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January 7, 2022 8:30 am


The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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January 7, 2022 8:30 am

The liberal media calls what happened on January 6th an “insurrection”, but was it an insurrection? Were any of the insurrectionists armed? Did they fire a single shot? Or, was it a gathering of peaceful protestors? Well, the truth is that we do not know, because we were not there, but Chris Hughes’ guest today was there. He was arrested way after the fact, when someone called the Justice Department to let them know that he was there.Today’s guest on The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes is JD Rivera. 


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This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about and get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and zooming of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris hi Chris, she's welcome to Christian perspective, holy looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture. You know that from time to time I like to talk about controversial subjects. In fact, my wife tells me that I'm way too controversial sometimes.

So today your seatbelts because were going to talk about what happened on January 6 near liberal media calls. What happened on January 6 and insurrection, but wasn't really an insurrection or any of the insurrectionist or so-called insurrectionist armed did they fire a single shot or was it just a gathering of peaceful protesters which the meeting is like talk about even though all their so-called beautiful protesters tried to burn our nation down about a year ago what the truth is that I don't know what happened that day because I wasn't there but my guess today was there he was in fact arrested way after the fact when someone called the Justice Department to let them know that he was in Washington DC and in fact in the capital on January 6. I guess today is JD Rivera, JD, welcome to the Christian perspective well and I'm really excited to have you. We were on another show a while back together were we were both guest and you talked about your story and I can't wait for you to share with our listeners today, but JD before we get into January 6 and all the things that have happened around that time tells a little bit about who you are you you live in Florida right currently.

I was born and raised in California.

Graduate Michael in 2002 year after 9/11 and I joined the Marine Corps for 10 years and really good years and my last four years I was actually recruiter here: and after I got out my wife here at school and we moved to New Mexico for 2013 working in film me my life get and then my eczema testimony is from 2017. My toys were born and last ticket we had. But after that we moved to back to Pensacola to be close to her family. She has her not about the damage but her family is more together you could say as far as being a tribe so we want to make sure that my kids had that the tribe as well. So move back Pensacola, Florida and working again film sense. I've done some stuff in the blue Angels. I recorded for the Geico skydivers in an actual plane to get stuff that happened in my life until that day the most part, been all right will thank you so much for your service in the Marine Corps. You did not take the easy way out. When you join the military. We sure appreciate you defending our great nation and, Florida native to the share that with you so I get nervous when I hear the people from New York and California are moving to Florida, but it sounds like you didn't bring their liberal policies with you. You brought the good stuff with you when you came sir, thank you for that and and you mentioned the blue Angels. I used to live in Fort Walton Beach Destin area which is a little over an hour away from Pensacola and as you know, the blue Angels are based there and here for people that love aerial flight demonstration teams. The blue Angels practice a lot certain times a year and so you have to go to a big air show. You just go to the beach and watch them doing these incredible stunts. Yeah, we used to go to the boat and take the kids and and just watch so I missed Pensacola in that area got the beautiful white beaches and it's a beautiful area. I know California Florida lobby by Florida had the most beautiful beaches in US been to so many compared to California Florida beaches are just beautiful amazing. Everyone deserves one. I think all over the world were military family to we were BSA's and a Y years ago and now I love wife the time I told my wife whether we would go to why we live in Destin Florida. We have the most beautiful beaches in the waters is called animal because the waters beautiful green of the sands are white sugar. But anyway, enough of reminiscing of home jealous of you because I live in the mountains of North Carolina has been freezing cold appear and it is probably pretty nice where you are, let's talk about political activism, so you so your euro in the film business, you make documentary films right and so are I will start doing documentary what happened in a lot of journalistic work out here so you did you just journalistic work and you're not a political activist right your you just got what I wanted to go but I'm not anymore yet you get to that. So on January 6. Tell us what led up, you know, I guess the call went out, the president was going to have this rally and it was a big time because that the election had to be certified so why did you choose to go to Washington DC that week. Living in an actual real quick so I started when Pres. Trump decided to run drop it.

I was really outspoken about who he was to get done outside of voting for politicians and I want to vote for someone you know that one and will run which is I think too much about what I did idolize him for. We went in the business want to be like, but outside of that yet. It was controversial for me because I live in New Mexico and a lot of you are like bumps on the night in your Hispanic catalog record for reason I'm all about my country. I'm an American first before anything else American who happens to have next condition make me make one United States America, 100% and there's a lot of things that I appreciate about what Pres. Trump, doing, and I continue to support what he did as president was going through all that and I moved Florida was a lot better for someone who was conservative at the time, then New Mexico, Albuquerque, so when everything happened during the election last year I really started getting into a bunch trying to be a political person. I was just telling my new finding things out. I came popular on a lot of social media platform, and he was.

Not just because my conservative outspoken can bring a lot of facts to the table and being Hispanic.

A lot of people just can't make sense because that doesn't go with what you said, you know, everybody was a transporter is a white nationalist [I obviously know completely dismantle that when they see a lion and they hear the name Jesus were there I go by JD here Jesus Rivera is like is a lot of controversy election. JD can interrupt you from and I just got a dumb question but I've always wanted this and it meets why do Hispanic people tend to vote more Democrat than Republican, particularly the people who like you came here legally. I mean, is it not frustrating to them to the ones who went through the process legally to see people just coming across the border and I don't get off on a tangent but I mean this is something I don't understand when you I don't mean you personally know but when the someone came here legally and had their way through it isn't frustrating to see just hundreds of thousands of people come across an open border experienced by my father raised me one legal grant to work. I work with and we work out there to get go that you don't read what he came to America to become American left Mexico because he couldn't do anything. You can survive there. So we came to America to live the American dream.

And you copy you know what it was like to be someone who comes from next to nothing becoming an American. A lot of people don't understand what it's like. I do like I was raised about 13 years old I started doing school sports know I was working on the ranch with my with my stepfather so it is very fortunate to see people coming in illegally and being treated better than those who comment legally and they don't get anything from it so it's extremely unfortunate to see that right now. This got me to do it. I understand the reason why was trying to write people don't need a better country to go to the country they leave their country to come to. There's a reason anybody saying that the US is a bad place on the sea is really watching what's going on in understanding why people are trying to come to America so that kind of destroy the narrative of the USA being a racist as well because it was so racist.

Why are so many immigrants from other countries coming into the country, so it was right they would be coming, but I got you there. So we're going to try to get January 6 oh tells yet again I was doing all the all all the spell everything last last year during the election rally that went all the rallies people because I wanted people to understand a conservatives are just white people in there trying to build his narrative. That's all it is and I would specifically go and talk to all sorts of people in my Nordic. Anyhow, I want to call us Hispanic people Asian and I had them I was interviewing and asked them why they support a child, you will want to blow the narrative out wanted proof that it isn't what they pretend it is. And when when election happened and no abiding when I like this I stole election environments rational election I was I was pretty excited to hear that present some little one last rally and there is that the day before, but the stock still rally, which is generally for January 6 present so I knew the last chance to have an opportunity to see presence on the person gone to so many of his rallies and the rallies are always amazing, always fun, always patriotic on the malls. Great in that that's not the opposite dumb show you the mainstream media. And I knew this is the last time that I was able to see all my friends and conservatives that were out there and influencers so we decided to take a trip to DC and step still rally was amazing. There is a lot of again the lot morale a lot of fun stuff in the big thing. A lot of people don't understand the stop still rally there were so many Christians out there is so much going on their people praying different areas of DC you had warship in different corners have to rally it was it was God completely.

You know, and there was nobody acting crazy was nobody being you know terrorizing anybody your and individuals that didn't come in that we notice that were deftly not all trump supporters or maggot supporters things that nature we were able to screen suspicious. We were able to get January 6 happens sometimes doesn't come speaks it's all great again another major patriotic day tell you the truth about him. If he were there as well overturning people well over an hour. This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about as well overturning people and you know we got all that footage you.

There is a journalist that day.

I was now was always the people around the exact same thing out in a day before I was getting interviews stalking people asking a minor here, you know, what are the next steps.

How are they going to treat this election and asking all the hard questions to find out what people felt how they were dealing with, and there is still as upset as they were, they were still being extreme patriotic still I do know we love our country were here five our country and what they remember, they are to have their voices heard everybody that was there for the most part was there to have their voices heard and then as we start traveling down to the capital. There's a lot of people that we were there with velocity. Not I was there with some some major concern influencers so we had to stop. We took a detour to go get some chow. We knew we want to make the capital and top to ask you question their JD was that something that was prescheduled or did somebody say to go to the capital. How does the movement go where real world.

The mall assume you're in the mall to the Late Alex Jones actually had an area I don't member the specific subsides orientation talk about but I know they had an area that was set up for speaker specifically go and talk and they already have that set up and it was already a believe will I do realize there can be a march to the capital until I was. There are generally six. That's when I start hearing about the March 2 capital in one printer was talking about, you know, peacefully marched down to the capital in down there so we can have our voices heard. So there were some some people that have areas ready brought up in mind you they were allowed to go there once they start going down. So when we left to go get which I did phone calls started getting emails and text a sum going on down the capital the capital building, trying to go and and I looked at my life and I said look, this is what we came for. III went there to journalist because I knew that something big was thinking that I was honestly can happen to be there is can it be a bagel protest of antique black lives matter.

There protesting just because there was some supporters in DC because as we know, DC has been completely contaminated by NT fund BLM, however, that one day nobody shows up to protest the protesters, which was really weird and when we got to the We got There is a lot of people just there was there some capital place on the steps there.

There is a lot of American flag Korean flag Chinese flag, you name it was out of the crowd. It was it was amazing to see the amount of court that the what I consider true American patriots were out there protesting their right and that's you know as soon as we might like it. There I'm recording as I'm recording there's a gentleman who gets pushed off the side of the stairs. I get that on footage I have all footage, we know that gentleman is one, one that passed away.

We don't know his name. We don't know what happened to him. There is no reports of that point person and then from that point was that gentleman was pushed off the side you start hearing all the commotion going on on the side of the building with the steps on that train was going on. On the other cops and so is outside JD inside this on the outside is that the steps to the capital and were there. They start doing flash bangs moms.

The pelleting people have. Please who is doing capital place yet I got which capital police officer antagonizing the crowd made no sense to me what was going on when I saw that I'm getting all this on footage and then whatever you start going up the steps on following him up the steps to journalist their mind. You are not the only one there's a lot of stuff going on. They continue to get to that the top of the building is not that many police officers inside at this moment, and then they get to the front and then they start those individuals that are that are breaking windows and doing some ridiculous stuff you want to start a family like I gotta get the camera.

This is something that can be newsworthy and again I'm thinking this is what I'm getting it going to help me know push my career little market I'm in the middle of and I'm trying to get people finding our time on their I'm being harassed and threatened because I have a camera people are like CNN you where trying to grab my camera like this and this is why am I coming up and journalist is my page you go check it out. Make sure you know that I'm not I'm not the mainstream. But I was getting stuff for many people just didn't want the media there for obvious reasons. Anytime.

Seeing Anand are on any of the other major media, Fox News, MSNBC, and NMR.

There tend to to change what's really going on and I wanted people know that's not what was so underground made it into the capital. I decided that I was going to follow them in the capital as well because I wanted to make sure that my viewers again like I said prior to January 6 I had thousands and thousands of followers on my social Instagram Facebook icon so everything that I was recording that had my camera my silly camera my document purposes and I had my iPhone record everything on my that I can go live on recording for the people that weren't there. She was going. I made in going when I where I go in there is police officers like on every come on we wanted to get hurt moving so we went through so they were letting you through and encouraging you to come in yet they were actually work and they were telling anybody stop and again I have what I can send you my footage in the capital, where just sitting there talking to people just like it like a tour in mind you it's it's it's it's a lot of people I can't go that way. Come this way you can gladly come this way that they can fidget with people having people visit as an officer stopped a gun is like running talk to you because you can't smoke down he can leave and tell him anything else doesn't put out a cigarette which that was ridiculous, but you know you think in when you hear how everybody's been called insurrectionist. Everybody's been bad inside the capital to understand what actually happened inside the Very beginning there was some craziness going on. We know that Ashley Babbitt I'm different with Ashley Babbitt's mom and asked them to family so I want to get this out there real quick for anybody who thinks it was a hoax. Anybody who thinks that she was a some type of think person that they put out there to make it look like that was a hoax.

Just as the listeners know she was the Air Force veteran that was killed that day right yes or she was she was murdered.

He say they don't want to have played out like that. We seen the footage I have the actual footage of that day of Labrador nor mama soccer mom and unfortunate that people think she was a hoax portion. She was somebody who was taken from us. They didn't need to be taken, spending who serve our country honorably. Mind you, and so there was a lot of chaos wanted some supporters was a Mac supporters. This is on the same that there were individuals that went in there was a lot of some supporters of Max were that they wanted capital. It is a meaning that the transport is a magnet for nagging individuals with the ones in there causing all the chaos and panic also have footage that proves that there was a piece that was in there, not as a black cosmetics. I don't have that but that T4 individuals were in their going to the restroom changing from their gear putting on some gear getting out of their all-black stuff to include footage of that exact thinking outside the capital and you there. They're trying to say that you nine people dancing up a tray table is that John Sullivan was one of the main and people people had a vision. John saw as well. He is one of main people that were there inciting violence and stuff telling people to write things down. Let's burn this place down. You can hear him on his own 20 same stuff you know there's individuals are breaking glass.

See enter supporters be like we don't do that. That's not what we are grabbing them trying to stop people from breaking glass. One thing that people tend to forget is is whenever all the take the little spark for four events become chaotic and and I believe I fully believe because there's individuals who been arrested because they been turned in from people by the FBI to there's individuals, so you can clearly see all video their faces who they are but not on the FBI's most one don't show up. They don't pop up there almost no longer exist.

People like Ray Apsu was one of the people I was there it was inciting violence, telling people that were going to storm the capital the day prior. I have them footage as well to you know he's somebody that was on most wanted list, but all the sudden days after he's no longer there is no longer on their most wanted list.

Do you still have nice footage, JD.

I have a lot of the footage. A lot of this was I'm talking about three minutes listen to you because you tell us what happened in and then you how you got arrested know that when I got back home day right you left. If I remember correctly you left before things really got bad. We left went back and then we left on the on the 87, the day after and came back home on January 8. We got back home I sent my footage to that yard. Mind you, January 20. They come knocking at my door. Seven.

During the mornings and submitted it to them before the Everest and eight and they can arrest me and asked me and I think all my gear. It took everything my computer my my hard drive, you name it. He took it all my cameras and I told my recent stuff you guys. You know the we find out that game me a screenshot. Find out it was people from my church. Unfortunately, who doesn't the FBI's friends and fellow believers called the turned you yes fortunately that is not just a training no. We have people from our church recite a locus is what they're saying. People are going in their letter saying if you if you know JD and Jessica. This is the number to call the FBI. We need to make sure that they are held accountable so you were not held evidently but there are some people in solitary confinement in pretty bad shape right absolutely, absolutely. And that's why I'm doing everything I can right now to take as I still have during trial coming up. I still have all that skill potential be potentially going to jail right now. I make the best of it to help out those individuals who are incarcerated, and other individuals who are being politically persecuted because I'm able to move around unable to have those interviews and try to get people help as well because I know it is like a lot of them are are stuck at home doing nothing because I can't leave. I was blessed to have a good lawyer night if they were analogous it to my credit if I do it sent to prison to be okay because I do know I have got my back and I told everybody to include my wife makes it easy if I do go to prison that is going to be another mission will be equipped for that to bring the word of God to prison and that's when he plays Laura guys I happen God has got has plans rest because what is week we let it stay with within his client not ours only got about a minute list so quickly. I'm just shocked that a journalist who submitted his information freely. The FBI was arrested can you tell people I think your website how can people learn more and help with legal fees of those it needed that kind of thing the main website.

I want you to go to you all the information gives you prisoners give you all the gifts and does crowdfunding go on their shirt funding goes directly to the families of the individual. and we'll go to exactly January 6.

I have a documentary area. You'll see that on their my gifts and always gives them go/pages are there again if you go there. There's areas where you can even write letters to the individuals who are still present right is the one place someone JD rent to have you back in, find out how the story ends. Thank you so much of being with us today. Thank you so much for folks. Thank you for joining me today.

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