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Mark Walker

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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November 19, 2021 6:30 am

Mark Walker

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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November 19, 2021 6:30 am

Chris is joined by Mark Walker, former US Congressman, a Republican who always puts Jesus first.


This is Robert Gilmore from the Christian cargo.

I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network. This show is brought to you by generous gives the coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about. Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris what the Christian perspective will be looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture.

I'm Chris using today's guest is the model of what I want to see elected official. I've had the privilege of traveling across the country and speak in churches on college campuses and at conferences and everywhere I go I try to encourage Christians and especially pastors to run for office in 2014, Mark Walker, the son of a pastor and a pastor himself, decided to run for United States Congress. Anyone and in Congress.

He served as the vice chairman of the House Republican conference. He was the top Republican on the subcommittee on intelligence and counterterrorism. He was the chairman of the prayer caucus which I love.

And he was the chairman of the Republican study committee, which is the largest conservative caucus in the house. Congressman Walker and I also have a something to calm and he may not know we had is we are both married to nurse practitioners his wife Kelly as a family nurse practitioner. My wife, Vicki's middle healthy she had to study mental health because she had a crazy husband is said to have that knowledge to survive a thicker marriage but but the walkers have three children and they celebrate I believe you're 28 years of marriage now and over the past couple years I've had the privilege of really getting to know Mark Walker will and what I love about him is Mark Walker is a true public servant. He's committed to freedom and strengthening our net great nation. But most of all Mark walkers committed Christian who loves Jesus Christ and is not just talk for Mark Walker for Mark Walker. Jesus comes first in everything he does and I think God that Mark Walker surrendered the call to serve in the United States Congress and he's now running for United States Senate North Carolina and I'm just honored to call him a friend. Congressman Mark Walker thank you for joining us today on the Christian perspective. Margaret was very humble about it but grateful for it. Hope that you and your family are doing well were doing great. Were you as you know I got two kids in college. The yacht of thinking I would have to start bagging groceries and washing cars that my daughters go to the medical school process nails.

It was interesting to read it anyway it's it's a good time will Congressman you know I was citizens for American. We dedicate much of our work to encouraging Christians to become educated voters and to engage in the process. You were a pastor. What motivated you to run for office. Will I believe it will be a ministry I think there are certain advantages because you deal with people from all lots of light and after a few years. What what we think approaching this will weaken. We could beetroot warriors we can be conservative champions, but we could also find a way to build bridges into places and communities were conservatives work normally welcome that a lot of inner-city ministry work over the years and that's really what prompted my thinking he called us all some of the oppression and darkness that were damaging in various communities and I thought that with our experience, we might have a chance to engage in got opened up the doors. We didn't know anybody at our state capital, much less Washington DC and have the revenue or did wife and I are preachers. So there was no major funding to be able to underwrite which Lord you to get up and outdoorsman and had a great chance to be able to elect to serve their 2015 To this.

Earlier this year.

Well I'm just so thankful that you answer the call you so many Christians out there are not engaging. I just your staggering numbers of millions of Christians who aren't even registered to vote and I know that's a passion for you and I know you've traveled the country with organization with our mutual friend David Lane of the American renewal project encouraging Christians and specifically pastors to get more involved in the political process for our listeners who were Christians you know who might be saying, well, I don't think I can make a difference when you're an example of it and I don't mean this in a demeaning way. We were just a regular guy and in you.

So in need and and you decided to run for office and you've made a huge difference in our nation and in and as good as our nation. You've made a difference in the world. What advice would you give to Christians who want to get more involved in the political process will yield a way to make it you know in our culture. Even the Christian culture. We have a lot of you enjoyed make the argument, but not a lot of people willing to bet time to make the different in the very first step in making a difference it certainly registering about being involved being informed on the issues of that is something crucial for us specifically when we understand it is about spiritual warfare were battling people who will better to leave it right or to engage in all you felt.

That's why we can no longer look the other way, America is the most exceptional country that ever existed longer/Republican the history of the world we fit more missionaries to remote places to bring hope, healing, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But there was a price for people to engage early on in this country's history right that crossroads again. I don't know that we have the luxury of sitting on her hand but not engaging with local, state, or the national level. While I agree I hear so many pastors say will not supposed to be involved or you know I don't want to endanger my 501(c)(3) status will. The Bible doesn't mention the 501(c)(3) status. There's never been a case of a church that's ever lost it. Here we have got to engage in this process are working to lose the right to share the gospel when you mentioned that the United States is sent missionaries across the world wish sent more missionaries in any country in the history of the world and if we don't defend the right to share Jesus Christ were to lose it, and I will their hypocrisy. Remember church is called, we will bring in a entertainer on actually nothing wrong with that. Talk about the boat you're willing to speak out on polite issues or family values marriage where my feet but maybe they pastors will shun any engagement when it comes to talking politically and a lot of times that the battle of the close and personal, and the church needs to get done. I'm not digesting that you have to endorse him.

Everything looked on the but you should be asked that you really should be like no biblical standards quickly were talking about issues that a baby should be allowed to live if it somehow survived the botched abortion beyond just the politics that are contrary to God's word and that's when the church be involved in this battle. You're right Congressman, those are issues of sin. People say it's a political issue, homosexuality, transgender is him abortion and and on and on and on their not political issues. There sin issues and they need to be addressed in church almost our preaching is not really what had you on here today with but I thank you for sharing that encouragement I want.

I want to shift gears. What many people don't realize that your real policy expert on intelligence and terrorism and and we've got a problem in the world in the country today and that problem is China, and in it appears we've almost entered. Some people refer to as a Cold War. I think it's worse in the Cold War. In some ways with China in and their child is intruding in so many different arenas of American society. Whether it's Internet spying in and stealing secret weaponry from from arm our military contractors secretary former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said just recently that there is a deep subversion of China, the United States and in you at any I'm not asking you to please note share secrets but you've been privy to a lot of high-level meetings and I know in Congress you've had to deal with China.

Why is this happening and what can we do to stop it. Well you did. What I can hear the government directive member characters are all meant. Subcommittees that China cyber attack anywhere from 15 to 20,000 times per day.

Now how much of that private versus state-sponsored with the majority of PCP which of the government there in Charlotte. But the situation of the puck across the not too long ago talking about are concerned about their hypersonic technology, financial time source that recently stated they were able to extensively launch hypersonic medical target by 25 km which is roughly 40 miles but we don't we don't have to delete took to stop the hypersonic related you look at their conclusion propaganda of the people of race to what they're doing is important that happened every thing that should be concerning as we have an administration that is been very involved with Chuck we get to conspiratorial, but I could. I bided family members taking millions of dollars from the Chinese government. This should concern all in the last thing the point don't make on it. Our national security directly connected with our national debt because the board the government and the federal level. A lot of that money is borrowed from. There's a verse in Proverbs that I remember something about the debtor is service to the lender right that that's where we get the focus is a lot of very behavior of the Chinese somebody mentioned the other day what is it matter what superpower what is China America. What you look at China's behavioral human rights on abortion. To even further than art history at the concentration. There's a reason that America has been open. It's very important that we remain what superpower will agree with you. You mentioned Congressman, the hypersonic weapon. Some of our listeners may not know what that means. I know that came out a few weeks ago that China tested this next level weapon. What does hypersonic mean, do we have weapons like that in and do we need to be concerned. Well across the road related back a couple years ago we started doing a little bit of a deep dive on hypersonic medical basically something that can travel month or month by miles per hour you're looking at something that Canada that can reach you coast to the West Coast in about 2025 minute in other words, from from the mainland basic China to be getting California in about an hour and sometimes our technology or radar recently do not have this mechanism the construct of the going and that's likely why the huge concern currently getting it detailed. We do not have that capability in our own arsenal.

We are looking at it but that's why we should be concerned with China's behavior and not continuing to send them more more money or more of our manufactured jobs to continue to increase will work will is is our military men working on hypersonic weaponry. You or was it stopped by the Obama administration or Biden or why don't we have that technology will earn eight years of the Obama ration we we quit funding the military what we had in times past Obama's rule was a dollar for domestic everything that went. We had 40% of the planes yet but operable we had. There were times when they were body parts of the employee's was a complete night on the on the Obama ministration that the world was not out there trying not only compete with us but even to do, establish catching back up. But I am concerned about well. Another issue that we hear the news with China is Taiwan and I have some ministry work I do in the Philippines.

I know there's always a scare the South China Sea which is kind of the north on the northern tip of the Philippines were the Chinese government always pushing the limits in the Philippines and there an ally of ours in Taiwan's an ally in China is threatening to possibly annex Taiwan and in it appears that the body ministration is not making a strong stance in the Pacific realm should it matter to United States me.

Do we really care if Taiwan's under Chinese control. Does it affect what were doing absolutely hate your debacle mainland.

There Taiwan about letting them know they didn't believe that the duration with anything or do anything in their plan is to be acquired will I want back into the China religious oppression as well on the Charlie biblical here and I think we got what China's motives are there aggressive posture can continue to grow specifically, you invited lack of activity on market Street are part yeah I know recently. Pres. Biden was in Scotland and he was talking about climate control and he was upset because Russia and China didn't participate in his climate control talks and he seems a lot more concerned about the climate.

Then he does the threat of of communist China and that worries me is that we need to wake up you even if we stop our our all production, all that China's not going to stop, but we need to be more worried about what China is doing around the world that, as I mentioned, I do a lot of ministry work in other countries and in a lot of these Third World countries I'm seeing China come in to build airports and bill ports and you know those little countries are not concerned so much about climate change. They're just happy to take a free airport from China or or free port bring ships and to turn around their economy and China's making moves all over the world. You were developing Planned Parenthood right and taking the country out to abort their children started coming in their economy that was part of the State Department late for eight years.

Ration for the picking back up everywhere I traveled throughout the world, the more you're exactly right that their building long-term relationships delete ally and and I think what were over here literally say out loud that climate change is the biggest concern we have the next generation Alyssa.

We all want to be conservation but but to ignore the evil out there that is a and that before this route comes from the enemy wanted to shut down this country ever ever to share our faith in Jesus Christ and how that ultimately treated an individual can change a country but that that begin again by China to be able to shut this stuff down and we have a current administration who did it very very situation. Yeah, I recently read that sentence by demonstration was wanting to scale back the space force probably just because Pres. Trump pushed it, but if they scale back on displaced expiration of China's developing these hypersonic missiles.

They're probably really advancing in in space as well and some people's minds.

I will who cares what happened. The space will there a lot of satellites up there and their satellites help direct weaponry and spy on our country or are you seeing in again not asking for too much of what you getting your briefings security wise, but are they also looking to expand into space. Your been doing your homework absolutely very without getting it all the weeds are hearing overhearing here yet.

They're working on technology like that neutralized every other country that life while in orbit so that you which which yes would be so damaging to call a lot of technology certainly is dependent on both artifact mechanisms and our weaponry is depending on the satellite. Everything's GPS guided all that yes you got it you like what I'm not sure to play scare tactic I get the last 40 years we have done this to herself. Communication by by by taking the cheap route make money off of the country where they continue to build their defense and you felt you. For example, you get 250 to 270 warships that John is the process of completing and it should be something that we keep an eye on that we should be concerned about moving forward and back climate changes. One of the reasons that that Pres. Trump thought it best to put out the climate record Paris record agreement because India and China had it in your yet you think they were playing by different rules which is which is to be the status quo here over the last years, but I do think it is a picture to. Obviously, we certainly trust in the Lord to protect us, but we want make sure that America's stay strong. We deftly do and I'm not good on the climate for heaven trip for just a second. At yes Villa time in India and some in China and we can quit giving all the emissions we won't, but Indy is another were there so many people in India and China yeah what were going to do is not to have any impact at all on climate. We could impact other things will come from back to back to what China for second. I think I read recently that that they had been banned from our international space station and many people may not realize. I think that they have launched their own space station, or even sending astronauts to their space station do you know anything about the work they're doing with space station.

Yeah, they are they do and that that is correct. II don't know all the detail oriented.

What kind of capability but I do new. I do know the guys are working nonstop and they don't worry about what correct they just have a goal in their working day and night to cheat you will will congressman up now shift gears doesn't only got about five minutes left, but there's been a big issue with school boards across the country and I know that's an important issue to you with critical race theory in our country and in the we have II know Virginia claims that they don't have to create theater schools, which we know that they do what were you saying with critical race theory that something to be concerned about what should Christians do, and how can we stop this in our schools across the country and record cryptographic result election one in Virginia) are probably waking up you critical race theory is horrific.

But let me tell you this is just the icing on the cake going on for 40, 50 years a generational thing or in our public education indoctrination that taking got added something. Reagan avoided back in with secularism that the difference between the older Democrats and the younger crÍpes that work where they can't. The owner was know how the game is played. These younger ones that are coming into Washington into the political arena, which is another reason we have to engage these younger ones never let you Chris. That's what I think what we stand for it because they have been caught this country did is inherently racist, bad Judeo-Christian principles is nothing but adulthood and ally.

That's why they are so get are values that and it has been indoctrinated to the public education arena for the last 50 years. Critical race theory that it does exist out there by the whole the whole goal from the left. You have to remember, for example, Virginia the most diverse ticket ever elected leadership budget, there's nobody left great because it doesn't their narrative, their goal is to create division because when you create division. It allows you to have more power keeps you in more control in our founding fathers in their genius understood that the key government and check the more power that you can return to the people, the better checks and balances we would have made an education.

I'll tell you from the federal level bureaucracy level should have zero space so in education. There was a bill that we get the house for only got 191 of the 239 Republican time, but it would have stripped away all face the federal level that you're being awake in defending and returning and making your local communities into the state that the one that should be making education choices and until we get the federal guide education. I don't know to be able to strip out things like critical race theory is more the more that you can localize the better chance you have a successful government when it comes to the local let's what I tell people when I travel speaking churches in other areas. I believe you a lot of all into positions are important, but I believe one of the most important positions the local school board is the easiest influence you. If churches wait many times or ballot drop-off, meaning people get excited about voting for president, but they may not vote for school board so you I was many people vote for local races. That's the one where you can make the biggest difference and if churches would unite they could take over the school boards across the country because it's the local school board, like I think you're so you're in North Carolina Congressman Walker and II think in your state. That wasn't you because you were in the state legislature, but I think about 10 years ago or so, that the state approved critical race theory and it lifted up to the local school boards of whether or not they would teach it so that's what's so important is the local school boards are deciding if kids will be massed when their classrooms, local school board deciding on vaccines and if the local school boards can have great control over CRT so will congressman we run out of time, but I just want our listeners to know across the country next year and Anna Tojo talk about this but I'm gonna do it next year. We have a huge U.S. Senate race in North Carolina. There are many across the country, but one of the hardest fought is going to be in North Carolina you serve the United States Congress. You served as a pastor you're a man who loves God and you were running for the United States Senate. So I want to ask our listeners to visit. What is your website for your campaign. Thank you Chris.

Walker, number four in but if they want to keep up with the immediate wrap REP Mark Walker that he or on where we are, what were doing it issue that were out there fighting so that's using the number four it's Walker for Walker for If you're looking for a Christian candidate in the United States Senate. He's not just talk this man lives and breathes the word of God. He was a pastor God influences everything that he does. I want to encourage you to visit Walker for help support Mark Walker add him to your daily prayer list. We need a man like Mark Walker, the United States Senate congressman we are praying for you and we are thankful that you've take it upon yourself to serve our great nation. Margaret was look. Keep up the great work will be praying for you folks. Thank you for joining me today. Chris uses this is a Christian perspective. Please subscribe micro podcasting. Please share with your friends and social media list contains a culture for Jesus Christian perspective.

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