out about him and what led to his downfall? It came from your reporting right?

That's right. Well I wrote 111 Obama files all about Obama's Marxist, communist roots, his friends, his allies. He was completely immersed in the communist movement. And while I was researching that I came across, or more or less by accident, Ban Jones' communist background. And he was a Maoist, he was a member of STORM, the standing together to organise a revolutionary movement, a pro-Chinese communist group.

But he was nothing then, he was just a radical in San Francisco. Well then Obama gets elected and he appoints this man to his green jobs arm, more or less a cabinet position with a budget of billions of dollars. So I wrote about Jones' background in my Obama files and Glenn Beck used the information to expose Jones. And there was a big campaign mounted and eventually Jones had to resign his position to the White House. And now he's re-discovered and reinvented himself and he works for CNN and other news media outlets. He's still the same communist that he ever was but he's much more sophisticated about hiding it now. And he's a lot richer all thanks to you. He probably was pretty mad at you at the time. Yeah, maybe. You made him famous, now he's making the big bucks.

Yeah. Well I know in all the research you were doing on President Obama, and it was really covered up the ties that he had and still has to the Communist Party. When you were doing the research, and I'm going what I call down a rabbit trail here, it's not what we're here to talk about today, but I was just thinking as you were talking about your research for President Obama, when you were doing all that, did you find any ties where Joe Biden was also tied to the Communist Party?

To the communist movement. Yeah, Joe Biden elected, he was a 29-year-old city councilor from Wilmington, Delaware. And he became a U.S. senator.

He beat a four-term Republican incumbent with an 80% approval rating. And it was because of an organization called the Council for a Livable World. They funded him, they picked him up, they got him into the U.S. Senate and they worked with him right till today. They still work with him. They've appointed their people to his administration. But that Council for a Livable World was led at the time by a man called Al Gore Sr., a senator from Tennessee, the father of the man who invented the internet and global warming.

You know that one I was talking about? Al Gore Sr. was a protégé of Armand Hammer, a leading American communist and businessman and one of the leading Soviet agents of the 20th century. And the racial council was set up by a man called Leo Szilard, a Hungarian communist, who became a top American nuclear physicist and a big activist to disarm America. And that man was working for the Soviet KGB. So Joe Biden owes his job to two Soviet agents. And Joe Biden has, the whole purpose of the Council for a Livable World was to elect senators who would work to defund and gut the United States military to the advantage of our enemy. So Joe Biden owes his job to two Soviet agents and he has worked to gut the U.S. military, help the Soviet Union, help Russia, help China, help Iran, his entire political career. He's an extremely dangerous man and that's why we have the disaster in Ukraine that we have today. That's why we had the disaster we had in Afghanistan. Joe Biden has worked to help our enemies in 1972.

That's incredible. So this Council for a Livable World is an organization most people have never heard of. How are they staying under the radar?

The left wing media gives them no publicity. They're running about 10 senators in this election cycle. They've elected over 200 senators and over 300 congressmen.

Just go to the internet right now, look up Council for a Livable World and look up their history and look up their endorsement. They gave you Obama, they gave you Biden, they gave you Dianne Feinstein, they gave you a whole slew of senators and these are the senators who negotiated horrible treaties with the Soviet Union. Joe Biden admitted on tape, I have him on tape, he's in my movie, how the Council for a Livable World helped him and Obama negotiate the START Treaty with Russia.

The treaty that was so good for Putin and so disastrous for the United States that President Trump had to unilaterally cancel it. And so this is the man who's leading the country right now when Russia is on the march and challenging the United States. A man who has been helping Russia his entire political career.

And the irony is they accused President Trump of that and the real puppet is here potentially is President Biden. So were they involved with the problems in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014 or do you know? See the Biden family was working with the Ukraine but they were working with a pro-Russian faction in the Ukraine. What we need to understand is when the Ukraine became independent it broke away from Russia but they still had strong pro-Russian factions there and they ran the country for most of that time and the Bidens were connected to those people.

Then a few years ago they had the famous Maidan Orange Revolution when anti-Russian elements took over and they are the people running the country now. Zelensky and his friends who are standing up to the Russians. So you know that is why America, all the other countries of Europe are trying to back Ukraine but America is doing the minimum because Biden doesn't want to offend his Russian friends.

He talks tough, he says how terrible they are but the sanctions he's put on are absolutely minimal. You know he won't give the weapons that were promised. We need to understand this, when the Soviet Union collapsed the Ukraine had 1900 nuclear weapons on their territory.

1900. Bill Clinton made them give them back to Russia on the promise of American protection against Russian aggression. So they gave back those weapons they could have used to defend themselves and deter Russia. America said we'll stand by you and now what's happening? So every American ally that's freaking out right now they think well they're not standing by the promises they made to the Ukraine so why are they going to stand by any other promises they've ever made? Yeah it's pretty scary and I imagine the people in Taiwan are probably terrified right now and China's just sitting back and watching what we're not doing.

That's exactly right, that's 100% right. We're going to see a march on Taiwan pretty soon I think. We're going to see trouble in the Middle East and trouble with North Korea and this is all because America has been this weak so the enemies of America are making their move while they have a president in the White House they know will do virtually nothing. I'm not trying to be partisan here but we had four years of international peace under Trump because the bad guys knew if they crossed the line they would get it. Well now the bad guys have seen the Afghanistan debacle, they've seen what's happening in Ukraine or what's not happening with America and they are on the march.

They're going to take every bit of territory they can while they can. Well let's take a quick break. When we come back we'll continue talking to Trevor Loudon so stick around and be right back with The Christian Perspective. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

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Penn wrote to the Indians, whom he insisted on treating fairly. My friends, there is one God and he hath made the king of the country where I live given to me a great province therein, but I desire to enjoy it with your consent that we may always live together as friends. This has been an American Minute with Bill Federer.

For a free transcript, call American Minute at 1-888-USA-WORD. Welcome back to The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. My guest today is Trevor Loudon. You've probably heard of him many times. He's an accomplished journalist. He's an author, a movie producer, blog writer, researcher.

He's with Epic Times and he has done so much more. Even though he's not from the United States of America, he's originally from New Zealand, he understands the importance of America standing strong for freedom because as America goes, the world goes too. He's done so much to protect our nation, to open our eyes to the dangers of socialism and communism in the United States and we're going to talk about it in a few minutes even within the church. Trevor, you've talked about in some of your writings and your speeches about how the United States started as a free nation, but we really are not defending our liberties particularly through COVID anymore. How do you think this is going to affect us if we don't stand up for our liberties in America today?

We're really standing on a precipice here. America was an exceptional nation because it was founded on the concept that man's rights come from God, not the government. This made America like no other country that it's ever been and it established a system where the government was bound by the chains of the Constitution. So Americans were free to do whatever they like as long and practice their religion as freely as they wanted, as long as they did not infringe upon the rights or property of others. This was a unique system in world history and this is what set America free to create great churches and universities and businesses and serve as an example for the whole world of what Christian principles applied in politics could give you. Well, that's been eroded tremendously. Now we have a government that has used the COVID, which to me was a Chinese biological attack, has used the COVID to strip freedoms of churches, of businesses, to wreck the U.S. economy right when we need to be strong to purge the U.S. military of some of our best people. The COVID has been used to weaken America and to basically take away our freedoms.

We're not much better than Canada right now. So this is a disaster and the horrible thing is churches have just bowed to this. Only a handful of churches said to the federal government, you have no right to do this. This is not in the Constitution. We have a religious liberty. You cannot impinge on our religious liberties. And these churches have stayed open and fought back. Many of them have been heavily fined.

They're still fighting court cases over this. So we're on the edge of losing our liberty permanently and you've got to say far too many churches have been complicit in this. Far too many churches failed to stand up when they were needed and that has contributed to the problem we have now.

Yeah, Trevor, I travel like you do around the country. I speak to churches and pastors and it's shocking that it's not just coming outside the church, but there are many churches that condemn pastors like Rob McCoy and John MacArthur and all these others who have taken a stand across the country with the threat of imprisonment and most other pastors and churches have turned their backs on these men of God who said, we're going to continue to keep the doors open and meet. Yeah, that is absolutely shocking. And a lot of these churches closed. They closed at a time when their people needed them more than at any other time. When they're looking for help, when they're looking for direction, when they're looking for guidance, when they're living in fear, they need the church more than any other time and the churches closed. Well, now a lot of those churches as they reopen are going to find that they've lost the people, lost a lot of their people to Rob McCoy and all these other brave pastors and leaders like John MacArthur who actually did stand up. So I don't have a lot of sympathy for these churches who are going to never reopen or are going to close down or reopen with much smaller numbers because they failed. The brave churches now have five times more people than they did before the COVID.

Yeah, they grew because like you said, people wanted to meet. Yeah, they wanted fellowship. They wanted spiritual direction.

The churches are there to help people and guide people and give them spiritual guidance. This is the time people needed it and the churches failed because they were too scared of the government. They were too scared of the propaganda. They were too scared they would look bad if they stayed open.

Well, none of that is an excuse. They are commanded by God to service the people. That's their job.

That's their mission. The Constitution protects that right and they failed to stand on the Constitution or stand on their biblical responsibilities. So how do they still call themselves churches? Well, we have so many spineless pastors in our country today and it really infuriates me. And I know you've studied the history of our nation. When our nation was founded, it was pastors who led men into battle in the Revolutionary War.

It's pastors who called the crimes of England what they were. And today we have so many spineless men standing in the pulpit that won't take a stand against socialism and communism and attacks, even homosexuality, transgender, all the things going on in the world today and they won't take a stand on it. Well, I want to talk about socialism for a minute. I know you speak a lot about socialism, write a lot about it, but maybe some of our listeners, they hear it, but they don't really know what the term means. When you talk about socialism, what do you mean by that? Well, socialism is ultimately complete government control of every single aspect of your life, where you work, what you do, the religious decisions you make, the economic decisions you make.

Socialism replaces God with government. So every decision is taken out of the individual's hand. The individual becomes part of the collective. You're only useful as far as you serve the state.

You are just a cog in a machine. You lose all of your individuality. So socialism is basically just a top-down government system where the government runs every aspect of your life. The closest we have to real socialism on Earth now is North Korea. That's the closest to real socialism. And where the people are starving, where the people don't choose their own job, their families are completely indoctrinated, they have no religious liberty whatsoever, and that's not even as far as it will go if it takes over the Earth. But North Korea is what we can look forward to if we continue down the socialist path. Well, how does socialism differ from communism and does it lead to communism?

Well, this is my analogy. It's like cancer. Socialism is a cancer. It's like a political cancer.

It grows and grows and feeds on the body, the host, until it destroys it. I can say that stage one cancer is liberalism. It has a little bit of government control.

It does a little bit of damage to the body, but you can sort of live with it. Stage two cancer, that's progressivism. You've got more government control.

The government's getting bigger and stronger. It's leeching more of the body's resources or society's resources. Stage three cancer, that's socialism.

The government controls pretty much everything. The cancer has spread right through your body. It's draining you of your resources, but you're still alive.

Just. Communism is stage four terminal cancer. The government, the cancer is all through your body. It's destroying your systems. You know, socialist communism, the government is everywhere. It's destroyed everything.

The society is poor. The cancer, on death's door, and stage five, that's when you die, and that's when communism collapses and takes everything down with it. Communism is really a political cancer. It's where the government becomes a tumor, and it just grows so big. It consumes all life.

It consumes all energy. It just brings the society to complete ruin. So we're about, in America now, we're about stage three. That's where we are right now. When this happens in countries around the world, how long does it usually take once socialism, you know, gets a foot like it does in our country right now before we reach that stage of communism, and is there hope?

Is there a way to stop it? Well, you know, that varies from place to place. See, most of the socialist countries in the world now, they saw the mistakes that the Soviet Union made and China made that tried to go too far too fast, and they, see, this is where we have a big misunderstanding. The original communist and socialist countries, they collectivized the economies, the farms, the agriculture. They took over the economy first, and that destroyed the economy, and everybody was poor, and that destroyed the government's ability to enact the rest of the socialist programs. Modern socialism tends to not focus on the economy quite so much, but they're more interested in the social aspects, changing marriage, getting control of education, brainwashing the kids, getting control of the churches, changing social relationships with the LGBTQ movement, et cetera. So we're seeing a more sophisticated socialism in our societies today that concentrates more on race and gender, gender rather than the old economic system of the Soviet Union, but it will eventually lead to the same thing.

I would say this. If we do not reverse course, where we are now, we will be full-on communists within 10 years, no doubt whatsoever, probably a lot less. So, yes, we can change things. You know, the election of President Trump set that movement back quite a few years. Some countries have thrown off communism, but not very often.

Yeah, it can be changed, but it's far better to not let it happen in the first place. As they say, you can vote yourself into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out, but that's really hard when you don't have any guns, because the socialists will take your guns. So, and I don't advocate that violent approach anyway, but the first thing is to recognise where we are. Most people don't even know we're on the socialist road in this country. Most people don't even know we're in a communist revolution, and we are. The first step is awareness of that problem, and when people have a clear choice between the Constitution and communism, between God and the devil, they will choose the right thing. So right now, we have to educate people like crazy. We don't have a lot of conflict. All right, well, let's take a quick break, folks, when we come back, because we were talking about his movie, enemies within church.

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Trevor Loudon, he's just a hero in the battle against socialism and communism that's trying to take over our country today. So we've been building the blocks to get to where we are now. We've been talking in the previous segment about socialism and communism and how that is beginning to move within the church. So Trevor, you made a movie called The Enemies Within the Church. Why did you make this movie?

Well, I was brought into this not because of my deep religious knowledge or theological knowledge. I was brought into it because I understand communism, socialism, terrorism, how it works and how it works in the mainstream politics, etc. Our first movie I did with Judd Saul was Enemies Within and that was released in 2016 and that was about the Marxist infiltration of Congress in the Senate. And we said there's about 100 members of the Congress and about 25 members of the Senate who couldn't pass a background security test to drive a school bus. But they're running the Homeland Security Committee. They're running the Armed Services Committee.

The Intelligence Committee. They're deeply entrenched. And so my Director Judd Saul noticed that in this little church, independent Baptist church in Iowa, they had a new pastor and he was talking about social justice and anti-race white privilege and he was actually getting the church to go and support Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter, people need to understand, is run by a pro-Chinese Communist Party called Liberation Road.

Black Lives Matter is a Chinese Communist operation. And so his church was supporting these people. So they thought, there's a problem here.

I better talk to Trevor about this. So he talked about it and Judd came up with the idea of doing a movie about the Marxist influence in the churches to alert Christians as to what's happening so they could save the church. And from this takeover, I've got to say, I knew there was bad Communism in the government. I knew there was a lot of Marxism in the mainstream churches, the Episcopatians and the Lutherans and the Methodists and the Presbyterians. What shocked me was how deeply this had penetrated the Evangelical churches and the Baptists.

But I looked at it logically. Now it makes sense to me because we're in a Communist revolution here, a long-term revolution. The Marxists have taken control of Hollywood, the labor unions, political parties, the media, education and the mainstream churches, but they didn't control the Evangelicals or the Baptists. And the Evangelicals and the Baptists, very, very Orthodox Bible-believing people intended to be very politically conservative. These are the people who voted for Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump and set the Marxist Communist agenda back for years. So it's only logical that the Communists would try and move their influence into the Evangelicals and the Baptists because these would be the last dominoes to fall towards a real socialist America.

So that's why we did the movie, to alert people about this danger so they could fight it off while there's still an opportunity. Trevor, the movie evidently has been extremely controversial. I know there was a showing of it in Memphis a few minutes ago and you mentioned the independent Baptist church, which really shocks me because usually independent Baptists are the most conservative out there. I'm a Southern Baptist and there was just an onslaught of attacks from high-ranking people and seminary leaders because of the group that chose to show your movie. Why are they opposing it? What are they so scared of?

Well, because they are the people we are exposing, many of them. This is not our one denominational problem. Every Christian denomination in the country, whether you're talking Catholic or Episcopalian or Lutheran or many of the Evangelical denominations, the Baptists, all of them are affected by this problem to some degree.

All of their Bible colleges, not all, almost all of their Bible colleges and seminaries are affected by this problem. So we call out names. We name the actual people, the very respected church people who are enabling or cooperating with this change within the churches.

The accepting of the LGBTQ agenda, the social justice agenda, the racial justice agenda, all of this is Marxist-driven and it's now coming into virtually every denomination and being enabled and actually promoted by leaders within these denominations. And we call them out in their own words, in their own histories. We ask for interviews with these people. They all refuse. And now that we've actually put the movie out, exposing them, they are running for cover and they can't answer the charges that we've made and they're trying to throw as much shade as they can our way to denigrate us, to criticize the movie without ever addressing any of the charges of the movie. But the movie is selling like hotcakes.

It's gone all over the country. So these people are going to have to answer the charges eventually. They're not going to be able to hide from this. How do people find the movie?

It's very simple. Go to You can download it, you know, pay-per-view. You can pay to view it and watch it on your computer or your cell phone. Or you can order hard copies of the DVD.

And people are ordering 100, 120 at a time, even from overseas. And so we're encouraging people to get it. Take it to your church. Do a showing in your church. Or if your church won't show it, get some people in your living room.

Put on some popcorn and get them to watch it. Every Christian in America should see this movie. And everybody who loves America should see this movie. Because if we lose the church, we lose America.

And the church is the backbone of this country. And that's why the communists have infiltrated it. Because they want to destroy this country. And they're going right for the jugular. They're going right for what makes this country great.

Trying to twist and subvert it. Have you been able or are you trying to get it on any of the streaming services like Amazon or Netflix or something like that? Well, Netflix no longer accepts any documentaries, I believe. Our first one, Enemies Within, was very popular on Amazon. It had 3 million views or 2.5 million views, I think it was.

And then it was taken down a little bit before the last election. And you can still buy the hard copies of Amazon. I don't think you can buy the... I don't think you can download it or stream it on Amazon now. So we have it on some platforms, Vimeo, etc.

But the best way to get it is still through our website. So we're making that go international right now. We're putting it out in 9 different languages.

From Korean to Portuguese to French and German and Spanish and Japanese and Chinese to Cantonese and Mandarin to get this out to as many Christians around the world as we possibly can. Because these problems are not just America, they're all over the world now. Is there some official organization, or maybe it's George Soros' group, do they have some kind of concerted plan to infiltrate the church? And specifically, the way to do it is the seminaries, because if you can change the hearts and minds of a generation of pastors, then that would probably be the easiest way to destroy the church within. Is there an organization at George Soros, or do you know who's pushing this?

Well, there's multiple factors here. George Soros, yes, he is involved with the Baptists through the Immigration Roundtable. He is funding Baptist events.

He's made big inroads in some of the evangelical churches and mainstream churches as well. But this started out being directed by the Soviet Union. The very first communist front in America was the Methodist Federation for Social Action.

This is right back in the early days of the early 20th century. The Communist Party USA, directed by the Soviet Union, was massively infiltrating mainstream churches back in the 1920s, the 1930s and 40s. They set up the World Council of Churches, which was run by the Soviet KGB and many American churches affiliated to that. In more modern times, you see the influence of Communist China coming into the churches through the critical race theory movement, the social justice movement, Black Lives Matter, as I said, a Chinese operation.

You also got a big Cuban influence. The Cubans have their so-called church organizations, which work very heavily with black churches, for instance, in the United States. So this is Soros. This is Communist China. For many years, it was the Soviet Union. It's a whole variety of international communist groups and international organizations that are promoting this. The World Council of Churches is promoting this stuff, and that's still a very communist-controlled organization.

So it's not one source. The whole world communist movement, and I put Soros as part of that movement, is connected to American Christianity to some degree or another, and it's working to influence it at seminary level, at administration level, and even grassroots level in many places. Well, they know if they can take over the church, then they can really destroy the last bastion of hope not only for the United States but for the world. Folks, if you're listening, that's the target.

They want to take over America, and they have to take over the churches to do that. Folks, if you're listening, our guest today is Trevor Loudon. We're going to take a quick break and come back and talk more about enemies within the church.

Stick around. In a world crowded with viewpoints and voices. I believe the message of this financial problem.

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This is Chris Hughes. My guest today is just giving some incredible information to us today about something that's happening within the church and how socialism has crept in to the doors of the church and leading its way to communism and trying to silence true biblical worldviews within the church. I think some of those enemies are critical race theory and social justice. How are they infiltrating the church with these really crazy philosophies of critical race theory and social justice? Well, what happened in the early 1970s, there was a movement among left-wing evangelicals. I'm talking Richard Marle, Ron Sider, Jim Wallis, who later became Obama's spiritual advisor. These are all Marxist, and they were in the seminary. They set up this Chicago Declaration of the Early 70s to try and build an evangelical left-wing movement.

It was all about social justice, diminishing America's role in the world, redistribution of wealth, but that didn't catch. It didn't take off because evangelicals and Baptists, left America, they were orthodox, you know, biblically orthodox, and they tended to the Ronald Reagan and Israel and the enterprise and the Constitution. So these people went underground. They went into the Bible colleges. They went into the seminary and started to take them over, much like the radical left has taken over almost every university in the country. And they started to keep the new brand, new breed of pastors. And then the famous Tim Teller, very prominent Christians in New York, they set up the gospel coalition in 2005. And that was designed to bring social justice, critical race theory, white privilege, all of these left-wing Marxist process into the evangelical movement. They got themselves infiltrating through Campus Crusade for Christ into varsity. They got into all these big biblical organizations that started to influence Christianity today, the famous Christian youth outlet.

And they got themselves deeply entrenched, almost like a mafia would take over town, like the communists would take over unions or a newspaper or a university. And so through the gospel coalition, and then later on the Southern Baptist, the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission under Russell Moore, who was very heavily involved with the gospel coalition, they started to bring this into the Baptist. And now the Baptists have adopted critical race theory as part of their playbook for addressing issues of race and class. This has come in under the watch of Al Mola and J.D.

Greer and people like this. So they have infiltrated the Bible colleges and the seminaries, and they are just rapidly Marxist now. So the young pastors are coming out who once would have supported Ronald Reagan and Israel and America and the Constitution, now support Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter and socialism. They've really set their sights on the Southern Baptist Convention, and for those of you that are listening that don't know, the Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination of the world and the largest center of missionaries around the world. So if you can infiltrate the Southern Baptist Convention and change what pastors, by influencing them in seminaries, and change what pastors believe and preach and teach, and change the hearts and minds of missionaries, then you're sending your disciples literally around the world. And I get criticized a lot, Trevor. I was hoping that you would point out the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, or called the ERLC, which is kind of a political wing.

They wouldn't term it as that, but really it's a cultural issues wing of the Southern Baptist Convention. And I've been concerned about Russell Moore's influence for years. And people almost act like he's God. If I dare mention, I can post a lot of stuff on Facebook or on social media, Trevor, and pastors never mention.

But if I even hint that Russell Moore stubbed his toe, they attack me. I mean, they love the man, but his true colors came out because he left ERLC because he knew he was, partly because of your movie and other things. He was starting to be spotted for who and what he was. And it was like three days after he left, he changed denominations. Well, that should tell you a lot about the backbone of Russell Moore and believing what he believes and what he doesn't believe. He has done tremendous damage.

That's exactly right. Russell Moore is a very slick politician. A Democrat politician, too. Look, he was a Democrat. Tim Keller, the other main culprit in this, who's a very respected Christian around the country, is a registered Democrat. But as a young man, was heavily influenced by Marxism.

Tim Keller quoted Marx or post-modernist philosophers over 180 times in his, we went through 10 years of his sermons. But Russell Moore is very heavily connected to John Perkins and others who were blatant Marxists. You know, Russell Moore was also very connected to Ron Cider, another Marxist who had a lot of influence in the evangelical movement of the 1970s, the left-wing evangelical movement. So Russell Moore was a political operative, very slick, well-dressed, very good speaker, and a real danger to the Southern Baptist denomination.

And I'm so glad he's out of there, but unfortunately the current leadership is cast in his mold. So there's a real conflict going. And believe me, I'm not here to attack the Southern Baptist. I want the Southern Baptist to be strong, because the Southern Baptist has been one of the best things about America. And that's why they were targeted. There's a group within the Southern Baptist who formed called the Conservative Baptist Network.

They're the group that showed your movie. And all they want is for men to preach the whole word of God and believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and the inspired word of God. And they have been attacked, you know, like they've got the plague or something. I mean, high-ranking leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention, if you're part of Conservative Baptist Network, they're coming after you because they want to shut down the truth.

That's right. The Conservative Baptist Network just want Baptists to be Baptists, like they always have been. You know, what has happened, there's been a coup inside the Southern Baptist. The left-wing faction has taken over. They're trying to change doctrine. They're trying to change the way the Church approaches all issues, social, et cetera, to a Marxist perspective. And the people who just want the Baptists to stay Baptists are now being demonized and driven out of the denomination.

This is a very serious situation. And because most Southern Baptists respect their elders and look up to the Church leadership and are not quite as discerning as they should be, unfortunately they are being brainwashed by this left-wing leadership to cast out the real traditional Southern Baptists for trying to save the denomination. That's the reality of what's going on. So what do you think the consequences are going to be of all this? Well, the churches are going to be destroyed.

This is the long-term goal. They're either going to become Marxist social justice churches who might have a crucifix across, might pretend they're Christian, but they'll be basically Marxist organizations with a little bit of Christianity sprinkled on top, or they're going to be completely destroyed. And this would be a tragedy for all of us.

This is the backbone of America that's been destroyed. This is millions of people going to church looking for salvation, being indoctrinated into Marxism, which is the absolute opposite of Christianity, with going to church with great intention, wanting to learn about the Bible and learn about Jesus and get closer to God, are actually being fooled and led completely in the opposite direction. Do you think it's going to do you much good spiritually to listen to a broadcast like this on a Thursday and go to a socialist church on a Sunday? Do you think that's really what God wants?

People have got to be discerning here. People have got to wake up and realize that what they've been taught in the churches today is often not biblical. It is a watered-down message. It's a watered-down gospel with a socialist twist. That is not going to get you salvation. It's going to get you anywhere, anything but salvation. This is critical spiritually, culturally, and politically.

This is an influence to the country in a negative direction in multiple ways. Every Christian should be deeply concerned about this. This should be the most important thing in your life. Your faith should be the most important thing. You should be always guarding against enemies of your faith because the devil has always wanted to twist Christianity to his purposes.

He's doing it right now more than any other time in history. What can we do to save the church in America? Wake up. Be discerning. Get back to the Bible. Know your Bible. Get a Christian worldview. Don't just trust your pastor on this. This is your personal responsibility to know the truth.

If your pastor is not helping you in that, if your pastor is not standing up for your faith, if your pastor is not standing up against the evil currents in our society, find a church where you're actually going to be taught the truth. This is critical now. This is your salvation and your family's salvation at stake.

Tell us one more time where we can find your movie. Folks, if you're listening right now, and Trevor, thank you so much for being with us today. This has been so informational. I really appreciate it. Well, I really enjoyed it, Chris, and I hope we can do it again sometime. There's still a lot more to discuss. There's a lot of good stuff happening out there right now. A lot of people are fighting back, and we hope our movie will play a role in that.

I hope so too. Folks, thank you for listening to The Christian Perspective today. I encourage you to go to and check out their movie. Of course, listen to this show on your favorite radio station each and every day. If you miss it on the radio, you can always get it on the Truth Radio Network or anywhere where you get your podcasts as this show will be released later today. God bless you. Let's wake up, as Trevor said, and let's go impact the culture for Jesus. Thank you for listening. The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit This is the Truth Network.
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