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Election Integrity

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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October 29, 2021 12:30 am

Election Integrity

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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October 29, 2021 12:30 am

Chris is joined by retired Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, who is currently a state senator in Arizona. Senator Rogers talks to Chris about her push for election integrity.


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We look in God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview in modern culture. I'm Chris she's in today's guest is a retired Lieut. Col. from the united states military and she's continued to serve you. That's a great thing about military people as they understand what service is not just them but their families as well and when she got out military. She decided she want to continue to serve our nation and she decided to do that by serving a public office. She's now a member of the Arizona State Senate but you're going to see her in the coming weeks all across the nation. She's a real leader and she's fighting on the forefront to protect election integrity. Sen. Wendy Rogers thank you for being with us today and not your problem on many of you know or five weeks we got back on the weekend, I bet you're glad to finally sleep in your obit. I travel I do not as much is is is really hot right now drilling all across the country, but it is so nice to get home and just be in your own bed. Sometimes I mean it well and we are on fire late here in Arizona way or the eye record which will be very and am I keeping all of the forefront of people, it is very very important right now you know there are a lot of questions across the country right now about election integrity, and I know that a lot of different states are talked about auditing the election because many people that we believe in.

And not just in the presidential race but others probably won their elections because of different shenanigans ended up not getting certified in the end, and I know the real battle has been in Arizona and started there is spreading across the country. So tell us how you entered this particular battlefield and and what's happening in Arizona and across the country.

November and I Republican. There we have one vote majority their therapy and are there any rare pain I Republican working Democrat and a Republican colleague of mine that I devote like a Democrat that day and it comes out 1515 a belt and plate actually don't have a tiebreaker at the US had a very tricky, I think you waiting we are and and yet because of this one-vote majority. We were able to carry out the eye, which began a month ago so I got morning, January, and that you know on all the audit that it was quite interesting. I cannot do it because there is no one-stop shop to find a company that audit a credit and collection. Needless to say, my colleague Karen and popular girl I State Sen. at that pioneer a great deal out of that 30 total managers in Arizona only seven of the world. So anyway she is the very nation on woman business owner for 30 years and so she was very and right in handling the idiotic black, accompanied by a court that debated so many of you may have found that economic and we had a huge undertaking without people involved to you and I and we had to rent a Phoenix, the paragraph that you where we counted and recounted the ballot I you probably thought the color Lazy Susan style table that the counters with that five individual three at home would be volunteers from Maricopa County that had happened. Voters in the 2020 November election. They were vetted background check. We had over 2000 of such volunteer and night. I'm going to a reunion party because they audit workers. I'm kind of a great number and I went down there so often, but not to carry that night but anyway this was a huge undertaking. Not only were the ballot counted and recounted and chronicled catalog that you know minutely accounted for by each ballot was also forensically examined though were talking about a camera that have microscopic. I on it that looked at four features of each ballot that caught Hatch a printed line of the ballot to ensure that they alike properly to the legitimacy of the ballot by the fibers ballot that yellow.watermark present were not present in the ballot and then of course what was most interesting to me with the oval bubble filled in effectively by the motor. It could be told it that was done by a human or not based on whether or not there is an indentation in the paper, because this was a three-dimensional microscopic examination of the ballot. This is usually when those machines were looking did you find any counterfeit ballots when when they were examining those four areas. Don't know yet. The report is not out yet but that'll be up at the plate chronicled in the report, but I over looked over the shoulder of people doing that and you know it with really like baby pieces of equipment were extraordinarily effective.

There was a higher area of the floor dedicated to that very faith taking scrutiny involved and then after the ballot. He requested after the ballot finished being counted and recounted that all effort went to the forensic deep dive look with the microscopic camera which is what were kind toward EN your point more energy was then corralled and focused on that I wear at the beginning there were kind of a division of labor, but at the end everybody was working on that hello is looking at every ballot that was cast in the state or they just you and my understanding yet, every ballot and everything. By the way was video so the entire floor of the operation was video live stream 24, seven, 13, 14, Cameron and one could have tuned in on a link online at any time at what the other interesting fact it was the fact that each workstation each table. Each area where they they have microscopic camera was operating had a pop down looking camera and a side looking camera to chronicle everything and then in the middle of the floor with huge tower of computers that were hardwired in the facility, nothing. By the way, with connectable to the Internet outside anyway. This huge tower of storage of the data accumulated over one pay My PS and pop-up take a bite with a lot of Eric I and I've never even heard that word either the yeah it was extraordinary.

I we also had two or three lawyers attorneys on the floor at all times so we knew we know that we can get to. We know that it's going to be challenged. We knew all and so we forestall those kinds of things from becoming an issue now in the feet. Now going forward by taking on caution. We also told the Arizona Secretary of State and any other Mayfair, I got you know where and how can block work happy to have you come watch and get a briefing and walk around and everything, and nary a response, and so we members, editors were told by Karen and our colleague, Sen. Pres. and hey guys, you know you can go look at the audit sheet issue that he lacked in May.

Well I was starting on and went down there immediately and out within two hours. I got a follow-up one-on-one briefing from who I found out that night was none other than CEO of the private contractor fiber ninjas. Mr. Doug Logan I didn't realize it was he spending an hour with no little grandma from Flagstaff Arizona but there he was being with me going over everything and I'm not a techie you know I was a jet pilot.

Therefore a part of that. My academic training that they psychiatric social worker have a bachelors and Masters in social work as a social worker the airport the mental health if I became a pilot with with the real arm career change. The military Galina military like that but yeah so you know I don't have affect background and Mary's electrical engineer with a proper background. I knew he was my husband for you not in North Carolina. I know he was going to grill me like crazy when I got home that night, sounding like the copious notes and I showed them the Doug and said what can I publish because my people want to know what's going he said okay and are well you know you can adopt that because it's not public yet anyway. Five.

It went about it and I did freely one-on-one after action report and I was on the floor a lot at interviewing people who are working and about. I do not speak for weeks later we got word that we were going to start hosting visitors from last day with a novel idea.

I know about and that we started having visitors from all these different of eight senators and representatives so this is a real eye-opener for me because it can kinda get tunnel vision, then hunker down in your own little world and often we had all the counterpart of our coming from the country and every day everyone from an overt in John's running for governor in Disneyland, Georgia to Eric Brighton Field, Gov. Missouri is running for U.S. Senate knowledge different pretty well, not people.

And so I started taking them around getting to know them and the overwhelming reaction that they gave me was oh were not moving ahead for 2022 until we find the truth of 2020. It is paramount and it really put in the focus how other state legislature for cell around the country so fast forward to August when I went to the three-day fibers because human default South Dakota. I thought a lot of the same people and we collect at the end of the three-day into what is now known at the election integrity caulking of a state senator and representative minute building increasing every day and if this because the U.S. Constitution said the state legislatures.

The state legislatures at the plenary power to oversee the US presidential election. And a lot of people don't realize that and why did the founders wisely ended up this way because they legislatures are close to the people and so here we are now with other state ginning up possible audit in their state or part of their state. We also now separately have had a candidate in Maricopa County and some treatment. What is that is not related to the eye no separate standalone effort was undertaken by private citizen because we would have liked to have done a canvas within the audit contract, but we couldn't because the federal government was breathing down her neck and present a fan had to make a command decision, and to preserve and save the audit we said we would not, what is the candle 10 is one in this case, very astute volunteers went door-to-door and said, oh, we noticed that on eight people voted here from the home are.

Are they all in resident here and respond in a car with a no I really want you. Click here for 20 years. Oh really okay so blue next eight goes about 400 go to an empty lot where allegedly you know God and the people voted from an Indian empty lot. What they did this canvas being a group of benefits compiled a report that showed over 200,000 questionable both cath essentially in Maricopa County, a component of the US presidential election that as your listeners may know I came out about I don't know. We can have two weeks ago you asked me Wolcott is that dovetail with what will come out in the audit folk. It is kind of like the four Gospels. Okay, they each tell the story from a different perspective, but they fit together to uniformly come out and conclusion of the story.

So that's kind of how I look at the canvas and the audit they dovetail they enter lock to tell the same conclusive story. Sandra said that using audit just Maricopa County years old.

Arizona Pollock is Maricopa County. $2.1 million and we have 15 County. I represent part the four other counties. Maricopa County is the fault of the boat or ship it to .1 million, about and who who funds this is the legislature of the state funding this audit and canvas all week we've had private donations and I don't quote me on that. I'm not sure if some component of it was paid for by the state. I am not sure but the five day it was an expensive undertaking. It got more effective as time went on, because the county would follow obstructionists at first they said all you know you can do your analysis right here at the county and then a redneck and said no we don't want this in our county on our county premise that MNA tried to dump the ballot on a 2000 violate the chain of custody.

We were apparently able to forestall that and we maintain a chain of custody was one shenanigan after neck.

We were taken to court for time and we were upheld for time. I think be able to continue the audit.

It was the supervisors are absolutely running for cover. They know something's wrong.

They know they messed up. And if you ask me well did they purposely cheek having the. The report will determine that, but I couldn't describe it at death by a thousand cuts.

You have pre-T8 cooking of the book of the voter will that goes on, year after year, month after month, especially in urban areas and then you have during the election season cheating with an aptitude complacency block event and then you have intentional stuff going on like that for organizers, having put out a rather one of the election officials in the county, having put out a memo to all the election officials say oh, issue a ballpoint 10 to people who comment about prior to election day like issue sharpie felted markers on election day to license this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer the Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about. Well yeah, but also because I don't do that as a group they were going to wait all election day about Republican because they knew that they couldn't trust the mail witness California yesterday with the complete cheek. We all know it and so I you know, Republicans made very clear.

Hey, I know either walk in today.

Polling location on election day for hand carry my ballot or whatever but I don't trust prior to election day. I knock Chris 70,000 doors in northern Arizona over the span of many many months and I'm kind of legendary flat and in the last three weeks of my doorknocking.

I did well you know you shipped right so when you first doorknocking coded people in your primary voting field Republican and then in the general. I went to independent we had huge amount of independent northern Arizona and then in the last three weeks I went, people who, according to the computer had not been in the ballot yet so I want County people people complement they have money, Rogers will cool your here on my doorstep and I say it shows. She didn't vote yet.

I'm just paying you to turn off the boat please go all over Wendy I I'm not voting collection bag. I heard that overwhelmingly and was independent and Republican, so that the speech the fact that back loop of type of voter in a way to tell election day backup County do this so that clinical thickness is out to do sharpie so you know that is, I think, for all intent and purposes, conspiratorial but I think a lot of it is just sloppiness. We we've never thought of it before we could really incredible if you think about it every profession known to man it auditable except our election and yet that forms the bedrock of our democracy and the what is wrong with that picture right so it absolutely. I encourage everyone to do an audit of any County that has had the machine and of late. I encourage citizen you can what can happen. You said the canvassers found a few more minutes your boots in one case may be hundreds of people on empty lots of those thrown out, or they still being counted. Well, apparently they were counted.

I mean, it's hard to say what it called into question. The result, and if the result is called into question McDonagh state legislature for to call for decertification of what was.

To the federal government. As far as certification was considered back in January I legally allowed to do sir so this is odd because Bacchus is fraud or whatever is your time limit or can you still decertify those books excellently decertify we should decertify authority said to be certified for my part in the state find on the stakeout and so if Anna after all the fighting are rendered to say that each as an individual decertify and that's what other state can do to help is that we decertify in Arizona and another state follow suit. So Sen. let's just say it's a conversation. If enough states decertify letter. There were enough votes were during determine the tirelessly of the presidential election. What would happen does a car. I ignored her killing her.

They forced to move or do something that I can then decide to have one vote per state per the competition to to elect the president again) competition. Each state had either a Republican or a Democrat majority in it state legislature, which then defines that they are quote unquote Republican or Democrat, and that right now there's a majority of cortical public estate based on compositions of their state legislatures and asked that prescribed in the competition does not edit this is uncharted water and we don't know people asked me this all the time. You know what what could happen. I don't really know. I will tell you that my is twofold.

Number one.

Find the truth of 2020 and number two legislative bill when we go back into session January work hard and legislature IQ forestall this from happening again in 2022. We had a late primary in August.

I'm not sure when North Carolina this I think it family is more: nevermind but you know for us. We had a class able to work with to enact legislation so that actually for the corollary to file a lot but that the preeminent job as the state legislature for me like like poor is to get to the bottom of the truth that 2020 and then come what may Take an acrobatic terms of, you know how we navigate this with the U.S. Constitution. I want to thank you for what you doing is not just for the citizens of Arizona which are leading the fight across the country's people to take a closer look at whatever the election a more importantly, to be ready in the future to prevent voter fraud in the fight for voter integrity before you sign off. Can you give us a website where people can follow. You will learn more. What happens in this process yet. I encourage everyone of you to play play go to my website to sign the petition decertify the presidential election What you do you go to Wendy simply my name Wendy like hamburgers W EN DY writers like Mr. Rogers are OG Wendy and that in the upper right corner of the landing page is a leak. I want you to please click on that link to sign to decertify the presidential election of 2020. It is a national petition. It is symbolic in nature, but it is hugely powerful because we want 1 million signature on application and at last count we had over 900,000 signatures.

This is a huge way for you to be confident to be down in known as someone who disapproves would elect to decertify if you were an elected official to you being able to say I think we should decertify the presidential election of 2020. Go to Wendy upper right corner click time to decertify so that you can be heard. I really would appreciate if you would be joining all the hundreds of thousands of Americans from across country folks, you heard it. Thank you Sir Rogers for being with us today go to Wendy Rogers the words and signs the petition to decertify. This is what is Joe and thank you for joining me today on her shoes and this is a Christian perspective.

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