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Has God Called You to be a Missionary?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 3, 2022 5:00 am

Has God Called You to be a Missionary?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 3, 2022 5:00 am

Pastor and Missionary, Travis Burt, joins Chris Hughes to talk about God’s calling on our lives and what it means to be a missionary.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth.

Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author.

Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris working with the perspective will kill you in your everyday lives of the Christian perspective occurs will also want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary where studios write your Christian perspective studios and on the campus of Mid-America college and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary.

If you're looking for great Christian college to attend. I would encourage you to go online and check out Mid-America college and then some of you maybe my nephews asserted I could really talk about missions hey I want to go to seminary somewhere, and I encourage you to look at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary very biblically sound believes in the inerrancy of Scripture, the sufficiency of Scripture and in the power of evangelism that affected your student either the seminary or the regular college Mid-America. One thing that you have to do every day go out and intentionally try when somebody Jesus every single week. That's really what it's all about telling other people about Jesus, thank you all for Doris here today.

You know the Christian perspective, sponsored by the citizens for America foundation and our purpose. Just try encourage people to develop a biblical worldview and then take that biblical worldview out into the world, particularly into the arena of public policy and politics. But no matter what we do. We stress every single day that we want people to reach Jesus to engage the culture for Jesus and to serve Jesus and tell others about grace of Jesus Christ each and every day in today or showed really dedicated to that allow time to talk about politics or other things. Today we want to talk about calling that God might have on your life and you might not even know what you might guess. Today is a really your dear friend of my special friend.

We've been very good friends from many years now.

He was a former pastor on church we mostly attended and he was a missions pastor there really encouraged me to do more in mission work with another venture that I haven't just had a heart for winning people to Jesus and God is really grooving to him and his friendship and then he went to another church to serve admissions Erin and now he's with a missions organization that serves all over the world are something that goes. He was also a missionary with something called the International Mission Board. For those of you who don't know our ways of Southern Baptist which is the largest Protestant denomination of the world and the Southern Baptist convention, although the churches are independent and autonomous.

They come together when a fellowship of like-minded churches to to raise money if you will for mission projects I have many different organizations with the two biggest ones. The North American Mission Board of funds mission projects in the United States and North America and the International Mission Board since what used to be called for mission missionaries around the world and I think you and Kyle and I can remember your credit me a minute but anyway he was a missionary with international mission board and now he's working in missions around the world again today so I'm so honored to have a friend that your kids are friends or wives or friends and we been friends for a long time pastor Travis Burke. Thank you so much for Jordan Christian perspective today. Hey Chris, thank you so much for having me really excited to be here with you brother.

Well I'm excited to because you have a great story about God directed you to become a missionary and him really have a heart for lost people all over the world to tell people about Jesus bore that so important in this day and age of so many things are going on really almost like out of the pages of low 11 page of the Bible, Revelation prophecy of things that are to be happening in the Bible tells us that Jesus is coming again one day in and you know when that day comes either when he calmed her when we die. Bible tells us that we have a spirit lives with us in our bodies might die, but the spirit of the limb on throughout all of eternity in the decisions that we make in this life to either follow Jesus Christ and serve him or to not will depend on where our souls spend all of eternity in a place called hell of eternal damnation of torment or place called heaven were the presence of God each and every day for rest of eternity.

I know that a burden that you have on your heart Travis to reach people for Jesus before that happens. Yes indeed it is.

You said we will end up before our Lord in heaven for eternity. Or we will be in debt being separated in a place called you said hell, apart from God and it is my heart and my desire to see people have the opportunity to respond to God's gospel message and also just a word that means good news is God's good news that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us.

We are all sinners week. That means that we are disobedient to God and that we deserve death in ourselves by God is provided a way to regain relationship with us through what Jesus did in his sacrifice on the cross time. I'm excited to be a part of that because of the even better news for what needed it on the cross for us is that he ascended after being buried for three days off the cross he ascended into heaven, and he's praying on the back of all of us believers. And in this day and age it's very important.

Low at about look around and see what's going around the world and breaking my heart was happening in the Ukraine today and things that happen in Afghanistan last August is so many things that God is working out in the world and my desires to come alongside of peoples to encourage their hearts to know that God loves them as a plan for them, but they must turn from themselves and turn to God that a man will traverse your people and there are people who may not be Christian. Listen to the radio program through a lot of Christian terms out there like they might hear the term priest or maybe liberal term rabbi, which is a flavor another faith or they hear the term evangelist or missionary you're a missionary so people who might not know what a missionary is what is a missionary and what are they doing and what is it titled me missionary is anyone who knows Christ. Basically, the where missionary is describing anyone who chooses to accept the mission that God is given every believer mission and God given every believer is telling others about what he did for them. If you are a believer of someone to come to know Christ and you desire to want to follow after Christ as we are one. When we come to know Christ accepting what he did on the cross for us. The Holy Spirit comes into our life and helps guide and direct us away from our sinful self and got us more towards him, but that takes a personal decision to follow Christ in that if someone chooses to do that one of the things that were commanded in the Bible.

Matthew 28 talk about is the great commission is what we call it and want to commission. It is just a sending out the basically is God sending out of his people who come to know Christ into the world. Another verse that people may be familiar with his acts 18 talk about being Christ witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth, and Jerusalem, it can be looked at in our lives is where we live locally. Judea was outside of Jerusalem. In acts more like a county or state location. If you're in the US and Samaria live in the entire country enemy. Of course the end of the earth is anywhere else. I have felt called in all those areas to do missions as a missionary and I'll be happy talk about that here just a minute but basically why the client what a missionary is someone who sued who surrenders to Christ decides to follow him with all of their hard in her mind.

This older strength and in doing so they adopted the mission of getting the word of God out there getting that good news after the gospel message out there to others so that they can respond to it and you might ask why are missionaries needed it so important that we do this work because in his book John Piper let the nations to be bag is unique in his book John Piper let the nations be glad you mentioned that missions exist because worship does not, you might ask yourself what is that mean well the reason why we have a mission to go tell everybody about what Christ is done on the cross for us and uniting us with God. If we accept him.

It is when we do that we become worshipers of God.

God's desire in God's design even from the very beginning, is to have a relationship with us and we mean choosing to not do that, we sin we run away we disobey God and he's provided Jesus to provide that doorway and the mission is to tell others hey, this world is bad. Look around. Things are going on. They're not good and there's a way that this can be made a much better and that is to relationship with God, and that only comes to knowing Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that he is the way to truth and the life.

Nobody comes to the father except through him. They worship aspect is the relationship once we come to know Christ. Doing we get to know him and his his character's personality to reading is worth spending time with him in prayer.

Having a relationship with Jesus, we desire to worship him for what he has done so that's what that means. By John Piper when he said in his book, let the nations be glad missions exist because worship does not once worship is flawed meaning to everybody has gotten to the place where God wants them to be worshiping and then there's nothing maddening going to be need for any mission so when God yes so so don't do missions. Willie will cease eventually and I want to be working with the Lord coming alongside of him in the world doing things that help encourage people to know there is a God. The only true and living loving God wants relationship with them and I desire to share that with anyone that I come in contact with well-crafted drugs that you're unpacking a lot a lot of stuff there. This is really good and the your you talk about the Bible right of the well you answer Travis please the right of book this is this is really great, but this is what I want our listeners to learn about today is what is a missionary in and you said something that is really profound and were about to take a commercial break. You set a missionary is anyone who knows Christ and his mission, and I think too many of us as Christians don't think that we don't realize that every one of us if we were a follower of Jesus Christ. When the primary responsibilities of every Christian is to tell other people about Jesus and Angela were on mission for him each and every day, and everywhere we go one have to take a commercial break browser drivers already know that I always like that would ask you today, but just in the first few minutes are there so many things I wanted to get user to have you back to your skeptical implant. Right now I want to take a commercial break and then I want to ask you to go back to something you said when you are tells what a missionary is one of the things you said is your you were describing acts 18 know what chores was to go to places you said local real calling. They are just right back with more this show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about locking the fixed at 15 feet of Bible come to life this December.

I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create life change. It's one of the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world to face one's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic limits. You fight like a wailing rock down through the winding alleyway financers for place that I think is very Jewish portrait feet firsthand what the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like financing and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating their relationship when sharing is like enjoying an American out of the phrase in God we trust get on our coins. It was on this day March 3, 1865, the Congress approved describing the model on all national points. Abraham Lincoln signed the bill into law less than two months later, Lincoln was assassinated at a memorial address for Lincoln speaker of the house to locate effects noted. Nor should I forget to mention here is the last act of Congress, never signed by Pres. Lincoln was one requiring that the motto which you sincerely believe in God we trust should hereafter be inscribed upon all our national points for free transcripts, all-American limit of 1888 USA were welcome back perspective.

Chris Hughes and Mike yesterday after crab he and his family been missionaries for many many years and he's talking to us about mission. What is a missionary. Maybe you're listening today, and God might be on your heart tell you that he wants you to do mission work for him and another recap for just a second. When we asked what was a missionary pastor, Bert said anyone who knows Christ accepts his mission and then he gave some verses and he told us that acts 18 charged us to be missionaries around the world in your own country or evil locally so after Travis when you said locally that really at home with me because a lot of people when they think of a missionary.

Think of somebody in China or India or somewhere you said locally. Can we really be missionaries right here in our own hometown absolutely in the balance really Chris, if you're not doing it here locally. There you have no business going to do it overseas and I'll tell you this is my perspective this is my true heart on this one thing that I had seen, and I have worked with the Southern Baptist Association in my local area and I worked with churches in the pit individually and as a group to that Association and the one thing that I see is that in our churches. It seems to be that the relationship aspect of knowing Christ is not emphasized. A lot of what we do is programmatic. A lot of it is you go and do this because of this reason and to me being a missionary being a Christian is being a missionary and being a missionary only comes out of my heart towards Christ is my relationship with Jesus that propels me to want to be obedient and that this is one aspect of my obedience. Other aspects includes becoming more like Jesus. And that means in our mild heart surrendering myself and my own desires to God in and through that God has called me and I'll explain what that means changes to meant to be called to do more and mission work.

Now I absolutely believe in local missions. I think without local missions of the said are you really can't do overseas mission. You can go you can do that work, but I remember this but this like when I went out one of the country that lived in for two years was China and when I was in that country. I will never forget I was there, the student, I was studying the culture I was studying the language of studying all aspects of Chinese life and I was I'm a Christian so it has on in that moment as I'm in that place. I'm also missionary in that very moment so locally there in China and served among the Chinese as just being me a Christian is a missionary and I'll never forget that as we were we were working there and seeing what was going on in that place God led my heart to realize that it would take the D Asian face to reach the Chinese people.

What that means is locally Asians who are believers are going to have to own their relationship with Jesus Christ to reach that nation and if you take a look at the although the numbers are really unknown that the church in the underground church in China is supposedly bigger than the US churches. All of us combined in numbers of people and that's because people chose to be obedient and tell others about Jesus was bring that back to the US so here in the US. I'm sitting in my pew at church I hear my pastor talking about what's going on around me locally if I don't have in my heart a desire and compassion to want to serve God in breach, that in some capacity. Maybe I should be asking myself. Do I really know Jesus really have a relationship with Jesus. That relationship is so vital.

And that's who we are. So my obedience comes out of my relationship to Christ, so the only reason why you're talking me today and I'm telling you on the missionary is because of Jesus in my life and so wherever I exist everywhere were told by the Lord love the Lord your God all your heart mind soul and strength, and the second is the love your neighbor as yourself.

Someone brought the gospel in the I need to take the gospel to them. That's how I love others as myself and I love the Lord. The guy will see if I am sorry about about this unit, you basically tell us that it everybody who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ should have a heart for missions and the you don't have to go to China although some might be called it a bit I want you to elsewhere called it. So if somebody wants to be a missionary whether cheer or somewhere else do they have to be trained or can anyone do Chris. As I mentioned, and as you mentioned. Also, every believer is already a missionary and there someday can get it let me talk first about call so I called is where you know that you know that you know deep down in your soul that if you don't do this thing that you're being called to generally attend ministry related like being called to preach being called to do missions being called to be a music minister being called to be a youth minister. Whatever the calling is that you have in your heart you know the you know the you know way deep down inside, if you don't do this you will not have the peace that you've been brought by accepting that and so what I mean is I when I received literally, Southeastern Baptist graduate so Southeastern Baptist theological seminary graduate and I hope in America that my me saying that all my are all on their little go but I appreciate women America doing that. When I arrived at Southeastern in 1997. I did not know anything about what God had called me to that seminary to learn.

I wasn't sure if I was to be a pastor or missionary work or what I remember standing in the middle of that the campus with my hands in the air worshiping the Lord and I said okay Lord, and now I'm here now. What in literally the only thing he ever told me was mission that was only word that even mean. Then I found out that there is a missions department at the seminary I when I investigated mission department have something called 2+2 program study two years on campus. Study two years overseas and I dived into that and that took me to China and through the southeastern seminaries program the hall of the student body that was involved in that program went to China in 2000 and now want to some training and I was trained in seminary trained on missionary training. But here's the point. You don't need that.

It's not necessary for you to have to go through that you can know Christ and you can tell people about Jesus. And you can start a Bible study in a Bible study can lead to church and then church can then plant another church a you you can do that. It's not totally necessary that you go in actually be trained. Yes, anyone who love the Lord, whose obedient of being a missionary can do that now should everybody do that in and that we start to see theological all differences know that seeing then I need to be some church that's in there that's helping another words if you're attending a church and you feel led to go plant a church.

Your cheer home church should be your supporter and your cheerleader in your encourager to do that.

So there can be some accountability and how all that happens. But what I'm saying if you don't have to go spend the four years in seminary that I did this, you are a missionary.

If you are called by Christ. If you are called to be a believer in Christ, and we are called away. Yes, we are believers released at least to be believers. It sure testimony with others, while you will pass your travels tell us we have accompaniments foreigners commercial break. You were talking about local missions a while ago. What are some examples of things that we can do locally as local missionaries. So glad you had something some simple things first and foremost as a believer in follower of Christ, how we maintain maintain our relationship with Jesus is through prayer, so we can pray for our neighbors.

We can pray for those who live in proximity to us.

We can pray for those we work with.

We can pray for those whom we jog with to ride a bicycle with. We can pray for those we interact with anyone within our sphere of influence for complaint form that's a very simple thing to anyone at any age at any health situation if they know Jesus can do and can pray and ask him to help in love and encourage that one of my favorite things I like doing and it's not something I like to see happen because I'm sad at the moment I see it that I love to do is when I see an ambulance go by.

Or I see an officer standing there giving a ticket or I see someone on the side of the road with a broken down car if I can pull over and help.

I pray for them and I asked God to provide their needs and I asked God to protect our police and protect our first responders and that's just the way that I am being a missionary to that person don't even know it in another way. Other ways that you physically do this you can actually go to your neighbor get to know your neighbor have a conversation with your neighbor. One of my people individual that I consider neighbors, my mailman for for Christmas. I left them a gift in my mailbox every time I'm walking my dogs. He happens to come by if you doubt I will try to wave at them and talk to them. Treat him like a human being gets another one and then just yell pray for them in their route.

You just build and build a friendship route with lists is to get this stuff. Let's talk about more about how the above missions will stick around like that America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know if it's really important role God and the Bible is American foundation, Dr. Chris before meeting Dave will embark on a journey discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement talking with missionary who is just given us so much information about any of us are Christian really called to tell other people about Jesus and told us about the calling to miss the first episode that occurred you go back and pull up podcast later on we talked about what calling me but I don't have to go to China to be a missionary to be a missionary right there in your own house and better transit and start praying for your neighbor to get to know when he was sure now is friends with his mailman were some other things better drivers that you do not you highlight you food, for example, to try to share Jesus with people actually making a meal Peter someone having a hardship in her like a real downer on a lot of people a lot of people have lost loved ones because of it. If you find out go to them as somehow you can help your praying for them for an opportunity to have a conversation, even on the phone with a telemarketer someone doing a service for you, it was service to them and turn around and ask them if they know Jesus and tell him that your praying for one of my favorite things. I love the duty to be a missionary among my brothers and sisters in Christ at church.

I will ask them how they're doing. Spend a little bit of time, and I love them as a brother and sister in Christ and encourage them but some other ways outside of those closer relationships and must don't forget family, your children, parents, loved ones, absolutely. Being a witness in their life or Christ done for you, but outside of that local economy. In your personal life you can do things like it you can actually go down to another neighborhood. I remember serving with the church here locally going into a neighborhood where there are a lot of people that had handicaps and the need for a new ramp going in building that ramp with a team and taking time to share the gospel with them. She never heard of it. Something easy that you can learn how to do to share the gospel is called the three circles, be happy to talk about that if you want, but that's a method in which you can share Jesus. It's very easy to do and takes less than three minutes. This may Chris is the biggest factor in this is not the planning to do these kind of little trips, you can go you can take a trip to Kentucky and you can work among those who are underprivileged, who live in the in the coal mines are doing the coal mines. Their depressed and you can physically go to another location and we should according to the Scripture that I quoted earlier. We should have that desire and opportunity to present ourselves to go and do that. But I'll tell you one of my favorite things and what I love about Jesus is in my relationship with him is that he leads me daily and I think this is the aspect of relationship part that is so missing and what makes me truly a missionary I mention is that here's the thing. This is tell your story real quick that this this this is something that God did it was phenomenal so I was just working my normal day I had gotten to a gas station was going on my car. I was exhausted. I just wanted to go home and all of a sudden this truck comes rolling up on the other side of the pylon.

The old beat up Toyota pickup little white one in the back of it was a lawnmower dog was in the passenger seat and a haggard old older lady came out of the front and she came over to get gas and she looked at me and she asked me a question and often don't have conversation is one go home, but she asked a question. She said we were across the street from the hospital and I found in the new building is being built right directly across the street from the gas station where he where she said that building being built and I set out in about two years. She said that sounds about right. And she began to tell me little bit about herself, and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit said to me, share the three circles share the gospel with this woman and I take a minute I'm like you got to be kidding.

I'm so tired and I said okay so on.

Her name was Rhonda so Rolando and I were having a conversation and I did share to three circles. A simple way to share Jesus and that was how you start off with that is you talk about how the world is a broken world. And as I did that. Here's filled in her eyes and she began to cry. She said that's me and I'm like okay 11.

I went to the whole presentation and I came back to her. Not that Rolando would you like to pray or see Christ in your heart today as your Lord and Savior, and she said yes and we set our rear end down right there on that pylon next to the get up and praying. She came to be a believer right there to get and I didn't want to do it while I'm saying that the that's me being a missionary in someone's life that I don't even know what I was just available to be used by the Lord. I've got several other stories like that and that's my heart is just I want to be obedient in whatever I do wherever I am, where around Lily whoever I'm interacting with.

I want to be in communication with my Lord and him tell me what I need to do in that moment. And that's what I think we all need to travel all over the world teaching people how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ into some people it's intimidating, but it really shouldn't be because the Bible tells us in Luke it will tell of the people that use the Holy Spirit will tell us what to say and we also know from God's word. If I tell somebody about Jesus. I don't think it's your pastor traverses story. I need to share my God, instead of a preprinted sent people to me every day, which I would encourage every Christian to write everything else you opportunity to witness and God will do that that person needs to hear what you gotta say not not what Travis or Chris you said to say just like when you met at the gas station so I know it has to do this in advance, but I've just always there Me that there might be somebody right now he doesn't know. Maybe it never told anybody about Jesus, the whole life. The been intimidated by think I got your seminary to do it really is a dummy like me can do it anybody can do it you share with the three circles is in and how I can do absolutely. You got a circle and an aerodrome from that circle to the right to another circle. An aerodrome from the bottom of that circle to 1/3 circle, an aerodrome from the third circle back to the first that's the imagery here and basically no top circle on the right-hand side represents brokenness.

I always start brokenness because brokenness everybody can relate to so identify the light does OCD believe that the world is broken and you look around a lot of fun and examples of brokenness about what's going on in Ukraine about what's going on in Russia and with their leadership was going on in America.

A lot of things are happening all around your family life is perfect. Have you ever broken a limb. We literally are there things broken in your life in our brokenness would always try to break out of that brokenness, we try to do that through maybe illicit relationships may we choose to take an illegal drug. Are we to drunkenness. So we trues choose whatever it might be just running away from a situation early relationship. Those things always brings back brokenness were never satisfied.

What you take a look at the circle on the top left side, it would be heart and that circle and that circle represents God and God's desire in God's design was that he wants a relationship with everybody. He did not create the broken world we created the brokenness in the world God created the world. Brokenness came from my cell on the top line with the arrow running to the site.

The broken circle near the person running and that represents disobedience running away from God or sin and then from the broken circle down to the lower third circle and that circle I withdrawal or have across and across represents Jesus and I say that there's only one doorway out of the brokenness into it into there's only one doorway out of the brokenness and that doorway is Jesus Christ who came to two show us how to love one another. More importantly, love God and show us how much God loved us he was put on the cross he died to sin was that he was big off the cross. He was buried in on the third day he rose up into heaven, and the only way to get to Christ is through repentance and belief, or people don't know what those words were dark and basically just admitting I'm wrong in believing what Jesus did on the cross to save me from being wrong and then I say in her low person praying there at that arrow, and then I say once you pray, you make Jesus the King of your life and I draw a crown on top of that lower circle, and then only arrow going up from the lower circle to the heart circle again. There's no person is cattle sparks on the colder's glory sparks. The Bible says once you've done it once you think you prayed and recommitted your sins to the Lord asking to forgive you your life and you made a new creature your created as now, an ambassador for God in this world that means basically your creed to be missionary into going to share in the mission of Jesus to tell other people about God. And then I asked the question, as I said in the world. You see there's two types of people. There are those that are closer to God and those that are further apart from God. Which do you say you are in and I let them respond and that gives them an opportunity to say no way they feel like they are. And like that need to be in a direction how I can work with them if they say why my middle and start a conversation. I would are you in the middle because you think you're good enough and will go through and talk to that that's basically the presentation as part of an "if you want to hear that again IS available anywhere that you get your podcast later today. This will be released on podcast listen to it will thank you so much. I just know what God wants to hear that somebody might need to hear how to tell sure the faces we've never done that before. It's really that simple dress you want to do that easy easy minute conversation with provider less than 10 minutes is amazing. Amazing what they what the sleeve into this and tell us more about your relationship with Jesus and why you decided you call yourself cross-cultural missionaries. Why did you decide to do that they may be tells without me.

As I mentioned earlier my desires to be obedient to the Lord. I desire to put the Lord first in all aspects of my life, say that anyone who becomes a Christian today will not find themselves doing this early on.

It takes time for them to really, truly submit every part of their life over to Christ, but that's what you want. I've been a Christian since eight years old. That means for 40 years cheeks as I walked with him and when I was 15 I accepted the fact that I was not Lord of my life that Jesus was Lord of my life. So I check in as my Savior ate I came to an end as my Lord today, but I came at 15 to an understanding of what it meant for Christ to be Lord of my life and I chose to say okay Lord of your order my life.

I want to follow you and everything that you want me to enact open the door way up for me to be led to be called to be missionary plan is designed to be obedient to the Lord is a mention I was called by God in a calling is simply just as you know that you know that you know in your heart is what God wants you to do.

There's nothing we can change your mind, you get peace about it. As I mentioned earlier, to love the Lord my God all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Everything that I am I want to do that.

I love my neighbor as myself and my relationship with Jesus is a day-to-day relationship as it should be for all believers. I don't always read my Bible everyday all gasp, but I can to spend time note, praying every morning I wake up I'm in prayer and I'm thinking I'm praying about whatever's going on around me. My personal life would end internationally as I work through all the things I do these last so much going on that I have to pray about, but I do that because I desire to hear what the Lord is the say and I listen to keep I listen, I don't just pray and go on and on and on about what I want to say I wait and I say, Lord, what are you telling me and when I'm talking to you or anyone else. Even in this moment. I'm praying and asking God what you want me to learn from this.

What do you want me to hear from theirs. What do I need to share what what are you doing that's Mike, my biggest question to Lord, what were you doing and how can I come alongside of that and understand more about how I can be helpful, yeah, yeah, prayer is no is not sending God like some genie to do errands for us it's a special telecommunications God were he will prepare us to do his will allow us to come back live. The day I was supposed to be as mean organization or individual social media scores give us a call today at 704-9842 connect with the social crowd with viewpoints of voice condition after a financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus.

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Pastor Travis now can you tell us where you lived, and then tell us what the day in the life of a cross-cultural missionary looks like. Eliminate one of the things you asked me earlier was one of the cross-cultural missionary and basically is just someone to build light of the Lord to live in a different culture and to do what I would normally do in my own culture and living with Christ in my heart and my life over there where were over there might be some areas that I've lived in a mentioned two years in China two years. Also in India and four years in Thailand's altogether about eight years of cross-cultural living.

Interestingly enough, when we were going to China. My wife was pregnant with our first child in many people asking us are you going to take your baby with you. Of course, so he was two months old when we left to go and we lived in China for from the kind that our son was two months until he was almost 2 years old so that's about how long we lived there in China and then we came back pregnant with my daughter and my daughter and my son and my wife and I remain in the US. This was you might say what about your call to be a cross-cultural missionary.

What happened well is because my life is an obedient life to Christ and Christ told me I was not returning back to China.

He also told me that I would stay in the US until he was wanting to call me elsewhere and after five years he did just that and he called us to India and we spent two years there. My daughter at that time was about four my son was about seven and then we went from in India when the Lord redirected our heart to Thailand so we literally moved from India, Thailand, and in doing that. We spent those four years there and we came out of that Thailand location will my son was 13 and my daughter was about 10 and a return to the states. Why do we return to the state about your cross-cultural missionary. I returned to the states again because it was God, the desire for me to do so. In fact, he then changed my calling, not away from emissions just into a different location related to missions with missions pestering started out to local churches and then as was mentioned earlier on, and then I came out from there and I continue to work in mission.

Still today, and I happen to work for cross-cultural organization today, but in the same time. I live where I live and I am who I am where I am and that means I'm a missionary right here my own neighborhood, will you mentioned missions pastor that might be something that was never heard of and say will maybe God call me to do that so missions pastor really were you worked in the local church, those churches have a heart for missions and you let mission teams incurred mission to train people how to witness and those type of things is a mission best pastors are correct that is correct. After two or three years ago God called you back into a new kind of mission field in your with an organization called east-west ministries.

Can you tell us about that transition through this organization is that we really need to know your website because I think you have to raise your money which is different than it was before. Tell us what you're doing now and how we can support your ministry. So after my second the second church I working as missions pastor the Lord again redirected my steps and I joined an organization called east-west ministries international air located out of Plano, Texas.

They have work all over the world. There are 77 countries that we are currently working in their 11 others that were trying to get into to expand.

88. In that role is a very large role for me and that God has been doing something called regional vice president and what that means, simply, is that I have an entire region of the world.

What is region actually reaches from Iran to Japan and then Russia to Indonesia so all of that part of the world on the map is where I focus my efforts and I've got people in and around all those countries that were in, and that regional area that I work with and I've got other leaderships in between me and those that are physically there on the ground as well that I work with and I've been doing that for the last two years in the way that anyone who want to find out about the especially good at if they want to give to me.

Specifically, they can go to Burke they'll take him to a page will be my missionary number 9630 and they can give right there online in any way did mention on their they can give and I goes because the donation goes directly to east-west as a donation of family earmarked for my use how I get my money.

I'm not actually given money physically commit to me. I don't see that it all goes through their because east-west is a 501(c)(3) organization so all the donations are tax-deductible.

So anybody like to give it.

I really appreciate that man again to repeat that just because I want to write it down and misted it W WW.East West.O RG east-west not ministry so and then to specifically support you go to/Travis which is TR a DIS Burke EU RT and cannot point out that you did not ask you to do any of this. But as I understand it near when you work in the other countries you were employed. Basically, the international mission board you wanted to such. Now you have to raise your own funding and so the only way that you're able to do this mission work is to people that are generous like our listeners today, and if people don't donate your you don't get paid to support your wife and your two children so it's so important you know this is another way to be a missionary. I don't ever beat people up for money but I mean here. Some of us can give you and maybe even if it's five or $10 a month. That adds up and makes a big difference to the minute Travis had so against TRA DIS Burke you RG and I do mean the bears, thereby doing that, but I just want people have the opportunity to bless you for listening here today is very kind of you Chris, thank you so very much in real quickly, just so people understand the only missions organization that existed pays their missionaries any kind of stipend and I mean it's a stipend it's not much money at all in the international mission board of the Cybex convention. I was called to leave that and go work with another organization east-west that is a nondenominational organization that is like all other mission organizations where everyone is a missionary have to raise their own support so the isolation board that's their uniqueness. They do that through raising funds through churches, a give-and-take that they bring those funds together in a pool and provide that for the missionaries as a stipend and but all the other organizations are asking individuals will direct you like because you you involve the individual into the giving your body individual into the ministry. So where the sunbath is out walking the church and of the welcome that I be missionary and be talked to like that and say thank you to the whole church but I couldn't tell you. Anyone in the church today.

I got a list of people that I have that are supporting me that I know personally that I send out newsletters and information to encourage them and what I'm doing in that they were to write me an email. I know who that is. And I like that that's the accountability is a lot closer individually and I just really appreciate that you will talk about difficulties in the huge region really picture vice president over a large portion of our world today and about a week ago last Thursday or Wednesday night last week Russia invaded Ukraine and I know you might not be will share any details of people's lives to be a danger, but I know you probably have missionaries rush out about Ukraine others things that we can be praying for cadets with difficulty when you're poor country you could be attacked or really can happen anywhere but pray more, ask our people to pray for your team members out there's anything specific not just to that situation with others that we can be praying for. Absolutely thank you for asking.

Technically Ukraine is not a part of my area that I should part of your and there's another individual who is dealing with that Russia is we have national partners in Russia and in Ukraine so prayers for them and their families and their safety. Actually got a text from the individual whose over Europe telling us that one of our national partners had been shot at while in Ukraine and just praying for their situation there for that whole region, and as Russia pushes that these be the stabilizing that you Ukraine and potentially pushing to other countries that will affect a lot of not only the work that east-west does but also certainly more drastically the world and in Oakville reshape boundaries and create us to have to rethink how we do things and all that's a prayer.

There is very important, but I'll quickly want to say Afghanistan is a part of my area and by God's grace we had to national partners one which had sent his family out two weeks prior to the invasion of the Taliban and then he paid a smuggler to get them down to a fence line there and dug up under the fence and went into Pakistan and escaped but then he was kicked out of Pakistan and now is in Cyprus. You can pray for him and our other one actually made out through Dubai and came to America and actually in he's now currently in Louisville Kentucky so we got partnering with him to try to reach Afghan displaced peoples here within the US right now. So although it's bad. It is an open door for us. Be looking and watching to see what God is doing and coming alongside of him and how we can use be useful in how God would have us to be useful for his kingdom sake in these very negative time soak pray for our brothers and sisters in these countries pray for them to be bold in their witness pray for them to stand up for Christ is to love one another rightly those that are escaping Ukraine into Poland and other areas where we have brothers and sisters. Churches would open up and live on these people that the churches would just be what God would have them be. And that's something that so opposite in different in this world we need to be exactly what he's called us to be and that is to love our neighbor as ourselves and to give everything we are and what we are to God Almighty pressure Travis we run out of time with.

Thank you so much.

"If you're listening, you can go to Burke to support Pastor Travis pray for him and the team at east-west their mission work across the world. Empirically, these bitter in countries that are battle torn just pray for them and their families.

They sacrificed so much for Jesus to be encourage what you can do right there in your local area B.

Mr. Fester, Travis thanks for being with us today. Thank you. It's been my pleasure to bless you what you're doing and thinking for listeners as well post. Thanks for listening to Christian perspective. Hoping to hear your local radio station each and every day, listen of how we can develop a biblical worldview that worldview out in our everyday lives. If you want to hear the show get this Tried to assure them getting advertising messages is here again tomorrow. Everyday Sylvia about impacting the culture for Jesus citizens for me at the foundation. This is the Truth Network

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