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Why Should Christian Americans be Concerned with the Situation in Afghanistan?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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February 4, 2022 8:27 am

Why Should Christian Americans be Concerned with the Situation in Afghanistan?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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February 4, 2022 8:27 am

Former Congressman Steve Stockman, an expert on Middle East Affairs, joins Chris Hughes in this episode to talk about the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan, the torture of Christians in Afghanistan and how this issue surpasses partisan politics.


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Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris Christie's welcomed the Christian perspective, holy looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture. Well I'm excited today.

Our guest is no guest actually to this show because we've had him on in the past, and I'm honored to have my dear friend Congressman Steve Stockman with us here today. Congressman Stockman is actually served in two different congressional districts and into Congress is the hundred and fourth Congress and the hundred and 13th Congress, but have asked and come here today because of his expertise in foreign affairs, and particularly in the Middle East, Congressman Stockman, thank you for being with us today your helmet cursor really appreciate you have a man always love to teach you, not so much about so many topics are just a plethora of knowledge and and I'm so glad you're here with us today particular the topic there were going to talk about today because I know it's something that is very near to your heart and something you're very concerned about and folks you might recall a few months ago, the Biden administration made the decision which had really been to be fair to been in the works before Pres. Biden took office just just the way the ministration handled. It was the execute exiting of American troops and American personnel from Afghanistan and if you remember, just a few months ago was in the news all the time of house a fiasco when you email remember watching airplanes taking off from airports in Afghanistan in human Afghan is holding onto the tires and is the landing gear was going up. They were falling from just a terrible picture in and people were being captured and killed and injured and kidnapped as they were trying to get to the airport to escape in a very, very poorly planned evacuation and in and yes it was in the news for a little while and now it seems that people forgotten but Congressman Stockman is not given up is not forgotten his are many people that need help getting out of Afghanistan as a congressman before we get into the details of that for you. We got some young listeners a lot of our audience for younger people, can you maybe go back to the beginning and and let people know why we were in Afghanistan in the first place where I knew a lot of people here lately paying we really need to quit being a policeman of the world, but in terms international affairs and practice. Anybody that remembers 9/11 and a lot of your listeners know may not penalize them, impacted us because we we went through from area. We didn't seem to care in a course throughout history United States is been attacked or involved in different things that impact their impact so I I I am concerned about having it happen again where we can have terrorists on our land so we went there and took care of a lot of the terrorists stop really the whole time where their people recall. We did not have a terrorism because we fought it over there now, I'm concerned with open orders and income here. We really go there was a basically after 9/11.

I mean, I know the Russians were there for a while. I think in the mid-80s but was our day were we there before there was a basically after 9/11 to try to stop the training camps for terrorist went on 1980s when the Russians went in there. In fact we had like because the Russians invaded their and then later 9/11 the Caliban and the johnnies which was really like the color mujahedin which were led by Osama bin Laden declared war United States with a member, by the way, they never taken back and Warren states and so it's still a concern. I think it's a mistake that we left the way we did. We left many American people behind American sympathizers and their being shot and killed.

To this day whether there are different groups over there like the Caliban and other groups what what are the differences between RR. They are united against us. Are they in fight as well. Some of these different terrorist groups that we've identified over there. Well, it is the Shiite Sunnis are two different in the Muslim faith, mostly Shiites live in Iran and a lot of times you'll see people, Muslims being themselves with chains on their back. That's actually Shiite religion what they do.

They believe that they believe in himself and not hurt themselves because they feel like they're close to the Mohammed and the Shiites and Sunnis have always fought each other and but there's Sunnis and Shiites spread throughout the Middle East are primarily in Iran and then some in Iraq also are both the Shiites and Sunnis in the Caliban is predominately one.

This Caliban is primarily funded and operated really out of Pakistan by that. What's called IFI which is the intelligence service of the written there Sunnis to answer short question and in their heavily financed and developed by the by the Pakistanis. In fact, I think Pakistan is one of the only countries that is recognized Caliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan and remain the country country.

The emirate of Afghanistan and the sad part is that all the people that we we fought for, and it retrained and were our allies are.

We left behind, biometric machine and they can put up to your eye, and that you get the weather there sympathizers and states of their systematically killing our allies in only through imprisonment. On the other hand the kill's is terrible. So what is the connection will talk specifically about some of things going on there and what is your connection to Afghanistan wasn't so important to you while I served on the community which well includes, longing about Eurasia Europe and Eurasia and emerging threat. So anywhere in the world with errors. Chris got a risky or dangerous, like times we would fly there makers to include Afghanistan, Iran and in various sedans from other countries so we went there to Afghanistan. Obviously, because of the situation. I met with the Google ability was one of the leaders of Afghanistan and many other leaders and in Afghanistan and we got to see firsthand several times again very close to losing my life there monster, not some I wanted to do, obviously, but also I met a lot of people are very loyal tonight. They risking their lives to help make and I feel horrible that we left these guys out because the next time we need them or someone like that in another country.

They may not be as helpful when you're on this committee that went to these different places around the world. It seems like you were really drawn to the working Afghanistan.

What was about Afghanistan that warms your heart to those people.

Well I ice ice on them and devotion to American ideals which ironically we seem not to be doing now in our country and they want freedom, they want the freedom of speech and those ideals which round the world.

The reason so if you want to come here because we have those ideals and now ironically the people that are here and enjoy those freedoms want to see if I adopted a system of Marxism, which actually is always failed, and they always give an excuse why it helped but always spell in fact income as well. It I've I was also there and a lot of people there gone so hungry that they plot an average 15 to 20 pounds per person than I so it made me aware of how much we should appreciate thank God we have such a great government. I mean it, but well right foundation garment. Now, gone sideways so that Kelly gets as to why we were over there and I were fighting terrorism. So what was happening.

If you explain your listeners. I because I think sector say Pompeo and in the trap administration work leading toward some type of exit from Afghanistan. If you're familiar with that what what was their plan and then what went wrong in the end God get some good things and some bad thing. One of the got it negotiated extra work for George Soros foundation and he was quoted negotiated only thinking negotiated with the release of 5000 Caliban fighters which help them overthrow the country that now if they were Caliban, they would be in the live and how they release 5000 fighters went back by the Caliban released from prison and then the trumps idea was to remove articulated remove all our equipment.

We left behind anything billion dollars with their equipment to give you conscious of how much equipment that is much more equipment and military given Israel.

Israel and just the amount of military equipment can show back up and terrorism around the globe. Everything from small weapons machine-gun aircraft and as I mentioned earlier, bio different violence. Lots of my class which is where American nobles fight at night now ironically talent can emulate whether there is a Chinese takeover bog ground to the airbase.

There, and the Chinese and ardent date. I want to have the American out. We had a listening post there will relisten to both the Chinese and the Russians were only about four or 500 mile from China and China and we had lied not given up at bay. China probably would be considering dating Taiwan commerce when you talk about how we left all this equipment.

There would have to take a right will come back. I want talk about what state secrets might've been left there. So we take a commercial break folks will be back in just a minute with Congressman Steve Stockman who I served in two different districts from the state of Texas and he was very involved in what was going on the Middle East, and today he has up a passion to try to get people out of Afghanistan that are suffering under terrible terrible conditions. So stick around after commercial message want talk about secrets being given the Chinese in there what we can do to help get these people free and Afghanistan will be right back. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about. Welcome back to the Christian perspective with Chris use our guest today is Congressman Steve Stockman and were talking about Afghanistan.

What happened with the exit from Afghanistan by the mind administration. Why would people left behind and what can we do to help those people today right before the commercial break at Carson Stockman was talking about how the Chinese it taken over a base that we had in Afghanistan that they previously been a listening post because it's only three or 400 miles from China. We were also listening to what was happening in Russia so Congressman we left all this equipment scheme in the billions of dollars worth of equipment and Afghanistan do we remove the top-secret stuff on me like if we had planes and helicopters. I'm sure we have a lot of top-secret communication devices that kind of thing on our equipment that we remove it or just go off and leave it. No, we unfortunately elected. In fact, when we left the base. Normally, when you graduate you turn over to the people that are to be occupying it weekly in January.

Train them in protective base and what the Americans dinner under Biden they were ordered to leave in the middle of night when the Afghan allies woke up there left all alone and they freaked out and not wait. We gave no opportunity to really defend their country. We did everything to undermine them. In fact, it's quite horrific. What we did. Biden. Some people say that the Chinese and infiltrated the State Department so much. It looks more like a willful turning over the base to the Chinese and all our intelligence assets are just a bunch of things left behind that are going to help out our enemies is a very clumsy man idea. One of the former secretaries of defense. Also, I believe that Democrat a pointy Joe Biden has never been right in any foreign policy issue and I think it's pretty accurate back right now.

He has Wendy Sherman negotiating for Ukraine and she has a history one of the worst negotiators in the history that she negotiated the first non-nuclear proliferation in North Korea. And obviously it didn't work and they now have was pretty scary.

What's happening around the world, particularly in the Middle East. So when the by demonstration pulled out like you said it was in the middle of the night.

A lot of allies and American citizens supposedly been left behind what you find you because I know you got contacts over there are still Americans on the ground as it people that help dissing were promised we take care of him who's been left behind. Well, you know repeatedly. He said there's 100 people at work are analyzed left behind, which is a ridiculously low number because on our list will only have about hundred two and we are working with Glenn Beck and David Barton to get people out. And they got a lot of Christians, but there still a lot of American allies are still a lot of Americans, but that is there's even some Americans left behind and in the ones I did take out a lot of them are in Dubai waiting to be processed so it's really horrendous mass and II just understand and what you can come to reason.

It was deliberate because you keep you couldn't screw up anymore and it couldn't give an advantage to our enemies anymore than what they did was just as you saw on TV was just so disorganized and many of my friends went down there that had the translators. In fact, one of the guys were helping John Kerry's personal translator's families are there in their hiding. They have to keep changing from house to house.

It's very cold there wintertime short of food so I actually get money to them in various way and it's it's really really horrible what's going what is Don what's gonna a lot of our listeners not be sanctimonious.

That's in Afghanistan is in the Middle East is on the other side of the world and worth glad we finally got our troops out of their but really I think you'll agree. Americans should be concerned. Why should we be concerned with what's going on in Afghanistan. It why should we care who is or isn't left behind why we have a history of the world, one were to not carrying Bennett and the coming home to roost on them and I this time though, I think instead of being the last one in the war room to the first when the war therebythey take out you take the rest of world at their beck and call the Chinese know this so you really should follow Chinese what they're doing.

They created these hypersonic scram jet missiles which are still and controllable and that they blocked an aircraft carrier are designed to do that and what we as Americans are, funding all this through our hedge funds and other things. A lot of companies were banned are actually go.

There's no summer stock and the raising money here in the night using that that money to build weapons against us in on the time history society. You know work your limit America units almost rope with which were going to hang that basically needs work on her AP environment to use your tools to destroy you that come to fruition and were more of a dire state that I think people realize, particularly after the Chinese the Olympics. I think you're going to have the world very difficult place fire Congressman, I've heard you say that this issue surpasses partisan politics what you mean by that. Again, sorry you said that this issue surpasses partisan politics. What do you mean by that will, I mean it if you if you like.

They said that it ignore them. The Galway well if you ignore the world you will come to your doorstep. It will get not just Republican, Democrat, and unfortunately were friends in the media and conservative journalists talk about endless wars but that's like saying well it's call the police out because her skin was crying and out Los Angeles and New York where my nose when you pull it out more more carbon. Unfortunately, when we left Afghanistan with effect per year and 1/2% to be there than in Chicago. They had they had more killings in Chicago and Afghanistan and we were there and we kept the peace, and we kept them coming over here and terrorizing us now with these open borders that Iranians which are, as I mentioned earlier, Shiite are guaranteed or some similar people across the border and going to end up coming to our land and that we were in a rue the day that the current president, but we won't know that look like yeah I think a lot of people don't understand you know you been to the Middle East been over there the mindset is different from the American mindset we we just can't comprehend in this battle really has been going on for thousands of years. POS is not new to them.

To us, we think, oh yeah, we can appease them in make him happy with. But the Muslim extremist have a long-term goal to defeat us in and I think most Americans don't understand that you're actually right that good to them. 700 A.D. yesterday, but they want to go back to the Alabama band music and women education. They have the blue hub by which covered them completely and you're right the mindset imago schools.

We were not United States funded a lot of the schools, dross in which they teach them to hate America and Israel and to know shoot following extremist in the Islamic faith and dross is a lot times are run by extremist from Pakistan and we end up in the name of education given money week we are you know there's an old cartoon called Pogo the possum and he said this quote I've seen the enemy needs a lot of ways it's true we we find our own divide were doing the China China is at a record deficit of almost $1 trillion.

The world you take that money needed to expand the military that black people really there in the dark side of the moon. It got a space station, and yet they can't declare during the global warming conference and in here United States at their developing nation loans from America, so we literally borrow money from China to give the child so messed a lot of people, like you said don't have a clue they do really do have thestation so they're very advanced or not.

What what people think you know I've been to go on Joe in many places change in another place in China and now New York's biggest city would set against 10 and 11 12 million that Dan is that is a small city in cities with 20 million easily and they have many in fact, people realize little monster anywhere.

The virus came from and I guarantee you we funded the research like a virus that killed 5 million American thing to no one's wanton investigate that or find out how it came about in the just trusting everybody and work funding, things are going end up in America. This is crazy. Congressman will have about a minute and 1/2 left. Can you tell our listeners what they can do to help your effort is her website help if we want to help get Afghanistan's out or help get money to feed them or clothe them when we need to do when they kick they can text me if they want or shoot me an email now to only email but all the stock when Congress no frontispiece I'll tell you what, I'll get you the information you can put on your website is real to have defendant if you want to go there okay but you need money and if people have connections to political sources to try to help get these people out right yeah I hear you know people in the current administration. Frankly, I do not wonder why it is really right now it's wintertime Mary and it's really concerns me. Will a lot of them are starving to death and freedom.

I sent my money directly dire I use what's called a money gram and and that I sent to Afghanistan in late May pick it up. It's only three dollars and the money Afghanistan and helps him he can do it directly. You don't need my approval or anything like that.

If you want me to send out for a bit, credit card on the phone at my phone and they pick it up. It money gram will get them connected to you Congressman. I appreciate you being here.

And yet this is not about politics. Congressman Stockman has a heart for Jesus Christ. He's try to get Christians out because they will be killed if there left there and it's a very dangerous situation got up and thank you for being with us today. Thank you, thank you for joining us I'm Chris Hughes and this is a Christian perspective. Please subscribe like a podcast share with your friends on social media and be sure to listen the show every day right here on the station. Ellis to change the culture for Jesus Christian perspective.

Chris you learn more about impacting the culture for the Christian perspective, US. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about.

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