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How Can We Protect the Lives of Unborn Babies?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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February 28, 2022 5:00 am

How Can We Protect the Lives of Unborn Babies?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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February 28, 2022 5:00 am

Human Coalition’s Julie Emmons joins Chris Hughes today on the Christian Perspective to talk about what the Bible says about abortion and how we can engage the culture for Jesus in the Pro-Life arena.


Hi, this is Roy Jones with ManTalk Radio Podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination. Your chosen Truth Radio Broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. Welcome today to The Christian Perspective.

I'm Chris Hughes. And you know, on this show, this is where we like to look in God's Word in order to develop a Christian worldview in modern culture and figure out how we can take what the Bible teaches us and specifically, not just into our daily lives, take the biblical worldview. But I am encouraging you to take it into the public arena in the area of public policy and in the world of politics, which I know is something that scares many of our listeners. But God gave us this world. It's His creation.

And He does not expect us as Christians to be bystanders, particularly when so many things, sinful things, are really going on in the world around us. Before we get started, I want to thank the Citizens for America Foundation for sponsoring our show. And I really want to say a special thank you to Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary for being the home base for our radio program and giving us the studios that we use so we can broadcast from their beautiful campus here in Memphis, Tennessee, each and every day. Well, you all know earlier this year, back in January, you may recall when I went up to Washington, D.C. on a very cold January day for the March for Life. And if you are not aware, there is a war going on to save the lives of millions of unborn babies in our nation. Since 1973, when the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade occurred, there have been approximately, and our guest today will probably correct me, but around 63 million babies who have been brutally murdered in the United States of America through abortion. And then because of the funding that we give to Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars, not only is this in the United States, but millions more babies have been murdered through abortion around the world. Abortion is a sin. And maybe you're listening today and you don't agree or you don't know. I know there's a whole generation of young people who don't see that little life inside a woman's stomach as a living baby.

Some of them just see it as a blob of flesh or some genetic mutation or whatever it may be to justify their minds that this is not murder, but it is murder. And we have got to stop this in our nation. God's going to hold us accountable for the sin of abortion. He's going to hold the church accountable for not taking a stand in this issue in the United States of America. So I invited someone today who is a dear friend of mine to be a guest on our show, Julie Emmons.

I've known in the political circles for a couple of years now. I'll let her tell us more about it, but she worked on some congressional staffs and for some other great Christian organizations, but she's now with an organization called Human Coalition, which later in the show we're going to learn about. But Julie has a passion for defending the lives of the unborn and she is really a general in that battle. She's on the front lines each and every day doing everything that she can to save the lives of these precious unborn babies that were created in the very image of God. So Julie, thank you so much for joining us here today on The Christian Perspective.

You're welcome. It is my honor and privilege to be here with you, Chris. Well, the honor is all mine. You are such a busy lady. I've been trying to get you on here for a long time and you're always busy, but that's okay because I know what you're doing. I know what you're out there working for and certainly talking on the radio is not always the best use of your time when you're meeting with legislators and encouraging others to engage in this battle. But Julie, so before we jump into the abortion issue, because I want people to have an opportunity to call their family members or friends or maybe if you're like me and you've got students or in high school or in college that really because I think the younger generation today just does not see this as the important issue, Julie, that you and I see this issue as. And so I want people to have a chance to hop on the line. But before we get into the issue of the day, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background and what you've been doing the last few years? Sure.

I'd be happy to. I am a native of a little town that's growing fast called Meddon, North Carolina in the central part of the state. Family goes back in North Carolina for generations and it's just, you know, an unusual privilege to live in the place where I grew up five minutes down the road from my parents and it doesn't happen often these days.

We interrupt you there for you talking about parents. So for those of us who are not great at geography, are you close to a big city? Are you in the middle of North Carolina because we have a national audience? Where is that little town?

Absolutely. It's kind of in between Raleigh and Greensboro, well closer to Greensboro. It's back in the middle of the state.

Okay. Great location. I love it because we're two and a half hours from the beach, two and a half hours from the mountains.

You can't beat that. That's great. So anyway, so I was privileged to be raised in a Christian home and attend a Christian school for most of the years growing up. And my political and government involvement began with my high school history teacher. So if there are any teachers listening, I want you to realize how powerful you are and how huge the influence you have is. My high school teacher was Mr. Dennis Riddell, who believe it or not is now a state representative in the North Carolina house. And he encouraged a whole generation of us to become involved in political work, government work. There are a number of us that ended up in public service. So my career began actually in education. I was in education for 17 years as a classroom teacher. And then I was an instructor at Elon University for 10 years in the school of education. My emphasis was special education, which I believe is a pro-life vocation also, standing up for people who have different abilities and embracing their value. I was somewhat politically involved as a volunteer over the years, but in 2014, I met a pastor who was running for Congress.

His name is Mark Walker. And he asked me to run his campaign and we did. Everybody said we didn't have a chance, Chris, but God knew better. And we embarked on a journey. He blessed our efforts in 2014.

Mark went to Congress, served for six years in the United States House of Representatives. And it was my privilege to serve as his district director and deputy chief of staff. What a journey.

So that journey ended at the end of 2020. Then I started lobbying in Raleigh for a pro-life, pro-family values portfolio. And I learned about an organization called Human Coalition, which like you said, we'll talk about later. Well, and for our listeners, just to let them know, Raleigh is the state capital of North Carolina.

And so I don't want to assume anybody knows that. And so you worked there with legislators each and every day. Was it just the abortion issue or were you addressing a variety of issues with your previous organization? With my previous organization, I was working on a variety of issues. You know, one of our biggest bills was a pro-life bill, which is currently vetoed here in North Carolina.

I'm hoping we can override it sometime before the next session ends. And it was a bill to outlaw abortion in case of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. We also worked on women's sports, which is something that I know you haven't interested in, Chris, and speaking out about saving women's sports. We also worked on religious liberty issues. And, you know, such a privilege. The entire time I knew and I was talking about the unborn, I was talking about the pro-life movement.

There was just that special pull. And I got to open the doors for full-time pro-life vacation. What a privilege to be here. Boy, and I'm so glad that the Holy Spirit tugged on your heart in that manner and opened up the opportunities as we're going to learn more about your organization a little later on. Before we do that, I don't want to leave your history here yet. I want to talk about some of the things that you mentioned. First, I want to touch on teachers because I did not know that part of your story. You talked about how your teacher, was he a history teacher, did you say? Who is now in the State House, I guess, in the state of North Carolina, encouraged you to make a difference. And I know that we have a lot of teachers that listen, and I just want to encourage you.

Y'all, I know it's been so tough these last two years with COVID and lockdowns. And in many cases, some of the schools were not prepared to go online. And maybe many of you that are teachers have never been online and didn't know necessarily how to teach.

And you've been beaten up a lot in the press, I think, unjustly in the last couple of years. And I know it's easy to get discouraged. Julie, my wife teaches in college, and I never realized until she started teaching the workload that teachers have. I mean, I heard them say it.

It's massive. Yeah, and I want to be honest. I mean, I'm like many, I was like, not now, but was like many people were kind of critical thinking, you know, boy, you can, you know, teachers complain all the time.

They don't make enough money and yada, yada, when I'm thinking, well, they're only there, you know, if you don't know, no, you get off at three, but you don't really get off, you know, in the case of my wife. And I'm sure with you, Julie, and other teachers, I know they do much more work outside of the classroom than they ever do in the classroom. I would just encourage teachers to remember, remember that every single child, or in this case teenager in your classroom, God has a unique plan for their life. And you're a part of it. That is so true. What an honor to be a part of each of their stories. And so use those opportunities to embrace that image of God that's within them, to encourage them to use their gifts for his glory. And yeah, it's an incredible place of influence. So that was part of the beginning of my interest in the Pre-life Movement. Well, and I think, just as we kind of finish out this segment here in the next minute or half, I just want to encourage the teachers listening. There are many Julie's out there who are being influenced by you and your teaching. And I know particularly Christian teachers can get discouraged because so many liberal things happen with the teachers unions, but God placed you in that position so you could uniquely touch the lives of these young people. And I just think about that history teacher, you know, not only did he touch your life, but because of your work today, there's no telling how many babies lives have been saved through your involvement that would never would have happened had he not encouraged you to get involved and make a difference, Julie. So, you know, I just want to encourage our teachers, particularly our Christian teachers, to realize that you have an opportunity to make a difference in those students' lives each and every day as you touch them.

And, you know, there are ways, even in public schools, to let people see the love of Jesus coming out through your life. Julie, we're going to take a break here in just a second. When we come back, I want to talk about one more thing you said in your background, and that's about special ed and the importance of engaging there and possibly in adoption. And then we're going to jump right into the abortion issue.

So, folks, call your friends, tell them to get out their pens and take notes, because Julie's going to tell you how we as Christians can develop a biblical worldview and then engage in the culture to defend life in the United States of America and around the world. So stick around. We'll be right back with more Christian Perspective here on the Truth Network. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

... .... .... .... Welcome back to The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. My guest today is Julie Emmons from The Human Coalition, and we're talking about abortion and the pro-life movement in the United States. And Julie is someone who's really on the front lines. And before we jump into the pro-life issue, I want to touch on one more thing. Julie mentioned that she worked in special ed and talked about the importance for us as Christians standing up for students who maybe, you know, don't always have people stand up for themselves. And I thought it was important for us to make a note here, because one criticism of the left to Julie is that, you know, they try to make it sound like we don't care about babies that are born, and that is simply not true.

That is not true. You know, there are a lot of children born with Down syndrome, and you have been on the front line trying to protect babies born with Downs and other developmental issues. And I don't know if you want to speak to that, but I really think it's important. God touches certain Christians' lives to maybe adopt babies with Downs or other issues, and the church could do a better job at that. But for the liberals who accuse us of that, that's not true. We love those babies just as much as any other baby.

Absolutely. You know, one of the most powerful moments I think I've witnessed in person was last spring at the North Carolina legislature. We were working on the bill I mentioned before, which would prohibit abortion in cases of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. We had a young lady. Her name is Jaden. At that time, she was 13 years old, and she came with her family to help us lobby for the bill. Well, we were in a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, and, you know, she was full of senators, the press, you know, that kind of thing. And her dad was going to speak. He did speak, but she asked if she could speak first, Chris. She got up and she held that microphone, and she said, my name is Jaden. I have Down syndrome, and I am created in the image of God. Wow. I am God's child.

And I saw soon, first of all, I've been away two years. And there's something really, really powerful about listening to the voices of God, uh, individuals who God has created with a very unique stamp and a unique imprint of their creator. And this is an area where, again, we're going to have to speak to hearts and minds, but embracing differences, embracing different abilities, and, you know, recognizing that every single human being is created in His image is so important. And so that's an important part of, I think, the overall pro-life message. Absolutely.

Boy, it is. What a powerful testimony. Well, folks, if you're listening, we're talking about the pro-life movement and my guest, Julie Emmons with Human Coalition is with us today. Julie, what first sparked your interest in the pro-life movement and what's motivated you, uh, to become and then even stay involved for so many years?

Well, my interest was first sparked, you know, I had parents who are pro-life, um, and, you know, of course we talked about that issue within the home, but sometime in the late 80s I picked up a book called Right to Live, Right to Die, and it was written by our former Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Cope, and in it he outlined, at that time, the current issue of abortion and euthanasia here in the United States, and it really struck me, the fact that we had another little human being we're talking about here. And, you know, Chris, I'm sure you remember back then ultrasound, uh, photos were really grainy. It was like a little white fuzzy spot and you were told that's your baby. Yeah, I could never tell Julie, like, when Vicki and I... You trusted him, right? Yeah, the doctor's like, that's a boy.

I'm like, how? You know, but it's really changed, I think, since then. It has changed and so back then, you know, we had the little videos, you know, it was very, very grainy, but I really impressed upon me, this is another little human being. And so back then, you know, the pro-abortion forces were trying to convince us that this was not a human being. Now, you know, we know we have those 40 ultrasounds and all those detailed things, but I just, I started really, really thinking about that baby and how he, she didn't have a voice yet and how I needed to be their voice. But then, several years later, I was working, I was actually doing an internship in Washington, D.C. and in some classes along with it and I was taking a class on domestic policy and those of us with a certain age will remember that there was a Hillarycare before there was an Obamacare. And Hillary Clinton was first lady at that time and came out with a healthcare plan and I was doing a project where I wanted to, I wrote my paper on how that plan would impact the abortion industry.

And so a friend and I decided to actually go to an abortion clinic and to interview the manager there and to really get their thoughts as students on this piece of legislation. Well, Chris, we took the Metro down there on a Saturday morning and I remember walking in the door and there was one person in the waiting room. She could not have been more than 16 years old. A young girl and she was just in tears and she was all by herself. And I could tell that she did not want to be there.

We were whisked backs very quickly and escorted out after our interview was done. We didn't have a chance to do anything other than to let her know that we would pray for her. But the look on her face, the look of despair, of hopelessness is something that I'll never forget. And that experience broadened my view to, you know what, we're not just talking about a baby here. We're talking about a mom, a mom who doesn't see another way out. And she needs someone to tell her and she can do this and to come alongside her with the resources necessary.

So all these years later is come full circle to be involved in a movement that is telling women they can do this and giving them the resources to do so. You know, I think we, well, most of us don't ever want to think about abortion because of the uncomfortableness of the images that may appear in our mind when we think about it. But Julie, you mentioned that one young lady who was there by herself and that's just a story that takes place really millions of times over and over again. That young lady is almost always by herself, I would think.

I mean, you know better than me and maybe you can talk a little bit about that, but it's not just, and I'm not diminishing the life of the unborn baby, but there are many lives that are ruined through abortion. That young lady is feeling alone, maybe for the first time in her life at one of the most important decisions that she's making in her life. And she's got to deal with the rest of her life with what happened there in that room.

And she was by herself. And another thing, Julie, and I'll let you address that, but another thing that people don't think of is the young man. You know, many times the young man may not have a say. Well, yeah, I guess legally he probably doesn't have a say at all.

I don't know. Maybe you can address that. I'm giving too many issues to year, but you know, there might be a young man who, you know, had sex outside of marriage, which is not God's plan or design, but it happens. And he would never want his baby to be aborted, but he may not have a say. And he's got to live with the rest of his life, you know, his participation in that as well. Do you agree that that causes a lot of problems for both mothers left alone and the fathers of those babies who also partake in abortion?

Absolutely. It is a traumatic event. There are long-term mental and in many cases, physical health consequences. Abortion is not the easy fix that the abortion industry sells to women.

It's not an empowering thing. It hurts women. And, you know, I just spoke with a dad yesterday who 20 years ago, his girlfriend had had an abortion without his permission, without his knowledge, and he still hurts from that. And so it is a lifetime. But I did want to take an opportunity before we move any further in the podcast, and this is a decision I made years ago, whether I'm talking for an hour about abortion or five minutes, to always, always, always remind anyone that's listening who's had an abortion or participated in an abortion in some way, to remind you of, Chris, what you and I know to be true in 1 John 1.9, that if we confess our sins, he's faithful to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. And there is healing to be found in Jesus Christ.

Amen. Go to him with this. Go to him, ask his forgiveness. There is assistance from the pro-life movement in post-abortive counseling, and he can redeem this. And so I thank you for giving me a moment to remind folks of that. Well, that's important because we're trying to encourage people to develop a biblical worldview on this issue. And the news is that it's a sin.

One sin is not greater than the other sin, and we are all sinners, but forgiveness comes through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Julie, you were talking about the young lady at the abortion clinic and the granny ultrasounds. That technology, I think, has really changed. And I know there's a lot going on to raise money to put ultrasounds in, I guess, abortion counseling clinics. Does it really make a difference when the young lady can see a clear ultrasound of her baby before she makes that final decision? Absolutely. You know, it's one of those things where particularly with today's ultrasounds, you know, we talk to young people having children today and they're like, oh yeah, I already knew he had my nose.

I knew what his little face was going to look like. And so, you know, empowering women is actually giving them the ability to see their child. You know, the abortion industry would prefer to keep that information from them, but I think if a woman wants to see her child, wants to see her baby, she should be able to. And it's a very, very powerful tool as we counsel women through that decision-making process.

And, you know, the narrative has changed over the years. You know, we know that this is a little human being. The question is, the question is, what should be legal as far as this decision is concerned? And, you know, Chris, I mean, the United States is one of only six countries in the world that permits abortion up to the day of birth.

What a travesty. Let that sink in. We've lost over 60 million babies, like you said, in the United States since the beginning, since Swervy Wade. And the pro-life movement is one that is founded in love. We have strong momentum right now, and we are determined to be there for pre-born children and their mothers.

Both of whom are created in the image of God and worthy of dignity and respect. Well, folks, we've got to take another commercial break. When we come back, we're going to continue to talk about the state of abortion in America. Stick around.

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I encourage you to learn as much as you can about them. We're talking about the state of abortion in America. Over 60 million babies have been brutally murdered through abortion since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973 and Julie's telling us a little bit about the industry and we were just talking about the importance of ultrasounds before we took the break and I would encourage you if you have a Christian-based pregnancy center in your area to maybe prayerfully consider becoming a donor to that local pregnancy center and help them be able to purchase ultrasound equipment because I just think probably tens of thousands of lives Julie has been saved because moms were able to see that it's not just a blob of flesh that baby is moving and the heartbeat is going on it's got facial features that are similar to the parents and those ultrasounds are so important. Well Julie uh tell us put on your lobbyist hat for us a minute and uh I know you don't really do that part of it as much anymore but what's the state of abortion in America maybe where's some statistics and demographics you can share with us? Well I've already talked about some statistics you know the fact that we are missing over 60 million little ones here in the United States abortion continues to be the greatest human rights abuse of our time most women who have abortion are in their 20s.

Really it's not teenagers that's surprising to me. One thing and you know what honestly I'll talk about this in a little bit when we talk about the you know my experience in Washington DC this past December when you think about the young generation right now they're being raised being exposed to you know little brother and sister these these new ultrasounds they have knowledge that we didn't have they have visuals that we didn't have um about the humanity of the the the pre-born baby and so uh most women are in their 20s um but one thing I think I want to make sure people understand is that right now almost half of all abortions are early medical abortions what that means it's a chemical abortion a woman takes a pill or series of pills rather than have a surgical procedure. Julie is that what they call the plan b or the morning after pill? That's a little different plan b is is something that that is available in pharmacies I believe in most states and so that is something that that we believe you know is also an abortifacient you know as far as you could have an embryo you know that that is not able to implant after that but the chemical abortions um are you know a two-step process um for anyone that's watched the movie Unplanned it is the procedure that Abby Johnson went through that was enacted in that movie and so you know in some states um these pills do not even have to be given in the presence of a physician in some states people are able to access these pills through mail order and so the pro-life movement we at this point have got to make sure that we are ready and available to help women right away anytime they need this help and earlier than ever in the process because abortion looks different than it used to um now of course you still do have your you know your surgical procedures um in the traditional more traditional uh methods but you know Chris this is a big year for the pro-life movement I have a feeling we can talk about that for a little bit um and you know we've had Roe v Wade for almost half a century now but right now we have the most credible threat that we've had to Roe v Wade that is a case in Mississippi um in Mississippi passed what they call their gestational age act which limits abortion after 15 weeks of gestational age and of course like most state pro-life bills is taken taken the court and the supreme court heard it on December 1st 2021 and this law protects protects preborn children advances the health of pregnant mothers protects the integrity of the medical profession but um I actually got to be in Washington D.C. when that case was heard. Well before we get into that and I want to hear about that because I remember we talked why I believe while you were out there Julie listen for those that are listening because I think uh you know people use the term Roe v Wade but there are probably a lot of listeners Julie who who don't really know what that was and and and what it meant and if I don't if I can put you on the spot can you just tell people I mean more more than it's just a supreme court case what was it and what was what you know like what was the state of abortion before that and what changed what why is that so important well Roe v Wade was the case that basically took the legality of abortion out of the state's hand okay and so states can attempt to limit or restrict abortion kind of like Mississippi's is trying to do with this 15-week bill that states do not determine whether or not abortion is legal within their within that state and so Roe v Wade um if if the supreme court is willing to um uphold that law uphold the Mississippi law then at the very least it would start dismantling that grasp on the legality of abortion and states would be able to decide whether or not abortion is legal so one thing I want our listeners to understand is that if Roe v Wade does fall it doesn't mean we won't have any more abortions okay it's not going to be the end of abortion what will happen if the decision will be pushed back to the state level and so really what we're going to be doing is we're going to be fighting this on 51 battlegrounds if you think about it okay um 50 state legislatures and the united states congress okay and so um you know that's that's what will happen if Roe v Wade comes down so all eyes are going to be on state laws and and at this point it looks like about 26 states uh would be ready and willing fairly quickly to restrict restrict abortion access after this happens so if I can recap I'm sorry I can interrupt you so kind of a recap so about a half a century ago the united states supreme court decided that this was a constitutional issue decided by the federal government that a woman had a right to an abortion correct me if I'm wrong and there's not really been a major case heard by the supreme court really since about that time so last year when the legislature in the state of Mississippi passed a law and I could be wrong but correct me that I believe it was at 12 there would be no abortion after 12 weeks is that right it was 15 in mississippi and you know we we have had a few opportunities but this is definitely the most clear one that's come along um you know where where the supreme court could potentially you know say you know what that's okay well and the other you can do that and all the other states really oh we can well the other big difference julie is the supreme court looks different than it has in a long time and whether you love president trump or hate president trump as christians he had the opportunity to uh place three new justices on the supreme court so the uh the look and feel of supreme court is different than it really has been in decades and really for the first time now we have possibly I mean we don't know how they will rule but we have possibly with more conservative justices on the court now maybe the opportunity to uh and it's very rare for but for the court to say you know a mistake was made in the previous decision and this is not a united states constitutional issue but a state issue is that kind of a good summary that's what's happened that would be huge and we have some excellent jurists on the supreme court and you know they will you know they will put the constitution first but i think it's interesting you know roe v wade was decided by an all male all white supreme court so we have a more diverse uh supreme court now uh that reflects uh the people of the united states of america match better in my opinion we're also working with a different body of knowledge uh so we'll see what happens but i did want to point out that no matter what happens here you know a lot of people are like wow so what if abortion were not as readily available in some states there are over 2 700 pregnancy resource centers in the united states ready and able to serve these women um human coalition which we'll talk about in a moment the organization i worked for is one of the uh the largest national pro-life organization serving women all day every day now who are seeking abortion and providing them with the resources they need to parent their children the pro-life movement is ready to serve families with real options and real solutions and you know what chris abortion isn't a real solution we've already established that yeah it is time and i know we're going to talk about the church too it is time for christians for the church for the pro-life movement to be ready and willing to serve these women right well julie you were there that day and what was it like to be there on the steps of the supreme court and kind of what happened wow well we were out there bright and early i will tell you that um and this was the day just to be clear december 1st 2021 when the when the dobbs case was was her and there were thousands of people out there uh from from both sides um i will say and even even uh our media that may not lean our direction stated you know it's very clear there are more pro-life people outside the supreme court that day um it was pretty powerful and they had the the supreme court arguments you know over the loudspeakers everybody's listening in there were speeches on the steps but i wanted to tell you about something that happened after the crowd dispersed i went back around two o'clock that afternoon and human coalition action co-sponsored a space with another group called women for a great america by the side of the supreme court so we're on the side we're outside where the justices offices are and we had praise and worship music and prayer all day all day chris before the thousands of people got there and long after they left it was incredible to hear god's word in song in spoken prayers all day and and about two o'clock the women's march was about to show up how did we know that because i mean they broadcast it on twitter and their goal was to come and to completely surround the supreme court okay i okay i believe they had a smaller group in plans they had enough people to cover about one side of it but they decided to march around it and so we're standing there in prayer and praise and worship and these folks come by and all they heard from us was love that's the testimony it was really really powerful and the song the blessing was being sung by the praise and worship band may the lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you generation upon generation it was just an incredible example of the power of the holy spirit what god can do with normal everyday people and the response that we need to have to those who do not agree with us on this very important the folks we're talking with julie emmons about the state of abortion in america when we come back we're going to talk about the human coalition and what they do and what should the role of church be in pro-life movement so stick around we'll be right back a brand is a design name symbol or any other feature that sets an organization or individual apart bringing that brand to life can be difficult but digs design is here to help you take that next step or re-energize your current situation we can handle logos social media graphics cards weddings clothings prints photo editing and much more give us a call today at 704-984-2432 or connect with digs design on social media in a world crowded with viewpoints and voices critical condition after asa i believe the message of this financial problem only one voice matters gods at the college at mid america and mid america seminary we equip leaders to think from a biblical world view online or on our memphis campus check out the college 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faith and life with confidence and joy the united states of america has a strong christian heritage but most americans don't know the truly important role that god in the bible played in the founding of this great nation this jew joined nationally syndicated radio host and founder of the citizens for america foundation dr chris hughes for four amazing days in our nation's capital with chris you'll embark on a journey of discovering the hidden secrets of washington dc and rediscover much of america's forgotten christian heritage your tour will include an up close and personal look at the nation's establishment and how it's evolved over the centuries learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of republic one that acknowledged the creator from its very inception know the truth about the creation of the united states of america about the faith of the founding fathers and how christian principles were used to establish this form of government visit today and secure your spot to join chris hughes in washington dc this june welcome back to the christian perspective we're talking to julie emmons from the human coalition julie we keep mentioning your organization's name but it's one that probably most of us have never heard tell us who the human coalition is and what you do well the human coalition is one of the largest pro-life pro-women pro-family organizations in the country our mission is to end abortion yes you heard me right by making it unthinkable and unnecessary so through thousands of partners nationwide we operate a national rescue system that serves women facing unexpected pregnancies in some of the most abortion-dense communities across the country so chris we rescue children by helping their mom chris where do people go for information these days when you have a question you and i used to get out like an encyclopedia right they probably don't even know what you're talking about when you say that all they know is google now google okay people go online okay for big things and small things so when a woman is searching for an abortion clinic she's searching what are my options here what can i do she's online and so we have a model that we call reach rescue and restore so a woman's online she's searching for an abortion we know that planned parent notes don't have their number up there okay but we make sure that she sees information that she sees our number as much as possible as much as we can possibly do in these abortions areas when she calls us she gets positive compassionate life-affirming care we flip the abortion industry's narrative around they tell women you can't do this you've got one option you cannot do this and you can't parent a child you you'll never finish college you'll never have a career all these is doom and gloom but we wrap a woman around with resources not only immediate needs but long-term continuum of care needs provided by licensed social workers you need help finding a place to live you need help finding transportation you need help with a resume the list goes on um to be able to kind of like open their eyes say yeah you know what i can and these people are here and they're going to walk right alongside me we're also the first pro-life organization that serves women and advocates for them in the public square with meaningful policy reform so we have seven of our own clinics and we partner with other pregnancy resource clinics across the nation so all day every day we're ministering to women and their children but we're also advocating for them in the halls of state legislatures around the country and another very important thing about human coalition is that we're part of a unified pro-life movement we can't do it alone no organization can do it alone okay so now more than ever we need to collaboratively work with other members of the pro-life movement to be there for women to tell them they can that nothing in their life is so permanent that it's worth the life of their child we will be there for them one statistic i did want to point out is that 76 percent of the women that we see who who have decided to have an abortion say they would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different so let that sink in if their circumstances were different so we want to step in and we want to address those needs in a very real way to be the hands and feet of jesus to them and empower them to be the mama that god designed them to be and that's such an important role and you are using really different methods and i think other organizations have used in the past and god's really blessed the work of the human coalition and you you're not just even though you live in north carolina really you're you're all over the country working right absolutely yep we are nationwide based in dallas but we do have a strong presence in north carolina and many other states and you know god's blessed our efforts since 2009 over 22 000 little ones that have been saved through the work of human coalition such a privilege to be a part of this and to be part of really what is a compassionate and holistic approach to this issue but we but we couldn't do it without our church partners and without our partners in the pregnancy resource movement well julie i want you to know we're going to be praying for you in the human coalition if if people want to learn more about the human coalition is there a website or or how can they find out what you're doing absolutely you knew i was going to bring that up if you didn't ask chris um absolutely you can learn more by going to and there is information there about how to donate how to get in touch with our volunteer network at the end of the day it's going to take an army of people ready and willing to do this work in this space so i would encourage everybody listening to please go to their website and learn more about what they're doing but more specifically i want you to learn about how you can get involved how you can engage how you can pray for the human coalition and their team and i'm sure there's also information on the different legislative things that are going on across the country that they're engaged with so you can pray specifically for those needs okay julie the time has come that everybody's going to be nervous about on the show because the time has come for me to step on some toes and i'm going to ask you to join me with that a little bit um i'm disappointed and i've been part of this so i am not getting on anybody where i can say that i've been perfect in this realm either but the church has not engaged this issue in the way that they should so what do you think what role do you think the church should play in the pro-life movement well first of all chris it has got to be a pivotal and central role okay not off to the side somewhere pivotal and central role in the pro-life movement so i have two things i would like churches to consider okay where this is concerned and one of them is is something that a lot of people may not think about first of all what message is the church sending to women of all ages sitting in those church peaks do you create an environment where the shame and condemnation of an unexpected pregnancy seems worse than the pain of an abortion chris one out of three women in church have had an abortion wow 45 of those have had more than one 75 say the church had no influence over their decision to report barna says that one in ten pastors have preached on abortion in the last six months it's not comfortable to talk about we must address these issues we must have an environment in our churches where women feel safe and comforted and loved and able to come and say i need help but we also must boldly speak the truth and love about abortion what it is the injustice of abortion the humanity of the pre-born child and combined together that is when the church can really make a difference also churches can use their collective power of both financial assistance resource assistance a wonderful base for volunteers for the pro-life movement at the end of the day chris shouldn't the church be the first place someone would go for help you would think so some people say this is a political thing we're not going to talk about politics at church it's not it's a moral issue yeah i think if we frame it that way if we help and provide pastors with the tools that they need in order to be able to speak about this in order to be able to love the women in their congregations well then we'll see a real difference in these numbers and the church will be leading the effort to surround women with what they need things progress well julia does your organization provide resources to help pastors actually we do have an area of church engagement we have someone on board who is responsible for that and so yes churches are a pivotal role in helping our work and chris i know you're part of southern baptist convention erlc one of our partners in this work has done incredible work with church engagement also they're about to launch on a special nationwide tour that's going to focus on that and so that would be a great resource also well julia that's something that's really burdened me is that churches have not really stepped up in the manner that they should in my opinion and particularly youth pastors senior pastors as well but youth pastors there are so many high school students sitting under your teaching who don't believe that abortion is wrong it's got to come from the pulpits of emeritus churches and we've got to engage well julia we don't have a whole lot of time left but what are some of the challenges christians face when engaging in the public square well the public squares you know is more divided than ever you know people talk about that people are doing more yelling than talking it seems like right chris yeah but we have to remember that god's word is the same yesterday today and forever and that christians are called to be different one of the best books i've read in the past years by the former governor of tennessee bill hasland was a book called faithful presence and he talks about having a theology of political engagement in other words we look at the scriptures and we apply that to this too to politics too and it's a challenge to speak the truth in love but that's what the scriptures tell us in effusions for you know first corinthians 13 comes to mind chris love is patient love is kind does not envy does not boast those words were not written just for wedding ceremonies which i'm sure you've performed plenty of those yeah they were written for politics and all of life and so i think if we're always prepared to make a defense uh for for our beliefs to anyone that asks for a reason that the hope that's in us we don't have to choose between being faithful and politically effective we can do both we can we can call it we can be people of truth and love at the same time at the end of the day chris this isn't about making an argument that's mark walker special it's about making a difference and every single person can make a difference here it's going to take all of us to do this amen but i think at the end of the day we have to remind people about where our hope lies doesn't lie in the result of an election or any one person in or out of office that lies in jesus christ and we can bring that message to the halls of congress and any other place we need to bring it amen julie what a great way to end the show thank you so much we've got to have you again and of course when the dobbs decision is rendered we want to definitely have you back and talk at that time thank you so much for wonderful information on how we can engage in protecting the lives of the unborn julie we sure appreciate you you are welcome chris again it was an honor to be on thank you for having me thank you well folks thanks for joining us today i'm chris hughes and this is the christian perspective please subscribe and like our podcast and share it with your friends on social media and be sure to tune here each and every day in your local radio dial to listen to more of the christian perspective and learn how you can make a difference by engaging in the public arena with a biblical worldview let's go change the culture for jesus thank you for listening the christian perspective with chris hughes learn more about impacting the culture for jesus visit this is the truth network
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