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How can Church Wage War on Sex Trafficking?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 8, 2022 5:00 am

How can Church Wage War on Sex Trafficking?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 8, 2022 5:00 am

Pastor Willie Montague shares first hand stories from the front lines of the sex trafficking war in America.    

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This is Han's trial from the finishing will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network and get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist first political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris White America today (terrible family across the nation are being brought across legally kids are being sold into slavery not just adults to become a slick slave in the area of human trafficking. There is a man with us today. Pastor Willie Montague joining us to talk about this situation is only to the buckle and get ready to take note so you can find out what you can do to fight human trafficking in the United States of America today started no one walking the Christian perspective, you know this is a show we dive in God's Word each and every day in order to develop a biblical worldview. So the we can then take that worldview into the arena of public policy and politics try to influence the culture and impact the culture Jesus Christ each and every day coming to you live from the beautiful studios in Memphis Tennessee on the campus of Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and Mid-America college. If you are if you have a student or maybe our student looking for place to go to college and encourage you to go online and check out Mid-America college course.

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He was masterfully passed away though you Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis and the campus is just beautiful hears all of our studios and I would encourage you to check out Mid-America Baptist theological seminary course I want to thank our sponsor.

This is America foundation, making the Christian perspective available to you each and every day right here on your favorite radio station. Pastor Willie Montague, you are live in Florida right now going down the Orlando area but worked for years in the area of human trafficking in trying to protect people from the plight this really across our nation.

Today people realized that there are probably more slaves and sex slaves in the world today that it any point in the past in the history of the world really and so can you talk a little bit about you and your ministry, and they will jump into the issue of sex, trap, armor, and thank you. Opportunity to get all platform work day for Christ centered hold my background and I would want to raise even more alkali and when I left. Monday I went to Bible college at all, and laymen pulse Oklahoma and from there I started my journey through ministry is just mentioning a share with you about having a call to full-time ministry. The work of the Lord for the joy that he took me on back in 2007 and from there on the journey began with me started an organization that works with youth double dartboard rebate of 7 to 25 and before then to simply open up the house. The dog bit. I'm teaching about things like skilled no cooking clean about things that should be to have been taught.

The lobby boys were probably about half that Walmart really helps to have them in the right direction and then we fast-forward into where our organization really took her glass of just really supposedly place when we moved here to Orlando Florida in 2015 we got incorporated we got a problem with the three started off with the boy. From there we started adding different components of the organization and in 2016 when I ended up our program of the little windows we end up in a homeless situation and that is when the journey began with human trafficking and seeing what was happening on the streets live. What a testimony of how God took you the right place right time before we jump into that. I just found that we have Colin Willie that it know we had your from Morehead city, North Carolina Monterey when I know I'm a lot older that you have got it right here. Your good looking guy with all the great fear that I have but when I was a boy a live there for many years and it's one of the favorite places I relived was a mortgage of the North. The fishing was great. People were great. Have a lot of great memories there. So that's exciting that we have that connection, but but I also wanted to touch on something just for a minute and we will jump you due to the issue of human trafficking is your ministry for men touring Willie that is such an important ministry that really every single person listening could mentor somebody else and and another thought what you wrote about can you share a little bit about that because I bet it changing so many lives. When you mentor. These young men teach them life skills that they made particularly if you're coming from a single-parent home absolutely mentorship came in stem from our program. I most of everything that I've done is a reflection of what I've gone through and before I met the go to Bible college. I was laying on the floor and I was praying and at time I would really really like you have bet that you are but I want to), I felt it bear to structure my dad about you do all that I tell you, do I will bless you, I will save your family out save and I remember saying that got you provide me a platform I will not do to others what was done to me which was having absent father seeking direction from church leaders who I don't think they do, how to really get the direction and so Marcel seeing my brother what he was going through my brother right outcome incarcerated till 2023. I've been almost about five or so years and I look at what if someone was there. What I'm doing now therefore him. They help to instruct him and give him the wisdom and knowledge to kind of steer him the right direction and so been told to me at work would be boys is just fall my heart what I what I needed. What I did not have God at the heel me and belittle me from mold on all the combo of Ghana without a father in the home or any type of available going to bed. I recognize that when I show up to hold schools and people call me that these young men are big just like my brother what the web behavioral 12 simply want to talk to.

They need that opportunity to know that someone is there for them and care about their concern.

What dubbed it. It forms like a hard heart and they don't know how to want to receive instruction to a depth of the lobby or anything when it pertains the G because their heart-to-heart arm they can receive the natural man did not go to sleep. The spiritual leader, and so that is the journey that we take a week saying a lot, a lot had come out with with victory. I was just at the gym now to sample orange county last week and again the opportunity going to speak to our electric through the school system available going to share the straight up to and on the course of the phone you have a little craft, but both of them actually yes or no for listening and I braved her hand last hour you get out here.

I will help you to be the better version of you that you want to do and want out by Chillicothe July you'll give me have not brought you I wanted. I don't want to live there so they want that they view young people.

These young boys they want. They want someone to be there to help instruct them, but they don't have it, and especially when you're around the same people that do you think that you do know the competition. Try to be the to be the one that does the right thing and so that that's really where my heart is with the thing. Those who came in full of anger and hated and love and clean the league with the Bible taught in the Army telling me hey I'm going I don't want to vandalize some items left in the car on drug the family to help you, did know how to listen to them to someone who can a Bible and fan now what will be of dances with Jesus on that to me is what Keith fuel is not prior to continue to go and know that it is not about one list of more than one wife that could have been mine for we can change the world. A man what a powerful testimony in a person listening right now. It cannot be a mentor to somebody in and maybe you know you may not be the person called to a mentor. Boys who come from a real girl from single-parent families. Although important, particularly for young men and women to have a positive male role model, analyze and discuss a real surreal crisis within the family unit today.

Willie is there so many families were there going to divorce her either never married the first place, and children born out of wedlock and there's only one parent there and many times in bottom live.

I know you said you're going to prison over the statistics was a huge number of particularly those that are incarcerated young man in particular that come from nothing like 75% of incarcerated men come from single-parent families, so we can get involved in an and be mentors and help them but not not even in that situation. We thank you for your if you're 70 or 80-year-old woman you could take some young woman in your church to mentor you really are, were both country boys go from from North Carolina and I don't know about him, but really say making those that I like to eat but yet there are a lot of young ladies today don't know how to make biscuits and gravy and nothing more. You know that's a way to mentor Willie. You mentioned you teach cooking and stuff with these young men to a lot of you that are senior citizens might be saying what I can't go on the mission field. I can't do this or that. Yes you can you can be in the mission field right there home by picking somebody to mentor and is something as simple as Neo: like I said some young ladies in your church and say I am making this Saturday morning want to call her on how to make old-fashioned biscuits wrecking cornbread or maybe some humanity picking younger gather they will have a barbecue Saturday come. Come learn how to cook a hog or crawfish or whatever it may be. There's many ways to mentor and an even you older couples that are out there young young married couples need mentors, Willie, I am your familiar with Andy Andrews is one of my favorite authors use them over and orange beach Alabama coastal panhandle of Florida not too far from where you are and he writes a lot of great books and in and he gave me years ago. He said that you should have a personal Board of Directors. And so what that is that the group of people that don't even know that I'm watching them with a cow like mentors are me and and I try to surround myself with some of these people just where I can glean information from them and were there so many older people out there and become whatever Willie but we can learn from them in there about Board of Directors don't know it but I'm watching them. Is there picturing my life in ways this is I don't know so well, thank you so much. Serious issues where what's happening with you this show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about blocking the thick step 15 feet of Bible come to life this December.

I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create life change the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world to face one's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic limits to fight like a wailing rock down the winding alleyways to Nancy so that place that I think is Jewish, see firsthand the Bible took place touring with Dr. Chris Hughes travel out of their financing and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship when sharing his joy in American known as the great dissenter because of his unconventional hoping he served for 30 years in the Supreme Court wasn't Oliver Wendell Holmes this day March 8, 1841 union soldier during the Civil War. He went on to become a Harvard law professor in 1902, Pres. Teddy Roosevelt appointed him to the Supreme Court, where he served more fans than any other justice on his 90th birthday Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior replied to a young man. The secret of my success is that at an early age, I discovered that I was not transcript All-American Limited, 1888 USA were so good with my gifted answer. Willie Montague, Pastor Willie would turn with us in the person with the commercial break about the men touring ministry that you had to have God used him such a tremendous way to touch the lives of young men, particularly Asian felt called to touch the lives of young men who maybe have had a bit of a troubled past the come from single-parent families, and just need a positive male influence in the lives but he is a big part of Willie Montague's ministry is really working in the world of human trafficking. So I asked him to come here today and tell us a little bit about it so that's really the a lot of people hear the term trafficking is distant to let you know we thank all that taken place in some Third World country or you is not here.

Can you tell us what is human trafficking in America today. Definition of human trafficking in a golf course Florida corrosion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Often when we talk about human trafficking in government always involve labor, but it also involves fictional conflicts, trafficking may be drafted is two different things. But it all called in the category of human trafficking, and it is prevalent right here in the United States today. Human trafficking is something that we should be talking about in the church is because right now our other focal point as we can see everything everything well with Colby that we can see that if the church is the focus point for rescue help and so I think the charges have to find and which is the definition anything that is false or throttle conversion over things that make up that traffic department, whether it is labor or commercial sex act when it determines whether it is fixed.

Trafficking or not, that's really when we look at that it is not just in other countries right. It is pretty big in United States as well. In the United States and we are one of the hotspot for the country. There are about 155 countries that are out there that up on and and 79% of better sexual exploitation and right hand United States were saying that because of what were doing with the border and because of the border is not secured. We have a lot of bed, over the border.

Arizona will come out right here Florida not always share throughout those numbers are as it pertains to right here where I live in OnStar and Orlando area Florida home just how common it is and why we need to make sure that were educated, not educating the children, but educating the parents at educating the church leaders at pastors and educating the workforce. These are young people getting traffic a lot of the areas that they'll be traffic that are not aware of the five not aware what to look for and how to identify and because of that you a lot of these traffickers opportunity their word and they get away with it because there is no identifier. That's the part that is most important, how to identify what is going on. So who's at risk. Here we hear about this is at risk for sex trafficking. Anyone can actually be aggressive with our better young abundant domain age of 8 to 14 years old I know you mentioned the border and her kids sprinted in the United States and maybe aren't coming from other countries are they at risk as well. All absolutely bet that is where the risk if we have all worked out traffickers. The couple to the board. What I was able to actually see where there was risk and that one day a wristband that lived there and put on one with a small child and be given to the cartel to help give them a call wristband wristband pan like you like -like people to come across the border and when you look over here in the United States. Any feedback these children ages 11 to 14 they'll been targeted and moving light here in the United States did not did not taken a back across the border. They're moving them with an improved United States.

Whatever part of that which most of the commercial space using them to do whatever actually want to do a lot of that comes from the all the apps that are out there nude video game you being made and how much this that trafficking is not like the movie taken is not likely going pick him up and taken to somewhere else got happening right there affects replication of the online and apparently to Instagram after tick-tock they could gain focal of evil things, that traffickers are using to grow our children over here in America and start getting into that father wanted to our marvelous stepfather before you know it they're thinking there is great benefit for negative bone are here they go there now being involved in the trafficking failure or whether or not they are taken or not attracted if it is coercion on whether or it or even if it's not forth and they are under the age of 18. That still falls in the category of human trafficking. Your opening up areas that I never even thought about.

So if I understand correctly will go deeper into the kidnapping part in a minute.

So you're saying that a kid might not even be kidnapped to still be coming home every night you have a circle with mom and dad live and there could still be sucked into the sex trafficking in our own homes and nobody knows about it.

There are cases that happen right here in Florida exit from locality one young girl that she encountered. She literally was beating traffic and was born the ad and whatever she had fell in love with our lack of better term with the God who accords with what a dog would grooming her with the term that is you basically get them, but a lot of the call where they don't fit into whatever in different got company and their fellow pipedream benefit and they get them up on the drug and what to do with the first to know what you know you do, that the love the you know you will do that for my friend not afraid of paying the money that affect on the age girl and then what happens when daddy is just to go home but then that's when anarchy talk about that when you start getting to the behaviors you start saying something changing more eye contact airfare for the start getting the rest. They have a change in FL speed of Google scholar In memory for all things that are mine that I think that need to be looked at youif you have a child of excelling in school all A's and all fun barfing of the crime. One of the standalone late at night one to be on the phone all things will find that you need to start having a conversation asking hey you not know that some changes what's going on, everything is not just about into puberty. There could be something better than Maj. Dan get they will traffic they will go home and have another absorbable girl that will be traffic our every summer that she will go out of state and that was happening till she got to always and filled up with original told us what it and I will love you going home with your family and they may not notice the different did not aware of the time to look for. This is such a wake-up call for me because I got the option when I heard the term six trafficking out I was picturing young girls and boys, maybe been brought across the border and then, yes, I watch many movies a Merovingian somebody being sold to some old guy got locked up in his basement, but I never thought about our own kids in your mentioning your when they change their behaviors that they could be happening in the live in our own house and we never even thought about that could be a way of sex trafficking. This is incredible and the alarming part is that the more and more, this lie was so big about fighting again.

All this book is going on with big tech and how they are allowing they are allowing for this pornography could be on social media site and it's just pretty much shop in the faith of our children.

As you mentioned was a life that is not just girls because often times we are committed to the girls was not in all the time before the labor is not not always made worse but I tell you that a lot of people don't know if greenbacks share this actually happened with his son getting blown greenbacks fun mingling for human trafficking. Writing is how and when you have a chance, I would tell her mother go take a moment to look up and hear what Glenn Beck said about that and how it caught him. I'll call you all the security audit protecting and here it is happening to us is gone light inside of their house that just as it shows that no one say something we think that we live in a little could turn in and around the world really is a semi-likely Qubec who is a national celebrity and radio shows in your ear right also when just the other day and he's got the bodyguard around him and his family all the they can get to you. I guess anywhere and we need to be vigilant all work all the time, Lily would move on beyond that you mentioned.

Also, older people, so continue touching that real quick that how their risk everything 11 to 14 and all the people can always be you and what is normally for example, someone that good a job you have all the warmth that combated like the seat she basically ages out and become like the mom of the group and basically help with the medicament help escort them to the gods, but a lot of times they use them until they can all I have seen girls were older for 23 cannot be used or prostituted.

All that is all part of that trap and badly given to the part where it is the fourth corporative under age doesn't matter whether or not they are forced or not. That is human trafficking when they argue that commercial specs but once I get up at 1/4 article, her that is human trafficking, and a lot of toggles constitute we would be glad all what it is out there. They want to be out there.

They know what they're going well, you give somebody you know back to my drugs and eight they got a get a high to and that's what you hovering over their head ally hey what about the way you know what you can go get you nowhere else but you gotta fade here that want to say that will affect the warning that high and all the things that we have to look at to tell people what a building with a home like something to eat what I want to do today that goes back to the side. I do not have at the contact people browse all the fines I'm going to pump gas about how I thought the God his behavior all the girls in the front feet up on the go on the backseat. Normally the one who is the pamphlet, the one that is working girl. Not going to get out of the vehicle you want to have to be the work will pump the gas little things like that and the that they were highly drug. I noticed how bad their bodies look and go in for alcohol will call the people. How do you know what might we were going to show up with athletic poet or training to happen' board from the hotel and a lot of the hotel in the hotel industry are not properly trained to identify with the hotel one time and I asked where is your human trafficking total, like and they brought out a piece of paper and I'm I'm reading and I'm like this is what you yeah that's right, no like it didn't have the training they write will notice what they gave a and that is what I believe we need to start going to church to Betray this math thing really purple to fight back because they could get away with the mass on the below you have a mass where always right that has a strong Christian heritage. Don't know if it's really important role in God and the Bible is Dr. Nathan crystalline bargaining journey stemming much of America's big time fishing heritage and how to blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting father to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. Welcome back to Christopher's first you hear what happening across the nation. Children are being brought across illegally. Kids are being sold into slavery, not just kids but adults too are becoming slick slaves in the area of human trafficking and there is a man with this today. Pastor Willie Montague joining us to talk about this and that Willie is just been opening my eyes of what's going on you when I thought about human trafficking out Richard somebody being brought across the border in locked up in a basement somewhere as a sex slave and Willy's open my eyes to see that is not just bad amine. It could be my own kid in my own house, coming home every night eating supper sleeping in her own bed or his own bed and whether being used two to take orthographic Aminah pornographic pictures are do things with video games are there and how they're being groomed for this lifestyle. Willie you were talking about how older the boy like some of these women who were too old male to be used.

You sex slaves are grooming younger and we saw that with that Jeffrey Epstein situation. I can't remember the woman's name. Now where he was using a woman to go in and groom and befriend these young girls and the like a mentor to him and then suck them into that lifestyle of being sex slaves for Jeffrey Epstein and all his friends right America were and what happened in that apartment help you look are you know how I got up to do our fair number of always open about my moaning about how we start the program, in the home with 20 feet came back we moved to Mike Leavitt different hotel than that when I start to place because you girls out there that will, they will be great There were high and that's when I started the ball partner with some of the local level to get put them up in hotel room are able to make sure that we can help them out when I even started being able to go on the cover with regard let me go on the couple with them and I would come out there and I were called by the court. The walking walked like 5 o'clock in the morning and I would go in there you will taken 20 probably going in and you know it yet that actually will look back over the group. Gotta protect the but I don't take it back because I look at it at all, what needed to be done loudly for what was not done and then 11 of those moments blog and will work out that without their God. It works both ways and they will come to cochair the young guy with adopted and often time to God happened with the lobby. A lot of them that are you know don't have a place would be grave symptomatic Andre.

I give you plenty and I helped her with young boys.

Not too long ago right before the practical by the builder. Like maybe two years ago a man and that the lady that knew the family had all man like Willoughby, Judah, can you come over here and we will not fix shoulder definable going on. They told Mary Jo what was going on and able to get every detail that they had. I took it a little bit. The gator panel on and then start researching and was able to find out God with all of you graduate from high school, like right at the peak wasn't holding you at that age of adulthood, but because the one groaning with the blood. There guy that will probing him coldly met him. God not have to met this young boy when he was been with grade this grade and have been following along with him that. Grade and now young guy is you know now did with the Glenwood high school, followed along with him throughout fifth grade, not watching them on their don't know what could happen prior to those same only what the mother know that the refit and so when I get the information detailed well after replicating able to make our content on, hey, not how the world will be able to get the conversation and I give them enough thank God it will be able to get him returned back to his mother both older things that you know need to take place. What we we we we came to the rescue and there are human trafficking, passport, like my worry about the art that was better out there that are better throughout the different web faith that you are on the local repair of the human trafficking transport and if you have any plans or if he met you just reported to the attractive transport but yeah they not been the blooming take place on screen where you know it is dark, just simple, you know.

Hey Jo, I want to go play football with your want to go do this with you and it entered the building. Escalator women are at things that more than just come play basketball what it what a shame. In this Just a huge area of sin is internation right now and in kids turn on TV.

Lacey pornographic images or sexual images are being taught. Even at an early age in schools in the LGBT Q agendas being pushed yesterday or two ago. Willie saw that Britney Spears Joe was a famous singer was posting nude pictures on Instagram when a young girl who might idolize Britney Spears or other entertainers. These were doing that and then some great comes along and is trying to take advantage of her and the sexual and human trafficking area. Yeah she's there in her mind you like will Britney Spears did so you know maybe is not so bad for me to take naked pictures either Willie and my state I live in North Carolina and that is just a huge problem on my state. What are some areas where human trafficking is prominent around the country.

I think we all need to be vigilant, but there's probably certain areas are hotbeds of activity right where I got started here with order and order is ranked number three number three are in the nation for human trafficking and that that that is alarming and a lot of it comes to the poor.

We know for sure. And then orange County which is our county right on number two, number two for human human trafficking, and then look for Orlando's right number three among all United States goal. You have all you have Ohio map Georgia have Delaware, California, Missouri. This scam was reading. I have my money. And taxes you have quite you know quite a bit and up in their right flank. According to armor high low drive told Tom get the pop in number one play better trafficking in Nevada on number two is Mississippi number three of Florida for the high-yield number five is Georgia number six Delaware number seven, probably California number eight Missouri number nine Michigan, Texas from over the top. Think of the highest rates of interest is shocking to think about how this is going on in the country were here were many people, particularly Christians, listening or just oblivious to what's going on movie a couple minutes forward to your next break early in the show you were mentioning some of the side of the lookout for for someone whom I just was sure late you again cover were some of the common signs to look out for human trafficking may be in your own house them. Avoiding eye contact on their beautiful starting to show some depression. There is an anxious behavior, you bring it into the cell of always look for, what about what the cop going to roll Dan out late at night. You know all of my little one. I don't even going around their change of something visible but are gaps in management and memory appears are malnourished are being taught grade draw show signs of alcohol and drug addiction and and you know those things which are listing listing Willie are very common to mean yeah we like you said a while ago. You know sometimes his parents with all the other going through puberty or they're just a teenager.

They just had a bad day at school and it year for many of us to never answer enters our mind that our own kids.

And yes, even Christian kids to be targeted for sex trafficking in the air into your new show you've already taught me. I mean I always thought that second somewhere else. I would never dreamed it was happening in my own house and then you share the Glenn Beck use a national celebrity. It happen with his yet almost dampened with his son right there own under his nose.

If you will post if you're listening today were talking the Willie Montague reason Orlando, Florida. His ministry is really been to help young people in crisis weathers mentoring young men who don't have a male influencer come from a single-parent family working in the prisons but his eyes to the life he lived for God carried him to a specific path and I will admit think is your whole testimonial all our world. This hell he was taken through difficult times in his life because of the situation. Willie's life was placed in email knows about the subject and he might be able God might be using him away to say literally hundreds of thousands. The kids lives from this terrible area of human trafficking.

We gotta take a break will come back and talk about what we can do and what the church can do to help stop this to serious issues and the church needs to be aware that I wore social media cards give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design on social crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven I believe financial problems only one voice the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about time creating a relationship is ranked sharing is in line joint.

The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Internation crystalline bargaining journey stemming much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal how to blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father principles join Christian perspective.

What is exciting. So today my give you Willie Orlando order in God.

It is called the bird on his wife to try to rescue children and others who were gone into the world of human trafficking, and if you do not hear the first part of the show, you can get Truth Network to become a podcast later today. You really need to listen to the show is been eye opening the what's happening with this.

Millions of kids being trafficking across the country and are not being brought across the border. It happened to our kids and in our house without everything being kidnapped or anything terrible things could happen your own kids before going further, where last thing that here. Willie, can you tell us that there might be a young person listening would become a victim of this you know this is happening to them and they're scared to tell their parents or their friends.

Maybe because they're embarrassed or maybe the pamper is not always stamped but whoever's imposing limited negative way might have threatened their lives of their families lives so there's a victim listening to our show today Pastor Willie what can they do get help.

While the program director called the human trafficking Hotline human trafficking Hotline with our beer and I'm gonna pull up that number before you go, you go on vacation that are good to our good to follow through with give me a different political rebirth. The way foundation Jan Edward great organization.

She's also an educator on our topic and gold into the school everywhere could help educate and tomorrow is our one United abolitionists which are right again trafficking and gold are some of the two right here but the main important dialed the number if you like your victim goal of the article 188373788818883737888 that if the national toll-free hotline for anyone to be with answer are made of 24 hours seven days a week and 200 languages will are if you ever build that were Good that you know that your your your part of the identified get out of any help please call hotline will really think you will repeat that would close out the show. What about those of us that are listening and particularly the art show is targeting Christians and and and pastors and churches. What can we do to help put an end human trafficking not not just real estate around the world. What can we do as churches in this individual I would grab about going up to educate my goal then it will work great in the way she gold who I am." For all my my hat but I believe that God would give the article go with the church. I do of March, speaking to the past and be able to bring it to River basin so probably applicable, the more you find a way to bring someone in that I can have that conversation with the pastor and didn't get it to the congregation going to get the children that the best thing to give you guys believe third find out the app that are out there get that information, but don't think because you know your child going to school and coming home that everything is well thing happened at videogame go to be aware not about where the church is to feel don't run away from the subject. Get out there and get ahead of it, but have about William and asked you to explain something you good luck parents to grandparents, some are older like me and we don't really understand the technology you're saying a lot of this is happening from apps do you you mind elaborating just what that means and in here for maybe some roller listeners you don't know and and how we can be alert to see what's happening on those apps markets fall right though you have multiple everyone knows about that are about to grant put pictures up on the main probably have neatly grinder it out.

What applicant a lot of that you a lot of you and you are because they have in the Scripture uncle Bill or that people can communicate with Ralph out of the cloud have worked out and do match at Jake, with her or not calculator not calculated to be a barricade is actually it mirrors the calculated work like a calculator but a little cold, but you can put into it and it opened up a whole world, you would think of a calculator, but merely hope that after you are you break that code and beaver app that could be you a picture at the big band conversation where they could create fake account and get up there and start with: better pay you look pretty for me a picture with no shirt on and did you know that you know the general be our young people want to keep their automated ninth-inning picture updated my blog, you know their body. You for all or whatever it may be personal commercial purposes been put in our being an adult crippled all the way up in afternoon again and I know it is just stolen and the kids don't have an idea know the kids all remained apparent. The kids are great, and what people be credited make the bank account at the Bell.

They can make an account and end up being Newport gaming they can make an account where like a young boy of 14 you are you know you are are images that are out there at great all-purpose and did you know keep going at it and ended and it is really really shocking how things are done and how would the creditors are and how they you'll really pray on our children. We we've only got a couple minutes left and before you do this and you did not ask me to do this anyway.

You part of a big part of what we do with the citizens for America foundation is encourage Christians to engage in the culture, specifically in the arena, but what about the this is certainly a huge public policy area. We also encourage Christians to run for office or candidate who share Christian values and have a biblical worldview and answer pastor William Anna therapy don't mind that you are a candidate for Congress in the Orlando area. Is that correct what what district are you running in this year I'm running for progress of the candle. Our porcelain floor was still waiting for Matt whatever light now month running in congressional district can and that, probably most of the Orlando area. Dr. Philip when the beer coal we apocryphal area like that are clearly the lawn and she better for part B, I am. I really like your children. Is there a website where people listening can learn more about you and issues that your concern about absolutely go to arcane team WI LL team actually just got brand-new information and look up excited about it. We got it last night, that go up the good part about the go check it out all kind of information video OP so you know all you that are listed. Email me talk to leasing the copper they know happily find Christian support issues we care about and ended up having her grounded in God's word and pastor really is is that countermand EE has a biblical perspective and whatever he does, whether you're going undercover which we don't encourage you to do in the thick trafficking world or if he is blessed to be able to serve in all the United States Congress. Yet, a biblical perspective and is going to take a stand on the word of God work without the show I want to just give you again.

If you're a young person was maybe involved in the world of sex trafficking or you wonder maybe somebody is lying to you through some of these apps are on social media never become bearish either cause any problems with dial 1888-373-7888 1-888-373-7888 or you can Google organization, paving the way foundation, paving the way foundation, or even beneficial. Willie could help you if you could reach out to him that team team Willie, we got a have you back that this is an issue that most Americans don't have a clue tickly Christians in the church and I thank you for opening our eyes to what's happening across America today. Thank you for the opportunity and grab broadband cable that are around you again. You can visit team Please be praying for Beth to Willie and other Christian candidates across the country and the year.

This is why we need you to get involved is why we need to know what the Bible says a big beat educated on the issues are going on very few pastor you know very many sermons on human trafficking, but I don't think I've ever heard a pastor preach a sermon on human trafficking and answers that you listening, I challenge you, you need to wake up. The culture around the all in the part I roasted it in God's word and take a stand on the word of God. Both jointly on the Christian perspective today were here each and every day on your favorite radio station.

Please listen to it if you miss this or tickly this show today.

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