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Enemies Within the Church

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 10, 2022 5:00 am

Enemies Within the Church

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 10, 2022 5:00 am

Journalist, author and movie producer, Trevor Loudon talks about his latest movie and how socialism and communism are infiltrating America’s Churches.

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The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes
The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes

Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris today and every day we talk about what's happening within the church and the enemy that are within the church today want to buckle up and get ready to talk about what the church across America and around the world today. We do that I want to think Mid-America Baptist college and Mid-America better theological seminary or sponsoring our show and for being the home of our studios here in Memphis, Tennessee.

If you were thinking about going back to seminary or what were more about God's word encourage you to go online. It MA BTS.ED you and learn more about Mid-America Baptist theological seminary or to go to college, got our grandchild. You don't want to send them to a sex restitution.

I encourage you to check out college Mid-America also want to thank our main sponsor the citizens for America foundation working every day to impact the culture of the Jesus you be excited to hear about our guest today all journalist movie producer, a blogger researcher you write for the epic times and he does so much more arc yesterday, allowing Trevor thank you for joining the Christian perspective is sending me on where I've been wanting to get you on the show for such a long time because you speak all over the world and in your so knowledgeable in many different issues and Particularly Attacks Are Taking Pl. in America today in our culture change. We jump in all that I remember correctly, you're from New Zealand how the world did you end up at the United States.

My real speech will be used He probably Newcomen Mark and many years ago I provided a lot of the information that blame bake useful time or Frank Marshall Davis, the calling me Barack Obama and the common bombers coming to screen job and John and that that lately can be invited many American call and I started killing women. America month. Yeah eventually something I want to cite my pension month. Dylan is that we get down completely when that is so important. I think people don't realize the impact that our nation has on the entire world and it's really true. I like within the United States. The things beginning California a few years later they spread across the country. I think that we United States it really influences the culture of the entire world lives on the culture and the politics looked at the little guy know we we see all in the client on the mentally war in Taiwan that will happen that we the world right now the bad guy, and that we we wait that culture downgraded out Janet Dugdale and junction. Let That they can only point that out. I long and it really started within the church.

You mentioned Van Jones. I'm just interested in the history of all that. How did you find out about human and and what led to his downfall came from your reporting right off right hundred and 11 Obama files all about Obama, Mark communist route allied completely omitted the communist movement and while I was researching that I came across Laura's by excellent bands on background and that he was a Maoist he was. The members boldly standing together to organize a revolutionary movement by Chinese communist.

He was knocking me and he was just a radical in Fenton go well and Obama gets elected and he appoints the Mantua Green jobs more mythic habit position with a budget of billions of dollars so I wrote about Jones's background and my Obama file and blame, bake, use the information to expose John and that was a big campaign mounted and eventually join since resigned position. The White House now is rediscovered and reinvented himself in the works of seeing Nina Nava is meteor out a few still the same covenant that he was pretty much most of the guided that hotting up now and a lot richer.

All thanks to you, pretty bad MIP.

I made a big but yet will I know you out nearly all the research you're doing all of Pres. Obama really covered up the Chi that he had and still has the Communist Party when you were doing the research and this this I'm going or what I call direct dryers that will showed a budget talk about your research were present Obama we were doing all that. Did you find any guys were Joe Biden would also guide to the Communist Party. The communist movement did Joe Biden elected he was at 29 for the count looming from Wilmington, Delaware, and he became a U.S. Senate.

You beat a four term Republican incumbent with an idea for an approval rating and it was because of an organization called the Council for a livable world they funded him. They picked them up like autumn like autumn into the US Senate in my work with them what to guided the work that appointed get people to his administration that counsel for livable world was laid at the time by man called Al Gore the a in a different fee that the father of the man who invented the Internet and global warming. Neither one of us open about Al Gore saying he was a protg of Armand Hammer, a leading American call me that mom and one of the leading Soviet agents of the 20th century and the facial counsel would get up by man. BIC lot behind Galeon call me that became the top American Euclid and the NMP activist Dom America that that man was working for the Soviet KGB Joe Biden. I was his job to buy the agent and Joe Biden is the hope of the Council for livable world with two elites in the woodwork. The fund got the United States military. The advantage of air evenly. The Joe Biden job to two-sided agent needs where it got the US military help the Soviet Union.

Russia helped China help Iran, political career is an extremely dangerous man. That is why we have the not in the vitamin E of the die. That's why we had to do.we had best get up there. Joe Biden his work to help our enemies on the growth so that counsel for livable world is an organization most people never heard of Perley staying under the radar belief we mediate is not publicly that are running about in the election cycle. I believe that I would 200 number 300, is going to be Internet right now. Got counsel for a livable world and look up the history and look up the endorsement I gave you Obama that I gave you five and I gave you dine fine line they gave you a whole slew of definitive and these of the statement to make eye shade of horrible crazies David Union, Joe Biden admitted on high five month type is in my movie at the Council for livable world helped him and Obama negotiate the start treaty with Russia treaty that was so good and so disastrously guided by competent unilaterally and fully and that the man leading the country right now with when Russia is on the margin challenging United States managers been helping Russia political career, and irony as they accuse Pres. Trump of that yeah and in the real puppet is here. Additionally, it is present. Biden so that they involved with the problem in Ukraine in 2013 at 2014 or do you know the Biden family was working with the crying, but I will working with the pro-Russian section need right. What we need to understand is when the client became in the kingdom and bike away from Russia, but I still had strong, Russian action, and I ran the country for months that on the Biden's will to make people inundate a few years ago they had assignments mind on orange revolution when antitrust development. I've got to admire the people running the country now the Linsky and frame an understanding of the Russian so that is why America only other countries of Europe at front and back decline in America refilling the minimum because Biden got one in his brush and played lethal coffee you Have a laugh at the sanctions report on our absolutely minimal.

Now you won't give away from work, which we need to understand the crying when the Soviet Union collapsed Ukraine declined 1900 UT away from on the territory. 1900 Bill Clinton made them give them back to Russia on the problem of American protection against Russian expiration that I gave that because we pimp. I could've used in the Bell Russia America fit will stand by you.

Now what that meant. Every American ally is freaking out right now I think well I minimum amount standing by the public that might be crying.

What I can then by any other public might judge is pretty scary. And imagine the people in power probably care try to sit back and watch and what were not doing that.

That's exactly what 100 within my mantra on Taiwan. Nothing.

The outcome of the Middle East and talk with Leah and this is so because American weight is the enemies of America are making the emotive load. I have appointment in the white out by now. I will do virtually nothing about 25 with four years of interventional place on the Trump get the bad guys knew if I crossed the line I would get well now the bad guys, the government said the fossils assessing the site of what is so long with great comeback will continue talking forever. Well, like that this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about locking the fixed at 15 feet of Bible come to life this December. I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create life-changing it's one of the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world thousand activist funds religious clutter Christianity's most tragically rigid fight like a wailing rock again flopped with Chris through the winding alleyway financers old hands, a place that I think you spent the early Jewish portrait, see firsthand what the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I like new America and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship, range, hearing is in line enjoy an American 26. William Penn received from King Charles the charter to Pennsylvania this date March 10, 1681 is repayment of a debt owed to his deceased father in Oxford graduate pimp converted to Quakerism and was imprisoned in the Tower of London. His colony became a refuge for the persecuted peoples of Europe, then wrote to the Indians whom he insisted on treating fairly, my friends, there is one God made the king of the country where I live given to me a great province. But I desire to enjoy with your consent. We may always live together is no federal transcript All-American Limited, 1888 USA were welcomed by the Christian perspective might get overwhelmed. You probably heard of admitting accomplished journalist. The author, movie producer, blog writer, researcher with epic times and he is done so much more at ease.

Even though he's not from the states. Americans originally from New Zealand he understood.

He understands the importance of America standing strong for freedom because as America goes, the world goes to, he's done so much to protect our nation to open our eyes to the dangers of socialism and communism in the United States and and work talk about a few minutes it even within the church every you talked about some your writing is about how the United States started as a free nation, but we really are not pretty surgically through COBIT anymore. How do you think this is going to affect us if we don't stand up for liberty in America today where we really standing on on in America was an exceptional nation, because was founded on the concept of man's rights come from God, not the government.

This this might America like no other country did the and established a system with where the government wasn't bound by the chains of the Constitution, so Americans were free to do what it was. I'd like as long inflicted the religion, the screen means they wanted as long as they did not infringe upon the rights or property of other unique system world history and this is what it America free for Christlike churches and universities in bismuth and and she save as an example for the whole world of what Christian principles applied in politics. If you well that's been eroded tremendously. Now we have a got. Now we have a government that is used because good which which is a debate with the Chinese biological attack is used because the two strip freedoms of churches of businesses of all to rake the US economy.

Right when we need to be strong too. The US military of some of that these people because it is been used to weaken America and to basically take away our freedom really not much freedom in Canada right now and so this is this is about the end and the horrible thing is churches have just about only a handful of churches to the federal government, you have no right to do that is not of the Constitution. We have a religious liberty cannot impinge on our religious liberty. These churches aside.

I've been in for basic many of them may be able to find the funding Corp. -positive your way, whereon that we are on the image of losing our liberty permanently and he got a site far too many churches have been complicit on the spot to many churches out to stand out when they when needed and that is contributes to the problem we have now I. Travel like you do around the country.

I speak to churches and pastors.

And it's shocking that is not just coming your outside the church. There are many churches that condemn pastors like Irondequoit and John MacArthur all these others you have taken a stand across the country with the threat of imprisonment and most other pastors and churches of turned her back on these men of God.

He said were going to continue to keep the doors open to me and absolutely shocking and a lot of the bees churches close. I closed at the time when the people needed the more than any other thought when I looking for help when I looking for direction in the looking for guidance in a living in the they need the church more than the other thought the church is Pilates will now a lot of those churches as they re-identifying that most people love the lovely people to rope McCoy in the lease of the price path and later by John the top of the day. She did end up.

I don't have a lot of some of the police churches of Ghana did a re-organic Clydesdale will react with much more numbers that I filed the break.

Churches that have 5 tons more people but I did before the dog yesterday.

I like you wanted to meet. Yeah, I wanted fellowship by one of spiritual direction that the church is via to help people and guide people in different virtual garden. This is the time people needed it in the churches file because there were two skid of the government, I would to it of the propaganda that would look bad if they cite out, while not a bit scary.

I commanded by God. The people it's the job it in motion the Constitution but take that right and I filed and on the competition will stand on the biblical possibility that we have of the local churches where we have so many spineless pastors in our country today.

It really infuriates me and I know you study the history of our nation when our nation was founded.

It was pastors who lead men into battle in the Revolutionary wars pastors you called the crimes of England what they were.

And today we have so many spineless men standing in the open. It won't take a stand against socialism and communism in in attacks, even your homosexuality transgender all the things going on in the world today and they won't take a stand on while I talk about socialism for a minute. I know you speak a lot about socialism write a lot about it, but maybe some of our listeners near the hearer, but they don't really know what the term means when when you talk about socialism what you mean by that is, ultimately, can complete government control of E3 single and speak of your life who you where you work, what you do. The religious decisions you might be economic decisions you might socialism replace Mike replaces God with government. Every decision is taken out of the individuals and the individual becomes part of the collective.

You're on the useful right you are just a cog in the machine you lose all of your individuality. Socialism is basically just a top-down government system with a government run every aspect of your life. The closest we have the real socialism on the now North Korea is the closest the real socialism and that we the people are starving people don't choose the run jobsite dyadic families that completely indoctrinated.

No religious liberty whatsoever that that's the clear and and it's not even the spot go by so the beer North Korea is what we could look forward to. We continued empathized with how does socialism differ from a communism indulgently to come is by analogy can't stop especially the canceled what the political can't grow the growth of the body. The host looked the story that you cite that that stage I can liberalism United has a little bit government control.

It already does a little bit of damage the body, but you can so the little United states to candidate with both of you got more government control to the government getting daycare and strong leaking.

More of the parties was little thought he was little states we can't do that. That's socialism that government controls pretty much everything can't break right through your body. You writing you up your work will you fill a lot.communism is stage for 10 the government canceled all through your body is destroying you guys. Socialism, communism, the government is everywhere exploited everything on you or the on the on the law states. Five. It's when you die, and it can't communism let everything down with Elizabeth is really a political can't the government becomes the Chima and it just grows so big.

Choose life. It consumes all energy just bring the body complete complete ruin. Where about an American. Now we are best sides ready when we are right now. When this happens in countries around the world. How long does it usually take once socialism gets a foot like it does in our country right now before we reset state of communism and is our hope is there a way to stop while you are not united very complacent, feisty, most of the socialist countries.

The world now. I store the mistakes of the Soviet Union made in China might try to go to spot and invite it in and they do this is where we bring a big misunderstanding. The original copy socialist country that you may click the buys the economies of the farm agriculture that took either the economy and that destroyed the economy and everybody was poor and that destroyed the government's ability to make the race of the social social programs socialism and not focus on the economy quite so much. But I'm more interested in the socialist faith changing marriage shy getting control of education brainwashing. The kid in control of the churches changing social relationships with the LGBT Q movement etc. the way thing that I'm more excited socialism and after thought he died that concentrates more rice than gender.

Gender rather than the old economics of the Soviet Union, but will eventually lead to the same thing I would say this, we do not reverse course where we are now will be full on communist will continue not no doubt whatsoever probably be a motley so yes we can change things in the election of prison prompted the movement movement back quite a few years. Some countries have final but not not very often. It can be changed, but it's popular to not leave it happened in the first place, as they say he couldn't fight yourself in the socialism, but you have to shoot you way out, but it's really hard when you don't have the job socialism. Thank you again and I don't ever type all of the equipment of all of the crotchety light but you where the food thing is to recognize where we out my school.even though the place was right. Most people don't even know we are in a cognitive revolution in week it was a witness of that problem.

And when people have a clear choice between the Constitution. Communism between God and the devil. I will choose the right right now with my crazy talk about his moving America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know it's really important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris Mason crystalline bargaining journey having read much of America's Christian heritage and how to blog about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement like yesterday. International journalists offer movie producer, blogger, so much more overwhelming. Just a hero in the battle against socialism and communism is trying to take over country today so we been building blocks to get to where we are now we been talking in the previous segment about socialism and communism in and how that is beginning to move within the church.

The driver you made a movie called enemies within the church.

Why did you make this movie will be forwarded to this, not because of my United deep religious knowledge or theological knowledge. I was born into a big guy understand communism, socialism, terrorism how it works and how it was the mainstream mainstream politics. The first movie I did with John's soul was enemies within them that was released in 20 they that was about the Marxist infiltration of Congress we think about 100 members of the Congress, and about 25 made the unit about the background security treated United drive a school bus but are running the Homeland security committee. The running the armed services committee, the intelligence money that deeply entrenched my mind to rate the job sold.

Notice that in this little church in the Baptist Church in Iowa had a new path that he was grateful about social justice and thyroid United white privilege in the day she in the church to go black lives matter black lives matter, people need to understand is run by pro-Chinese Communist Party liberation road likewise met with the Chinese Chinese communist operation and so his church was supporting these people is a problem. The beta told Faber about the we talk about a judge came up with the idea of the movie about the mock influence of the churches will live Christian what it meant that I could save the church, I thought about. I gotta say I knew the list that call because the movement of the government ID to lose a lot of boxes them in the mainstream churches. You know the E poster party and the Lutheran. The myth of the. What shocked me with how deeply the hidden side of the evangelical churches and the Baptist, but I look at it logically. Now it makes sense to me because you know where to communist revolution in your long-term revolution Marxist the pipe in control of Hollywood like the union political parties at the media, education, and the mainstream churches, but I didn't control the evangelicals or the Baptist in the evangelicals, the Baptist very very orthodox Bible believing people intended to be very politically conservative these of the people who voted for Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, the Marxist public that the gene debate for years only logical that the Communists would try and move the influence of the evangelicals of the Baptist. These would be the last colonized school with the real socialist America so that's what we did the movie, to alert people about the stages that I could find the golf ball is still an opportunity to movie evidently has been extremely controversial identity with a showing of it in Memphis a few minutes ago and you mentioned that independent Baptist Church which really shocks me because usually independent Baptist or like the most conservative out there, Southern Baptists and there was just an onslaught of attacks from high ranking people in seminary leaders because of the group that chose to show your movie what the world why are they apposite were they so scared will be good that I have the people we are exposing medial from you.

This is not one denominational program every Christian denomination in the country with you talking Catholic or patio door Lutheran or immediately evangelical denomination that are vacant by this All of the Bible colleges. Almost all of the Bible colleges agree are vacant by this problem. We we call out names we name the actual people of very respected church people who are enabling or cooperating with this change with the churches for you of the LGBT Q and G that the social justice agenda. The racial justice agenda mock now coming into virtually every denomination in the Bible and actually promoted by leaders of these denominations and we call the mouth and the word histories we asked the interviews with these people like to work. And now that we have AC put the movie yet exposing them running, and I can't for the charges that we've made the trauma flows much United throws much shade as they came out white gala grayed out to criticize the movie without even addressing any of the charges of the movie the baby is selling like hot cakes and start one of the country study that these people are gonna have to put the child to the beach. Sleep not that hard how people find the movie really simple. Go to even these within the church. Doc called enemies within the church thought called you can download it in a type of fee could pay height if you watch it on your computer or your cell phone.

We can order hard copies of the DVD and people ordering 100 hundred and 20 at a time even for my these and so you where encouraging people to get it taken acute should do a showing church, or if you could punch out get some people in your living room rug, some popcorn and and get them to watch it every Christian in America should see this movie and if everybody loves America should see this movie is that we live the church we lose America and a United and the church is the backbone of this country and that's why the cognitive and input tribe that they want to destroy this country and I going right for the jugular like a rock.

What makes this country great on the twisted have you been able are you trying to get it on any of the streaming services like Amazon or Netflix or something like that or Netflix no longer keeps any documentary don't believe way out one in enemies within was very popular on Amazon and 3,000,000 1/2 million views of what was, and then was taken back a little, but for the last election and the beacon still but a hard copies of it was so bright that you could think you can buy the young unit of the date I like that you can download it so stream it on Amazon method we have it on some platforms MBO Sutra, but please wake you will swell with thought and the we Mike Wickham making that go with the nation right now with putting it out in nine different languages. Everything Korean, Portuguese, French and German and Spanish and in Japanese and and that in Chinese United Cantonese and Mandarin to get this out to as many Christians around the world as we possibly can. Because these problems are not just America.

There will live the will is there some official organization or maybe it's torque source is a group that do they have some kind of concerted plan to infiltrate the church and specifically mean really a boy to do it is the seminaries because if you can change the hearts and minds of a generation of pastors in your run.

That would probably the easiest way to destroy the church within it is a reorganization of the workforce or do you know you're pushing this multiple factors here source years. He is involved with the Baptist through the immigration Roundtable is funding Baptist.

The feed might break and ride from some of the other evangelical, the evangelical churches and mainstream churches as well. But this started out being directed by the thought of the union of the very first called me that's fun. America with the midst of this iteration for social action is right back in the early days of the early 20th century, the Communist Party USA directed by the Soviet Union was massively infiltrating mainstream churches back in the 1920s, 1930s and 40s it up. The world Council of churches, which was run by the Soviet KGB and many American churches affiliate that in more modern times to see the influence of communist China coming into the church is through the critical race theory movement. The social justice movement, black lives matter to the Chinese operation goes. I got a big Cuban influence. The Cubans have the cycle church organizations which worked very ably and with black churches for the lead audit. This is sort. This is communist China many years, but with the Soviet Union for a whole variety of informational call be described in informational organization providing both of the world Council of churches, providing the stop and that still a very communist control over the station not one school the whole world communist movement not put forth as part of that movement is connected to American Christianity, to some degree or another. In this work into pencil and said that even relatable and administration label, and even grassroots label and meeting place will I know if they can take over the church than they can really destroy the last bastion of hope, but I like the gas station for the world above you will is getting better at target. I wanted take over America. They have two both of you listening are yesterday's travel element. Take a quick break and come back and talk more about me for individual social media cards give us a call today at 704 connected crowded with viewpoints of voice. After eight I believe the financial problems only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus.

Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about creating a relationship when hearing is joint.

America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God in the Bible is indicated. American foundation, Dr. Dave having much of America's Christian heritage out of all the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting father to join her shoes. My incredible information to us today about tapping within the church how socialism has crept in to the doors of the church and leading its way to communism and trying to silence through biblical worldviews within the church like some of those enemies are critical race theory, and social justice.

How are they infiltrating the church with these really crazy philosophies of critical race theory and social justice.

One half of the nearly 90 of movement among the least. We evangelical which I'll wrong side. Jim Wallick became a problem virtually by the usual Mark and I will make it up the Chicago declaration of the blindfolded evangelical lately it was all about social death, diminishing America's role of the will.

Well that didn't take hyperopic the evangelicals that left America about all adult publicly and I think the right balance, please advise the patient with underground likely Bible: Re: God is like the Mazda like the radical lifted.the grant the gala Republic built five that the gospel problem is that I will write theory Y all of the Dell 25 only pool that I would die so deeply like what was left of the coalition and then later on, back to the religious liberty commission on the Russell one very deeply involved with coalition started to bring back that have adopted critical race theory as part of the playbook for Gracie. She is a bright, and under the watch of El bola and JD Rea. People like this. You provided the Bible colleges immigrated and I irrevocably mark that the young, not once would've supported Ronald Reagan's violent and America. The occult tradition now people descended in black lives matter. Socialism, they really set her sights on the Southern Baptist convention and for those of you there was Don't know Southern Baptist convention is the largest prominent Protestant denomination of the world and the largest sender of missionaries around the world. Yet if you can infiltrate the Southern Baptist convention and change what pastor your bot by influencing them in seminaries and change what faster way to preach and teach change the hearts and minds of missionaries in your sending your disciples literally around the world and I get criticized whatever I was hoping she would point out the ethics and religious liberty commission are called ER LC which is kind of a political wing like they wouldn't remedy that really your cultural issues wing of the Southern Baptist convention and I've been concerned about Russell Moore's influence three years and in and people almost act like he is God. Your fire damage. I composed a lot of stuff on Facebook or on social media, tremor and pastors never mentioned that if I even hit Russell Moore stubbed his toe, they attacked me coming.

They love the man but his true colors came out because he left Uriel secretly knew he was your book partly because your movie another thing Yogi was start to be spotted for who and what he was and it was like three days after he left, he changed denomination. That should tell you a lot about the backbone of Russell Moore and believing what he believes and what he does avoid damage exactly right below Russell is a very slick politician.

He had demographic monitors and you can tell the out of my helper goodness is very restricted Christian men of the country is a registered Democrat, but not as a young man, was he Boolean influence by Mark McCalla used the quoted marks all postmodernist philosophers over hundred 90 times in the that we with 15 years of the human Russell Moore very deeply connected the job they could do nothing to look like Mark Russell Moore was also very connected to wrong side and another box with a lot of influence in the evangelical movement of the 1970s, the Lake point evangelical movement. The Russell was a political operative, very slick well great, very good speaker and a real danger to the Baptist Southern Baptist denomination, I'm so glad he's out of the but unfortunately the current leadership is constantly mold that is a real conflict going in and believe me all about it to take the Southern Baptist all of the Southern Baptist to be strong other benefits is made.

One of the biggest thing about America and I and and that's what I would targeted there. There's a group within the Southern Baptist to form call the conservative Baptist that they're the group that showed your movie and and if all they want is for men to preach the whole word of God and believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and the expired word of God, and they have been attacking her like they get the plague or something and mean high ranking leaders within the Southern Baptist convention. If you're part of conservative Baptist network. They're coming after you because they want to shut down the truth without the consent of the bet they would just want that this be Baptist like they always have paid what is happened this be the true God of the Baptist belief wing action is taken out of the bed trying to change doctrine. The charter change that the white church quote the church approaches all issues, social, etc. to a Marxist distinctive and the people who just what the Baptist type at the and now being demonized and driven out of the denomination. This is a very serious situation and because by Southern Baptist speak their elders them and look up to the church leadership in a not quite saving is they should be. Unfortunately, they have been brainwashed by the belief wing leadership to cast out the real traditional Southern Baptist chart inside the denomination that that's reality what's going on what you pay the consequences are going to be of all this, the church is going to be destroyed alone to go. They can become boxes, social justice churches might have a crucifix. The call but in the Christian but upbeat bicycling boxes organization with a little bit of Christianity sprinkled on top like a big completely destroyed, and this is Lou Ridgely would be a tragedy for all of this is the backbone of America. Did we distort many of the people going to church looking for salvation indoctrinated the boxes in which it absolute. Christianity was going to church with right intention to learn about the Bible and live about Jesus and ended get close to the God erection leaping old lid completely get the up direction know you think it's going to do you much good.

Spiritually listen to a goal, but the Thursday Douglas ice was church of God by that's really what God while you got to be the city got wake up and realize that what that "the church is that I often not biblical. It is awarded down Mason message from the book down gospel with the socialist with it is not going to get you salvation that I get you anywhere anything but salvation. This is critical. Spiritually, culturally and politically visit the country in a negative direction. Know why, if requested, to think deeply about Jimmy. The most important thing to be alive right to be the one thing in each always got you guys unity of your life, because the devil always wanted but it was doing it right now. On the other thought, well, what can we do to save the church in America right Later Saturday get back to the Bible all you Bible get a Christian will you just can't go past drunk. This is your personal ability know the truth and your path is not helping you with that. Your path is not ending up your fight monsters not standing up for the gate even current body on a church where will you race to get a B is critical now right elevation and your family. Salvation was one more time or we can find your a movie that enemies within the enemies within the both of you listen right now Trevor, thank you so much free with us today. This event so information I really appreciate really enjoyed it. Chris and I we could do to give some thought the locomotive it's got a lot of good stuff happen again out there right now a lot of people out on a date into my family will play a role in such a fun, thank you for listening to the Christian perspective today, I encourage you to go to enemies within the and check out the movie ever said Christian perspective more about impacting culture for Jesus is the foundation this is the Truth Network

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